Smaller Than Average Part 3

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By runtz4 (edited)


Smaller Than Average 1   Part 2


Part 3 begins…


My wife Angie is incredibly sexy, some women are cute others pretty, but Angie is sexy. At five feet even you would normally think of her as cute, but her 34 DD breasts, dark wavy hair and firm bulbous ass make her look like a miniature pin up girl. She grew up in a very conservative home and wasn’t allowed to date in high school, and then continued to live with her parents in college. When we met Angie was a virgin and fairly naive, but I loved her innocent trust in people, her humor and mostly she didn’t seem to know just how erotic she was. Growing up she was THE girl next door in the neighborhood, I knew her brother and some of his friends all of whom confessed to having jacked off thinking about Angie, even her brother finally admitted to getting off thinking about her.

We’ve been married five years and have had a pretty healthy sex life. For someone so sheltered and conservative she has been very willing to try new things. I know that I am not “big” and in fact I’ve known since college that my penis was smaller than average. So I’ve tried to compensate by being an attentive lover and using my hands and tongue to keep her satisfied. Even after having our first child we continued to have sex like we always had. I’d make her cum using my hands and tongue, and then I would have sex with her.

Or at least I used to. Actually more and more lately she would jerk me off and let me fuck her tits, or just roll over and tell me to do it “hotdog” style. A position I named when Angie first had our baby and wasn’t up for sex. She would lie on her stomach and I would oil up my dick and rub it between her butt cheeks. So putting my “wiener” as she likes to call it, between her buns came known as “hotdog.” I didn’t mind it after all she has such an incredible body and I actually thought it was kinda kinky.

Our anniversary came around, and since we don’t have a lot of money Angie told me we would just have a special weekend at home. “Just leave everything up to me. I know you’re busy with work so let me plan everything,” Angie insisted.

Friday night came around and Angie met me at the door wearing nothing but a sexy bustier which accentuated her curves pushing her tanned breasts together and extending them out and silky panties that hugged her pussy tightly enough to tell she was completely shaved. I reached out to touch her breasts spilling over the top of her bustier but she swatted my hand away.

“Nope,” she said, “…not yet. I have several things planned for us tonight but you have to promise to do exactly what I say.”

Of course I agreed, she guided me to the dinner table and instructed me to sit. While she set the table and served me dinner all while wearing her sexy outfit. I was going crazy, she looked so amazing I couldn’t help but gawk at her. And her scent, every time she passed by her perfume lingered just enough to make me close my eyes and breathe it in.

I had a few glasses of wine with dinner at her request, to loosen me up and help me relax. After dinner she had me take a shower, and then lie down on the bed when I was ready for her. I took the shortest shower in the history of showers, and quickly sprawled out naked on the bed. Angie had set the mood by lighting candles, and I noticed a bottle of massage oil on her nightstand.

“I am ready,” I shouted in eager anticipation my dick already hard.

Angie walked in with a tray of goodies. She had poured three shots of tequila and taking one placed it in her cleavage and urged me to drink up. I am not a heavy drinker so all this went to me head very fast. She pushed me down on the bed and began rubbing my back, the oil was warm, and the scent was erotic. She rubbed my back and then had me flip over and caressed my chest, feet and legs accidentally brushing up against my dick and balls. Between the nice buzz from the alcohol and the massage I was very relaxed, but between her accidental touching of my genitals and the way Angie looked I was still rock hard.

She lifted my arms over my head, and as I did she handcuffed me to the bed posts. Angie slid off the bed, and grabbed something from her nightstand, it looked like a belt or something, she slid it up my legs and cinched it to my waist. It seemed to be some sort of harness with two cut outs; one for my dick and one for my balls. She then pulled some type of rope from under the bed and hooked it to one side of the harness, then went to the other side and attached the other end of the strap. I realized it was a ratcheting tie down for cargo, then using the ratcheting device she secured my midsection to the bed. I couldn’t move anything but my legs.

“God, what has gotten into you?” I asked as she has never done anything like this before.

“I want this to be unforgettable,” she replied and leaned into me brushing her barely covered breasts across my face.

I breathed in her intoxicating scent again. She slid down my body and I felt the warmth between her legs press into my throbbing cock.

“Are you ready?” she whispered in my ear.

“Yes. Please yes…” I chanted wanting her so badly.

“Not yet,” She said and rolled to my side.

Then taking some oil she had on the tray she generously covered my penis pouring out the warmed lubricant as if she was pouring syrup on a pancake. She slowly rubbed her hand down my chest, past my stomach and paused just before grabbing my dick in her hand. She patiently started to stroke my oil covered cock. I gasped and shuddered as she slowly worked her warm hand up and down the shaft of my cock. I was propped up enough with pillows under my head to be able to watch her tease my balls barely touching them with her fingernails and then stroking up over the head of my dick and back down again, pausing every so often to rub the most sensitive part under my helmet. And just when I thought release was imminent she stopped.

“I have a surprise for you,” She blushed hiding a shy smile behind her hair falling in front of her face. “I know that you like looking at porn and I’m not judging you its okay. But I thought maybe tonight we could watch some together.”

She sat up and wiped off her hands, then reaching under the bed she pulled out my lap top, sat it between my legs and placed a couple more pillows under my head so I could see what she was doing. Then opening the history folder she pulled up the last porn site I had visited. My face burned with fear and humiliation of being caught.

“You like this right?” she asked.

“Yes”, I coughed not sure if I should say anything.

After all I thought I was being sneaky but she had outsmarted me. She clicked on the first video and we watched it together. I was embarrassed and turned on at the same time to be sitting there helpless as my wife played a video I had watched a few days ago thinking she would never know. The scene featured a busty slut jacking off a big thick cock. The girl was sort of thick herself but that cock looked like something you would find on a donkey.

“Do you like watching big dicks getting jerked off?” Angie prodded.

I said nothing then grabbing my balls and applying some pressure she asked again, “Do you like watching big fat cocks?”

“Yes,” I timidly replied.

“That makes sense. I’ve recently discovered that I like watching big cocks too,” She confessed holding my dick in her hand.

I instinctively wanted and tried thrusting into her hand but the harness was too restricting.

She squeezed me hard, “No! Not yet.”

The big cock in the video erupted in a flow of white spunk and the girl was coated in a thick layer from nose to navel. “You like watching big dicks cum,” Angie stated.

My pulsing dick in her hand was the only confirmation she needed. Angie then clicked on the next video, this one was a cuckold video that showed a small dicked white husband being forced to watch his wife take a big black cock in every hole she had. The wife would occasionally comment about how much she loved her big dicked boyfriend, and how useless her husband was. She made him lie on the bed while she measured both of them. I was horrified as she called out her husband’s number “four inches” she laughed. Then taking the monster cock in her hand she lifted it up. “11 inches!” she cooed and then fucked the black cock till he came.

The little white dick guy just sat there jerking off his little clitty dicklet.

“How big are you?” Angie asked.

“I am not sure,” I lied.

“Bullshit! I know you’ve measured. But you’d probably lie about it anyway,” Angie countered and then reached over and took a tape measure out of her nightstand drawer. “Let me see…” she held the tape up to my dick, “…do you want to guess?” She asked flirtatiously.

I just shook my head no.

“Well then let me tell you… you’re not even four inches…” she laughed, “…you’re smaller than the small white guy in the porn video.” She laughed hard, real laughter not fake guff haws but the genuine thing. “Did you know your little peewee was small before we got married?” She asked.

“Yes. I knew I was smaller than most guys but was hoping you wouldn’t mind or even notice. After all size isn’t everything,” I said sounding more like a hopeful question.

“I didn’t notice, in fact I still might not have known,” Angie said referring to the porn.

“A few weeks ago I got the strangest package in the mail. It was addressed to me and the return sender was your old girlfriend Amy. Inside was a DVD, a selection of sex toys and a letter.”

Angie continued her tale taking the letter out of her drawer, cleared her throat and read aloud, “Angie, I know how strange this might seem to get a package from me. We barely even knew each other. But I know that you have been married to David for five years now and I feel it’s my duty to help you out. You see I know how kind and sweet he can be but what I also know is that he could never satisfy me sexually. You see David’s dick is really quite small and if that is the only one you have been fucking then it’s time I set you free. Enclosed is a DVD, watch it and see for yourself how small he really is. Email me and I’ll guide you on what to do next. Your friend, Amy.”

At the time I was totally shocked that Amy had done this, yet later when I thought about it not so much. She always liked humiliating me and she knew I liked it too.

Angie smirked at me and said, “I watched the DVD and I think you should too.”

She put the disc in the computer and started playing the DVD. It was grainy and obviously home made but I knew exactly what I was watching. It was Amy and I years ago. She filmed me while she measured my dick. She got right up on me and read the measurement out loud, “Three 1/2 inches.” Amy giggled. Then the scene changed, it was Amy again but she was measuring another guy saying, “7 inches.” Then scene after scene of her measuring guys rolled across the screen with her declaring their size, “Eight inches… 9 ½ inches… 5 and a half inches…” She must have measured and recorded over 20 guys and all of them were bigger than me.

The last scene replayed Amy measuring me and then ended with a graph showing how the average guy (not including me) was 7 and a half inches, and how I was four inches shorter than her average fuck.

Once the DVD finished Angie said to me, “So, I emailed her and she helped me plan this evening. Tonight I think I deserve to fuck a big dick.”

“But you can’t cheat on me honey, I love you and would never cheat on you,” I pleaded. “I am sorry I didn’t tell you I was small and sorry you’ve had to put up with my small dick but please don’t cheat on me,” I begged.

“I am not going to cheat on you,” she reassured me and then pulled out a fake cock. It was much longer and much much thicker than me. It looked just like a real dick though with veins and realistic colours. “You’re going to wear this and you are going to fuck me with it whenever I want,” she informed me.

“Yes, anything you want,” I gushed.

Angie lubed up the inside of the hollow cock and slipped it over my own. I’m not sure the lube was needed as it just went right in. Then attaching the cock to the harness around my waist she began lubing the outside of the giant fake dick.

“Look at this…” She demanded, “…I can’t even fit my hand around it.”

She slowly started jerking it up and down, it seemed so big. I couldn’t believe how life like it looked. I so wanted to feel her on my dick but instead she was stroking something I couldn’t even feel. “I think I am going to need a lot more lube. I’ve never fucked something this big before,” she teased as she poured more lube on the rubbery dick, spreading it out all around.

She rubbed the underside of the head and looked at me with a fake frown. “Does that not feel good? You usually jump all over the place when I rub your head. But this one is so much bigger of course.”

Angie pulled off her panties and stood up on her feet and began to slowly lower herself on the fat cock. She stopped as the head touched her lips. “God with the warm lube it feels so real, or at least what I imagine a big cock would feel like,” She added looking right at me. “Doesn’t it look real?” She asked me. “I mean like one of the big ones in those movies you like to watch?”

“Yes” I mumbled straining to say the words. “Yes, it looks real.”

Then looking at her pussy she watched as the head stretched her lips apart, and she let out a pleasurable gasp as she took the head inside her. “It’s not even halfway in, and it’s touching places you never could. God it’s so much thicker than yours too!”

She let out small whimpers as she continued swallowing the cock inside her wet pussy. I was fixated on the show right in front of me, my petite wife was being stretched wider than she’d ever been before and fucked deeper than I ever could. She stopped and looked down again, “Look how it stretches my pussy.”

I didn’t have to be told I was already watching, and wondering if it would ever be the same again. “It’s not even all the way in yet.” She laughed. Then taking the tape measure she measured from the base of the cock to her strained cunt, “Oh my God!!” She exclaimed, “Four inches left… you aren’t even inside me yet,” She breathed in genuine dismay.

I was totally embarrassed, my beautiful innocent wife was raping herself on a giant cock attached to me and I couldn’t do anything but watch as she slowly worked her pussy up and down getting used to the massive size buried inside of her. Angie rode the big plastic dick rubbing her tits in my face and groaning in ways she never did while fucking my dick.

“God this is so much better than your little dick,” she yelled, “…I feel so full… and feminine… You could never make me feel like this,” she barked having the fuck of her life.

I watched as a thick foam flowed out of her down the cock, I’d never made her cream like that. But I also noticed some blood as she was being torn open by this giant dong. All the while I was watching her bounce on this giant dick between my legs and feeling nothing but intense excitement and frustration. She cried out, clawed my chest with her fingernails bucking and thrusting as she came on my fake dick. It was amazing… for her.

She sat on the cock rocking back and forth, her arms around my neck and her breasts pressed against my face, she laughed and cried and panted in pleasure. “Please.” I begged. “Let me cum.”

Angie stood up sliding the cock out of her, as she came all the way off I could see her pussy stretched out and hanging open. She laid down beside me and pulled the big cock off of me. Then using just her thumb and forefinger she slowly began to stroke my dick. She then took the fake cock in her hand and began sliding it in and out of her newly stretched cunt. Then holding it up to me she laughed, “Look I can’t even get my hand around this thing, and all I need to jerk your little guy is two fingers. I want to watch a real man fuck while I play with your toy.”

She leaned over and started playing the DVD again. It was several scenes of Amy fucking the giant dicks she had measured. Every time I was about to cum she would pinch my dick hard to keep me from going over the edge. She must have done it 4 or 5 times while watching the video. Each time I’d beg her to let me cum. The video ended and I laid there trying to grasp hold of the reality of what was happening. That’s when I heard laughing, and it wasn’t Angie.

“You are so pathetic,” Amy’s voice laughed out coming from the computer between my legs.

“Oh did I forget to tell you? We’ve been on Skype with Amy this whole time,” Angie said then brought the program up. Amy was sitting at her computer watching us. Watching Angie humiliate me and tease me. Getting a close up view of Angie humping that giant cock and then watching her stroke my little dick.

“See I told you he was a small dick wimp,” Amy goaded.

“Angie this isn’t fair, I’ve never…” I began to say

“You’ve never what? Satisfied me with your little penis? Then you’re right. For years you’ve been pricking me with that little thing, and I’ve felt nothing. Sure you’ve let me cum, but never satisfied. So I think it’s only fair and Amy agrees with me, that for the next year you wear that real man’s dick every time we fuck and if you do a real good job then I’ll let you get off. But if you really want to fuck me then I get to fuck with any guy I want. I get to be fully satisfied with a real cock if you want to fuck my pussy.”

Amy clapped and cheered Angie on.

I sat there trying to think and trying desperately to figure this whole thing out. My dick was still hard as a rock and felt like it was on fire; I was so horny and scared and mixed with the tequila I couldn’t think straight. All I could hear is Angie ask, “Do you want me to fuck you?”

“Yes,” I breathlessly stammered not really sure what I had agreed to.

Angie stood up on the bed and slowly lowered herself down, just as she had the strap on, she stopped just above my dick and I could feel her hot wet pussy begin to slide over the head of my dick. “Are you sure you want this?” She asked.

And then without waiting for an answer lowered herself all the way down my dick. She didn’t move at all, she just squatted on me with my dick up her cunt. She slowly rose back up and I slipped out.

“Oops, it’s just so hard to keep that little thing in,” She said.

Angie had her hands on my shoulders for support and I looked down to see my dick just an inch away from her opening. “Aren’t you going to finish fucking me?” “After all you’ve already put it in so I get to fuck another guy, a man with a real cock.” She cooed.

“I can’t” I said.

“Why not?” Angie asked coyly

“I can’t reach you, you’re too far away”

“Why is that?” She pressed. “I was able to fuck that big cock from here.”

“I am not big enough, okay! I can’t reach you because I am too small,” I yelled.

“So do you want me to fuck you instead?” She playfully asked

“Yes, please fuck me.” I pleaded.

Angie adjusted herself a bit and lowered her pussy again. I looked down and watched as she slowly began rubbing her engorged clit along the underside of my helmet. Her clit felt hard, but the pressure and rubbing was feeling good. “Does that feel good?” She whispered. “Do you like me fucking your little dick with my clit?”

I twitched and moaned as she talked. “Of course you do, so cum for me… come on I want to see you cum from me clit fucking you.”

My breathing picked up, and my dick began throbbing. “Tell me when you’re going to cum and I’ll let you squirt inside me,” She teased.

“I am cumming baby!”

Angie sat back up just above my dick, and just before she sat down on my prick she stopped. But I couldn’t hold it, “Fuck me BABY!” I yelled. “Please fuck me.”

I was crying for her to touch me. But she just squatted with her pussy over me, but keeping out of reach. I couldn’t stop it though, it was just too much and I shot my load, but my orgasm was ruined. I came but I didn’t get to feel the pleasure of contact on my penis. I began sobbing, “You said you would let me cum inside you!”

“No, I said I would let you squirt inside me, and that’s what you did. See, your cum squirted all over my pussy, in fact you’ve made a real mess.” She joked. And with that she raised her pussy to my face and rubbed it on my mouth, “Lick it clean.”

I did exactly that. I licked and sucked every squirt of cum off of her.

Amy started laughing and clapping again, “Hey did you notice the time stamps on the video? I was fucking all those guys while we were dating. I liked being with you but having sex with your little penis was just so frustrating. So I just had to take measures into my own hands and fuck other men, and now Angie is going to do the same thing.”

“The rest of this week…” Angie announced, “…you have to wear the strap on cock and this weekend I get to fuck a real man’s cock. Amy said I can fuck her husband any time I want. It only seems fair since the two of you have already fucked. But don’t worry you get to have fun too. Every time she loans me her husband you get to watch. And if you’re good I’ll let you cum.”

My heart sank, but what could I do. She was right I was too small to satisfy her now. I was lucky to get to fuck her at all.


Part 4


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