True Story: The Ultrasound.

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by proud2blittle

So I have been having pain in my testicles for sometime now, so I finally went to the doctor last week. He said I need an ultrasound to see if I had a blockage so Friday I had the ultrasound. When I went into the room the nice lady told me that when was going to step out of the room and while she was gone to pull my pants and underwear down around my knees and gave me a medium size towel and showed me a way to fold it making a small pouch.

Basically so when she came back in she could just pull the towel up and move my penis out the way. Now I’m a inny so I was like OK how is this going to work. Anyway in the process of doing this and thinking about her having to touch my testicles to the ultrasound I got slightly aroused, she was very cute, and just a bit sassy. So I managed to do what she said with the towel some what.

Anyway I was on the table and told her I was ready. She came back in and moved the towel and but the gel on my testicles and she grabbed the ultrasound wand she turned around and put the want on my testicles and my penis fell out of the towel, she was like “OH!” and using the towel put me back in the towel. Two seconds later my dick fell back out again.

She again put me back in the pouch and tucked the towel under my sides hoping I would not fall out again. But I did, so she finally just said, “I’m going to just have to hold you out the way. Is that OK?”

I said that’s fine.

Lucky I was able to control my self and did not get any harder as I was maybe 2″ now almost fully hard for me (3″ is me fully hard). She finished up and wiped the gel off me and opened the hand she was holding my dick with and took a quick look. Then smiled and said, “I have to check the images to make sure they are good enough for the doctor. I will be right back. You can get dressed now.”

She stood and entered an adjoining room that was must have been like a control room or something as there was a window between this room and that room and I could see inside it. I did a double take as for the first time I noticed there was another younger woman sitting there who I was not aware of until that point.

They talked for a few minutes with a lot of smiling and a little giggling which made me feel self conscience..

I got dressed and was sitting on the table when the Sonographer lady came back into the room and she looked down at my crotch where my hands happened to be in my lap. She seen my wedding ring and said “Oh your married? The images are fine so contact your Doctor at the end of the week he should be able to tell you the results.”

She showed me to the door.

To this day I feel like she was going to say something about my small cock and maybe even I could have dated her. My wife and I have an open relationship so it would have totally been fine. Sometimes the wedding ring effect drives me up the wall but I am not allowed to take it off. So just a story from my life I thought I’d share.

Thanks for reading it.

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