Cuckolded by a Sleepwalker 2

By NauticalTwilight.

Read Part 1 Here.


Part 2…

The next night, Scarlett knocked on Ray’s door. He opened it and smiled, seeing her. His face dropped when he saw Ben standing behind her.

“What’s…what up?” he asked, looking at them both carefully.

“Well, I wanted to see if you wanted to take us open on our offer!”


“Come to our date night!” She gestured at her black dress, which was low-cut and tight-fitting. It was definitely skimpier than what she used to wear for just Ben.

“You…really want me to join?” Ray asked.

Scarlett giggled. “Well, we decided just to stay in tonight and watch a movie since it started raining. So, no big deal if you join! Or, um, do you think you could show us how to use your VR headset?”

Ray raised his eyebrows.

“I hear they’re really cool.” She bit her lip. “I know it means one of us won’t be able to hear or see anything while wearing it, but I still think it would be fun. Don’t you? We could take turns.”

Ray’s mouth opened for a second before he understood where Scarlett was going with this. He smiled at her. “Sure, I’d be happy to show you.” He looked at Ben with a smirk. “Ben, you’ve got to try it.”

‘Bastard,’ thought Ben, his little dick tenting in his jeans. Luckily nobody would notice- the one benefit to his size. “Thanks, man.”

Ray walked them over to the media center, pulling out the white headset. He put them on briefly, getting things set up. Ben and Scarlett shared a look, both smiling nervously with anticipation.

“Okay, who’d like to start?” Ray asked.

“I will!” said Scarlett eagerly. Ray looked slightly disappointed in this answer but handed them over. “So what do I do?”

“It’s a music game. Blocks will fly by. You just need to hit them to the rhythm.”

“Oh, cool!”

Ray and Ben both sat on opposite ends of the couch, watching Scarlett. She faced their TV, away from them.

“Be sure to put those headphones on. The volume controls are under the headset. We’ll be able to see what you see on the TV.”

She put in the earbuds and started the game. “Awesome. This is so futuristic!” She had to yell to hear herself over the music.

It was immediately clear why she wanted to be the first one to do it- in this skimpy outfit, every movement she made would cause her big ass and tits to shake erotically. Both Ray and Ben enjoyed this show. Ben was already as hard as he could be, but out of his peripheral vision, he could see a massive tent start to form in Ray’s sweatpants. Scarlett continued this for a while, teasing them in her erotic outfit. Ben had no idea if she was doing well or not, but honestly couldn’t care less.

The song ended, and her hands dropped in defeat. “Aw, man! That’s tough. But fun!”

“Why don’t you give it a try, Ben?” asked Ray, his voice deeper than usual.

Ben stood up. “All right, I will. Bet I beat your score.”

Scarlett took off the headset, sticking her tongue out. “No chance!”

Ben placed the VR headset on, revealing the digital music game.

“Be sure to put those headphones on,” said Ray, with a hint of malice in his voice.

Ben did, but reached up to the headset, turning the volume down, not up.

“You looked like a fucking slut dancing like that,” said Ray in a whisper.

“Can he hear us?” she whispered.

“No way. I picked the loudest game I could find.” Ben heard the sound of fabric moving around, followed by a gasp from Scarlett. “Look what you did to me, making me watch that ass shake.”

“Ray, don’t! He’s right there!” Ben knew this protest was a lie. This was exactly what she wanted to happen, what they both hoped would happen.

“So tell me to put it away. Tell me this isn’t exactly what you wanted to happen when you asked to see my headset. I’ll do it.”

There was silence. Ben pretended to be looking around in the virtual game, exploring the menus. In reality, though, all he could do was focus on their voices.

“Okay, fine,” Ray said with a sigh. “I guess you don’t want it.”

“No!” said Scarlett, overly eager. “No, leave it…leave it out.”

“Jesus, you are a slut,” said Ray, half in genuine shock. “You actually want to suck my dick while your boyfriend is right there? Does that turn you on, cheating on him right behind his back? Sucking on my big dick while he’s oblivious, right there?”

Scarlett didn’t answer, but Ben heard the sound of one of her hands rubbing his shaft.

“Come on. This idiot hasn’t even figured out how to start the song- we have plenty of time. Put it in your mouth.” The sound of erotic slurping filled the room. “Oh, shit, that’s good…”

Finally, Ben started the song, doing his best actually to swing at the blocks flying by. This was hard without the music and even harder, given he wasn’t focusing on it at all.

“This idiot. If I were dating a girl as hot as you, I’d never keep my eyes off her.”

Scarlett couldn’t respond. There was just the sounds of her choking on his massive cock.

“Sorry, Scarlett,” Ray said. “We’re on a time limit here, so I’m going to have to help you out.”

Scarlett whimpered in fear and excitement. The sounds came back even louder as Ray was clearly fucking the shit out of her face, probably pumping her head up and down with his hands. Ben felt his boxer briefs become soaked with pre-cum.

“You better make me cum,” said Ray. “Or else your boyfriend is going to finish the song and see what a slut you are.”

He kept fucking her. With how rough he was being, Ben could even hear his big balls jump up and down.

“Two more minutes left on the song. Do you think you can make me cum? Why don’t you take out your tits?” There was a beat. “Fuck yes, look at that bounce.”

Ray began to grunt. “I’m close, slut. Really close. I’m going to fill your mouth with cum. You better swallow all of it, or else your boyfriend will know exactly what you’re up to. You better not spill a single drop. Holy shit, are you playing with your clit while I fuck your face?”

Scarlett moaned.

“Holy shit, I think you might actually cum while your mouth is on my cock. Jesus. You want to make me cum?”

She moaned an affirmative on his cock.

“You want to make me cum before your boyfriend turns around and sees?”

She moaned another affirmative.

“Tell me you’ll kiss him as soon as he’s done. With tongue. After you swallow my cum.”

She whimpered. She wasn’t sure if that crossed a line. Ben felt his cock twitch in his pants.

“Tell me…” Ray ordered.

Ben heard a popping sound as she finally got her mouth off his cock. “I’ll… I’ll do it.” Her voice was shaking- Ben was surprised to hear how close she was to cumming. “I’ll fucking kiss him. I’ll do anything you say, Ray. Just keep fucking my face like a slut.”

The slurping sound continued as Ray really lay into her face. “Fucking here we go. Fucking… Here it comes. You better swallow every drop! Here it is!”

Scarlett moaned in her orgasm. Ben could hear her swallow, and swallow, and swallow, as Ray kept filling her mouth with all the cum from those massive balls. She swallowed and swallowed. Ben couldn’t believe how many times she had to keep swallowing to keep up with it all. The timing was perfect. The song just ended.

“See?” said Ben, putting on his best poker face. “I told you I’d beat your score!”

He lifted off the headset to reveal the flush Scarlett and Ray sitting next to each other on the couch innocently. But there were obvious signs: Scarlett’s messed up hair and Ray’s short breath. Scarlett got up slowly from the couch.

“Oh, I guess you beat me, babe,” she said carefully, walking toward him.

“Told ya,” he said to her quietly.

She moved in closer, her lips parting for an intimate kiss. “I guess,” she said slowly, “I guess you’re the big winner tonight.”

She shoved her tongue into his mouth and down his throat. He could taste the saltiness left over from Ray’s cum. He held onto Scarlett, feeling his little dick twitch with pleasure at this humiliation.

“How sweet,” said Ray, his voice dark. He stood up. “Well, this was fun, but I’ll let you two have your date night.”

“You don’t want a turn?” asked Ben innocently.

“No, I had my turn,” Ray said cryptically. I mean, I played it earlier.”

With that, Ray shuffled off to his room.

Within seconds of Ray shutting his door, Ben and Scarlett ran to their own room, making passionate love for ten seconds before Ben came in.

She smiled at Ben but couldn’t contain the look of disappointment in her eyes.


That night, late, a strange sound and movement woke Ben up. It sounded wet, and the bed gently shook back and forth. Ben stared at his ceiling in the dark for a few seconds before he realized the source: Scarlett was masturbating next to him.

“Oh, Ray,” she whispered breathlessly, so quietly that even Ben next to her had trouble hearing it. Her eyes were squeezed shut, lost in an intense fantasy.

Ben felt himself get hard at her words, but he closed his eyes again. He felt slightly humiliated at this: Scarlett would rather play with herself than wake up Ben for disappointing sex. Still, somehow, the humiliation made him even harder.

“Oh God,” she whispered incredibly softly.

Ben could hear how wet she was. She moaned, a sound more of frustration than pleasure, and suddenly the sound stopped. Out of the slit of his eyelid, Ben saw Scarlett chew her lip in thought. She gently got up off the bed, looking down at Ben for a moment, before she looked at the door and walked out silently.

Ben was shocked. Surely, she was going to the bathroom. Surely, Scarlett was getting a glass of water. Surely she wasn’t…without talking to him about it first…going over to Ray’s room, right? So far, they’d been pushing the boundaries of their relationship, but they’d always done so together in agreement. It was kinky, sure, but it had been for each other. She couldn’t be really sneaking off to Ray?

Ben’s heart stopped as he heard muffled sounds through the wall. The sound of someone talking. He slid over on the bed, so he was next to the wall, pressing his ear against it, doing his best to hear. And he heard two voices.

“Well, what brings you here?” asked Ray. Ben could hear his cocky smirk.

“I, um, just wanted to see if you were up,” Scarlett replied, a hint of nervousness in her voice. It was amazing how much the power dynamic seemed to shift between them.

“Here I am. Still up. What can I do for you?” Ray asked.


“Do you need something?” Ben heard Ray’s computer chair squeak as he leaned back. “I’d ask if you needed to get fucked, but surely if that were the case, you’d wake up your boyfriend. Right?”


“Instead of sneaking out in the middle of the night. Leaving him alone.”

“Well…” Scarlett mumbled.

“Unless you needed…something a little more…substantial? Something like…this?” Ben heard Scarlett gasp and knew that Ray had pulled his cock out. “Why don’t you take off those pants?” There was a pause while Ben assumed she did this. “Jesus Christ, I can see how wet you are from here. You want it that bad?”

“Please, Ray.”

“Please, what?” Ray asked.

“Please fuck me again. Please.”

“Hmm,” said Ray, sounding thoughtful. “I don’t know. Turn around and show me that fat ass of yours, and I’ll think about it.” There was a pause. “Bend over the bed.” Ben could hear Ray jerk his fat cock through the wall. He was amazed at how loud it was. “Fuck yeah, that’s hot. Touch yourself. Put a hand between your legs and play with your clit.”

Scarlett moaned.

“Arch your back more,” he ordered. “Stick that ass out. Let me really see that pussy. Yeah, like that. So fucking hot.”

Ben felt his dick throb. Was this really the same Ray that couldn’t look Scarlett in the eyes weeks ago? She moaned, loving that she was pleasing him.

“You want me to fuck you?” he asked her.

“Yes, please, Ray.”

“You want me to fuck you with my fat cock?”


“Tell me. Tell me what you’re doing in my room.”

She moaned but didn’t say anything for a moment before she found her voice. “I was…I couldn’t sleep. Every time I closed my eyes, I saw…I imagined…”

Ben could swear he could hear the wet sound of her playing with herself through the wall.

She continued, “You fucking me, Ray. You fucking me with my head on the floor and my tits in my face.”

Ray chuckled, still jerking his cock casually. “You liked that?”

“I loved it,” Scarlett said immediately and truthfully. “I was so fucking horny. I’d close my eyes and see you holding my hips, you thrusting into me, your big cock covered in my…fucking…juices.”

Ben couldn’t believe it- it sounded like she might cum just from retelling the story.

“So I started playing with myself in bed, Scarlett rasped. “I didn’t even really mean to, I just…I couldn’t help it. I felt like I was on fire. I was rubbing my clit and sticking my fingers inside, but it wasn’t working, it wasn’t helping. It wasn’t good enough anymore.”

“Did you think about waking up Ben?”

She gave a sound that was a mixture of a groan and a moan. It was pleasure mixed with guilt. She didn’t answer.

“Tell me, or I’m not going to fuck you,” Ray demanded.

The wet sound of her rubbing herself was getting louder. She loved it when Ray commanded her like this, and it obviously only made Ray bolder. “I did. For…maybe two seconds.”

“And why didn’t you?”

‘The cocky fuck,’ thought Ben, his dicklette throbbing. He knew why.

“Because I looked at him, and I just…just couldn’t do it. The thirty seconds of sex in missionary, little gentle kisses. Ten minutes of him eating me out. To see Ben moaning in agonizing pleasure while I have to pretend…or look bored. I just…it’s not what I wanted. It’s not what I craved.”

“What did you crave?” Ray asked.

“I… Holy fuck, Ray,” she mumbled, genuinely surprised, “I’m fucking close here…”

“Keep playing with yourself. And tell me what you left your sleeping boyfriend for.”

“I… I left him for…” Finally, wicked pleasure beat out her guilt, and she called out. “You! Fucking you and that fat fucking cock and the way you treat me like a fucking slut, Ray, I needed it, I wanted it, I wanted to fucking get fucked, I wanted to get wrecked, I wanted you to stuff me from behind and call me your…fucking…slut. Ohhhh, my God!” She finally came, hard.

“Jesus, look at your legs quake,” Ray said, amused at a reaction that Ben had never gotten from Scarlett.

She was breathing deeply, enjoying the sensation of an amazing orgasm. Ray hadn’t even touched her yet, and it was clear that this was more pleasurable for her than any time spent with Ben. The humiliation of it all made Ben’s dicklette twitch.

“Why don’t you show me how bad you want it?” said Ray once her breathing had calmed down.

“You mean?”

“Get over here and put it in your mouth. If you suck me good enough, I’ll fuck you.”

Ben heard her footsteps as she walked over to Ray, dropping to her knees. Then the sounds started. Scarlett, desperate to be fucked, was absolutely dedicating herself to Ray’s big cock. The sounds were filthy as she slobbered, choked, licked, and spat on his big shaft.

“Mmmm, that’s good,” said Ray. “You like how my big cock presses against your cheeks?”

She moaned at him.

“You’ll have to get more of my cock down your throat than that. If you want your reward.” The sounds got louder as she forced more of it down. “Ahh, fuck, yes. That is amazing. You were built for a big cock. You’re such a waste on little Ben.”

Ben shivered. Scarlett moaned.

“Lick my balls, bitch,” Ray urged.

The sounds changed to slobbering as she did this.

“Fuck, yes. You like the feeling of my cock on your face?”

“It’s so fucking heavy,” Scarlett moaned.

“It looks good resting across your face. You look so fucking hot. Lick all the way up the shaft. Fuck yes, just like that,” Ray said.

“Am doing good with your big cock, Ray?”

“Yes, you are.”

“Am I being a good slut?” Scarlett asked.

“Yes, yes you are.”

“Don’t good sluts deserve a reward?”

“You want this cock inside you?” Ray asked.

She moaned. “Please, please. Fucking, please. I’ll do anything.”

A filthy, wet sound as he stuffed his cock back in her mouth. “You’ll wear the Tifa outfit again?”

She moaned in the affirmative.

“Hell, yes. Okay. Bend over my fucking bed.”

She purred with delight. Ben heard footsteps as she positioned herself. He could imagine her big ass pointing toward Ray. Her pussy is in full view, soaked and ready.

“Fuck, you are soaked,” said Ray, walking to her.

Ben started jerking his dicklette, dangerously close to cumming, enjoying the sweet humiliation that Ray needed to give Scarlett absolutely zero foreplay for this intense pleasure.

“Here it comes, slut,” Ray shouted.

She moaned. This was a new moan. Not the light, playful moans so far, but a deep moan. One of intense pleasure. “Oooooooo, God, go slow.”

“Fuck you are so fucking tight.”

Her moans quivered as Ray pushed into her. “Oh God, oh fuck. Oh my God, holy shit, that is so good. You are so fucking big.”

Scarlett suddenly screamed before her voice became muffled, most likely by her hand. Ben could hear the pornographic sounds of their bodies slapping together as Ray began to fuck her.

“Careful. You might wake your boyfriend if you scream like that again.” The sounds of Ray bouncing against her fat ass didn’t miss a beat as he spoke.

“Ohh God, oh holy fucking shit, Ray, don’t fucking stop, I am so fucking full. Holy shit.”

A loud smack as Ray slapped her ass. “Jesus, look at this thing shake. I could fuck you from behind all day.”

“Do it, fucking do it, Ray. Fuck me all day, I want it, I need it.”

“What about your boyfriend?”


“Tell me!”

“He doesn’t give me what I fucking need…”

Ray increased his pace. “Tell me, who fucks you better, Me or your boyfriend?”

“Oh, mmm… You love it when I’m mean, don’t you?” Scarlett said.

“I just want to hear the truth.”

“It’s you, Ray! It’s not my boyfriend. It’s his big-cocked roommate. That’s who fucks me best! Holy shit, holy fuck, I’m going to fucking…fucking…cum!”

She screamed again, this time forgetting to silence herself. If Ben had been asleep, he almost certainly would have woken up. But he wasn’t asleep. He was cumming over his chest.

Ray kept fucking her hard through her orgasm until, finally, she came down from the amazing high.

“Take off that shirt and get on your back. I want to see those big tits.”

The sounds of Ray’s bed creaking as he slammed into her filled the apartment, as well as the sound of their sloppy kissing. Ben was already hard again.

“You like these big tits?” Scarlett asked.

“You know I do.”

“Fuck me harder and watch them bounce.” The pace increased. “Fuuck, yes, Ray, oh my God.”

The sloppy kissing continued. The two fucked like this for a few more minutes, Ray gently increasing the pace until Scarlett was close to cumming again.

“Fuck, Ray. Fuck. I’m going to fucking cum again. I’ve never cum so much in my fucking life.”

Ben was close again, too, jerking his little dick aggressively.

“Fuck. Use my tits like handles, Ray, and wreck me.” This was certainly a request she never made of Ben. “Please, please, please, ooooh, God.”

The pace reached new heights. The sounds of Ray’s headboard slamming against the wall filled the apartment. They no longer cared or even thought about Ben, clearly. The thought made Ben cum again, adding to the cum already on his stomach.

“Oh God, I’m close, I’m so close, I’m so full, oh my God, oh my God, oh my fucking God, YES!”

She came again, another earth-shattering orgasm. Ray, as always, didn’t miss a beat, driving her to new heights.

“Ride me,” ordered Ray. There was a quick pause in the sounds while they switched positions. Now, the sounds of Ray’s bedsprings filled the apartment. “Shit, you look so fucking fine. Look at your tits bouncing. I bet they don’t bounce when you’re riding Ben’s little babydick, do they?”

“Fuck no,” she said, almost laughing. “I can hardly get my hips off the loser.”

“It’s not like this, is it?” The sound of Ray’s dominance filled the apartment. His big balls slapped against her ass as he grabbed her hips and did the driving.

“Oh my God, fuck no, this is insane, Ray, you are fucking…insane… This is so fucking good… So fucking…good!”

“Here it comes, slut. Here comes my fucking cum! Are you ready?” Ray yelled.

“Fill me fucking up, Ray, oh my God fuck yessssss!”

They both moaned into each other’s mouths as Ray filled her up. Ben could only hear the sounds of heavy breathing and kissing as they came down from their orgasms. The bed squeaked as they lay next to each other. Ben could no longer hear exactly what they were saying. It sounded like they were whispering tenderly to each other. It was driving Ben wild. Again.

Finally, the sound of footsteps. Ben quickly cleaned up his cum, turning over in the bed. She opened their door silently, scrawling into the covers gently. She sighed. Half guilty about sneaking off but also happy and fulfilled.

He pretended to wake up at the noise. “Hey,” he said quietly.

“Hey,” she said back, quiet and guilty.

“You went to the bathroom?” Ben asked.

He was giving her a chance to come clean, but he wasn’t sure what he wanted her to do. Half of himself wanted her to admit it. Wanted her to come clean and tell him it was all just part of the kinky game they were playing. The other half, though, loved the humiliation. It craved the loss of control. It wanted her to lie.

She studied him in the dark, chewing her lip. Thoughtful, she seemed to make up her mind: “No, I, um…just needed a glass of water. I was thirsty.”

Ben forced himself to control an involuntary shiver. The betrayal was more arousing than anything so far. His dick was hard yet again. He leaned over and kissed her, tasting her. He pressed his tongue inside her mouth and tasted more. She tasted different.

She broke it off quickly. “Sorry, hun. It’s late, and I’m tired. I’m not in the mood.”

‘For me,’ thought Ben. “You sure? Why don’t you let me go down on you for a few minutes, and I make you feel good.”

Ben knew she was freshly fucked. He knew Ray had just pumped her full of his cum. Would she draw the line here? Tell him no?

She looked conflicted again. “You…want to go down on me?”

“Of course, baby.”

She looked thoughtful in the dark for a second before making another choice. “Why don’t you just finger me.”

Ben went back to kissing her, pushing his tongue inside her. Slowly but surely, his hand made its way down, feeling her big tits, moving down her stomach, and finding her underwear. His hand slipped inside her panties, exploring with a finger. Ben’s dicklette was rock solid at this, shocked she hadn’t stopped him. He pushed a finger inside her. Full of Ray’s cum and her juices, the sound was filthy.

“Are you sure you’re not in the mood?” asked Ben innocently. “You seem so…wet.”

They both listened to the sound of his finger moving in and out for a second. Even in the dark, Ben could tell Scarlett was more flush than usual. Did she like this? Making him play with Ray’s cum? Was this turning her on, too? The control? Being mean to Ben like this?

“I am pretty wet,” she said. There was an edge to her voice Ben hadn’t heard before. “But you know what would help?”


“Let me lick that finger and then stick it back in me.”

Time stood still as Ben realized what she was asking. He took the finger out of her and slowly brought it to her full lips. She eagerly sucked on his fingers as she played with herself, clearly tasting and enjoying Ray’s cum. Ben then took his finger, now coated in her saliva as well, and put it back inside her.

“More,” she demanded.

He repeated the process, fingering her a few times and then bringing the finger to her mouth. She sucked on it eagerly, getting his finger deep in her mouth. Every time he did this, her hands would go to her clit and play with herself furiously.

“You like that?” asked Ben.

If Scarlett so much as tapped his dicklette right now, he would cum.

She moaned on his fingers. “I like the way it tastes,” she said as she licked his finger.

“You like tasting yourself?” asked Ben.

She didn’t respond but put his finger back in her mouth. They repeated the process. Him fingering her, then bringing it back to her mouth, with her playing with her clit. She seemed like she was closer to cumming when his finger was in her mouth, not her pussy. She kept sucking, more and more desperately, on his finger, playing with herself harder and harder. Moaning more and more. Louder than she ever had when Ben fucked her. He dipped two fingers inside her now, then brought it up to her mouth. She slobbered on these, moaning even more. She took her hands off, flushed, close to cumming.

“Oh fuck, Ben. This is turning me on so much. Just…stick it in me, please. Just a few strokes.”

She reached a free hand down, grabbing his shaft and stroking him through his PJ pants.

“Oh fuck…” he said, his dick painfully erect.

She groaned. “Come on, Ben. This got me so horny. I want you inside me, just please, just to finish me off. I want to…”

“Ohh fuck!” said Ben, pathetically spewing his cum inside his PJ pants.

There was a brief look of complete disappointment and pity on Scarlett’s face before she shook her head and squeezed her eyes shut, deciding to focus on herself. She played with her clit as Ben, still being rocked by an orgasm, put a finger back in her mouth. She really sucked on his fingers now.

“Mmm… Mmm… Mmmmm!” she moaned on his fingers before she had another orgasm.

Not quite the epic ones she had next door, but bigger than Ben had ever gotten from her before. Not that he felt he deserved much credit.

“That was so hot, baby,” said Ben. “Sorry, I couldn’t…”

She sighed, relieved with just a hint of annoyance. “It’s fine. That felt great, anyway. Let’s get to sleep.”

She turned over. Ben spooned against her back. The sight of his little dick nestled against her fat ass, completely overwhelmed, made him hard again, poking into her. But only because it made him imagine what it looked like when Ray’s big cock was against her.


Despite the situation driving him to wild new erotic heights, Ben decided he had to try to get control again. This was no longer just kinky fun that a couple was having. Scarlett was slowly becoming more of Ray’s plaything than Ben’s girlfriend. When they woke up, Ben asked if she would go on a date night that night, just a date night. No Ray, no teasing. Just the two of them. Scarlett looked a little guilty and quickly said yes. She hadn’t confessed to sneaking off in the night, but she clearly was a little conflicted about it.

They went out that night had a nice dinner, and saw a movie. Scarlett was dressed to the nines. They passed Ray on their way out, but she didn’t do anything special to tease him. His eyes, though, were hungry. He barely acknowledged Ben. It was a fun, romantic, and playful evening they both enjoyed.

On the elevator on the way back up, Ben kissed her. He looked up and down her little black dress, drinking in all her curves. “Are you ready to get in bed?”

“Mmmm. Sure,” Scarlett said simply, but there was something in her eyes Ben hadn’t noticed before.

It was like she was responding to having to do the dishes or some other menial chore. As if it was some mild annoyance, she was only pretending to like it. The humiliation made Ben even hornier though he tried to fight this. He grabbed her hand, guiding her to their apartment, through the door, and into their bedroom. Ray was nowhere in sight, and his door was closed. Ben dimmed the lights and began to kiss her, his hands exploring her body over the dress. She kissed him back, but it was less enthusiastic than it had been in the past.

The humiliation of this made his dick twitch. He pulled her into bed, and she lay next to him, and they continued to make out.

“Mmmm, you are so hot,” he breathed, trying to talk dirty to her as she and Ray seemed to do so naturally.

“Thank you,” she said sweetly. Almost like she was accepting a compliment from a coworker, she went back in for another kiss. Her hand went to his crotch. “Ooh, you feel close!” she said, giggling.

“I…you’re just so hot.”

“Mmmm.” She pulled off his jeans, revealing his dick, which pointed up like a little red rocket, covered in pre-cum. She looked at it with a tiny smirk. “Maybe we should slow down a bit?”

“No, it’s…I’ll be fine. I’ll last.”

“Okay, honey.”

They kissed again for a while. Ben’s dicklette throbbing at her disappointment. Suddenly, their door creaked open. In the doorway, Ray appeared looming. His features were hard to see in the dark. But he wore only a T-shirt and his boxers.

“It’s Ray!” whispered Scarlett, her voice more excited than surprised.

Ben’s insides were twisting with horror, humiliation, and, of course, excitement and pleasure. He felt his already hard dick get rock solid. Ray slowly made his way over to the side of the bed, sleepwalking again, standing next to Scarlett.

“What should we do?” whispered Scarlett to Ben. She chewed her lip. “I know… I know you wanted tonight to be about us. Do you want to wake him up? Do you want to stop it?”

“I… I want to…” Ben had no idea what he wanted.

He felt he was at a threshold- would he fight for his beautiful girlfriend? Or give in to this perverse desire to see her get demolished by Ray? Ben swallowed. Ray reached a hand out, slowly pulling up Scarlett’s dress, revealing pink panties.

“Look at this fucking ass,” he said, his voice tired. “So fucking big.”

“What… What do you want, Ben?” She looked conflicted, but her words were genuine. “If you want all this to stop, just say so. We’ve had our fun. Or is this…do you want this too?” She reached down, jerking his little dick in her hand, the pre-cum acting as lube. “Is this turning you on?”

Ray took his massive cock, resting it on one of her big ass cheeks.

“Fuck!” said Ben, squirming.

He came into Scarlett’s hand, much to his humiliation.

Scarlett had her answer and couldn’t be happier. “Fuck, Ben. Fuck. You love this shit.”

“Fuck ass, so fucking fat,” mumbled Ray. He slid down her panties and positioned his hard cock into her entrance.

“Holy shit,” she whispered to Ben, squirming. “Holy fuck. He’s going to fuck me. In his sleep. Ben, is this…is this okay?”

“I… I…” Ben’s cock was still rock solid, soaked in his cum.

Ray grunted, sliding into her, and began pumping. Inches from his face, Ben saw Scarlett’s twist with pleasure as he had never seen her. Her mouth opened, and her eyes rolled back. Ray was grabbing her ass and pumping like a maniac. Very quickly, Scarlett went from sounding mildly wet to completely soaked. She kept one hand around Ben’s cock, but mostly it was forgotten about. Mostly, he was forgotten about.

“Take this, you fucking slut. Take my big fat cock,” said Ray, eyes glazed over.

“Holy shit,” she whispered. “Holy fucking shit, holy fucking shit…”

Ben’s dick twitched in her hand, even though she barely jerked him.

She looked down at dicklette, surprised. “This is so fucked up, Ben. This is so fucking crazy. I just…it just drives me wild. It fucking drives you wild, too, though, doesn’t it? Seeing that big man cock pump into me, seeing my fat ass shake every time he thrusts. This is fucking crazy, it’s fucking crazy, it feels so good, I’m so fucking full, I’m so fucking…full…I’m going to fucking…fucking…cum…”

Her eyes rolled back again, and she shivered, moaning loudly just inches from Ben’s face. Ben saw it and wondered if he had ever really made Scarlett cum. Ray kept aggressively pumping in and out of her. His big hands kept exploring her, grabbing her aggressively. Every touch seemed to send Scarlett to brand new heights.

“Jesus Christ, look at this fucking ass shake. You are one fucking hot slut,” he said, still slurring his words.

He pulled at the dress, trying to get it off. Scarlett got up off the bed slightly, helping him slide the dress over her head. His hand reached down and expertly undid the clasp of her bra. The weight of her tits made the clasp practically fly open- she moaned, excited.

“Fuck yeah. Perfect tits,” Ray moaned.

She lay back down, inches from Ben, as Ray began fucking her seriously again. Her big tits bounced like this, as Ben had never seen them bounce during sex, but Ray was so aggressive with his big cock. Scarlett’s eyes glazed over, lost in a haze of lust. Ben, mesmerized by the beautiful sight, reached down and started jerking off, totally lost in his lust.

Scarlett noticed this and regained focus just enough for a wicked idea. She reached up, grabbed him by the back of the head, and forced Ben into her cleavage. Now not only was he smothered by her big tits, but he could feel the forceful quake of each of Ray’s thrusts. Ray didn’t seem to notice or care about this. He kept fucking her hard for a few more minutes, his hands exploring her body. Eventually a big hand found its way to her face, and a finger hooked into her cheek. She moaned, loving this.

Ray started grunting. “I’m going to fucking cum. Where do you want it, slut?”

Scarlett’s eyes focused again. “Where, Ben?” she whispered to him.

Ben swallowed. Was he really going to give in to this? This perverse need?

“Here it comes, slut!” yelled Ray.

“Have him cum on your face,” whispered Ben, letting his horny side win.

She turned toward Ray, excited. “Come on my face, Ray! Please!”

He pulled out, jerking his big cock at her. “Here it fucking comes!”

Ben was given a front-row seat, and Ray shot rope after rope, covering her face completely with cum. A few shots even made it into her mouth, and she swallowed them excitedly. Ray finished, pulled up his boxers, and sleepily stumbled out of their room.

Slowly, Scarlett turned toward Ben, showing her ruined makeup and face glazed with Ray’s cum. Ben, unable to control himself, kissed her deeply. She moaned into his mouth. Ben decided he didn’t fucking care anymore and gave in to the horniness that overwhelmed him. He shot a few more little spurts of beta jizz into the sheets between them.


The next night, Scarlett was changing as Ben lay in their bed. She looked stunning in her lacy panties and bra. Ben couldn’t help himself and began to touch himself, jerking his dicklette as she looked through her drawers for something to wear to bed. This dynamic was beginning to feel more natural, at least sexually. Ben became more and more detached, more removed from her. A few weeks ago, he would have made a move to try to make love to her. Now, Ben simply touched himself pathetically, watching her like a beta simp. Scarlett smirked at him as she realized what he was up to.

“Like what you see?” she asked.

She kept looking in her drawers but slowed down, wanting to give Ben a show.

“Yes,” he said, sweating and swallowing.

She opened a lower drawer and bent down- keeping her legs straight to really show off her big ass. “Hmm. Where is it…” she mused, pretending to search.

Ben moaned, his dick throbbed in his hand. Why did it feel so good? This new dynamic?

“Tell me something,” she said, her ass still in the air. “When you look at my big ass. Do you think about me getting fucked? You know, doggy?” She grabbed it gently, letting her fingers press into the flesh of one cheek.

Ben’s breath was short. “Yes, I do.”

“Oh, you do?” She stood up straight but arched her back slightly, still giving him a show. “And when you think about it, is it your dick in me? Your body pumping against mine from behind?”

Ben swallowed. “No.”

“Oh?” Her smile was mischievous. “What kind of dick is it, then? If it’s not yours? Is it a little, itty-bitty boy dicklette like yours?”

She turned toward the bed and began walking slowly toward him. Her big tits, contained by the large cups of her bra, were revealed.

“Or, is it a big, thick, hard, beautiful man’s cock? A mouth-watering, massive, veiny, fat fucking man’s cock pumping me from behind?”

“Oh God,” said Ben through gritted teeth.

She stood above him, watching with pity as he rode out waves of pleasure, getting dangerously close to an orgasm. She giggled. “Are you really going to cum again? You’ve been cumming more on yourself than on me lately. Did you notice that?”

He had.

She stroked his hair, looking down at him with a smile. “Do you want to have some more fun tonight? Hmm. Do you want me to invite Ray in here?”

At the first mention of his name, Ben knew he was doomed. “I… I don’t know…” he said through gritted teeth. He knew he should fight his.

She giggled again. “Are you sure? Here, let me show you what you were imagining before.” With that, she turned around and sat down, her ass just inches from his face. “Push your face into it.”

He did, pathetically breathing her in.

“Now, keep thinking about what you were before. Do you want to fuck me from behind? You can if you want. I’ll take off my panties right now, and you can fuck me. You can watch that little dick get inside me. I’ll even pretend to like it if you want. Or…I can call Ray in here. And you can see what you’re imagining for real, anyway.”

Ben moaned again, agonizingly close. She grabbed the back of his hair, pressing it hard into her fat ass. “Tell me. Or better yet, show me! Push me down and fuck me right now! Or else…or else… “

Ben moaned the teasing and being pressed against her ass too much. He was so close. “Ohh fuck, baby, do it, call him in!”

“Good boy,” she said, reaching out and snatching his hand, blue-balling him. He moaned in agony. “Now get under the bed.”

“Under the…”

“I want you to feel it, to see it. The bed. When Ray fucks me.”

Ben felt heat in his cheeks, but he was too far gone, too aroused to try to slow this down. He crawled under the bed. She looked under, giggled, covered him with a few items of clothing, and slid some boxes around…hiding him from sight.

“No cumming until I do. Okay? Hold off until I’m cumming.” She snickered at him under there one last time before she walked over to the door opening it. “Ray?” she called out.

“Yeah?” His tone was interesting, not quite the confident Ray that he was when fucking her, but no longer the stutter of the shy nerd.

“Can you come into my room, please?”

Ben bit his lip. Her room. No longer their room.

He could hear Ray walk over. “Oh,” Ray said confidently once he saw Scarlett in her underwear.

“‘Oh’ is right.”

“Where’s Ben?” asked Ray, not really worried about him.

“I sent him across town for some dumplings.”

“Why not the ones around the block?” Ray sounded quizzical.

Scarlett snickered. “You mean, what’s the real reason or the reason I told him? I told him I was really craving this one particular kind from a very special store, very far away.”

“And the real reason?” From Ray’s tone, he already knew.

The sound of a kiss filled the room. “To give you all the time you needed.”

Footsteps came over to the bed, and Ben saw both of their feet by the bed.

“You slut,” said Ray, amused. “You really sent him across town just to fuck me?”

“Mmmm. I’m such a bad girl. I sent my boyfriend out for an hour just so his roommate could fuck me senseless. I’m a naughty little slut, aren’t I?”

Ben couldn’t believe she was talking like this.

“You are,” said Ray, kissing her. “And bad little sluts get punished.”

“Oh no!” she said happily. “What’s my punishment?”

“Why don’t you suck my cock, and I’ll think about it?”

“Mmmm, yes, sir,” she said. She dropped to the floor. Ben could see her ass pressed against her feet as she knelt in front of Ray. “Put it on my face again.”

“You want to feel my cock on your face?”

“Yes, Ray, please!” Ben heard a loud smack. “Ooh fuck, it’s so heavy.”

“Why don’t you get me hard while you play with your pussy?”

She slid off her panties, and then Ben heard the sloppy noises of her mouth around his cock as he could see her hands frantically play with her pussy. Ben gently began jerking off under the bed. He knew he wasn’t allowed to cum until she did. Ben could hear her choke on Ray’s big cock, working more and more of her down her throat.

“Fuck. You’re getting more and more used to my big cock, do you know that?” She moaned but stayed focused on pleasing him. “And you already sound so wet. Do you get this wet while pleasuring Ben?”

She chuckled, taking her lips off him for a moment but jerking him with both hands. “No, of course not.”

“Why not?”

“Because he has a little babydick. Not a big fucking cock like yours.”

“And you like my big cock, don’t you?” Ray asked.

“Mmm, I think about it all the time. How good it makes me feel, how fucking wet it gets me. How full it makes me.”

“Ben doesn’t get you full?” Ray asked.

She laughed again. “I can’t even feel Ben’s babydick inside me. I used to think I didn’t care about it. But now, I fucking care. Now I know what good fucking feels like.”

Her mouth went back on his cock, and she continued to please him. Her hand shot back to her pussy, pleasing herself. Ben could see her glistening with arousal. She was practically dripping on the floor. Their humiliating talk almost sent him over the edge. Somehow, he held on.

“Mmmm, fuck,” said Ray. “You feel how hard I am?”

“Yes, you get so fucking hard. It’s like a fucking bat.”

“Get on your bed.”

“On my back?” Scarlett asked.

“I want to see those big tits bounce while I fuck you.”

She got up, and got on the bed. The mattress (not of the best quality) dipped where her ass was, right at Ben’s chest. Ray got on the bed, and the dip became much more pronounced, pressing into Ben. This brought his humiliation to new heights, and he almost came in his hand. He heard the wet sound of Ray inserting himself into Scarlett. She screamed and moaned at the same time, overwhelmed with pleasure.

“Oh fuck! Oh my God, Ray. This fucking cock.”

“Is all yours…”

He began to pump, causing the bed to jump. It felt like Ben was getting punched in the chest over and over. A painful and pleasurable experience.

“Oh shit, oh fuck. Jesus Christ. You are fucking me so good.” They kissed, a sloppy, wet sound of tongues dancing outside of their mouths.

“We are just getting started, slut,” Ray moaned.

The pounding got serious. Ray began to really lay into her. The pain from Ben was even worse- he felt as though the air was being pushed out of his body. His cock was absolutely dripping with pre-cum.

“Oh, God! Oh fuck, oh my God, Ray. Oh fuck, this is so good. This is so fucking good.”

“Suck on those tits for me.”

“Mmm… Mmmm!” She clearly did so.

“Fuck yes, you look so sexy. Your body is so fucking crazy, and it drives me insane!”


Ben could hear her orgasm was building. He thanked God. He had to cum soon, or he would go insane. Ray’s pumps got harder and hard, slamming into her and the bed and Ben.

“I fucking knew you’d take this cock one day. I fucking knew it, with your fat fucking ass and those big fucking tits!”


“You fucking slut, you’re going to cum on my big cock already, aren’t you?”

“MMMMHMMM!” There was a popping sound of a nipple coming out of her mouth. “Keep going, Ray, fucking shit; I’m already so fucking close; keep fucking me!”

“You want me to make you cum?” Ray asked.

“Yes, Ray. Fuck shit, please, keep fucking me just like this, you fucking God, you fucking sex God, I’m going to fucking…”

“You want me to destroy this fucking pussy?”

“Yes!!” Scarlett screamed.

“Who’s pussy is this?” Ray asked.

“Yours, Ray!”

“Who’s fucking pussy is this?”

“Yours, Ray, I’m so fucking close, I’m going to…”

The bed stopped bouncing, resting on Ben’s chest painfully. Ray was pressed all the way inside her, but he had stopped. The bed practically vibrated as Scarlett’s body shook.
“Ooh fuck, Ray, what…no, don’t stop, don’t…”

“Then stop fucking Ben.”

There was silence. Ben practically moaned at the humiliating power play.

“Oohh fuck, w-what? You want me to stop?” Scarlett asked.

“I want you to myself. I don’t want to share this pussy. What do you fucking care? You hate fucking him anyway.”

“But…but he’s my boyfriend.”

“When’s the last time he actually fucked you?” Ray asked.

“Um…well…not for a while.”

Ray began to thrust slowly again. “And how often do I fuck you?”

She was gasping for air. “As… as often as…oh fuck…as often as I can get you…”

“Then just make it official. Tell me this pussy is all mine. Tell me.”

“Oooh shit.” She was screaming now.

“Fucking tell me! Or I’ll stop!”

“Oh God, please don’t, oh shit, oh God…drive into me again, please!”

“Say it!” Ray demanded.

Ben, tortuously close to his orgasm under the bed, silently begged her to give in.

“Ohhh shit, yes, YES. THIS PUSSY IS ALL YOURS. I’LL STOP FUCKING BEN,” she screamed. Emboldened by this, Ray really started laying into her harder than he ever had before. “OHH MY GOD, FUCKING YES, OH MY GOD, YESS, YESS, YESSSS!”

She came, and it was an earth-shattering orgasm, far beyond anything Ben had ever heard her have before. Ben came at the same time, shooting little ropes of cum under the bed as their epic lovemaking pummeled him.

“Ooohh God, holy shit…”

She had just signed away her and Ben’s sexual relationship. But Ray wasn’t even close. “Flip over so I can fuck you from behind.”

The bed shook as she did so. “Oh God,” she said as Ray inserted himself back inside. “Oh my God, does this pleasure ever end?”

Ray kept fucking her, driving her to another epic orgasm by fucking her from behind. The sound of their headboard slamming against the wall filled the room. Ben had never made the bed sound like that. Next, Ray ordered her head back on the floor as he fucked her missionary like they had before. Her big tits pressed against her face as he drove into her from a standing position. From here, Ben could see Scarlett clear as day. She glanced at him for a second, regarding him as one might regard dirty laundry, before turning her attention back to Ray.

‘She looked so beautiful like that,’ thought Ben. Totally overwhelmed with pleasure.

“You like that?” screamed Ray at her. “You like getting wrecked by my big cock?”

“Fucking yes, oh my God, fuck me, Ray, fuck your slut, this fucking pussy that’s all yours, it’s all fucking yours, Ray, yessss!”

“Bend over the bed.”

She got up and did so. Ben could see his big feet positioned behind hers as he slammed into her like that.

“Ohh fuck… This fucking ass, I’m going to fucking cum.”

“Cum in me!” she demanded. “Please, Ray, fucking cum in your pussy. Mark it as all yours.”

Ray’s balls began to jump. “Ohh fucking shit, here it comes! Here it fucking cums…”

“Oh my God!” she screamed.

She orgasmed again, and Ben watched as an insane amount of Ray’s cum and her juices streamed down to the floor out of her pussy, hitting the floor. It kept puddling as Ray kept fucking into her, overflowing her with his cum.

Finally, it was quiet. Ray pulled out of her, and a sudden extra stream of cum dropped to the floor, adding to the puddle. Ben could hear the sound of them kissing as he once again came all over himself under the bed.


Scarlett and Ray fucked every night that week. Ben might have been able to stop it before, but now he was simply too hooked on listening to the pornographic sounds next door.

Slowly but surely, Ray had taken away Ben’s other sexual privileges, too. He got Scarlett to agree to no more blowjobs for Ben, and then no more titfucks for Ben, and then finally no more handjobs for Ben. Ray came in and on her at least five times every night. She came countless times more. By the end of it, Scarlett would have agreed to anything Ray said- and she did.

Scarlett kept denying Ben at every tortuous turn, as she and Ray kept sneaking off at every chance to fuck each other senselessly. He could hear them in their room together, in the shower when they thought he was asleep, on the couch when they thought he was away. But he made sure always to be close, always near enough to hear, to experience this fucked up situation he was obsessed with. The one that made his little dick ooze with pre-cum. It made him hornier than he had ever been in his life.

Sometimes, Scarlett would tell him it had happened and would tease him about it. She would include him and make him hide nearby. Sometimes, Scarlett kept it secret. Ben never had any idea why she chose to do one versus the other- but he always loved it. Until it all came to a head, they all were in the common room. Ben sat on the common room’s chair as Ray and Scarlett sat next to each other on the couch. So often, it was this way now. Ben was the third wheel. They hardly seemed to notice him.

“Oh, Ben,” said Scarlett, finally including him in the conversation. “Have you ever sat on Ray’s bed?”

“What? Oh, um…no.”

“It’s one of those fancy air beds! It’s so comfortable, it’s crazy. He was just showing me the other day.”

The thought of the two of them testing the bed together made Ben’s dick jump. Of course, he had to pretend to be ignorant. “Oh yeah?”

“Yeah. And you know how my back’s been hurting lately?”

“It’s no wonder you have back problems with those tits of yours,” said Ray.

Ben felt he had to pretend to be upset. “Whoa, man! You can’t say stuff like that to my girl.”

My girl. It sounded so absurd now.

Ray, who would have been intimated just weeks ago, laughed it off. “Just fucking around, man. Just fucking around.”

“It’s fine, Ben!” said Scarlett.

“So, the bed. Um. Do you want to buy one?” asked Ben.

“Well, they’re just so expensive! It’s, like, thousands of dollars. So Ray kindly offered to let me…sleep in his bed.”

Ben was fully hard now, realizing what they were doing. They were trying to get Scarlett in Ray’s room full-time and getting Ben’s permission to do it.

“Um…” said Ben.

“And don’t worry, I have an air mattress. I’d be on the floor,” said Ray, very obviously lying.

Ben felt his breath get short and his throat tighten. He felt like he should fight for it. Fight for his normal life, his normal relationship. “I just don’t know if I’d be…comfortable…”

Scarlett huffed. “This is for my health, you know. I think you’d be a pretty selfish boyfriend not to let me do it.”

“Yeah, man. You didn’t strike me as the jealous type,” said Ray.


“So? What do you think?”

Ben felt the pre-cum in his pants. God, he loved this. Ben wanted it, too. He wanted the humiliation as much as they wanted to be free to fuck every night. It was so hot and so fucked up, too.

“Well…” he swallowed. “I, um, I guess that’d be fine…”

Scarlett beamed at Ray. “Great! Oh, I can’t wait!”

“Me neither,” said Ray.

Ben was forgotten about again as they looked into each other’s eyes.


Ben finished thinking about the whole journey leading up to this as she watched Scarlett leave the room in the skimpy Tifa outfit, cum still on his chest from the teasing session she gave him before she went. Ray and Scarlet started fooling around almost immediately. Ben could hear it through the walls, them going at each other.

“Mmmm,” he heard her moan as she sucked his cock. “You know, I don’t think I ever told you. Do you know how all this started?”

“How?” asked Ray, a smile in his tone.

“You were sleepwalking. We saw you jerking your fat cock in the common room in our sleep, and…I couldn’t get it out of my head. You even jerked off on me a few times in your sleep! And fucked my face! You even fucked me once in your sleep. Can you believe that?”

Ray laughed. “Yes. I can.”

The sound of sucking stopped. “What do you mean?”

“I mean, that’s not how all this started.”

“Oh? How did it start?” Scarlett asked.

“This all started when I decided to pretend to sleepwalk so I could show you my fat cock,” Ray declared.

Ben’s heart stopped.

“What?” asked Scarlett.

“I don’t sleepwalk.”

“But…you…” Scarlett said, shocked.

Ray laughed. “I can’t believe you guys fell for it! We were having full-on conversations.” There was a wet sound as Ray inserted his cock into her soaked pussy. She moaned deeply. “But I knew. I had to show you what you were missing out on, what I could be fucking you with. So I jerked off on that couch, screaming your name. And either, hey, you really were a good girl, and I could just blame the sleepwalking on it. Or…you were a slut…and you wouldn’t be able to resist.”

“Oh my God…ugh…uhh…Ray, that’s…so fucked up?” she said, though getting fucked by his fat cock, it sounded like she didn’t really care that much.

He slammed into her over and over. “I had to have you. I would do anything. I was obsessed. This fat ass, those huge tits. This tight little waist. I’d spend every day thinking of you. I needed to get my big dick in you.”

She was screaming now, building up to a massive orgasm.

“And listening to Ben disappoint you every night with his babydick, listening to your little moans. I knew he wasn’t pleasing you.” He kept slamming. “I knew what you really needed was to get fucked…by…me! To get owned…by…this…big…cock!!”

“Oh fuck, oh my fucking God… but that means… you…?” Scarlett asked.

“But even I couldn’t predict my luck. I knew that beat wimp Ben would just let it fucking happen. Would watch, stroking his little babydick while you pleased me. Watch as I fucked you raw.”

“Holy shit, Ray, fuck. Oh my God. Don’t stop, nice and deep, just like that, just like fucking that…”

Ray began to grunt, clearly driving deep and hard into her. “And now you’re denying him sex, spending every night with me. It makes me feel like a fucking king. I hated that he had such a hot piece of ass like you. I needed you for myself…and taking everything from him! Feels! So! Fucking! Good!”

She finally came to another massive orgasm, shaking. Followed by the sound of their kissing.

“So I’m sorry I tricked you,” he said, still pumping into her. But it worked out for the best, didn’t it?”

She kissed Ray deeply, passionately. “Oh God, oh fuck… It did.”

Ben could hear her smile as she said it—a warm, sweet smile accompanied by a tender kiss.

Ray grunted as he came in with Ben’s girlfriend. And Ben came on his stomach. Again.


The End.


*This story has been edited by AI to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story has been previously published on other free sites and is now public domain, which is why we can publish it here.

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