True Story: Medical Exam

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By notthatbig (submitted)


Let’s begin. I’m 35 years old, light brown, about 6,2 ft and that slight beer belly that most men whose donĀ“t have the patience to work out and dieting all the time have. As for my dick, it’s no big deal, far from being a porn star: hard it has 4 inches and a normal thickness. The problem is when it’s soft, because then he gets between 1 and 1,5 inch. But let’s history. At the time I was feeling a little tired and one day I was in one of those pharmacy scales and saw that my blood pressure was a little high, so I decided to see a doctor, to make one of those general checkups. I was not sure what doctor to look for, I searched the site to find a medical clinic and decided to check the same general practice, at least I would know that they would ask for some tests and everything will be fine.

I called, the person who answered told me he had time for next week and has scheduled me, confirming the data and saying that the consultation would be with Dr. Natalia. When I heard the name of a woman, of course I wondered if she was pretty or sexy, but soon forgotten. When the day of the appointment came, I went to the site. It was around about 4 in the afternoon, so I went straight from work. I went in and talked directly with the receptionist. Unlike most medical clinics, where the receptionist is always an old lady, this one was a young girl, just over 20 years and very pretty.

The body did not give to see right because she was sitting, but I could see that she had big tits. She asked me to climb a ladder and wait at the reception that Dr. Natalia would have called me. I went upstairs and there was no one at the reception. Was prepared to wait hours to be called, but that’s not what happened, I barely sat down and the office door opened, with her calling me in. The doctor should have 30 years, maybe a little more. She has light brown, almost blond hair, thin body and wore glasses with thick rims, which gave it to a nerdy look. She wore a white lab coat, and had underneath a denim pants and shoes.

There was a woman who difficultly would draw attention in the midst of others, but it was beautiful. She asked me to sit down and began to query. The beginning was the usual, he asked why I was there, asked about my background, how I felt, this stuff. I explained everything, said it was sedentary and everything else. She then asked me to get up, take off my clothes and stay only in underwear that she would examine me. I confess I was ashamed, would be very strange stand in front of her underwear only, but I was there only a medical patience so I took everything I put in the chair. – Can you step on the scale, put your arms at your side and stand back, please?

I did what she told me and then she measured me, weighed, noted on the card and asked me to sit on the table. Then she began to listen to my heart, which was accelerated by the situation, and a few other tests that do not quite understand. Then when everything was done, she started talking to me: – You have said that already operated hernia, no? – That – It’s been a while? – A 5 year – Which side was? – The right one. – And you feel some pain, yet? – No, it seems that everything is okay – And the tenderness at the site? – I don’t feel anything strange, just when it’s cold it seems that gives some twinges. She looked as thoughtful for a moment and told me what made me more nervous still: – You can lower the underwear a little? I want to analyze the site and also see if you have no problems on the other side. It’s super common who has slipped one side have the other also.



I did not believe it, I would have to drop my undies to a woman I barely knew, and although she’s a doctor and she’d be used to it, it was still embarrassing. But since there was no way, as I did so. She went to her desk and put those tests gloves. When I lowered my underwear, all that nervousness situations seem to have affected and made my cock, which was already small, shrunk. I could barely see him, it was just a little something wrinkled near the balls. The doctor then came close, leaned over and stood a few feet of that small thing and started to analyze my operation. She examined the scar, said it had apparently been a well done operation and began to ask more questions and touching me. I was scared and ashamed, I could barely concentrate and answered all monosyllabic. Then she asked me to cough, you would see if there was something there. When I coughed the first time she held in my bag, to feel something, and I almost choked. She asked again and stronger and there I was, naked with my balls in the hand of a beautiful doctor and having to cough.

She then said that everything was fine, I had no hernia on the other side. However, when I thought it was over, she asked me another question. – I noticed that you are not circumcised. Do you have phimosis? I swear I did not expect that question, but barely had time to think, because someone knocked on the door. Dr. Natalia then asked who he was: – It’s me, Denise. I’ve come for the health plan reports that you’ve signed because the courier is here to take them. – Oh, I forgot, Denise. Wait, I will deliver you. And there she got up and opened the door to talk to the girl, who was the pretty receptionist. – Just a moment. The receptionist came in and everything was so fast that I barely had time to cover my cock with my hands. She walked two steps into the room and when she saw me there, naked and only with hands covering my small cock, she also blushed. I looked away, I was dying of shame. And by the time it seemed like an eternity Dr. Natalia signed some papers and handed it to the receptionist who, before leaving, gave a look up and down at me and giggled.

At that time I wanted a hole to hide. – Where were we? – Asked Dr. Natalia, looking back at me – Oh yes, I asked if you had phimosis. – Nah-not-e-i. – Stammering, I said I didn’t know if he had it or not. I didn’t think so, but was not sure. – Okay, that at his age is not good. Well, let me analyze. – And so she asked me to put his hands to the side and took my dick. My heart pounded even more, to look down and see those hands moving it away from the skin and to check your head. So my cock began to grow. I was even more ashamed, but there was nothing I could do. – Do not worry – she said, without taking the eye of my cock – it is a normal reaction. In fact, it is good for the exam because it was too small and it was difficult to look right. At that time I wanted to die.

It was not enough to be there, naked with a doctor stirring in my cock, I had to hear her say that I had a tiny dick. She then finished the examination, said it did not phimosis, just a slightly larger skin, which was normal in the penis that size and that if I wanted could look for a urologist to remove it. I then spoke to put the clothes and gave me a series of tests, including an ultrasound of the abdomen and the scrotum. He said that when I had the results was to get back there.

I picked up the papers and left. Leaving I saw Denise, at the reception desk. She asked me while I was trying to go unnoticed: – Will set the return already? – Not yet, the doctor ordered some tests. – I understand, then call to see the return as soon as possible. – And she giggled. I got out of there fast, still half gone through everything. And the worst that I have to go back there after doing the tests. But the tests themselves were another story.

The End.




  • Peanutbobby

    Pretty funny. Don’t be embarrassed. I never get embarrassed, I’m a lot smaller than yours

    • Paul

      Great story I love the idea of this type of humiliation
      I have nothing as good as this but when I was 16 I joined the Army and on my medical I was totally stripped off the male doctor used to do the cough test in those days when he held your testicles and made you cough I never considered myself small but I had nothing to compare it with no internet porn in those days
      The doctor examined me and said your obviously very under developed for your age hopefully that will change for you but be prepared for a lot of jokes about your penis size from the other men because that’s what the Army is like
      He also said I had a very strange foreskin as it wasn’t complete so didn’t completely cover the head he said it resembled a turtle strange thing for a doctor to say and that then became my nickname Turtle or Turtle dick for 15 years seems like even doctors in the army like a joke and don’t believe in confidentiality
      Years later I found out it was called a half foreskin but by then tha damage was done

      • Anonymous

        Me too, I left a note about this story but I liked hearing about your experience too. .
        It is a familiar one for me but I always get aroused …….
        We sound similar.

        • Paul

          Thanks for your kind comment I have had lifetime of humiliation thanks to my small penis and erectile dysfunction from the early days of the army at 16 through to married life at 54


    If it had been me. I would have thought of people, or situations that get me aroused. I would have touched myself to let’s say get all the wrinkles out. There are certainly ways to make oneself more presentable. When you ask? When the doctor told me to remove everything except under pants….I would have asked if I could use the restroom before I undressed. That’s when I would have gotten myself ready for my closeup. I would also all through the exam continued to have thoughts about things, or whatever gets me aroused. Deception? (Who cares). No, because you know what you look like when you are nervous or uncomfortable does not represent what you really look like, when your motor is racing. Just ‘sayin.

  • Anonymous

    I loved this story.
    I have to face this situation next week. I need to have an examination to assess my suitability for an acupuncture procedure.. I’ve been told that it will involve a full body check to look at body reactions.
    The woman who is doing it is special, strong and I think beautiful.
    Thanks for you story.

  • Anonymous



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