The Fairy Fucker

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by Guy_Faux

Pathetic… That’d me in a nutshell. For my entire life I’ve been unusually small, which hasn’t made things easy. At school the boys bully me, while the girls tease me for being smaller than even them. Puberty didn’t help. I never quite grew past five-foot, while remaining quite petite. Fully grown I was still shopping in the children’s sections at stores, and honestly that wasn’t the worst of it.

As if I needed further proof of just how worthless I was I’d also been cursed with the smallest dick in the world. While flaccid it was little more than a bump that barely protruded from me at all. Hell, half the time I could barely piss standing up with the thing. And while erect it was just shy of a full inch, while being about as thick as a pencil. To call it useless would have been an understatement. Between that and my pea-sized balls I was horrified of the idea of showing my dick to a girl. Naturally I was a virgin, and I figured that would definitely never change. But all of that changed when I met her…

It happened a couple years ago. I was eighteen, a senior in high school who spent his weekend nights playing video games in his bedroom. So there I was sitting butt-naked in front of my computer, screaming bloody murder over some guy sniper-killing me in an online game when I heard this loud thud against my window. I figured it was probably just a bird since I was on the second story, but of course I went to have a look. What I saw was definitely no bird.

There was this tiny woman, no taller than five or six inches sitting there rubbing her long, strawberry hair. Long wings like a dragonfly’s extended from her back. She looked up at me with these eyes that were the shade of the night and squealed loudly, “Please don’t squish me! I’m not a bug!”

“I… I can see that much,” I stammered, “But what the fuck are you?”

She stood, smiling at me with one of the most adorable (albeit tiny) faces I’d ever seen. “I’m a fairy. My name’s Cici.”

Looking at her from the front it was hard to understand how she could walk upright at all. Her body was wonderfully out of proportion. She had these heavy breasts the size of walnuts, a tiny little waist that looked too flimsy to support them, and a perky little ass that seemed to wiggle with her every move. I could only figure that since she could fly it just didn’t matter that she couldn’t walk properly. Full-sized though she’d of been more like a perverse sex-doll than a real woman.

“My name’s Matt. If you don’t mind me asking why’d you fly into my window?”

The tiny girl’s face blushed as her eyes narrowed slyly. “Well I saw you were naked and…”

Naked? I’d forgotten about that, but somehow it was hard for me to feel self-conscious considering she was butt-naked too.

“…I thought I might sneak in a quick snack. I’m starving!”

“What do you mean? What does you eating have to do with me being naked?”

She giggled sharply as her tiny wings fluttered. “Don’t you know? Fairies live off from the nectar human males produce.”

“You drink cum?”

“Oh, is that what you call it? Normally we sneak in when men sleep and drink until we’re full. You tend to produce so much of it for some reason. But I’d been lost and haven’t eaten in a bit, and when I saw you were naked I just couldn’t help myself.”

Her story was a bit weird, but then again she was a six-inch doll magical creature with tits bigger than her entire body. So I guess I had to throw things like logic out the window on this one. “Sorry to disappoint you, but I’m about the worst male in the world for that sort of thing. As you can see my… errr… nectar factory down there is pretty pathetic.”

Cici wiggled her ass wildly as she let out a sharp laugh. “No way, it’s the perfect size! Can I have a bit, pretty please?”

“Sure.” That was about all I could manage. I’d never had a woman so desperate to suck my dick after all.

I went and sat on my bed. Cici fluttered over, landing on my thigh. Her body was unusually warm and light. She knelt down beside my tiny flaccid little cock and began to lick at it. Fuck if it didn’t feel great. In no time at all I was getting erect, much to Cici’s delight. She pressed her fat tits around the thing and began to massage my dick with them. Suddenly I could understand why her breasts were so big. They were perfect for rubbing the cum out of cocks. Sure enough in no time at all I felt ready to cum. Cici seemed to have a sixth sense for that sort of thing. She pressed her mouth around my hole and sucked like a vacuum as I orgasmed. It all happened in less than a minute, but goddamn was it wonderful!

“Delicious,” she squealed, “Are you a virgin? Only virgin cum tastes so wonderful!” She licked her lips before dipping down to lick around my head to ensure she’d gotten every last drop.

“I’m glad you liked it. You know, I’d be happy to let you drink from me as much as you wanted. I mean… Well you’re really cute and you give great blow jobs.”

“Really? That’d be awesome! It’s a lot of work going from house to house in search of food.”

Thinking quickly I realized the obvious. I could keep Cici here and no one would ever see her. Surely a normal woman would never have any use for my dick, but for Cici it was perfect. “You could live here… with me. I mean if you wanted to.”

Cici’s eyes went wide. “You’re the nicest human ever, Matt! Oh, and maybe I could do something in return for you?”

She seemed to be clueless about the favor she was already doing me, but who was I to complain? She crawled along my body until she had my still erect dick pressed up between her thighs. Then, much to my delight, she began to ease down on it. My tiny dick was perfect for her tiny cunt. Cici groaned loudly as it went up into her. For her it still must have seemed massive. I was groaned myself. This was as close to sex as I’d ever come before after all.

Cici began to slowly hump my dick, her tiny bottom bouncing up and down as she howled with pleasure. My fingers dug into my bed as her’s clamped onto my skin. Fuck if it wasn’t the better than I thought sex would be. Her warm body was so tight; her speed was amazing. Watching her tiny tits jiggle so wildly only aroused me all the more. As her ass began to slap against my sac I cried out, eager to cum into her. Suddenly Cici went down hard, crushing my sac under her bottom as she drove my dick as far into her as it’d manage. Again her timing was perfect; I came harder than I ever had before.

The poor thing fell back laughing as a river of cum flowed out of between her tiny legs. It was more than she could handle. Cici quickly rolled over to begin lapping up the excess like a kitten drinking milk. I could only smile. I’d lost my virginity to a woman I’d just met, and honestly I couldn’t of been happier.

Cici sat there for a moment, delighted by the feeling of my cum inside of her body. After a few seconds she looked up to me, her cheeks blushing again as she pleaded, “Matt, you have so much cum to spare, and your home is so awfully big. Would you consider letting my sisters in as well?”

“Sisters? Like how many?”

“Just fifty or so. Of course we’ll have to milk you for nectar about a dozen times a day, if that’s ok?”

Now it was my turn to grin. “Sure, invite them all. I think I can handle that.”

Cici laughed with delight. Her many sisters soon joined us, all showed equal delight in having such a wonderful place to live. There was the safety of a human’s home, an endless supply of food, and a dick that was just perfect to play with. Go figure, my dick wasn’t so worthless after all. And now just two years later I find myself looking back and laughing on the days when I thought I’d die a virgin. Find one girl to settle down with and fuck? Hell, I’ve got fifty-one!

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