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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader takes a girl to pound town, or so he thought…

My buddy and I have been friends since high school. We both graduated college recently. We bonded over video games, but I am more of an athlete, and he’s a total gamer. I’ve got a decent body, and he’s heavier set.

We share a friend group, but each has other circles outside of our shared group, so sometimes we invite each other to parties and gatherings outside of our norm. He invited me over to a party with some of his friends from college, and it was a rager. At some point in the evening, I met this cute girl with an amazing body. She was 5’5″ with a little waist, a big ass, and average boobs that were peeking out of her top. We started talking and we were really hitting it off. I asked for her number so I could take her out one night, and she agreed.

Later, I was telling my buddy about her, and he said they had sex a couple of years ago. I was shocked. She was hot, and I would’ve thought out of my buddy’s league, but it didn’t bother me. He said she was hot, and he remembers it being hot, but they just never made it happen again and kind of forgot about it with their busy college lives.

The date happens. Great dinner. Coffee and drinks afterward. I invited her to my place because I was just so hot for her. We have a hot make-out session. She keeps saying how much she loves my body. We rip each other’s clothes off and continue just absolutely ravaging each other. She sucks me, and I return the favor before absolutely pounding it out. She made cute sex noises. I was hooked.

Definitely thought it went well and that I was going to see her again. She stayed the night and cuddled. When we woke up, I had a raging hard-on. I removed the covers to show her and she giggled and grabbed it. She was stroking me while we made out, and I asked if she wanted to go again. She said, “Sure,” and I assumed she was just tired, but I crawled on top of her and passionately enjoyed some morning sex.

I was so happy the rest of the day. That afternoon, I was thinking about her and got a hard-on again, so I snapped a pic and sent it to her, saying, ‘Just the thought of you gets me going.’ She replied with a ‘kissing’ emoji.

Later that afternoon my buddy texted me asking how the date went. I told him all about it, and he said, “That’s surprising.”

I asked why, and he told me she just snapped him a naughty pic asking how he’s been. I was so pissed! He tried to be a good friend, so he called her out and said didn’t you just fuck my friend last night and this morning? She replied, ‘If you can call it that.’ He asked what she meant, and she sent him the dick pic I sent her earlier. I was so embarrassed.

He said, “Sorry, man. I didn’t realize you were that small.”

I was crushed. I told my buddy I hadn’t had any complaints before. Apparently, she told him not to tell me that she reached out to him and was just so horny after not getting off that she needed his big cock. I told him I didn’t realize he was packing and asked if I could see how much bigger since he saw mine. He sent me a pic (soft), and it was hanging longer than I was hard. And almost 3x the thickness. The dude was hung for a heavy-set guy.

“Damn, dude! It’s not even a competition,” I said, deflated.

To which he replied, “Haha, well, I’m no longer afraid you’re gonna steal my girl 😂”

I felt like such a fool thinking I took her to pound town with my silver member hard-on and that we made love the next morning when she was probably just rolling her eyes as I thrust inside her.


Another reader has a close encounter…

So this really happened. I’m in my twenties, muscular, and a Bronze Member of the small dick club. Soft, it can be one inch when cold or after showering. Anyway, I was at the gym and took a shower after the workout. My locker was around the corner where the toilets were. So I finish my shower and stand there naked for about two to three minutes to check my phone. It wasn’t busy, and I don’t have any problems with people seeing me naked anyway.

Then, a female gym worker came in (to check sth at the toilets, as I found out a couple of moments later) and walked up to where I stood totally naked with my one-inch soft penis. She totally looked at it and said something like, “Oh, my bad.”

I think I heard a little chuckle in her voice as she said that. Then, she proceeded to do her work. I got dressed, and when I walked out, I walked past her and said bye. She said bye, too, and had a big smirk on her face. She is about my age, too. I haven’t seen her since then. So yeah, nothing too spectacular, but still hot, I think. Maybe someone enjoys this. I did, for sure.


Meanwhile, this reader had an interesting sexting session with a girl via a dating app…

I’d met a girl on a dating app. We hadn’t actually met in person yet, but we’d been talking for a little bit. We’d been talking enough that she’d been sending nudes, and we knew we’d be hooking up the first night we went out.

Well, one night, she was insanely horny. Sending all kinds of nudes and telling me how badly she wanted me to fuck her. She was laying it on thick. Then she started in on me. ‘Let me see that big, hard cock,’ and ‘Show me what you’re going to shove down my throat, Daddy.’ The usual, you know.

I played it off and tried to brush her off. But she was persistent as hell. Finally, I had just to tell her. I typed out a message: ‘I would… I’m just not the biggest… 🫣’ I waited forever to send it. Then waited anxiously for her response.

Oh, hush, silly. That doesn’t even matter. It’s more how you use it!

A typical response, right? Every girl says that. She pressured me a little more, and finally, I gave in. I sent her a video of me stroking it. Only using a couple of fingers. If I use my whole hand, it covers it entirely 😅 Again, I waited anxiously. Finally, my phone went off.

So you weren’t lying, lol,’ she texted me.

The ‘lol’ honestly drove me crazy. I replied, but the girl ‘fell asleep’ after that. We had some small talk and scattered messages for a few more days, and then she ghosted me.


While this reader does some skinny dipping in a river…

So once, I went on a run in the morning where I ran along a river for a while. I then came by a place where you could enter the water. It was pretty hot, so I thought it would be nice to take a break and go for a dip. No one was there; I didn’t have clothes for swimming, so I got naked and into the water, which was pretty cold. I got out after some minutes and sat down to dry when suddenly a middle-aged woman (about 55, I guess) came by walking her dog.

She saw me but didn’t really care at first and sat down far enough away from where I was. It was getting warm again, so I decided to go for a second dip before running home. So I got in the water and swam a bit. Then I suddenly saw that the woman had changed her location right to where I had left my pile of clothes.

I don’t really care about nudity, even if I’m a member of the small dick club. It was getting cold. I got out of the water, not covering my one-inch softie, and waited a bit, standing to drip dry cause I didn’t have a towel. I just said hello to the lady, and she greeted me back. And she was looking at my body up and down with a smile, especially when she looked at my tiny penis and my balls. There weren’t any conversations or anything, unfortunately. Just my nudity and this woman smirking at it.


This reader is enjoying the chaste life…

My girlfriend agreed to keep me in chastity and hold my keys. As we were lying in bed one night, she was teasing me in my cage, and we started talking about sex. She made the comment she wanted to be able to make me cum in under a minute. When I asked why, she just shrugged and said because she thinks it’s funny when I cum fast. I then made the mistake of asking what is the benefit if it made me unable to last long enough to make her orgasm.

She then revealed to me that she prefers my fingers much more than my tiny dick. I asked her if that meant she faked all her orgasms during sex. She flat-out told me that the only reason she cums is because she grinds her clit against me, and without that, I could never make her climax during penetrative sex.

I have been replaying the conversation in my head over and over, and it makes me both excited and scared. It has been fun being caged and under her control. I’m undoubtedly going to cum really quick when she lets me out, but I wasn’t expecting her to have ideas like this a week into holding my keys.


Another reader has a moment of realization…

Do you still remember when you realized you were small? I do! I grew up with nudity as taboo. At university was the first time I saw others naked in a nonsexual way. But even then did notice exactly how small I was compared to other guys. There were girlfriends, locker rooms, and streaking that all occurred, and I was just oblivious to it all.

Then, one day, I was looking back on all my naked experiences. How my friends all seemed to be ‘hung,’ and the smirks and comments I got when I was naked—they all just clicked. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I have a tiny dick and am now hard at the humiliation. My head was spinning, and I was throbbing. I read some SPH erotica on this site. I came so hard and fell asleep, accepting my fate—I’m a silver member of the small dick club.


Meanwhile, this reader was getting measured up, and he didn’t know it…

My first girlfriend would do this weird thing with my dick during a handjob where she would put the head in her palm and wrap her fingers down it vertically (they went all the way to the base length-wise) and just kind of stared for a few seconds. Eventually, I found out she was cheating on me with a couple of guys at the same time, and one of them had a reputation for having a pretty big cock. So, I’m pretty sure she was actually measuring me up against them.


While this reader gets an honest review…

Me: “Baby, what do you think about my penis size?”

Girlfriend: “Baby, if I can be honest with you—it’s cute—but it is so tiny.”

Me: “Baby, are you serious?”

Girlfriend: “Baby, I’m giving you an honest review because sometimes I don’t feel your dick inside me. It feels like some small toy rubbing over my pussy.”

Me: “I’m sorry, baby.”

Girlfriend: “Oh, don’t worry. I love you. Maybe sometime I will fuck some big cock friend of yours as your cuck fantasy?”

Me: (Getting rock hard ) “Baby, are you seriously going to do that?”

Girlfriend: “Yeah, my cucky boy. I will make you jerk your tiny dick while watching me get satisfied by a real man with a big cock.”


This reader is left with a conundrum…

At the start of one of my semesters at college, there was a sex education week. They had stalls set up; though I can’t really remember exactly what they were for, a guy did come up to us and ask if we wanted to get tested. We didn’t (pointless for me as a virgin with absolutely zero sexual experiences at that point).

At the main entrance, two girls were standing with bowls of condoms. They were both really attractive. We spoke to them for a little bit. One of my friends was flirting, and then we grabbed some condoms. I just grabbed a handful and ended up with a mixture—a few standard ones, the smaller fitting ones, and then some big ones.

As we went to talk away, the girl grabbed me by the wrist and then took the larger condoms from me, put them back in the bowl, and gave a little bit of a laugh. My friend had done the same, but she didn’t take them from him; we are both similar builds. He’s 6’2”, and I’m 6’4”, and we’re both quite broad. None of my friends really noticed, but I was extremely embarrassed.

I’m not sure how she could tell that I was a member of the small dick club, but even the smaller condoms were far too big for my silver member boner. About a year or so later, I saw my friend’s cock. He was always telling us about whatever girl he was fucking, and this time he had videos to share with us. He must’ve been about eight to nine inches long and really thick—it was freakin huge.

Our size difference immediately turned me on. Still, the other thing that I couldn’t stop thinking about was how that condom girl was able to tell that I was small and that he was hung. I still can’t work it out to this day.


Another reader had a wardrobe malfunction he’ll never forget…

One time, I was staying at a hotel, and there was a male college basketball team staying there, too. I had realized I needed some stuff from the store so I slipped on some old shorts, not wearing anything under them, and a shirt and went out. I bought more than I intended, but I didn’t want to make another trip, so I grabbed all the bags at once and started carrying them in. This was where things went wrong.

The old shorts I had on had started to have the elastic wear out. I didn’t think anything of it, but as I stepped into the lobby, I saw the college team checking in, and that’s when my shorts started sliding down. I tried pulling them back up, but with the bags in my hand, it seemed like the started to slide back down again. I tried just to start booking it to the elevator, and my rush there started to catch their attention.

Right then, my shorts fell, exposing my inch-long softie. Immediately, the college guys all started laughing but then calmed down. As I got to the elevator, my shorts fell again, and I could feel I had started getting hard, growing to my silver member size. The guys laughed again, and as the doors closed.

I could hear one of them say, “Bro, that has got to be the smallest dick I’ve ever seen.”

The next morning as I was leaving, I saw a bunch of the college guys in the lobby again, and all I heard was snickering and saw them staring and making gestures at me. I checked out ASAP.


Meanwhile, this reader had a night he’ll never forget…

There is this sex club on the edge of my town, and it’s not in the best area. Kind of remote and yet sketchy at the same time. But it’s a unique place since consenting adults can have fun with other consenting adults after they fill out some paperwork and sign a release. I’m bisexual and a proud member of the small dick club, so I enjoy going there sometimes to ‘show off’ my little dick to members of both genders and have some fun. I love walking around naked and trying to catch people looking at my tiny dick and smiling, and better yet, having them say something about my size. It gets me so rock hard.

Well, something happened this weekend that was so embarrassing. I couldn’t have even imagined this as a fantasy if I tried. People say ‘truth is stranger than fiction,’ right? Usually, at this sex club, there will be at least one woman who wants to have a ‘gang bang.’ So she will allow a group of men to fuck her.

Anyway, depending on the time of day and what else is going on in the club, this is usually only one woman and maybe four or five guys that take part. But it can be a lot of fun for me since I am always the smallest guy there. Usually, while the woman is being fucked by one guy, the other guys have their cocks out and are rubbing or jerking them to get hard enough to be ‘next in line.’

OK, so I walk into this room, and a gang bang is just getting started. This woman is on her back, and this guy is penetrating her. The woman said everyone would need to wear a condom. That was part of her rules for her gang bang. Three guys had already made their way over there to wait their turn. The guys had stripped down to underwear while I was still wearing a pair of shorts and socks but no shirt. The guys have their cocks out. So I slide my shorts off and pull my small dick and balls out of the fly of my underwear. I am definitely the smallest guy in this group.

Everyone can plainly see that, and it made me immediately rock hard. But no one smirked, smiled, or said anything. I thought maybe the men were just all trying to be nice. Well, I think I am going to be fourth in line since there were three guys in front of me. But after the guy that was fucking the woman when I got there cum, the guy next in line looked over at me and said, “Why don’t you go next, Bro?”

I didn’t know what to think. I thought in that split second, maybe the man got nervous and could tell I was definitely ready since I was so HARD. I didn’t want to overthink it, so I went up to the girl. She smiled at me, but not while looking at my dick. She was looking me right in the eyes. She asked in a nice, softer voice, “Can we do doggy?”

I nodded, and she turned over to get on her hands and knees. I was a little disappointed since she had some gorgeous breasts. They were big and bounced in such a sexy way when the first guy was fucking her. She was also soft and curvy, in just the best way. With doggy, it meant I wouldn’t be able to see her breasts very well. But oh well. I slipped on a condom. Normally, I get a little nervous about a condom staying on, but I was so hard that, thank goodness, there was no issue there.

But here’s what happened. Me and this girl started fucking doggy. And it was great. Felt good, even with the condom. She moaned here and there like she was into it. I fell out of her a few times but didn’t let it bother me. I was getting into it. Plus, these other guys were watching me fuck this girl with my little dick, and they were all getting harder and harder, and I knew they were thinking about me being much smaller than them, which turned me on so damn much.

I even pulled out a few times so they could see my full size (or lack thereof) before thrusting back in. The thing is, I was so in my mind that eventually, I realized we had gone a bit of time, and I wasn’t cumming. I was staying hard, but it was starting to feel like I couldn’t cum. I was trying not to start feeling frustrated, but then I noticed the girl had stopped moaning. It’s like she also realized we had been going quite a long time, and I wasn’t cumming.

And that’s when it happened. In front of those other guys, she said something. Mind you, the first guy came back after cleaning up, so it’s me fucking this girl in front of four guys. And she says, facing the other guys, “Normally, the guys with little babydicks cum right away!”

I heard it plain as day. There was no denying I couldn’t hear what she said. And three of the four guys chuckled while she looked back and smiled at me. It wasn’t an evil smile, it was actually like a sweet and teasing smile. Oh my God, it turned me on so much! At that moment, it’s like my dick swelled up so much I thought I would get stuck at the entrance of her pussy.

I basically immediately pulled out, yanked the condom off, and shot a rope of cum on her back, getting up to her shoulders. I also moaned/yelled while I was cumming, and probably too loud, to be honest, haha. The other guys started blinking quickly with their eyes wide open like they couldn’t believe how much cum came out of my little dick.

I kid you not, the woman then said to me, “Good job, stud,” with a playful smile while winking at me. One guy patted my shoulder while I was wiping off, and another guy started to have his turn.

Later that night, one of the guys that was there recognized me at the area where they sell water and snacks, and bought me a water and protein bar while we talked a bit. He said he was impressed by how I didn’t appear nervous at all and also laughed when he said, “And that cumshot! Who knew those tiny balls had that much cum in them.”

It was definitely the best time I ever had at that club, and I felt like a rockstar that night with my small dick.


Our last reader has to strip in front of two female nurses…

I was hospitalized in a psychiatric facility once. After an hour of being there, they asked to perform a ‘skin check.’ Two African-American nurses take me into the bathroom and ask me to take off my shirt. I abide. They then perform the check and they tell me to put my shirt back on. I put my shirt back on, thinking the skin check is over.

Then, the nurse on the left asked me to drop my pants. I said, “They didn’t give me underwear.”

And she laughs and goes, “Yeah, I know.”

I got very nervous, which made my penis scrunch up until it was as small as it can be (about one inch).

I pull down my pants because I have no choice. The nurse on the left then smirks into her clipboard. They perform the skin check and I’m freed from the bathroom. I felt so embarrassed being forced to show my small penis to two black female nurses. What makes it worse is that for the rest of my hospital stay, I had to interact with these two nurses, knowing that they knew my big secret. Very awkward, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the nurses told the other nurses, too.

*These SPH experiences have been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the stories have remained the same. Erect dick sizes have been edited to be either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Average. The opinions/views expressed in these SPH experiences (and in any comments) are those of the authors and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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