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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader had the best summer ever…

I was dating this girl a while ago. Thick Latina with outlandish G-cup boobs and an ass so tight you can bounce a quarter off of it. Early into our relationship, one Saturday morning, we spent our time fucking and watching Netflix naked. After the third time, we lay in bed with each other and watched the TV while she massaged my balls.

“Can I ask something?” she said.

“Of course,” I replied, curious to know what she was thinking about at that moment.

“I’m gonna want to fuck some more soon, but could you maybe do it harder next time?”

“Harder?” I said while still breathing heavily and sweating from putting in maximum effort just moments ago. “I’m going pretty hard already!”

“Yeah,” she said and kind of smirked. “I just need to feel it more, I guess.”

As she said this (I don’t think she realized she did it) but she rolled my little soft dick between two fingers and said, “I don’t know, I think I’m just used to…more.”

Now, I don’t know about you all, but after blowing loads a few times before breakfast, it’s not easy to get hard, but let me tell you, that did it for me, and I was solid in an instant. Obviously, she noticed. And that, kids, is the story about how I started to spend a summer getting my dick hard to the best SPH of my life.


Another reader accidentally exposes himself to some friends…

I went camping with my girlfriend and 2 of her girlfriends. We all shared one tent to save money and space. Whenever we’d have to change, we’d either go in the tent or behind it and honestly, we’d seen each other in our underwear, so we didn’t mind it. One night, we were all getting ready to head to the showers and what we’d do is just take our clothes off and go in just a towel since the bathrooms were near us. So I went into the tent to change into my towel as everyone else was all ready to go.

I stripped down and got naked, but as I was getting my underwear off, I lost my balance and fell towards the opening of the tent and fell out of it. I landed flat on my back, completely naked, and all 3 of them looked over and just saw my little penis sticking up as I lay there. I quickly covered it with my hand as they all laughed (yes, including my girlfriend) and made comments like, “Can’t blame a cold shower for that.” it was humiliating.


Meanwhile, this reader exposes himself to his college roommate…

During my first year of Uni (age 18), I stayed in halls of residence and shared a room with another guy. Our flat was made up of 3 twin rooms and four single rooms with a shared bathroom and lounge/kitchen. You have to realize at this point I was a very skinny, tall, nerdy geek studying business. Never had a girlfriend and was 100% virgin. Yes, I jerked off and watched porn, but I had really only ever kissed a girl a couple of times and no further than that.

My roommate and actually all but one of my housemates were studying sports and fitness. They were the embodiment of all the bullies I’d had at my school and also the image of a ‘man’ that I so desperately wanted to be like. They were all good-looking and muscled in all the right places, looked good in whatever they wore, and were definitely a hit with the ladies.

My roommate and I didn’t socialize much and kept to ourselves. I was pretty shy around him, and I’d change in the showers or when he wasn’t in the room. I wouldn’t say I liked having my top off much anyway. He wasn’t as shy and didn’t wear a shirt most of the time in our room but he’d always have a towel around him putting on his underwear.

As the weeks went on, my roommate used to bring girls to the house. He used to talk to me about how they’d fucked and couldn’t wait to get laid next. To be fair to him, he never brought a girl back to our room as far as I knew, and there was mutual respect between us, and we kept to ourselves. However, we didn’t have much in common, and when he’d been out drinking with his mates, he was different.

Often, he would come back to the room drunk and noisy when I was either still at my computer working or trying to sleep. It pissed me off, and any time I said anything to him about it, he’d say something like, “Just live a bit more, man,” or “It’s not my fault I’m noisy.”

I always wanted to get one up on him, but I usually chickened out on being too loud in the morning when he had a hangover or disturbing him while he was working.

One night I could hear him and his mates come back really late from a night out, like 3 am. I have no idea why I thought to do this, but I decided to prank him when he came back into our room. I’d never done anything like this before in my life. He opened the door and blundered around the room a bit, turning on his bedside light, trying to plug in his phone to charge, etc. I was pretending to be asleep but kept my eyes open just a bit so I could see what was going on. When he was getting changed, I rolled over, still pretending to be asleep, and made the covers come off me. I’d pulled my shorts down so he had a complete view of my dick balls and everything.

I swear I heard him laugh when he turned round and saw me. He said something like, “Woah! Fuck, dude, now I know why you’re so fucking shy about changing in front of me.” He just pulled the covers over me, finished changing and went to bed.

I have no idea what I was expecting him to do or say or why I chose to expose myself to him. Maybe thinking cause he was such a jock, he’d be grossed out by seeing another guy’s dick. Who knows! But for some reason I got a massive thrill out of it. I lay awake (still pretending to be asleep) for ages and got really horny. I really wanted to knock one out but couldn’t for the risk of him still being awake. In the morning, he never said anything about it.

Over the next few days and weeks, it turned me on so much thinking about him seeing my dick that I pulled the stunt a few times more. For some reason, I was desperate to try and engage him in conversation about it, too, but couldn’t ever bring it up as he would have known I was only pretending to be asleep. I tried to raise conversations about it by saying how hot our room was overnight, but he never took the bait.

I tried to up the stakes and get him to say something by shaving all of my pubes off. I didn’t know back then that most guys were probably doing it as well, even outside of porn, but it seemed like the only thing I could do to get his attention. I didn’t have a chance to expose myself again to him for a couple of weeks, so I kept having to keep my pubes shaved.

Eventually, I managed to find an opportunity as he’d gone out with his mates again, and they weren’t back before midnight, so I set up the prank again. This time, I was braver, and when I heard them get back to the house, I pulled my shorts down and threw the covers off so I was exposed as he opened the door. My bed was right opposite the door, so the light coming in from the corridor would have lit me from where he stood.

My heart was pounding as I heard him outside our room, and he turned the key in the lock. As he opened the door, I could see his silhouette, and the light illuminated my shaved dick and balls. He just paused and stood there looking at me. It felt like an hour but was probably only a few seconds. What happened next I had never imagined, but I was stuck, or he would know I was faking it.

He turned and whispered down the corridor. “Guys, he’s done it again while he’s asleep! Come and see!”

At this point, time seemed to freeze. I had never imagined that he’d talk to anyone else about seeing my dick, and I’d never contemplated that he’d get others to come and see too. But I was stuck. Even if I wanted to move I don’t think I could have. I wanted to ask him what he’d told them, but I was still ‘asleep’ so I couldn’t do anything.

I couldn’t really see who the others were as the light was behind them, but there were about 5 of them. As they walked closer I closed my eyes fully so they couldn’t see I was still awake but could still hear what they were saying just about. You need to realize that I didn’t really know I had a small dick at this point. Yeah, I know I didn’t compare to porn stars, but I just sort of assumed I was average. I’d never seen another guy’s dick in real life, and no one had seen mine since I was a child.

This all changed when I heard one of the guys, who I think was one of my housemates, walk over towards me and say, “Jesus, dude, you weren’t kidding. He’s got a tiny dick!”

Followed by someone else saying, “Yeah, that kid can’t be more than 2 inches.”

Then another, “I bet he shaved his pubes to make it look bigger.”

Then the first guy fired back, “That’s the only reason you’ve got a razor. There’s no hair on your chin to shave!”

“Shut up, Dave. (It was my housemate) I’m bigger than he is, and you know I’m a grower. I’m smaller than you, soft, but I’ve got a good inch on you when you’re hard!”

My head was trying to process all of what I’d just heard. Did they really think my dick was tiny? Is a two-inch softie considered small? It was bigger when I was hard, and surely that’s what counts. Had they all seen each other hard?

Then my roommate said, “Leave him alone. He’s probably a grower, too, like you, Luke. He could have us all beat when he’s hard. I’ve only ever seen it like this; just cover him up, and let’s get out of here. Forget that I ever told you about his little dick.”

Someone else replied, whose voice I didn’t recognize, said, “No way he’s getting to be bigger than you 8 inches from that tiny nubbin. I bet he’s no more than five inches hard!”

“You’re on. I’ll take that bet. I bet it gets to six.”

To which he replied, “Seriously, you’re going to bet on that tiny little thing being three times the size hard? OK, deal. What’s your wager?”

“Fifty pounds that his boner is no bigger than mine when I’m soft!”

At this point, all I could think about was how I could pretend to wake up and make it all stop. This wasn’t what I had planned, and now they were betting on how big or rather small my hard dick was. I had no idea what to do or how to react as if I’d been asleep, so it was probably better that I just stayed pretending to be asleep. My heart was racing, and I just wanted to die. I pretended to roll from my side onto my back and pulled the covers over my dick.

At this point, my roommate chipped in and said, “Look, he’s covered up now, so you’re never going to know. Just call it a night, and let’s go to bed.”

Part of me felt a new connection with him as he was trying to stand up for and protect me. They all left the room, and I thought that was the end of it. I pulled up my shorts and went to sleep. I wasn’t aware of when my roommate went to bed, as I must have been asleep.

In the morning I made sure I was up and out before any of the others as I didn’t want to face any of them.

Over the next few days, I came to the realization that I didn’t have an average-sized dick, and it was pretty tiny, but somehow that also turned me on, and despite being straight, I wanted to see what my housemates had in their shorts and who it was who was eight inches.

It was also making me horny that some of my flatmates and some other guys had seen my shaved dick, and I didn’t even know who they were. They definitely told other people around Uni, too, cause I could see people pointing and whispering sometimes. It was very embarrassing knowing that everyone knew I had a small dick, but also a real turn-on, particularly my housemates. Especially as they didn’t know I knew that they knew if that makes sense.

They’d make small dick jokes around me and talk about how they fucked their girls and made them beg to stop cause their dicks were hurting them too much. I didn’t know it then, but it was the start of my SPH kink.


While this reader makes friends with a basketball team…

One time, I was at a hotel, and I was carrying my bags through the lobby. At the time, there was a men’s college basketball team checking in. My hands were full and, because I was traveling, I wore some old shorts to be comfy. My mistake was not wearing underwear that day because as I was walking in, my shorts fell in front of all the guys, exposing my inch-long flaccid dick. The guys busted out laughing. When I was checking out the next day, a bunch of the team was in the lobby, and they started giggling again. As I walked out, one of them said, “See ya, little guy.”


This reader’s girlfriend turns his babydick into art…

My girlfriend was an art major at university, and she had to draw portraits for an assignment of hers. For a bit of context, she’s also really into SPH, and we engage in it a lot, so when she asked me to model for her, I was more than on board. She wanted a picture of me since it would take a while to draw, and I tend to fidget after a minute or two of doing nothing, so I was on board. However, while setting up my camera, I got the idea to make my penis even smaller by rubbing ice cubes against it.

Small would be an understatement. She calls my penis a dicklette whenever she sees it, but once I sent her the picture of myself, she referred to it as a clitlette due to its minuscule size. What I thought would happen was that the only person to see it besides my girlfriend would be her teacher. For a bit of context, her teacher was a woman in her early 40s with black hair and a stacked body, a truly gorgeous woman with a witty sense of humor. Since I had been dating my girlfriend for a little over two years at the time, I’d met her a handful of times beforehand and figured she would make a few jokes about my lack of size.

What I didn’t know was that it would be a small exhibit for the class to get together and show off their art. Of course, partners of the artist were allowed to come as well, so imagine my shock as I came in and saw the artistic nudes of multiple people in the room. Each artist had a section, so my girlfriend and I went to her art, and sure enough, there were her drawings. One of hers with her brown bush and B cups on display and the one of my ‘clitlette’ out prominently. I got plenty of comments about it all night and was even asked to pose next to it for a picture. I was rock-hard the whole time.


Another reader chickened out when his true size was revealed…

I’m gay, and I was 19 the first time I hooked up with a guy who was 25. When we were chatting, I told him I was seven inches when, in fact, mine is considerably smaller. I figured everyone exaggerated about their size as it seemed like all of my friends were constantly bragging about being big. He said he was seven inches also, but I doubted he was. When I got to his place, we took our clothes off. It quickly became apparent our size difference as his cock looked gigantic next to my silver member’s little boner.

He started to laugh and said, “You lied about your size. You have a tiny dick.”

I was so embarrassed that I said I was too nervous and left.


Meanwhile, this reader’s dick pic failed…

My girlfriend got random dick picks all the time. One in particular, she said, was unimpressive and small and said she should just message the loser back, laughing at it. Then, a bit later, she commented about how that small and unimpressive dick pic looked exactly like my dick and asked if I had sent it. It’s true, it was mine. She connected the dots after she said it but didn’t try to defend herself. She just laughed at me.


While this reader played strip poker and lost…

Many years ago, my best friend at the time, let’s call him John, used to hang out with a girl best friend, Jane. All three of us spent a lot of time with each other and it was inevitable that we would become close, and certainly both of us wanted to get together with her. We talked about most things, our girlfriends and her boyfriends, and occasionally, the conversation would lead to talking about sex. Jane made it clear that even though she wasn’t yet 20, she had seen and felt a few cocks, and she liked large ones.

One day when we were in her attic bedroom, we were messing around, playing strip poker as her parents were out. John was an athlete, did weights, and had a pretty toned, fit body. I, on the other hand, was a long-distance runner and hence had a smaller and skinnier frame. Jane was also an athlete, with size B tits and a nice pert butt.

The poker was fun, and we were soon down to our underwear. And it was clear that in the next round, we were going to start revealing body parts that neither of us had seen before. Both John and I were already shifting our stiffening cocks, trying to get comfortable. At this point, I did realize that he was a lot bigger than me.

Jane lost the round, and off came her bra, and her nipples were starting to harden. We were all laughing and agreed to face away from each other, remove our pants, and, on a count of 3, turn around.

We did this, and in turning around I was shocked. John was easily twice my size in length and girth. Jane started to laugh uncontrollably, grabbing John’s cock in one hand and then pinching mine between her thumb and forefinger, and the laughter was overcome by shock at how much the size differed.

In the end, she let go of mine, made a “yuk” sound, and told me to put it away. She ogled John’s cock and asked if she could kiss it and suck it. She then proceeded to tell me how enjoyable this big cock was and carried on stroking and sucking it. By this time, I was sitting on the bed watching intently and felt myself getting harder again after the humiliation and started softening my dick.

John was close to cumming, and Jane said she wasn’t going to swallow but said we could both cum on a tit each. I needed no hesitation. I stormed my dick furiously while she carried on sucking until we both came on a tit each.

The final humiliation was that my amount of semen wasn’t much, while John came in ropes and ropes and ropes.

After this, they would always remind me of that day, and they also started dating.


This reader has a fun moment with a girl he dated…

I was dating a girl named Valerie. She was 5’2″, small-waisted with beautiful thick hips and a bubble butt. Things moved very slowly with her, lots of making out and touching, but she always kept her hands above my waist. For months, I was frustrated to no end.

Until one day I got to go away camping with her family. We snuck off at night to fool around. We lay a blanket down and started kissing and touching. I was so damn horny and frustrated. I was on my back, and she was at my side, kind of sitting up. She had her shirt off with nice C-cup tits nicely, filling out her bra close to my face. She noticed the tent in my sweatpants. She grabbed the waistband and underwear and slowly pulled them down just past my penis and balls. My erect dick sprang straight up to attention. I was rock hard.

Without touching it, she stared at it for a second or two and let out a muffled giggle and smile. I didn’t think anything of it. She grabbed my penis and very slowly and softly started stroking me. The tip of my penis just barely poked out the top of her tiny hands. It felt so good. I felt the pressure building instantly and was desperately trying to hold back the urge to cum.

While still stroking, she asks with playful laughter in her voice, “Is that as big as it gets?”

At the exact moment, she asked, I blew my load. She kept lightly stroking while she turned her head away and started giggling. Her tits are still in the eye line as I watch them jiggle with her laughter. I was in bliss and humiliated simultaneously.


Another reader shares some experiences from school…

Today, I’m a silver member of the small dick club when hard, but when I was in school, I was much smaller. I remember once in school when I used the urinal for the first time. It was like a metal trough without partitions. A guy my age came up to me, pulled out his penis, and started peeing. I was looking straight ahead, trying to finish, when he asked me: “Why don’t you have a dick?”

Without reacting, I looked down and saw the clear difference between us. While he had about three soft inches, I only had one soft inch. I’d say even when hard, I didn’t measure up to that guy when he was soft. I just zipped up, washed my hands, and left without saying anything. That was the first time I realized I had a smaller penis than the other guys.

My second story was also in a bathroom, but this time I didn’t dare to use the urinal, which made some classmates tease me and joke that I must have a small penis. One day, after gym class, I was changing in the closed bathroom when I heard laughter. Looking up, I realized that the guys from my classroom were peeking over the bathroom divider, seeing my now two soft inches, completely exposed and shrunken penis due to the exercises.

They started making jokes and mocking me. One of them even lowered his pants to show off his member, which seemed giant compared to mine. After that incident, my nickname became Feijão (Bean) because they said my penis looked like a small bean. Nowadays, I actually enjoy the feeling of being humiliated and even find pleasure in it.


*These SPH experiences have been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the stories have remained the same. Erect dick sizes have been edited to be either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Average. The opinions/views expressed in these SPH experiences (and in any comments) are those of the authors and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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