Her Revenge Was Sweet

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by smally (edited)

Chapter 1: The Beginning

Ever since puberty, I was kind of a jerk. I had a big dick and used it to my advantage at every opportunity. Once I realized I had a big cock, I even used it to get even with a guy that used to bully me. I would steal all his girlfriends and spoil them for him. I even roomed with him in college and made sure that the only girls he had sex with, had me first and would tease him unmercifully. I also got used to having it easy with women. Once they saw and felt my cock in them, they were mine. I even sampled some of my professors in school; a few were in their late 20s and smoking hot. They loved my cock too; I know at least one of them had a much smaller husband. I could have been much nicer to all of the women I dated, even to my college room mate. I took it too far with him especially.

After I graduated, I got a high-paying job at an advertising firm. I also fucked around quite a bit with some of the girls in the office. I eventually hooked up again with Laura, my first real girlfriend and eventually married her. I still fucked around a lot, though. I even got a BJ from an old girlfriend on the morning of our wedding.

I don’t know what I was thinking, but I should have been a better husband and tried harder. It’s too late now, I have to live with what my actions and attitude has caused. Laura was the perfect wife, pretty, sexy, brilliant, and sweet. I was stupid – I cheated on her a lot while I was on the road and was eventually caught.

Our sex life wasn’t so active because of my extracurricular stuff. She also was spending a lot of time at work; I even thought she was cheating too. Our sex became very infrequent, and when we did it, it wasn’t very good. This infuriated me and I lashed out and blamed her, calling her a ‘frigid bitch’ and telling her it was her fault for my cheating. The look on her face shocked me – she was smiling, then quickly left the room. I heard her on the phone for a minute then she returned to the living room.

She rushed at me and I covered up expecting a kick to the balls. What I got instead was a stinging pinch to my arm and then my arm went limp. My whole body was tingling and then numb and I fell backwards on the sofa. I was completely numb like I was paralysed, but fully awake and completely scared shitless. I couldn’t speak though, so all I could do was watch her fearfully. She smiled wickedly and said that she was going to “fix” me. As she said that she ran her hand over my pants groping my cock and winked at me.

Just then a car pulled up our driveway and I heard footsteps approaching our door, then a knock. It was Carol, Laura’s lab assistant from work. Carol entered carrying a wooden box containing lab equipment. I didn’t like the looks of that but I was still unable to move. “Carol help me with stud boy’s clothes,” Laura said as she reached for my belt.

I felt like I was watching a movie, terrified and unable to move as they took off all my clothes. Carol even jiggled my cock as I watched, she laughed saying, “It’s a cutie.”

I was able to feel her fingers on my cock as it stiffened but I still couldn’t move. Laura noticed my erection and said that they should hurry. Carol made me drink a chalky flavoured drink while Laura lathered some blue jell on my cock and balls. “Wait… I think we should measure him first,” she said and produced a tape measure.

They held my cock and measured it and logged eight and one half inches long, by six and three quarter inches around.

Laura opened the box and took out a piece of equipment that looked like a microscope. They had been working on a secret project having to do with cell growth by enlargement. I thought the experiment had failed but Laura told me of some surprising results they discovered. She told me that although they were unable to enlarge cells they by accident discovered how to condense and reduce a cell size. She laid my cock on the device’s tray and switched on the power; it started slowly as it heated up. I wanted to scream but still couldn’t. My heart was racing and I started making these little squeaking noises trying to yell but the girls just laughed. Finally they turned up the machine and it made a humming noise making my cock tingle. Then Laura turned a dial and the intensity increased. I looked down in pure horror until eventually the tingling became so unbearable I passed out.

Chapter 2: The Awakening

I woke up in the guest room feeling dazed and sore. I climbed out of bed and after I recovered from a huge dizzy spell I went to the door to find it was locked from the outside. I listened at the door pressing my ear hard against it and I heard them talking and laughing but I couldn’t understand what they were saying. I caught my reflection in a mirror and something about me looked different. My flaccid cock looked a little smaller, but it was a little cold in the room at least that’s what I told myself. They just wanted to scare me as revenge, I thought. It was bright out I must have slept late, at least it was Saturday so I could catch up on my rest. I was very hungry and so thirsty. The stress of the last night must have exhausted me. Finally, I heard footsteps approaching. The door opened and the girls led me to the kitchen. A breakfast was laid out but I noticed the clock, 1:30 in the afternoon.

As I finished my glass of orange juice I recognised the chalky taste. The girls smiled at me and I felt panicked. I thought they were going to numb me again with another shot so I backed away. They laughed and told me they weren’t going to drug me, it would be more fun this way. First they would measure me, they said. I was curious so I didn’t try to stop them. They easily got me hard and my length was taken at 7.5″ and the girth was read as 5.75″. “Just as I expected,” Laura said.

“How does it feel to lose an inch overnight?” Carol asked.

I looked down and saw pre-cum leaking from my cock. Laura said that it’s a ‘side effect of the procedure and I would get used to it’, she also said I wouldn’t last long any more. “So… are you ready for round two?” she asked as she charged at me.

As she charged toward me the strangest thing happened, I seemed to cower in fear. “You scared, honey?” she said, “…another side effect.”

She grabbed my thumb and twisted it back in a strange angle. The pain was unbearable so when she twisted it more I followed the direction she pulled. Soon I was on the floor and she snaked her other arm around my left arm and took my sore thumb in that hand. She had me immobilised with one arm and she wrapped her other one around my neck. I was struggling but not getting anywhere. I grew tired and stopped flailing my legs around. She somehow wrapped her legs around mine and spread. I screamed but I couldn’t move. I never knew she was so strong. I was surprised and scared. When I felt the familiar gel on my cock and balls I began to beg. Carol mentioned that they would go shopping for some accessories while I slept this time.

She retrieved the shrinking instrument and plugged it and warmed it up. More begging did no good for me as I felt the strong tingling again. Before I passed out Laura said, “I wonder how your girlfriends will like the new you?”

The room went dark.

I awoke later in darkness. The house was empty but I was locked in the guest room again. Frantically I reached down and felt my soft cock. It seemed even smaller than before. I rubbed it to get hard and wrapped my hand around it. It felt thin and the tip barely poked out past my hand. I saw headlights turn up the driveway and soon the girls were inside. I could hear them laughing. I thought they might have been drinking.

They unlocked my door and let me use the bathroom and I showered. As I dried off I could hear them talking about my new condition. I heard something about a test but couldn’t understand what they meant. I came out of the bathroom in a little robe, but Laura told me to take it off, I quickly did. I knelt after she told me to and kissed her hand when she offered it. Carol offered hers and I didn’t know what to do. I looked to Laura and she smiled and nodded so I kissed Carole’s hand. “How do you like what we’ve turned you into?” Laura asked.

I looked down and said that I didn’t like it. She frowned when I looked up. “I quite like it,” she said,”…you’re much nicer to be around. So much more…. attentive.”

“But what about my cock? I can’t satisfy you with this, can I?” I asked.

“First,” she said, “…it’s not a cock, it’s a penis. A small penis. Still you’re right you couldn’t possible satisfy me now, but you hardly ever could anyway even when it was large. I will be satisfied but it’s not up to you any more,” she told me.

They told me to stand and get the tape measure, as I stood, my small penis leaked a little pre-cum on the floor. I gave Laura the tape and she took the sizes – 5.5 by 5 around. I felt crushed. They took three inches off my cock. I’m embarrassed to say, but I actually cried at that point. Laura held me, wiped my tears, and kissed my forehead. She had me sit on the couch and moved back and faced me. She took her bare foot and rubbed it against my penis for about 2 minutes and I came, in little spurts on her foot. She smiled as Carol told me to lick it up, they both smiled when I did.

They made up some milk shakes and we each had one, then Laura horrified me by saying, “Sit down and put your hands behind your head it’s time for another treatment.”

I tried to get away but she quickly caught me and easily held me down while Carol applied the gel. The horrible tingles began and I remember Carol saying, “He failed the test…” just before I passed out.

I woke up the next morning already dressed and in the car. We were going to breakfast and to be honest I was starved and hadn’t been out of the house in two days. As we walked to the restaurant I watched the girl’s asses as they led the way. My little penis was raging hard but felt funny, almost silky. While we waited Carol asked just as the waitress got to our table, “How do your new panties feel?”

My face was burning-up as I watched the waitress stifle a laugh. When Laura winked at me the waitress lost it. Funny thing, though I felt all wet down there.

Chapter Three: Final Treatment?

“You came didn’t you?” Laura asked right in front of the shocked young waitress.

I looked shocked and was speechless from embarrassment.

“Didn’t you?” she insisted.

“Yes,” I said watching for a reaction.

The waitress’s jaw dropped open wide. She bent down and whispered something to Laura then took our order. I went to the men’s room to clean up while we waited. I went in the stall and dropped my pants, pulled open the waistband of the pink silk panties, and saw my small penis in a tiny pool of cum. I wiped up and returned to the table just as the food was being delivered. “Who has the junior breakfast?” the waitress asked before the three of them laughed.

My cheeks burned as she put the little plate in front of me.

We finished eating and left to go shopping. I wondered what they had planned for me. In the car, Laura told me we needed an accurate measurement, I automatically got hard. I took out my little penis in the back seat of the car and Laura reached back and took the details, 5.0 inches long by 4.4 round. Laura and Carol laughed and high fived before writing it down.

The first stop was the drug store for little condoms. I was told to ask the salesclerk for the small condoms. I had been so embarrassed already that I could endure one more embarrassment. I approached the woman (a pretty red haired woman in her early 40’s) and asked for the condoms she led me to a display with several types and sizes. She picked out two types and read the back of the boxes. “What size do you need?” she asked in a professional tone.

“Five inches long,” I replied.

Laura suddenly corrected me, “He means four and three quarter inches, don’t you honey?”

The woman chuckled and said, “Men, always trying to exaggerate to impress us.”

It didn’t bother me that my size was announced to a stranger, what scared me was that the new measurement told me that they weren’t done taking away my size.

From there we went to several shops and finally back home. Once inside Laura told me to wash-up and come into the kitchen. I did as she said and entered the room nude. Carol handed me the milkshake and I drank it – chalky. “Sit in the chair with your hands at your side,” Laura ordered me.

I did as ordered and offered no resistance at all as the gel was applied. My mind was racing. Once again I felt the tingles on my cock. This time, not as intense. I didn’t pass out this time either and the girls were pleased and Laura told me I passed the test. She told me how happy she was that I gave up to her willingly and let her take away more size from my already small penis. She measured me again – four inches long and three around, kissed me on the mouth and said “I’m so proud of you honey, now go brush your teeth and get to bed you have a busy day at work tomorrow.”

Chapter Four: Back to Work

I got up early on the Monday morning; I had a big day with lost of customer meetings. Once again I checked my smallness when I got up and again in the shower – no changes, still puny. I went to stroke in the shower, but I had to use only my fingers. Just the very tip reaches past my hand now, so jerking like I used to is not possible anymore. Thinking about Laura, what she did to me and how I finally gave up and let her do it made me so horny, that my little penis erupted after about a minute. I finished getting ready, kissed Laura goodbye, and rushed out the door. I made my way into the city in time for my first meeting.

I work in a large advertising firm and my aggressive nature has served me well in this field. I have hooked many tough customers before thanks to that aggressiveness. I approached and entered the meeting room and entered, feeling a little uneasy. Most are in there already. Marissa, a colleague of mine, occupies the seat next to mine. She is a dark-skinned beauty with European features and red highlights in her dark hair. We have been after the same promotion for a while, so the competition is fierce between us. As the meeting progressed, I let Marissa do most of the presenting because I felt a little uneasy in front of the group. The presentation was a success and we were able to hook the client for a huge contract.

Later in the day, I heard laughing from her office – she and her assistant were having a laugh but they stopped abruptly when I entered her office. I congratulated her on the presentation. I used to be an awful flirt with her in the past but no more. She asked, “What happened to you?” As she spoke her legs crossed and one of her heels dangled off of her foot. I bent down and retrieved it unconsciously, then carefully put it back on her pretty foot. I was lost in my thoughts..

I looked up and she was smiling at me, but a devilish smile. She knew I was turned on but was determined to find out what else changed.

After I left them they discussed getting to the bottom of something at all costs. If she ever found out my secret I know she would use it to gain the promotion somehow and become my new boss.

Chapter Five: Working Out

After work I rushed to the gym. It was important that I try to regain some of my strength. In my haste I pulled into a spot that I shouldn’t have. I think she was waiting but I wasn’t really paying much attention. As I got out of the car and sped to the door I heard a few choice words. Too late now, I thought. I pretended to not notice and kept going.

I changed into my gear and headed to the nautilus machines. On the seated bench press I noticed that I couldn’t even budge my normal amount. I had to take 5 plates out to be able to lift it comfortably. I did a set of 12 lifts and sat at the machine to rest. Two young girls probably 18 or so asked if they could work in while I rested. They were each about 5′- 4″ tall and athletically thin one was a cute blonde and the other a dark brunette with red highlights. I agreed and got up so they could use the equipment.

I watched as they lifted the amount quite smoothly and quickly. Soon it was my turn again and as I tried to lift it my arms and chest shook. They told me to take out some weight so I wouldn’t hurt myself because they had put 3 plate back in and it was too much for me. I took out 2 and continued to lift, it was fine until I got to the end of the set – muscles shaking again. The girls joked about how they were stronger than I was, they were clearly pleased and didn’t hide it. They made muscle poses and laughed out loud.

They stayed with me through the circuit of machines and the results were the same. I was winded and thirsty so I went to get some water. When I returned with three bottles, I was frightened to see the tall girl that I had cut off earlier at the parking space had joined them. She was 5′ – 8″ and blonde, thin, with pretty blue eyes. She wore a karate robe and I later learned her name was Emily. I swallowed hard and returned to the group… Maybe she wouldn’t recognise me I hoped.

“You… you took my spot… you little jerk,” she said and quickly approached. I cringed a little and heard the other two girls giggling. “Follow me,” she ordered and led the way out to the parking lot. “Go move your car to that far corner of the lot,” she said as she pointed. I didn’t even try to convince her to let me keep the space. I was afraid of her and she knew it.

I couldn’t help thinking as I moved the car to the far empty corner of the lot here I am, 26 years old and I’m being bullied by these young girls. When I got back to them Emily was smiling widely at me, “You’re afraid of me, aren’t you?”

I admitted it and she told me, “Good! I love it,” She told me to kneel right there and made me kiss her knee. Once back inside she asked, “What do you think girls? A Karate lesson for our new friend, more weight lifting, or we make a slut out of him in the locker room?”

I sipped my water and bought the girls a protein shake as we waited for the gym to empty a bit. Soon all that was left were a few guys at the weights. The girls snuck me in the women’s locker room. I tried to protest saying “I’m a married man,”but that didn’t stop them.

They made me kneel in the middle of the large shower stall and took off my shirt. They stripped down and stood in front of me crouched down I was even level with their pussies – the pussies I would be licking any second. I felt a hard slap then someone grabbed one of my nipples and pinched it, then both. The shock of the attack and the burning pain had me writhing and whimpering. Emily stuck her ass in my face and I instinctively kissed it. It was sexy and firm and I was so aroused from this ordeal, that I was sure I had a six-inch boner. Next, the blonde approached and thrust her pelvis out, I immediately licked her pussy, licking and sucking as she commanded. She pulled my hair and ground her pussy hard against my mouth, she shuddered as she came on my face.

Finally the brunette came over to me and motioned for me to stand. As I did, I felt her hand on my little penis. She had a funny look on her face, but ordered me to strip. I quickly pulled down my sweatpants and my nearly 4 inch cock sprung out, met by some shocked looks and a little laughing and teasing. “Ooooh, it’s so cute,” she said as the others laughed. “I want to feel it in my pussy.”

Emily warned her not to, pointing out that my penis was all drippy with pre-cum. “You would never feel that tiny little toy, anyway,” she said as they all laughed. They had me face them as they sat on a changing bench. “Now is time for a contest,” Emily announced. “Who can make him cum first is the name.”

They decided the order and had me lean back. A foot was brought out and it was caressing my balls and little penis. Before I knew it, the brunette was declared the winner as my penis twitched and shot a little cum. The girls laughed and were flicking my penis with their fingers as it quickly went soft.

By the time I got home, Laura was waiting and a little irritated. I never would in the past, but I told her everything – she seemed intrigued. She told me I should go to the gym 4 or 5 times a week and try to keep up with the girls. “Maybe they can whip you into shape,” she joked.

The next morning we drove into the city together. We stopped at the pancake place and saw our waitress from before, Jen. I also saw Marissa there and she was talking with Jen a few tables over. It was mostly small talk about bands Marissa smiled and waived to me and Jen must have asked how she knew me and if she knew my little secret. Marissa thought quickly – saying she had an extra ticket to some concert. She offered to bring Jen along and since it was her favourite band, she agreed. As Marissa went to the car, she was frantically dialling the cell phone… she was calling her assistant to have her get tickets.

Chapter Six: The Big Promotion

We finished breakfast and paid the bill, I felt a little uneasy as Jen was staring at me and had a mischievous grin. I gave her a big tip, she thanked me and brought her hand to the top of my head and mussed up my hair a little. Laura was roaring with laughter. I slumped in my chair a little, embarrassed.

We left and I made it to work on time. A gathering was taking place and Ms. Saunders (the VP of our division) was about to make an announcement. “After extensive review and due to his hard work, James will be promoted to the position of director of advertising”. Most of the group fell silent, realising that Marissa should have been given the nod. I even felt a little guilty, but would enjoy the new title and the $90,000 salary that came with it. Marissa smiled, shook my hand, and offered her congratulations. I knew that she must have been disappointed, though and could have used the $15,000 raise.

Later that day, I had to stop by her office and give her a new assignment. I enjoyed the feeling of power I had just then – the feeling I had been missing since Laura changed me. The power play was short-lived, though as she shifted in her chair and I got a glimpse of her thigh. I was aroused in no time and she sensed it. I was unable to concentrate and found myself focused on her shoe as it dangled from her pretty foot . “What’s the matter James?” she asked, “…you seem a bit distracted. Is everything alright at home?” She let the shoe slip off once again and asked, “Could you?”

I found myself retrieving the shoe and placing it back on her foot. My penis was fully hard at this point so I had to wait a minute before getting up.

I was about to leave when her phone rang. It was her assistant Jada calling with the good news about the concert tickets. A wide smile crossed Marissa’s pretty face and she said, “I have a very good feeling about this.

Chapter Seven: The Big Show

The limo arrived at Jen’s place promptly at 6.30 that evening, then at Marissa’s just before 7. Marissa climbed in looking unbelievably sexy, but when she saw Jen, she was speechless.

Jen looked so hot and was showing plenty of skin, Marissa worried about her plan to gain control. She wanted to have a few drinks, show Jen a nice time at the concert, then seduce her and make her confess James’ secret. All she could think of now, was to softly kiss Jen’s neck and kiss her way down over her stomach… Jen smiled sweetly and offered a champagne toast.

They had a few drinks on the way and talked a bit. The subject turned to sex at one point and Jen said she is bi, but has trouble keeping female lovers, “They all seem to go soft on me like jelly and not stay strong and assertive as they were at first,” she said.

Marissa’s plan was in deep trouble then and more as Jen kissed her on the lips. Unconsciously, a soft moan escaped Marissa’s lips as Jen ran her hand up Marissa’s thigh resting right on her pussy. “Oh my, you’re so wet,” Jen said. “I’m going to have fun with you later, aren’t I?”.

Marissa nodded.

They got to their seats at the concert, and as the band played, all Marissa could think of was that kiss and Jen’s soft touch. At one intermission, the sexual discussion picked-up again: “I love to be licked, but sometimes I just want to be filled with a nice big cock,” Jen said.

A huge smile crossed Marissa’s lips. “Do you want anything from the refreshment stand,” Marissa asked Jen as she walked off. As soon as she was out of sight, she dialled her cell calling one of her boyfriends. “Hi Sam, I want you to meet me at my place at 11 tonight. You’re up for a hot three-some, right?” she said into the phone.

Chapter Eight: After the Show

Marissa re-joined Jen at their seats and finished the show. They had a little more champagne on the way to Marissa’s condo. Once inside, Marissa said she would like a shower and Jen surprised her by asking to join her. They undressed and climbed in the shower. Marissa had her back to the water and Jen handed her the champagne bottle and reached out and softly caressed Marissa’s nipples, before kneeling. When she kissed Marissa’s pussy and nibbled on her clit, she was pleased to hear the familiar moan. A few soft licks were all it took to have Marissa in the throes of what would be the first of many orgasms that night.

“My turn,” announced Jen as she stood and took the bottle.

She poured a little cold champagne on her nipples and Marissa swiftly moved in and caught it with her tongue. The cold liquid in the hot shower, mixed with the sensation of being licked felt so nice to Jen. She let some run down over her stomach and pussy. “Mmmmm,” said Marissa as she licked the champagne off Jen’s sexy stomach and hot pussy.

Jen held Marissa’s head as she licked and was grinding against her eager mouth, cumming. They collapsed in each other’s arms as the hot water rained down on them.

After the shower they relaxed on the couch and were cuddling and playfully tweaking each other’s nipples. Their eyes met and Marissa softly kissed Jen on her upper lip, then her neck. “I have a surprise for you, Jen,” she whispered. “I arranged for one of my boyfriends to come over in a few minutes to service us with his big cock.”

“That sounds hot but how can I ever repay you?” Jen said.

Marissa said slyly, “Tell me about James.”

“Oh? You mean Jimmy, don’t you?” she said laughing. “I might tell you later,” Jen teased. “I better go put something on before your boyfriend gets here.”

Jen quickly dialled Laura on her phone and as she hung up, there was a knock at the door..

Marissa opened the door and Sam entered. He was about 22 years old, 6′ tall, athletic build, with light brown hair. Marissa told him to undress right in front of Jen, which he quickly did. Jen was surprised to see his cock fall out of his shorts- it was about eight inches long and thick, and hard as a rock.

Marissa and Jen lay on the bed and kissed while Sam moved in between Jen’s legs. He positioned the thick head of his stiffening cock just over her pussy. Marissa knelt and took his cock in her left hand and began to rub it on Jen’s pussy. Marissa slowly fed the thick 8-inch cock in Jen’s hot pussy. Jen let out a series of little moans and ground her pussy on the big cock as Marissa nibbled on her nipples. Soon, Jen was thrashing about and experienced a second orgasm. She was sweating and breathing hard as Sam pulled out. As she caught her breath, Marissa slowly stroked Sam’s cock. There was another knock on the door, so Jen put on one of Marissa’s robes and went to answer the door…

Chapter Nine: Marissa Learns First Hand

Jen met Laura and me at the door with a big smile. Laura and Jen hugged, then Jen asked “Can I see it?”

Laura nodded to me and I quickly undressed. Jen giggled when my little cock sprung out. Laughing, she grabbed it roughly saying, “It’s a cutie.”

It was nearly lost in her small hand and she noticed a few drops of pre-cum leaking out. She suddenly said is a disappointed voice, “Awwww. You already have little boy tears? So soon? I’ve only started touching it?”

Laura explained that it’s a side effect of my “little treatments”. “Marissa’s waiting,” Jen told us and so we headed to the bedroom.

Laura led me by my penis holding it in her right hand with two fingers under the shaft and her thumb on the top. She brought me to Marissa, who was holding an enormous cock in one hand and now my little toy in the other. Mine was completely enveloped in her hand with just half the tip sticking out. I saw the other guy’s cock, it was huge – half stuck out beyond her hand and it was so thick, she could barely get her hand to close around it. “So this is what my boss, my superior, looks like?” Marissa laughed. “You stole my promotion and my raise and you come here with that tiny excuse for a penis! This isn’t right, I should be your boss and you should be my little underling, my little slut, and slave.”

Laura smiled hearing Marissa’s ideas, “I like the sound of that,” she said, “…it’s about time that the little guy be dominated by women in the workplace too.”

“First let’s have some fun with him here,” Marissa said.

Laura removed her blouse and her skirt and walked over to Marissa’s hung friend in her panties and bra. She rubbed his half-hard cock over the material that covered her pussy.

Laura knelt while Marissa fed his big cock to her hot mouth. She was sucking and slurping at it like I’ve never seen. His cock slipped out and Marissa slapped it against Laura’s mouth; his cock was long and hard by then. He laid back at the edge of the bed, his feet on the floor. Laura climbed up, with her back to him. “Watch this, honey”, she said as she plunged on his cock, moaning. She was riding him like a wild woman and she brought her hand to her clit. “Get over there Jimmy and lick her while she fucks that cock,” Jen ordered.

I was licking her clit and she was moaning and screaming “Oooh… fuck me deep…. mmmmm”

I’ve never seen her so hot and wild and it turned me on so much that my penis twitched and I came. Soon Laura was cumming too and Marissa and Jen came over and fondled Laura’s breasts and kissed each other. I was nibbling her clit while the guy was pounding her, she came again, then got off him before he came. Marissa took his cock in her hand and pumped it four times before it unloaded, shooting a rope of cum across the bed. “That’s how a man cums,” Marissa said shaking her head. “Not like that…” as she pointed to the little mess I made on the end of the bed. “Clean it up,” she ordered but when I went to get a paper towel she corrected me. “No you fool use your tongue!” she said looking into my pleading eyes. “I’m going to love this,” she told Laura as I cleaned my mess.

“My turn -can I try too? Can I be his boss too now?” asked Jen.

Marissa and Laura approved and Jen told her plan. “I want to compare their soft cocks, measure them, make them both hard, and measure them again. Then I want Jimmy’s tongue on my pussy,” said Jen. “If he can get me to cum I’ll let him try to fuck me,” she said smiling.

Marissa gave her a tape from a sewing kit. I measured 1.5 inches long while I was soft, Sam was 5.5 inches long in his flaccid state. She ordered me to kiss her pussy and she started kissing and licking Sam’s cock. He got hard first, so she measured him as 8.25 inches long. She took my penis in hand and rolled it between her fingers, smiling as it hardened. Finally hard, it measured 4 inches hard. “Now if you can make me cum with your tongue, you can try to fuck me with your little boy dick,” Jen said.

She sat on a straight-back chair and slid to the edge, spreading her legs. I knelt, looked up at her, then started by kissing her thigh. I kissed and moved up slowly. I kissed along the side of her pussy, then kissed her clit softly. I sucked and nibbled her clit and she tensed a little, I began lapping at her pussy and plunged my tongue deep into her pussy. She grabbed my head and ground her pussy against my mouth. I sucked on her clit and felt her shudder as she came. “Lucky boy,” she said, “…you think you can do it?”.

My little cock was hard and Laura had me put on a snuggie type condom. Jen said, “I’ve never fucked one as small as this. I’ve never even seen one this small until tonight!” She lowered herself on my little shaft. Her pussy felt so hot but so loose on my penis. She was facing me and she looked unfazed as she rode me. I slipped out a few times and Jen was frustrated but continued. My body tensed and I came after a few minutes. Jen smiled. After I caught my breath I thanked her for letting me fuck her. “Oh, you didn’t fuck me, you masturbated inside my pussy. But you couldn’t make me cum. I think your toy is too small to actually fuck women with,” she said.

Marissa and Laura laughed hearing this and I felt the last of my confidence drain from me.

“Tomorrow morning we meet with Saunders to correct this promotion thing, OK?” Marissa asked.

I nodded. Actually I was looking forward to the meeting as I wouldn’t have to worry about making tough decisions anymore, just do as Marissa tells me. She told me I should rest up and that Jen would drive me home, she had a few things to discuss with Laura about my treatments. Jen took me home and walked me to the door and inside. She lifted her skirt and told me to kiss her goodnight, so I knelt and kissed and licked and sucked her pussy. She eased me on my back on the floor and straddled by face. She ground her pussy hard against my mouth and she came again, then left.

Chapter Ten: At Work Again

Laura woke me up with a kiss, “I like you much better like this,” she said as she held me tightly. She made me a breakfast, while I got ready for work. I wondered what the meeting with Saunders would be like as I ate.

Laura drove me to work, as usual, but today she went in with me. We walked into my large office and saw that a meeting had already started there. Marissa was seated at my desk, Ms. Saunders was seated at my small conference table, Jada was standing near Marissa, and Laura took a seat near Saunders. The door opened and Jen came in with a tray of coffee cups and a pot of coffee. I wondered why she was here, but she looks so gorgeous, that I couldn’t help staring. She poured drinks for the women, then asked, “Would you like some too, Jimmy?”

I nodded and she came over and poured. I could smell her perfume and watched her intently. I was daydreaming about her from last night and got a little erection and forgot where I was. Someone must have said something to me and I felt a pinch. Laura didn’t look very pleased that I looked so captivated by Jen.

Saunders began: “Jada tells me that you have been taking credit for Marissa’s hard work and that the promotion should have gone to her. Is this true, Jimmy?”

I nodded and looked down, embarrassed.

“Then Marissa gets the promotion and raise and you’re fired Jimmy,” Saunders ordered.

Marissa nodded and Jen spoke up: “If we keep him on, but demote him, others will know and fear us. It will be easier to work our plan,” she said. “He can work for me in communications, delivering mail and listening for secrets from the other males,” she said.

Saunders agreed and asked me, “Is it true about what Laura did to punish you for poor behaviour?”.

Laura told me to show Ms. Saunders as Jada drew the curtains. I took down my pants and my toy was exposed to all the women. Saunders joked, “It looks like a penis, only way smaller.”

Jen burst out laughing. “I guess if the demotion doesn’t scare the others here, this will. They’ll think twice before crossing us now that Laura is our new director of personnel”.

As Jen showed me to my new cubicle I thought how strange this was. One day I was director of advertising making big bucks and Marissa was my assistant. Today, I am a mail boy and my former assistant is the director. My wife is in charge of personnel and our former waitress is now my manager, but such a lovely manager.

Jen introduced me to the girl that until now, delivered the office mail. Her name is Skye and she is very attractive and quick-witted. Smiling, she shook my hand saying, “I don’t know what you did to wind-up here James, but it must have been really something.”

I looked downward and Jen told me that I would be Skye’s assistant. Jen asked Skye to show me around and headed back to the meeting, I watched her walk away as if I was in a trance. As Skye led me around doing the delivery I could hear the secretarial pool and other workers gossiping about my demotion. Many looked happy about it, especially Diana who I had had a fling with a couple of years ago

Chapter 11: More at Work

As Skye showed me my new mail route I noticed the women seemed quite pleased at my new assignment. They would laugh and flirt with me and joke amongst themselves. Jen had whispered something to Skye before she went back to my old office. I think it was about my size. Diana had some words with Skye, a disagreement of some sort. “We’ll see then,” Diana said as she walked toward me.

My body tensed as she approached. Diana was always hot for me and would go wild when I fucked her during our fling. I had ended our affair rather abruptly and she was hurt. Now I feared she would learn my secret. “Hello lover,” she said as she slowly ran her hand over my little package. A surprised look crossed her face as she felt my hard little penis. “Come into my office, I’ve got to see this,” she said as she led me in.

I looked at Skye, hoping she would save me from this, but she just smiled. Diana left the curtains open and unzipped my pants and lowered them. She slid my briefs down and my little erection sprang out: thin, just under 4 inches, and dripping precum. She smiled at me as she cupped my penis and balls in one hand, “It’s so cute,” she laughed. “Did your wife really do this to you?” she asked. Embarrassed I got my clothes back in order and rushed out to meet Skye. As we returned to the mail route, I could see Diana surrounded by the other girls, talking and laughing.

They all knew.

The next day, the girls got even bolder and would tease me and would brush against my penis and balls almost constantly. Word had spread throughout the place. Even some guys must have heard about me as they made some comments and laughed at me. Jen watched their behaviour and planned to address it soon. For now, though, she was checking them out and flirting. She actually invited all 4 to a party she was having at her place on that very night.

Chapter Twelve: The Party

Jen met Laura, Carol, and I at the door at 6:30 that night. The girls were all dressed sexily and I was in tight white pants with no underwear. As the rest of the guests arrived, I did some quick math: 5 girls and 5 guys (including me) – I thought I might even get lucky.

Everyone paired off and was fooling around, except Jen – she and another girl doubled-up on one guy and I was left to watch. Laura was kneeling in front of one guy and his cock was huge. It must have been six inches and it wasn’t fully hard yet, the thickness was huge too. She called me over and told me to strip. My little cock sprang out, hard as usual. She told me to kneel next to her and see what a cock looks like. I did as she told me, but I was worried that she would make me do things that I don’t do.

How would I get out of it, I worried. If I refuse, it could mean another treatment. I watched as she took it in her mouth, then again in her hand. Her hand couldn’t close all the way around his shaft, it was so thick. “Now look down and see what a toy looks like,” she said.

The contrast was humbling, and what’s worse, he would soon be fucking my wife as I could only dream of fucking. I watched as he slowly fed his cock into her hot pussy. Her moans were like nothing I’ve heard before and soon she was trembling as she had an intense orgasm.

Next, I saw Jen and the other girl and guy go at it. Jen made me kneel also and lick her while she sucked him. The other girl was tugging on her nipples. Jen was drenched as I began licking. Soon, I backed away as the guy placed his big cock against her clit and started rubbing his cock against her pussy. She was grinding against him when he pushed his thick cock in her sweet pussy. She gasped as his cock filled her and the other girl smiled and said “I bet you don’t hear that anymore now that you’re so tiny.”

She pushed me back and mounted me, her big pussy easily sliding over my little pole. She laughed as she rode me for about a minute – after I came, she moved up and sat on my face while she made me clean her.

Jen was kneeling on the bed, while her guy was fucking her hard from behind. I watched as he would pull back, almost out, then plunge and Jen was shouting at him to fuck her fast and make her cum again. He fucked her hard and deep. After a few more minutes, she was shaking and moaning. He pulled out and shot a rope of cum halfway up her back. She rolled over, spread her legs and called the other girl and me over. Her pussy was wide open, she told me to kiss it and I did. She started yelling at the other girl: “I told you I wanted to ride Jimmy’s toy, I wanted it in me when I am like this!”.

The girl apologised saying, “She wanted to see if she could feel me.”

She had planned on stopping but I came too fast. Jen stroked the girl’s face and the girl bent down and kissed her way up Jen’s thighs. Jen got up for a minute and told me to get the men some drinks and handed me a vial. As I went to the kitchen, Jen was returning to the girl on the bed.

I poured four glasses of scotch and opened the vial, pouring out the 8 pills. I put 2 in each glass and they quickly dissolved. I returned to the room and gave out the drinks, the guys gulped them down and were sleeping within two minutes.

Chapter Thirteen: Do they really deserve this?

Laura, Carol, and the other girl moved the men and leaned them against the front of the couch, sitting on the floor. They tied their wrists together as I made them some drinks. They were all excited about what they were considering.

A knock was heard at the door and Marissa and Jada entered. They took their coats off and I hung them in the closet, then made them each a cosmopolitan. They went over to where the men were tied and sat, facing them. Jada giggled as she fondled one of the guy’s big, but soft cock. Marissa looked at me, smiling and said “we’re going to make you some new friends tonight”. Their plan was terrible, but selfishly, I was pleased that I wouldn’t be the only one.

Laura and Carol approached the first guy and positioned the device between his legs. Laura roughly shook him and he was then awake, but groggy. Carol made him drink the chalky juice drink as Laura turned on the power switch. She laid his cock on the tray and applied the blue gel. The guy was panicked and tried to scream, but couldn’t. He started making squeaking noises, trying to yell and the girls laughed. I knew how he felt at this point, his cock started to tingle, then unbearably so. It was strange to see his cock actually shrink, he passed out and the girls left it on for another 90 seconds, smiling as they watched it shrink even more.

They repeated the actions on the other three guys with precisely the same results. All four were unconscious again, the girls were celebrating and having more drinks, and Laura sent me out on an errand. The sales girl at the drug store nearly laughed out loud when I placed 5 boxes of “snug fitting” condoms and 4 pairs of pink panties on the counter. I was red-faced when she said “party favour’s huh?”

I quickly paid and rushed back to Jen’s place.

When I arrived, they were all outside – at the pool. The guys were paraded, naked and made to swim. The water was cold and they were shocked to become fully awake. As they stepped out, Marissa approached them, holding a tape measure to take their soft measurements. They had told the guys that this was a scientific experiment they had no idea that it was permanent. All measured between 2 1 / 2 and 3 inches soft. Jen got them all hard by stroking and nibbling on their stiffening shafts while Marissa moved in with the tape. This time the measurements ranged from 5.5 inches to 6.5 inches, all still bigger than me, but much less than what they started with.

Laura asked Marissa if they were done with the equipment. Marissa turned and said, “What do you think, boys? Do we need to shrink your cocks some more?”

The guys started pleading, one even cried. Marissa smiled and said it would be up to Jada who needs to get experience making ‘power decisions’.

Jada walked over to the couch and sat saying, “I don’t know about this. Maybe you boys can convince me whether I should leave you with little cocks or to make them into cute little toys. Since I got to the party late and I missed out on some fun. If you boys do a good job servicing Marissa and me, I’ll think about giving you a break.”

Three of them scurried over to Jada and began kissing and stroking her legs, ready to do whatever it takes. One guy said, “Fuck this, I’m outta here,” and headed to the door.

Jen quickly spun around and launched a karate kick at him. Her heel caught him in the inner thigh and he crumbled to the floor in intense pain, unable to get up. Laura and Carole moved in quickly, applying an ice pack to his thigh and blue gel to his small cock. Carol held his arms and Laura held his nose and the drink to his lips. He had to open his mouth to breathe so they forced him to drink. I heard the familiar hum of the machine and the guy was begging for mercy as the tingling began and his cock shrunk even further. It was about the size of mine, when he passed out.

“Wow Jen, that was an unbelievable kick. I didn’t know you did karate?” I said.

She smiled and threw a chop which stopped only a fraction of an inch from my throat. She held my throat in one hand and pinned me against the wall. I offered no resistance and let my arms hang at my sides. She brought her face to mine and kissed me on the mouth roughly, pushing her tongue into my mouth. She pulled back, smiled, and said, “You wouldn’t want to lick my pussy, would you?”

I knelt as she moved her swimsuit to the side. I started by softly kissing her clit, then licking and sucking on it. She grabbed the back of my head and ground her sweet pussy against my mouth as I eagerly pleasured her.

When I finished I saw Jada in the throes of orgasm being licked front and back by two of the guys. Marissa was riding the third and he was about to cum. She pulled off of him and his cum shot high in the air landing on Marissa’s landing strip. “Clean me,” she ordered as she straddled his face. He quickly cleaned her, eager to make a good impression.

I was sure that they had done so well on Marissa and Jada that they would be spared from another treatment, but Jada’s decision shocked everyone…

Chapter Fourteen: Jada’s Desicion

“Line up boys, you too Jimmy,” Jada said. “I’ve decided that you will all get another treatment.”

The others panicked a bit, then gave up. I stood there, waiting. It didn’t matter anymore, I was already too small. They gave us the drink, then we had to put the gel on ourselves before the girls turned the machine on us. I didn’t faint this time, just watched my size shrink even more – now 3.5 inches hard and thin. I felt weaker and even more frightened, the other guys did too. How can they work in the loading dock, if they’re weak as kittens? The girls concluded the treatment and measured us all. Jada looked so sexy and powerful, she had shrunk us all from just a whim.

The next day at work, I saw the two girls from the gym. They were hired to do the physical work on the loading dock, while the other guys do the record keeping. They were showing off their strength and intimidating the other guys when I came through. “Hi little gym-slut,” they said when they saw me not caring who could hear.

My face turned bright red and I looked away embarrassed. There was a lot of gossip at work too and the girls would tease us guys with finger waives and knowing smiles.

As I delivered the office mail I was teased by the women at nearly every stop. Three times, I was invited into women’s offices and ordered to show my little package. I felt humiliated, this was completely different from the way things were a couple weeks ago when I was at the top of my game. I couldn’t believe how things had changed. I couldn’t believe how aroused I am now – constantly, either.

Later in the day I saw Marissa who told me to take the afternoon off and go shopping for dinner items for Laura – it seems she has a dinner date for this evening at our home. I cleaned the house, prepared a gourmet dinner for two and met Laura at the door at 5:00. I drew her a bath and laid out the clothes that she instructed me to put out – a slinky black cocktail dress, stockings, patent leather pumps and a demi bra. I dried her off and knelt and kissed her pussy, she smiled down at me as I licked her clit.

Gently she pushed me back and I nearly fell over, “That’s enough for now Jimmy”, she said.

She quickly dressed and I set out the dinner. She had me dress in the thin white pants, white shirt and a black vest. She came out looking stunning, my little cock got so hard as I looked at her legs in the short dress. I kissed her neck and started to kneel and kiss her outer thigh, just above the knee, but there was a knock at the door. Nervously, I got up and went to the door slowly, to let my erection go down. When I opened the door, In walked Mr. Samuelson, the president of the whole company. Laura came over and greeted him with a big hug and, looking at me over his shoulder, she winked at me.

Chapter Fifteen: Laura’s Dinner with the boss

He came in and I immediately didn’t like him. He was tall and thin, in a dark suit, and confident. As they hugged, his hand moved lightly to Laura’s ass – she didn’t protest though. They sat at the table and I served the meal, afterwards I cleared the table and was washing the dishes. When I returned with an after-dinner drink for them, they had moved to the living room couch and Laura was fondling him through his slacks. Her boss didn’t seem to care that I walked in on them, nor did she as she motioned for me to kneel in front of her. I was kissing her thigh, when I heard her unzip his pants. I looked up and saw his cock – it was huge, I later learned it was 9 inches long.

She had me get up on the couch and unzipped me. I was so embarrassed when she held us each in one hand. His overflowed her little hand and she couldn’t close her hand around it. Mine was lost in her hand; I was even drippy already. He made a mean comment about how she was used to a morsel and would now enjoy a treat – they both laughed. Laura bent over and took his obscenely large cock in her mouth and sucked and licked for about a minute to get it slick, then climbed up and straddled him. She raised her dress, slid her panties to the side and plunged down on his thick shaft, letting out a moan, the likes of which, I have never heard.

All this was happening right next to me and I watched intently as my wife rode him like a wild woman. The held her dress and I could see his cock filling her as she rode to the first of four orgasms, then the doorbell rang. He watched as I rose and moved to the door. With him still in her, Laura produced a needle and stuck it in his arm. He was panicked when he realised he couldn’t move.

Jen and Amber came in and watched as Laura rode the boss, while he was helpless to stop it or even move. Laura came again – and again and once more while he finally came too. She slid off and Carol put the gel on his large and thick cock. Amber poured the drink into his mouth slowly as Laura hooked-up the shrinking device. Marissa arrived just as they switched it on. Mr. S made some whimpering noises, before passing out and we could actually see his cock shrink as the machine did its work. They would repeat this procedure a few times over the night, the next morning they measured his erect cock at 5 inches and berated him – “Not so cocky now, are you?”

They had him begging them to stop and before they agreed, he turned himself over to the girls as their slave as well as turning over control of the company to Marissa and Laura.

Chapter Sixteen

The next morning, Ms Saunders called a company-wide meeting to outline some plans for the future and a change of leadership. Some of the girls were pointing and as I looked, I saw Mr. Samuelson operating the projector. Ms S would nod, then Samuelsson would change slides in the presentation. He was demoted to serve as Ms Saunders’ assistant. The women now had control of the company and the girls that were seated around me were clearly pleased. Many of the guys were worried about their positions; some started looking for new jobs while others just hoped for the best. Laura gathered all the records for the male employees and set-up several meetings for re-alignment of positions and reductions.

The hall was full outside Laura’s office; one by one they went in. I wondered what was going on, were they shrinking the cocks of the men they will keep? Were they forcing them to beg for their jobs? Many would leave the building after the meeting; others stayed, but looked different. At the end of the day, the male execs were lined up. Many were from the good old boy group, the one that was crumbling fast.

The next morning was full of change; the offices along the wall were all emptied and the males that remained were moved into small cubicles. The women who were now the leaders moved into the offices. I was glad to see this; it felt right to me. When I delivered the afternoon mail, I passed out flyers for the new company party that will take place Saturday night. I noticed that it mentioned “mandatory attendance for male employees”.

The company’s size was drastically reduced. Many women who did not agree with the new leadership and the company’s direction either resigned or took early retirement packages. Many men were just fired or forced to retire; the men that remained all were assigned a female “mentor”. I was surprised to find out that Laura was mentoring a young former manager named Will and I was sad and jealous when Jen came in with her new assistant, Tony. I was assigned to a new girl, Katherine. She is an attractive brunette in her early 20s and when we met, she smiled and whispered about how happy she was to have been given a “smally”. She brought me in an office and told me to show her my cock. A big smile appeared on her face when she saw how small it was. “My boyfriend’s soft cock is bigger than your little stiffy,” she teased me.

At the night of the party, all of us little guys were told to strip and get in the pool. The water was very cold and soon my stiffy went down. We watched as the women flirted and groped the servers as well as the hung male executive assistants of Laura, Jen, and the others. Katherine arrived with her boyfriend as the servers poured a champagne fountain. It looked like an orgy as the women fondled the large cocks openly. Katherine took her boyfriends soft cock and dipped in a glass of the champagne, then took it in her mouth.

She sucked him hard, then called me from the pool. By the time I got to them, I was hard again. She took my cock in one hand and his in the other, comparing as she introduced us. His cock looked twice the size of mine, filling her hand and then some. Mine was lost in her hand. She told him that he better be good to her, or they would do to him what they did to me.

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