The Birthday Party

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by Kockette (edited)

My wife treats me like a small cocked sissy and teases me ALL the time.

The deal is that she totally dominates our relationship and I am completely pussy whipped. I have to serve her needs whatever they are, clean the house & yard, and generally do anything she says even if I don’t like it or don’t want to do it.

In return I get to be her small cock sissy, dress in lingerie or be on nude display to her and some select friends, and be teased and humiliated. I have to eat out my wife’s creampies whenever she cheats on me, and eat her pussy or some of her friends wet vaginas whenever she commands.

I get to jerk off in front of people for their entertainment and sometimes I get my small cock sucked off as well. I don’t wear a cage because I am so well trained now I don’t need one.

One afternoon she told me to shave closely and get very clean in the shower as she noticed my hair was growing back. “Pay attention to your little femdik and nether regions!” she said.

While in the shower she pulled the curtain a little aside to inspect. “Very good.. now how about that bottom?”

I turned around and leaned against the shower wall. Soaping up her fingers she smiled and gave it her inspection, as she had done many times before. First one finger then two, then three, four. She is strong but her hands are small, and while she washed my penis with a wash cloth I felt her add her thumb, soapy and wet. Her hand slipped in and out as I bent over moaning.

“There we go sissy! Clean inside and out!”

My cock was hard as she towelled me off. “OH? Is your mini penis ALL excited? I would let you fuck me… but you know its too small for that. Maybe later I will let you cum but not now!” she teased.

I stepped out into the bedroom to see she had laid out some clothes for me. She said she had a little treat for me but I knew it wasn’t my birthday, and she made some comment about a party later.

The Big Pink T-shirt came down to just above my shaved penis and I noticed she had made some printing and art on it. When I slipped it read ‘Too Small for Sex’. On the back it read ‘Teena’ in big letters with a red heart underneath that had ‘three and a half inches’ written inside it. She then gave me a tiny string bikini in shiny white and a pair of sandals and informed me as she sprayed me heavily with perfume that this was all I would wear tonight!

I objected as this was going to be way too public for me, but she said it would just be a few of the girls so stop fussing.

“Oh I forgot something Teena (my nick name)! You need some lipstick. You never know where I might want those nice lips tonight,” she said as she brushed out my shoulder length hair.

She had been feminising me slowly over the years, not really satisfied with my manhood. She thought it was just easier to give me female hormones and keep me looking pretty. The white bikini clearly framed my tiny cock with a little wet spot formed at the tip.

“Teena you are looking very trim and I think the few I have invited over tonight will love this look! They all know your not a REAL man, just my sissy. I do miss having a really big cock in me every once in a while, but is is fun to boss you around. The house is cleaner for one thing!!” she giggled. “I think I should share my good fortune with others.”

At some point after the third car arrived she had about 6 girlfriends around and I was getting more than my share of comments about my attire, but all my wife’s friends knew how small I was in the cock department since my wife made no secret about it. It turned out that it was her best friend Sarah’s Birthday and I was to be part of my wife’s present to her.

“Teena has to do EVERYTHING you wish and here are some extras I think you will like.”

My wife passed Sarah five cards that read ‘Sissy Teena Must Obey!’ on one side but I couldn’t see what I had to obey. My wife continued, “Use them or give them away! It means that if you bump into him in public at any time he must help you and do what you ask!”

Sarah smiled, “Don’t worry I will put them to good use.”

I was so busy during the party serving drinks, food, making sure the music was playing, and feeling embarrassed every time I got a pat on the bottom or one of the guests giving my little package a squeeze.

“Are you really that SMALL?” teased one woman. “That’s less than half the size of my husband? It must look like a little toy cock!”

With that she pulled down the top of my bikini, exposing my 1 inch soft dicklet and looked at it.

“Oh my its like so fucking tiny. So cute. How can you fuck with such a thing?” She rolled her eyes while the other women laughed. Tucking it back into my bikini she gave it another little pat saying, “Poor widdle thing.. too small for sex.”

I turned bright red and all the women watching laughed.

Then my wife ordered me to answer the door and when I hesitated she came up and pulled my shirt off. Not all the woman knew that I had developed sizable breasts from the hormones so I stood there while some became shocked and other began to giggle. “Oh my he may nave a tiny cock but he’s very curvy!” laughed one.

“His tits maybe bigger than mine,” laughed one woman. “…But my clit is bigger than his dick!”

They all laughed again. I still had to go the door and almost died of embarrassment when I was confronted by a policeman.

What was I going to do? All I had on was a white bikini bottom which clearly outlined by little cock? I pleaded with my wife but all she did was tell me to wait a second. She adjusted the bikini so that it was only less than an inch above my tiny bulge. “There you go Teena! Now you can answer the door and let the policeman in.”

The Policeman was very handsome, buff looking guy and by the way he looked at me was most likely very gay. He asked “Sweetie, I need to see the Birthday girl.”

Of course he was a male stripper not a real Policeman and so he began to dance and strip to music while the women squealed with pleasure watching him. Once he was wearing only a leatherette G-string , boots and a hat, he danced and pranced very suggestively to all the women. Sarah told me to sit next to her and actually patted my small penis as she watched the stripper. Finally, he lowered his g-string releasing a mammoth cock at least 9 inches and very thick! He danced in front of me and Sarah sometimes brushing her cheek with his oversized johnson.

Sarah announced she had a great idea and made me stand up and as I did she pulled my white bikini pants down and pushed me up against the hot male dancer. The girls went absolutely wild, hooting and laughing while the stripper grabbed me like a girl and pushed his huge cock against my tiny member. My small dick barely came above his balls while his throbbing cock extended above my belly button.

I noticed Sarah had taken her panties off and hiked her dress and the Stripper on cue fell to his knees and began licking her wet pussy. The whole time she was getting her cunt licked she played with my teeny weeny cock and whispered in my ear things like, “My god HE is so BIG.”

It was like I was her girlfriend and she was giving me a report. “I bet you like it too don’t you sissy Teena? I would LOVE to taste him but he is way to big to suck. Ohh YES OOH (she moaned at his licking).. don’t you think so Teena? OHHHH yes!”

Sarah began to moan and before long she actually climaxed right there in front of us all which I had never seen before. The Stripper stood up again kissing her on the forehead and then continued to dance holding is cock in front of her suggestively. She smiled and shook her head saying “You are way TOO BIG for my mouth!”

Then Sarah looked up at me.

“But your not too big for this Sissy!”

Then the dancer came up close to me grinding his hips at me and stroking the back of my head. He then pushed my head forward and down towards his enormouse man meat. The women began to clap! The stripper pushed me down onto my knees and was waving his cock in front of my mout hitting my face with it as he danced.

“Come on Teena, you must OBEY. Remember the cards?” she laughed.

So I opened my mouth and the dancer pushed the head of his cock past my pink lips and I could barely take it, all the thing was so thick. The woman were now standing around as I knelt there sucking this monster schlong and the excitement in the air was palpable. The dancer pumped my mouth with his cock making me gag as he pushed it down my throat as far as I could literally take it. The girls all cheered me on especially when I gagged from so much cock in my mouth.

One began to rub my teeny weenie with one finger and thumb while others gathered close were playing with the strippers balls and bottom. After about five minutes I felt myself spurting and began to moan loudly and so did the stripper.

He started to cum big jets of hot sperm.

“I want to see it squirt,” shouted one of our guests named Anna . She grabbed the strippers cock as he started cumming and made it shoot all over my face! As he finished she ordered, “Suck out the rest Sissy and clean him up like a good girl…..Good Teena! Get it all!”

The strippers cum had gone all over my face and was now dripping down my chest.


Weeks later I ran into Sarah at a busy parking lot. She waved me over and said “HI TEENIE WEENIE! Come over here I need some help!”

I loaded her car for her while all the time she told me how much fun her birthday party was. She noticed the fishnet stockings and black flats my wife had me wear that day sticking out of my stretch pants. “And How is your little dick Teena? What sort of panties do you have on today?” she enquired loudly making people turn and stare at us.

I was beet red from her lewd comments and as I turned to get to my car (on the other side of the lot), she pulled out one of the infamous cards my wife had given her as part of her birthday present. “Oh before you go sweety, take off your shirt and your pants for me.”

I knew I had no choice and so I began to undress in the shopping centre carpark.

Eventually I stood there in black sheer panties that had a connected garter belt. My tiny penis was clearly visible even as small as it was. I was wearing a black bra and people were looking at me from everywhere and some taking my picture with their phones. I was so embarrassed.

Sarah seemed please with her handiwork and handed me back my car keys and wallet but put all my other clothes in the back of her car with her groceries and locked them in.

“You can’t leave me like this?” I stammered in fear worried I’d get arrested by real police this time.

Sarah just laughed and said as she got into the drivers seat of her car, “See you next time Teena! Only 4 more cards to go! Maybe I will take you to the Mall sometime for some real fun!” Then she closed the door, started her car and drove off leaving me there like that.

I quickly walked back to my car one hand in front of my too exposed mini member when I got bailed up by four young women in their early twenties who were trying to take my picture. “Hey, don’t cover it up pervert we want to see it,” a brunette with large breasts said.

It looks like the smallest cock I has ever seen!’ another blond girl said.

“We won’t call security if you let us take pictures of it. OK?” the brunette said with a wicked grin.

I stopped only to keep matters from getting worse. In the middle of the day I stood in front of four college girls taking pictures of me dressed only in lingerie that showed every detail of my small cock and breasts. They even asked me to pull down my panties and make it hard for them so they could see how big it got.

The pretty blonde just couldn’t stop giggling the whole time. “Hey rub that tiny dick until it cums. I bet you come fast anyway.”

Luckily there were a few big vans nearby so at least the people coming out of the stores didn’t have a direct view. So I began to rub furiously stroking my small cock as they all hovered around me filming me with their phones. “Lucky we have our phones to record this as no one would believe us that a cock can be THAT SMALL!”

Little jets of sperm shot out of my cock and the girls clapped.

“Do you think we can get him for our next party?” asked one of the girls. But that’s another story.


But it didn’t take long before Sarah called me on the phone to use some more of her “credits”.

“Teena? Could you meet me at the house? Its ok with your wife. I just want to discuss my future plans with you since you need to assist me four more times. My husband is out of town and I can’t figure out how to fix this shower door so it will close right!”

It sounded innocent enough, and Sarah was not bad to look at. She was big, almost 6 feet tall and had dark long flowing hair resembling an old pin up girl named Betti Page. The way she trimmed her eyebrows and wore bright red lipstick made her look a little bit of a punk rocker. Before she hung up however she giggled and said, “Have your wife pick out some shorts and a blouse for you my nieces are her back from college and they never seen a real sissy man before.”

My wife had no problem with that request and quickly found as she said, “Just the right look.”

One of her favourites outfits she likes that really humiliates me in public. White shiny micro shorts and a tank top clearly marked with the words ‘too small’ The ‘l’s’ looking like little penises. White tennis shoes and then to embarrass me further a satin ribbon in my hair, tied up in a pony tail.

When I left the house my neighbour Joan whistled and called me over. I told her I had to go. “Oh that’s OK I just wanted a closer look. My look at you little dick! Can’t believe your wife dresses you up like that. Come around the fence for a second your wife said something about you and I want to see if its REALLY true.”

I was curious about what she was talking about and went around the fence into the back yard. “She told me once you are a real Sissy and that you are easy to push around because you have such a little tiny cock? Is it true?” She smiled. “I bet its true.”

I told her that it wasn’t and that I am not like that at all and she just smiled at me.

“I bet it is the way you are and I just want to see it for myself.”

Joan was a little on the heavy side but pretty I suppose and she had a pretty forceful edge to her and some would think she was a bit of a ball buster. She had on a men’s white tank top that did little to hide her large braless breasts and a pair of jeans. I always thought she was a butch lesbian myself.

She suddenly pushed me against the fence reaching over she yanked down my shorts. My little cock springing out before her eyes. “Hey stop! You shouldn’t do that.” I protested.

Then she yanked at my top up nearly ripping it off pushing me off balance. She was strong and I found myself on my knees and elbows in the grass naked and shocked.

“See I knew it! Look at you. I stripped you and you barely resisted,” she said.

She walked around me as if I was her dog. “Nice titties Sissy,” she teased grabbing them and squeezing them hard.

And that thing between your legs looks more like a clit than a man’s cock! Your penis is the smallest I have ever seen! Ha! MAYBE if I tug on it it will get bigger!”

She reached between my legs and gave it a hard tug. “OW! Stop Joan!” I said still frozen in position.

“That wasn’t hard… This is hard,” She grabbed it and pulled it hard again and again as if she were milking it.

“Ow! OOWW!” I whimpered. “Please stop Joan, I promise you it is only THAT big! My dick is as Big as it gets. Ow, Owwww.”

She then started pinching my nipples and teasing me, “Such a small dick Sissy! With a clitty-cock and pretty titties! Let me get my camera! I want to show it to my girlfriends! They like to think of ME as a man wait till they see you. Now STAY! Good girl,” she said going to get her camera.

She returned quickly off the back porch with her camera and had stripped off her jeans now only in her tank and a pair of men’s Jockey shorts. As she came closer I noticed the big bulge. First she pushed me on the ground taking pictures of me trying to cover myself which only caused her to laugh. She slapped my face! “Oh you like this Sissy! Stop protesting and give me some good pics! Play with you titties! That’s better! Goood Girrl…thats it cooperate and I will be gentle with you!”

I began to rub my breasts going along with her orders practically hypnotised by the camera and her voice. “Now play with your little mini dick! That’s it! Goood girl Rub and squeeze it… that’s nice.”

I realised she was right, as I pushed my fingers into the base of my cock the little shaft being stroked like a clit. With my legs together my cock was only about 2″ hard.

“Now lets take a few for my friends.”

She pulled the dildo from her bvd’s as if it was her own cock. It was 10 inches and very real looking. She straddled my face with her legs, putting the head of the cock in my mouth, all the time taking pictures. She kept laughing while I tried not to gag! She thought this was all pretty funny and kept teasing me, “I knew you were like this.”

The dildo was big and wet and she flipped me over back on my hands and knees taking pictures with one hand as she positioned herself behind me. She reached next to the camera case on the ground and retrieved a tiny jar of some sort of clear lotion. She began to rub it on the dildo.

“No No…please Joan…I have to go. Don’t fuck me …its too BIG,” I pleaded.

“Shut up Sissy … you need this as much as I want it,” she said rubbing the big dildo between my legs across my dangling little cock.

Slowly she pushed it into me, moving slow at first then faster and deeper. The base of the dildo hit hard against her clit, and she moaned as I begged for her to let me go. “Please Joan stop! Its so huge…filling me up… Oww! No stop. Oh…please Joan ..ohhh… OOOH mmmm oh Joan… Joan mmmm oh OH. Ohhhhhh Joan it feels so good .. don’t stop ooh. No wonder woman like BIG ONES! Its filling me up! OOOh! Please don’t stop! Your so deeep soo ohhh it feels so good! Ohhhhh Ohhhhhh ”

She turned me over on my back her “cock” still deep in take the last few pictures. Pictures of me moaning and enjoying her raping of my ass. Pictures of my teeny little cock spurting cum. Pictures as I wandered back home clutching my clothes.

I sighed as I still had to go to Sarah’s house and do whatever degrading act she wanted me to do for her and her nieces thanks to the cards my wife gave her. My wife would insist despite what Joan the dyke just did to me. Life as a tiny dick sissy is not for the faint hearted.

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