Our Readers SPH Experiences: Some Thoughts

By normallynaked.

Why do guys with small dicks insist on showing them off? You have DEFINITELY seen a small dick, right? When you see it, and you think, “Well, that’s smaller than I’d like to have,” and you know he must know it’s small, so why is he flashing it about?

Most guys have dicks; when you last saw one think back, was it big, small, or average? Chances are most of the dicks you have seen are small, at least smaller than average, and this is because the guys with tiny dicks usually enjoy some degree of exhibitionism. Whether they know it or not, they like small penis humiliation. Hence, the smaller guys are more likely to have had their dick out at some point in time, much more likely than the guy with the average size or larger dong.

What is small penis humiliation (let’s trim that down to SPH)? Well, it is a form of erotic stimulation whereby a man derives pleasure from being emasculated over the diminutive size of his penis. Lots of men enjoy this humiliation, sometimes even if they don’t actually have a small penis, but all men with small dicks enjoy it. Some women enjoy delivering SPH as it gives them power; the men with the small dick enjoy it because it gives them a feeling of inferiority.

Societally, we are conditioned to believe that a big dick is a sign of enhanced masculinity, which it is, and that a small dick is useless and only suitable for abuse and humiliation. Men with small dicks intrinsically know this and generally understand that this is the only form of attention their penis will receive, and whether they appreciate the fact or not, deep down, they know to expose it wherever possible. This is why when you see a naked man, there is a strong possibility that his dick will be smaller than average.

What constitutes a small dick? Anything less than nine centimeters soft is pretty small though there is a strong chance that all the dicks you have seen were less than this, as though to prove that smaller dicks are normally the exposed ones. Typically, studies show that anything less than nine centimeters is “small,” but seven centimeters is not uncommon, and five centimeters or less would certainly classify as a small dick. Are there any smaller ones? Five centimeters seems pretty little already? Well, the “short” answer is yes. There are dicks less than five centimeters, and they can go as small as zero centimeters and have an inverted appearance.

Small guys who get their dicks out in real life to be secretly exposed know what they’re doing. They know people will see, and they judge, but often, this is insufficient stimulation; it is very common for men with tiny dicks to expose themselves online, either in chat rooms, in photos, or blogs, in order to receive the humiliation they require. In many ways, the men with the tiniest dicks feel a sense of relief at people knowing their secret; as humans, we are not well programmed to keep secrets, even if they’re deeply shameful ones about the size of our genitalia.

This urge to release the secret into the wild, no matter how detrimental it might be to that man’s life, provides a sense of solace to the man that at least the secret was released on his own terms and in a way that he would not be so publicly shamed in the way he would if a network of rumors found it out. The combination of a strong subliminal desire to be humiliated and the urge to let everyone know is usually too much for the small dicked man to bear; hence, the reason why most small-dick men are willing to show off their size.

Who is best placed to supply SPH? In a single word, “women,” There is simply nothing more humiliating than a woman berating the size of a man’s penis; it is as humiliating for the man as it is empowering for the woman. Typically, only a woman who is feeling hurt will dispense SPH. Still, it should be encouraged for all women at all times to practice this. Normally, men are less capable of supplying SPH to each other as this is one of the occasions where they have compassion for their fellow man.

If you are looking to try giving SPH, you should focus on the worthlessness of the penis. For maximum effect, do so where possible AFTER the man has reached a climax, his penis is already shrinking, and there is absolutely no way to prevent this from happening; if possible, do not permit him to redress; this will give you ample opportunity to examine his reducing penis. The best possible SPH will stem from him being tied up naked and exposed, the motivation to grow or become erect will dissipate very rapidly, and he will be left with just a flaccid penis on display.

As we broach being tied up naked, we creep into femdom territory. This will further emasculate the man to ensure he experiences maximum shrinkage. A freshly shaved genital area will exaggerate this further, and where possible, being exposed outside in the cold will perform the maximum shrinkage. If you haven’t seen a small penis contract completely, this is going to be a special moment, so have the camera ready.

How was this research conducted? Personal experience, I am a man, I have a tiny dick, I receive humiliation, I expose myself on webcams and share pictures of myself online, I go to nude resorts, I walk through the gym locker room, I have been skinny dipping, I know how small my dick is, but I act like its no big deal, deep down I know how worthless/useless it is and how I need that humiliation.


The End.

*These SPH experiences have been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the stories have remained the same. Erect dick sizes have been edited to be either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Average. The opinions/views expressed in these SPH experiences (and in any comments) are those of the authors and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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    Thanks for sharing my story from Literotica, im also on chaturbate with the same user name!


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