Smaller than Average Part 4

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By runtz4 (edited)


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Part 4 begins…


Four years ago I married my beloved wife after dating just a few months. Angie was the kindest and most loving woman I had ever met. Standing at a petite five feet tall; she’s a sultry Italian with dark hair, chocolate brown eyes and a natural pigment to her skin that gives her a beautiful glow. But, that’s not what people notice first about her. Everyone’s attention goes straight to her 32DD breasts which on such a small frame is absolutely amazing. No matter what she wears she just can’t hide the fact that she’s blessed. In spite of her porn star looks she really hadn’t dated much when I met her thanks to her ultra conservative parents. In fact I learned very quickly that she was a virgin, not from lack of guys trying though. This was actually a huge relief for me, since I know my penis is a bit small. I had hoped that since she hadn’t seen one in real life before that she just wouldn’t realize how much smaller I am than most guys. And the good thing is it worked.

Angie never complained or commented about my size, and in her small hands I actually look pretty normal. But, when I place my dick between her breasts, they just engulf my little guy. However, our sex life has been really good. I always wind up using my tongue or hands on her to get her to cum, but I don’t think that’s unusual from what I’ve read. Angie might be naive when it comes to sex, but I know I need to do all I can to make sure she happy.

Everything was going really well until two years ago when we started trying to have kids. Try as we might she just wasn’t getting pregnant. So we went to a highly recommended doctor to get everything checked out. The doctor was an attractive African American lady in her mid-forties; some friends of ours told us about her. She instructed Angie to undress, put on a robe and lay back on the table. After giving her instructions the doctor left for a few minutes to give Angie time to change.

As we had been married for a while now, she didn’t think twice about undressing in front of me. She slipped out of her shoes which gave her the appearance of being about an inch taller, but flat footed she was adorably small. Then unbuttoning her blouse I watched her reveal her deep cleavage in the harsh light of the office, her tan skin always made an erotic contrast to her stark white bra. As she arched back to pull her arms from the sleeves her breasts jetted out from the rest of her body, making it difficult to look anywhere else.

“Stop it,” she playful teased as she caught me staring at her.

“I can’t help it, you’re just incredible.”

She turned around to unfasten her pants and bent over pulling them down showing off her round ass, she looked over her shoulder and gave a slight smile seeing me lusting after her. She fumbled a bit getting her feet out and as she did turned back towards me, just in time for me to see her breasts jiggle in waves like a water bed. And as she reached down to finally take her pants all the way off her globes hung low and swayed about.

I could watch her do that all day, I thought to myself.

Regaining her composer she unclasped her bra and let her breasts hang freely; though she was only 25 her breasts drooped slightly as large natural breasts will do. She has delicious pink bubble gum nipples that cap off her giant mounds, like a pale cherry topping off a sundae. She pulled down her panties sitting down on the table to steady herself. Finally she pulled on the gown and laid back just as the doctor knocked on the door.

“Ready hun?” Dr. Ferguson asked, as she gradually opened the door. With Angie’s feet in the stirrups the doctor began the examination. I couldn’t see, nor did I really want to see, what she was doing, but she stopped very suddenly. “Hun, have you been having sex?” She asked Angie.

“Yes, just about every couple of days.” Angie replied.

“Well, your hymen is still intact. It usually breaks during the first couple of times you have sex,” She said with genuine surprise. “But everyone is different…,” she interjected quickly.

The doctor wheeled her chair over to the counter behind us, and rummaged through the bottom cabinet. She wheeled back to my wife with something in her hands I couldn’t quite see. The doctor held up a plastic cut away replica of the female organs. Pointing with her little finger she explained, “See this is the vaginal opening and this is the hymen.”

Then taking something from her lap she held up a plastic penis, it looked very realistic with coloring, shading and even veins and slight wrinkles in the virtual flesh. It was big too, I immediately felt uneasy knowing that it was much bigger than me. The doctor placed the penis up against the vagina model, and illustrated how the penis normally pushes in to break the hymen.

“See honey… the penis enters in the vaginal opening and with a little pressure tears the hymen,” she said.

I could see Angie thinking as if she had a cartoon thought bubble over her head. And then she said innocently, “But that penis is so much bigger than a real one.”

“Well this model is a replica of an average penis. But even a smaller one should be enough,” Dr. Ferguson said looking at me assuredly. “You just need to be less of a gentleman in your love making and be sure to push through.”

“So is that keeping us from getting pregnant?” Angie asked.

“It might be holding you up a bit, so if you can break it then it will likely speed up the process,” The doctor stated. “I don’t see anything else that looks out of place.” Then looking over at me she said, “So if you don’t mind I’ll go ahead and take a quick look at you and make sure everything is working alright.”

My heart started pounding in my chest I thought she was an OBGYN, why does she need to check me out?

“Babe, just take your pants off. You do want to have a baby with me right?” Angie pleaded with her big brown eyes.

I stood up slowly and and lowered my pants . After all this is my wife and a professional doctor so I don’t have anything to worry about. Unfortunately my dick was worried as it shriveled up in anxiety.

“Raise your shirt please,” The doctor ordered.

I raised my shirt to expose my cold, nervous, shrunken dick. “Oh!” the doctor gasped, “…is this normal for you?”

“He does seem a bit smaller than normal right now Doctor,” Angie said trying to stick up for me.

I looked down and all I could see was a nub sticking out, the rest of my dick was completely unseen, sucked up inside me.

“It must be nerves, it happens,” the doctor counselled, “…let me just get some information.” Taking a metal ruler in hand she moved her chair right in front of me. Then taking my penis between her thumb and forefinger she retracted the foreskin and ushered my head out from hiding to measure my flaccid dick.

“Hmmmm… Okay, it’s one and one quarter inches,” She read aloud. She looked over at Angie and said, “A bit smaller than average. But other than that it seems healthy. It looks like a normal penis… just a very small one.”

I visibly blushed.

The Doctor looked up at me seeing I was embarrassed and said, “Don’t worry, the size almost never has anything to do with fertility. Plus, most women are perfectly fine with anything over four inches erect. Ut’s the man who usually makes a big deal out of nothing.’ Then looking back to Angie she said, But it does explain why your hymen is still intact though. Your husband’s penis may not be big enough to break it. I would like to see it erect to make sure everything is okay.” said the doctor, “…and then I’ll need a semen sample to check his fertility.”

I was standing there completely exposed now humiliated that my wife knows I have a small penis, and pretty sure it wasn’t going to get hard anytime soon.

“Do you think you can get it hard?” the doctor asked me.

“Umm, I might need a little time,” I gulped.

“Well please try to hurry, I do have other patients,” she said a little boorishly.

“Come on honey, just get it hard so she can examine you,” Angie droned

I reached down and began rubbing my penis. It was so small and cold it felt like I was rubbing one of Angie’s nipples. Angie and the doctor just watched as I played with my dick trying desperately to get it hard. It stirred a bit and began to come out of hiding, but it was a long way from hard. Angie and the doctor engaged in some small talk, no pun intended, as I continued to rub, pinch, pull and jerk my little dick. The longer it took the smaller and more lifeless it felt.

“Angie, maybe you can help your husband?” The doctor suggested.

Angie sat up and lowered her gown exposing her incredible breasts and pushed them together. “Come on baby, get it big for me” She entreated.

“I see it’s working” the doctor grinned.

So there I was jerking my dick to my wife’s tits while the doctor watched and waited. But it still wasn’t getting very hard. Angie got down off the table her tits sticking out hard and proud from her tan firm globes, walked over beside me positioning herself in a side hug under my right arm and wrapped her little hand around my growing dick and started jerking it. Her hand was warmer than mine but she grabbed me firmly in her fist and jerked hard and fast.

Angie continued to talk with the doctor about something she had read in a magazine or something, I am not really sure what it was, but it seemed unusually casual for the situation. Her hand was moving fast making my balls slap around. Watching her pump my penis I could just barely see the deep purple head poke out on the down stroke and then it would disappear. Her jerking was working, and was feeling pretty good.

“There!” Angie shouted breathlessly, “That’s it, that’s as big as it gets.” She sighed letting go of my dick and shaking her hand as if working out a cramp.

“Alright, let’s see what we’ve got to work with then,” the doctor grunted. And taking my hard dick in her hand she measured me again, “Three inches even,” she read aloud.

Shit, I was a full inch smaller than what most women find pleasurable I thought.

“That will work to get you pregnant but might not be able to break your hymen. He’s just too small,” the Doctor announced.

And with that declaration of inadequacy I cum all over her hand and the metal ruler. My knees buckled a bit and I instinctively thrust my hips back and forth fucking the air. I came, but I certainly didn’t enjoy an orgasm.

“I am so sorry” I bellowed.

“Oh my…” The doctor chuckled, “…at least we know that part works.” She kindly massaged the rest of the cum out of my dick. Angie just sat there and watched emotionless as if the doctor had just given me shot. “Well I needed a sample, unfortunately this is unusable” she scolded as she wiped the cum off the ruler and her hand.

After washing her hands she said to Angie, “Okay honey lean back, since your husband’s penis is too small I’ll have to break your hymen for you.”

Angie lay back on the examining table, and the doctor reached over and took what looked like a dildo in her hand, and then lubing it up with KY jelly inserted it into my wife. She bit her bottom lip as it entered her tight hole, and made a slight gasp as it pushed into her wider and deeper than I’d ever been. Angie reached over and grabbed my arm as the doctor broke through the hymen, she grunted and whimpered; she seemed to be in so much pain as the doctor continued to ream her hole. Then the doctor stopped and held it steady.

“There that was the hard the part” She said, as she slowly began to pull the long, thick dong out; suddenly Angie’s groan turned into a moan, a high pitched and pleasurable moan.

“I… I think… I am cumming!” Angie bucked and grabbed the doctor’s wrist and fucked the dildo inside her as she came faster and with greater intensity than I’d ever seen before. Angie just laid there panting as the doctor slid the tool out.

“Congratulations, you’re no longer a virgin” the Doctor quipped with a smile on her face.

The Doctor then looked at her watch and said sounding a little annoyed, “Look this is taking much longer than I planned and I have to go check on another patient.” Then looking at my still soft penis she added, “I still need a usable sample. I’ll have my assistant bring you a specimen jar and help you with anything you need.”

The doctor left the room and I realised I had been standing there the whole time with my pants down around my ankles and holding my shirt up fully exposing myself.

I had no sooner pulled my pants up when the Physician’s Assistant came through the door. She was quite a bit younger maybe 28 years old, tall, about three or four inches taller than me with brunette hair pulled back in a professional manner. Her long slim face was pretty, but she seemed to be hiding her looks with very little make up and black rimmed glasses. She carried a metal tray with a white cloth and a plastic cup with measuring marks on the side.

“Hi, I am Kristie,” She introduced, “Dr. Ferguson said you needed a little help.” She said it with a slight chuckle and glancing down at my crotch. “She said we need a sample,” and handed me a cup.

“Um, okay…” I said waiting for her to leave.

“She also said there was an accident with the first sample so she instructed me to stay and make sure this one is collected correctly,” she announced while taking a seat on the little rolling chair. “Please don’t be concerned I’m a professional. I’ve finished all my course work and am half way through my rotation,” she spouted while pulling on her medical gloves.

Then looking at me and raising her eye brow and bowing her head signalled it was time for me to get on with it.

Angie was dressed now and nagged, “Come on honey, I’m starving now so get in with it.”

I turned away from Kristie and pulled my pants down. Looking at my soft little dick I had a hard time believing this was going to happen anytime soon.

“Could we come back tomorrow?” I asked.

“Dr. Ferguson is backed up for the next three months, so it’s today or three months from now,” Kristie impatiently replied.

“Just fucking do it!” Angie yelled. I’d never heard her like this.

“I am going to need some help,” I said hoping Angie would lend me a hand.

“I am too tired now,” She yawned.

“We have some video’s,” Kristie announced.

And without waiting for a response she stood up and turned on the wall mounted TV on the other side of the examining table. There must have been a video already in the built in DVD player, as the porn started immediately.

“There we go. Turn around and watch while you produce your sample,” she instructed.

I slowly turned toward the screen, while pumping my dick in my hand trying to get the blood flowing. Kristie was sitting back down watching the movie, so I felt a bit more at ease figuring she wasn’t paying attention to me. I looked over and saw Angie watching the movie too. To my knowledge she had never watched any porn before.

The action was sexy, it wasn’t a raunchy type of porn but it was hot. My dick stiffened as I watched a busty blond in a sexy bra and panties set slowly undress the man in front of her. He was a slim handsome guy with a muscular stomach. She peeled off his shirt, and threw it aside, then unzipping his pants, pulled them down as he stepped out. The camera panned and zoomed as she knelt down in front of him. She licked and kissed his firm stomach before wrapping her fingers in the waist band of his light blue underwear. Then lowering them seductively he flopped out, his dick soft had to have been six inches, so twice the size of mine hard. Angie audibly gasped as she watched this guy’s dick unfold, and swing about. Drawing Kristie’s attention away from the screen, she looked over at me with my three inch rock hard dick.

“Awe…” She pouted and furrowed her brow, conveying pity. “We don’t have much time, you need to start,” She said making a jerking motion with her fist.

I reached down and grabbed my cock, no longer watching the movie but looking at Kristie’s pouting face. “Come on, we need a good sample.” she cooed and continued to make the jerking motion. I couldn’t help but notice her jerking motion was an exaggerated long stroke.

Kristie wheeled her chair up in front of me and taking the cup in hand continued to encourage me. “Just keep going, and be sure to let me know when you’re ready so I can collect it all.”

She kept on with the pretend jerking motion but now matching my short quick stroke. It actually looked more like a slight twitch than a jerking.

“Okay, I’m almost ready!” I grunted

“I need you to slow down,” She coached. As she tried to position the cup in front of me she let out a humph of frustration, “I can’t get it close enough, I need your head to be right inside of the cup when you ejaculate. Your hand keeps covering it up. You don’t need to use your whole hand, just a few fingers is all you need,” She reprimanded me.

I grabbed hold of my dick and just using my thumb and finger continued to slowly work my pecker, being sure that it was positioned right over the cup. My focus was stolen as I noticed Angie had the dildo in her hand and was looking at it and then looking at me.

“God it’s so big…” She said in amazement.

“She’s obviously not talking about you,” Kristie said jolting me back to what I was doing. “I need your little guy to cum now,” she insisted and within a few short pulls on my dick I came. In fact it felt like I exploded, even though I had just cum less than 30 minutes ago I shot the biggest load I’ve ever made. Kristie held the cup still making sure to collect every drop. “Is that all?” She jeered

“Yes it is,” feeling pretty proud of myself.

“Well, um… I don’t think it’s enough,” she said screwing her nose up.

Then taking me by the hand, she led me over to the examining table and asked Angie to come stand next to her. Placing her hand on my back she told me to lean over the table. Then positioning herself behind me, she took the KY Jelly and lathered a heap onto her index and middle fingers.

“Just try to relax” she stated calmly, then pushed her fingers deep inside my rectum. “Angie you need to watch this, since he doesn’t produce much when he ejaculates you may have to milk him and use a turkey baster to squirt it up inside you.”

“There it is,” Kristie declared after pressing around a bit inside me. “Angie, look here, I’m about an inch and a half into his rectum so about the length of his flaccid penis if you need a measuring guide,” she said with what I was certain was a giggle. “Be sure your palm is down toward the ground and just feel around for a round bulb. Then just start stroking it.”

She pushed, massaged and man handled my ass, and then placed the cup under my dick. I was able to look down and watch as she pressed the milky substance out of me, it didn’t feel good or bad, it just felt like I was pissing, but instead of urine I could tell it was cum.

“Now I want you to try Angie,” Kristie ordered.

“I don’t think I can put my hand up his butt like that,” Angie whined, “…is there any other way?”

“Sure, but he might not like it though,” Kristie said with a wink and reached over and took the dildo Angie still had in her hands. “You can use something like this. Do you want to give it a try?”

“Okay,” Angie said a little faster than I feel she should have. She took the dildo and pressed it against my hole.

“WAIT!” Kristie snapped, but it was too late Angie shoved it deep inside me. “You really need to lube that up and be gentle.”

Angie yanked the dildo out of my ass, it burned and hurt as she carelessly drilled me. Then Kristie placed a generous amount of lubricant on the dildo, and without any further instruction Angie shoved it back inside my ass.

“Okay, you’re going to have to communicate with your wife since she can’t feel your prostate she has to rely on your instructions, just tell her when it feels right,” Kristie tutored.

Great, not only am I getting ass raped by my wife, but now I have to try to enjoy it and help guide her in doing it, I thought to myself. “Okay, you’re in really deep, much further than Kristie was,” I grumbled.

“But she said about as far as a penis” Angie belittled

“Not a penis, his penis. So no more than a couple inches” giggled Kristie.

“Oh… that is a lot smaller,” Angie acknowledged pulling the dong almost all the way out she began poking around. “Tell me when I get the right spot.”

“Ugh, that’s it babe. Right there, you’ve got to be right on it” I exhaled, “…just keep rubbing it there.”

“You mean fucking you there,” Angie responded sharply, “I am not rubbing you, I am fucking your ass with this big dick, a dick much bigger than your own. Tell me to keep fucking your ass!”

I had to admit it was feeling good, and I didn’t want her to stop.

“Please fuck my ass,” I pleaded, and Angie kept fucking me. “Get the cup,” I yelled and Kristie positioned the cup under my dick.

“Look Angie, he must really like that, he’s much harder than he was before, not any bigger really but harder,” Kristie pointed out just as a wave of pleasure washed over me. She reached down and grabbed my dick between her thumb and forefinger and lightly stroked me. It looked a little like a cow being milked, but I didn’t care because it felt great.

“I am cumming!” I shouted and shot harder than before.

Kristie aimed my dick in the cup while Angie slowed her pumping, making sure to drain all she could.

“Alright I think we finally have enough,” Kristie said recomposing herself. Angie slid the dildo out and chuckled about how much she liked it, as I quickly cleaned up and got dressed.

“Honey, can you go ahead and go up front I’ll be there in a second, I just have a few things I need to ask Kristie in private,” my wife requested.

I went out and took care of the paper work. About two minutes later Angie came walking out in to the waiting room, with a white bag in her hand.

“What’s that” I asked

“Oh, just a few things for us to use at home,” She grinned knowingly.

We got to the car and she handed me the bag, I looked in to find the dildo, KY Jelly and the DVD.


To Part 5


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  • bambiegirl

    Funny that you mention you couldn’t break her hymen. That is exactly what happened to me and my wife. The doctor checked her out and found out her hymen was still intact. Then she asked to look at my penis. She measured it to be less than three inches (2.75 inches) rock hard. And She broke the hymen. She did tell me i should be able to get her pregnant now. And i did but it took a full month of fucking every other day.
    Now she doesn’t allow me to fuck her anymore. She gets too frustrated.


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