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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader recounts his experiences growing up…

I never knew my small penis humiliation fetish started so far back because it really started a few years ago with Lexi Lapetina. But then I realized the seeds had been planted way back in high school. I remember being a naive freshman and after football practice my freshman year it happened. So after football practice my freshman year I was taking a piss and all of a sudden I feel someone next to me and there is Demetrius, a black guy, and he is almost on my side of the urinal divider. He says “Hey, dog, where’s your dick?”

I had no idea what he was talking about and I said, “Right there, man.”

Demetrius just smiled, and the guy who was next to him also taking a piss can’t stop laughing. That was the first real humiliation I felt about my dick size.

Then fast forward to after college and I had been dating this girl for a couple of years. I stayed over at her place all the time. I had roommates, so never had any privacy that’s why I liked staying at her place. So one morning, out of nowhere, I’m laying in her bed naked and she’s getting ready for work. She comes over to me and like a girl tickling a baby’s cheek says, “Oh, look at your teenie-weenie balls!”

Then she uses her index finger to tickle my little balls. This was the second time I remember feeling so humiliated about my size. What adds to it is I knew the guy that dated her before I had tea bagged her. I could never tea bag a girl with my little balls.

When I was in college, I was a scholarship athlete and one time, three teammates and myself were going to get into the ice baths. Now, this was my first experience with ice baths so while everyone is changing in the locker room, I’m waiting and wondering what we’re supposed to wear in an ice bath. While I’m doing this Chris, another black guy says “Hey, man, don’t worry. We all know you gotta little baby dick.”

I was like, what the fuck. It caught me so off guard I couldn’t say anything and just changed, while they laughed amongst themselves.


This readers big night out turned into a career…

I was always shy about having a tiny penis. My wife went away every weekend and 10yrs ago my friend asked me to go to an erotic club with him, so we went. I wore a G string stockings high heels loads of makeup and a frilly top. When we arrived we had a few drinks. My friend said, “Let’s see the drag queen comedian…”

The comedian soon spotted me pulled me on stage. I was dared, if I could neck a single vodka before she could remove my g-string without using his hands, I got £100. I said OK and faced the crowd. Someone said go, and before I even picked the glass up my g-string was on the floor. The drag queen had cut it with scissors. The laughing was loud as my tiny penis shriveled up from nerves. That was it, I was in stockings, high heels, and a short frilly top as I made my way through the crowd my bum was slapped by men. What had I got myself into? I got to the bar hiding my tiny penis from everyone and this guy called Dave came over and brought me a drink. He asked if I would work for him here in his club.

I said, “No thanks. I’m married with children and I just wanna go home but I can’t find my friend.”

A few drinks later, the manager of the club said my friend might be upstairs, so we went to look for him. I felt a bit drunk. We walked into this big room where everyone was naked (or nearly naked) and these Indian guys started grabbing me and pulling me. I felt scared. Dave told the Indian guys, “Hey, he doesn’t work here,” and they backed off and went to another guy dressed as a woman.

It clicked then that these male crossdressers were prostitutes. Dave offered me a drink and I relaxed a bit. Eventually, two more Indian men came over and Dave told me to suck their dicks. I did. Dave told me if I leaned forward it means you’re open for business. I thought he meant to stick my bum in the air and soon I was taking cock in my mouth and asshole. Two hours later, I fell asleep exhausted, and used. When I woke, I was still being fucked in the asshole.

The next morning when everyone had gone I wandered back downstairs wearing nothing but stockings and high heels. I see two polish cleaners and they looked at my snaked form and laughed. One said, “Mawe pee-pee…” That means a small penis.

Dave was still there and he said he’d drive me home if I agreed to work for him, and I initially agreed but when I got home I started to have doubts. I felt confused and embarrassed for a week, Dave had my number and kept texting me about when I was coming in to work. I told him I changed my mind, but he sent me a video of me at the club that night riding cock and threatened to expose me to my wife if I don’t work for him.

That’s how I ended up working at his club. I was a waitress that wore nothing but stockings, high heels, and makeup who would also take clients upstairs to fuck me. I worked there for 5 years.


While this reader is driven crazy by the possibilities…

I’ve been seeing this girl (I’m gonna call her B) for a little over a month now. She’s a few years younger than me (19, I’m 23) and she lives with a few other girls in a house they rent together off-campus. There are five of them including her and it’s not a huge place so things get cramped. Just to paint a picture, she’s half Jamaican and a little bit heavy set with long, very curly, black hair with purple highlights, and really gorgeous brown eyes. We’ve been on a few dates, made out plenty, and I’ve eaten her out twice, but she hasn’t seen me naked. Until last night anyway.

Saturday night I took her to dinner, we went to see the new Annabelle movie then went to a couple of bars after. By the time we got back to her place, we were both pretty hammered and horny. We didn’t even make it back to her bedroom before we got started, she basically stripped me naked in her living room and we fucked for the first time right there on the floor. She told me I was too drunk to go anywhere and I should just stay there for the night. We got a couple of blankets and passed out on the couch watching SVU.

B woke me up around 9 am and told me she had to go to work, but I was welcome to stay and sleep for a while if I wanted to. I fell back asleep, still naked and wrapped up in the blanket from the night before.

I woke up again this time closer to one. This time something was different…I realized pretty quickly that the blanket was gone and I was sprawled out on the couch in her living room butt-ass naked. Not only that, three of the other girls in the house were in the dining area like 10 feet away. I panicked and quickly tried to find the blanket to cover myself, but it was nowhere to be found. The three girls noticed I was awake and started saying, “Good morning,” and stuff.

I was freaking out a little bit, groggy, hungover, and looking around for my clothes while sheepishly cupping my dick in my hand. One of the girls said, “B left your stuff over there,” and I saw my clothes neatly folded and sitting on the table. So I then had to walk across the room to where they were sitting while they started laughing. I grabbed my clothes, turned around, and rushed to put them on.

“Nice butt,” one of them said. “Bet you work out a lot.”

I told her yeah and how many times I go to the gym a week. I’ll remember that moment for a long time because looking back at it there’s a nonzero chance she was making a ‘compensating for something’ joke without me even realizing it at the time. I finished getting dressed, awkwardly made an excuse to leave, and called an Uber to get home.

When I got home I took a shower. When I got a better look at the underwear I’d been wearing, someone took a sharpie and wrote ‘tiny’ right on the crotch. A few hours later, B calls me from work, apologizing for her friends. Even though I hadn’t said anything about it, and B told me she made them delete the pictures. Pictures I didn’t even know about.

B had no idea I’m into SPH, like at all, and she definitely doesn’t know I’ve jerked off three times in less than 12 hours thinking about the possibilities here. Did she take the blanket off of me after I passed back out and leave me there naked for her friends to find? Was she disappointed after finding out how small my dick is (I’m a bronze member) and she wanted to expose me? Did her friends take the blanket off?

I can only imagine the conversations they must’ve had while I was just laying there, bare ass naked with my dick on display like that. Did I get hard at all in my sleep? Obviously, they weren’t impressed with me considering the writing on the underwear. The hottest part to me is the pictures though. How many did they take? Exactly how compromising were they? If B got them obviously that means they sent them to her. So how many other people did they send them to, if any?

Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I was this turned on for this long. I haven’t heard from her since that phone call earlier, but god damn. Next time I talk to her I have to get more information because the ‘what if’s’ are driving me crazy.


Another reader had a shower to remember…

This story happened a couple of years ago and it was likely one of the formative experiences which lead me to enjoy SPH.

I’ve known I have a small dick since my teenage years (I’m a proud silver member of the small dick club). I also grew up playing team sports and was always sure to either be the last guy to shower (to avoid being seen) or at least fluff up a bit to make my little guy more presentable. Nevertheless, I was still the butt end of jokes from my teammates whenever the subject of size came up.

On this occasion, it was a particularly hot summer day and I decided to head to the community center for a swim and a bit of relief from the heat. Now, the pool change room was set up so that the changing area lead to the showers which then lead to the pool area. Consequently, when you’re finished swimming you enter directly into the shower area. The showers themselves were communal and open with about eight showerheads.

This incident happened before I was comfortable with my little dick (now I actively show it off whenever possible). I discreetly got changed and did my pre-swim shower with my suit on and entered the pool area. When I entered the pool area I noticed that there were two other change room entrances (a family and female with the family being in the middle) but didn’t think anything of it. There were quite a few people in the pool area, including quite a few moms accompanied by their children. I took little notice and finished up my swim without noteworthy incident.

When I returned to the shower area I was relieved to see it was empty so I didn’t hesitate to take my suit off and wash it properly. Just as I was finishing rinsing out my hair (with my soft half-inch nub exposed and facing the entrance area) I saw something move out of my periphery. I fully opened my eyes just in time to see a hot young mom in a bikini enter with her young son of about five. She gasped in shock, then looked down at my groin. Then it happened, she giggled and brought her hands up to cover her mouth saying, “Oh my God, I’m so sorry!”

I was left speechless, I didn’t know how to react and just mumbled, “It’s OK.”

During this brief exchange (not knowing they weren’t in the family change room), her son, apparently used to showering in the change room, started taking off his trunks. At this, his mom tries to stop him saying to hold on they’re in the wrong area, but it was too late. His penis was clearly bigger than mine. She stopped him and pulled up his shorts while saying, “Not here ‘big guy’ we’re in the wrong shower area.”

With a big smile on her face, she takes one last look at my nub of a dick, shakes her head, and grabs her son’s hand, and leaves me in a state of deep humiliation with a surprising stir of arousal. I quickly finished my shower, got changed, and left.


This reader is crushed by his crush in high school…

In school, we never had mixed Physical Education (PE) lessons. It was always boys in one class and girls in the other but at the end of term, there was always a big game day where it was all mixed and we did stuff like rounders, badminton, and dodgeball. In one of these lessons, I chose to do badminton and I was the only lad who did along with 4 girls so we decided to play 3 v 2. (me and my crush lily vs Lauren, molly and Megan her mates).

They all knew I had a crush on Lily, and at the start, it was super awkward as they kept making comments when we were playing, but the jokes soon stopped. About halfway through the session, we mixed the teams up and I played with Lauren and Molly who both have the most amazing butts I’ve ever seen and were wearing tight gym shorts with their cheeks hanging out. My penis instantly started to stir and grew to my maximum size (I was a gold member of the small dick club back then).

Lauren was the first to notice my small bulge but didn’t say anything, instead, she pulled her shorts higher up wedging herself, and started bending down in a sexier seductive manner when picking up the shuttlecock. She was probably doing this to tease me but also because my shorts made my dick looked a lot bigger than it was for some reason. One by one the girls started to notice my bulge and were whispering to each other between plays until finally Lily noticed and she said to me, “I bet that’s over Lauren, isn’t it? I thought you had a crush on me not my best friend”

I was frozen and didn’t know what to say but before I knew it my shorts came down and my underpants with them. Molly was behind me and had taken me by surprise. Lily and Lauren screamed with laughter and Megan just gave me a dirty humiliating look up and down and smirked.

Molly asked, “What’s all the laughing about,” and spun me around.

She was still on her knees from when she pantsed me and my little erection was about 20cm from her face. She instantly burst out laughing and shouted, “Oh my God, Lily, your boyfriend’s got a baby dick…” and she flicked it with her index finger which sent a surge of pleasure through my body.

“He’s not my fucking boyfriend, Molly, and he never will be with a cock like that,” Lily replied.

The girls continued to laugh and make comments calling me a loser, a little boy, and a pussy, while I stood there unable to speak, humiliated and very, very turned on until Megan came over. She was a very short girl (probably about 4ft 11”) pale with black hair and had a very curvy body with a thin waist. She came up to me and grabbed my cock with her index finger and thumb and said in my ear loud enough for all the girls to hear, “You’re not good enough for any of us and you never will be. You’re a little boy with a little dick and no girl will ever want a little boy dick like yours…”

She kept talking to me and began to slowly stroke my little cock up and down as all the girls shouting and laughter quieted down into giggles and whispers that I couldn’t make out.

Megan continued, “I bet you like perving on us all, looking at our tits bouncing and our shorts getting further and further up our butts?”

I tried to say that I didn’t and I just wanted to play badminton but before I could finish I let out a huge moan and cum started to dribble out my little dick. The girls’ giggles turned back into hysterical laughter and asking me, “Was that it?” and saying, “Awwww, did Matthews little dick just cum?”

I couldn’t believe what I’d just done, but it felt amazing. Megan wiped my cum back onto my t-shirt and grabbed my balls and said, “You’re our little dick bitch now,” and let out a little giggle.

The girls walked out throwing their final insults at me like, “Fucking loser,” and, “You’re disgusting,” and, “Baby dick,” were just a few until it was just me and Lily left on the court.

Lily looked at me in the eyes and said, “I’m sorry what they did to you, but it needed to happen otherwise I wouldn’t of known.”

I asked her, “Known what?”

Because at this point, all I wanted was to hear my crush humiliate me as it turned me on so much. She just looked at me, looked down at my now tiny flaccid dick, and let out a giggle. “That you would never pleasure me and a relationship would never work, little boy.”

She walked off following the other girls. Her small tight ass shaking in her shorts as she went. I cleaned myself up once I’d realized the time and that the teachers would be coming in shortly. Ever since that lesson the same group of girls always teased me in lessons by holding their pinkies up and calling me ‘micro-matt.’ And I loved every minute of it. For the record, I didn’t grow much bigger and am now a proud silver member of the small dick club as an adult.


This reader goes on public display at the hospital…

One year ago, I had a car accident and hurt my jaw pretty badly. In the ambulance, they cut my shirt and my jeans open which already made my blood rush to my head since I was worried they’d also remove my underwear. They checked for internal damage and said everything was fine, then covered me with a blanket. Relieved for several reasons we drove to the hospital. When we finally arrived in the hospital they put me in a room with a Cat Scan machine, which I wasn’t particularly excited about. I thought they’d scan my head and neck to see if there’s anything hurt and I’d be in a cozy room by myself. But I was very wrong.

I laid in that room for around 10 minutes waiting for the doctors. They had removed my blanket prior to that and it got pretty chilly in there. Then finally, I heard them come in, but it wasn’t just one doctor, or even 2, no, there were about 15 people in that room. My assumption was that they were students, some girls there were pretty cute even. They all just stared at me and it was pretty awkward just laying there in my underpants, however, it got worse.

One doctor prepared me for the CT scan, told me what will happen and whatnot. Another doctor said he had to check for further internal damage, however. Great, I thought, he’ll poke around a bit, and then everyone will leave. But when I heard his words I had the worst little heart attack ever.

He said, “Alright, I will now remove your underwear and check for any damage on your testicles. If anything I do hurts please let me know. Don’t worry, it won’t be bad.”

The girls, which were around my age (early ’20s), and some of the boys around tried to hide their giggling when he mentioned my testicles and I started to blush again. The doctor removed my pants and unveiled my limp package, when I’m soft I am around 2.5 cm or 1-inch. Since it was cold everything just shriveled up, most of what was visible were probably just my foreskin. My balls were practically nonexistent at this point. This time I definitely heard some of the girls giggle and talk to each other when they saw my penis which just made matters worse. Being completely exposed to everyone while getting touched by someone for the first time ever (yes, I’m a virgin) got me pretty excited and the blood from my head went somewhere else.

In a matter of seconds, I was getting a full hard-on (I’m a silver member of the small dick club) right in front of 15 people. I blushed like never before in my life and just stared at the ceiling at this point, hoping it would all be over or I’d finally die. The doc fiddled around a bit with my testicles, nothing hurt and everything was fine. He then whispered to his assistant to get a little blanket to cover me. Under it, I felt my dick twitch and I suppose it was very visible to everyone when the cloth magically moved.

After what felt like ages, my CT scan was done and I received a proper blanket when they finally pushed me to my hospital room where I then jerked off and came in one or two minutes.

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