Joshua Learns His Lesson

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by Amary

Miss Scruggs scanned the room like a hawk, looking for the slightest sign of guilt. Her sixth-form students, eight boys and twelve girls in all, desperately tried to avoid her furious gaze. Their giggling had completely subsided. They knew that one of them was in very serious trouble indeed. Miss Scruggs did not take lightly to pranks in general, and the hidden firecracker that had seen her land on her ample behind in shock was undoubtedly an infraction that she would punish most severely.

Lucy-Ann Crawford, a petite beauty with red hair and alabaster skin, stared down at her books. Beside her, the blonde Amazon-like lacrosse player, Celia Dearborn, met Miss Scruggs’ gaze coolly. Lavinia Scruggs suspected that both knew who the culprit was, but only Celia would turn him over. Yes, she was sure it was a boy, because really, what educated young lady would come up with such a boorish prank?

Her gaze shifted to Rose Haddon. The brunette was blushing – but that meant nothing. The stupid girl blushed at everything! Harriet Wakefield was another one staring at her books as though the topic of plant respiration was of great interest to her. If only she was actually reading it – she might actually get something more than a Pass for her Biology paper! Julia Emerson looked ever so innocent … perhaps too innocent? No, it wouldn’t have been Julia – she wasn’t a boy. It was a boy, Lavinia was sure of it.

She turned her stare to the members of that less fortunate gender. William Philpott – no, a lovely boy, against all odds. Bruce Meredith – possibly; it wouldn’t be the first time he was responsible for a prank. These rugby lads got up to all sorts of mischief. And Scottish too – Miss Scruggs didn’t trust the Scots any further than she could throw them! But wait – there was Joshua Levensworth. Flaxen-haired and green-eyed, there was little doubt he was the Adonis of the sixth form. Why, she’d even overheard Rose say so (blushingly, of course).

Rugby had given him an impressive physique, Miss Scruggs had to admit – in a purely clinical observation, of course. Miss Scruggs was after all the Biology mistress at King Arthur Comprehensive. She certainly didn’t approve of the boy – one should never use one’s God-given gifts for something as base as seducing the young ladies of King Arthur Comprehensive. Joshua Levensworth had gotten quite the reputation as a “ladies’ man”. Miss Scruggs snorted inwardly – ladies’ man indeed! He was only a boy – 18 years of age perhaps, but still a boy. She scrutinised him carefully – was that guilt in his eyes? No, boys like Joshua had little resembling a conscience.

It was more like fear. Having met the elder Mr Levensworth once before, she had a good idea why. The man was a force to be reckoned with. It was the only time she’d seen Joshua behave with anything approaching humility. Unfortunately, Reginald Levensworth was based in far-off Malaya, serving as His Majesty’s High Commissioner, so he was rarely in England to keep his only son in check. Mrs Levensworth – Lady Iris, to be precise, for she was an earl’s daughter – had accompanied him to that wretched land, and left Joshua in the care of one of the nation’s best schools. King Arthur Comprehensive would teach him gentlemanly habits and discipline, the High Commissioner had said before taking his leave. Unfortunately, Joshua had been shown little interest in either, preferring to spend his time on pranks and girls (not necessarily in that order).

Well, that would come to an end today, decided Miss Scruggs, if the boy was guilty (and she was very certain he was). However, the likelihood that he would confess to his crime of his own free will was slight, so she would need his peers to turn him in. And for that, she had the perfect hook.

“You have until the end of the day to turn over the perpetrator of this crime,” Miss Scruggs announced. “Otherwise you shall all be forbidden from joining the Brighton trip.” There was a collective groan from her class – they had been so looking forward to the seaside. Miss Scruggs left the classroom, satisfied that her ploy would yield results.

By the end of the day there were 18 slips of paper in Miss Scruggs’ pigeonhole outside the staffroom. All of them held the same name: Joshua Levensworth. The confessors had not signed their notes, but Miss Scruggs recognized their handwriting. The only ones who’d failed to reveal the miscreant’s identity were Joshua himself and Lucy-Ann Crawford. Miss Scruggs was not surprised by the latter’s silence; she had gleaned that Lucy-Ann was being courted by Joshua. Being a teenaged girl on the cusp of womanhood, she had fallen for the handsome lad’s charms.


Joshua was quaking in his shoes as he was led to the Headmistress’s office by a prissy prefect. The usually cocky boy was worried that Miss Haversham would write to his parents. The High Commissioner would not be pleased, to say the least. Why had he let Bruce talk him into the prank? And those traitors in his class, selling him out like that!

“Come in,” called the Head, interrupting the boy’s train of thought. Joshua entered the dark wood-panelled room with trepidation. Behind the heavy oak desk sat Adelaide Haversham, her youthful looks belying her 51 years. Standing beside her, posed like an avenging angel, was Miss Scruggs.

“Mr Levensworth, I believe you know why are here,” said Miss Haversham gravely. “King Arthur Comprehensive takes pranks of this nature very seriously. Not only is it a violation of the gentlemen’s code that we expect all our boys to follow, but you could have injured Miss Scruggs through this callous act.”

“But she wasn’t injured, Miss! It was just a harmless prank and it’ll never happen again, I swear!” said Joshua quickly, putting on his most angelic expression. His flaxen curls and limpid green eyes certainly lent themselves beautifully to this act.

Neither Miss Haversham nor Miss Scruggs were fooled. “It certainly will not happen again,” said Miss Haversham severely, “because you will not be at King Arthur to create any more mischief.”

Joshua stared at the headmistress. Surely she could not be saying what he thought she was saying. “What do you mean?” he croaked; his throat was dry.

“I think I have been quite clear, Mr Levensworth.” Miss Haversham held up the letter she’d been writing; Joshua’s heart sank when he saw it was addressed to his father in Malaya. “You are being expelled from King Arthur,” stated Miss Haversham.

“No, you can’t!” burst out Joshua. “It was just a stupid little prank! A joke! You can’t expel me for that!”

“I don’t think Miss Scruggs was amused, and I know I am not. It is certainly within my powers as Headmistress of this school to expel students found guilty of causing mischief, especially when it appears they are uninterested in contributing to the school. Let us not beat around the bush, Mr Levensworth – this is not your first violation of the school’s code. Moreover, you have shown little academic flair and, while your athletic record does merit some praise, your behaviour has undone that.”

Joshua felt his pulse quicken. This was really happening! They were going to expel him and send him back to Malaya to face his father! He was going to have to beg. He hated that, pleading for mercy from these nasty old biddies who couldn’t take a joke, but he couldn’t see any other choice.

“Oh please, Miss Haversham, Miss Scrugg. I’m sorry, I really am. I’ll try harder at my studies. I’ll take whatever punishment you feel is right. Just please don’t expel me or write to my father.”

Miss Scruggs smiled in satisfaction. She had the boy where she wanted him. This was how the male species should be – at the tender mercy of their female superiors.

Miss Haversham pretended to ponder Joshua’s plea. “Very well, Mr Levensworth. If Miss Scruggs is agreeable, then I shall consider giving you another to prove your worth to me and to this school. You will submit to an alternate punishment of community service as Miss Scruggs deems fit. Is that agreeable to you, Miss Scruggs?”

“As long as he accepts his punishment without protest and sees it through,” replied Miss Scruggs.

Joshua almost laughed in relief. Community service? That was the alternative to expulsion? These old hags must be losing their grip. Bruce Meredith had been given a community service before: raking the dead leaves and other rubbish from the Long Field.

“Of course, Miss Scruggs, Miss Haversham. I accept the punishment for the wrong I have committed,” Joshua said with all the fake remorse he could muster.

“Hmph,” said Miss Haversham, not taken in by him. “Very well, I shall leave it to Miss Scruggs to carry out your punishment. I will hold on to this letter, however; if I hear from her that you have failed to perform as required, then it will go in the post the very next day. Is that understood, Mr Levensworth?”

Joshua wrinkled his forehead in confusion. What a strange choice of words: ‘perform as required’. One didn’t ‘perform’ a punishment. If the English master had been there Miss Haversham would have gotten a right telling-off. But all he said was, “Yes, Miss Haversham.”

“You are dismissed,” she said with a wave of her hand. Joshua couldn’t wait to scurry out of there.

Alone in the office, Miss Haversham turned to Miss Scruggs. “You were right about the boy, Lavinia dear. Beauty without brains. He did not even ask for the details of his punishment before agreeing to it.”

“Boys are all the same,” said Miss Scruggs sneeringly. “There really is only one thing they are good for, and young Joshua is going to find out exactly what sooner than he thinks.”

The two women laughed in delight.


“Come in,” said Miss Scruggs.

Joshua entered the Biology classroom, feeling rather confused. Why did Miss Scruggs want to see him here? There wasn’t enough time for him to do whatever community service she intended for him before the sixth-form Biology class began. Unless she intended to let him skip her class to do it? He almost smiled at the impossibility of such a notion, but remembered in time to rearrange his face in a suitably subdued expression.

“Yes, Miss Scruggs, you wanted to see me?”

Miss Scruggs put down her pen and turned to face the boy. He must have just finished rugby practice; his face was still flushed from the exertion and his tousled hair was damp from the showers.

“Indeed, Mr Levensworth. I have decided to execute your punishment as agreed yesterday. You are, of course, still amenable to this alternative to expulsion?”

What sort of question was that? “Yes, Miss Scruggs.”

“I’m very glad to hear it, for I have decided how you can best provide a community service to your classmates. As you know – or at least would if you had paid any attention to our last class together before you set off that ghastly firecracker – today we shall be learning more about the male anatomy.”

Joshua had not paid attention; otherwise he would have known that the curriculum did not cover the male anatomy in more detail than they already had the previous year. He was wondering how he could possibly assist Miss Scruggs in her class.

Miss Scruggs managed to restrain herself from rolling her eyes at the boy’s stupidity. She went on. “You may not know this, but professors of anatomy at Oxford, Cambridge, and other great institutions have said that the best method to learn the subject is by observing a live specimen.”

Joshua was still staring at her uncomprehendingly. She was going to have to spell it out for him.

“You will be the live model for the class. And since the class begins in ten minutes, you had better get started. Disrobe, please.”

Joshua couldn’t believe his ears. Had Miss Scruggs really asked him to undress? And then bare his body to his classmates?

“Miss?!” he squeaked.

“Yes, Joshua, you heard me correctly. Now are you going to do as you’re told or not?”

“B-b-b-but, Miss!” stammered the gobsmacked boy. “I can’t possibly – not in front of – it’s crazy!”

Miss Scruggs could see that she would have to take a firm hand with the boy. She slammed her book down on the table, making Joshua jump.

“I think you remember the penalty of not obeying my orders. Your choice is simple: you either do as I say, or you can go upstairs and start packing your bags for Malaya.”

Joshua opened and closed his mouth repeatedly – not unlike a goldfish, thought Miss Scruggs. Really, the boy had such pink, pouty lips – she hadn’t really noticed them before.

“I’m waiting, Mr Levensworth. If you are not undressed by the time my students arrive, I will go straight to Miss Haversham.”

Joshua was in turmoil. Shedding his clothes and baring his body in front of this ghastly woman – and all his classmates – was like a nightmare come to life. But the alternative – expulsion and facing his furious father – seemed far worse. Maybe Scruggs was just playing a prank on him, like he had on her. Yes, that had to be it. There was no way a schoolmistress would ask her student to do something like this.

“This is a joke, isn’t it, Miss?” asked Joshua with a wavering smile.

Miss Scruggs smiled back at him, and for a moment Joshua was reassured. Then her smile widened into a wolfish grin and she said, “Practical jokes are more your domain than mine, Mr Levensworth. Disrobe or go home. The clock is ticking.”

“This can’t be what Miss Haversham had in mind when she gave me a community service punishment!” protested Joshua. “You’re acting outside your authority just to humiliate me.”

“On the contrary, Mr Levensworth,” came a voice from the door, making Joshua jump for the second time that morning. He had not heard Miss Haversham enter the room.

The headmistress moved to the front of the room, facing Joshua. “I have signed off on your punishment, as one that befits the crime. You sought to humiliate Miss Scruggs, and in turn she gets to humiliate you. An eye for an eye, as it states in the good Book.”

Joshua started to stammer another protest, but Miss Haversham cut him off. “Miss Scruggs did warn me that you would be resistant to the concept of justice, which is why I decided to come down here myself to ensure that you have carried out your punishment as we agreed.”

“This is not what we agreed!” accused Joshua heatedly.

“Enlightening your fellow students about the male form constitutes a community service as far as I am concerned, Mr Levensworth. Now are you going to do as you’re told, or accept the expulsion that was originally meted out to you? I have my letter to your father here in my hand.”

Joshua looked from one woman to the other helplessly. He could scarcely believe this was happening to him.

“Time is of the essence, Mr Levensworth!” snapped Miss Scruggs. “Begin undressing.”

“D-do I have to do it here?” asked Joshua, in a final attempt to preserve his modesty.

“For goodness’ sakes, Joshua!”

Joshua’s hands went to his burgundy tie and loosened it before pulling it over his head. The next to go was the navy blazer. He hesitated on the buttons of his crisp white shirt, until Miss Haversham started noisily folding up the letter in her hand. He got the message.

The two ladies were watching him closely. As he pulled off the shirt, they were treated to his muscular arms flexing beautifully. The sharp-eyed Miss Scruggs spotted a few wisps of dark blond hair escaping from the collar of his undershirt. That was rather unexpected, she thought to herself; she hadn’t expected him to have much hair on his body. But now that his arms were out of those pesky blazers and long-sleeved rugby jerseys he usually wore, she could see the fine dusting of golden hair on them. She wondered how hairy he was in his nether regions – that would be an interesting topic to discuss with the class!

Miss Haversham, who had a side view of the boy, wasn’t able to see his chest hair, but she did observe his very round rump protrude attractively as he bent down to take off his shoes. The next garment to be shed (again with great reluctance, until Miss Scruggs clucked impatiently) was his trousers.

The embarrassed boy was acutely aware of their women’s lecherous gazes on him. He was now down to his undershirt and underpants. They both fit him quite loosely (as was the norm of their era) but there was a hole in his underpants just above his crotch, and a tuft of wiry golden curls poked out. He hastily covered his crotch with his hands, but the women had noticed.

“This is why we teach our young men darning – yet another class in which you clearly were not paying attention,” said Miss Haversham severely. “But no matter, you won’t have them on for much longer.”

“Please, Miss, don’t make me take these off too!”

“Don’t be silly, boy!” It was Miss Scruggs who replied. “How on earth will your classmates be able to study the male body when a good percentage of it remains covered? Discard your undergarments please – you are really wasting the Headmistress’s time!”

Blushing almost profusely as Rose Haddon (which was quite a feat since rugby had made him quite tanned), Joshua turned away from the ladies to take off his undershirt. The mistresses were not disappointed – Joshua had a very muscular back and, besides, he would have to turn around to face them eventually and they’d have the front view then.

Joshua hooked his thumbs in the waistband of his underpants and paused. Looking over his shoulder with one last pleading look, he received only the impatient stares of the two women. Sniffing, he pulled down the last of his clothing to stand, totally nude, in front of his two schoolmistresses.

Misses Scruggs and Haversham were speechless. It was true that the headmistress had had some inkling of young Joshua’s fine posterior when he was bending down earlier, but to see it in the flesh was a wondrous thing! Covered with the finest blond down (glinting like gold in the sunlight from the windows), Joshua’s arse might have been carved from marble by Michelangelo. Miss Haversham had been to Florence and seen his David but, truly, he would have been better off using Joshua as his model. (Miss Haversham’s mind began to work on methods to get the boy to pose for a recreation of the famous statue.)

As glorious as Joshua’s arse was, the two ladies were still waiting for the main event: the unveiling of Joshua’s most private parts. Only that anticipation managed to tear their attention away from those perfectly rounded globes of gold-dusted flesh.

“Turn around, Mr Levensworth,” ordered Miss Haversham, a little breathlessly.

Slowly, reluctantly, unhappily – Joshua did just that. He had both hands clasped firmly over his groin, which was where the women’s eyes went to first. But this was also their first full glimpse of his front, and they ogled his rugger’s thighs and his well-developed chest. Miss Scruggs had never seen such pronounced abdominal muscles on any man before. Like his arse and thighs, these were covered with those exquisite, downy blond hairs. There was also a little dusting in the cleft between his pectoral muscles. No wonder the boy was so popular with the young ladies!

“Mr Levensworth, you will have to be comfortable showing ALL of your body,” said Miss Scruggs. She was as breathless as Miss Haversham. “Move your hands please.”

Miss Haversham almost felt sorry for the lad; he seemed to be on the verge of tears. But really, he had nothing to be ashamed of about his body. Many men in their prime did not have physiques as sculpted as his (and Miss Haversham would know – she had had many a lover in the past).

With what sounded suspiciously like a sob, Joshua moved his hands away from his crotch and revealed the last unexposed part of his body to the women.

Miss Haversham had to choke back a laugh, and Miss Scruggs smirked. While it had seemed thus far that God had given His choicest gifts to this young Adonis, He had withheld them in one department. Joshua’s penis was fat and pink, but oh dear – it was almost lost in the tangle of wiry blond curls! Miss Scruggs estimated that it was two inches at most in length, and she felt that was a generous estimation. In contrast, his testicles were a little on the large size, hanging pendulously between his legs. Unfortunately they had the overall effect of making his penis seem even smaller.

Joshua stood there, fully exposed, for what felt like a lifetime to him, but was really only a minute, if that. Then the clatter of students coming up the passage roused the two women, and Miss Scruggs rutted about in her desk for the dressing gown she had brought for the boy.

“Here you go, boy,” she said, thrusting it at him. Joshua stared at this unexpected concession to his modesty for only a second, before grabbing it like a drowning man would a lifeline. Unfortunately for him, the garment had belonged to Miss Scruggs’ nephew, who was significantly younger than Joshua. The gown did not even come up to his knees (bending over would have certainly displayed a “full moon”, if you catch my drift) and it didn’t fit properly around his broad chest. A strip of bare skin from throat to navel was left exposed regardless of how tightly he tied the cord around his waist. Still, it was better than nothing – he dreaded the moment he would have to take it off in front of his classmates. He had seen the smirk on Miss Scruggs’ face and heard Miss Haversham’s suppressed laugh. He had always tried to convince himself that he would grow, but he was a month past his eighteenth birthday and his penis hadn’t lengthened by as much as he’d hoped. He’d seen Bruce Meredith’s penis in the showers – it was a good five inches at least. Even that sissy Billy Philpott had a bigger penis than him! But of course this was hardly a representative sample – was it? Joshua had always reassured himself that there were other boys out there with penises as small as his, or possibly even smaller. But what if there weren’t?

His terror began to mount. Any moment now his classmates would enter the room. He wrapped the dressing-gown tightly around himself and tried to pull the bottom hem down as far as it would go. It was no use. He faced the doors like it was the gallows.

His fellow students burst through the doors boisterously and then stopped short at the sight of Joshua wearing nothing but an undersized dressing-gown.

For his part, Joshua was doubly horrified – for the students entering the classroom were not just his own classmates, but students from other classes too!

“Settle down, class,” said Miss Scruggs breezily. “We’ll start our class on the male anatomy shortly.”

The astonished students took their seats; some had to share seats as there weren’t enough in the room for the sixty-odd students who had turned up.

“Oh, sorry,” squeaked Rose Haddon as she accidentally sat on Jack Holbein’s lap because her eyes had been glued to poor Joshua. Jack certainly didn’t have any complaints.

Celia Dearborn and Lucy-Ann Crawford were in the front row. Joshua couldn’t bring himself to meet their eyes. This wasn’t how he’d wanted Lucy-Ann to see him.

“I think I will leave this class in your capable hands, Miss Scruggs,” said Miss Haversham, and sailed out the door regretfully. She would have liked to stay and watch, but that wasn’t part of the plan. Nor was that endearingly little penis – what a lovely surprise that had been!

“Thank you, Miss Haversham,” Miss Scruggs said to her retreating back. Turning to face her students, she smiled – that in itself gave them gooseflesh, for Scruggs rarely smiled.

“Now, where was I? Oh yes, the male anatomy. This will be a special class, which is why I have asked your teachers to let all of you sit in on it. As you can see, Mr Levensworth here has kindly volunteered to model for us today in lieu of his punishment for yesterday’s prank.”

Sixty pairs of eyes looked at Joshua. It was obvious that Joshua had not “volunteered” for anything.

“Let’s begin by looking at this diagram.” Miss Scruggs held out a chart. “Mr Levensworth, since you’re already standing, perhaps you can help me put it up.”

Joshua took the chart from her and then looked at the wall to which she was pointing. The nail was located above his head. Forgetting about his attire, he reached up to hang the chart from the nail. The bottom hem of his dressing-gown rode up and exposed the lower half of his arse to the students.

There were gasps and titters from the students.

“Miss, is he NAKED under that gown?” asked Julia Emerson.

Joshua quickly turned away from the wall and tugged the hem of his gown downwards, his face crimson with shame.

“Miss Emerson, foolish questions do not become a young gentlewoman,” said Miss Scruggs severely. Inside she was chortling. How embarrassed the boy was – and they hadn’t even begun the class!

“Let us look at this diagram – yes, you too, Mr Levensworth.”

The new few minutes were spent going over the illustration of the male anatomy. Few, if any, of the students were looking at it – they were rather keener on the living display they would soon get. The girls, of course, were thrilled – but so were the boys, and I don’t mean those who were so inclined. Joshua was a cocky little bugger, and the lads were looking forward to seeing him humiliated in front of the girls who were always fawning over him.

After an interminable delay, Miss Scruggs finally told Joshua to stand in front of the board and face the class. All the students (bar one) leaned forward on their desks, eagerly anticipating the unveiling.

However, Miss Scruggs was determined to drag the full denuding of her hapless student. She first got Joshua to extract his arms from the sleeves of the dressing gown, and then rolled it down to his waist. The sight of Joshua’s bare chest sent the girls into fits of ecstasy. It was one of those rare instances where reality was actually better than fantasy. None of them had quite expected him to have such a sculpted torso, or hair on his chest. Hungry eyes devoured the golden trail leading from his pectoral cleft, down his abdomen, and disappearing under the gown.

Miss Scruggs, meanwhile, had Joshua raise his arms above his head and was pointing out the tufts of hair under his arms.

“This is one of the signs of puberty for men,” she said. “They also grow hair on their chests (she gave Joshua’s chest hair a little tug, making him wince), on their limbs, and their groins – as we will see shortly.” There was more tittering from the audience and Joshua turned an ever deeper shade of red.

“We are fortunate to have such a well-developed specimen – at least in some aspects.” Joshua felt his cock shrivelling, for he knew what she meant even if the other students didn’t … yet.

Miss Scruggs had him flex his arms and pointed out his biceps and triceps. She then had him turn around so she could point out his back muscles. Facing the front once again, she pointed out each of his nipples by pinching them. To his shame, they hardened. He hoped no one had noticed, but he was out of luck. The smirking Miss Scruggs made sure she drew attention to them.

“As you can see, the aureoles respond to various stimuli – the cold, for instance. Mr Levensworth evidently has very sensitive nipples since even a light touch has caused them to become erect.”

Joshua closed his eyes, as though it would silence the laughter of his classmates.

Miss Scruggs tutted that they were unable to see Joshua’s iliac furrow because he had his gown pulled up too high, and accordingly tugged it down, exposing most of his pubic hair but stopping short of revealing his penis. There were a few disappointed moans from the class.

“This V-shape just above his groin is the iliac furrow, which is very clearly visible on this specimen. You can also see the other sign of puberty that I mentioned earlier, pubic hair. The colour of Mr Levensworth’s pubic hair leaves us in little doubt that his genetic heritage is at least partly Nordic.”

She suddenly grasped him by the shoulders and turned him around to face the boards. There were fresh chuckles from the class, as the lowering of his gown had exposed the top half of his arse.

“Here we can see the gluteal muscles, which provide the shape and form of the buttocks. The gluteus maximus is the largest of the three and can be one of the strongest muscles in the body – and looking at Mr Levensworth’s gluteus maximus, I don’t think any of us doubt that. But let us see it in full.”

And without any further warning, she whipped off his gown, leaving him stark naked in front of sixty students. A startled Joshua clasped his hands to his groin, not that anyone could see, given that he had his back to the class. And for the moment, many of them didn’t care either; they were too mesmerised by the perfect curves of his firm, round buttocks. There was no giggling; only sighs of longing.

“An impressively muscled pair of buttocks,” remarked Miss Scruggs as the sense of wonderment faded. “We will study them in greater detail soon. Let us proceed with the lesson.” She turned Joshua to face the class again.

“Now, Mr Levensworth, hands by your side,” she said quietly. He had his hands firmly over his groin. He looked at her pleadingly, silently begging her not to inflict this ultimate indignity on him.

“Hands by your side,” Miss Scruggs repeated, more insistently this time. Shaking with fear and humiliation, Joshua moved his hands apart, revealing – for the second time that day – his most private parts to a captive audience.

There was absolute silence.


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