Claire’s Awakening

By Kinkrocks0125.


“Are you sure you want to hear about it?”

Her question cut me to the core. It somehow ushered out the fantasy and brought a sense of realism that was scary. Humbling. And deliciously humiliating.

Her hand gently stroked my throbbing member as she awaited my answer. My throat was dry and words did not form easily. I knew I wanted to hear her next words. But she stopped rubbing my cock until I confirmed it.

“Yes, baby. Please. I need to know.”


I’ve had a cuckold fantasy for years. But my wife hasn’t known that. Well, she has known for years that I want to see her pleased. I’ve purchased every adult toy imaginable in an attempt to help her find a heightened orgasm. I think she got the clue when I started buying larger and larger black dildos.

Claire is 40 now. Gorgeous flowing brown hair. Natural B cup boobs but an ass that was made to attract attention. She’s a self-made incredibly intelligent independent woman. I married way out of my league as I have constantly been reminded during our 18 years of marriage. We’ve had a fantastic sexual relationship during our marriage. I’ve been an instigator through the years pushing her to the envelope of her comfort level.

But over time I’ve changed.

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It started with me teasing her with a dildo while we 69d. She would get so wet and creamy sucking my cock while I fucked her pussy with a tiny white dildo. I introduced bigger and bigger toys over the years and she always moaned hungrily as I pummeled away on her with them. At some point, I started thinking about it being a real cock. I started roleplaying with her about her getting fucked while sucking my cock. Or she would moan while stuffing a dildo in her mouth while I fucked her.

I started watching more interracial porn, addicted to the thought of her having orgasm after orgasm uncontrollably lost in her lover’s arms. But I couldn’t tell her. What real man wants to admit that to his wife?

Over time, the fantasy changed from me being involved, to her seizing all the power and doing what she wanted – with or without me.

I wanted to be a cuckold. I needed to be a cuckold.

Those are hard sentences to type. How would she feel about the man who swore to love and protect her when he admits he wants someone else inside her? It has made telling her my sickest desires very difficult, even though I trust her more than anyone I know. She knows everything about me. But she doesn’t know how badly I yearn for her to find and fuck a big black cock and cuckold me. We’ve talked all around it while playing in the bedroom, but I’ve been too embarrassed to actually use the word “cuckold.”


It was my birthday and she wanted to give me something special.

We had been texting on Kik back and forth during the day teasing one another, trying to come up with a sexy idea for our imminent escapade. I texted her “well, you could tease me about finally fulfilling my biggest fantasy. make up a story but make it seem real about you fucking a black man while I’m not home.”

Her response was instant. She approved. “Fuck yes! I can’t wait.”


“Are you sure you want to hear about it?” She asked. “Once we go down this road there is no turning back.”

My wife is not like this. She is conservative. Shy for the most part. Claire has always been sexually reserved. But this was not her.

“yes. Please. I need to know”

I muttered the words in a sign of complete submission. My 5-inch cock was as hard as a diamond as she moved her mouth closer to it. I could feel her warm breath on my cock as she stroked it. This admission, alone, has caused me to begin leaking precum.

“There’s a guy at the gym that has been watching me for the last couple of months. I catch him staring sometimes and when I do, he just winks at me instead of trying to hide it.”

Holy shit. Her words are intoxicating. She joined the gym last year so she had a place to work out when the weather was not great. I have never gone with her, despite her repeated attempts to get me to exercise more.

“About a month ago he spoke to me as we were leaving. He said he hoped he wasn’t being too forward but wanted to let me know I had a beautiful body. I smiled. He told me to let him know if I ever needed someone to work out with. He handed me a note with his number on it.”

She gave the tip of my cock a slow purposeful lick to taste the precum that was now running down my shaft in an endless waterfall.

“I found myself looking for him each time I went in. About 2 weeks ago we were in spin class together. There were a lot of open bikes but I chose one right in front of Mark.”

There it was. He had a name. Mark. If she was making this up she was naturally gifted at it.

“I glanced back a couple of times during my workout and every time his eyes were fixed on my ass.”

She used her hand to massage my balls as she continued her sinful tale.

“Baby he is so sexy.” She moaned as the admission seemed to almost jump out of her.

“What does he look like?” I managed to utter as most of my breath escaped me. I needed to hear more as much as I needed oxygen at that point.

“He’s tall. Very muscular. Had a fantastic smile. He’s shaved bald. And he’s a black man.”

The words were chosen carefully and enunciated even more deliberately. “BLACK. MAN.” Just as much emphasis put on “man” as she did on his color. Ugh. The idea had me as rigid as I’ve ever been.

“Last week when you had to travel to Seattle, I got lonely. I was tired of fucking these toys and I couldn’t get Mark’s smile out of my head. So I called him and asked him if he wanted to come over for a night swim.”

Our pool was one of our favorite places to share together. We often found ourselves entangled in each other while taking a dip. The thought of another man experiencing that sent jealousy coursing through my veins. It was intoxicating.

“I put on that little string bikini you bought for me that I haven’t worn yet. I could feel the heat coming from between my legs. I knew this is what you always wanted but I was so fucking nervous.”

She moved her hand and mouth deftly around my shaft, giving me just enough sensation to keep my cock standing straight up as she divulged more details.

“He finally pulled up and came out to the pool. He smiled as he approached in his trunks. He took off his shirt without saying a word and oh my god, what a body. He didn’t waste any time getting in. I pulled him close to me and wrapped my legs around his waist. He instinctively grabbed my ass to balance us in the water. I told him you were out of town and I needed a cock to satisfy. He just slipped his tongue into my mouth. I couldn’t help but moan. Mark is an incredible kisser.”

In 18 years together she has never talked like this. Ever.

“We floated together and kissed. I could feel a bulge growing between us. I reached back and untied my bikini top and threw it to the side. There was your wife. In the arms of a black man in our pool. Her tits pressed again his chiseled chest. He has the sexiest tattoos on his chest.”

Shit. What a detail. How is she making this up so well? Her fingers traced up and down my dick and I gasped for more.

“He reached under the water and felt my pussy. It was like an electric current shot through my body. Ryan, I was his instantly. I wanted him to own my body.”

I gasped for another breath. There was not enough blood still flowing to my brain to process this.

“I freed his cock from his trunks and quickly brushed my bottoms to the side as I guided him toward my opening. But he stopped me. I was so hungry for his cock I would have done anything to have it in me.”

My hands began roaming her sexy-toned body while she expertly teased my shaft. I was intrigued by her story.

“We got out of the water and moved to the cabana couch. He said ‘I want to see what you’ve been teasing me with for the last few weeks. Dance for me and strip off those bottoms’. I danced to the rhythm of the music playing and shook my ass at him as a good stripper would. I backed into his lap and ground my ass into his crotch to feel his thickening manhood. I stood up and peeled my wet bikini bottoms down my ass as I stood in front of him. I bent over so my ass was at eye level. His big strong hands grabbed my cheeks and I felt his tongue touch my pussy for the first time. He said he loved the way I tasted. The same thing you say to me, Ryan. But he licked me like you never have. His tongue was an expert. He licked upward toward my wanting ass”

The thought was almost too much for me to stand. My wife standing bent over naked in front of her black lover on the cabana couch I spent hours putting together. Fucking surreal. I didn’t know what was happening but I knew I was angry, jealous, unsure, and hornier than I’ve ever been in my life.

“He licked my asshole so good and it just made me wetter for him. He stood up and grabbed my hips and I felt the head of his cock press against my pussy.”

Thank God! He didn’t fuck her ass. I can’t tell you why I thought that but it was all I could think with as little blood flowing north as I had.

“He slid inside me. I had not yet seen his cock but it felt huge. I kept feeling more and more fill me up. I’ve never felt so full baby.”

There it was. The first real bit of subtle humiliation and it had me on the verge of cumming. She sensed it and stopped touching me. All I could feel was her warm breath and she kept dousing my flames with more intricate details.

“We had just started fucking when an orgasm rushed through me out of nowhere. My body had completely betrayed me. I started out as doing this for you but his cock was so good that it consumed my life at that moment. I didn’t want to cum with another cock but he gave me no options. I just wanted him inside me forever. I couldn’t believe how full I felt with him inside me. I convulsed on his cock after about the fifth stroke and I almost blacked out.”

With that, she sat up and faced me. She pulled down her panties and straddled my lap. She pushed her lips against mine and gave me the deepest most passionate kiss we’ve ever shared.

“Do you feel how wet it makes my little white cunt just thinking about Mark again?

Again? What the fuck?

There was no denying how wet she was. I felt her pussy drip onto my cock as she held it just above me, torturing me with her words.

“After I almost blacked out I had to sit down for a second to regain my composure. He sat next to me and for the first time I saw his dick. Ryan, it was fucking massive. It had to have been 10 inches and was so thick. You know how much I love our thicker toys. It was hard and my white cream coated it in the top. I couldn’t believe it had been inside me. But it was coated to the base with my creamy mess.”

She pressed her pussy against my cock head now. My mouth was agape and I was a bumbling idiot at this point. She could have asked for whatever she wanted and gotten it at that moment.

“All I could think about as I struggled to recover from cumming so hard was getting that big black cock in my mouth.”

Yes!! Big black cock. Big black cock. There were the words I had come to crave through years of interracial porn and cuckold porn conditioning. It was like a symphony of demons playing in unity inside my head.

“I got on my knees in front of him…”

She started sinking down onto my dick as she said the words…

“He stood up and his cock landed on top of my face. Our sex smelled amazing and I immediately licked the whole underside of his big cock. It was so hard. I could feel every vein under my tongue. He smelled musky and I loved the taste of our combined juices.”

I was inside her. She sat all her weight onto my cock and stayed there. I was throbbing inside her desperate for her next words.

“I took him in my mouth, but he was so thick I had a hard time getting past his cock head. But I kept pushing and eventually got a few of his inches into my mouth. That’s when he took over. He grabbed my head…”

Oh shit. She was starting to move. She rocked up until my cock head was almost escaping from her. Like it was gasping for its own breath. She closed her eyes and sank back down onto me. The sensations were approaching an overwhelming magnitude.

“I felt so sexy as his fingers wrapped into my hair. He pulled my head down deeper onto his throbbing cock until I gagged. He pulled me off him and spit dripped out of my mouth…”

She let some of her saliva drip down her mouth onto her chair and she continued her slow painfully intimate assault on my cock. Her mouth was watering thinking about him in her mouth and she wanted to show me. It dripped off her chin and down onto my stomach as she rocked her hips slowly back and forth on me.

“He pushed my head down again and this time I felt his cock against my throat. He pushed deeper and it went into my throat. I couldn’t believe it but felt a sense of accomplishment. ‘Oh fuck Claire, you are a sexy white slut that can suck a cock’ he said. A normal woman would have been repulsed. But I knew from the moment I felt his cock against me in the pool that I was changed. He was right. I was a slut. I was his black cock slut. At that moment, his cock was all I could think about. I couldn’t muster a thought of you, the kids, or our life together if I had to. His big black cock had complete control of me.”

Her pace picked up slightly. She leaned down, her wet chin in my face. Her pussy wetter than it had ever been. I was drunk with her passion.

“He fucked my face for what felt like an eternity. I’ve never had such a big cock in my mouth before. It was at least twice your size.”

The words hurt but I knew it was true.

“I played with his balls. I licked them up and down as if they were going to cure whatever had consumed my thoughts. He finally pulled my head away from his cock and told me to get on my knees and hands on the rug under the cabana. I didn’t hesitate. He said ‘I want what you’ve been teasing me with. It’s time for you to pay the bill.'”

My heart was pounding. Was she really insinuating that she took him up her ass? In 18 years of marriage she’s allowed me in her ass three times and always said it was something she didn’t like. I couldn’t help but plead with her. “Please baby – tell me you didn’t let him fuck your ass.”

She didn’t give me the pleasure of a quick death. Instead, she kept painfully spelling out what happened.

“I felt the tip of his massive dick press against my asshole.”

She rode me a little faster. Her face and mouth inches away from mine as she bent over. The only sensation was the frictionless connection between my little dick and her soaking wet pussy. Other than the sounds of my powerless moaning and her whorish breaths and words, the wet sounds of sex echoed through the walls of our bedroom.

“There was no way I could tell him no. And Ryan. I didn’t want to. I wanted him in my ass. I wanted him everywhere. I was on fire for Mark.”

She was outright fucking me now and I was having a hard time concentrating. I was trying so hard to not cum because I wanted to hear more and I knew once I came, whatever this was – was going to stop. I was addicted to her tale. I had become unsure whether this was a fictional tale that she was concocting or whether it was real.

“I felt so much pressure against my ass until the head finally slipped into me. I screamed out. I’m sure the neighbors heard me. He didn’t stop and kept pushing into me slowly. I’ve never hurt so much in my life…”

The words stung. I hated the thought of her in pain.

“But it soon turned into pleasure as he thrust in and out of me. I gave him my ass. I gave into him completely. He owned me like a true slut.”

I couldn’t help but engage with her at this point. “Was that the first black cock you’ve had?” I asked, almost afraid of the answer.

“Yes,” she moaned as she rode my cock. She seemed to be right on the brink of orgasm but she never cums from penetration.

“Will it be the last?” I asked.

She smiled a coy smile. “No. It was too good to never have again.”

Her answer was everything I wanted.

“He fucked my ass so good. But I wanted him back in my pussy. He took a quick dip in the pool to wash off and sat back down under the cabana. His big black cock strutting straight into the air. I straddled him just like I”m straddling you now. I sunk down onto his massive manhood. I had to move so much farther up and down on his cock than what I’m doing to you now.”

Mmmmmm. I was ready to pop. Hearing about his bigger dick was sending me closer to the edge with every word.

“I fucked him deep. I couldn’t believe I could take all of him inside me. It was crazy. He reached places inside me I never knew were there.”

Oomph. How could something that hurt so bad turn me on so much? I was so full of emotions.

“He kept calling me a good married slut and that he owned my pussy now.”

My heart raced as I formulated my words carefully. In my own head, I couldn’t believe I was about to finally say the word. But I had to. It was like a demon forcing its way through my soul out into the open world.

“Do you know what a cuckold is?” I asked.

I honestly didn’t know what her response would be. It caught her by complete surprise and she stopped grinding on me for a second. I thought I had fucked up and ruined the moment. Guilt started to wash over me until I saw her lips smile. It was like a lightbulb went off in her head or she just got a wish that she wanted.

She smiled largely at me. She was so beautiful at the moment. Her nipples were hard as diamonds as my cock throbbed deep in her.

She looked me straight in the eyes and answered.

“Yes.” She whispered.

“Do you know that is what you just made me?” I said timidly.

“Yes. Mark said that’s what you were when I told him about some of our bedroom play.”

Fuck! I didn’t know what to say. There was no way she came up with that on the spot.

“Mark told me that you were probably a cuckold and would be begging me to tell you the details of how good he fucked me. He said that I wouldn’t be able to feel your little dick anymore after he stretched my pussy. Does it feel stretched baby?

I was in blissful heaven. I didn’t care if it was true or not. She was owning my soul with her words. She had stopped riding me and was just grinding back and forth as she teased me. Her pussy did feel different. I would swear on it.

“I rode his big black cock for over an hour. I was so sore from the fucking he was giving me but I was like addicted to him. His feel. His hands. His smell. His cock. I couldn’t get enough of it. He kept telling me that my little dicked husband didn’t get this pussy anymore. At least not the way it used to be. That’s when he explained to me what a cuckold was.”

My shame raged and was only surpassed by the impending explosion. I could feel my orgasm beginning to boil from within. It felt like the first time I discovered what an orgasm was. I couldn’t contract my prostate at all. It was like everything was frozen in time.

“He said he was a…bull. I think that was the term. And when I told him about our toy collection and how you loved to simulate adding another guy to the bedroom, he told me that you were a cuckold. Are you a cuckold, Ryan?”

My heart was beating out of my chest. She was actually going to make me admit it and I was loving it. What the fuck was wrong with me?

“Yes.” I panted.

“Say it. He said I should make you say the words.”

“I’m a cuckold, Claire,” I uttered in half shame, half impassioned plea for relief.

“Wow! Mark was right.” She said as she began riding my cock again. I wasn’t going to last any longer. I wanted to explode.

“Mark said one last thing, baby…can I ask you a question? She said as her hips continued moving up and down.”

“Yes, baby. Fuck. I can’t take anymore…” I said in equal parts of agony and ecstasy.

“Mark said you probably even wanted to eat another man’s cum out of my pussy. That most cucks fantasized about eating cum from their wife’s pussy. If you are a cuckold, then I’m assuming you would eat his cum from my pussy?”

I was stunned. How did she know all this about cuckolding? It was like she was inside my head and I was hopelessly lost in her. My mouth was dry and I couldn’t muster the courage to admit it.

“You would, wouldn’t you? Fuck Ryan, you are a nasty little cuck, aren’t you? So I guess you will like what I’m going to tell you next then.” She slowed back down riding me. She was a skilled expert at keeping me right on the edge.

The words burst through my mouth before I even knew what I was saying, almost interrupting her story.

“Yes! Yes, Claire. I would do anything for you. I would eat his cum from your pussy. I want you to straddle my face and feed it to me.” I said.

She smiled a knowing smile and leaned down and whispered into my ear.

“Mark said you would. You know what? I let him cum in my pussy as I rode his cock. He grabbed my hips and thrust deep into me, pinning me down onto his cock. He trapped me on his big dick with his muscular hands – but he didn’t have to hold me down. I wanted his superior cock to cum inside me. He growled as he pumped me so full of his seed. I never feel you cum inside me but I felt every jet of his cum shoot inside me.”

I lost it. I started cumming right as she stopped moving on top of me. We had been experimenting with ruined orgasms and she had become exceptionally skilled at it. My cock erupted stream after stream inside her. My head was dizzy as thoughts of Claire, Mark, and their creamy connection swam through my mind. How had Claire become this perverted overnight? How the fuck did she know what a cuckold was and why has she never said anything about this in the past?

As I opened my eyes, Claire was smiling at me. It was the most loving smile I can ever remember. Her eyes were big and round. My throbbing cock still twitching inside her.

“My God Claire. What the fuck got into you?” I said, still reeling from what just happened.

“A big black cock. Weren’t you paying attention? And we’re not done yet.”

Her words were haunting and I didn’t know what to make of them. But I knew they made my cock harden somehow even further.

She rocked back and forth and pulled herself off my cock. A thick glob of cum plopped out onto my cock. I figured she was going to clean off and we have another go. But she had other ideas.

“Ok cuck. Mark said this is what I should do to you to show you how it’s going to be from now on.”

She started crawling up my body. I couldn’t believe what she was going. It was like an out-of-body experience. We had never even remotely talked about this, but now all of a sudden she has taken complete control and is doing whatever she wants to me. I tried to object, but she was having nothing of it.

“No. If you ever want to cum again, you are going to accept your new role as a cuck,” she said.

And with those dark words piercing my heart and soul, her knees landed, one on each side of my head. I was staring up at her engorged pussy. There was a string of cum hanging down. I was incredibly embarrassed and overwhelmed.

“Mark said your duty as a cuckold was to lick my pussy whenever I want it. And now I want it. Thinking back on the fucking he gave me has me so turned on and your little white dick isn’t doing anything for me. I want you to put that tongue of yours to good use while I ride your face and think about Mark fucking this married pussy again.”

And with those final words sealing my fate, she lowered her pussy onto my mouth. There was no point in fighting it and a part of me was so elated to finally experience what I’ve always wanted. She rocked her pussy back and forth across my face, smearing my own cum and her juices across my lips in the most perverted fashion. It was the most erotic, sensual, and dirty act we had ever performed together. She was feeding me my own seed and I was lapping it up like it was dinner time. Her clit was so hard and I relished in feeling it as she worked her pussy over my mouth.

She raised up and turned around into a 69 position. I felt her grab the glob of cum resting at the base of my cock and begin to stroke my dick with it.

“I don’t even know what to do moving forward with this little dick. Maybe just hand jobs for you? It’s not like I can feel you much in my pussy.”

I could feel her breath on my cock again as her hand rocketed up and down my shaft. This is how we started the night, but somehow it had gone much darker than I ever thought possible. As she mentioned her loose pussy to me, it convulsed and a large stream of cum started running out right into my mouth. I opened wide, embracing the cuck I had been made.

“Maybe this weekend I will call Mark over and you can watch how he owns my body in person this time?”

And without any warning but based solely on those words, my dick erupted in her hand. I felt it shooting all around us as she continued her full-fisted assault on it, beating it until I was begging her to stop.

At the same time, her clit engorged and I was desperate to hear my slutty wife cum. She was panting like a whore as she jacked off my dick. I flicked my tongue wildly across her clit until her pleasure washed over her. Seeing her ass shake and more cum spurt out of her pussy as she came on my tongue was the most amazing thing ever. I kept licking her until her orgasm subsided. We had cum within seconds of one another. She laid on top of me, creamy cummy pussy right in my face. I was covered in my own semen and she was too at this point.

It was the most powerful orgasm of my life – all with a mouth full of my own cum. It was degrading, diminishing, and everything I always hoped it would be.

She gave my cock one last tug and quickly swallowed the full length, taking any remaining cum in her mouth. She turned around with a closed mouth and smiled. She leaned down to kiss me lovingly. Before I realized what was happening, she kissed me with a mouth full of my cum. We were both grinning so much we couldn’t even keep it in our mouths. It poured out the corners of my mouth and ran down my neck.

I was done. I was physically and mentally exhausted. I was confused. I felt elation and guilt. I was so happy but at the same time I was scared to death. I didn’t know who this woman was. I didn’t know what had possessed her. I didn’t know exactly what this meant for our sex life moving forward. A myriad of thoughts was cascading through my mind, all encompassed in an after-sex glow.

I was so scared to ask her any questions, not wanting to ruin anything. I started reflecting on the time I was in Seattle the week before. There had been a night when I tried to call her and didn’t get an answer. I thought it odd then, but figured she had just gone to bed early.

As she began to peel herself off me, she grinned at me.

“Welcome to your new world. I hope it’s everything you dreamed of…”

And with that, she winked at me and disappeared into the bathroom with her phone. Through the door, I could hear the sounds of repeated text notifications.

When she came back out, having cleaned up – her face was flush.

“Who was that texting you this late, babe?”

“It was Mark, silly. I had to let him know he was right about you.” She said as she crawled into bed next to me.

I felt paralyzed. My own cum covering my stomach and the sheet around me – not to mention the remaining taste from eating it from her pussy. She had used me and was going to sleep leaving me wondering whether he trust was real or fiction – all while covered in and tasting my own semen.

She truly owned me. When the night started I wanted to hear a fantasy. Now I was completely and utterly sure that I didn’t care if it was fantasy or not. I just wanted to be hers. I wanted her to own me – totally – the way that she just had. If that meant her fucking Mark, real or not, then that’s all I wanted.

I am her cuckold.

The End.


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