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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


One reader shares with us his change room incident….

This story is quite tamer, and more light hearted than a lot of tales on here, but it’s stuck with me because of the way my ex loved the fact I was cringing with embarrassment. About 5 years ago, I was a really avid swimmer, my ex Laura was into it too. We’d found a very quiet local swimming pool that was almost always deserted when we went there. One day on a really quiet day myself, and Laura went for a swim and then I went back to the changing rooms. I went in and had a quick shower and the way the rooms were set out it was a short walk from the shower to the cubicle.

As no one was around I walked from the shower to my locker without really a second thought I slipped my trunks off and reached into my locker to get a towel when the door swung open. As I looked up standing there was a women must have been in her early 30’s. She stood there open mouthed in shock. She quickly gasped saying sorry and rushed out red faced. I wasn’t really bothered by this at first as it was just an honest mistake, I thought no harm done.

I got dressed and waited for Laura in the reception area, Laura came out and the woman came into view looking rather apologetic. She said she was so sorry and she was told that the male rooms were totally empty, and that she hoped I didn’t complain. Laura at this point realised what must have happened and couldn’t stop giggling. I nervously said it was ok lets just forget about it. Then I walked towards the front door with the giggling Laura behind me. Laura however turned around and quipped, “Oh you look really shocked, it’s not just the water and the cold you know. It really is that small!”

Then she wiggled her little finger at the woman. My face must have gone bright red, and I walked out of the door as quick as a flash with Laura still giggling behind me. Needless to say she laughed about this for many weeks, and told basically everyone she knew.


Another reader tells us that when a Nurse laughed at his dick he knew he had a problem…

I had a growth on my testicles when I was 24. Thinking it might be cancer I made an appointment with my dermatologist with whom I’d seen about acne many years before. Fortunately it was not cancer but it had to be removed, he asked his nurse for assistance. I dropped my pants and his nurse nearly doubled over trying to hide her laughter. I was a good looking guy, six foot, 155 pounds, all muscle, washboard abs, ran 3-4 miles everyday. Up until then I thought I was quite a catch. Women would approach me and give me their phone numbers.

Thank God I never pursued them as I was in a relationship with my soon to be wife. We married and had kids, sex seemed more like a chore for my wife although she always claimed she was having a good time. I always remembered the nurse and decided my wife was faking orgasms, in my 40s Viagra came along. When you worry about your size you ejaculate too quickly. The blue pill changed that I had more confidence and could last at least 15 minutes. I believe my wife had her first orgasm with my when she was thirty-nine.

A tragedy for her for sure, and a humbling moment for me. Since I have worn a penis extension and she has 8 to 12 orgasms every time, I feel I owe them to her. She says I don’t need it but never asks me to take it off. Recently I’ve added vibrators to the action and its all good. It’s not my fault I am small and if I could fix it I would but you got to deal with it and do what ever it takes to get your women off.


This reader shares how an encounter with the Boss’s wife gave him a new nickname…

One year I decided I would wear the Xmas Elf costume at our company’s Xmas party. Another co-worker would be a sexy Santa’s wife. Come party time we went to the room where the costumes were and she started to get into hers right there and told me to change as well. Knowing I was going commando and was hung like a baby parakeet made me cringe with non-anticipation, but I decided what the hell. I started to undress with my back to her but like a moron I left my costume on a chair by her.

Naked, I turned around to go get it and she got a full look at me. She looked down and then up at my face then down again and smiled broadly. She said ‘OMG, you are an elf for real’ and laughed. I tried to make a joke of it and said I was part Hobbit, She was standing there topless and naturally I started to get erect. She walked my costume over to me and by then I was rock hard, all 4 inches poking straight out. She looked down and laughed again. I quickly put my costume bottom on as fast as I could. After that, all the girls in the office called me Elf from then on.


This reader explains how a check up in the STD Clinic leads to unexpected humiliation…

Back in my hippie days in Berkeley I went to an STD Clinic for a check-up. This was a free clinic somehow associated with UCB. After waiting for my turn I was brought to an exam room by a doctor who asked me if a med student could sit in on the check-up. I said I didn’t mind and was thinking to myself another person to see my tiny package. I striped down and put on the gown and waited for him to return. He did in about 5 minutes with a young female med student who looked like she was barely out of high school.

The doc had me lift up the gown while he walked her through the genital exam. How to check on the scrotum and nuts, size and feel for any suspicious lumps. Then the shaft, turning it all ways round for lesions, open sores or rashes. Then the dreaded q-tip swab up the urethra (which hurts like hell). She did it all very professionally but when she first saw it I watched her face with delight. She looked at it, then up at my face, then down at it again and looked very concerned. I made sure to ask the doc if I would still grow any more in size since I was the same as when I was eight years old. I looked at her when I said this. He said probably not. She gave me that ‘poor guy’ look. It was great.


This reader tells us how his mother caused him no end of humiliation over his dick as a kid…

Growing up with a single, doting, protective mother had its share of embarrassing moments for a tiny dicked underdeveloped kid. Add to the mix, I was a late bedwetter, being diapered each night by either my mother or grandmother till I was 12. They both would comment on how small I was and I began to think something was wrong with me. My older sister called me diaper boy and shrimp. I finally stopped wetting the bed at night but at 13 I was still waiting for puberty to hit so I’d finally feel like the other guys I was seeing in the locker room at gym class. I made the mistake of asking my mother to help me buy some gym clothes and she brought me back my very first jockstrap.

She wanted to see how it fit and reluctantly I tried it on for her. It was a small size, but still looked enormous on me. Of course I couldn’t fill out the cup. My mother laughed when she saw me and pulled at the straps to try and make it fit better. She said I didn’t need one now anyway and that she wanted me to see a doctor about my lack of development. I cringed. We went to see my pediatrician who did a full physical with my mom present of course. He said I was underdeveloped for my age and recommended I see an endocrinologist for some testing. He measured me and looked for signs of puberty – none. Not a hair, small tiny balls and a one and a half inch baby dick sticking straight out.

I felt horrible having my mother see me naked this way, being probed and examined. The endocrinology test came back showing less testosterone than a guy my age. My mother wanted to put me on growth hormones, but I thought I would turn into Andre the Giant or worse so I resisted. The doctor agreed to wait a year and see what happened. At fourteen years of age I grew several inches and finally reached puberty which my mother just had to see. She came in one day while I was showering for school and asked to see the changes. I was very proud of my few pubic hairs and happy to be getting erections almost constantly.

Standing there soaking wet with my mother looking at my new body was strangely exciting. I showed her my underarm hairs and she said good boy, but you’re still very small down there. I said I was happy for now and hoped it would grow much bigger. By now it was maybe 2.5 inches soft. As I started to towel off I started to get an erection. Instantly I was rock hard in front of my mother. She laughed and I blushed crimson. All four inches standing up at attention. She said she also hoped I would double in size real soon. I was both excited by her gentle unintentional belittling and humiliated as well. It led to many more SPH events throughout my teenage years.


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