He screws my wife

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by anon

My coworker Paul is an asshole. Paul and I both work as electricians at a manufacturing plant. It is dirty hard work but it pays well. Technically I’m Paul’s boss, but we work pretty independently. Paul enjoys ridiculing people and, because he is a huge guy, they just take the abuse to avoid getting pummeled.

During his first month on the job Paul was pretty respectful to me, but once he realized that I wasn’t really the boss type things changed. One day after our shift, we were both up in the locker room. I had just stepped out of the shower and Paul was standing there with a grin on his face that made me feel like a complete fool.

“That has to be the smallest soft prick I’ve ever seen.” He said with his arms crossed in front of his overdeveloped chest. I was so humiliated; I felt my dick shrivel up even more. Paul was standing there confident I wouldn’t be able to do anything, and he was right. I’m not a big guy. I stand 5′ 8″ and 150 pounds with a penis that strains to reach its fully erect 4.5 inches. Soft it’s lucky to be an inch.

Because of my job I’m wiry and strong, but next to him I look 14 years old. Paul is 6′ 4″ and weighs in at over 230. The lucky bastard was also on the preferred list when they handed out cocks. While I stood naked, and humiliated with my dick betraying me as it shriveled close to my torso, his dangled limp and heavy. The thing had to be 6 inches long flaccid and thick in proportion to the rest of his body.

From then on Paul has made a point of calling me “boy” or “pin-dick” or any number of degrading names. He also spread news of my shortcomings around the shop. As I’d pass fellow employees they’d shoot me knowing grins or giggle as I passed. Of course, it doesn’t help that my wife prefers that I keep cock and my balls shaved. It only adds to the pubescent boy remarks. I came out of the shower one night to find that someone had used bolt cutters on my locker and replaced my clothes with frilly pink lingerie.

Paul snapped a picture as I opened the locker. I was pissed off I can tell you but Paul insisted I put the lingerie on or else my next workplace review might not be too good. What choice did I have? I put them on while he snapped pictures of me laughing the whole time. I went home that night wearing my work uniform over the lingerie.

One Friday night I stopped off at the pub after work. Paul and a group of our co-workers sat at a table and waved me over. I just shrugged and sat at the bar. I heard them all laughing over something Paul had muttered. I had a few beers and then gave a call home to Deb.

Deb is the best thing that ever happened to me. We met when we were in our early twenties and everything just clicked. She had the greatest sense of humor, and was the most beautiful girl to ever give me serious consideration. She was a poster child for German genetics; 5′ 9″ tall, 120 lbs, a long limb blonde with a great figure and breasts that plastic surgeons could use as a template.

Our first few years together were intensely sexual. There was no place or time too be sacred. We had sex in public places to satisfy her exhibitionist streak, even though I was a bit uptight about it. The sex leveled off to normal proportions after we were married for a while, but lately had dropped off. Paul had managed to make me self conscious about my body. I explained it away as stress on the job, and Deb seemed to understand. After all, I didn’t want to tell her that the bully at work had made fun of my little dick. I felt my heart drop when she said, “I could go for a few drinks. I’ll be right up.”

I wasn’t the only one to notice when Deb walked into the bar. Her exhibitionist instincts hadn’t abandoned her. She was wearing tight black Capri style pants and a white halter top without a bra. Her legs and ass were gorgeous, and there must have been a chill in the air because her nipples were erect and pushing at the fabric of her top. Nearly every guy in the place had his eyes fixed on her, not to mention Paul. I could see the look of astonishment on my co workers faces as she came and gave me a kiss before sitting down. I enjoyed a smug feeling of satisfaction. Deb had obviously come out for some fun.

We enjoyed a few drinks and Deb started rubbing my thigh. I suggested going home for some recreation. She said, “Don’t be in such a rush. And quit being so uptight.” I relaxed and smiled, knowing I had a great night ahead of me. That is when Paul took a seat on the bar stool beside Deb.

“Hey buddy! I didn’t see you sitting over here.” Paul said. Then he looked over at Deb as though seeing her for the first time and said, “Hello. I don’t think we’ve meant. I’m Paul. Your husband and I work together.”

I know. It sounds friendly and harmless enough, but that is what bothered me. Here was Paul, the bully, saddling up next to my wife like he was the most amiable guy in the world. It was as though he was daring me to tell him to go away. I should have. I didn’t. She smiled and said, “Hi Paul. It’s nice to meet you.”

They shook hands and Paul held her hand just a little too long. Paul ordered a round for us and started to chat her up and would occasionally include me in the conversation with phrases like, “Isn’t that right, Boss?” or “You know what I’m talking about. Right, buddy?”

Before too long I was getting pretty jealous. Deb had obviously had a few too many and wasn’t showing signs of stopping. She was twirling her hair around her fingers while she and Paul talked. Her nipples were standing tall beneath the thin white fabric of her top, and it wasn’t from chill air this time. I felt like a third wheel. When Paul got up to use the bathroom I asked her if we could go and continue where we had left off. She chastised me for wanting to ditch my friend and said we had the rest of the weekend for us. Paul came back and things picked up where they had left off. The conversation turned to teasing flirtation before too long, and I sought refuge in my beer.

Last call came like a savior. We were finishing up our drinks and saying our goodbyes. Paul mentioned what a great time he had had with us, and how sad it was that the night was ending so soon. That’s when Deb suggested that we go back to our place for a few more. I wanted to argue, but couldn’t find a way to fill her in on Paul’s and mine relationship without completely emasculating myself. We rode to our house in Paul’s truck. He suggested that I had had a few too many. What a great guy, huh? I ended up in the cramped back seat. Paul had turned the radio up just enough that I was having trouble hearing their conversation. Paul said something to Deb that made her turn her head away and blush, then she turned back to face him as he stared at her confidently until she finally smiled and blushed again.

When we finally arrived back at our house, Deb suggested that I make us some drinks. When I came back to the living room, Deb was sitting on the couch laughing with Paul who had positioned himself on the couch next to her. He wasn’t so close to her that it would seem inappropriate, but it stopped me from joining them on the couch without feeling awkward. Paul was telling her about how he had just been dumped by his last girlfriend, but was lighthearted about it. She asked him what had caused the breakup, and he just smiled and said he’d prefer not to say.

She gave him a playful push, “Common. Did you sneak around on her?” she joked.

“No, nothing like that,” Paul said. “It was my, um, that is, it was a physical thing.” Paul looked down into his drink like he wanted to avoid the topic. He had stopped trying to include me in the conversation. I sat on a chair opposite the couch, trying to look like I was enjoying the night.

“Oops! I’m sorry Paul.” Deb looked serious for a second, and then she grinned mischievously. “You know they make pills for that now.”

They shared a laugh. Then Paul said, “That has never been a problem for me. It was an issue of size.” He paused to let her mind go to down the obvious route and then added, “She said I was too large downstairs, if you get my drift.” Deb’s eyes widened. She shifted uncomfortably for a moment and then gave him a teasing punch in the leg.

“Oh please. Like women ever worry about that.” She laughed nervously and glanced down at his crotch.

There was an obvious bulge growing down his thigh. Then Deb glanced over at me and said, “Baby, you don’t ever have to worry about that. You fit me just right.” I smiled and looked over at Paul who had spread his legs a bit so Deb could get a better look. He was giving me that ‘What are you going to do about it?’ grin I’d come to know so well. Deb and he continued talking. She kept accusing him of bragging or just overcompensating for his insecurity, but she couldn’t quit staring at the long pole working its way down Paul’s thigh.

Finally Paul said, “Well I guess there is only one way to prove my point.” Deb thought he was joking, but I knew better. He stood, obviously having trouble with his erection and asked, “Do you want me to whip it out?”

“Yeah, let’s see this thing!” Deb said. The alcohol had worn away all of her inhibitions. Her nipples were threatening to rip through her shirt and a darker patch of dampness was evident at her crotch. “Take it out.”

Paul took his t shirt off and threw it toward me. Deb hadn’t even glanced at me since Paul asked his question. She glanced at his muscular torso admiringly and stared at his zipper with anticipation. Paul removed his jeans and stood in front of Deb in just his boxer shorts. His cock was so hard that it had lifted the leg of his boxers and more of his cock was exposed than I had cock. He was angled in such a way so that I could clearly see his enormous tool and Deb’s expression of awe. She never looked away from it.

“Still think I need pills?” He asked. She didn’t respond. She just stared in awe. “Take off my shorts.” He ordered.

Deb blinked, as though her trance had been broken. Then she reached up and grabbed his shorts by the waist. As she pulled them down they caught on his long cock. Without thinking, she reached inside and pulled his cock inside his boxers so she could finish. When his shorts fell to his feet he kicked them back toward me. Deb still had his cock in her hand. She could have fit two more hands on it, but she only had the other hand so it joined the first. She stroked it slowly and slid off the edge of the couch to her knees. I knew what was going to happen next.

I was jealous and sickened, and I felt betrayed. I also had a raging hard-on. I felt as powerless to stop this from happening as I had whenever Paul humiliated me. Deb lifted Paul’s giant cock and started sucking on his balls. She glided her tongue down the length of his veiny throbbing erection. Paul held her by her hair at the back of her head and slowly pulled her away. She looked up at him with an injured look in her eyes. Then Paul reached down and pulled her shirt off and tossed it at my feet.

I was simultaneously devastated and aroused. The sight of my beautiful and, up until now, faithful wife kneeling topless before another man’s hard cock with her perfect breasts pinked up from arousal and swaying as she furiously sucked it was too much to take. I pulled my pants down to my knees and started stroking my dick. Within a few minutes Paul’s deep laugh filled the room. He was watching me pull at my dick. Deb looked over at me, startled. For a split second she looked guilty as though she had been caught in what she thought was a perfectly private moment between her and Paul. Then she laughed.

I came immediately, a miserable drizzle poured over my hand, my little prick must have been totally obscured by my fist. My hairless balls were a tiny pouch beneath it. “Give me that big cock!” Deb said.

She continued slobbering on his cock. I ran to the kitchen to clean up my mess. My arousal replaced with the sickening feeling that had accompanied it. I started to cry. My beautiful wife had laughed at my dick and was giving a blow job to my archenemy. She had begged for his cock. I walked sobbing back to the living room, somehow feeling that I had to watch the rest of this scene.

Paul had managed to get Deb out of her pants and they writhed on the floor as his fingers played with her pussy through her sopping white satin panties. He was kissing her lips, neck and tits, pulling at her nipples with his teeth. She moaned and sighed, saying, “Fuck me Paul! I want your giant cock inside of me. Please baby. Oh that feels so good!”

Paul sat up and roughly pulled her panties off. He started going down on her, spreading her legs and bearing his face in her wet, neatly trimmed pussy. “Do you want a real man’s cock, baby? Are you my slut?” he asked, coming up for air.

“Yes Paul! Oh yes!” she screamed.

“Say it!” Paul commanded.

“I want a real man’s cock! I want your cock! I’m your slut!” she screamed.

My own dick had crept back into itself. It was the cock of a prepubescent child. It was a pitiful example a man’s pride. And now Deb knew that.

“Tell me what you want me to do to you slut! Tell your husband what you want me to do to you!”

“I want you to fuck me with your giant cock, Paul! Please fuck me now!” Then she whimpered.

“Tell him!”

“I don’t ever want your pencil dick to come near me again! I want this cock. I belong to this cock! You are nothing compared to him! Look at your pathetic baby dick.” She said while looking at my ever-shrinking penis.

She had a look of intense pleasure from Paul and a look of disgust for me. It wasn’t feigned. I was crushed.

Paul positioned the bulbous purple head of his tool on Deb’s pussy lips. She pulled her legs back in anticipation. Paul worked a few inches in and she moaned in ecstasy. Paul positioned his arms so that Deb’s legs hovered above her head and said, “Is that about the size of hubby’s prick, baby?”

“It’s more. It’s huge. Give me more, Paul!” She thrust downward to take in more of Paul.

Paul eased his cock deep inside her pussy until she gasped. Then he retreated and pushed forward again until his entire cock was impossibly buried in her pussy. He began riding her hard. Deb squealed and yelled out Paul’s name and begged for his cock until it sounded as though she was breathlessly chanting “Paul! Cock!”

After an improbable length of time, Paul began to tense up and he pulled his cock out Deb’s hammered pussy. He edged up to straddle above her tits. Deb raised her head to catch his cum. But the first blast shot across her face and into her hair. She quickly took his cock into her mouth to swallow blast after blast of Paul’s jizz.

Paul rolled off of Deb, who was licking cum from her face and off of her fingers. She turned on her side and they spooned for a time giving each other little affectionate kisses and hugs. They turned at one point to look at me. My dick was once again betraying me by standing erect. Paul just shook his head and they laughed to one another.

They spent the rest of the night in our wedding bed. Paul came down the next morning, half undressed and said, “See you at work baby dick.”

Things changed between Deb and me after that night. She says she still loves me and apologized for letting this happen, but Paul still comes over on a regular basis and fucks my wife right in front of me. Lately he’s been having me take pictures of them which he passes around the break room at work. I’m looking for a new job. After all, what can I do about it?

The End


  • Boy in pink

    Oh come on now. You know the arrangement is good and your wife is happier than ever. Man up and accept that your not the man you thought you where. You can change jobs if you want but it really don’t change things or who you are. Paul will continue to fuck your wife and you will continue to let him. I know this because I am also smaller than the guy that fucks my wife. Get used to it because my wife likes his big cock so much that he stops over and fucks her several times a week. This has been going on for over three years now and yes her pussy is stretched out from it. However that don’t bother me any as she lets me have her ass for my pleasure which is still tight. All is good and everyone is happy.

    • Brad the Volfan

      This is just the perfect i wish my lover was getting fucked by one of my Big Dick Workmates because they need it because i know my 3in dick don’t do it

  • Rastermon

    my wife has a big cock lover – it took her a long time to admit it. I cannot even feel her anymore.


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