Hugo’s Humiliation

By Porky_Pig

Hugo groaned, and twisted his large frame on the California king bed as Jenny delicately urged him along with her lubed manicured fingers. When he was drawing close to his weekly climax, she always knew when he was drawing close to his weekly climax as his guttural moaning would change to hysterical shrieking. She mused to herself, this would take a couple of more minutes. Being his wife of twenty years, she realized that he worked very hard as the bread-winner of the family and needed to blow-off steam on Friday nights. Usually, the entire episode took about an hour of “play” until he was spent for the following week.

Their marriage had been devoid of sexual intercourse for the past 10 years, the reason being Hugo’s enormous weight gain that had rendered his already limited size virtually inaccessible to Jenny’s vagina. Sex, therefore, had been limited to Jenny relieving Hugo each weekend and then allowing him a week to “reload” again. So naturally, Hugo looked forward to his “happy hour” throughout the week like a little boy staring at the candy jar.

Jenny more than compensated for their lack of conventional intimacy by planning their lovemaking sessions meticulously and keeping poor Hugo always wanting her. Tonight their “lovemaking” had started normally enough, with her getting dolled-up for him in her sexy lingerie that extenuated her womanly splendor. The green color of her skimpy outfit perfectly matched her eyes, and she knew that Hugo would be putty in her hands, willing to be subject to whatever she had planned for him.

One of the benchmarks of their intimacy level had always been how long she could keep Hugo teetering on the edge of orgasm before allowing him release. The longer the edging continued, the more intense would be his final release. However, this was a tricky matter because if poor Hugo’s “one-incher” was kept too long on the edge, it simply wilted and shrank back into his enormous bulk and refused to come back to play. Jenny had long realized that the key to keeping her husband in this state of constant arousal was to use his mind more than his penis.

“Eeeeeee …” Shriked Hugo sounding like a scared piglet.

Jenny smiled inwardly to herself … there it was, her fat pig of a husband was getting close to his precious “cummy,” as he called it.

“Eeeeeee …” Shriked Hugo again and started pushing against her slippery fingers wanting nothing more than to feel his penis erupt into her hand.

Jenny immediately released her two-finger grip on his baby penis and saw him comically thrust his massive body in the air. She loved it when he did this. The desperation in his eyes, the lustful thrusting of his hips, the funny pig-like noises that resulted from his frustrated efforts made her wet between her legs. Then, deftly, she reached under her pillow and pulled out her pink vibrator, and gently guided it between her labia. It was ironic that even in his morbidly obese condition, Hugo was somehow the key to her own climax. His inadequacy as a man cursed with a one-inch erection, his failure to satisfy his beautiful wife sexually in the bedroom despite his success in the real world, and his complete relinquishment of control when she took him on their weekly journey across the thresholds of sanity had become an aphrodisiac for her.

The vibrator buzzed away with its characteristic hum as Hugo gyrated obscenely for his beautiful wife’s touch. Jenny let her fingers brush against his penis now and then but did not give him the pleasure of wrapping them around the little stub as doing so would make him cum instantly.

“Me cummy … me cummy …” He panted heavily, seeking her touch. “Aaargh … Aaargh …” He grunted angrily. He tried to roll over, but she held him down deftly as her tongue traced his face tantalizingly, and her slippery thumb and forefinger of either hand pinched both his nipples simultaneously. Hugo shook and quivered like a harpooned whale, but not a single drop of cum escaped his one-incher. Twenty years of being together had taught her exactly when to stop poor Hugo on the precipice and make him come back before repeating the process till he could not take it any longer. She kissed him on his lips and slowly licking his face, all the while staring into his eyes.

“My my … Lardo … slow down, or you will be finished before I have even started.” She chided him gently. Jenny knew that her husband could not stand the nickname his employees had given him. She had overheard it at his workplace from one of the secretaries and had decided to use it to drive him insane with anger during tonight’s session.

“My name is not … Lard … ooo!” He protested as he felt her slide against his grotesquely fat body and her slippery fingers invade and violate his most erogenous zones.

“Lardo … that is what everyone calls you at the office, don’t then? That is why you fired that young intern Alfi, didn’t you, you pathetic little fat boy?” She whispered and continued as her index finger slowly plunged in and out of his belly button. Jenny knew this act was fat-shaming and emasculating Hugo all at once.

“Alfred was an assho …” Hugo trailed off as her other hand slithered past his penis to massage his aching blue balls.

“No, he was not, honey. He was a young man who could better you in every way, couldn’t he?” She asked, touching the very sensitive area between his balls and his anus. Jenny had nicknamed this spot his ass-neck and knew that she could make him say or do anything while touching it.

“He … he … he …” Gasped Hugo, his small erection jutting towards the ceiling. He was so angry, so jealous, and so excited at the same time. However, the conflicting emotions were fucking his mind and not allowing him to decide how to vent himself. It felt as though his one-incher was manipulating his enormous body.

“Alfi was everything that you wished that you could be … even at nineteen, he was beautiful and muscular. She continued cruelly. “You were jealous that he was the better man … someone who could satisfy your wife better than you ever could … weren’t you, Lardo?”

Hugo jerked violently. The mind fucking was taking its full effect now. Yes, he had been intimidated by the nineteen-year-old Greek god, and yes, he had fantasized about Alfi and Jenny secretly, but hearing her verbally strip him naked and flaunt each of his fears in his face had set his mind on fire with anger, his heart aflame with jealousy, and his penis incarnated with desire.

“My my … that really turned you on, baby.” She said and slipped a finger into his anus while continuing to massage his ass-neck.

“Je … Je …” He tried to grunt her name but couldn’t due to the exquisite feeling that she was dragging him all over the field of shame and pleasure by his small penis while not even touching it physically.

The vibrator continued to hum in Jenny as she felt the first coiling and uncoiling of that particular muscle that would lead her to orgasm. This was as much foreplay for her as it was for him.

Jenny slowly continued manipulating her fingers in his anus and around his ass-neck until she located his prostrate. “Lardo, look at you, getting so hard by me finger-fucking your ass-hole.” She said mockingly. “All I have to do is to look at it hard enough, and you would cum all over yourself.”

“Gaaaaa …” Hugo made a noise like a trapped and confused animal.

“You would really like to see Alfi take me on our bed, wouldn’t you, Lardo?” She asked.

“Nooo… I would not.” He said, but there was no fight in his voice.

“Yes, you do … admit it, or I will stop fucking your ass and leave you high and dry without a cummy.” She said, knowing that he was powerless.

“Ye … Yes …” He stuttered, not wanting her to stop.

“Would you sit at the foot of the bed looking at us together? Like a fat little bitch boy who can watch but is not allowed to play?” She asked, her vagina now dripping wet with the anticipation of climax.

“ye … Yes …” He stuttered again.

“Would you shamelessly touch yourself … Lardo?” She asked.

“Yes.” He said, defeated, and she felt the initiation of the final gallop to her climax. She gently pulled the vibrator out of her vagina, removed her finger from his ass, and straddled his face facing towards his penis in one fluid motion. “Prove your devotion to me, Lardo … eat me and pretend that it was Alfi …” She commanded.

Hugo’s little tongue darted out of his mouth with all the enthusiasm of a teenager and started to eat his wife’s vagina.

“Oh Alfi, eat me … lick my ass and my pussy baby … I need you so bad.” So wailed Jenny as she reached down and wrapped her lips around his rigid one-incher. She started sucking it from the base to the tip and releasing it with a wet “plop” at each stroke.

Hugo spasmed violently as Jenny rode his face like a mare in heat. Her juices flowing down all over him while her mouth worked its magic on his penis.

“Plop, plop, plop …” Continued Jenny building a rhythm.

“Eeeeeee …” Shirked Hugo.

“Plop, plop, plop …” It felt as though she was fucking him in body and mind. At that moment, he was her to do whatever she wished.

“Eeeeeee …” Shrieked Hugo again.

“Plop … oh Alfi … plop …oh baby … plop … I am … plop … I am cumming!” she screamed in pleasure.

“Eeeeeee …” Shrieked Hugo knowing that she had pushed him past the point of no return.

“Oooooooh … plop … ooooooooh … plop … ooooooooh … plop” She screamed again and again as the waves overtook her. Her lips relentlessly working his small penis towards impending orgasm.

“Eeeeeee …” Hugo shot the first stream of cum into her beautiful mouth.

“plop … plop … plop,” She continued as spurt after spurt of his weeklong pent-up cum was released into her mouth.

Slowly, Hugo’s one incher surrendered, wilted, and then receded completely into his fat body … a defeated soldier.

Jenny got off his face and pinched his nose with her thumb and forefinger. Hugo’s mouth opened for a gasp of air as her lips lock on his, and she released his cum back into his mouth. Hugo’s eyes opened wide in surprise – Jenny had never done anything like this before. Then, while holding his nose, she covered his mouth with her other hand and forced him to swallow every drop of his cum. Hugo’s eyes were tightly shut as he forced the fluid down his throat amidst Jenny’s girlish giggling.

When he opened his eyes, Jenny was laughing hysterically, pointing at his penis, which was standing up at full attention … it was going to be a long night.

The End.


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