Wrong Number Goes Right

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by milfleglover


Madison Millstone was home early from work, taking the afternoon off, a beautiful day and one she planned to spend on the beach near her home, relaxing.

She worked hard at her real estate job, the single woman rarely taking any time off and giving little thought to retirement. She loved her work, but realized at age 65, she needed to slow things down just a little.

That age had seemed old to her, when she was much younger, but didn’t now. Madison was a stunning beauty for her age, in incredible shape owing to regular exercise and good eating habits.

She had shoulder length, silky silver hair, bountiful breasts gone a bit saggy with age with a cleavage of alluring wrinkles, but blessed with long, very shapely tanned legs and a slim waist. She still garnered looks from men. Of all ages.

Particularly the young ones. Which she found most appealing of all.

She pulled her car into the garage and walked inside in her tight red top with a v-neck exposing her luscious bosom and short, snug leopard-print skirt that came a few inches above her knees, accentuating her firm bare legs, from the muscular old calves to her very firm thighs.

She was just about to go upstairs and slip into her bathing suit, when her cell phone rang.

She looked at it, not recognizing the number. She groaned and debated answering it, fearing it was a client wanting to see a house and fouling up her free afternoon in the sun. But she took it anyway, clicking to accept the call.

She didn’t have a chance to say hello, before a voice growled: “Hiya sexy bitch, what’re ya wearing?”

Madison had gotten her share of such calls in her life, crank calls, obscene calls that were more annoying than scary, usually dumb kids trying to be funny. She hadn’t gotten one in awhile, thinking them a thing of the past. She held the phone out and looked at the number again, and put it back to her ear.

“Huh?” she said in a nondescript voice.

“Don’t play coy with me, baby, what’re you wearing? Somethin’ hot and short? Fuck, Lindsay, I can’t wait to get there, so glad your old granny is gone all day! Can’t wait to make you suck my cock, bitch!”

Madison’s mouth dropped open, anger welling inside her.

Lindsay was her granddaughter, an 18-year-old high school senior. The caller, whose voice she now recognized, was Billy, her age, in her class and her latest boyfriend – and apparently a horny, dominant one at that. It dawned on her that her phone number was practically identical to Lindsay’s and that Billy thought he was calling her.

She could gruffly identify herself, she thought, address this situation, one where the young couple was planning a tryst at her otherwise unoccupied house, figuring she was working all day as usual, and set the record straight.

Or not.

Her pussy tingled. She’d met Billy, liked him, found him rather sexy for a 19-year-old, though small and scrawny. She knew she should stop this right now, but right now her own horniness was taking over. Plus, there was this matter of him calling her granddaughter ‘bitch’ and demanding a blow job.

This simply would not do. She was a tough broad, dominant by nature and broaching no fools gladly, traits that made her a very successful businesswoman. No, this would simply not do at all.

“Mmmm,” Madison cooed into the phone, disguising her voice in a sultry tone, hoping it would pass as Lindsay’s.

It did.

“Fuck, baby, just pullin’ in….and gonna pull into YOU soon!”

She peeked out the window. Billy’s car rolled into the driveway of the big house isolated in this section of town, no other houses in sight.

“Where’s your car?” he asked.

“Garage,” Madison hissed soft and low.

“Smart move, bitch…fuck baby, I’m gonna get naked before I come in, you better be ready to such this big cock, you got that?” he snarled.

“MMM-HMMM!” Madison growled, hiding her anger and looking out as Billy tore his clothes off and jumped out of the car, cell phone in hand.

“Get ready to spread those gorgeous legs, bitch!” he barked into the phone.

She gasped as he ran up the steps, his tiny hard cock bobbing from his shaved crotch. She giggled at the size of it, or lack thereof.

“Ready, baby,” she hissed into the phone, as the door blasted open and Billy ran in. “But are YOU?”

“FUCK YEAH BITCH I AM…” he shouted into the phone, freezing in his tracks.

There stood the lovely, elegant Mrs. Millstone, leaning against her kitchen counter, head cocked and a disapproving look on her pretty, puckered old face as she held her phone in one hand, the other arm crossed under her ample bosom.

Billy just stared, open mouthed and wide eyed, phone in hand, his tiny dick now shrinking before him to a barely noticeable nub, more like a big thumb than man’s cock.

“MRS. MILLSTONE!” he shrieked, covering his shriveling weiner in both hands, one still clutching the cell phone.

“Wrong number, dearie?” she smiled darkly, putting her phone down. “Thought you were talking to Lindsay?”

She let him twist in the wind, delighting in his shame and discomfort, watching him squirm, before speaking again.

“How long?” she snapped.

“What?” he said in a whisper, unable to look at her as she slowly approached, her heeled shoes clacking on the hardwood kitchen floor.

“How long, Billy, how long have you and my granddaughter been…using my house, hmm?” she continued, standing right before him now, the boy practically shivering on this warm afternoon. “Couldn’t find anywhere else to…to FUCK? How long?”

“Mrs. Millstone…it’s not…I mean not often…just that…” he stammered.

He found himself looking up into her bright green eyes as she cupped his chin in her hand and tilted it up to her face.

“How long?” she asked again.

He tried not looking at her, darting his eyes down. Right into the thick, sexy patchwork of her incredibly alluring cleavage that wrinkled into those delicious old tits.

“Uh…uh…about…a couple months…a few times….”

“Where?” she asked, releasing his face, his eyes still on her tits, unable to look away and delighting her that he could not.

“Uh…here, down here…the couch, in there,” he groaned, nodding toward the living room that connected in a great open space to the kitchen.

“Not my bedroom?”

“No, no, never,” he cried out.

“Well that was thoughtful of you two, to not soil my sheets with…your efforts,” she said with a sigh. “When is she supposed to be here?”

“Uh, now, I thought…usually around now,” he said quietly.

“I really should have a word with both of you, but since you’re the only one here at the moment…,” she said. “Call her.”

“I’m sorry, what?”

“Call her, find out if she’s coming or not..or text her, whatever you kids do, just do it!”

“Yes…Mrs. Millstone…” he gulped, keying his phone rapidly, one hand still over his cock.

“Drop the hand, boy,” she snarled. “I want to see what Linsday’s working with!”

He gave her an astonished look but obeyed. She squinted, embarrassing him further. She smiled, licking her lips.

“Goodness, is that it?” she laughed, making him blush and squirm more. “Looks a little scared right now, is that why it’s so tiny? On the phone just now, you said something about Lindsay – my GRANDDAUGHTER – being ready to suck your BIG cock? Really? You call THAT puny thing big? Poor Lindsay, she deserves better…and certaintly bigger than THAT!”

Billy’s face was crimson, tears welling in his eyes. His phone then chirped with Linsday’s return text. He read it and groaned.

“Read it to me,” Madison said.

“Shit,” he said, then reading it, “At work…running late…be there in hour or so…Granny doesn’t get home until 5, we got time, baby!”

“Isn’t that sweet, calling you ‘baby’,” Madison growled. “When you called her ‘bitch’ and ordered her to suck your so-called big cock when you came in! I don’t like THAT attitude, young man, I don’t like THAT at all! You must be punished for that…”

“But Mrs…punished?” he said quizzically, shaking his head and continuing. “But it’s just a game…we like playing…I don’t…I wouldn’t…”

“Nonetheless, that attitude is not acceptable, and neither is lying about your cock size, which honestly surprises me, and that my granddaughter would have anything to do with something that small,” Madison said sharply, walking into the living room. “Come with me. And text her back that you’ll be waiting, hard and ready…”

He dutifully followed as he typed, looking up to watch her amazingly shapely legs and ass in that skirt. She sat on the couch, crossing those legs, the skirt riding high on her lean, tanned thighs. His dick twitched, betraying him. She noticed.

“Oh, you like older women, is that it, the sight of these old legs and what, these?” she asked, cupping her tits and holding them up in her blouse. “That excites you, you disgusting pervert?”

“NO!” he screamed. “No, it’s just…I thought Linds…I mean…”

She eyed him with a cold stare, sitting back, bouncing her crossed leg, dangling that shoe from the end of her red-painted toes, her foot long and smooth and sexy, tendons rippling under the skin. His eyes looked at them.

“Jerk off.”

Billy blinked, standing naked before her.


“I said JERK OFF!” she snarled. “I told you you must be punished, not to mention milked.”

“M…milked?” he said, voice gone squeaky.

“Yes, jerked and milked, it’s quite simple, really,” she said. “You will have an orgasm..MANY orgasms, so many you won’t be able to have another for quite some time, saving my granddaughter from your brutal, chauvinistic ways. But you will still satisfy HER! Is that understood? Just not with THAT!”

She pointed to Billy’s nub and laughed.

“But Mrs. Millstone…”

Suddenly, she snapped a burst round of photos with her cell phone of him standing there, dick gone practically invisible, a shamed look on his face.

“Or would you rather Lindsay..no, wait, your PARENTS see these, or worse, your classmates!” she said with a roaring laugh. “Yes, yes, wouldn’t THAT be lovely? Your buddies seeing that puny little thing, though I imagine they’ve seen it in the showers, and already laugh about it!”

“Please Mrs. Millstone, please,” he begged.

“Jerk off,” she snarled. “Is that too hard to understand, boy? I trust you know what that means? And have probably done many times, alone in your room? Do it. Now.”

She watched, reveling in his discomfort, watching him squirm. He slowly took his soft cock in hand and stroked it. Slowly, it got harder, but not by much.

“Does this help, Billy boy?” she hissed, slowly spreading her legs, his eyes drawn to the supple softness of her flaccid inner thigh, fleshy and inviting, a hint of pussy above covered in a red thong panty, where Billy’s wide eyes saw curls of pubic hair peeking out the sides. “Or this?”

She just as slowly pulled down her top and bra, exposing those immense tits, white from the middle of them to her huge brown nipples, the rest of the skin above tanned and wrinkly.

His cock grew. She smiled. He jerked harder.

“Thought so,” she sighed. “A tit man, you young ones are, mostly. Lindsay’s got a fine pair, I’ll admit, so I don’t blame you. Runs in the family, I guess, like granny like granddaughter…”

She watched him watch her, eyes locked on her tits as she slowly ran her fingers over the creased flesh, pinching her nipples. His cock hardened nearly full now, but still embarrassingly small. To him. Madison delighted in its size, mocking him for it.

“Well, well, well…Short Stack, that’s what I think I’ll call you instead of your name,” she cooed, driving him mad by now lifting one thick tit in her hand and flickering her tongue over the nipple forced close to her sexy, puckered mouth, lips gleaming with red lipstick. “You like that? You like watching me suck my own big tit? Huh? SHORT STACK!”

“Oh god,” he mumbled, jacking harder and faster, the tip of his dick oozing clear gel, his precum evidence of his excitement.

She forced that big tit higher up, bending her head, her neck wattle flared into a fleshy bouquet of meat that Billy now found incredibly sexy. Sexier still was watching Madison attach her lips to that tit’s nipple and suck it, a dreamy look in her eyes that were watching him jerk off.

“Oh…oh god…” he panted, hand flying faster on his dick as he stood inches from her on the couch.

“Can’t have you soiling my living room with your filthy seed, can we?” she growled, popping her thick titty from her sucking mouth. “Sit. Here. Now.”

Billy quickly sat next to her, leaning back, stroking his cock and looking sidelong at her right tit, the one closest to him. She curled her right arm around the back of the couch and his shoulder, pulling his face to her chest.

“Suckle my breast, go on, suck on that titty, you know you want to!” she hissed, the boy breathless as he obeyed, leaning to groan and attach his mouth to her offered nipple, tongue hot on the flesh of it. “And cum, cum on it, jerk that dick and CUM!”

“OH FUCK!” he screamed into the meatiness of her wonderfully soft, meaty and wrinkled boob.

She gasped as he unloaded. For a cock that small, and balls to match, it delivered a whopping payload.

The first jets exploded in a creamy stream that pasted across her astonished face and his as well. It didn’t seem to bother him as he continued to cum and suck her thick tit even as he streaked it with blast after blast of his own spew, thick stripes of it lacing down from her wattle to the tit in his mouth, the cream oozing into his sucking mouth. He came again, shorter ropes of spurt that hit that tit he was sucking, lower on her trim gut, and onto the bunched-up fabric of her red blouse.

“Oh my GOD, you cum so much, Short Stack!” she laughed, blinking her left eye streaked with his cum, looking down at his sucking face slavishly lapping cum from the tit in his mouth. “Pretty impressive, with what you got to work with.”

His hand slowed and he sat back, exhausted and panting, his tiny dick shriveling tinier still. His hand fell off his cum-streaked cock and he turned his head to look at her, his shamed young face bearing the remnants of his ejaculate. He looked away, red faced, and made a move to get up.

“Where the FUCK do you think YOU’RE going, Bird Balls?” she barked, reaching for his boy nuts with her left hand and squeezing until he yelped in pain. “Yeah, BIRD BALLS, that’s another name for you, Short Stack!”

He froze, fearful of her tone and squeezing hand.

“Clean my face, my neck, tit, everything,” she snarled, her face still criss-crossed with sperm.

“But I…it’s over…I…” he wheezed, her fingers tight on his balls, his cock flagging atop the hand on them.

“Oh, it’s over, you came, fun is over, that it, the urge to eat your filthy cum is gone?” she growled, her face inches from his, teeth clenched in anger and domination. “Is that how it is with my granddaughter, too, you drop your load and the hell with her?”

“OWWW!” he screamed, his eyes on the hand mauling his nuts, the sinew and tendon of her slender forearm dancing under the freckled, tanned flesh.

“Tell me, does she blow you…suck on this ridiculously little cock of yours, get you off and you don’t reciprocate? Answer me?”

“YES YES..owwww..sometimes, yes!” he howled.

“That changes this second!” she roared. “Lick your filthy off my face NOW!!”

He had no choice, leaning to lap the cum from her forehead and eyes, cheeks and chin, swallowing grimly and going back for more, face scrunched in shame and terror.

“My neck, clean my neck,” she hissed, holding her head up, exposing her creamy wattle and he lapped that as well and down to the stuff on her tits he’d missed, licking furiously, grimacing in pain as her fingers tightened on his tiny nutsack.

“My belly..lick that..that’s it…and my skirt, it’s a mess, get that,” she snarled.

She let go his balls and sat back, pulling him by the hair to bend him to the soupy, creamy mess on her red blouse and belly, delighting in watching him suck them clean. She finally let go of his hair and pulled him back to sit up, bending to his face to lap it clean of the sheen of cum streaking it and ram her tongue into his shocked mouth, sharing it with him.

“You’re not done yet, boy, not by a long shot,” she growled, biting his lip, making him yelp in pain. “Gonna drain you dry…”

“Oh God,” he moaned.



She leaned over, tugging his soft cock in her slender old hand, jerking it and popping the flaccid nub into her hot mouth. His eyes shot wide at the sensation of the heat of her mouth devouring him, tongue lashing over it, twisting around its slender girth. She mewed as she worked, jerking it hard, fingering his tender balls. It grew to full length, and she giggled around it, by far the smallest cock she’d ever seen or had.

Billy looked down in amazement, his eye wide open watching her silky head up and down, stroking the shaft with two fingers as it came free of her mouth.

“Oh…oh…Mrs. Millstone…so good…so goooood,” he moaned, head back on the couch.

Suddenly the sensation stopped. He looked over at her, sitting back on the couch, mouth nowhere near his aching dick.

“Oh no, boy, not yet,” she snarled, slithering out of her short skirt and panties, spreading her slack but firm thighs, a massive silver bush, wet with her dew, exploding into view. “You’re gonna learn that it’s ladies first!”

She punched him in his tiny nuts, making him howl in pain and then grabbed his hair, twisting him to his knees before her as she sat back on the couch. She spread her fleshy thighs, the moist, furry lips of her pussy spreading with a lewd wetness, and yanked his face to it.

“In ya go!” she howled, brutally clamping her surprisingly solid thighs around his ears and pulling on his head with both hands. “Now make Granny cum, Short Stack!”

“OWWW!” he screamed as she tensed the inner thigh muscles around his ears, squeezing him tight and hard to her musky quim.

He’d eaten pussy before, and did his best, spearing her large, flappy cunt lips and running his tongue up and down and in and out. He wasn’t particularly good at it, Madison realized, looking down at his trapped face, gone bright red in the crushing clamp of her thighs around his face. So she just held his head in her hands and punched her cunt to his mouth and nose, grinding and using it.

“Mmmm, that feels good, Short Stack, reallly good,” she cooed, biting her lip and snapping her hips, scissoring her thighs on his trapped head with little jolts, her black shoes creaking as they twisted around each other, ankles locked tight.

She came hard, pushing her furry slit to his face and holding it there, twisting her hips and rotating her clit on his nose, grinding herself off and soaking him, her fluids washing up and over every inch of his moaning face. It was thick and tangy, and Billy opened his mouth to swallow it down, panting for air until she finally unlocked her strong legs and let him fall back on the floor.

“Not bad, but I had to do all the work,” she sighed, peeling off all her clothes as he groveled at her feet.

He lay on the floor, on his back as she sat on the couch. She lifted her feet, holding her legs up, dangling them in his face.

“Do you like feet, Short Stack?” she teased, wiggling her red-painted toes at him, flexing her soles into a thick patchwork of deep wrinkles, the skin papery and hard, heels calloused and yellow and rough from years of wearing tight shoes.

“Uh..no…not really,” he said, wrinkling his nose as the stench of her feet, stuffed into shoes all day, wafted down to him.

“Perfect,” she snarled, dropping them both onto his face. “Smell ’em, lick ’em, worship ’em!”

He balked. She picked up her phone and fired off shots of the boy’s face, still recognizable under the spreading flesh of her meaty foot bottoms. He groaned, inhaling the acrid aroma, vinegary and funky, and slowly ran his slavish tongue along the thick soles.

“That’s right, that’s right,” she said in sing-song voice. “Lick those feet, Short Stack…up and down, up and down…now the toes, dig that tongue between my toes!”

She held one foot up, curling the toes down into his mouth, giggling at the sensation of his tongue slathering between them. His face contorted in humiliation and disgust as bits of dirt, lint and grime clung to his tongue that he pulled back into his mouth and gagged down, doing back for more.

“Suck that big toe…mmm, that’s it, suck it like..like a small cock!” she laughed, fucking his mouth with it, his eyes closed and wet with tears. “Bigger than YOUR cock, Short Stack! Imagine that! My big toe is bigger than your itty-bitty cock!”

She roared with laughter, popping the toe out and stuffing the ones on her other feet into his mouth, making him gag again as his tongue slithered between them. She let him lick, then stretched his mouth wide open, one big toe in each corner of it, pulling the skin until it nearly cracked and bled, making him scream in pain.

“Shut up, you disgusting little pig!” she barked, leaning over to slowly let a dribble of spit ooze from her mouth directly into his, and then rubbing her foot over it to make him swallow.

She pulled him to the center of the living room on his back, the boy cowering in fear, begging for mercy. She laughed – and sat firmly on his face, her wrinkled but shapely ass covering it, the dimpled cheeks surrounding his cheeks, his nose slipping into the tight pucker of her asshole.

“Must smell frightful, been a long day,” she sighed, wiggling her hips to bury him deeper into her sexy old ass. “Take a nice whiff…go on, I wanna hear it!”

He did, as best he could with his nose imprisoned into her chute, and blanched at the musky, unwashed scent of it. She sat up straight, full weight on his face, hands on her hips, grinding his mouth and nose in her crack until his body snapped around, desperate for air.

“Now,” she growled, leaning forward and reaching back to pull his hair and bury his face into her butt meat, scissoring her thighs together to keep him there, “lick that asshole clean!”

“NOOO!” he screamed before she squeezed, suffocating him in her rump’s grip.

He had to obey, and lanced his tongue into her tight little anal pucker, probing inside, lapping the ring and then plunging it in deep. He fucked it with his tongue, fast and hard, his face soaked with sweat, eyes brushing up against the sweet swell of her magnificent 65-year-old ass.

He gasped. As he was licking her sphincter clean, gagging on the taste and scent of it, she sucked his little cock into her proficient mouth. It felt heavenly again, and his nuts knotted ready to blow their load as he more lustily lapped the asshole surrounding his tongue.

“Mmmm, nice, nice,” she cooed, slurping his tiny cock out of her mouth and pumping it with two fingers. “This equates pain and humiliation with pleasure, always a good thing…”

She returned her mouth to his dick, and the pleasure increased. She tightened her scissoring thighs and buried his nose and tongue into her punishing ass and the pain increased. He was going wild, trying to assimilate both sensations together, when his balls erupted, sending scorching loads of hot cum into her moaning mouth and down her gulping gullet.

She finished him off and sat up and back, freeing his face from her ass prison, the boy gasping for air. She pinned his head between her squatting thighs and looked down at him, cheeks full of cum.

“No..please, Mrs. Mil….!”

She pinched his mouth open with her hand and leaned down to spit the entire load into his sputtering mouth, sealing it in by slithering up onto his face, burying his lips in her splayed, hairy cunt, the hot meat of her juicy lips forcing him to swallow it down. She groaned, twisting her hips, tweaking her nipples as she rode his trapped, gasping face to a quick orgasm of her own, flooding his mouth with her juices to mix with his.

She looked down at his cock, tiny but still mostly hard. She smiled, twisting off his face and sitting on it, reaching between her thighs to stuff it into her hairy pussy. He gasped, thrusting up, hands on her hips, staring up at her in disbelief as her velvety cunt muscles milked and sucked at his dick until it was fully erect.

“Milking you, Short Stack,” she hissed, swiveling her hips, sucking her own tits as she sat on him, forcing them up to her mouth, his eyes wide and watching. “I can barely feel you inside me, you’re so small, but I bet it feels really good to you, doesn’t it?”

“Oh God…God yes, Mrs. Millstone,” he groaned.

She laughed and fucked him, pumping up and down on the balls of her feet, her long, sexy old legs working, the muscles tight and pronounced as she rode him.

“I’d lean forward and let you suck these beauties,” she sighed, wobbling her giant meaty tits at him as she suckled on them. “But I don’t think your tiny cock is long enough to stay inside me, Short Stack!”

He came again, a much smaller load than the last two, thrusting his skinny ass off the floor to dump his load into her pussy, grunting madly as he did. She smiled down at him and slipped off, slithering up his chest, small droplets of his cum sizzling on his flesh as he watched helplessly that gaping cunt plugged with cum embrace his face.

“Eat it, Short Stack, eat that cum!” she snarled, framing his frantic gulping face in her squatting, muscular old thighs, mouth covered by her gushy hairy quim. “From now on, THIS is what you’re gonna do for Lindsay, EVERY time! You will service her before and after you fuck her, and if she blows you like I did, you will kiss her and love doing it? Is that understood, Short Stack!”

His eyes rolled over in his head as he nodded it, or tried to, face pinned tightly beneath the grinding granny’s cunt. As much shame and pain and humiliation as he felt, he was slowly and completely being transformed into a slave, a doting, cum-eating, ass-licking and pussy-devouring slave.

His tiny cock bobbed hard behind him as she gushed an orgasm into his mouth. She turned and looked at it, laughing.

“Give you credit for staying hard, Short Stack, but none for size!” she laughed. “Now you wait right here. Text Lindsay, ask when she’ll be here!”

She dashed upstairs, Billy’s eyes watching her muscular calves knot as she ran, her fleshy ass quivering. He texted Lindsay, who answered him just as Mrs. Madison returned, hand behind her back, smiling.

“Thirty minutes, she said,” Billy said, looking suspiciously at her as she advanced on him. “Uh…what…”

She moved quickly, pulling him by the hair and yanking him off the floor, tossing him into a nearby chair and then, producing scarves she had behind her, tying his arms behind him. He squirmed, trying to fight her off, but was too weakened by her sexual power earlier to resist. She knelt and tied his legs to the chair as well, then sat back, smiling.

And holding up a tiny vibrator, snapping it on high.

“Oh..oh God, no, Mrs. Millstone, I don’t think I got anything left!” he cried, shaking his head.

“Nonsense, you’re a young man, you’ll produce,” she laughed, pushing the buzzing device onto his cock, making him yelp in pain and pleasure. “I’m milking you, remember? You’ve only cum three times, bet I can get three MORE out of that tiny pecker!”


She laughed and held it to him, then as she held it in place, stood to walk behind him, bend his head back and smother him in her hanging tits. He moaned, sucking any part of her meaty tits that neared his mouth, reveling in their taste and texture, lost in her fleshy mammaries.

“Thought that would help,” she snickered, jerking the vibrator up and down against his cock as she stroked it. “Lemme know when you’re ready…”

Moments later, to his surprise and delight, he was. She quickly knelt between his legs, slurping his cock into her wrinkled mouth, stroking it and feeling the tiny spurts of sticky cream against her cheeks. She pulled off and pasted her mouth to his, snowballing the small load inside. Billy could only groan and offer no resistance, too far gone in his submission and eagerness to please his sexy senior mistress.

“Nice job,” she cooed, lapping his cummy lips and then re-attaching the vibrator to his sensitive cock, making him howl in ticklish pain, begging her to stop. “Another!”

She laughed, smothering him in tits as she jerked the vibrator against his shaft, making him squirm. It took another 10 minutes, but he came again, her mouth sealing over it to take the watery load and then shoot it into his mouth.

“Please…please Mrs. Millstone,” he groaned, head lolling side to side, tiny dick gone completely soft. “No more…”

“One more,” she hissed, untying him and pulling him to his feet before her. “Got just the thing.”

He looked down as she wet her finger, curled it behind him and directly up his virginal ass in one smooth stroke, the tip tickling his young prostate. He screamed first in pain and then pleasure as she twisted it around inside of him. His pecker went stiff before her as she laughed and licked its oozing tip.

“Text my granddaughter while I suck and fuck you off,” she ordered. “Tell her when she gets her, you are going to be HER slave, you will completely and repeatedly satisfy her with no thoughts of your own pleasure! Do you understand me!”

“Yes…yes, Mrs. Millstone…,” he babbled, obeying and typing roughly words to those effect as she sucked his little wiener and finger fucked his smooth ass.

He looked at her work, her silky hair swaying with her sucking motions, his ass feeling full of finger as she fucked it, her sexy, wrinkled cheeks puckering around his cock. His phone chirped.

“What did she say?” Madison asked, popping off his dick and jabbing the vibrator into his balls.

“She said…she said…’Wow, Billy, really? Sooo fucking cool, can’t wait to make you my slave, you little bitch!'”

“That’s my girl,” Madison giggled before ingesting Billy’s little pecker just as she fingered his ass and made him spurt for the sixth time.

She finished him off, standing to kiss him, his reluctance long gone as she shot his tiny load into his mouth. She broke the kiss and stepped back, gathering her clothes and dressing, bidding him to do the same. She looked at her watch. Lindsay would be here in minutes.

“I’m leaving, but I’ll sneak back to watch and make sure you live up to your promise, Short Stack, understand?”

“Yes,” he sighed. “Of course, Mrs. Millstone…”

She got into her car, driving off and down to the nearby beach, waiting and sitting in the sun as she did. She gave it a half hour or so, then walked back to her house, creeping around back and looking in through the slider doors.

She smiled.


Lindsay was sitting on the couch, her boyfriend kneeling, her thighs clamped tightly around his sucking face, hands on the back of his head, pulling him into her cunt and grinding. Madison stifled a laugh, then walked away and toward the beach. She’d return around five when they were gone, her sexy little granddaughter then being completely satisfied by her newly enslaved submissive boyfriend.

“Like grandmother,” Madison sighed to herself, listening to Lindsay’s cries of pleasure emanating from the house, “JUST like granddaughter!”

The End.




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  • Paul

    What a beautiful story how wonderful to be milked and made to eat your own cum in such a way I just love the thought of that maybe being forced to wear panties at the same time


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