Discovering SPH

By UniquelySquare.

Matt was at work when my plane landed, so I took a ride-share home. After arriving home, I dumped my bag on the bed and decided to get a run and shower before meeting Matt for dinner. I pulled the running clothes from Vegas out of my bag because it was my favorite sports bra. I blushed as I saw dried cum from the old man in the park on the liner of the shorts. I almost changed shorts, but the thought of running with his cum against me excited me. I bit my lip, blushing even more as I headed out for my run.

After returning from a nice 8-mile run, I stood in front of the sliding glass door, stretching, staring at the trees, wondering, “Was my voyeur there watching?” I tugged my bra off, tossing it on the couch.

I stood in front of the window, stretching my quads, my back arching as I pulled up on my leg. I looked down at my breasts and smiled a bit as I saw that my nipples were completely hard.

I studied the trees as I stretched, hoping to see signs of movement. After stretching my quads, I pulled my shorts down and stepped out of them. I decided to give my voyeur a show, that is, if he was out there, and turned around, but toward the window, and then bent over, stretching my hamstrings. The thought of my pussy being on display as I bent over like that got me really wet.

After stretching, I stood in the doorway, legs spread, and played with my pussy, staring out at the trees. Wondering. Rubbing. Pushing two fingers in. Groaning. Staring at the trees while I figured myself hard. I had no indication my voyeur was there, but just the thought of them watching me pushed me over the edge, and I came quickly, crying out.

I stood there panting, trying to catch my breath, staring at the trees. After a few minutes, I slid my fingers out, picked up my clothes, and went to take a shower before dinner with Matt.

For dinner, Matt took me to a nice restaurant, followed by a performance by the campus theatre group. Dinner was very good, and it was wonderful to be back with Matt. During dinner, I was so nervous as I tried to decide how much to tell Matt. He seemed to sense it and told me quite bluntly that he didn’t want to know what happened, that, as they say, ‘What happened in Vegas stays in Vegas,’ and that he really didn’t want to know.

After dinner, we had a wonderful time at the play before going back to Matt’s apartment. Thankfully, his roommates were out when we got there. His lips found mine as soon as the door shut behind us. We managed to make it to the couch, where I pushed Matt down onto his back. I pulled my dress over my head and tossed it aside, leaving me in my lacy red bra and panties. I straddled him, looking down at him as I groaned softly.

“I missed you so much, Matt.”

His hands moved to be breasts, grasping them, squeezing. I ground against him and then reached down, unzipping his pants. I hurried down, pulling his pants down with me. I licked my lips, staring at his cock. It was so small! That thought flooded my brain. He was hard, but he was still a lot smaller than the stripper was soft.

I licked along the length of his cock playfully, looking up into his eyes. I heard him moan as my lips parted a little bit and slipped over the tip of his cock. I suppressed a giggle as I felt how small he felt. I slipped down, taking his entire cock into my mouth. It didn’t even hit my throat. Until this past weekend, I hadn’t fully realized just how small he was.

I slipped up off his cock, licking slowly over it again, staring up into his eyes. I whispered, “Want me to suck you off, or do you want me to ride it?”

Matt blushed as he replied, “Whatever you prefer.”

I giggled a bit, stood up next to the couch, and pulled my underwear down. Stepping out of them, I quickly took my bra off before climbing onto Matt. I guided his tiny penis into me as I pushed down onto it. I rocked a bit, trying to tell if it was in. I couldn’t really feel it.

As I rocked, Matt groaned deeply. “Like that little guy?” I asked playfully.

Matt stared up at me, responding, “Oh, April, yes, you feel so amazing.”

I grinned down at him and rocked my hips, enjoying seeing him squirming under me even though I could hardly feel him. I reached down and started to rub my clit as I rocked on him riding him. He reached up and caressed my breasts, circling my nipples and playing with them.

As I rode Matt’s tiny little dick, I couldn’t help but think about how it didn’t fill me, didn’t complete me like a big cock. I was really worried that now that I had experienced a big cock, Matt wouldn’t be able to please. I rubbed my clit harder, trying to push myself over the edge. Just then, Matt cried out loudly, “Oh, April!” and then grunted, cumming inside me.

He hadn’t lasted long.

I laid down on top of him, kissing him, feeling him soften and slip out of me. Matt murmured, “You didn’t cum. Straddle me. Facesit me. Let me lick my cum out of you and please you.”

I quickly slid up to straddle his face and lowered my pussy to his lips, a bit of cum dripping out and landing on his lips as I positioned myself. I whispered softly, “You don’t have to, Matt.” He pushed his tongue out and licked provocatively slowly along my lips, tasting me, tasting his cum. I almost hissed, “Oh, Matt.”

He started to lick and suck in earnest, pushing me open, thrusting his tongue into me, fucking me with his tongue. His hands squeezed and caressed my breasts as I rocked on his mouth. His tongue slid out, and his lips closed over my clit, sucking at it. Oh fuck, he knew how to get me off, even if his dick was tiny.

I didn’t last much longer before cumming hard on top of his mouth. I grabbed the couch for support, shaking uncontrollably. Just then, just as I was in the middle of an intense orgasm, the door opened, and one of his roommates walked in. I instinctively grabbed Matt’s pants and pulled them up, covering his small dick so the roommate didn’t see it. I’m sure I shrieked in surprise, too.

The roommate yelped in shock at seeing me completely naked, riding Matt’s face, and then starting apologizing profusely. Matt’s face went deep crimson, and he stopped sucking on my clit. I stayed there, naked, perched on Matt’s face, looking at the roommate, not moving, panting, clearly having just had an orgasm. I finally looked the roommate in the eyes and murmured, “Fuck, Matt, that was a good one.”

The roommate’s eyes widened, staring at me. “I… I’m so sorry, Matt. I mean…”

I chuckled a bit, still not moving. “What? You’ve never seen a guy please a woman this way? Matt just gave me an amazing orgasm.”

The roommate shook his head, staring wide-eyed at me, my breasts displayed, nipples hard. I smiled a bit, slowly climbing off of Matt and standing naked, pussy glistening and spread open, nipples stiff, breasts a bit pink from Matt’s hands.

“Well, you should learn how to do that. Your roommate is amazing at making me cum, aren’t you, Matt?”

Matt stammered and blushed deeply. “I, uh, April, what are you doing?”

I smirked a bit, still making no move to cover myself. “I’m just telling your roommate here how good of a lover you are.”

The roommate stared, mouth hanging open, and muttered, “Oh Shit. Matt. Your girlfriend. She’s hot…”

I took Matt’s hand and helped him up, making sure to help pull his pants up. “Come on, stud. Let’s go to your bedroom for round two.”

With that, we left, leaving the roommate standing there in shock, my clothes strewn about, my ass swaying as I led Matt to his bedroom.

After I closed the door, Matt exclaimed, “Shit, April. What was that?”

I chuckled a bit. “What? I wanted your roommate to know how much you pleased me. You know, talk you up, let him know that you’ve got what it takes.”

Matt blushed deeply. “Um, well, thanks. And thanks for covering up my little penis before he saw it.”

I gave Matt a weak smile “I know you’re sensitive about it, and nobody gets to tease you for it. I mean, yes, it’s small, but you please me in so many other ways. And I actually think it’s really cute.”

Matt blushed nervously as we lay down on the bed. “Um, April, can I admit something to you?”

I gave him a puzzled look as I lightly stroked his small penis. “Um, sure, of course. What is it?”

He blushed furiously. “Do you know what SPH is?”

I wracked my brain. SPH? Was that some kind of sex slang? “No, I don’t know what that is.”

He bit his lip nervously. “Small penis humiliation.”

My eyes opened wide. “What? You mean, like people doing it on purpose?”

He nodded a bit and then said quietly, “I want you to do it.”

I stared at him, not sure I understood correctly. “What? Do you want me to tease you because your penis is small? But I love you — and your little penis is so cute. Sex isn’t about penis size!”

He nodded a bit. “I know. But, well, I guess I can tell you anything. I discovered that I like to watch SPH porn, especially where it’s a woman looking at the camera like she’s talking to me and humiliating me for my small penis.”

I stared at him, shocked and confused, my hand now resting on his penis. I stammered, stumbling over my words, “I, um, well, um … I don’t know what to say.”

Matt asked softly, “It is small, though, isn’t it?”

I nodded my head slightly, yes.

“The smallest you’ve ever been with?”

I nodded my head again and felt his penis jump a bit in my hand in response.

“Tell me, April. Please? Tell me how small it is.”

I looked him in the eyes as I said softly, “Your penis is far smaller than any other penis that I’ve ever been with or even seen.”

Matt groaned slightly, and his penis jumped a bit.

I smiled a bit nervously at him as I continued, “It’s like a cute little lollypop. When I take it all in my mouth, it doesn’t really even go down my throat.”

Matt whispered, “Oh, April…”

I asked, “Did I go too far?”

Matt shook his head no.

I continued, thinking about the stripper, “The biggest cock that I’ve ever been with was at least three times as long as your little penis.”

Matt’s eyes opened wide. “Really?”

I nodded my head and started to stroke his now very hard little dick slowly. I held my other hand out quite a ways above his dick, about where the stripper’s dick came to. “It was out to about here.”

Matt groaned deeply. “Oh, shit April… Really?”

I nodded my head, getting into it more, still stroking him slowly. “When he put it in me, it really stretched me open. I shrieked so loudly. I’ve never felt so full.”

Matt asked softly. “And does my dick fill you like that?”

I stared into his eyes, pausing before asking softly, “Do you want me to answer that, Matt? Do you really want to know?”

Matt nodded his head. “It excites me to know how small it is to have you tease me.”

I stroked his little penis a bit faster as I answered softly, staring into his eyes, “I love you, Matt, And you please in so many other ways, Matt. With your fingers, your mouth, your tiny penis grinding against my clit. But no, your tiny little penis doesn’t fill me at all, doesn’t get me excited. I sometimes can’t even tell if it’s in.” I hoped I didn’t go too far with that one.

Matt groaned deeply and suddenly orgasmed, cum squirting out so hard that it landed on his face as he lay on the bed.

I gasped, my eyes widening. “Wow, Matt. I guess you really do enjoy SPH!”

Matt groaned deeply, trembling a little. “I’ve never cum so hard, April.”

I leaned down and took his tiny, soft, cum-covered penis between my lips and slowly licked and sucked it clean. I murmured around it, “You have the most adorable, tiniest little willy, Matt.”

He moaned deeply and then pulled me into a tight embrace after I let his penis slip out and slid up next to him in bed.

I caressed his chest lightly. “Well, how did I do? Did you enjoy SPH from me?”

Matt smiled. “You’re the best girlfriend ever, April. That was amazing.”

I giggled a bit. “I never would have thought a guy would like to be teased about his dick being small.”

Matt kissed me and hugged me. “Keep doing that, April. Tease me more sometimes about how small I am.”

I blushed a bit. “Ok, but on three conditions. First, we only do this in private when no one else can hear or see. I love you, and I think you’re an amazing guy. No one else gets to tease you about this except me, or I’ll personally beat them up. Second, you have to promise that you’ll tell me if it ever bothers you or if I ever say things you don’t like. Third, you keep pleasing me in other ways. I’ve never had a boyfriend who is nearly as good as a lover as you, regardless of penis size. Deal?”

Matt nodded. “Deal. Thank you, April. I love you too.”

I grinned at him a bit and snuggled closer. “Now let’s get some sleep, my tiny-dick boyfriend.”


The End.


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