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The Stepmother 1 & 2 Max Swan

  • This ebook contains a re-edited version of the first book: The Stepmother, and the new and concluding story: The Stepmother 2. Words: 43,683

This reader is accidentally exposed to a relative…

So for your information, I have a really huge (SPH) fantasy, so I keep sending my wife my soft dick pic. Once, my wife was at her mom’s house, and she was showing her mom pictures of our last trip, but my wife forgot to hide our personal pics. She clicked me nude, And I was Fully soft in that pic, approximately one inch. My mother-in-law saw that pic and started laughing and said to my wife, “Your husband didn’t grow much down there, did he?”

My wife told me all this, and I was really humiliated and turned on. Now every time we visit her mom’s house, they both tease me about my tiny dick.


Another reader wanted to retreat at his retreat…

Here I was on a weekend retreat. Hooked up with the nerdy girl with a banging body. We walked around and talked, kissed, and touched. So we finally went to her room. We got in her bed. Started to touch each other and got excited. Suddenly, she asked, “Where’s your dick?”

I was mortified and told her, “I’m a grower.”

It grew my very thin Bronze member dick as usual. She came, but I could barely get it hard. The next day the girls were walking by me and calling me ‘Popsicle stick dick.’ Oh, the horror.


Meanwhile, this reader got embarrassed by a tricky question…

About five or so years ago, I was in my room in bed, which is a bit lifted with my wife. In contrast, my wife’s younger brother and our daughter were asleep on the ground, so I decided to remove my pants and underwear so she could fool around with me secretly. Still, when it came time to get up, I hopped out of bed and crouched down to grab my pants. It turned out he was awake and saw everything from under the bed. He looked at me and said, Why is your dick the size of a baby’s?”

I was super embarrassed. I just said, “You don’t know what you saw,” and covered myself and never talked about it again until now.


While this reader saved his marriage by becomming a cuckold…

My wife and I were married for ten years at this point. She’s always put up with my little dick but always teased me, and we had several threesomes with guys that were way bigger than me. But other than that, so far, our relationship has been pretty normal. She was working at a restaurant, and I guess at some point, she and one of the guys working there were pretty close. After a while, she sat me down and said that she was falling for this guy and she wanted us to separate. I took it pretty hard as I already always felt like I wasn’t enough.

Later that night, she accidentally left her phone in the bathroom when I went to take a shower. I heard it beeping from texts, so naturally, I checked it out. It was filled with texts from this guy asking if she had broken it off with me, and he was saying how he couldn’t wait for her to come over so he could rip her clothes off and fuck the shit out of her. He was sending pics of his cock, and it was massive! He even was saying how he couldn’t wait for her to tell him how huge his cock was compared to my pathetic little dick.

I was immediately hard as a rock and had to jerk off. The thought of her getting sprayed by this giant cock has me going crazy, and then, of course, after I came, I went through all the guilt/shame feelings and went a little crazy. Fast forward a little, we had agreed to separate, but at the time, neither of us could really do it, and after all, we still had a relationship and a daughter. We still slept in the same bed, and I saw her naked all the time, and I would be so horny knowing that she would leave and get fucked so hard.

Every once in a while, she would come home, and we would still have sex, and I could tell it wasn’t her first time that night. I found the humiliation of all of this such a turn-on, and I got her to talk about how massive his cock was and how it made her feel. While I was hard in bed, I would jerk off while she told me how much smaller I was compared to her date’s cock. I would cum so quickly.

At one point, quite a few months after this all started, she even brought him home, and we all got drunk and went skinny dipping. His cock was even bigger in person than in pics, and seeing it next to mine made her so horny that she had him fuck her in front of me. I couldn’t even get hard watching them, but I was so turned on.

We eventually got back together, but I always had her keep up the humiliation and teasing, and she’s been with more massive cocks but with my knowledge and blessing this time. I always knew I had a small dick and had many embarrassing stories before getting married and before this all happened, but this event really woke up my fetish or kink for humiliation and cucking.


Big Bertha Ball Breaker! Max Swan

  • Sam loves to swim at the local pool, but he's embarrassed about his small dick when in the changerooms. So he goes in the middle of the night when no one else is around. The only problem is Big Bertha (a butch lesbian) works the night shift as a lifeguard, and she catches Sam jerking off his little dickie in the Lady's change room showers. Oh no, he's in big trouble. Words: 15,950

This reader has an interesting friend…

This girl I know texted me once with, ‘Hey [my name], let me see your tiny dick. You always give off such small-dick energy, so I wanna see it. I wanna see that little dick you hide in your pants. 🤣🤏🦐

I was so humiliated, but I sent her a dick pic anyway because it turned me on, and she laughed. She’s called it a ‘babydick’ ever since. Sometimes, she’s made me show her for real, and she would flick the tip and laugh at me. It’s so hot.


Another reader has some mommy issues…

This happened a few years ago. I got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around my waist. I’m about an inch soft and a Silver Member hard. I didn’t realize that you could see my soft tiny dick through the towel since it pressed tightly against me. I walked into my room and my mom was in there putting my laundry away. She saw me, looked down, and said, “Give that little guy some air so he can grow.”

I was completely embarrassed but turned on. This moment started my kink for SPH.


Meanwhile, this reader needs to meet a sexy shemale…

Nothing surprising, given that when I’m hard, I’m a Bronze Member of the small dick club. I learned that I was small the first time I had sex with my ex-girlfriend. She grabbed my cock under the blanket and exclaimed, “Ah? Seu é pequeno, achava que seria grande ja que voce é alto.” (Oh? Yours is small, I thought it would be big since you are tall).

Luckily she was a small Asian girl, so it still worked out in the missionary position, and thanks to the fact that my dick is thick (Yes, I have a chode). This then made it clear to me why my previous two girlfriends left me after feeling my dick through my pants or seeing it by accident.

So it took until I was 22 years old to discover this. Especially since Im flaccid around 3 to 3.5 inches, so it doesn’t become clear in the shower that I have a small one. Anyway, since my ex-girlfriend said it to me, I got addicted to SPH, Chastity, and Cucking. Sadly, a few months later, when I brought up the idea of chastity, she wasn’t interested at all. Had she been I would have certainly married her.

I ran away a year later because of a number of things, one of them being the constant performance pressure during sex. (I couldn’t stay hard with a condom on, so we always did it raw, which meant I mustn’t cum inside her. So in over a year of sex, she didn’t make me cum a single time since after she came, she was generally too tired.

Nowadays, I always spy on guys’ cocks in the showers, and I learned to enjoy pleasing cock. Sadly I don’t find men attractive, only their big cocks, so dating one is impossible, and I am content with occasionally being the bottom for a hookup. If FUTA’s were real, they would be the ideal partner for me.


While this female reader has a hookup that turns sour…

When I first started to have sex, I met some guys who had really small dicks. I was too nice to say anything in those days so I used to fake it and hope it wouldn’t take long. Never did. I met my husband in my early twenties. He has a nice, solid seven-inch cock. Foreskin rolls back, so it’s great to suck. Knows how to use it, too.

He’s introduced me to the swinging scene, and we spent some wild weekends at sex clubs. There were gangbangs, orgies, threesomes, moresomes, and fucking in front of others. We joined a swingers website, too. There were a lot of time-wasters in the scene, but one guy looked interesting. He owned a flat in the city, and we got an Uber to get us there. There was decent conversation, and I got it on with my husband. In a Stag and Vixen relationship, the husband sorts out any meets.

So, we’re off to this guy’s flat. We get there, very nice. Drinks on arrival, we’re hitting it off, and he’s quite good-looking. Time to play. Hubby gets his cock out, and I’m sucking on it but gesturing to our host to join in. Nope, he’s only interested in watching. No chance, I’m warmed up now and need to be fucked. I get him to stand, and I unbuckle his jeans, pull them down to his knees, then tug at his boxers.

Then, I am face-to-face with a walnut dick!

I was shocked! Sat back and looked at this tiny cock, his stammering apologies and trying to cover up his embarrassment. Then I burst out laughing, such a little thing, it was so funny. I’m pointing at his dicklette and laughing, trying to flick it and laughing, which made him cum! One spurt and the rest just oozed out. He was full of apologies, but I was a bit angry. He never said anything about his walnut dicklette. He was going to pay!

I told him to sit down and watch what a real cock can do! On my knees, my husband gets behind me and slides in. My orgasm is close, and I’m spitting obscenities at this dickless liar who got us here on false pretenses. Oh, I’m cumming, and he cums again, it’s just oozing from his crotch. He keeps trying to get up, but I tell him to sit the fuck down and watch a real man fuck. Hubby can take his time and I came over and over again.

When we finished, he was crying! Begging us not to say anything in verifications. Made him eat my pussy and hubby’s creampie. He couldn’t make me cum orally. He came again as I was verbally abusive about his tiny dick! He keeps buying me gifts from Amazon and wants another meet. That’s how I discovered I love SPH. You little dick guys can cry and cum at the same time. That’s cool.


This reader’s supportive friend is annoying…

I have a friend, Gustavo, who has been my friend since the start of High School. He’s easily my best friend and one of the only people I have carried into every phase of my life. We would spend long nights drinking together in the basement of my parent’s old home when we were younger. We would go outside to smoke cigarettes and, due to regular drinking, became pretty comfortable pissing with each other. I never felt any discomfort about this, and outside of the inherent nature of two men having their genitals, there was never a sexual aspect to this. My dick, on a good day, is two inches soft. Hard—I’m a Bronze Member of the small dick club. Most nights with a winter breeze, though, my soft dick was closer to one inch.

Gustavo doesn’t have an incredibly large dick either, but it doesn’t take a genius to notice his soft dick is more or less the size of mine erect. I would eventually comment on it and just casually discuss the fact that I had a smaller-than-average penis. Anytime it came up, he was so quick to be supportive.

“Dude, your penis isn’t even small,” he’d say, or “Your penis is perfectly fine,” or “That girl you were with this week sounded like she liked it.”

I understood he was trying to be supportive of me and something about my body I couldn’t change. I wasn’t looking for him to humiliate me either. He had really good intentions as a good friend. But it really ended up annoying me, though, because I was saying it matter-of-factly. I was comfortable with being a member of the small dick club. I was upset that he felt like he had to lie about what was right in front of both of us. I know this isn’t much of a story, but it’s just something I thought about today when thinking about our friendship.


Just Like Your Mother! Max Swan

  • Debbie comes to help her dad, Mike, after he's involved in a bad accident and learns the deepest secrets of her family history. Her mother cuckolded him because of his tiny dick! Words: 14,159

Another reader has a hot tub adventure he will never forget…

I wanted to tell this story of what happened a few years ago on a work trip. There was an industry event that the company I work for was attending and I was asked to go and represent along with other people from other parts of the company. I arrive on an overnight flight into Germany, get to my hotel, and run into a co-worker who mentions going to spend some time in the sauna would help with the jet lag.

The hotel we stayed in had a really nice spa setup so I dropped my bags and figured I’d go and check out the spa for an hour. I get to the spa, and the lady at the desk hands me a key to the locker, and I go into the men’s changing room. I noticed these signs in the locker room stating that the spa is textile-free, and I’ve been to many spas before where everyone is naked, so I wasn’t surprised. Besides, it was early in the day, and the spa was empty.

I spent the next few minutes checking out the various areas of the spa and eventually got into this big jacuzzi and relaxed for a few minutes. A little bit of time goes by, and I hear the door to the spa open, and I hear women’s voices speaking English. I had a freakout because I never thought this was a mixed-gender spa. The door to the area I was in was through the men’s locker room, but sure enough, here came these two American women with great bodies chatting with each other. They walk over to the jacuzzi I’m in and get in the water. The women did not adhere to the ‘no textile’ rule, and they had bathing suits on.

I was sitting there trying to stay in as long as possible so they would leave first, but the clock was ticking, and there was no way for me to get out of the water without them seeing me fully naked. I wasn’t sure how they would react. Surely, they would probably be shocked that they have bathing suits on. Just then, I hear some other voices, two men speaking in German. They walk over to the jacuzzi and walk up the stairs, and in full sight, their big cocks just swinging as they get into the water. I glanced over and saw the two women staring and then whispering to each other. The one German guy mentions to the women that they couldn’t wear bathing suits and they got out of the water.

I saw this as my time to make a run for it. The two women turned the corner and left, and I started to get out of the water. I had imagined they left and went back into their locker rooms, but as I got out of the water, they turned the corner and walked toward me, in full view of me naked. I walked past them awkwardly, saying excuse me as I grabbed my towel. I proceeded to the locker room to get changed.

As I was finishing getting dressed, I could hear the two women through on the other side of the wall in their locker room, talking and laughing. I could hear the women say to the other, “Well, that was shocking. I didn’t expect to see that many dicks today.”

They laughed, and the other woman said, “Did you see that American guy? The water must have been cold. My eight-year-old son is the same size, poor man.”

They both giggled and laughed.

The first woman said, “I give him credit for being brave walking around naked with such a small dick. Hopefully, for his sake, he’s a grower. Those other two guys, on the other hand…my-my…now that’s what I call a cock.”

I leave the locker room and get over to the conference, and after an hour or two, I see the two women walk over to our booth wearing our branded shirts. The awkwardness was through the roof. They both saw me and turned red. We chatted but never mentioned a word about the spa.


Meanwhile, this reader is right into the Domme scene…

For about two years now, I’ve had an SPH mistress that I see frequently. She’s my favorite because her attitude and willingness to be mean are unmatched in the moment. Then, she’s one of the coolest people to hang out with afterward. To give a mental image of this babe, hood rat Cuban from Florida (panhandle)/Arkansas, light basically white skin, d cups, the right amount of fat in her ass, tall hourglass figure, and a face similar to Vanessa Sky.

A common thing we do together is that I have her tell me in great detail about all the men she’s had sex with since we’ve last meet. She refuses to touch me and demands I jerk my little dick fast while she tells the story.

If I haven’t cum and her stories are done, we then pull out a suction dildo that’s 8 inches, black, and thick. I’m to stick it on the wall and get it ready for her. After which, I watch her ride it and touch myself while she tells me how small my dick is and that it could never get her or any woman to cum ever, how much other men satisfy her, and then I blow my load. Nowhere near her as there are two rules. One, my tiny dick will never be inside her ever. Two, my cum will never touch her in any way.

The last time we saw each other, she seemed a bit rushed. When I asked her what was up, it was revealed that her friend had driven her to our meet-up spot and that she was waiting. I’d always wanted two women to humiliate me at the same time, so I asked her if she thought her friend would be open to joining us.

A wicked smile formed on her face, and she stated there was a possibility. Opening the door to our meeting spot, she waved her friend in. Her friend was a tall, thick, light-skinned black woman. Her figure was hourglass as well, but more exaggerated. She walked in, swaying her hips the entire way through, catching my gaze unapologetically.

After she was inside, my mistress introduced her friend as Jap. I asked Jap if she’s ever heard of me from our mutual friend. Her deep chocolate eyes stared back into me. “Yes, I’ve heard you’re the shrimp dick whiteboy who jacks off to my friend, telling you about her getting fucked by real men.”

Misty Caught the Train Home! Misty Chikan

  • After being slipped a date rape drug on a Tinder date, poor Misty tries to get home in one piece. Luckily, a nice young man is there to help out on the train, or is that, help himself. Words: 15,565

My dick went hard immediately. Before I could say anything back, my mistress, seeing my dick go hard through my shorts, yanked them down in front of her friend. Jap taking a quick look at my small hard-on begins to laugh.

“Oh my God, Mistress. It really is as small as you’ve said. Holy hell, white boi, I bet you get no pussy when you present that thing,” Jap said.

My mistress decided to chime in. “This is why I don’t let that thing near me. It’s a small, useless dicklette. Best for jacking off and letting real men with big dicks fuck us. NOW START JACKING, YOU FUCKING BABYDICK PERVERT.”

I start to masturbate as the insults keep being hurled at me furiously. After a while, the mistress asked me about the dildo. I go to retrieve it out of my bag. As Jap sees it, she laughs and starts to jeer about why I have that. Calling me secretly gay and insinuating that I use it for my ass at home.

Jap takes the dildo out of my hand and starts slapping it on my face, barking at me to get on my knees. She then holds it to her crotch like it’s attached to her and orders me to suck it. I do so, and the humiliation from the two of them continues. Jap’s even pushed my head deeper into the dildo, forcing me to take more of it than I ever had before.

After only maybe a few minutes, the dildo is pulled away from my mouth, and it’s being slapped on my face. “You useless sissy can’t even suck a plastic dick right. Go move over there!” My mistress commanded.

Jap then proceeded to stick the dildo on the wall near me, got to her knees, and started sucking on it in one of the hottest displays I’ve ever seen. The masterful use of hands, deep throating, and sloppiness I’ve ever seen. It was so hot my mistress was distracted from her normal dirty talk to watch. When Jap was done, she calmly walked to me and spat in my face.

“That’s how you suck a cock, loser.”

At that point, my mistress looked down and noticed my hard dicklette not being stroked. I was ordered to start jacking off as she made her way to the dildo to mount herself on it. As usual, the mistress starts riding the dildo, but Jap comes up next to me and starts whispering in my ear, “Did you like how I sucked that cock?”

I only barely whimpered a yes, all while watching the mistress ride.

“I only blow big cocks like that. You know what I do to small dicklettes like yours?”

I answered with a what, all while trying not to cum so quickly, but the pre-cum was already there.

“I send them home and tell all my girlfriends about that shrimp dick. No way would I let any of my girls near such a small babydick. That’s what you have—a babydick. Do you know you have a babydick white boi?”

I can only nod my head yes. She starts to laugh maniacally.

“You’re so pathetic. Look at you jacking off to mistress riding a fake dick. I bet you wish you were watching her with a real BBC. Fucking pervert whiteboy, Jack off faster!”

It was at this point I could no longer hold it back and released maybe the biggest nut I’ve released in 10 years easily. With everything calming down and winding down, much like my mistress, Jap easily snapped out of the roleplay and was quite pleasant. We ended up all going out to a restaurant and clubbing afterward. I also got Jap’s number because she had so much fun and was willing to do it again.

*These SPH experiences have been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the stories have remained the same. Erect dick sizes have been edited to be either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Average. The opinions/views expressed in these SPH experiences (and in any comments) are those of the authors and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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