Strange Night With Dan (Gay Themes)

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by SJ

I had met Dan when I moved to a new high school and we became fast friends. We were in all the same classes in all the same sports teams and got on really well for the on set.

He was actually the first guy at my new school that I had jerked off too, yet after 3 years of school and many sleep overs at his house, I had never seen his dick.

He would always change real fast or after sports he would go home to shower (he did live close by so I never thought much of it). After graduation we arranged to go work for a year in America in a hotel as cleaners , before going home to go to college. About 3 months in Dan noticed that he was gaining weight and his slender figure was get soft and wobbly. So he suggested we go join the local gym. I begrudgingly said I would join him.

After about 2 weeks in to our training , I got tired of leaving the gym to go home to shower when they had all the stuff in the locker room like steam baths and all. That night after about ten or so beers and a few tequilas at our place, we were sitting on the couch smoking a bong when I ask him why we don’t shower at the gym?

He replied that it was awkward having people around well he showered and that he struggled to stay soft when rubbing soap on his junk. I giggled and he told me its not funny, and what if he got hard in the shower people would think he was a fag. I told him to forget about it. Ten minutes later he asked me completely off topic at the time if I liked showering in public. I said I didn’t mind and made a joke about showing my small dick in the gym would be embarrassing.

He laughed and said he thought I had a big one from what he’d seen in my speedos at school, or at least bigger than his. We both laughed in our high state, so I asked if he had a small one? He blushed and said he didn’t know but he thought it wasn’t very big and asked me the same, I replied that I thought my was probably average.

I mentioned that we had been friends for five years and I’d never seen his dick, he said he had never seen mine either. “I will show you right now , if you show me yours!” I suggested.

His response was unexpected as he said, “Let’s do it at the same time.”

It was unexpected as Dan was a macho sort of guy always on about pussy and wanting fuck chicks though he was a virgin at this time. He had another shot and dan stood up and told me to do the same. “On three we drop our pants agreed?” he said with a laugh.

I nodded and when three came off went our pants. Dan instinctively place his hand in front of his junk then took it away as I scowled at him for leaving me there bare naked dick exposed. “Looks pretty good to me,” he said looking at my limp cock.

I lied and said the same for what stood in front of me was my friend and his tiny flaccid circumcised cock about and inch or so big. “You’re a Jew too,” he said as he pointed at my three inch soft cock.

I laughed but I was feeling horny and my cock was about to spring up into it hardest if he kept looking at it. So I I shyly asked him if it grows a lot when he gets hard, his reply was music to my ears when he stated that he would show me if I promised not to tell anyone and that I showed him mine as well. A stroke or three later and Dan was at his hardest, like 4 inches but very attractive. My dick was soon hard too and he then said that mine was not small at all, and that his looked rather small beside his. Even though mine at its hardest is six inches.

We looked at one another and systematically started jerking ourselves off, when out the blue Dan asks if he could touch mine. I agreed if he let me do the same. When his hand grasped my cock I about came from excitement but Dan beat me too it as after 5 or 6 strokes he was shaking his entire body and he came hard in a load groan. I had soaked Dan’s hand with my seed in more than generous amounts. He had soaked mine too.

“I can go again if you can,” Dan said with a cheeky grin on his face.

He continued stroking away on my still erect cock. Fully knowing that Dan had only ever received 2 other hand jobs before I asked him if what I was doing was good for him. He replied that it must be because he hadn’t come that quick on either of them or ever for that matter, and he was sober both times.
Feeling rather happy with myself, I smiled and looked at Dan who was so focused on the hand job he was giving me and knowing tht he hadn’t ever been blown before I offered to do it for him.

I really thought he’s say that were horrible, that I had gone too far. But hoping that he’d say yes. When he said, “Only if I can do yours as well.”

“Only if you want to,” I replied.

“If you do it then I must do it,” he said after a few seconds thought.

I slid onto the floor between his legs and he laid back as I took his concrete little dick and balls and brought them closer to my mouth and began to gently suck on the head of his pretty little prick. “That feels so fucking good,” he moaned as I went to work engulfing his entire cock in my mouth.

But he wasn’t going to last long it seems and after paying attention to the head of his cock for a few minutes I tasted his cum shooting into my mouth. Dan grabbed my head and held it firmly against his crotch as he came, cum was dripping from my mouth. He even thanked me afterwards, I couldn’t help but laugh and then got punched in the leg for my troubles.

Between my legs Dan looked at my cock as though dazed momentarily before doing what I never thought he’d ever do, he began to suck on my cock. This might have been his first time for all I knew but Dan went down on it like a pro-deep throater, and within five minutes my body was tense and I could no longer take the pleasure

I unloaded four large spurts of cum all over his face and in his mouth. After cleaning up our mess we took an awkward yet bonding sort of shower. We both ended up in Dan’s bed following the that. The best part of it was that I got to see a lot more of Dan’s dick that night, but that’s another story

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