Mahomet and His Small Dick

By buttthundertopdog.


Part 1: Heritage

Mahomet was a 21-year-old Pakistani student living in the States. Unlike most other men of his age, he was fat, not very good-looking, and a virgin. His virginity and lack of confidence with attractive girls stemmed from a sense of shame about his unappealing body, and even more so, it boiled down to a sense of shame over his tiny circumcised pathetic penis, which was only 3.5 inches (approx. 9 cm) long when fully erect.

18-year-old Mahomet had been jerking off to porn multiple times a week, and his failure to get into the college he most wanted to go to could be attributed to this addiction and his sexual frustration at not having fucked a girl yet. However, he had always been ashamed of this, and when friends would mention porn or masturbation, he would claim he never has seen or done it and would say it’s immoral and disgusting. Often, however, he would say no to going out with friends and instead would curl up under his duvet in bed, the left hand just about wrapped around his tiny erection and right hand holding his phone on which he watched his favorite blonde porn actresses with big tits and sexy big asses (he being an ass man) being fucked by men with bigger dicks and more worth than him.

Luckily, or so he thought, Mahomet met a girl called Rose at a summer camp during his gap year – they were both 19 and worked at the camp. She was mildly attractive and exotic, shy with a sweet voice but a sweeter ass. He kept in touch with her after the camp, and their chat became slightly sexual – Mahomet would talk about his erection and how he would get embarrassing erections randomly, and she would laugh and say something private in return. One night when asked what he was doing, he replied to Rose in a cryptic way that implied he was jerking it to porn. She shrieked in shock and laughter but found it funny. So, in a couple of days, Mahomet uploaded pictures of his soft and erect penis and claimed it was an ‘accident.’ Rose was shocked but found it more than funny.

Pretending to be embarrassed but actually really horny, Mahomet asked her if she had seen his penis pics for long. She commented that she noticed he was circumcised and asked why. Eventually, Mahomet just blurted out and asked what she thought of his penis. At first, she said it was nice and ‘big,’ but after talking some more, and with Mahomet telling her he was 3.5 inches erect, Rose replied in a shocked tone and confessed it was tiny. When Mahomet tried to take things further, Rose explained she definitely didn’t want to be fucked by his tiny cock but didn’t mind being friends. Later, Mahomet was even more heartbroken when he learned Rose had a boyfriend who she hinted had a larger cock than him. He grew jealous but also aroused as she told him how she had given her first blowjob to her boyfriend and had swallowed his cum, and also had sex later.

This experience leads Mahomet to increasingly turn to other kinds of porn to cope with his conclusive perception of himself as a fat, ugly beta male with a tiny pathetic cock who would always be a virgin unless he paid exorbitant sums for an escort. So he started jerking off more and more to femdom, SPH (small penis humiliation), JOI (jerk off instruction), and CFNM (clothed female, naked male) porn. He confessed this and many other personal details to Rose online and sent her pics of his penis and videos of him jerking off and ejaculating. Rose never reacted with disgust but found it funny and weird, even replying to one of his videos saying while he had a small cock and balls, his spunk went spurting a large distance! However, at university, Rose eventually said she didn’t want to keep seeing his penis and Mahomet, unable to control his perverted compulsions, said it would be best they avoid contact.

Over his few years at university, however, he still had a perverted love for Rose and would occasionally jerk off and cum with an especially loud grunt while thinking about his chats with her and her sweet ass.

His porn addiction also caused other perverted behavior to arise. While horny and jerking off to porn, he often couldn’t control himself from spending money on expensive porn site subscriptions and buying gifts and donating to whatever busty big ass porn actress his dick was excited over at the time. He had even submitted pictures of his fat body and pathetic cock to a website, along with a confession of all his sexual perversions, to be ‘rated’ and ‘reviewed’ by women for a hefty price. All this meant he had to live a poor life at college and give up on many luxuries and social events.

Further, whenever he saw a sexy woman in public, especially one with a nice ass, he couldn’t help but stare and sometimes go into a public toilet to jerk off and leave a mess on the floor. He had a couple of times stopped women to ask for ‘directions’ but then had just stared at their cleavage (although his tiny hard-on wouldn’t be that visible through his trousers) until they hurried away in shock and disgust. His CFNM/exhibitionist fetish meant he had even once left his college dorm room door ‘accidentally’ unlocked so the cleaner, a MILF, would walk in on him completely naked, fat ass sat on a chair, jerking his tiny pathetic cock vigorously to porn. He acted embarrassed and later went and begged her not to tell, but later that day had jerked off to the memory. He also wasted money on phone sex lines and would get the woman to control his wanking and humiliate him and get him naked on his knees and beg her, the Mistress, to let him blow his load, all the while confessing all his perversions.

He felt ashamed and guilty, but he couldn’t control it. He was too scared to see a prostitute, although he often jerked to such fantasies. Perhaps he was doomed to be a pervert.


Part 2: Experience

After the summer holidays, having earned some money, Mahomet wanted to finally lose his virginity by putting his pathetic penis in a prostitute’s pussy once he got back to college.

Going on a popular escort site, he soon found a blonde with a nice juicy ass that got his cock twitching – her name was Karla. Phoning her up, he stuttered in shyness as she picked up the phone and introduced himself. However, his dick was hard, so he stuttered how her sexy pictures got his cock so hard. Karla giggled and said, ‘Thank you, baby!’

‘I want a 1-hour service,’ Mahomet said, ‘I-I-I…want m-my…um…blowjob without a condom, sex, and I want to-to lick your pussy and ass and cum on your tits!’

He heard a louder giggle on the other end, and then Karla replied, ‘Ok, baby, that will be $140.’

‘Um, my penis is 3.5in long when hard. Do you have small condoms?’

Karla replied with a louder giggle and, after trying to control herself, said, ‘Yes, Mahomet, I do, don’t worry!’ At this humiliation, Mahomet did all he could to just about keep his sensually excited gasps from coming out as his rock-hard cock twitched against his pants.

‘Um…one more thing,’ Mahomet said, rubbing the tip of his erect penis through his pants, ‘I’m a virgin, and this is my first time, w-what happens if I prematurely ejaculate?’

This time he heard loud laughter from the other end, and he could feel his balls clench. Unable to hold it in, he quickly held the phone between his ear and shoulder, unzipped his pants, and took his throbbing cock out. With two jerks up and down his shaft, his knees felt weak as he started ejaculating at being humiliated by a sexy dominating mistress like Karla. Spurts of semen fell on the floor, missing the table, and Mahomet suppressed a groan at the effort it would take to clean the floor.

‘Baby, are you ok?’ Karla replied on the phone while still suppressing her laughter, ‘But, no baby, even if you finish early, you have to pay.’

‘Y-y-yes, yes I’m fine, baby,’ Mahomet replied, trying hard not to pant, as he continued jerking his penis for the post-ejaculation buzz. Knowing full well, he couldn’t cum again. He booked the appointment with Karla for the next day.

The next day Mahomet left with an erection in his pants for Karla’s place. In his perversion, knowing full well how wrong it was, he sat next to young women on the buses and scrolled through the sexy pics of Karla in lingerie and also naked, thinking about what he would do to her with his mouth, fingers, and cock. He got a double excitement from the obvious discomfort the women next to him showed, despite how disgusting and wrong he knew his behavior was. Some even got up and moved, but none said anything. Only two times in the past had he been publicly humiliated by a woman for his perversions – once a woman had shouted at him in public for looking at naked women on his phone while sat next to her. The other time he had been slapped for staring at the cleavage of a sexy young brunette with big tits on a fairly crowded bus. Both times he had been so embarrassed he immediately got off the public transport, but once he got home had jerked off to the memories.

Once he got to Karla’s area, he texted her for the exact road and house number, and once she responded, he walked with fervor. Once he got to her door, he took a deep breath, his heart pounding, adjusted his trousers, so a ‘tent’ from his erection was visible, and knocked.

When the door opened, his jaw dropped. Standing in front of him was Karla, wearing a top over her juicy tits that reached just under her boobs and left her sexy smooth midriff exposed and denim shorts that just about covered her pussy and ass. She had sexy long legs and was so beautiful. Mahomet’s cock was twitching as he stared drooling at her tits, her thighs, and her sexy feet in high heels and then back to her tits!

‘Wait, YOU are Mahomet?’ asked Karla, with a touch of disgust, presumably at his lascivious looks.

‘Um…yes yes baby,’ came the reply, as Mahomet continued staring at this sexy body he was finally going to fuck – it was his porn fantasies come true.

‘I thought you were Turkish, white, because of your name,’ Karla replied, going to close her door, ‘I don’t fuck Indians.’

Mahomet finally looked up in shock!

‘Wait, what? No!! I’ll pay a little bit extra! I’m Pakistani!’ he wailed, like a pathetic beta male.

‘Doesn’t matter, Indian, Pakistani, brown, whatever,’ Karla said as she started to close the door.

Mahomet was too horny, however.

‘No, baby, please, please, please! I need to lose my virginity. I am so horny, babe, please, I want to fuck you, I am begging you!’ Mahomet pathetically wailed, with tears starting to roll down his cheeks. Still, in his horniness, at the sexy goddess worthy of worship whose ass he wanted to worship so much in front of him, he unzipped his pants, whipped out his tiny cock, and started stroking it in front of Karla.

‘What the FUCK?!?! You fucking pervert, you are so pathetic! Get the fuck off my property!’ Karla shouted, and without warning, kicked his penis and scrotum. Thankfully his cock was covered by his left hand, but Mahomet felt a surge of intense pain as her high heels connected with his balls. He fell back in pain as Karla closed her doors, screaming racist insults.

Still crying, trying to control his tears, Mahomet got up, causing his pants to come to his feet, and hobbled onto the street in a daze while gently rubbing his hurting balls.

He suddenly heard a scream! Looking up, he saw two young women right in front of him, and he realized he himself was naked with his penis exposed to them. For a moment, all were frozen in shock, Mahomet looking at the two women and they looking shocked and disgusted at his pathetic penis, which had now gone fully soft and shrunk back, so only the head was visible, barely half an inch. But as Mahomet realized the humiliation he was facing at having his unattractive pathetic fat body and pathetic tiny penis exposed to these two attractive ladies, his cock started to harden. He quickly got fully erect, with some pre-cum from his earlier wanking in front of Karla still visible at the tip of his penis and glistening in the sunlight. When the two ladies saw this, they started laughing and took out their phones to take pictures. As the phone cameras flashed in the late sunset, Mahomet regained his composure, pulled up his pants, and started running.

Once he had gotten away, he sat down and wiped his tears. He was angry at not being able to lose his virginity and fuck a sexy goddess. Still, he felt his erection throbbing as he thought about the humiliation of having wanked off, even if for a while, in front of a sexy fully-clothed woman and then being so humiliated having his erection and naked lower half exposed to two attractive young women. The excitement came from the fact that these women had seen his pathetic nakedness and penis. Still, he hadn’t seen them naked – this humiliating power difference, especially as he was a man, and they were women, who due to cultural influences he had been taught – wrongly – should be inferior in the power hierarchy, was what titillated him. This was how his sexual psyche had coped with his – right or wrong – belief that his self-esteem should be affected by the fact that he was an unattractive beta male by contemporary Western standards and that the small size of his penis relative to other men mattered, as well as his psychological tendency to put pussy on a pedestal, which likely stemmed from connecting a woman’s power to deny or allow entry into her highly desired pussy to his own high likelihood of rejection due to his fatness and small penis.

Taking out his phone, Mahomet typed in the passcode ‘SmallCockBetaMale3.5inch’ – because, of course, that was the password he used for everything – and searched online for strip clubs. He would use his $140 and more on a strip club. Finding one he thought was near, had good ratings, and didn’t seem too expensive, he withdrew cash from an ATM and departed.


Part 3: Paper Towels

Mahomet arrived at the strip club as night arrived and paid for an entry. This was his first time, and he was excited and a bit drunk from some wine he had bought along the way.

Immediately his cock started twitching as he saw the sexy ladies in nothing but their thongs pole dancing. Walking through the club, his eyes – and his erect penis – were immediately drawn to one woman. The stripper was a blonde, tall woman who seemed to be in her late 20s and had big natural tits that bounced in such an arousing way as she pole-danced. Her tiny thong easily exposed her big juicy ass, which she was twerking mesmerizingly. Mahomet immediately took a seat and threw some money, to which she blew a kiss at him. Asking for her name, she replied it was Kylie. ‘Wow!’ said Mahomet, ‘Just like my favorite porn actress!’ She gave him a weird look!

Looking around at the men, he saw a range. Some were pathetic like him, and so in their perversion and virginity had their hands under their pants stroking their cocks; they couldn’t afford private dances. Some of them were so obvious that security kicked them out. Other men, however, the alphas, were not doing such things, drinking vodka with more sexy girls on their laps, guaranteed to get blowjobs, fuck tits, pussies and asses later tonight – this Mahomet was jealous and scared of.

Mahomet was getting aroused but didn’t want to jerk off with other men and security around. So he indicated he wanted a private lap dance to Kylie, and despite the eye-watering price she suggested, he paid up and was shown to one of the private rooms.

In walked the divine Kylie, wearing the thong but also a skimpy bra.

‘You ready, Mahomet baby?’ she seductively asked as she sat on Mahomet’s lap, giggling as her sexy ass rubbed up against his erection.

‘Y-y-y-ye-yesss baby,’ Mahomet panted.

Kylie laughed at his horny and nervous state and started the dance. Mahomet had never seen such a sexy ass that close to his face as she twerked it seductively. He wanted nothing more than to bury his face in those sexy buttocks, kiss her ass cheeks, lick her ass and rim her, then bury his tiny cock in her ass and thrust until he had spurted all of his semen into her tight, sensual ass.

Eventually, it was just too much, and as Kylie faced away from him and danced her sensual body, Mahomet impulsively pulled down his trousers and underwear to his feet and started wanking his throbbing cock without thinking of the consequences.

The music went quiet for a while, and Mahomet realized the only thing that could be heard in the room was the FAP-FAP-FAP of his wanking.

Shocked, Kylie quickly turned around and did a double-take. Mahomet became so embarrassed and, despite wanting to wank, took his hand away and sat there with his cock in the air, his eyes down towards the floor and almost tearing up, realizing security was going to kick him out and he would be banned and humiliated in front of the entire club. While he enjoyed being humiliated by women, he certainly didn’t want men, as security were mostly men, involved.

‘Wow, Mahomet, that’s quite tiny, isn’t it?’ Kylie asked, looking at his penis with a look of pity – much worse than disgust or shock. She had seen his fear and embarrassment, and Mahomet was afraid of what would happen next.

‘You know what, I’ll continue dancing, and you can…um…continue jerking off,’ Kylie announced, then asked, ‘Do you have a condom?’

‘Yeah,’ said Mahomet, reaching down and taking the XL condom he had kept for years in case it was needed. He was also shocked at this turn of events – he could jerk off in front of a sexy goddess like this?!?!

‘Ok, Mahomet, why don’t you put that condom on so that when you cum you don’t make a mess, huh?’ Kylie said with a smile.

‘Yes, Kylie…uh…thank y-y-you,’ muttered Mahomet as he took the condom out and tried to put it on his still erect penis. This was the first time he had used a condom, but it wouldn’t fit properly and wouldn’t event roll because it was XL size. His erection only hardened at the humiliation of struggling to put on a condom too big for his small penis in front of such a sexy goddess who appeared to have taken pity on this pathetic beta male.

‘Actually, Mahomet, don’t worry about the condom,’ giggled Kylie, ‘I’ll get you some paper towels, ok?’

She went off and brought a roll of towels from which he tore off a wad to catch his semen.

Kylie turned the music volume up and started dancing. She stayed a bit away, however, to avoid any of Mahomet’s cum falling on her. She turned and looked at Mahomet, gripping his tiny cock and wanking furiously as he stared at her as she took off her bra and cupped her breasts with her hands. She then danced as she slid off her thong and showed off her asshole and pussy to Mahomet by spreading her cheeks to an audible gasp from him.

Mahomet couldn’t believe he saw this divine ass and pussy in front, and he could feel his balls clenching and his cock getting ready to ejaculate.

Kylie turned around and looked straight into Mahomet’s glazed eyes as he knelt on the floor, wanking furiously and aiming his penis with his left hand and holding the wad of paper towels. As she danced sensually and looked down into his eyes, his face contorted, and he let out multiple loud grunts and groans while moaning ‘Oh, Kylie,’ ‘Kylie, my goddess!’, ‘Mistress Kylie,’ and ‘I’m gonna cum!’ as his spunk spurted out in huge quantities again and again onto the wad of tissue.

Mahomet was in ecstasy – from Kylie, from the alcohol, from the sensation of his hand stroking his penis – and felt his whole body quivering in pleasure and his knees almost giving away, almost unable to support his kneeling. He was kneeling and wanking his pathetic tiny 3.5-inch cock and cumming like a useless beta male slave in front of this goddess, and he felt nothing but pleasure, pleasure, pleasure! Sensual fucking pleasure!


Part 4: Horizon

Once the feeling had died down, Mahomet felt a deep sense of shame going through his body, followed by a sense of gratitude at the gift that Kylie had allowed him to enjoy. Uncontrollable tears streamed down his face as he thanked Kylie over and over, who had turned off the music and was looking at him in shock. Mahomet then got up to go clean himself and think.

After a while, he came out to the bar and walked up to Kylie. She turned and looked at him funny, perhaps because she had just let this man jerk off in front of her despite club policy and moral decency. But Kylie was surprised at the hug she received from Mahomet, as well as the absurdly large cash tip. Mahomet was so grateful for the gift. He thanked Kylie for her gift and left.

As Kylie explained this event to a friend, she reasoned that the intense societal pressure to look good is not limited to women. Clearly, the man had withstood a tremendous amount of emotional damage related to his small dick. She’ll never know if his pain was the result of locker-room taunts, a cruel ex-girlfriend, tasteless jokes in popular media such as movies, or any of countless other sources. What she does now know – simply from his behavior – is that his pain was real, that the size of his penis was by no means either his fault or something he could control, and that this type of societal pressure as it relates to men is often overlooked.

‘Yeah, true, I guess,’ replied her friend, Guinevere, ‘I’m never gonna make a small dick joke again.’

The End.


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