Our Readers SPH Experiences 37

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


One reader has found his right woman…

Lets go back to my junior year of high school. By this time of my life I knew I was small. We had to have physicals all the guys in a room in briefs a doctor and the school nurse doing paper work. Well it was my turn doctor checks heart & so on then drop em he said this ones abnormal, the nurse who who who it made me feel so terrible. The next day I broke up with my girl friend now mind u we had fooled around just never any intercourse. So she knew I was. I had no relationship till in my 20s.

The first was a fwb with a 27 year old. I realized. I could still have and give enjoyment. then I had several relationships they all cheated on me I blamed that. Well 14 years ago I met a loving lady. After years of being together I asked her and she said if it was bigger she wouldn’t allow all the places to be used . Married and two kids latter, but still think about years ago, and can’t deal with physicals. Finding right lady is best feeling. Thank you, part of the bronze guys signing off.


This reader has embraced the submissive lifestyle…

My wife and I are in a female-led relationship it took me approximately 42 years to realize that having a penis that is normally just over an inch long and even when fully stimulated is less than 4 inches long that you’re not going to satisfy any woman I never knew that I just knew that through high school and then later in the military and other situations that I was deeply embarrassed by the size of my penis compared with other guys and finally when talking with my wife about it shortly after we got married she did say finally she came out and told me that I was much smaller then other men she’s been with but I have accepted my role and I love it and my wife seems to be enjoying herself a lot usually by having fun or making fun of me or letting her boyfriend, and have sex with me whenever they feel like it anyway I’ll hear some more stories soon and I hope you like


A reader discovered his small package being fitted…

When buying a suit the elderly lady assistant kept bringing different sized trousers to my changing room. I got the impression she was trying to spy through the curtains but could not be certain. One pair were too loose so she was pulling them in at the waist to show they could be tailored and seemed to linger on my rear. Eventually I had a pair on that I was happy with and she had me do a twirl.

“They are a nice fit on your bum,” she commented. “I can’t see any underwear line – what kind of underwear are you wearing?”

I replied none, I was commando.

“Surely not? There’s no hang to the left or right – everything must be nice and snug in your briefs.”

I assured her I was going commando when she said that’s not possible as my outline was too smooth. She then followed me back into the dressing room and grabbed my crotch!

“Oh my!” She said, “you are pant less but where are your testicles?”

She then undid my trousers, let them slide to the fall and caressed my full package in one hand. She then smiled at me and said, “They say you’re as young as the man you feel, but you only feel like a boy so I guess I am back at school.”

She then kissed me gently on the cheek and left. When I was dressed and went to the till to pay for the suit she was waiting with another lady about the same age and the way they were smiling she had obviously told her about my small package! I made conversation with them for a little while and as I said goodbye her friend said, so I could hear, “He seems a charming young BOY”


This reader says his micro doesn’t stop him getting any pussy…

They call me Micro Michael. Growing up, I was really embarrassed about my penis, especially when it came to girls. In the dressing room, my teammates would always mock me and tease me over my size. But now I’ve come to love my micro. Especially since it’s the perfect fit for my cat


One reader has just another fine day in the Corps…

Hi, I’m 26 Im not sure if my dick qualifies as micro or just small it’s between 1.5-3.5 when soft, and on a good day it gets to 4inches when hard. In 2009 I was attacked and raped by 3 other marines they told me it was because my dick was so small they wanted to put me in my place as a small dick sub boy, turns out they were right about me.


This reader experiences uber-bullying…

I was in school when I first started getting bullied. One day I was in grade 12, 18 years old when my 19 year old bully walked into the bathroom, took off my pants and took a photo of my 2 inch dick. I thought it was hot for some reason, but he definitely bullied me. Then the next day i was in my house with my Indian, desi mom. Hot, big ass and tits and also single. When my bully knocked on the door asking my mom if he can come play with me inside, she said yes.

Then he walked inside and stripped me down, got cameras and said, “Watch how I seduce your whore mom.”

Well he gave my Sikh ass a dildo to shove up my butt well I said I am a faggot. Then he somehow seduced my mom and called 5 other bullies, all hung at least 9 inch dicks. They made my mom say how big of a faggot I was, they made me say that Indians are to be owned by whites and my Sikh fag ass liked it. They then fucked my mom until she was yelling with pleasure and they made her walk afterwards, she limped. Then she limped over to me and said” call them daddy when they fuck me, and shove that dildo up your ass, you wimp faggot”.

Then I called them daddy and masturbated well shoving a dildo up my ass. He filmed it and said that they own my mom, she has to be naked along with me at all times and my mom said “Yes, white master”. T

hey fuck her regularly well cumming on our holy books and fucking her senseless and I and her love it.


This reader like his submissive lifestyle…

After we met for sometime, my Domme wanted to see me naked. I was embarrassed about showing myself naked as I am very under-endowed. I was always reminded how small I was by many ‘friends’. As I slowly pulled my shorts down and then my briefs my erection popped up.

She said, “Oh wow! What’s that about seven inches?”

I chuckled. “No, ma’am. It is a lot smaller than seven.”

“Oh, I think it is at least six or seven inches. Go get me a ruler.”

I ran naked to the office retrieving a 12 inch ruler. I handed it to Her. She held my erection against the ruler and looked at the number, then she looked at me with a smirk on Her face. How did you feel when I said your dick must be seven inches? Did it make you feel manly?

I smiled and said, “Yes, ma’am. I did not want to get the ruler as I was happy that you thought it was seven inches.”

“Well my little one, I see that it measures under three inches. Just over two and a half inches. That is so far away from seven, isn’t it?”

I nodded yes. Speak up, She commanded. I said, “Yes, ma’am, it is far away from seven.”

It is rather pathetic that a grown man like you would have barely any dick? Yes Ma’am. I think you are really not a man and from now on you will be my sissy. Let’s throw away all your underwear right now. We went to my room, She had a trash bag in hand and had me dump all my undies in the trash. She gave me hers to wear for now as we then left for a store to buy more. We went to Lane Bryant store and She had me walk over to the panty section and held up panties next to me. We bought about fifteen pairs of panties. We also bought matching ones for She and I.

She had me pay for them at the counter. The sales girl said, “You are aware that there are different sizes here?”

My Domme said, “Oh yes, he wears a smaller size than I do, not packing very much in that department.”

The girl smiled and looked at me. I cast my eyes down as I felt my face flush. I was totally hard the whole time and wet my hand me down panties. I have been wearing panties ever since and my wardrobe grew with all female clothes. I love my lifestyle.


This reader was busted by his work friends…

I am very submissive and when guys that I work with decided that would be good to have a bit of bonding by going to the local swimming pool, I was filled with dread. I have never been proud of the tiny stump between my legs, its 4” rock hard, but usually need a magnifying glass to find it (if you know what I mean) Anyway, the day arrived and I still wasn’t keen and tried to back out saying that I didn’t have any swimming trunks, but one of my colleagues said they had a spare set; so that escape route was closed off.

We got to the pool and went to the changing rooms, my colleague tossed over a pair of swimming shorts to me to use, and I was relieved that at least my terrible secret would be safe. We then headed to the pool. When we got to the water’s edge, the lifeguard called across that shorts weren’t allowed in the pool for hygiene reasons… That seemed strange, but again, I thought I could be saved the embarrassment. Again, no such luck, as someone else who I could see had a massive tool inside his trunks said, “That’s OK, John, I have a pair of Speedos in my bag”.

I was again petrified, and headed back to the changing rooms to get the speedos with Andrew. He opened the locker He had put all His things in and rummaged around and pulled out the smallest pair of speedos I had ever seen.

Andrew said, “Sorry they a bit small, they are my 14 year old sons, but you are about the same size.”

I was mortified and the look of fear on my face must have shown.

He added, “You are about 30” waist right?”

I breathed a sigh of relief that that was what he meant and stammered “Yeah”.

I said needed the toilet and went round corner to put them on. It left nothing to the imagination. I could clearly see that my mound didn’t fill the front of the speedos to any reasonable effect. Red faced I headed back to the pool, all the others were in the water having a great time, I stood at the edge looking around and wondering how I could get out of this situation. Horsing around, one of the group came up behind me and sort of leant into me and I went straight into the water, my dicklette shrank even more with the cold water.

After about 10 mins of messing about and splashing each other, someone suggested a drink from the poolside bar. This meant getting out of the water O no, my tiny dicklette had totally vanished in the speedos and as I got out of the pool, the others just stood and stared before all bursting out in laughter and saying that was no wonder I hadn’t wanted to go to the pool and had my cock fallen off or did I even have one.

When they had all been laughing for about 5 minutes and pointing we went to the pool bar and they insisted I stood by the door to welcome anyone else that arrived and apologize that I was in small speedos, but that even they kept my maggot enclosed By the following Monday, everyone at work was aware of my shortcomings, and I was the butt of many jokes and sniggering. I am, however glad that the world I move in are now fully aware of the tiny thing between my legs and that I am the subject of ridicule and amusement to all the people I work with


A bad shower experience at the gym destroyed this readers confidence…

It was roughly a year ago I was taking a course at a gym to become a trainer. The class had several guys and girls on it, there was one girl in particular that I liked we just clicked. Also on this course was a guy who I didn’t get on with so we had a bit of rivalry going on. One day as part of the training we had to go outside and run around in the mud and take part in various exercises.

Of course afterwards I needed to shower, I was nervous about this because I’m a grower and certainly not a shower. I got undressed quickly under a towel and went into the shower to the far end so my back was to the entrance. On my way through I noticed every guy in there was bigger than me, I thought it would be a good idea to fluff a bit while in the shower to make sure no one saw how small it was on my way out. To my horror when I hit the shower button, nothing but cold water came out my penis just disappeared.

Behind me, I noticed one of the other guys get in the shower from my course he was hung, his flaccid cock was bigger than mine erect. I got on well with this guy so when we were both out of the shower, I asked him if he got any hot water and explained how I didn’t and that my shower was freezing. He said no, he was fine and he told me that I should think of a better excuse for my penis being so small.

My heart sank I didn’t realize he had seen, I thought to myself nothing could be more embarrassing than this until I realized next to me was my rival. I was pleased that at this point I had my boxers on but they were very tight, so when my rival looked down I may as well have had nothing on, my boxers were flat even my balls couldn’t make a bulge. I just remember looking down at my nonexistent package, then looking up at my rivals face as he had realized there was something I could never beat him at, although this guy never did take a shower while we were there so I could never truly know for certain.

To make matters worse later that day I noticed the well hung guy chatting up the girl I liked and her look over and snigger. I could not compete with him. That was a story of the most humiliating day I ever had, however when I read it back to myself it does turn me on a bit. Especially the thought of the well hung guy with the girl I liked.


This readers dream girl ended up a dream bitch…

I was the Man at my highschool all the girls wanted me, but for some reason the only girl I liked was this light skin ebony (tiny) she was short, thick big tits, fat ass, and she wanted me she was always flirting with me one day she came to my house with my twin sister but my sis was doing homework and tiny was bored so she came to my room she bust open my door and she catches me jacking off.

She gasps, saying “Omigod, what are you doing?”

She closes the door behind her and I quickly pull up my pants/

“It’s okay don’t be shy. You know I think you’re hot, so don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone what I saw if you let me pull down your pants so I can see that fat long dick.”

I blush and stuttered, but before I could say anything she yanked em down not being able to believe her eyes she burst out in laughter at my size.

“Omigod, you have a little tiny baby dick!” She started to tease me and repeatedly. “You have a little dick,” saying it over and over again. “You’re such a tiny little baby. Aww look at my tiny little weenie boy.”

She looked down and saw my little guy was starting to get hard.

“Aww, rise and shine little baby dick.”

She got two of her fingers and started rubbing up and down it slowly she made me get down on my knees and beg her not to tell anyone and she said she wouldn’t, but only if I agreed to be her boyfriend. I did, but really I was her little bitch, and she made me squirm like a worm and squeal like a pig from then on. I was her little dick bitch boy


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