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This reader had his first threesome…

My girlfriend’s birthday was back in February, around the same week as Valentine’s Day. She’s never been adventurous in the bedroom, but for years had mentioned that she always wanted to do an MFM three-way. She said she loved the idea of two men on their knees, worshiping her. I had never done that before, and like a lot of guys, I was pretty anxious about having another man be with my girl. But since she brought it up several times, I decided we would try it as a combined Valentine’s/Birthday gift for her. I still haven’t stopped thinking about how it went.

We met the guy in person once before doing it. We had found him on our city’s R4R, and he said he had a lot of experience with MFM three ways, so we thought he’d be perfect. When we got to the hotel room with him, my girl started to undress first, and then I followed. Even though I’ve seen her naked a hundred times, I still got rock hard immediately like it was the first time. After scoping us out, Jordan (not his real name) started to undress himself, and when we saw his cock, my girlfriend and I’s jaws were on the floor.

We didn’t do anything weird, like pull out a ruler, but he had to be in the 8.5” ballpark. Biggest dick either of us had seen in person. I still can’t believe this happened, but when I caught sight of his dick, my once-rock-hard dick went completely flaccid on me. I’ve never had any issues with ED, so this in and of itself was a shock. My girl later joked that my penis was intimidated by seeing such a large member it retreated. Or maybe it was just a response to emasculation. While I can’t speak for my girl, I wasn’t even impressed sexually. It was like I was looking at the Grand Canyon. I never understood the hype for BBC until that day. From the minute he whipped that BBC out, he completely owned the room.

The craziest thing about the whole situation was the contrast between me and the guy. Not just in the dick size department, though I am a bronze member of the small dick club, but in everything else. I’m 5 foot six and a half inches tall, whereas he was closer to 6’3-4” tall. I’m white, and he is black. I have head hair but no facial hair, whereas he was bald with a thick beard and mustache. He was a former college football player but was still really muscular whereas I’m just not. Even the way our dicks pointed was different. His big cock hung down to the floor, whereas mine pointed upward to my face when erect like a little rocket.

Our plan going into the threesome was for her to start by sucking my dick and then move on to his. The hope was that by starting with me, we would cement that this is still our relationship, and he’s just a guess. But because I went completely soft upon seeing Jordan’s BBC, my girl sucked him off first. This was the first time I’ve ever seen my girl try to deepthroat a dick and fail. She made it barely 2/3 of the way before gagging. Mercifully, I got hard again and was able to get my turn of getting head. I almost nutted quickly but was able to survive because she didn’t spend as much time on mine because she was eager to move on to the full PIV sex. Again contradicting our plans going into the threesome, she told Jordan to enter her first. That was when the sparks really started flying.

I’m proud to say I’ve made my girlfriend orgasm before, but only by giving her head. She had told me that she had never cum from penetration before, but after seeing her face and hearing her moans while Jordan did his thing, now I’m honestly not sure. After about 5-10 minutes, she then taps me in to go. I really wished she hadn’t made me go second because afterward, when I got my turn, she was looser than I had ever felt before. The loud sound of her moaning and his skin slapping against hers was now replaced by her just breathing heavily as I slowly tried to pump without busting. Unfortunately, I failed after about a minute and blew right there in her pussy. She asked me to go to the bathroom to grab her some towels.

I came back five seconds later with the bathroom towels and saw Jordan sitting up behind my girlfriend. I was confused because it looked like he was going to do it in doggy style, but he had one hand across her chest. Then, I watched in amazement as he picked up my girlfriend and started railing her while holding her. This was a pretty huge feat because my girlfriend is a bit on the bigger side of 5’9”, 199lbs. So I didn’t have the strength to hold her like that, let alone the length to reach her pussy while moving in and out like that. I didn’t know what to do with the towels, so I threw them on the bed and started tugging desperately on my once-again two-inch flaccid dick, trying to get it to come back to life. Unfortunately, by the time it got hard again, both Jordan and my girlfriend were exhausted and satisfied.

That was the only time we’ve done it, as we agreed upon it as a one time thing beforehand. But I still think of it all the time because I feel now like my girlfriend is a new woman that she’s gotten to try a huge cock. I’ve tried to emulate the energy and confidence that Jordan had. Still, it’s tough because that confidence definitely came partly from having a huge cock. I’m hoping and dreading that she wants another threesome…


Another reader is getting it from his girlfriend…

I told this girl I’ve been fucking that I like SPH, and she’s been liking how quickly she makes me cum. She was hesitant, but after a few times, it seemed like she’d gotten the hang of it. One day, she was blowing me but didn’t finish me because she wanted to see how much longer I would last inside her. In like ten seconds, I said I was cumming, and she said, “Really, I can’t even feel your little dick!”

It was so hot, and I came so much. When my cum was dripping out of her, she said, “I guess you just have weak cum shots.” Then she scrunched her face before kissing me and holding my balls. Before she let go and went to shower, she said, “And such little balls,” with a baby talk voice lol.

She told me she was going to buy a large dildo. I can’t wait.


Meanwhile, this reader has a teachable moment…

This is an experience I had and is a true story that happened to me a couple of years ago. Now that I have gotten into SPH, it has become one of the hottest experiences I’ve ever had, and I jerk off to it all the time. At that time, I was a substitute teacher for a pretty big high school. I had just graduated college, so while I figured out what I was going to do with my life, it was something that paid the bills. Most of the time, it consisted of passing out worksheets, playing a video, or going over review questions, standard sub busy work. If a class got out of control, I would simply write their name down and let them know, and usually, that was that.

This was a private high school, so your worst issues are smart-ass teenagers, nothing that bad. That being said, now and then, I got a tough class, and with it came your typical ‘hey, let’s fuck with the sub’ type shit. The day this happened, I had to sub for a health class, which basically consisted of dumbass seniors who took it as an elective to fuck around and get an easy A. These kinds of classes were the worst. The students were usually assholes, the teacher never left any kind of instruction, and the kids tended to get rowdy. The fact that their regular teacher was a football coach didn’t help. I’m sure they typically never did anything in that class.

This class was also in the drama room for some reason, so instead of having a desk, I had a TV cart for my stuff. I was already a little irritated. Fortunately, the first couple of classes weren’t too bad. The teacher left some packets for them to complete and turn in at the end of class. They talked, and some of them didn’t do it, but they were relatively quiet and behaved, so I didn’t care. I had my laptop on the top of the TV cart, and I just read and screwed around online. It was actually kind of nice.

Then, I had a long break, which was the one perk of subbing for these types of classes. They only teach half the day, so I only have a couple of classes, and beyond that, I can just chill and hang out while still getting paid for a full day. The last class I had at the end of the day, however, is where things took a turn. Usually, the last period with a sub is pretty bad already, especially in a bullshit class like this, so I expected it, but this class was in a freaking league of its own.

They came in pushing, being obnoxious, and yelling. I remembered mumbling to myself, “This is gonna be a long 50 minutes.”

I told them to find a seat. It’s like a small student theater, so there aren’t desks, just like theater seating with a little table attached to each seat. As soon as they noticed that there was a sub, they immediately started fucking around. Throwing shit, pushing each other, making stupid noises to irritate me, walking around, and grabbing theatre equipment and props the drama class was using. I assume you would think I was dealing with middle schoolers and not high school seniors about to go to fucking college. It was ridiculous. I warned them several times that I would write down their names, but again, these were seniors about to graduate, they know an empty threat when they hear one.

After a few minutes they thankfully kind of calmed down, sat down, and took out their phones while just talking. Nobody was working on the assignment, but I was just happy they had shut the hell up. They were still being loud and annoying, but at least they were under control somewhat. Then a girl came in late, threw the door open because she probably likes attention, was loudly laughing and trying to get somebody’s attention, all the while disrupting the relative calm, and on top of it, didn’t even acknowledge me when she walked in, which kind of pissed me off.

I know I’m a substitute, but you can at least pretend to be respectful. The fact that the class had already annoyed me so much probably didn’t help things as far as how I reacted. I yelled loudly if she had a pass, which kind of startled her. I guess she assumed I wouldn’t give a shit, which in her defense, I usually didn’t. Her excuse, which it appeared she was making up on the spot, was that she was taking photos for the yearbook or something. She did have a camera around her neck. Normally, I would just let it slide, but I guess they had already set me off enough that, for whatever reason, I picked this battle to fight. I sternly told her she needed to go and get a pass, or I would write her up. She started to get kind of upset and snapped back that the teacher in charge of the yearbook had a class at that time, so she couldn’t, and that it wasn’t that big of a deal.

I knew she was making shit up and just skipping class, but again for whatever reason, I decided to make an example out of her, and so I had to follow through with it. I told her I was writing her up and she could take it up with Coach Anderson, her normal teacher. A write-up is basically a demerit, not a big deal. If you get three, you get a detention, nine a suspension, etc. This girl did not view it that way. She looked livid. She stared me down the whole time I filled it out and when I gave it to her.

She said something sarcastic under her breath, like, “Can subs even give write-ups?”

The good thing is that the class finally shut the hell up, and some of them even started working on their assignment. Sometimes, you just have to go after one student, make an example out of them, and the rest will fall in line. That’s one thing I learned in my brief career of subbing. So I went back to the TV stand and started reading the news on my laptop.

About 15 minutes later, I could see the same girl taking a picture of me with the camera she had and giggling. I just rolled my eyes, told her to put the camera away, and thought to myself 20 minutes left. Just get through this. Eventually, I noticed that several of the girls and a couple of the guys were all kind of snickering and periodically pointing and looking at me.

I finally asked, “OK, what’s going on, guys? What’s so funny?”

One of the girls said, “Trust me, you don’t wanna know.”

To which the girl I wrote up busted out laughing. At this point, I just decided not to play their stupid games and ignored them. A couple of minutes later, with the giggling still going on, the office dismissed a student over the intercom for a doctor’s appointment. I happened to watch her walk as she walked out and saw her give the small penis sign with her hands while mouthing, “So fucking small.”

I thought it was weird, but I figured it was some inside joke or some nonsense. Stupid immature Shit like this is why I wonder how anybody could be a teacher. After what seemed like an eternity, the bell finally rang and they got up and left just as obnoxiously and loudly as they came. As they barreled through the door, the girl I wrote up looked over at me and said, “Later, little guy.”

At the time, I thought she was referring to my height. I am a modest 5’6”. Around high school students, you’ll get stupid comments from time to time, but my day was over, and I was about to pick up a paycheck, so I said fuck it. It wasn’t until I got home and happened to glance at myself in the mirror before I went to the bathroom that I noticed something really embarrassing about how my outfit looked. I should preface this next part with the fact that at the time, I had just bought a bunch of new clothes since I had been subbing more frequently, and there was a dress code for teachers, basically dress pants or khakis, a dress shirt, and a tie.

Before I started subbing I only had like four dress shirts and a couple pairs of dress pants, so my rotation was getting a little repetitive. So Macy’s had a sale, I had a gift card, and I went to get some new pants. I found this one pair that was nice looking and comfortable. The material almost felt soft, like pajama pants or something, but they looked nice, and I thought they were dressy enough, so I got them. Another thing I should mention is that I wouldn’t say I like shopping. I like to be in and out in 30 minutes and try to be as decisive as possible. Basically, when I see something I like, I’ll try it on to make sure it fits, and that’s about it.

I don’t really take the time to look to see if it looks good with other shirts or whatever. If I like it, I get it, and if it ends up looking bad, I’ll take it back, simple. Another important part of this story, which is why this is even a story to begin with, is the unfortunate reality that I have a bit of a small dick. It’s not that small when I’m hard. I’m a bronze member of the small dick club (OK, not great), but when I’m soft, it’s barely a nub. It is pretty much a button that just kind of pokes out above my balls, which are also kind of small, so I’ve been told.

It’s always been something that I am extremely embarrassed about, to the point where I avoided locker rooms and have always done things wearing underwear under my bathing suit. The reason I bring this up is that had I actually looked to see if it looked OK on me in the dressing room, I might have noticed that because the material was so thin, a light color, and a bit tight, it made a prominent “dick print” as they say, and for me not in a good way.

Flash forward back to after school that day when I got home. As I looked in the mirror in my bathroom, I almost had a heart attack, as I could clearly see the outline of my penis, specifically the little mushroom head that stuck out and just about a half inch of shaft. It basically looked like I was wearing sweatpants, another thing I avoid, but even worse, because it was a little tight. You could even see how they just kind of rested on my proportionally tiny balls. Since I wore boxers, they didn’t really offer much help either. There was no mistaking it. It was so clearly visible that it was almost hard not to notice if you looked.

I was mortified and instantly began to connect the dots. Normally if I were just sitting at a desk all day, I probably would have been fine, but the tv cart thing I used as my desk while standing all damn day was open in the middle, and there was a pretty clear line of sight straight to my goods. Even the lights fucked me, they were theatre lights along with the regular lighting, so it was bright as hell in the room. As I began to put the pieces together, I wanted to crawl into a hole and die.

The giggling, the comment when I asked what was going on, the small penis sign, and of course, her little man remark, it made all made sense now. I was almost angry at myself that I solved this awful mystery so quickly, but it was that obvious looking back on it. When the girl was staring me down in her pissed-off state, she must have noticed my bulge, or lack thereof, and thought of the perfect revenge for embarrassing her.

Teenagers can be pretty awful if you do not already know. She must have pointed it out to everyone via text and then took a picture with her camera. I’m sure she zoomed in as close as she could. I remember her aiming the camera at me for at least several seconds. I tried to turn to see if maybe the outline was something I was just seeing from that specific angle, but it did not make a difference. It wasn’t good no matter how I turned or stood.

I could not know for sure, as I tried to convince myself for the next few days, but a couple of weeks later, my fears were pretty much confirmed. That day, I was subbing for a freshman history teacher, trying not to think about what happened, hoping that maybe their behavior was just a coincidence and nobody noticed anything. That was until I happened to pass by a few girls from that class while looking for the classroom I was supposed to be in. They were just standing and talking in front of some lockers, and I tried to walk past them before they noticed quickly.

As I passed them, I heard one of them say, “Oh shit, that’s the sub with the babydick.”

Even though she was talking lowly, I was close enough that I could make out what she said. They all kind of chuckled and whispered to each other while I pretended to be looking at my phone and walked as fast as I could without it being obvious. It was one of the most humiliating moments of my life. I know substitute teachers aren’t exactly figures of authority, but to be completely emasculated by these high school girls was so demeaning and embarrassing. From that point on, I tried never to sub for any senior classes as I was sure word had spread.


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