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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader discovered a friend had been lying…

Four of us were hanging out: Adrian, Bruce, Cathy (lesbian female), and me. Bruce had a brother, and they both claimed (bragged more like it) to be packing big dicks to the point Bruce’s brother’s nickname for a bit was ‘Magnum’ (the famous big condom). We decided to leave probably to get alcohol, or they wanted drugs or something, pretty sure we’d been drinking already. Bruce said he had to pee, and I told him he could go inside or to a dark area of the yard. He says no, he’s got it, and we all just walk to the car, not paying attention to what he’s doing or where he’s going.

Adrian, Cathy and I climbed into my car. I started my car and put it in reverse, and there he was behind the car, whipping it out (we saw it on the rearview camera screen in the car). The dude was dead ass, like 2 inches long and thicker than a pinky finger but not as thick as other fingers. Like 1/3 of the length was foreskin. Remember, this was the guy always boasting to us about his big cock.

Cathy instantly and loudly goes, “Ewwwww!”

Then Adrian, Cathy, and I started laughing so hard—the poor guy. Bruce finished peeing and got into the car, not realizing what was going on. We told him we all saw his tiny dick through the rearview camera. We were all still laughing, and Bruce saw the rearview camera was still on his face went bright red. Adrian told him, “I better not hear you claiming you have a big dick ever again, shrimpy.”

I felt a bit bad for Bruce. Mine soft is probably significantly bigger than his hard. It Just goes to show it doesn’t pay to lie about your size because it always comes out in the end.


Another reader is worried about people overhearing his girl talk about his secret…

So my girlfriend and I were in Italy for a holiday, and like all art enthusiasts, we were talking about the sculptures and paintings and what not. At one point, I mentioned, “And see how all the male works have them nude with tiny penises.”

To that, she goes, “It’s not as if you’re any bigger.”

She said it so casually that I was taken aback. Like a sulking child, I said, “Of course, mine is bigger!” (In reality, I’m not, actually.)

And she replies, “It’s OK. In ancient Rome, you’d have been considered beautiful with yours.”

At this point, some teen girls walked by, and I was sure they heard it as they were giggling and saying something in Italian (I would have died if I understood Italian.)

Later, during lunch, I confronted her, “Those teen girls definitely heard you claim that I was small.”

She apologetically said, “Babe, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean it. It’s no big deal. I’m a petite girl, and you fit in with me just nicely. Really, I didn’t think it’d affect you this much. I’m sorry.”

I love her to bits, but I was just so embarrassed that she was so casual about it. It wasn’t a crowded area, but somehow, some girls still heard her comments. 😟


Meanwhile, this reader is a karaoke hit…

Last weekend, I went to a small party at a friend’s house. We all knew we were getting very drunk, and there were six of us, so we all made plans to stay over for the night. When I got there, I changed into my comfier shorts, which admittedly have a looser waistband, but I didn’t think much of it. Then we got to drinking…

The next morning, I woke up not remembering very much and headed into the kitchen. The first thing I heard was my friend John say, “Hey, little guy.”

That caught me off guard as I’m 6’4, but I just said hey back. Then I asked what happened during the party. And everyone busts up laughing. They showed me a photo of me doing drunken karaoke with my shorts at my ankles. I blushed really big and apologized, and they said my shorts repeatedly fell the drunker I got until I just ended up walking around in my Spider-Man briefs for the rest of the night.

I said, “Well, it can’t get much worse than that,” and then they laughed again.

This is when my friend John said, “Well, not exactly.” And he raised his pinky, making everyone laugh. John went on to say with a devilish smile, “I couldn’t help but notice you had a pretty tiny bulge in those underoos, so I tested my theory.”

My heart dropped. They then showed me a video of John coming up behind me during another karaoke song and yanking my briefs down. Because I was basically blackout drunk, it took a long time for me to pull my briefs up, so all 5 of my friends got a long look at my one-inch soft penis. The video ended before I could see myself pulling my briefs up. Everyone laughed again at me.

I said, “Hey, I’m a grower!”

John then said, “According to what we saw, not very much, little guy. What are you (a gold member of the small dick club) hard?”

And everyone laughed. Apparently, I had gotten hard after he pantsed me. They saw everything. They never told me how long I was basically naked in front of them, but my name in our group chat has now been changed to ‘Acorn.’ It’s going to be a while before I can live that down. If ever.


While this reader shows it off to his buddy’s girlfriend…

My best friend and I lived together for a good amount of time. We’d known each other forever and were always pretty comfortable with each other, so much so that we’d seen each other naked plenty of times. It was just easier and less annoying for us to see each other naked. We both like being naked now and then, especially at home, and we prefer just going to the bathroom naked to shower or get ready for bed. My friend and I also bonded over our shared love of SPH, as we both were rather small when we were soft.

His girlfriend often stayed the night each weekend, and usually, I knew when she did, so I would be careful with being naked in front of her. It’s not that either of them said anything; I just didn’t know how she’d react. In fairness, my friend would still be naked going to the bathroom, and all that, and she didn’t hide her expressions or comments at his small wiener, so I figured she was into SPH. And she even got comfortable enough to do the same and would be naked there. One night, she just took the first leap of faith and came out to the kitchen naked, telling us she was going to shower. It caught me very off guard, but I loved it, and it kept going.

So, one evening, I was going to take a shower and was prepping my clothes to change in the bathroom. I stopped myself and said this was going to be the night I just stayed naked and let her see my dick. So I undressed and looked out my room and no one was there so I just went and showered. As I finished I dried off and could hear them in the kitchen right where I’d be walking. I took a deep breath and opened the door and went for it. At first, it caught them off guard, and my buddy said, “About time!”

She looked down at my dick and giggled and said, “Oh wow, you guys really are both little dick boys,” and laughed as I stood there, and I got a little hard. She noticed and said, “Oh, fun, you also like SPH, don’t you, little guy.”

I said I do. From then on, there was a lot of nudity in the household and a lot of fun experiences.


This reader admits his shortcomings to his cousin…

Once, I was talking with my female cousin on the phone, and we used to talk a lot about about college life. At that time, she was a medical student, so she used to tell me how, sometimes, in the lab, they had to examine bodies, including penises. So that type of thing she used to tell me. So once, she told me about how they were in an examining room where the doctor was showing them a hernia patient. She revealed that the patient got an erection, and it was around 5 inches, maybe, but lower than average.

I, being a loudmouth, told her that five inches is pretty big for a dick. But I stopped realizing I may be outing myself as a member of the small dick club and changed the topic. I asked her, “What do they do when a patient gets an erection in front of students and all.”

“We generally ignore it. Sometimes men can’t help it,” she said. “But do you really think five inches is big for a dick?”

“It’s bigger than mine,” I admitted.

I told her I’m a silver member of the small dick club. There was total silence for some seconds, but she didn’t say anything to make fun of me. She then just changed the topic to other stuff. But at that time, I had a full boner, and I wanted her to say more, but she didn’t. I also didn’t want to make it awkward, so I didn’t bring up the topic again. Although I jerked later thinking about getting examined by her infront of her class.


Another reader’s wife pushes him beyond his boundaries…

My wife and I enjoy the dominant wife/submissive husband dynamic a lot. And the more we explore, the more comfortable she gets. At first, she was shy, but now, it just feels organic and natural. She has really come to enjoy chastity and erotic humiliation, as well as mild CBT. One thing I like doing is sharing my detailed fantasies with her. But I tend to put things in them that would truly humiliate me and test my limits because they bring the excitement factor extremely high. (Admittedly, a lot of the things I figured would be too much for her and they would stay fantasies) 😂😂

While I really enjoy the erotic humiliation we engage in, like me wearing panties and small penis humiliation, I never thought it would evolve into where we are now! At first, it felt like she was just going along with it all to appease me, but not anymore. She has mentioned several times about getting rid of my boxer briefs altogether, going so far as hiding them from me for a few weeks, so I have to wear panties. Plus, I believe her 100% when she tells me how tiny my penis is. And fuck does that make it so much more intense and fun! Recently, she measured me while hard to prove she wasn’t ‘just playing the part,’ then she had me google the true medical definition of a micropenis.

She said, “Three inches (or less) fully hard is a micropenis.” As the humiliation grew, she had me locked up in chastity.

But the other night, she caught me by surprise and took it to a whole different level. We had some friends coming over that night, and while cleaning up, we started talking shit back and forth. Once our friends came over, she sent a text message that said, ‘Lock up your tiny little weenie and put on your panties I laid out for you.’

When I looked at her, I saw she wasn’t playing around. I went to the bathroom, did as she said, and returned. She managed to check that I did without anyone noticing, and our night continued. After a few drinks, my buddy and I went outside for a little bit, and when we came back inside, my wife and his wife were laughing hysterically, and it seemed to intensify when they looked at me.

I said, “What’s so funny?”

My buddy’s wife said, “Just laughing about small stuff!”

My heart sank as my mind ran wild until I convinced myself that my wife didn’t say anything. About 30 minutes and a few more drinks later, my wife leaned over and whispered to me that they were laughing because she ‘accidentally’ told her friend how small I was.

I said, “No, you didn’t? Tell me you’re playing, please!”

So she says, at full volume, “Hey Sam, what did I tell you earlier?”

Her friend immediately started laughing and said, “You have a micropenis! It’s around three inches when you’re hard, and sometimes it becomes an innie when you’re soft.”

I felt my face turn bright red as the room erupted, and my wife said, “I told you.”

The topic for the next few minutes was obviously about what was just said with my wife revealing that one nickname she uses for me is TinyTim. When I tried to change the topic of discussion, my wife smacked me in the balls and shut me up. Her dominant side was now on full display in front of our friends, and she knew how excited I was getting. She asked if anyone needed anything and sent me to go get everyone another drink. As I walked into the kitchen, I heard her explaining our dynamic and how she’s a dominant wife with a submissive husband. When I returned, before I could get everyone their drinks, my wife PANTSED me! All the way down to my ankles. Laughter erupted again as my pink lacy panties were on display.

I heard my wife say, “This key around my neck is the one that goes to the little cage he’s locked in!”

They both start staring and notice the outline. I pulled my shorts up and sat back down, beyond humiliated. My wife and friends are still laughing. When the conversation started again, my friends tried to ease my humiliation by saying they thought it was cool and interesting that we were exploring and expanding our sex life. They asked us questions about our playing and all that stuff.

After they left, I said to my wife, “I thought that was a hard limit not to involve anyone but us, especially people we know?”

She said, “Yeah, but you always say how you want to push the limits and want me to go past your boundaries. I did inform her about what I was planning and made sure it was OK.”


Meanwhile, this reader had a threesome…

I ended up having a threesome with the general manager and a team leader from my local pub. It all started at the pub, so I went to the pub with a couple of friends, and then I locked eyes with the team leader, Lucy, and the general manager, Chloe. I spoke to Lucy, and she was interested in trying out a threesome, so I said, “Yeah, let’s do it.”

She then spoke to Chloe and told me to meet them out the back. So I went out to the back and waited for them. Eventually, we arrived at Chloe’s place, and they both started to tease me, and they both had dark hair both have big tits, and big bums as well. They both stripped off and then they started to strip me. They then got me into my boxers, and they were teasing me. Then they took my dick out and started to laugh.

Lucy asked, “Is your little guy hard?”

I said, “Yes,”

I’m 2.5” soft and hard—I’m a bronze member of the small dick club.

Chloe said, “Come closer to us so we can suck you off.”

I moved closer, only to find that they both had their phones out, and then they took pictures of my hard dick. We did fool around and I thought it all went OK.

The next day, I went back to my local pub to only get told to meet Lucy and Chloe around back. I went there to find eight women there with them, and they all laughed at me and called me shrimp dick and showed all the signs that they knew I was a member of the small dick club. Now, every time I see any of them, they always make signs like 🤏 that and hold their pinkies up at me.


While this reader wasn’t overreacting to his shitty girlfriend’s actions…

Alright, so I’m a gold member of the small dick club. I’m 20, and my girlfriend is 22 Latina, but let’s get into what happened. I’m not that into SPH yet, but I’m kind of getting there. Basically, my girlfriend and I went to one of her friends who lives alone. She has a pretty fancy house with a garden and a pool. When we got there, her other friend arrived like 25 minutes later. We were mainly hanging out so we could jump in the pool with each other and have some fun. We were just chilling on the chairs in the garden until we all decided to jump in.

We had a lot of fun throwing a ball she had to each other and joking around, but eventually, both of her friends got tired and they went out and sat on the chairs in front of us. Leaving me and my girlfriend in, we stayed in the pool for a good 20 minutes more until I decided to get out and here is where the most embarrassing moment in my life happened. You know the thing you hold onto that you climb while getting out of the pool?

I climbed out, and my girlfriend, just out of nowhere, yanked my trunks down super fast and hard, exposing my shaftless micropenis right in front of her friends, who are not only Latinas but are extremely gorgeous. They had huge tits and were wearing bikinis while pointing at my microdick with their mouths wide open laughing harder than any laugh I have ever heard. I was in complete shock that I didn’t even cover my penis. I just looked down slowly at it to see what view they were getting of me. While they were laughing they then clapped for some reason.

Then one of them said, “You were right. He is very tiny, haha,” which meant that my girl had already told them.

Eventually, I pulled my trunks back up and tried to play it cool even though I was extremely embarrassed and humiliated. We then had lunch, and then my girlfriend and I left. We argued in the car cause I didn’t consent to what she did, and then she said that I was just overreacting. I’ll never forget that for the rest of my life.


This reader got a ride home during a rainstorm…

I usually go to the gym, but if I am in a pinch, I will run near my house. I often run 5 miles or more and can be over 2 miles from home at the furthest point. I needed to fit in a quick workout, so I decided to risk a run even though it looked like rain. Well, sure enough, it doesn’t just rain, but there’s a severe thunderstorm, and I’m 2 miles from home. I try to run, but it’s too wet and slippery. I start walking, and about 1.5 miles from home, an older woman (50+) stops and says, “Let me give you a ride.”

I turned and didn’t notice, but my shorts were drenched and stuck to me like a suction cup to my body. My dick isn’t big to start, and the running and cold rain made it an acorn poking out. To make it worse, I was wearing white shorts and no underpants, so my shorts were practically see-through by this point.

I told her, “Thanks, but I’m OK.”

She insisted, saying, “You’re soaking wet and very cold.” She then glanced at my crotch with a wry smile and said, “And I don’t think you want to be out here showing off your tiny dick.”

I hung my head in shame and got a ride home.


Another reader gets graded by his wife…

Since the beginning, my relationship (and my marriage now) was sexually very poor. Before meeting her, I had only two sexual partners (my wife had six). Unfortunately (for me), her first partner was really well-endowed (4 inches more than me in length!), but for my wife, all this was a problem.

She often told me, “A big cock turns me on visually, but more often than not, it’s useless and often painful, too. Penis size doesn’t matter, don’t worry.”

However, during these years, she never reached orgasm through PIV sex with me, only with clitoral stimulation and oral sex. Some years ago, she confessed to being sexually an unsatisfied woman.

I said to her, “OK, but you reach orgasm when I perform oral sex on you, and you told me you don’t love deep penetration.”

“You’re wrong,” she said one day. “Women get a more satisfying orgasm with cervical stimulation.”

“But you told me many times that it wasn’t pleasurable at all?”

“Yes, I hated having my cervix being pounded, but I loved the rubbing of the cock against that spot. It’s totally different to a clitoral orgasm. It’s better.”

“So, the truth finally comes out after all these years,” I said. “Penis size does matter then.”

“I don’t need a huge cock to achieve this kind of orgasm, but maybe seven inches at a minimum. However, I do admit that out of all the men I’ve had sex with in my life, you’re the only one who couldn’t give me that kind of orgasm cos your dick is too small.”

“Then why did you marry me?” I asked.

“I fell in love with you. Honey, there’s more to a marriage than having sex, and in all other departments, you get an ‘A+’ as a husband. But as a lover, I give you a ‘D.’ And it’s a little ‘d’ at that.”


Meanwhile, this reader needs a snugfit condom…

So, I had a girlfriend I had to fuck with condoms, and two times the condom slipped off inside her. I was using average-sized ones. The first time, she reassured me it happens sometimes. The second time she got pissed off and told me to get the condom out of her. I was not only utterly humiliated but the way she said it made me feel like a total loser. I wasn’t into being humiliated at that time. Anyway, after I got it out, she told me to buy small condoms next time.


While this reader doesn’t get any Christian charity from this girl…

I was on a date with a girl I wanted to be with (a church girl), and one thing led to another, and she showed me her tits and then told me to pull my dick out for her. I dropped my shorts, and she immediately began laughing at my shrimp dick.

She said, “I didn’t think you were that small.”

I still had sex with her, but I couldn’t even keep it hard after she laughed at my manhood. Since then, I’ve sent her videos of me cumming caged, and she just laughs, which makes me cum even more. 🤏😅


*These SPH experiences have been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the stories have remained the same. Erect dick sizes have been edited to be either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Average. The opinions/views expressed in these SPH experiences (and in any comments) are those of the authors and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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