Why Interracial is Fun

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By deborahsue


Since I have started writing cuckold erotica I have been asked about the interracial aspect of cuckolding, so it is probably time that I discuss this at length.

Please keep in mind that my husband is a white man and I am a white woman. We have been in the cuckolding lifestyle for better than 10 years, and over those years I have had several lovers of differing races. From Latino to Asian to African-American, and yes, even a few white men as well. Men are men, no matter their race. Each is marvelously different, and yet they are very much alike.

So the question goes something like this: Why do you prefer black men as lovers instead of your own race?

The answer to that question is very simple, and yet very, very complicated. You see, it isn’t so much that I prefer a black man as a lover over some other race, but the mental stimulation my husband and I receive when I am with a black man is intriguing and fun for us. Black men are not better lovers than other races. Rather, they are completely alike as other races in that regard. Some are spectacular lovers and others are pitiful sexual partners. All men can be a competent sexual partner, or a terrible partner, race has nothing to do with it.

So, if black men are no better lovers than, say, white men, then why do I have a preference for them? Well, like I said, it is mental, but it is also visual. The ‘taboo’ of having interracial sex is no longer all that compelling to me anymore. Besides, interracial relationships are much more common than ever before, so there really isn’t much in the way of such relationships being seen as outside the bounds of normalcy. But in the mind, as well as in the eye, the striking contrast between the white and black flesh is very stimulating. Black women have the same thoughts on this matter as well. Her black flesh being penetrated by his white cock is just as stimulating as the reverse.

Sometimes I do get the racist crap of me ruining the white race or whatever, but thankfully that is extremely rare. In fact, in all of my writings on Literotica I have only received one such comment, and in real life I have only had one person say anything negative to me, and that had nothing to do with the interracial aspect, but rather that she didn’t understand why I was having sex with other men. Often I listen to the race-baiters like Al Sharpton or Jessie Jackson and I wonder what their motives are to keep claiming racism where there is none, and then I see the cars that they drive up in and the entourage surrounding them and then I understand. They have very nice suits, they want more nice suits, and therefore it suits their needs to “Keep the dream alive.”

My lover and I can have lunch anywhere in town, chat intimately in hushed tones, and nobody looks at us with prejudiced eyes. It is wonderful when you think about it. But the subject of this article is not the state of racism in the U.S. It is about what the excitement that my husband and I derive from having sex with black men.

First, let me tell you what my husband and I look for in a lover. And when I say “my husband and I” that is exactly what I men. Both of us have a say in who I chose as a lover. Both of us have veto power. If one of us does not like the man then he will not be a part of our lives. Simple, prudent and powerful. Each of us has rejected a lover for one reason or another, both before and after a sexual encounter.

So anyway, what we look for most of all is intelligence. If the lover is intelligent then he will be able to understand the boundaries that we set up to protect ourselves as well as him. The next thing we look for is attractiveness. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so there is little point to discuss such things as each person will find things that attract them that others may find repugnant, or just plain off.

After intelligence and attractiveness come the things that are preferences. Intelligence and attractiveness are non-negotiables, but pretty much everything else is take it or leave it, but if the lover has some traits that turn me off then he will be punted in favor for the one that does not have such traits. Traits like smoking, slovenliness, poor hygiene and such are a major turn off for both my husband and myself and will be rejected out of hand. But things like body hair, aggressiveness and such are not, in and of themselves, issues worth rejecting a lover over, but they do have a tendency to make me wonder if there isn’t someone a little more in line with my tastes.

The size of the lovers cock, for most women, is largely irrelevant. Many wives who cuckold their husbands do so with men who have smaller dicks than their husbands. The reason for this is due to most men being average in size. If a husband has an average, six-inch cock, then his wife’s lover very well may have a 5 ¾ inch cock. She is not concerned and neither is the husband, because it is not the size of the cock that matters to them, but rather that of the act itself. The husband wants to watch his wife being pleasured and the wife wants to be pleasured. It is as simple as that. But for me and my husband, the size of the lovers cock does matter and I’ll explain that in more detail in a moment. Suffice it to say, men are more hung up on size than women are, but I digress.

So why do my husband and I prefer larger cocks when it comes to my lovers? Well, because we get a great mental stimulation from it as well as the pleasurable feeling I get with a cock that is on the larger size. It is literally as simple as that. Yes, I do get great orgasms from big dicks, but I also get great orgasms from my husbands as well. In fact, I get better orgasms from my husband, especially after I have been with one of my lovers, than I do from bigger men. I suppose one reason my husband gives me better, more intense orgasms than my lovers do is because I love him.

This is not to say that the bigger cock is without its own particular charms. The fact that my husband is watching me with another man is a mental mind-fuck, so the orgasms I receive from a lover is more intense due to the things that are going through my mind as a lover is thrusting deep inside me. And even more so when my lover is a black man.

So now we come full circle to the question at hand and the reason for this article. Why do my husband and I prefer black men over our own race? Again, the answer to that question is rather simple, and yet quite complex. Simply stated, it is a mind-fuck. Sure, there is the visual aspect of a big, black cock thrusting and pumping into a tight, white pussy. And yes, the physical is there as well and the pleasure the cock gives the pussy, but the real reason is in the mind, for both me and my husband.

My husband would be the first to tell you that the thing he enjoys most is what he is thinking while he is watching a black man’s big cock opening up his wife’s pussy. For him, seeing another man with his wife is exciting, even more so when the man has a big cock. And I must say, I get an enormous thrill every time I can feel my lover’s big cock deep inside me and look over and see my husband watching us. My thrill hits the roof when my husband kisses me with my lover’s cock buried deep inside me, and my husband’s thrill is equal to my own.

As it relates to the idea of interracial sex, these things are all-inclusive. You are having sex with a man who is not your husband and your husband is there watching you. Not only this, but the lover has a bigger cock AND he is of a different race. Now, for those readers who are curious about the interracial aspect of cuckolding but don’t really care if the lover is bigger or smaller than your husband, then the whole of it is about the mental side of things and much less about the physical. Therefore, it isn’t so much about your husband watching your pussy being stretched by a bigger cock (though it may be), but rather it is about what is going on in the mind. This too is exhilarating!

Mentally speaking, watching your husband watching you with another man can be a fearful thing, especially the first couple of times. But as you make eye contact with him while your lover is inside you, and you see the intense lust in his eyes, your heart will leap in your chest and you won’t be able to keep from moaning in pleasure. And as your eyes leave his to look down between your legs, and you see that sexy, black cock thrusting and pumping, you will understand that it is less about the physical and more about the mental.

Now there will be those who will write me and tell me that they get the same thrill when their lover is of the same race as themselves, and I don’t doubt that for a second. The ‘thrill’ comes more from the act of cuckolding than from the race or cock size of the lover. This is true, the thrill is more from the act than from anything else. But for me and my husband, we have purposefully seek out black men for the mental as well as the physical reasons outlined above.

From here I think it would be a good idea to dispel some myths. First of all, black men do not have bigger cocks, in general, than do other races. It is just as difficult to find a black man with a particularly large cock as it is to find a white man with one. So myth #1 is that black men have bigger cocks and that just isn’t true.

Myth #2 is that black men are all thugs and brutes. This one bugs me more than any of the others as it does more damage to the psyche of black men in general than does anything else. Often is the time when I have been with a black man for the first time and have to tell him to be natural and that I am not looking for the stereotype. How frustrating for all three of us to have to do that.

Myth #3 is that the black man, because he has a big cock, thinks all he has to do is pound you into bliss. It is true that many men who are well endowed think that just because they have a big cock that is all the woman needs to be pleasured. But black men are no different than any other race when it comes to this kind of thinking. I would venture to say that most well-endowed men, especially when they are young, think that because they have a monster cock all women will swoon and have great orgasms from it. But as the well-endowed man matures, whatever their race, they learn and grow and become better lovers for it.

Myth #4 is where the black man will only think of the woman as a whore and the husband as a sissy. This just simply isn’t true. Now it is true that he will treat you as such if you request it of him and if he is comfortable with doing that, but in general most black men are just like all other men in that they are horny and want to get off. So if it is your thing, if you get off on being treated as a whore or the husband gets off on being treated as a sissy, or whatever you predilections may demand, if he is willing and capable he will try to fulfil your fantasies. But how is that any different from any other race? Most men, whatever their race, want to please their lovers.

So please allow me to wrap up this essay in a pretty little bow. Myths are just that; myths. If you have a desire to have sex with a man that is not of your race, then do so with your eyes wide open. First you should search out your desires and needs, otherwise you will be disappointed in the encounter. But how is that any different than any other sexual situation? The first time you had sex with your husband there was something that attracted you to him, even if you could not verbalize or understand it. The same is with interracial sex. Know what it is that you want and need and the encounter will go much better for you, as well as for your husband and your lover.

Also, you should be willing to express your desires and needs to your husband. This way he is much more likely to understand and even to encourage you in your pursuits. What a wonderful way to convey your trust in him and thereby to allow him to convey an equal trust in you. If it is your desire, as it is mine, to have sex with a man who has a bigger cock than your husband has, then so be it, that is your desire. Your husband may surprise you and tell you that he has the same desire. But even if you have differing desires, there is always the possibility for compromise.

Finally, interracial sex is appealing for many reasons, just like anything else. But for me and my husband it is more the mental side of things that makes it so interesting. We get to pleasure and stimulate our minds as well as our bodies, and this is exhilarating. So while the taboo isn’t there any more, the mind-fuck remains and is strong. Looking down between your open thighs, past your bald pussy, only to see a big, beautiful black cock thrusting and pumping is a rush. Having such a sight firmly planted in your mind as your husband pulls your head to the side and his lips and tongue search out your own, all while feeling the big cock stretching your hungry pussy open.

Holy shit, I’m cumming!

The End.




  • pantiewearer

    That was amazing. Thank you so much. My wife and I hd our first inter racial experience in St. Maartin 6 years ago. Our lives have been bliss since. It was done at my request intially. However, since St. Maartin’s she asks me when she needs an extra “boost” as she calls it. You are absolutely correct, it is all mental. I love to hear my wife tell how wonderful her lover’s cock is so great and how much she loves me while he is making her cum. We usually have a sincere discussion after the cuck session and re-live her multiple orgasms.

  • victorsev

    There was so much thought and honesty in your mind provoking article. Thank you for sharing your physical and mental experiences in interracial sex. With a South African background and the legal taboo of any interracial sex the thoughts of forbidden fruit were always taboo. As you say it is the not only the race contrast but also the colour contrast. My wife and I find black male on white female more arousing than white male on black female. Size is a criteria as I have a 4 inch erect cock and in all our fantasy role play any third party male should be younger with more stamina and a much bigger cock and yes lets not forget exotically black. Thank you for sharing so openly


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