False Alarm (Male to Male SPH)

By CalMaple.

It was a hot day. I was drenched with sweat as I returned to the dorm after completing my daily run. Over the past few months, I had learned that routine was important for my well-being; on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, I ran on the trail through the campus greenhouse from 11 am to noon.

I let myself into the dorm using my keycard, then bounded up the stairs to my room on the third floor. I anticipated that my roommates would still be rubbing the sleep from their eyes. They tended to hibernate until noon on Fridays, even if it meant missing breakfast and my morning classes.

I lived in what the university called a ‘quad suite.’ A small common space bifurcated into two quaint bedrooms on either side. My roommates and I were pretty different, but we had one main thing in common: we all liked to screw around with one another.

We had only known each other for eight months. I was still surprised that we had become such good friends so quickly. That said, four pranksters living in close quarters were a recipe for trouble. Things had gotten inappropriate more than a few times; fortunately, all of us could take it and dish it out.

Franklin, who shared a room with me, had taken a picture of himself tea-bagging our suitemate, Alexei when he’d been passed out. He’d shown the photo to almost everyone living in the dorm. Alexei had retaliated by pissing in Franklin’s gym bag before going to the athletic center to lift weights one morning.

Me and Alexei’s roommate, Diego, had eventually gotten dragged into the rivalry as well. ‘Dragged’ isn’t fair. As I said, all four of us were pretty immature. The two had snuck into our room one night and slathered us with shaving cream. Franklin and I spent most of the day washing our bedding and scrubbing dried white goop from our bedframes.

None of us ever held a grudge, though. We would get drunk in the evenings and laugh about whatever random joke one of us had most recently played on the other.

The hijinks had escalated to a new level earlier that week. We had all been tossing back tequila at a frat party. Alexei had noticed a pull-up bar in one of the door frames leading to a hallway. He bet Franklin that he could beat him in a contest.

Franklin and Alexei were both incredibly competitive. Franklin had been the star pitcher on his high school baseball team. He was used to being admired by throngs of adoring fans. Alexei competed on the college gymnastics team. He was a compact powerhouse of muscle. He seemed embittered by the fact that nobody cared about his current accomplishments in gymnastics as much as Franklin’s stories about his high school glory days.

A small group of people had started to form a circle around the doorway with the pull-up bar as Alexei had excited the competition. Franklin had started things off. He turned in a circle in front of the onlookers while kissing his biceps, then got started. I had somehow become stranded on the other side of the door, so I was watching him from behind. My memory is hazy since I ended up passing out later that night.

I remember cheering along with that crowd and counting each pull-up Franklin completed. I always sided with my roommate; it was team Franklin and Logan versus team Alexei and Diego.

Alexei’s face had turned sour as Franklin had hit the twenty pull-up mark. He’d shrugged his shoulders and commented that twenty pull-ups would be nothing for him. He’d said that Franklin couldn’t complete a rotation on the pommel horse. I’d rolled my eyes, feeling annoyed at the size of his grandiose ego.

Franklin had been dripping with sweat. It’d been unseasonably hot for early May; the temperature had hit ninety degrees midday. He’d huffed as he’d pulled himself up to complete a thirtieth pull-up before letting go of the bar. He’d looked tired but proud as he’d walked over and slapped Alexei across the back.

Alexei stepped towards the doorway, nodding at me on the other side of the frame. He’d turned to face the small crowd assembled before him. Compared to Franklin’s six-foot-one stature, Alexei looked pint-sized at five-foot-five. If it weren’t for his oversized muscles, I was certain he would have never been able to get laid.

“It’s too hot in here,” Alexei had said as he’d pulled off his tank top and tossed it in Franklin’s face.

A few girls in the crowd had catcalled him, commenting on his defined abs and massive pecs. I couldn’t see his face, but I was certain he’d been smiling. I’d realized that he almost looked like he was dressed for the gym in his red nylon shorts and well-worn sneakers. He had never been one to dress up when we’d gone to a frat party. It wasn’t my thing either, but at least I usually tossed on some jeans and a polo shirt.

Alexei jumped to the bar and started doing pull-ups at twice the speed that Franklin had. Diego had been the first to cheer him on, although it hadn’t taken long for the crowd to start applauding.

I’d glanced over at Franklin. He’d been looking irked as Alexei had hit the twenty pull-up mark with relative ease. He’d mouthed the words, ‘Such as fucking show-off,’ to me. I chuckled since it was true that Alexei was quite full of himself.

Suddenly, a devious thought crossed my mind. I wouldn’t have acted on it if I had been sober.

Alexei had begun to slow down as he’d approached the benchmark of thirty pull-ups. He’d started to pretend to struggle – mocking Franklin’s performance. I’d found it distasteful; it was one thing to be a sore loser, but he had found a way to be a sore winner.

He’d pulled himself up as the crowd had loudly cheered, “Thirty!”

He’d frozen in position, with his head above the bar, looking out at the fawning coeds. Franklin had been pretending not to care, though not very well.

“How many more of these do you think I can do?” Alexei had asked. “I think I have, at least…”

I’d lunged forward swiftly, looping my thumbs into the waistband of Alexei’s red nylon shorts. It felt like I was watching myself rather than being in control of my actions. I’d yanked his shorts and boxers down in the blink of an eye.

I hadn’t stopped there either. I hadn’t meant to go further, but the loose boxers and shorts had easily slipped over his sneakers. I’d realized that they were balled up in my hands. Alexei continued to hang there in a daze. I could see the light reflecting off his almost-alabaster ass. It had a bit of a peach tint. That, I remember.

“Oh my god!” a girl had called out.

Everyone had burst out laughing. Alexei had dropped from the bar, almost stumbling as he’d hit the ground. He’d quickly cupped his hands over his crotch while hunching over. He’d spun around to find me standing behind him with his clothes in my hands.

“He’s so small!” another girl had cackled.

“He’s got a baby dick!” her friend had piled on.

I’d realized then that I had only seen Alexei’s dick once when I had accidentally walked in on him while he’d been changing. I hadn’t stopped to gawk, so I hadn’t gotten a good look. Besides that, his dick had been soft. I’d had no way of knowing what was going on down there.

Alexei hadn’t said anything. I could feel him pleading with his eyes as people in the crowd continued to mock him. I’d felt a little bad for him, but I’d also liked seeing him being knocked down a peg after what he had done to Franklin.

Alexei had reached out to grab his clothes. I’d yanked them away, holding them as high as I could over his head. At six-foot-three, I towered over him. He’d removed one hand from his crotch and desperately attempted to grasp his boxers and shorts.

I could see that Franklin was almost doubling with laughter; Diego looked pissed. Alexei had been waving his hand futilely as though his clothes were a basketball I’d been formally bound to pass from a standstill. To his credit, he’d gotten some real air with his jumps, but I’d managed to move my arm to prevent him from grabbing his clothes.

“Over here,” Franklin had called out, cupping his hands to indicate he was open.

I’d tossed the balled-up garments through the air, and Franklin had easily caught them. I’d noticed around that same time that some of the people watching had their phones out; I’d assumed they were taking photos and videos.

Alexei had spun around on his heels, almost losing his balance. While he’d been steadying himself, I’d stepped forward, slipped my arms under his armpits from behind, and locked my hands behind his neck. The nelson was one of the only holds I remembered from a passing interest in wrestling years earlier.

Alexei had started flailing, his feet barely touching the ground. His breathing had been frantic as he’d tried to wriggle free.

“Look at his little pee-pee jiggle,” a girl called out. “I’ve never seen one that small!”

“My thumb’s bigger than that,” the guy standing beside her guffawed.

I’d only managed to hold him for a few moments before he kicked at my shin hard enough to make me recoil.

I’d watched as he’d shamefully slinked over to Franklin, asking for his clothes back. I don’t know if Franklin had felt like he had officially bested Alexei or just felt bad for him, but he’d handed him the ball of fabric. Alexei had darted into the bathroom without looking at me.

The rest of that night was a blur. I’d woken up the next morning with the general awareness that I had done something I regretted.


The next few days must have been a living hell for Alexei. Videos and photos of me holding his restrained naked body had spread across campus like wildfire. Someone had even made a meme of the image that showed a cartoon hand holding up a magnifying glass next to Alexei’s dick, which I’d learned was a little under two inches, and a caption read: ‘Where’s Willy?’

I had decided to apologize to Alexei, but he’d been nowhere to be found. Diego told me he was staying off-campus with a friend for a few days. I could tell that he was angry with me as well.

It had been a few days since that party; I’d noticed Alexei’s duffel bag on the floor of the suite’s common area when I’d headed out earlier that morning. I had spent part of my run thinking about how to say I was sorry.

I walked the last few steps toward the dorm room. The whiteboard plastered on the wood door had been graffitied yet again. Someone kept writing ‘BABY DICK!’ on it in a black sharpie. I rubbed the words off with the palm of my hand.

I opened the door to find Diego and Alexei sitting on the couch. They immediately turned silent. I knew they must be talking about me. I hesitated for a moment before walking over to Alexei.

“Can I talk with you for a second?” I asked.

Diego looked at Alexei with an odd expression. I assumed he was feeling protective. Alexei nodded toward him.

“Sure,” he said.

Diego left and headed into their shared bedroom. I gently perched myself on the edge of the couch, trying not to get too comfortable. Alexei met my gaze with an undeniably icy one. I could feel the chill in my bones.

“Look,” I started. “Alexei, I just wanted to say that I wasn’t thinking the other night. I had a bit too much to drink and was acting stupid. I wish that I hadn’t done what I did to you.”

I waited for him to say something to let me know just how upset he was with me. I had never been comfortable with silence. I felt the pressure to fill up the space.

“I mean, we are always doing stupid stuff to each other. It’s not like you haven’t done stuff to me that I didn’t think was funny at the moment. It wasn’t meant to be serious. I was trying to joke around.”

I knew how bad it sounded as soon as it came out of my mouth. It had turned from an apology into an excuse, even a demand that he is not so upset about it. It wasn’t at all what I had been planning to say. I tried to pivot back to some of the lines I’d been half-practicing during my run.

“I guess…” I started again.

“It’s fine,” Alexei said. “As you said, you weren’t trying to do anything mean. You were joking around.”

Alexei’s mood had shifted, which threw me for a loop. He was smiling, and his body language had become less guarded. I was shocked; I couldn’t fully believe that he had forgiven me so easily.

“I mean, it was pretty impressive, in a way,” he continued. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen your slow ass move as quickly as when you pantsed me. We would’ve won the intramural league if you had that speed on the soccer field.”

Alexei chuckled as he placed his hand on my shoulder. He loved to poke at me for not being as athletically skilled as him; it was part of our banter. I started to feel a weight lifting in my chest and a general thaw. It didn’t feel like empty words he was throwing up to hide his true feelings.

“Do you want to join us for lunch?” he asked.

“Sure,” I said. “I just finished my run, though, and I smell. Can we go in twenty minutes, so I have time to shower?”

“No problem,” he said. “Ask Franklin if he wants to come with us too.”

I nodded as I walked towards my room. Upon entering, I saw Franklin sprawled on his bed, staring at his phone. He didn’t even look up to acknowledge that I had entered. I knew he was just distracted; he hadn’t acted any differently with me after what had happened.

I started to strip off my clothes. I tossed them into a hamper in the back of the shared closet.

“Do you want to go to lunch with us after I shower?”

“With who?”

“Me, Diego, and Alexei.”

“Alexei’s back?”

“Yeah, I just spoke with him. He doesn’t seem that bent out of shape about what happened.”

I wrapped my towel around my waist and slid on my plastic shower sandals. I saw that Franklin had placed his phone on the pillow next to him.

“Sure, tell Baby Dick I’ll come with you guys,” he said with a smirk.

“Dude, really?” I asked. “Can you just try to lay off him for a little while?”

“Yes, Dad,” he replied in a sarcastic tone as he reached for his phone again.

I headed for the bathroom, only a few doors from our room. We lived in a coed residence building, but the facilities on the third floor were just for men. It was nice not walking too far when I needed to piss in the middle of the night.

I grabbed my toiletries from the small locker assigned to me. I walked to one of the sinks mounted on the wall below a long mirror. Nobody was in the bathroom, which wasn’t atypical for that time of day on a Friday.

I started to brush my teeth; I had forgotten to do it earlier that morning. I stared at myself as the cool mint tickled my tongue. My six-foot-three frame had to hunch a bit to reach the sink. I was almost as muscular as Alexei. It was just that his compact body made his physique look more impressive.

I looked at my buzzed blond hair and hazel eyes. I was still ambivalent about having cut off my wavy locks, but I had felt the need for a change a few weeks earlier. I could see the stubble sprouting on my square jawline. I decided not to shave; I just couldn’t be bothered.

I finished brushing my teeth, tossing the toothpaste and brush back in the locker. There were three individual showers units. I skipped to the one in the middle, pulled back the curtain, and hopped inside. I turned on the knobs on the wall to get the perfect water temperature. I had taken a lot of practice to learn the right way to twist them. The water cascaded down over my body. It was still a little cold at first; I couldn’t tell you if I was dumb or stubborn, but I refused to stay outside the shower and tested the water repeatedly with my hand. I guess it made me feel like a bit of a pussy.

I grabbed my bar of soap from the ledge; it had a subtle citrus smell to which I’d taken a shine. I rubbed it on my pecs to create a lather, then ran it over the defined grooves of my six-pack before pushing it down to my right thigh. I started to knead the muscle; it could get tight after I went on a run.

The water and suds were caressing my dick; my forearm started to brush against the head as I rubbed my leg. I looked down at the soft five inches of flesh hanging between my thighs. My hands started to clean my package on autopilot.

I closed my eyes as my suds-covered fingers worked their way up and down my shaft. I stopped briefly to cup and rub my pendulous balls. It only took me a few seconds to go from being on standby to be ready for action. I gazed down to see my nine-inch dick jutting upwards with a slight curve.

I did the quick calculations that men have been doing for millennia. I tried to determine just how horny I was, how long it would take for me to cum, and whether it was worth it at that moment. Like many college kids, my math heavily favored cranking one or another out. That morning was no different.

I placed my left hand on the tile wall and stroked with my right. I estimated that I could get to blast off in under three minutes. I began to firmly stroke the wide base as I played a movie in my mind of my ex-girlfriend stripping for me one of the first times we had hooked up.


I almost jumped out of my skin. The bar of soap clattered to the floor of the shower. It took me a moment to place the sound. It was the building’s fire alarm.

Fuck! I thought to myself as I stared down at my raging hard-on. I knew that it was a false alarm. The wiring in the building was complete shit; the alarm had inadvertently gone off three times already since we had returned from spring break.

I knew that protocol was that we were supposed to immediately go to the grassy area in front of the building. I imagined myself out there, drenched and wrapped in a towel, right at the heart of campus. At that time of day, I knew there would be streams of people passing through it in every direction, to every destination.

I opened the curtain and peeked to see if anyone else was in the restroom. I asked them to confirm that it was a false alarm. I didn’t need the RA writing me up for not following protocol. Nobody was around. I suddenly remembered that the RA had a class on the other side of campus around lunch.

Feeling a sense of relief, I returned to my shower. I tried to tune out the reverberating chimes while also trying to listen to anybody who might walk into the bathroom.

I looked down at my cock, letting out a contemplative sigh. I had just started getting myself going. I knew that I could bust a nut in no time. I thought I would probably even get back to my room before they turned off the alarm.

I closed my eyes and resumed my position, with one hand on the wall and the other on my rod. I began rocking my hips forward, pretending that the lather in my fist was a luscious pussy. I glanced down to watch my large cock sliding in and out of my clenched palm.

The soft scent of the suds started to become distorted. It wasn’t like anything I had ever smelled before. It made me think of a luau – open fire pits and yuzu. I pushed the invading sensation out of my mind and resumed the more titillating movie.

I imagined my ex’s full tits bouncing up and down as she pulled off her sweater. I could picture the large, pink nipples I had loved to tease with my tongue. My cock dripped a long strand of pre-cum; the thick, sticky thread extended several inches.


I heard the sound of fabric bunching and metal rattling. My eyes opened wide as I realized the shower curtain was being yanked open behind me. I spun around in terror, my throbbing dick firmly in my grasp.

“What the fuck are you doing, kid?” asked the fireman on the left.

Firemen? I immediately thought to myself. This can’t be real. There’s no way this can be happening!

Two firemen were standing in front of me in full gear, and the room was filled with hazy gray smoke. It wasn’t so thick that I couldn’t see, but it was clear that something bad was happening.

The two firemen looked like they were just a little older than me. I guessed that they were twenty-three or twenty-four years old. Their masks were pulled down around their necks, allowing me to see their faces. One was clean-shaven, and the other had a thick, black beard.

“Can you believe this kid?” the bearded one said, nodding to my crotch. “He was so busy jerking it that he didn’t even realize the building was on fire.”

On fire! The building is fucking on fire! A wave of panic washed over me. My heart started to pound loudly in my chest, and my throat went dry.

“We got to get you out of here, kid,” said the clean-shaven one. “If we don’t move quickly, the closest set of stairs will be blocked by flames!”

Blocked by flames! What the fuck? I refused to believe what I was hearing. When I entered the bathroom a few minutes earlier, there was no sign of a fire. I could see the dark smoke becoming thicker in the room, though. I couldn’t make sense of it all. Is it possible for a fire to spread that quickly?

I began to hyperventilate out of fear, which made it feel like I was pulling the smoky air deep into my lungs. The hair on the back of my neck stood on end. The whole room was spinning around me.

“Just stick with us, kid,” the bearded guy said. “How about you let this go?”

He reached out with his gloved hand and pulled at my wrist. I looked down to see that my dick was bright red and throbbing in my hand; I had clamped down tightly in terror. The strand of pre-cum was still dangling from its tip. I felt completely mortified that they could see I had been on the verge of blowing a load, but my brain was violently shoving that feeling to one side to deal with later. Fear of fire will do that.

I released my grasp and planted both hands firmly at my sides. My dick bounced as I let go; the viscous thread of pre-cum detached and landed on the top of my left foot. The bearded guy reached up and yanked my towel down from the shower rod. He jammed it into my right hand.

“Cover yourself up, and then we’ll get out of here.”

My hands were shaking as I struggled to find the edges of the towel. Wrapping around it, my waist wasn’t so bad, but my fingers fumbled all over the place as I tried to tuck it into itself to secure it. My hard-on strained against it, and I lost all confidence it would stay up as I moved – the towel. Of all the times for my cock to have stubbornly maintained an erection, it had picked the worst one. I grabbed the fabric tightly with my right hand, dreading the journey ahead.

“Kid! Kid!” yelled the clean-shaven one as he snapped his fingers in front of my face. “We’re going to get you out of here. Just do what we say, and you’ll be fine.”

I wildly nodded. I needed him to know that I understood even if I couldn’t find my words. The bearded one pulled the respirator mask around his neck over his head. It had black-tinted plastic where the eyes were and a conic filter over the mouth.

“I’m going to put this on you,” he said. “Since you’ve never worn one before and it’s so smoky, you won’t be able to see. It will keep you from dying from smoke inhalation, though.”

He slid the cumbersome device down over my head. His fingers fiddled with the plastic straps on the back of my skull. I felt immense pressure as he did whatever was needed to fasten it tight.

He hadn’t been exaggerating; inside the mask, it was pitch black. I wasn’t able to see a thing. My chest was expanding and contracting rapidly; my body panicked and gulped for all the air it could take in. I felt a gloved hand press against my sternum.

“Just breathe, kid,” he commanded. “It will all be fine.”

I focused on trying to accept that he was telling me the truth – that he was a professional so that I could trust him. I could still hear the chimes of the fire alarm blaring, adding to my sense of disorientation.

“Loop your arm with mine,” the clean-shaven one instructed.

I bent my left arm to create a crook; his padded arm squeezed its way into the opening, so we were linked side-by-side. I continued to hold my towel securely in place with my other hand. We started walking towards to doorway, with him guiding me.

“We’re going to head for the stairwell to the right,” the bearded one said. “It’s only about fifteen feet.”

I shook my head, feeling dread as I waited for them to open the door. I could tell when they began to crack it because the alarm got louder. The fireman who was guiding me yanked me into the hall. I stumbled but managed to find my footing on the threadbare carpet.

“We need to move quickly,” the clean-shaven one commanded.

I was doing my best not to trip as we hurried down the hallway. I abruptly slammed into his side as we came to a sudden halt. I was desperately squinting, hoping it would offer some visibility, but it was still pitch black.

“We are at the top of the stairs,” the bearded one said. “We’ll have to do a fireman’s carry since you can’t see.”

I didn’t know what he was talking about, but before I had time even to nod, the clean-shaven one unhooked his arm from mine.

“Bend forward like you are trying to touch the ground with your fingers,” the bearded one said.

I hesitated for a moment before leaning forward and trying to touch the ground with my left hand. I could feel the carpet beneath my fingertips.

“Both hands need to go down,” he said.

I fiddled with the towel, not wanting to let it go. I felt resigned as I removed my right hand from my waist and placed it on the ground.

I could feel one of them positioning himself beneath me. I assumed it was the bearded one since he was the larger of the two. He had a similar build to me, whereas I didn’t think the other one would have been able to support my weight.

He wrapped one arm between my legs and the other between my arms. He huffed as he began to stand up from his squatting position. I tried to go limp.

He wrenched one of his arms behind my knee, pulling my leg in front of him. My torso lay across his shoulders like a human backpack. He jostled after standing to ensure that I was securely in place.

As he made his final adjustments, I felt the towel sliding down the back of my ass. I could tell that my firm, peachy behind was fully exposed. I instinctively tried to grasp for it, but one of my arms was locked in sync with the fireman’s, and the other couldn’t reach the hem.

“His towel is falling off,” the clean-shaven one said.

I felt a sense of relief that he had noticed. He must have seen me trying and failing to reach for it.

“This will make it easier for both of you,” he said.

I felt him yank the towel away from my body. It slid across my bulky thighs. As it pulled out from underneath my front side, I could feel my throbbing dick repositioning itself into the fireman’s shoulder. The fire-resistant material felt warm and smooth on the bottom of my engorged shaft.

He draped the towel over my ample behind. I breathed a sigh of relief to know that I was no longer exposed. I wasn’t worried about either of them seeing my ass since they were saving my life, but that didn’t mean the entire student body needed to see it when I left the building.

The bearded one started to walk tenuously down the stairs while balancing me on his back. I could feel my nuts jostling; his bicep was tickling their fine hair with each step he took.

I started to recognize a pattern as well. Each time he descended a step, my body would pull away at first. As his foot came into contact with the ground again, my cock buried itself back into his coat. By the time we had made it to the stairwell of the second floor, my dick had released a small puddle of pre-cum. It was sliding back and forth in the sticky warmth even though I wasn’t doing anything.

I realized that when the poor guy returned to the firehouse, he would find a suspicious stain on the exact place my dick had been resting. It wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what had happened. Having nothing else to do or think about, I wallowed in my mortification. Worse than that, my embarrassment wasn’t doing anything to soften my cock.

“He’s starting to slide off,” the bearded one said. “Can you help hold him in place for the last flight?”

“No problem, man,” his friend responded.

A jolt of energy shot through me as I felt the clean-shaven guy’s gloved hand position itself underneath the towel and cup against my ass. My nuts tightened at the novel sensation. As we started to descend more steps, I could feel the palm of his hand grinding into my balls. His middle finger was slipping deeper between my cheeks with each step.

My dick continued to press into the slippery fabric on the bearded one’s shoulder. I was dripping buckets. I was certain it must be dribbling down the front of his uniform. It was too much to bear.

“Please let me down,” I said, speaking for the first time since we had met.

“It’s not that many more steps,” the bearded one responded.

The gloved middle finger of the clean-shaven guy had completely separated my cheeks. It was massaging my hole with each step. It was unlike anything I had ever felt before. My asshole started to twitch, overcome by the novel sensation.

I felt so scared, humiliated, and turned on simultaneously. I was praying I could make it to the bottom of the stairs without blowing my load. Then, I told myself, I’d be able to resecure my towel around my waist and then slink off to a cluster of trees behind the building to hide for however long it took for the crowd to disperse.

Every nerve ending in my body was on fire, though. It felt fitting since I was being saved from one. Still, I had no idea what was wrong with me. Why was I so turned on despite all the fear and embarrassment I felt and knowing that going limp and suffering an hour of blue balls would be preferable to what might happen if I came? I had to resist the urge to start thrusting. I knew it was completely insane, but I was so close to cumming that it felt like my body was acting entirely. I was stuck in the audience, shouting at the screen, trying to tell some dumb teenager in a horror movie to do exactly the opposite of everything he was doing.

“Oof!” the bearded one said as we made contact with the floor again.

My cock rammed back into the coat. I felt him start walking again with barely a pause to absorb the impact of the final step. Oh, shit, I thought, we made it to the ground floor! I was waiting for him to confirm it, but he didn’t.

The clean-shaven one removed his hand from my ass, but his friend didn’t stop walking. Instead of thrusting, my dick slid from side to side in its slippery pre-cum. It was a different motion, but it was just as stimulating.

“We’re almost there,” the bearded one said.

Almost where? I wondered. Are they taking me outside? I had figured that once we were at the bottom of the stairs, they’d at least set me down and let me reorient myself. My heart started pounding again; I could feel the pulsing in my engorged dick.

“I’ll get the door,” the clean-shaven one said. “How much did your cousin says he is paying for this again?”

“Dude!” the bearded one yelled.

How much is his cousin? I immediately started to wiggle; the bearded one wrenched his arms tighter around my knee and arm.

I felt a quick tickling sensation as the towel was ripped from my body. I knew I was fully exposed. I assumed the clean-shaven one had done the deed. A wave of nausea caused my stomach to do a full somersault.

The sounds of people talking and birds chirping flooded into the building, offsetting the rhythmic blaring of the alarm. A warm breeze collided with my bare ass. As we crossed the threshold to the outdoors, I could feel the sun starting to shine down on my naked body. I continued to squirm, trying to free myself even though I was essentially blind and bound. I realized that the mask wasn’t tinted. It must have been painted over with a black substance.

“Cousin, Viktor!” I heard Alexei’s voice shout. “What’ve you got there? Is that Logan Prentice?”

“He was in the shower jerking off when we went in to check all the rooms,” Viktor laughed.

“Oh my god, that’s Logan!” a girl squealed.

“Did he say they caught him wanking in the shower?” a guy chortled.

“His ass is so pale,” another girl chimed in. “He looks like Casper the Ghost!”

I was starting to sense the crowd’s size from all the scattered comments and laughter. It had to be at least fifty people. I couldn’t believe that fifty of my peers were watching me get hauled around naked on a fireman’s shoulder.

“Let me down!” I yelled.

I continued to writhe around on Viktor’s shoulder. My desire to not draw any more attention from passersby was surpassed by a desperate need to break free. I could hear footsteps walking towards me as I flailed.

My leaking cock was on overdrive. Each slippery movement sent a jolt of energy into my groin. My balls were slapping up against Viktor’s padded bicep; each slapping motion caused them to pull tighter to my body.

“I think he’s saying he wants down,” Alexei said.

I felt Viktor start to hunch over. A feeling of relief inundated me. I stopped my wriggling at the looming thought of being freed.

“Wait one second,” Alexei said. “What’s that on your coat?”

I could feel Viktor straightening himself into a standing position again. I used all my force to disengage, but increased flailing pushed me past my breaking point. The most sensitive part of my cock head was surging with energy. My nuts began to spasm.

“Look at this naughty boy, everyone!” Alexei yelled. “Some of his post-jerk-off jizz stained my cousin’s coat!”

“Oh my god, that’s disgusting!”

“That’s sick, bro!”

“He better pay the dry-cleaning bill!”

The comments continued to cut through the mixture of laughing and groan of disgust. My face turned beet red, although nobody could see it below the altered respirator mask. I wanted to die at that moment. I wanted to disappear into the earth.

“Bad boy!” Alexei yelled as he smacked my ass with his open palm.

The force of his touch jostled my dick in the pool of pre-cum and caused my hole to clench. A bolt of electricity shot out from it and collided with the wave of pleasure surging through my rock-hard cock. At that moment, I was one hundred percent certain that his slap had been the straw that had broken the camel’s back.

“You can let him down now,” Alexei chuckled.

I felt myself sliding off Viktor’s shoulder as he squatted toward the ground. My bare feet made contact with the lush grass. My balls were spasming as he pulled himself out from under me. My knees had turned to jelly; I was straining every other muscle to avoid collapsing into a heap.

“He’s hard!” one of the girls from earlier shouted.

People were laughing, cheering, and shouting. The noise increased tenfold. The commotion had to be attracting more students to the crowd. Alexei’s shrill laugh cut through all of the others.

I frantically clawed at the bindings on the back of the respirator. I knew that I needed to be able to see if I wanted to run away. I was riding the cresting wave within me as my fingers fumbled with the slick plastic.

I felt the first eruption spewing forth from within me. My hands froze. A thick, hot rope of cum shot out of my vibrating cock. I imagined the horror on the onlookers’ faces. It was the smallest of consolation I couldn’t see.

I reached down and grabbed my dick, trying to position it so it would do the least amount of damage. The idea of shooting my load onto a stranger in the crowd was too much to tolerate. I pointed it up at my chest.

“He’s fucking cumming!” a guy shouted.

“What the Hell is wrong with you?” a familiar-sounding girl asked.

“That’s disgusting!” another girl exclaimed.

The next explosion splattered against the underside of my chin, creating a pathway down my right pec and abs. Three subsequent ropes of cum erupted all over my six-pack. It was the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced in my life.

My legs buckled after the final blast; I collapsed to my knees. I felt defeated and exhausted. I knew that nobody would be talking about Alexei after what I had just done. I wondered what dehumanizing nickname they would come up with for me.

I heard rustling and felt someone walk up behind me. A set of nimble fingers quickly undid the clasps on the respirator. I felt it being pulled away from my face; I had to close my eyes as light flooded into them after being immersed in total darkness.

“I told you it was him!” a girl’s voice said.

“Wow, I guess you were right,” someone answered back.

I cracked my eyes open to see Alexei leaning toward me. A wide smile was plastered across his face. He gently placed his hand on my shoulder.

“I was just trying to joke around,” he said, repeating the exact words I had said to him less than an hour earlier.

As he walked away, I could more clearly see the assembled crowd. At least one hundred people were fanned out in front of me in a loose semicircle. All three of my suitemates were there, as well as about half the residents of the dorm, who must have been inside when the fire alarm went off. The rest were students on their way to class or other campus activities.

Roughly half of them were pointing their phones at me. I felt like I would vomit; I knew I would never live it down. Even if it were banned as obscene on traditional social media, it would invariably make its way to porn sites as amateur content.

I heard the entrance of the dorm open behind me. The alarm has stopped ringing.

“False alarm,” Viktor announced. “You are now all free to return to the building.”

Alexei was the first one to start walking toward the building. Once he reached me again, he pulled off his baseball cap. He tossed it at me, and I caught it, much to my surprise.

“For god’s sake, cover yourself up!” he sneered.

Another wave of embarrassment washed over me. I pushed the hat down towards my rapidly-deflating cock and pressed it firmly over my crotch. I tried to stand, but my legs immediately buckled. Diego and Franklin walked over to me. Without a word, they helped me to my feet. They supported me by grasping one of my biceps as we started my nearly naked, cum-drenched walk of shame back to our room.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story has been previously published on other free sites and is now public domain, which is why we can publish it here.

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