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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader let down his race…

I thought I was a big man in the military driving tanks and talking smack until a buddy of mine (who was white) saw me in the shower. He laughed, put his two fingers together, and told all that he could that I had a little dick.

He said, “I thought black guys had big dicks. That’s fucking tiny.”

I just stood there small and humiliated while he laughed at my one-inch softie. I served four years in Alaska, and from that day on, I was teased about being black with a tiny dick all the time.


Another reader gets some truth from his wife…

So, my wife has been binge-watching the show Fargo recently and shared that she is now on the season with John Hamm. I said, “You know the rumor is he’s got a massive dick.”

She said, “Really? I don’t think so.”

And I asked her why she thought that. She said, “There was a scene where John Hamm was naked, and the camera was behind him, and either they really did some movie magic, or he’s tiny because you can’t see anything!”

I stood up, turned around, dropped my pants, and asked her if she could see mine. She embarrassingly said, “No.”

So I said, “Basically, then you think I’m tiny too!”

She didn’t say anything but got red.

I said, “It’s OK. I know you like it, so I don’t care if you think it’s tiny.”

And she said, “Yes, I do like it.”

This was the first time she didn’t try to deny that it was small, which got me very excited. Hoping this leads to more blunt/honest comments and maybe even some playful teasing in the future!


Meanwhile, this reader has a close encounter with a maid…

I was on vacation in Cuba and was feeling horny, so I went back to the room around mid-morning to rub one out. Shortly after I came, I was lying in bed, still fully naked, when I heard housekeeping knock at the door. I sort of froze at the moment, not really knowing what to do. I got up quickly after that to go over to the door and tell her to come back later, but as I was walking over, the door opened, and she came in.

My dick was at its smallest when she made eye contact with me, and I saw her glance down before she let out a gasp and started to apologize to me for coming into the room. I told her it was OK, but she turned around and left right away, saying she would come back later, apologizing again. Obviously, she didn’t say anything about my tiny dick. Still, I wonder what she thought about that interaction and if she told her friends or coworkers.


While this reader thought he was average…

My girlfriend and I have a very close relationship, and one time, we brought up the subject of dicks. I asked her how many centimeters she thought I had. She said 15, and when I asked her why, she said it was an average size. Later, she said that she thought my younger brother’s dick was bigger than mine (yes, she was looking there). Even though I always said I had a bigger dick than him, she didn’t believe me.

One day, I was playing questions with him (we had nothing better to do). I remembered a conversation with my girlfriend, and I asked him, “Can you see your dick through a toilet paper sleeve?”

My brother said yes, but I didn’t believe him.

A week later, I go to take a shower, and I see my little brother standing there. My eyes fall on his dick. It was a long fucking dick, way longer and thicker than mine. I apologized and got out.

Later we were at the water park, and our swim trunks covered our dicks. And my friend said to me later, “Your dick is definitely smaller than your little brother’s.”

After this incident, my girlfriend always made fun of me, saying that my dick was tiny, etc. By the way, I thought I had an average-sized dick, but I realize now that I am a silver member of the small dick club.


This reader compares it with his friend…

I go to the same swimming pool as a friend of a friend who I have known for years. We were both there this morning before work and were chatting as we headed to the showers after we finished.

I walked in first, faced away, and took my shorts off. I turned around reluctantly, as I didn’t want to be awkward, and saw my friend’s shorts were still on. He looked down and said, “I was worried about taking mine off but having seen what you’ve got, I don’t need to be.”

He took his shorts, revealing his much bigger cock than mine, and I wanted the ground to swallow me up. Instead, I had to stand there making small talk, knowing he just humiliated me.


Another reader likes the comparison game, too…

Last summer, I went to Blacks Beach for the first time. I have always wanted to go to a nude beach, and I was in town for a concert and decided to go. I found myself a spot. I thought it was relatively busy that day. It was really exciting to take my clothes off and be naked in front of people. I didn’t wear a hat or sunglasses. If anything, I was almost hoping to be recognized somehow.

I have a thin frame and am about six feet tall. My flaccid penis is about two inches and really doesn’t look manly at all. I shave down there as well, so it can look kind of comical.

Eventually, a guy set up a few feet from me. He didn’t talk to me or anything like that. He did have a huge cock, though. He was pretty muscular, and he was clearly ready to show off. I loved being so close to someone who had such a difference from me.

At one point, two beautiful women were walking past me. They caught my eye and I was staring. One of the women turned and saw me. I smiled at her and nodded, keeping eye contact. She nudged her friend, who looked toward me. She pointed at me, and they laughed. They kept walking, and I couldn’t hear anything else. For all I know, they could have been looking at something else, but based on what I saw, I’m pretty sure they were laughing at me. I like to think they saw the guy with the big cock next to me, and by comparison, I looked like I was packing a dick the size of a small boy.


Meanwhile, this reader gets inspected by his Mom…

I’m 22, and my Mom is 41. I’m an Indian, and here, the moms are overly frank and have no sense of privacy at all. My Mom is overly frank with me, but I’m not with her. She has a boyfriend who comes over now and then and fucks her. I can hear her moaning sounds from her room. She is very open about her boyfriend with me but not anyone else as she is still married to my father, who is out of state mostly due to his job. He doesn’t know about her boyfriend.

Once, I was in my room changing clothes, and suddenly, Mom came right in without knocking. She saw my penis and started laughing. (This was the event that made me love SPH). My Mom said, “I saw your small bell.”

In Hindi, this is very humiliating. She asked, “Why is your bell so small?” while laughing. Then said, “How will you be able to use such a small bell?” and left the room while laughing.

I was really horrified, but then she told her boyfriend about my small penis. Later that day, she called me. She and her boyfriend were sitting together and asked me if there was any problem with my penis. I pretended not to know what she was saying, then she just blurted out, “Don’t worry, I have already told him that you have a small dick.”

I was not able to look into his eyes. My Mom said that they both were worried there was something wrong with my penis. She asked that I pull my pants down right there so they could check if everything were OK. When I did not comply with her demands, my Mom emotionally blackmailed me into doing it. So, after a few minutes, I pulled my pants down, and then she came near me and pulled my underwear down, too. I was just hoping that she didn’t see the cum in my underwear.

Then she and her boyfriend both looked at my soft penis. She lifted the penis holding it in two fingers, and talked with her boyfriend. Everything looked fine to him, so she said, “But why is it so small?”

She looked at my penis up and down, checking everything, then she peeled the foreskin back and said, “His penis is emitting the smell of semen.” She asked me, “Have you jerked off just now?”

I denied it.

She said, “Don’t try to lie to me. I very well know the smell of semen.” Then she came closer and took a sniff of my poor little penis, and then she saw the jizz stains in my underwear and showed her boyfriend. She said, “I know the smell of cum very well.”

Her boyfriend said, “If his penis is ejaculating semen, then it is working fine. It’s just that his size is small. He takes after his father in the dick department.”

She nodded and told me to change my clothes. I was really feeling humiliated, and then later, she came to me alone and told me it was not good to masturbate. “It will stop the growth, and maybe that is why your penis is so small,” she said and gave me the sex talk. She told me that girls do not like a small penis, so I should stop masturbating. She didn’t stop there either. My Mom continued to humiliate me even for the next year, calling me by the nickname ‘small bell’ (‘choti ghanti’ in Hindi). It makes sense in Hindi, not in English.


While this reader gets dogged at the thrift store…

I was out today looking at clothes at a second-hand shop, minding my own business, listening to music on my headphones, carrying some books in one hand and my phone in the other. Then, out of nowhere, I hear a lady yell, “No! Wait!”

And then, very suddenly, my pants and boxer briefs were pulled straight down. I looked behind me on the floor and saw a dog going crazy, biting at my pants while its owner was screaming, “I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry!” Trying desperately to make the dog let go.

I panicked and tried to move, but I didn’t drop what I was holding, so I just stood there, hands full, struggling, trying to get away from the dog and the lady.

Some people started to gather near around the loud commotion as the owner screamed at her dog, treating my pants like a chew toy. The older women tilted their heads over the racks of clothing.

I heard some laughs and an “Oh my god,” then I panicked, realizing what was really happening. My pants are down, my dick is out, my tiny dick is out. So I tried one last time to get away, but I tripped on my pants.

I fell, dropping my phone, books, and headphones, which scared the dog away from me. The owner instantly grabbed the beast. I tried grabbing my things, but the lady was now apologizing even more.

“I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry,” she kept repeating.

Her eyes then darted down at my pants, still down, then at my tiny soft dick.

“Oh, wow… Wait, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to look! I—”

She continued to stutter while I quickly put my hand over my genitals and pulled my pants up. I heard a group of women trying really hard not to laugh.

“It’s OK!” I said.

I stood up, avoiding eye contact with everyone looking at me. I fast-walked out of the store, then heard the group of women bursting out laughing the second I walked past them. It was the worst day ever.


This reader gets a kick out of exposing himself at the gym…

Today marks the day when the last of all the female gym workers now has seen my small penis. One of their tasks is to refill the paper towels that are placed all around the gym. It just so happened that she came in exactly when I was completely naked in the locker room after a hardback workout.

I had a great pump going, which always means that there is basically no blood left to circulate into my one-inch flaccid dick that is pretty much fully inverted in these instances. I always like to take all of my clothes off right after a workout, and that’s how I like to stay for however long it takes my dick to come back to life. That’s not how I like to be seen, so that’s when I put some clothes on again.

She came in and had to pass me in order to restock the paper towels, and I could clearly see her startle for a second as she realized what she was looking at. Now you see, she just must have already known, as all of her other female colleagues had already come to see me under similar circumstances. I’d already caught them talking amongst each other before breaking out into a giggle when they saw me walking by, doing the looking at me and quickly looking away thing when they noticed me noticing them.

As she walked by, she greeted me with a big smile on her face, and she just never even attempted to hide that she was just blatantly staring at my ridiculously small penis and balls. It was just a brief moment, but it felt like an eternity.

Now that all of them know, what should be my next move? I was thinking about starting to flirt with one or two of them. Just some harmless stuff, and I would never even hope that it led somewhere with them. I just want them to turn me down because what woman would ever go out with the huge bodybuilder type of dude with almost non-existent genitals?


Another reader is also inspected by his sister and her friends…

I have a micro penis. Yes, I’m a gold member of the small dick club. When I was sixteen, my parents were out of town for two days, and it was just me and my 20-year-old sister at home. I was just chilling in my room when I heard that she had invited 3 of her extremely gorgeous friends, especially since one of them was a copy of Shakira, lol. So, at that time, I would take naps as sometimes I wouldn’t sleep well throughout the night, and it was summer, so I usually liked just to sleep shirtless. I’m a really, really heavy sleeper.

So, while I was napping, I woke up in the middle to find my shorts and underwear down at my feet with my sister and her three friends laughing and taking pictures of me. One of them said, “The ‘little’ boy is awake.”

Another one said, “That’s even smaller than my little brothers, haha.”

At that moment, I was so shocked that I pulled my shorts back up and told them to leave, as I wasn’t into SPH at that time, and I even cried. I was way too embarrassed to tell my parents about this, and they still don’t know. To this day, every time her friends come over, they wave at me with their pinkies and sometimes tease me. Like I said, at first, I wasn’t OK with this at all, but now, looking back at it, I find it pretty hot.


Meanwhile, this reader’s friend makes him feel awkward…

I have a good female friend who is a nurse. Once she told me a story about how one of her patients had like a really small dick, and she struggled to hold it when she had to help him pee.

I then asked her how big she thought it was. She showed me with her fingers. It was like 2 inches (so is mine when soft, too, lol). I then told her that the patient was probably a grower and it would get bigger for sure when hard. She then said something like: “Yeah, but dicks that small remain too small even when hard.”

Then she showed me with her fingers how big she thinks that dick could get when big. Again it was approximately my size when hard (Bronze Member). I asked her if that would be too small. Of course, she said yes.

After that, I asked myself if she then suspected that I had a small dick too. She always joked about that with me and said things like, “I bet you have a small one.”


While this reader gets checked out, too…

Today was my son’s last day of swimming lessons. Since free swim is right after his lesson, I decided to go in the pool for a little bit today. After getting out, I thought I had adjusted my suit( because if you’re not aware, the wet suit clings to your thing and creates a perfect outline).

As I was drying off, I noticed this female lifeguard looking at me as she walked by(I had seen her a lot before, but she had never given me a second glance). She looked blatantly right at my crotch, looked up, made eye contact, smiled widely, and walked on.

When I looked down, I noticed the suit still clinging to my little outline, even smaller than usual from the pool. I hope this sexy female lifeguard told all the other lifeguards just how small my dick is.


This reader went from hero to zero in a bathroom stall…

Went to a party and met this very cute girl, about 25. She was rather short and quite curvy, more than I was used to. Had a few drinks together, started making out, and snuck into a toilet stall. She wanted me to fuck her! She just pulled down her pants and bent over. I was stiff as a rocket. I pulled my pants down, put on a condom, and tried to mount her. But the angle and her big ass turned out to be a problem since I couldn’t really reach her pussy with my bronze-member dick. Only the tip went in. I tried to fuck her for a minute, feeling pathetic, when she giggled, pulled away.

She said. “Sorry, this doesn’t work. You’re just not built for fucking, little guy.”

She pulled her pants up, took the condom off my dick, and made out with me while she jerked me off. I cum on the floor, and she just smiled and left me there to clean myself up. I have never seen her again.


Another reader is dumped for his lack of size…

I remember my first handjob like it was yesterday. I was the first girl I had dated in a while. She was very physical, with lots of dry humping and groping. We were making out, and she started to play with my dick through my pants. Then she reached in and pulled it out and kind of giggled when she saw it. She asked me if I was fully hard. I’m a bronze member of the small dick club. I said I was, and she pulled my shirt down over my dick so she couldn’t see it. When I came, I shot all over my upper body and in my shirt. She cleaned her hands on my shirt and left.

Later that day, she broke up with me. I heard from one of her friends a little while later that the reason she dumped me was she thought my dick was just too small for her. Ouch.


Lastly, this reader has an interesting wife…

For my wife, the smaller, the better. I’d get impotent for fear of not satisfying her, but she grew to love me using a vibrator on her instead. Also, we found that she could occasionally make me cum when I was “small and soft,” as she put it. This delighted her so much that she rarely allowed me an erection. “We don’t need those, do we, Sissy?” she would ask.

After she has orgasmed to her vibrator, she will give me a ‘two-minute, two-finger tug.’ She whispers seductively to me, “I want you to be impotent, small, and soft, and I want you to ejaculate prematurely…”

About once a month I am able to please her within her time limit.

*These SPH experiences have been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the stories have remained the same. Erect dick sizes have been edited to be either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Average. The opinions/views expressed in these SPH experiences (and in any comments) are those of the authors and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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