Every Dick Has Its Day: Part 3

By regularguy13

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Part 3…

“I need a hard cock!”

Mary said that in a husky voice when her boyfriend opened the door to his frat room. Her words stopped Albert in his tracks. His eyes grew big, and his jaw dropped as he viewed his girlfriend lying nude on his bed.

She had adopted a sexy, pinup style pose. Her back rested on pillows leaning against the headboard. Her arms were above, and encircled her head. They framed her pretty face. Her small breasts faced him. He saw her hard nipples. She had bent her left leg and placed her left foot on her right knee. Since her thighs weren’t together, he had a clear view of her shaved pussy. It was glistening.

When he could speak, he said, “What? How?”

She giggled and enjoyed his discomfort. She answered his second question, “Roger, let me into your room.”

Albert stood in the doorway and stared at her. Franklin and Marshall, the two college boys who’d shared her sexually in her slutty days, walked by and glanced in.

“Whoa!” Franklin said.

“Looking good, Lulu,” Marshall said. “Have you lost weight?”

Mary slammed her thighs together, covered her breasts with her hands and screamed, “Albert! Get in here and close the door!”

“Oh,” the dumbstruck man said. He stepped into the room and closed the door.

He came to the bed and sat beside her. “Sorry, I stupidly left the door open. I was caught by surprise. You are so sexy, so beautiful. I wanted to take it all in.”

“It’s okay,” she said forgiving him. “What I did was risky. The look on your face was worth it. It was priceless. Forget about those guys.”

She reached for him and pulled him to her. “Kiss me.”

“You’re too good for me,” he said looking deep into her eyes and then, they kissed. It was warm and loving.

She pulled back and said, “When you first saw me, you said ‘What?’. I’m guessing you’re wondering why I’m here and why I’m naked.”

“Yes. I was thinking ‘What the hell is going on?’.”

Mary laughed and said, “I wanted to surprise you.”

“You did!”

“I want to seduce you.”

“You can!”

“I want to do something I’ve never done before. I want to give you my anal virginity.”

“I’m honored and excited.”

“Good. Then, get naked.”

Albert stood and quickly threw off his clothes. His cock was hard. “How should we start?”

“Another kiss would be nice,” Mary said and smiled.

She slid down and lay flat on the bed. He lay beside her and they kissed many times. His hand began to wander. He explored her petite boobs and then, the warm, wet crevice between her legs.

“Emm. I like that,” she crooned.

“If you like that, you’re going to love this.” He crawled between her legs and put his mouth on her sex.

“Ohh! I do love this!”

He started off with light, teasing licks. He bounced around hitting different parts of her pussy. He also planted kisses on her thighs.

“Ohhh,” she groaned. She developed goosebumps on her arms and legs.

He continued to lap her pussy. He varied the speed, pressure, and location of his tongue. He explored her folds, her hole, and her button.

“Oh. Oh,” she responded. “That’s wonderful, but stop.”

He pulled back and sat on his heels. She sat up and said, “We’re going to have anal sex and, how shall I put this?”

He saw her struggling to choose the right word. He said, “You don’t need to sugarcoat it for my sake. Give me the unvarnished truth.”

“Okay. Neither of us has done this before. I want it to go well. I worry that you’ll get excited and cum quickly. If I’m going to let you shove your dick in my butt, I don’t want you coming before I can enjoy it.”

She gave him a searching look and then, asked, “Too harsh? Am I being unreasonable or selfish?”

“No. Not at all. What’s your solution?”

“A blowjob.”

“I’ll never say no to a blowjob. You’re right. I wouldn’t last long in that sexy ass of yours.”

She moved aside and said, “Lean back against the headboard. The pillows should make it nice and comfy.”

He moved and lay against the pillows. She crawled on the bed, so her ass faced him, and her mouth could reach his cock. She grabbed a bottle off the nightstand and said, “Here is a bottle of lube. Wet your finger and put it in my butt. Prepare me while I suck your dick.”

She shook her fabulous ass, giggled and then, took his dick in her mouth.

“Oh, Mary. You’re the best girlfriend ever!”

She licked, sucked and stroked his dick. Albert was in heaven.

“Emm,” she grumbled. She released his cock and said, “Don’t you have something you’re supposed to be doing?”


He opened the lube, spread some on his index finger and pressed it against her anus. She resumed giving him head while he pressed, prodded and eventually, penetrated her asshole. Half his finger slid inside her.

“Oh,” she sighed.

“Is that okay?” he asked concerned.

“Uh huh,” she grunted as she continued to pleasure his cock.

They established a steady rhythm. He thrust his finger in and out of her bottom. He rotated it and stretched her anal ring. She bobbed up and down on his manhood. She licked and tongued his dick while her hand stroked his shaft.

“Ohhhh. God! Mary,” he groaned. “I’m going to cum!”

Bam! He did. He fired off in her mouth. He coated her tonsils with spunk. She swallowed it all. He closed his eyes and basked in the wondrous feeling. She released his shrinking unit and move. His finger slipped out of her bum. She lay beside him and let him have his moment.

He kissed her and said, “That was wonderful!”

“Good. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Let’s snuggle. You rest and recover because you have a big job to do.”

“To fuck your ass?”

“Yes. To fuck my ass!”

They held each other. Their bare skin warmed the other. Ten minutes passed. Then, Mary slid her head off his chest and across his stomach. She opened her mouth and sucked in two inches of spongy, wrinkled cock. Her fingernails scraped his upper thighs. A hand jostled his balls. Her actions brought his cock from flaccid to full strength.

“This guy’s ready,” she announced and she sat up.

“How do you want to do this?” Albert asked.

“Missionary. I want to see your face and I want you to see mine.”

“Good idea. I’ll be able to monitor your reaction,” he said. “Babe, thank you for doing this. I promise to take it slow and to be gentle. I’ll stop at the slightest sign of pain.”

She kissed him and said, “I know you will. Now, move aside and get the lube. I’m going to lay in the middle of the bed on my back. I’ll put my knees on my chest. You kneel in between my legs. I’ll rest my ankles on your shoulders, and we’ll do it. My friends say with enough lube, your small dick, and a relaxed, willing asshole, this should be easy-peasy.”

He frowned. At that moment, she realized she’d committed a huge faux-pas and apologized. “Oh. God! I’m sorry. I know saying a guy has a small dick is the worst thing a woman can say. You know I love you. I love your dick. It’s enough for me.”

He could tell she was sincere. He said, “It’s not your fault. I know you love me. I’m being over-sensitive. My dick is below average. We can’t pretend otherwise.”

He playfully said, “Telling the truth is not the worst thing you can do. Calling out ‘You’re huge. I love your monster cock!’ would be the worst thing.”

They both laughed. All was forgiven. Mary lay on her back and pulled her knees up. Albert put lube on and in her butt and then, coated his dick. He placed her ankles on his shoulders and the tip of his dick against her anus.

“Ready?” he asked.


He moved his hips and slowly, steadily drove his dick forward. They both were nervous.

“Ouch! Ouch!” Mary cried as her ass balked and denied him entry.

Before Albert could stop, the head of his dick forced its way in a full inch. He said, “Sorry. I’ll stop. Oh, I’m in.”

“Fuck! I know you’re in,” she said loudly.

“Your dick feels huge!” she said. Then, she started laughing.

Albert stared at her. “I’m confused. Does it hurt? Is it funny? Should I pull out?”

She stopped laughing, smiled and said, “You must think I’m crazy. Don’t pull out. It hurt, at first. I was scared and clenching. It feels okay now. I laughed because after committing one gaffe and saying you have a small dick, I committed another. You just told me not to say ‘You’re huge!’ and I said it anyway. I couldn’t help myself. Your dick feels huge in my ass. Is it tight for you?”

“Oh my god! It’s great. It’s the tightest hole I’ve ever been in.”

She continued the conversation. She was calm and casual. No one would ever suspect she had his dick in her bum. “The bad part was my fear and the initial stretching,” she explained. “Now, it feels weird. It doesn’t hurt. Continue.”

He drove the rest of his cock inside her cavity. Triumphantly, he said, “There! I’m all the way in.”

“All’s fine down here!”

Albert slowly pulled almost all the way out and then, cautiously, drove his dick into her butt. He saw her look of concern, and he saw her breathe deeply and exhale slowly. There was no evidence of pain or discomfort so he repeatedly repeated the process.

“Ohh. Nice,” she groaned enjoying his dick.

“Ohhh,” he moaned. “I love your tight hole.” He was glad that she had moved past tolerating the anal sex to enjoying it.

“Oh. Oh,” she moaned.

“Thank God, you blew me,” Albert said. “Hearing you moan, seeing my cock disappear into your butt, and feeling the way your asshole grips my dick, would’ve made me cum already.”

“Can you keep going? Please say yes. It feels good in a way that’s different from regular sex. I’m simmering. I feel a steady build that could become a big orgasm given time.”

“Yes,” he answered. His voice had more conviction than he felt. He didn’t want to let her down. He continued to piston his cock in and out of her rear. As that motion continued, he reached out, rubbed her breasts, and pinched an erect nipple.

“Fuck! That hurt,” she cursed. A hand shot up and rubbed the tender flesh. Then she said breathily, “Do that again.”

He pinched the other nipple. She bared her clenched teeth. He heard a hissing sound as she released her breath slowly through her teeth. Her body trembled. Her cunt ached. She brought a hand to her sex and rubbed it.

“Ohhhhh! I’m getting close. Fuck my ass! Pinch my nipples. I’ll rub my clit. My body’s on fire!”

He stopped holding back. He plowed into her.

“Oh. Oh! Oh!” she cried out in rhythm with his jabs.

He increased her pleasure by pulling on her hard nipples.

“Fuck! Ahhh!”

She pressed her fingers against her sex and move them in a circle. Her digits sunk into her soggy hole. She touched her labia, and then, her fingers rubbed her hard clit. The combination of the three sensations drove her over the edge into an abyss of pleasure deeper than she’d ever been in before.

She opened her mouth to cry out, but no noise emerged. Her body spasmed. Motion, sound, even breathing wasn’t possible, but she could feel pleasure. She was filled with a rich, deep, pure joy.

“Ahhhhh!” Albert cried out as he came. He jammed his little prick forcefully into her and his dick exploded. He saw stars and was also engulfed in supreme bliss.

^^^Days later^^^

“Hello, love,” Albert said as he walked into her dorm room. She’d left the door ajar in anticipation of his arrival. She was sitting at her desk doing school work. She looked up at him and they kissed. His hand gently caressed her cheek.

After their lips parted, she said, “Don’t you look handsome.” She smiled warmly and hugged his waist.

“Thank you and you look lovely. Are you ready to go to the New Year’s Eve party?”

“Yes. I just need to slip on my shoes and grab my coat.”

She did and the pair went off campus to a nightclub that catered to students.

Albert had to shout to be heard when they got inside. “This place is packed.”

They found a table, ordered drinks and then, hit the dance floor.

“You’re a great dancer,” he said.

“Thanks. I love to dance.”

“Sorry, I’m not very good.”

“Just do what you feel. Move to the music.”

They danced and drank and drank and danced and had a great time. They saw people they knew. They talked and partied with them.

On one of their breaks when Mary and Albert sat on the tall chairs at their little table, Franklin and Marshall came up to them. They were carrying a tray with fresh drinks. Albert stood when he saw them thinking they might cause trouble.

Franklin placed the tray on their table. Marshall said, “We asked your waitress what you were drinking and bought you a drink.”

Franklin said, “We want to apologize for our comments the other day and for leering at you, Mary. A brother should respect a frat brother’s girlfriend.”

“Sorry, we were douchbags when, you know,” Marshall said. “When we hooked up with Mary. Mary, we didn’t treat you right.”

Franklin said, “You’re with a quality guy now.”

“Apology accepted,” Mary said.

“Thanks, guys,” Albert said.

Franklin nodded. Marshall said, “Enjoy your evening.” The pair walked away.

Mary and Albert took a sip of the new drinks and then went back on the dance floor.

Four women were seated in the V.I.P. section on the second floor. The hot co-eds had a table overlooking the dance floor. They scanned the room looking for people they knew. Joanie screamed, “He’s here. That scrawny trickster with the tiny penis is here!”

“Where?” asked Mei Ling.

“On the dance floor at three o’clock,” Joanie said. “You can’t miss him. He’s flailing about like one of those air puppets you see on used car lots.”

“There he is,” Savannah said. “I can’t believe he has the nerve to be out in public.”

Cassandra said, “I know, we exposed him and his baby penis to his college friends last time we saw him. I don’t think that was punishment enough for what he did to us.”

Joanie was furious and said, “He made fools of us with his giant dildo.”

Mei Ling was upset too. She had felt humiliated when she learned the dick she’d cum on was silicone. She said, “I’d like to be alone with him and kick him in the balls!”

“Yeah!” The others agreed.

“Maybe we can have some revenge,” Cassandra said. “The club manager once took me to a room in the basement where he shagged me good. It’s next to the kitchen. The room is set up like a doctor’s office. It has an examination table and a plastic skeleton in the corner. It’s fully equipped with medical stuff like a stethoscope, a blood pressure gauge, and doctor’s and nurse’s outfits. He gets off playing doctor. I was a naughty nurse.”

“How do we get there?” Savannah asked.

“The stairs are down the hall from the bathrooms,” Cassie said.


The song ended. Albert gave Mary a kiss on the cheek and he said, “I need to use the bathroom? You?”

“I’m fine. See you back at the table.”

Albert ambled over to the bathroom, he went inside, did his business, washed his hands and exited the lavatory.

“Hey! Watch out,” he cried out. When he stepped into the hall, he was bull rushed by a small mob. They swept him down the hall and around a bend away from the dance floor. He fell to the floor.

“Ouch! Let me up!”

Four women, the co-eds he’d fucked, held him down.

“Here,” Mei Ling said. “Take my scarf and gag him.”

Joanie and Cassie silenced him.

“Get his belt,” Savannah said, “We can use it to tie his hands behind his back.”

Mei Ling got the belt. The others rolled him over to his stomach and restrained him as she lashed his hands together. Once they had him bound and gagged, they frogmarched him down the stairs.

They entered the basement hall. They saw two doors, one said ‘Kitchen’, the other said ‘Manager’s Office’. Cassandra said, “Go into the one that says ‘Manager’s Office’.”

Savannah opened the door and turned on the light. The others brought Albert into the room.

“Good, no one’s here,” Cassi said. She closed the door.

“What are we going to do with him?” Mei Ling asked.

“Mess with him like he messed with us,” Joanie said. “I have an idea. Have him sit on the exam table. Take off his pants and underwear. I’ll be right back.”

She left the room. Mei Ling guided Albert to the padded table and held an arm. She said, “Savannah, undress him.”

Savannah undid his pants and yanked down his pants and underwear in one move. Albert’s flaccid, little cock was exposed. Savannah flicked it with her finger.

“Ouch!” he cried.

“Your dick is so tiny,” she said.

“A worm for a worm.” Joanie spat out the insult.

“Step out of your pants and sit on the exam table,” Mei Ling said.

Albert felt trapped and helpless. He did as he was told. He stood on his tiptoes and slide his bare ass on the vinyl covered table. His arms were still belted together behind his back.


While this was happening, Joanie was executing her plan. She entered the kitchen.

“Sorry, ma’am,” the sous chef called out. “Guests aren’t allowed in the kitchen.”

Joanie gave him a big smile and said, “Forgive me. I’ll stay by the door so I don’t contaminate anything. I know this is unusual, but….” She stopped talking and grabbed the front of her halter dress. She pulled the material inward and since she wasn’t wearing a bra, both breasts popped into view.

The sous chef’s eyes bulged. He stared at her fine pair. Seeing she had his attention, Joanie said, “I need your help. I’ve rented a room and I want to surprise my girlfriend, my lover, with a special night of pleasure, but I forgot to begin my toy bag.

“Can you give me a carrot, an ear of corn, a fat cucumber, and some olive oil?”

She batted her eyes at him and wiggled her shoulders which caused her breasts to bounce and sway in such a way as to convince the chef to get her everything she asked for. He brought her a box with the oil and vegetables.

“Thanks, ever so much,” Joanie said. She slipped her boobs back into her dress and waved to the two other cooks and the dishwasher, who were salivating and ogling her charms. She accepted the parcel from the chef and exited the kitchen.

Joanie entered the room where her friends and Albert were. She was satisfied with what she saw. She placed the box on a counter within an arm’s reach of Albert and said, “You are a disgusting, dishonest jerk. You and your tiny penis are pathetic.” She slapped his face.

“Ouch!” he cried.

She ignored him and said “You’re going to pay for fucking us with a dildo. We are going to fuck you with every item in that box.”

Albert tried to scream “No. Please don’t”. All they heard was an unintelligible muffled cry. It wouldn’t have mattered. They were out for vengeance and wouldn’t be deterred.

Joanie got in his face and pushed his shoulders. She forced the small man against the back of the exam table. The part where he was sitting was flat and parallel to the floor. The other end was elevated to 45 degrees. He rested uncomfortably against it because his arms were trapped between his body and the table.

“Mmm. Mmm,” he grunted. He was scared and his arms hurt.

Joanie said, “I’m going to shove those vegetables up your ass.”

“MMMMM!” Albert cried.

All the woman laughed at his distressed.

Then Joanie said, “Savannah, pull the gyno stirrups out. Mei Ling, grabbed the medical tape off the counter. Savannah, Cassie, and I will put his legs in the stirrups. I want you to tape his legs in place. That’ll give us the access we need.”

The women trussed up Albert. He squirmed, but couldn’t stop the women from binding him. He was helpless and at their mercy.

Joanie picked up the olive oil and drizzled it on his asshole and on the vegetables. Then, she grabbed the carrot, placed the small end against his anus, and she pushed.

“Mmm,” Albert objected.

“Relax. You might even enjoy it,” Joanie said with a laugh. The tapered root slide in. She skewered his bum with the carrot. She forced all ten inches into his bowels.

Albert was terrified. He’d been kidnapped and tied up by the four co-eds. And now he was being molested and actually anally raped. But, to his surprise, it wasn’t terribly painful. Joanie had used lubricant. She wasn’t rough and reckless. And, the carrot was only the thickness of a beginner’s anal trainer. The small end was less than half an inch in diameter and it gradually increased to one and a half inches. It created amazing internal sensations and stretched his asshole deliberately and moderately in small doses.

His little dick began to get hard.

“Look,” Cassie said. “His little willie is twitching. The bastard likes it. He’s getting hard!”

The woman pointed and teetered.


Upstairs in the club, Mary was wondering what had become of her boyfriend. At first, she glanced around. Then, she went to the area near the bathroom. She saw Franklin and Marshall. She went up to them and asked, “Have you seen Albert?”

“Yes,” Franklin said. “He’s the envy of all the guys. When he exited the bathroom, he was swarmed by a gaggle of hot women. They took him down the hall.”

“The women were gorgeous. You know, now that I think about it,” Marshall said. “They looked like the same girls that screamed at him and stripped him at the party. I guess they aren’t angry anymore.”

“Show me where they went!” Mary demanded.


“Let me have a turn,” Savannah said. She picked up the ear of corn and poured oil on it.

Joanie pulled the carrot out of Albert’s butt. Savannah placed the thick ear of corn against his anus. She twisted it as she shoved it forward. After a moment’s hesitation, it slid inside him.

“Ohhh,” their captive groaned.

His arms hurt and he was being held against his will, but so far they hadn’t hurt him. The vegetables weren’t too big for him. The women weren’t being too rough with him. He was shocked to discover it felt good to have things shoved into his butt.


Franklin and Marshall walked the frantic woman down the hall where the co-eds had taken Albert. It led to a stairway.

“Go on,” Mary said. “Open the door and let’s see where it goes.”

The stairs went to the basement. They walked down them. They went through another door and found a short hallway with two doors. One was labeled ‘Kitchen’, the other ‘Manager’s Office’. Mary peered through the glass of the kitchen door and saw people preparing food.

She went to the other door and turned the handle. She saw the women gathered around her boyfriend. She saw that Albert was restrained and gagged. She stepped inside. Franklin and Marshall followed.

“Stop!” Mary shouted. “Stop hurting him!”

The co-eds were startled. They looked her way, saw the three college students, and were not intimidated. Savannah resumed fucking Albert with the corn. Cassie said, “Who says we’re hurting him? Look at his penis. It’s hard and weeping pre-cum. The boy likes being tied up. He likes being drilled in the ass!”

Mei Ling said, “We’re doing to him what he did to us having sex with him using inanimate objects.”

Mary did a quick calculation and decided the best way to rescue Albert was to de-escalate the situation. She said, “I get it. You girls are mad. You were tricked into having sex with him. Did he mistreat you or physically hurt you?”

The answer was “No” but none of the women would admit it.

Mary continued, “In fact, the devious prick was respectful and made sure you all orgasmed. Right?”

The women nodded. The atmosphere became less tense.

“Please go,” Mary pleaded. “I’d say you’re even. He tricked you. You embarrassed him at the frat party and now this. There’s no reason to get the police involved, is there? Can’t we agree to stay out of each other’s lives?”

The co-eds hadn’t thought through that what they’d done to Albert would be considered a crime. Mary’s remark brought that possibility home. Suddenly, they were open to letting bygones be bygones.

“Fine,” Joanie said. Savannah let go of the corn. His ass slowly expelled it. They gather their things, including the scarf they’d used to gag him, and left.

Franklin asked, “Do you need help to free him?”

“Thanks. I’ve got it from here.”

The guys left. They closed the door behind them.

Mary rushed to Albert and asked, “Are you okay?”

“I’m embarrassed for you to see me this way.”

She looked him over. She saw no obvious injuries. His asshole had been stretched and it gaped. She touched it gently.

“Is your butt okay?”

She circled his anus with her finger. It became wet and slick from the olive oil. She slid it inside to check for damage.

“Ohhh,” he groaned when she penetrated him. They both knew it was not a cry of distress. Mary looked at him and said, “Being kidnapped and tied up must have been scary, but it doesn’t look like they hurt you.”

“No,” he answered. “They were angry I deceived them. Probably angry with themselves for letting their lust for a magical…”

“And mythical,” Mary added with a laugh.

“Yes, their lust for a magical and mythical giant cock caused them to sleep with me.”

Mary wrapped a hand around his cock and said, “I’ve never seen you bigger or harder.”

She stroked his dick and sawed a finger from her other hand in and out of his ass. “I enjoyed having my bum fucked. Your butt has the same nerve endings, so it’s not surprising you’d like being touched there.”

She put her finger two inches inside his butt, curled it, and pressed toward the front of his body. She felt a bulb of tissue about the size of a walnut. She lightly tapped it and swirled her fingertip against it.

“Oh. Oh!” he groaned.

“Butt play can be fun for men and women. You have a prostate gland. I think I’ve found it and your moan confirms what I’ve read, that men enjoy having their prostates touched.

“Your dick is so hard. I can’t leave you in this condition. I’m going to get you off, then untie you.”

Before he could answer, she grabbed the oiled corn cob and shoved it into his ass.

“OHMYGOD!” he cried in shock and ecstasy.

She stroked his cock with one hand and drove the ear of corn in and out of his bottom at the same time.

“Oh. Ahhhh.”

“It feels great, doesn’t it. I love it when you fucked my ass.”

“Oh. Ohhh,” he cried.

“Cum. Cum for me, baby,” she encouraged him.

It wasn’t long before he exploded.

“Oh! Fuck!” he shouted.

He erupted like a volcano. Streams of cum shot out of his dick three feet into the air. She continued to double team him until the flow ceased.

“That looked like a good one.”

“Uh huh,” he grunted his response. He lay there spent and exhausted.

She grabbed a pair of scissors and freed him while he enjoyed the warm, wonderful feeling that flowed through his body. Then, she got a towel, wet it, and cleaned the spunk off his body and the exam table.

“Mary, are you disappointed or disgusted with me?”

She kissed him and said, “No. Are you disgusted with me because I like to get drilled in the ass?”


“Stop asking stupid questions,” she said. “We are who we are and we like what we like. The rest of the world can fuck off. Tomorrow, we’re going to the sex shop that sold you the dildos and get some butt toys. I think we can skip the beginners set, don’t you?”

Albert smiled and nodded.

The End.


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