A Birthday Surprise!

By Babydicklover.

Wee Winky Willy Max Swan

  • Willy has a secret desire, he likes having his tiny penis exposed and people laugh at it. His friends are happy to help him fulfill it beyond his wildest fantasies. Let the nude dares begin... Words: 23,641
I can’t believe it’s my 60th birthday. Time really has flown by. I remember just being a little boy at seven years old, skinny dipping with my grandad. Those were the best times of my life. At this point, I’m a full-on naturalist, so I love being naked. But it’s an area I prefer to keep private from the people in my life. The truth is, as you can see, my penis is really small.

And I’m sure you’ve seen a man with a smaller-size cock, but it doesn’t compare to mine. I probably have one of the smallest penises of a grown man in the world, but that doesn’t stop me. I’m still confident with my body. I’ve accepted it years ago because it’s not something I can change. It’s how I was born, and I embrace my beautiful genetics.

But just because I’m comfortable with my body doesn’t mean I want anyone to know. I’ve always been worried they would judge me for the small size of my penis. But I have a feeling this would be the best birthday ever.

There was a knock at the door. It was my good friend, Mickey. I’ve known him for a long time, and he was taking me to a lake he discovered on one of his nature hikes. I skipped like a jolly schoolboy to open it until I realized I was still naked. I couldn’t let him see me like this.

“Hey man, just give me a second.”

“Okay, buddy, take your time.” I heard through the door.

I quickly threw on my hiking clothes and came back. I can’t believe I almost exposed myself to my best friend. That would have been scary. I opened the door to a smiling Mickey.

He reached for a big hug and said, “Matthew, happy birthday!”

He wrapped his big arms around me, holding me close to him.

“Thank you. I’m so excited to see this lake.”

“And this isn’t even half of it. I have the best birthday present for you.”

My toothy grin widened at his news, “Ooh! Tell me. I have to know now.” I begged for the answer like a little boy.

With a grin, he replied, “Calm down, boy. You’ll get it soon enough.”

I could tell my innocent-like idiosyncrasies amused him. Whenever I got excited about something, I almost resembled a little child. I can’t help it. It’s just the way I am. We drove across the boring road toward the icy mountains. It was a 45-minute drive, and every scenic moment was absolutely stunning.

“So, how did you find this place?” I asked him.

“I already told you it was a random find. I was just exploring the mountains.”

“It seems a little secluded, like no one could find us for miles.”

“That’s the point, Matthew, haha.”

I looked at him with suspicion, “What do you mean?”

“Oh… umm.” He pointed toward the trees, “Look at the deer. Isn’t he cute?”

I turned my head in that direction, “Wait, where is it?”

“Damn, you missed it.”

I didn’t even notice he avoided my question because I was naively excited to see where this path led. We parked and needed to begin traveling on foot. I don’t usually hike like this, but each moment was breathtaking.

We veered off into a different path, “Okay, here’s a shortcut,” Mickey suggested. He knocked on the log with his right fist. “It feels sturdy enough. You think you can handle it?”

“No problem,” I announced while pulling my shorts and jacket sleeves. I balanced myself on the log until I reached the other edge. Mickey followed right behind me with ease.

He walked past me and said, “Perfect. Let’s keep going. We are almost there.”

As we got closer, I heard a branch snap, and I jumped, “Mickey, what was that?!”

“Relax. It was probably just a bear or something.”

“A bear? You don’t just say bear like it won’t attack us.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll be fine,” as he playfully slapped my back.

After a couple of more hurdles, a few spiders, and a terrifying butterfly that wouldn’t quit chasing me, we finally reached the spot.

I dropped my backpack and just looked up at the magnificent waterfall.

“A waterfall? You didn’t tell me about this.”

“I wanted to leave a little surprise for you.”

I ran up to him and hugged him. The water crashed at the bottom and roared in an echo. A shimmering rainbow reflected in the eyes of the clear water. What a tranquil place to visit.

“Mickey, this is beautiful. I can’t believe you just stumbled on this place.”

“Yeah, it’s really something.”

I sat down and let the sun’s warmth wrap around me like a blanket.

“C’mon, are you just going to sit there?” he asked as he stormed past me in only his speedos and jumped in the water without hesitating. He had an adorable, chubby body, and I loved seeing him without a shirt.

I stripped down until I was only wearing a black pair of Speedos. I jumped in behind him, splashing him like a typhoon. We swam for a few minutes, exploring the outskirts of the waterfall.

He looked up at me, “You know, Matthew.”

“Hmm,” I responded.

“You know What would make this even better?” He winked and proceeded to remove his speedos underwater and throw them perfectly by our things. He closed his eyes and said, “Ahhh.”

“Wow. Umm. You are shameless, aren’t you?”

“What? I’ve got nothing to be embarrassed about. Watch this.” He rapidly climbed out of the water, and his pale body glistened against the afternoon sun. He faced me and shouted, “Whoo!” I looked down at his cock, and it was surprisingly huge. I’d never seen my friend naked before, and I couldn’t believe how hung he was. While I was mesmerized by the size of his cock, he screamed, “Cannonball,” and he launched himself into the water. His head came up, and he spat some water out. “C’mon Matthew, why don’t you join me? It’s just us guys out here?”

“I’m not sure.” I shyly said.

“Why? Are you nervous or something?”

“Tsk, no way, man.”

I don’t know what came over me, but I didn’t feel worried about being naked in front of Mickey. I mean, he had no problem being nude in front of me. I pulled my Speedo down and threw it back on the land.

“That’s the spirit, lad. You should jump. It’s really fun.”

“Heheh. Okay then.”

I excitedly picked myself up and presented my entire naked bum to my good friend. I climbed back up and reached where Mickey jumped. I felt my little soft penis bounce around, but I didn’t care.

The Mannequin Max Swan

  • After breaking a mannequin in a store that uses life-like and anatomically correct dummies, Toby is offered a way to pay the owner back for the damage. Become a mannequin himself using an experimental drug. Words: 12,827

Mickey looked directly up at my little tiny excuse for a cock, and his jaw physically dropped. I could see my little weenie was quite a surprise for him. I jumped in before he could react. The water splashed on his face. I swam around until the shock escaped from his body.


“Yeah,” I replied.

“I can’t blame you for being shy about skinny-dipping at first. I’ve known you for so many years, and I can’t believe I’m just finding out that, well, that.” He couldn’t finish his sentence.

“That what?”

“That your cock is so damn tiny.” My face turned red, and I felt a little embarrassed. “I mean, you literally have a tiny pimple between your legs. Let me see it.” I stood on one of the rocks so that he could see my little penis. He held my legs, “Wow. I can’t believe your cock is so small. I’m genuinely amazed. My goodness, I’ve seen bigger babies before.” He flicked it with his index finger and started laughing. “Are you embarrassed by this little tiny thing?”

“Well, I certainly feel more self-conscious about it now,” I said sarcastically. He couldn’t quit looking at my cold shriveled-up little dick resting on top of my non-existent testicles. “It’s how I was born. There’s no reason to stress about it. I’m sixty years old today. I’m over caring about stuff like that.”

“That’s quite admirable. Aww, this little thing must have been why you’ve never been married. Your penis is too small to satisfy a woman or even a man.”

“Hey. I’ve been with plenty of women and men, and they’ve never complained.”

“Sure, tell yourself that, little buddy boy. I can’t seem to get over how tiny your cock is.” He looked up and smirked. “Let me go get something really quick,” he said hurriedly.

“Okay then,” and he pushed past me.

I just swam around for a few minutes until I heard nothing. I stepped out of the water, clearly cold from the microscopic nature of my incredibly tiny penis. I just looked down at my naked body. I looked around but couldn’t find him.

I finally realized what happened. He abandoned me. This couldn’t be happening. I started to panic slightly, and I looked around for my clothes. They were nowhere to be found. I found a Post-it note on a rock.

“Hi, Matthew. If you’re reading this, you are probably naked and wondering where I am. You gotta find your own way back. It’s a birthday surprise. And you can use this Post-it note to cover your little guy. Good luck, baby dick.”

I placed it over my penis and balls, and it did perfectly cover it, which annoyed me. I can’t believe that bastard. He stole everything. This must have been some birthday prank. I looked beyond the path, and I saw him from a distance. I ran toward him, but he was too far to catch up to. No matter how fast I ran on the sharp ground, he was long gone. I crouched on my knees and covered my face. What was I going to do?

After sitting there and feeling like a helpless victim, I got up and just started walking. There was nothing else I could do. I had no choice but to make it back without any clothes. I started running without covering my little button, and I felt it wiggling between my legs. I traveled through every hurdle, and it was more challenging than before. No wonder Mickey picked this specific hiking trail. It wasn’t fit for a beginner—a naked beginner at that!

I ran into a family with a father, a mother, and five daughters. I gulped and sprinted while they looked disgusted. The little girls giggled at the naked man. After falling a few times while pierced by several life-threatening splinters, I reached the parking lot, but it was full of several cars. It was practically empty before. I ran past each vehicle, and many people were around the parking lot. They laughed, whistled at me, and took pictures of my stark naked body.

I felt incredibly embarrassed that they were filming a revealing video of my bouncing ass. They tried to remove my hands, but I held on for dear life. I couldn’t let them get a peek at my extraordinarily tiny cock. My milky white ass fully exposed was enough.

I barely knew where to go, and several cars honked at me. Even a man with his dog passed me and laughed at my horrifying predicament. I ran past him even faster as he pointed his camera at me. I encountered so many more people than I can count on both hands.

I kept running, trying to be faster than the wind. There wasn’t much between my legs, so I should have no problem with this. Nothing was literally in my way.

It just dawned on me that this wasn’t a fictional nightmare. I was actually completely nude from head to toe in a public area in broad daylight where anyone could see me. My heart was pumping, and the adrenaline was exhilarating. I didn’t have any clothes, and I had to get home with my bare feet.

After what felt like miles of walking on the barren road, there was hope for me, but it was in the form of a gas station. I stumbled in the doorway. The cashier looked at me with enlarged, shocked eyes. She was a younger woman with a soft face and black hair.

“Lady, can you please help me?”

She laughed and asked, “Sir, why are you ass naked?”

“It’s a long story, but my clothes were stolen.”

“Dude, I don’t even buy that. You are just a perverted exhibitionist.”

“I’m telling the truth. Why would I make something like that up?”

“Wait, seriously?” I nodded my head in disbelief. “Well, that’s simply embarrassing.”

“Tell me about it. Can I use your phone or something?”

She smiled and looked down where I was covering my crotch.

“Sure, if you give me something.”

“Lady, I don’t have time for games. I just need to call someone to pick me up.

She waved her hand, “Then I don’t have time for you. Hope you don’t get arrested.”

I said with aggravation, “Fine, what do you want?”

“Lose the attitude first, old man, or I’ll call the police. And second, I want to see what you are hiding down there.”

I couldn’t show my penis to a younger girl in her early 20s.

“Please miss anything but that.”

“That’s the deal” take it or leave.”

I had to do it. Hopefully, this would get me out of this little pickle.

I rolled my eyes and whined, “Fine. I’ll do it.” She seductively smirked and waited for my final reveal. I removed my hands from my little tiny boy cock. “There, are you happy?”

She busted into a rage of laughter. I looked down at my feet because I was so embarrassed.

She pointed at my cock and yelled, “What the hell is that? Your penis is so tiny! No wonder you didn’t want to show me what you were hiding. Why were you even hiding it? It’s so small and micro-sized, it hides itself like a little cocoon.”

I covered it again and said, “Okay, you’ve seen my small penis. Can I use your phone now?”

“Not just yet, little mister. I want a photo.”

“That wasn’t part of the deal.”

“I don’t care. This town is so boring. It’s not every day a naked man comes along with a very small micropenis. It’s part of the deal now.”

She couldn’t have been severe, but I didn’t have time to argue. I uncovered my small penis, and she took a picture of my entire naked body. I can’t believe there would be a photo of my naked body, an easily identifiable face floating around. There was a good chance she would share it with her friends.

“You have your little photo now. Can I use your phone?”

“Yes, it is outside.”

“Alright. Can I have some quarters?”

She grunted, “Don’t you have your own?”

“No, how could I have anything if I’m a naked man?”

“Well, you’ve got a stack of dimes right down there, little boy.” I gave her a contemptible look. “Fine, here you go,” she handed me a few quarters. I walked outside to the sky of a periwinkle hue.

I tried using the phone, but it wouldn’t work. I tried multiple times, but nothing happened.

The Bully Fetish! Max Swan

  • Ben is a freshman in college who has a special fetish. He loves being publicly stripped and bullied for his babydick, and the dirty old Dean and many others take full advantage of it. Words: 28,192

I walked back in and impatiently asked, “What’s the deal?”

“Haha, yeah, actually, our phone doesn’t work.”

I became frustrated and said, “Then why did you make me show you my tiny dinger?”

“Because I thought it would be funny. It wouldn’t have been as hilarious if you were hung, but unfortunately, you aren’t at all.” She looked right at my scared little button cock. “Damn, dude, cover your unfortunate shame.”

I looked down at my little nub and felt ridiculous that I forgot to cover myself.

“I can’t believe you did that to me.”

“Get over it, baby penis.” She wickedly said.

“Well, can I wait for someone to show up? Maybe they’ll help me.

“Sure, why not? I get off work in an hour, so chop-chop.”

I sat at one of the tables and waited patiently for someone to use the gas station. Due to my tragic luck, no one showed up.

She walked up to me and laughed, “Well, I guess no one is going to save you and your little cock. She reached out and flicked my little penis back and forth with her pinky. I pushed her away and stormed off. I slammed the door behind me, and I could hear her laughter. The evening was getting darker, and I felt even more lost now.

I had no clue what time it was, where I was, or what I would do. There wasn’t a single car in the area. Who knew what was out in these woods—a serial killer, another naked man, or even a rabies-infected squirrel?

A bright, blinding light miraculously appeared. It was a car sent straight from heaven. I was going to be rescued from this naked purgatory.

“Please stop!” I shouted. “I need your help.”

I covered my teeny weenie before they could spot and humiliate me for having tiny private parts. The car stopped, and I walked to it. I knocked on the window, and an older blonde woman rolled it down.

“Honey, what’s got you in this strange situation?”

“Please, I need your help. My clothes were stolen, and I need to find my way home.”

She lustfully grinned, “I’ll help you. Hop in.”

I can’t believe a complete stranger didn’t even hesitate to help me. There still was kindness in this world. I sat in the passenger seat. I told her my address, and she started driving.

“Thank you so much, umm?”

“Victoria, Victoria Clavern.”

“It’s Matthew. Thank you! You have no idea what kind of day I’ve had.”

“I can’t imagine. You must be so embarrassed. How long have you been stranded?”

“It’s probably been hours. My ‘so-called’ friend decided to play a prank on my birthday.”

“Well, you’re wearing the perfect suit for the occasion.”

“I’m glad you think this is so funny.”

“C’mon, dude. A scared, naked older man crying and begging for a ride. Now, that’s priceless.”

“Okay, it is a little funny, I guess. So, why were you so quick to give me a ride?”

“Because I’m a Jiu-Jitsu instructor, and I carry a gun. You clearly aren’t armed with anything, so you are the one taking a chance here.” I was intimidated by this woman, but I also felt protected. “But, your cock may be intimidating, though. She turned on the car light. Without warning, she pulled my hands away from my shrinking little wee-wee. She immediately started laughing. “Oh my god. Your penis is freaking tiny. I made the right choice here. Imagine you trying to rob or kidnap me with your little cock bouncing around down there.” She started flicking it with her finger. Everyone seemed to enjoy doing that to me. “You really aren’t armed with anything, not even a little army knife.”

I stopped her hand and said, “Okay, that’s enough.”

She grabbed my balls, and I winced in pain.

“Only I get to tell you when I’ve had enough. Or I can leave you here, and you can hope for the best. Is that what you really want?”

“No, please don’t. I’ll be a good boy.”

She let go of my sensitive balls, and it felt relieving to have control again over my genitals.

“Sure, I’ll keep driving you.”

“Thank you, Victoria.”

“Yeah, yeah. Your cock is still super freaking tiny.”

“It’s just freezing here.”

“Haha, that’s what they all say.”

“Well, to tell you the truth, it gets bigger.”

She shook her head and laughed, “Haha, I don’t believe that at all.”

“I mean it.”

“Let’s test your ‘little’ theory, shall we?”

She started stroking my little ding-a-ling with her thumb and index finger. That’s all she needed, apparently. I moaned from her advancement, and it didn’t take long for it to reach three short inches hard.

She looked down and grimaced, “Yeah, I didn’t think so.”

I thought my boner was roughly an average length. I guess I had a micropenis. I felt incredibly embarrassed that this mature, powerful woman was massaging my tiny private parts and making a mockery of my manhood. We finally arrived at my place. I exited the car and stood by her window.

“Listen, I know your cock is child-sized, but you shouldn’t have to take that. You may be hung like a little child, but you aren’t one. It’s your damn birthday, and you should be more bold.”

“I’ve just never been confrontational.”

“New beginnings, sweetie. You and your little cock are actually really adorable.”

“Really?” I asked.

She rubbed my chest and kissed me on the lips. Then she gave my little cockle a sweet kiss goodbye.

“Yes, but don’t get the wrong idea. I’m married, and you happen to be in the right place at the right time. But I know where you live now. Maybe I will visit you sometime if you are my little naked slave. I could use some fun, and that fun-sized cock of yours sure seems like it.”

I jumped up and down, “Wow. Come anytime.”

She touched the head, which, incidentally, was my entire penis. I had no shaft. The tip of her finger caressed the whole existence of my little cock. I was experiencing a combination of arousal and embarrassment.

“Toodeloo, baby cock.”

The Freaks of Oz! Max Swan

  • Red, a law student, has recently come out as a Gay man, and while hoping his life would be better out of the closet, he found the vile size queens of the Gay Community where he lived made it difficult for him to meet any decent men. You see, Red has a micropenis. One day, he meets a strange man called Chas Zorko, who offers him a part-time job like none other. A freak show performer—where Red will have to display his tiny dicklette to thousands of people in public and private events. How could he resist? Words: 41,126

She laughed and drove away into the night. I walked to the front of my house. I usually leave a key underneath my welcome mat. But it wasn’t there. This must be the work of Mickey. I saw my back door was open, so I entered and walked down the stairs.

I tried opening the sliding door, but it was locked, too. I didn’t know what to do.

Before I could think further, all the lights turned on, and around 50 people shouted, “Surprise!”

I just stood there fully naked and afraid, presenting my skinny little half-inch micropenis to members of my family, close friends, neighbors, and even people I work with. Everyone started drunkenly laughing at my naked body. I guess the party started before the guest of honor arrived.

Mickey walked up to me and said, “Happy birthday, little buddy.” Then he handed me a bear to start the party.

I had never felt more embarrassed in my life. Everyone was carefully looking at how tiny my penis was and didn’t feel the need to hide how they truly felt. Several women gave me the small penis sign while the men were dying with laughter.

My cousin shouted, “I thought you turned 60 today, not three years old.”

Everyone laughed and provided even more unsolicited comments on my little boy cock.

I looked at Mickey and asked him if I could put some clothes on.

“Are you kidding, little buddy? You are the star of the show. Everyone loves you.”

“Okay,” I said bashfully.

“Cheer up. I know it sucks having such a tiny little boy penis, but it’s your birthday. Let’s take a picture together to commemorate this moment together.”

I looked at him and asked, “So, where’s this birthday present you offered?”

“Hehe, you brave boy. I need to order it. But it’s going to be a box of XXXS condoms with a chastity cage. You should lock up that little, useless cocklette.”

“Yeah, yeah, very funny. I like my little dick.”

“I’m glad, baby.” Here’s this, by the way.”

He tied a little bow tie on my neck and gave me a napkin and a tray.

“What’s this for?” I asked him.

“Someone’s gotta serve the snacks, right?”

I didn’t argue with what they had planned.

I passed around snacks and drinks to everyone while I had to endure countless humoring comments and jokes about being old, my ridiculously small penis, and the fact I was so casually nude without a care in the world.

My female colleague giggled and said, “That has to be the smallest penis I’ve ever seen. I can’t wait to tell everyone at work our very own Matthew has the penis of a little toddler.”

An old friend of mine came up to me and asked, “Damn, does this thing even grow?”

“Of course it does,” I firmly stated.

He shook his head furiously and continued to laugh.

A neighbor asked my good female friend, “How does he have sex with that little thing?”

“I don’t know. It doesn’t seem to be physically possible. And I’ve been friends with him for years, and I’ve never seen him with anyone.”

“Awww. Poor guy,” and she wiggled her pinky finger to the amusement of the people around her.

I couldn’t do anything besides beam like their comments didn’t bother me and try to have a pleasant birthday party. Amongst each other, I just knew they were talking about my naked body and how pathetically tiny my penis was. But after the first 30 minutes, the comments died down, and everything felt natural.

After a few beers, I was having a perfect time. I was talking to everyone and dancing like the night would never end. Everyone filmed me dancing, and they took closeups of my naked body plus my itty bitty little grape-sized penis as it fidgeted between my legs. I was constantly smacked on the ass, had my little dicklette touched, and had a couple of kisses. I felt confident in myself.

As Victoria said, I should be bold. I tapped a glass with a fork.

“I want to thank everyone for being here today. I feel blessed to have so many amazing people in my life.” I hesitated. “And yes, I know my penis is really tiny, and I’m glad you all are intrigued by it.” Everyone looked directly at my little sex pistol and started giggling. I don’t know why this happened, but I grew a little boner in front of everyone.

They started screaming and laughing harder than ever before at my recent development. I looked down and saw how small and skinny it was. I awkwardly laughed and said, “Well, at least now you know it grows.” Everyone clapped for me and my little aching hard-on.

My beautiful neighbor came up to me and wrapped her hand around my entire tiny boner. I gasped, and the audience fell to its knees. They couldn’t believe my neighbor was pleasuring my cock.

She let go and whispered, “Now, finish yourself in front of everyone.”

I did what she said, and everyone hollered.

I don’t know what got into me, but I was pleasuring myself in front of almost everyone I knew. I thought about everyone looking at my naked body. They would never forget how tiny my really small penis was. That alone took me over the edge, and my baby cock started cumming all over the place. Everyone screamed and jumped back as white strands of cum flew from the tip of my hard penis. Some of it landed on the shoes of the guests.

After my little penis returned to an even-smaller version than it was before, everyone wanted to take a picture with me.

Now that everyone in my life discovered the truth, I didn’t have to hide my naked body anymore. I could show off what I’ve always wanted—my super small penis! The party officially ended, and everyone left.

While it was the most embarrassing adventure I’ve ever been on, I enjoyed it. I might look for more opportunities to be naked in public. I collapsed on my bed with another little boner. I was excited about what the future held for me.


The End.


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