Unexpected Beach Reunion 1


I grew up near to and went to university in Brighton on the South Coast of England. It’s a ‘hip and happening’ city with lots going on, a vibrant night life and is often referred to as Britain’s San Francisco.

I had left at 22 when a job opportunity had me move to Coventry, the polar opposite of cities, but the job was great, the pay even better, and houses cheap as chips. I am now 27, and although I nip down South periodically to see family and friends, I had not been to Brighton for more than a few hours since I’d left. Having had a shitty few months at work and my girlfriend accepting a high-paying contract in Kazakhstan for 2 years (followed by her swift departure), I needed a holiday. To make things worse, I’d let my passport expire and so had to go somewhere within our borders and decided to head down to Brighton for the week.

Being August, it was hectic, and I had not booked a hotel. However, I found one that could do 2 nights, so I took that and would look for another the next day. It was barmy hot when I arrived and just had a wander about, ate ice cream, looked around the shops, etc., finishing off with a film and an early night with my tablet, Wi-Fi, and google.

I awoke on the next day (Friday) and decided to try and work on my tan. I still had what remained of the tan I got from a week of gardening after work to take my mind off things, something I had chosen to do naked because I could. Unfortunately, my now ex-girlfriend wouldn’t let me go naked in my garden (despite it not really being overlooked). I wanted to keep the tangoing and had never been to a nude beach in the UK, which I intended to do today!

I have never been body confident when others are present, be it in a swimsuit or naked with girlfriends and the like, but I felt I needed to get over myself. I think my lack of confidence was due to what I felt was a small penis. It’s not teeny tiny, but when flaccid, it’s about 2 inches long and when “ready for action,” a constant 6 inches. I guess in the real world, it’s fairly average when hard, but I was always one of the smallest in school, and when I played Rugby at University, I got a complex about it.

Today, however, I’d get over myself! So I packed a bag with plenty of sun lotion, a magazine, a paperback and stopped off for a packed lunch on the way. I walked the mile or so from the hotel towards the beach and got butterflies in my stomach. I kept telling myself I’m a prudish fool and to get over myself, but I couldn’t help it. I also was telling myself that nobody here would know me as I’ve been away too long. Despite this, I could feel my balls receding into my body, and my penis shrivels up in terror as I got closer and closer. I eventually got close enough to read the sign “Boundary of the Naturist Beach,” moving from the path onto the pebbles and into the naturist area.

The whole beach was scattered with people, but the naturist beach was much busier than those on either side. I decided to check things out and walked near the waters’ edge and along the naturist area. There were a couple of hundred people there, about eighty percent of whom were men. People were scattered about, but there were big clusters of people where a naked female or couple lay, a band of onlookers having set themselves up nearby to get a look in. Once I reached the end, I climbed to a higher level on the beach and strolled back, this time closer to the shingle man-made bank at the back that sheltered the view of people walking behind the beach.

I felt like a pervert strolling about, so I decided to stop and set up my little slice of beach. I set up on the highest of 4 lips of shingle. The tide was way out, and I couldn’t remember how high it came up, so I felt safe that I’d not have to move when the tide came in. I laid out my yoga mat, put a thick towel over, and began to strip off. I felt like every man, woman, and the seagull was watching me undress, but in reality, there were just a few curious glances. I got down to my underpants and socks then sat down to remove them.

Socks off, then I took a deep breath and slid my underwear down and off, swinging my buttocks off the ground one at a time to facilitate it. I pulled up my knees involuntarily to hide my groin, stuffed my clothes into my bag and rolled up my other towel to use as a pillow. I took out my sun-cream and viewed up the people around me as I applied it all over. It somehow felt different from when I had gone naked on a secluded beach in Kos when I was 19 and drunk, but I couldn’t nail down quite how.

I realized I would have a problem adding sun cream to my back, but I reckon I did a good job of it, praying I didn’t miss any, contorting my back and arms to a point where I must not have missed any. Had I not been naked, I would likely have found a nearby person to assist as I’ve often done that, but this environment had me guarded, and I was worried. I guessed that if I asked a man, he’d think it was a come-on and that I was gay, whereas if I chose a woman, she’d think I was just some kind of sex pervert.

I rolled onto my front, shifted a couple of larger stones to make it comfy, and reached for my tech magazine. The sun was high and a perfect temperature in the mid to high 20’s. As the time flew by, the beach began to get busier, more people came, and soon, people were setting up right close to where I was. On my left a couple, she a petite Asian girl with perky tits who was wearing a very figure-hugging white one-piece swimsuit, he a large black man in board-shorts, his shaved head glistening in the bright sunshine and his large mirrored sunglasses casting flickers every time his head turned in my direction.

Behind me, but ahead of me to where I was looking due to being on my front, was a muscular man who I guessed to be about 50 but who clearly went to the gym. He would stand up and walk up and down the beach showing off his all-over tan and large swinging dick. You could tell he was a regular as now, and then he’d stop and chat to somebody then continue his strutting.

Then I heard the crunch of pebbles to my right, and I heard people setting themselves up. “Here’s a nice flat spot, and the stones are nice and small so that it won’t hurt.” It was a female voice, and I looked over. There were two young women, both with their backs to me; one quite tall (for a girl) with long legs on show, tight denim shorts, lean athletic body, white T-shirt, and a large rucksack full of stuff. Her short blonde hair looked natural, but it was hard to tell as she wore a baseball cap. The other girl was shorter, long red hair and was already wearing a modest, bright red bikini, ample breasts curving out either side of her body as she moved. I was staring and so adjusted my sunglasses so that I could watch them strip off out of the corner of my eye yet be less obvious.

The girls were talking, but I could only hear the occasional words because the sea against the beach and a light breeze made it hard to eavesdrop. They seemed to be taking forever, and I could see many of the other single men on the beach were looking, also hoping to watch them strip off and expose their naked flesh. I looked over to my left and watched the couple there stand up and slowly wander towards me. He was clearly watching the girls on my right. Once a few feet away, he said hello and asked if I would be here a while, was I local, had I tried the water, etc. We chatted as his lady friend just smiled and looked on. I kept taking glances at her dark nipples, their perky outline visible enough her tight suit. Her breasts were small, just big enough to create an overlap on the underside, her light brown skin flawless. I hoped my sunglasses hid my eyes from this. Once he had gauged me, he asked me if I would watch their stuff whilst they went for a swim in the sea. I happily obliged, they both thanked me, and they strolled down to the water hand in hand; her pert buttocks were womanly but barely moving as she walked. Then, in my head, I shouted at them. “THIS IS A NUDE BEACH, PEOPLE… GET NAKED!”

Once they were beyond where I could see, without turning around, I looked back over to my right where Donna and Nikki were finishing off laying out their beach mats and towels… I did a double-take… Donna and Nikki were girls I knew, girls I’d been friends with in 6th form college and been ‘friended,’ girls I’d flirted with, girls who were still in their clothes, though now Nikki was out of her shorts and T-shirt and wearing an equally modest pink and grey camo pattern bikini. I flicked my head away, hoping they wouldn’t spot me, here, naked, exposed.

A bit of background here. Donna, the busty redhead, and Nikki, the tall, athletic (county swimmer), we’re best friends since they could remember. Everybody knew that where one was, the other wouldn’t be far behind. They both lived near me growing up, and I saw them regularly through University, but we’d not kept in touch since I left the area. Both were popular, confident, and had reputations as cock teases. Nikki was well known for entering the boys changing rooms at swim meets to sneak a peek at the male swimmers in the showers, something that she did often but for which nobody ever complained to staff about; but the one time a guy from her team did the opposite Nikki had reportedly complained, and he got in big trouble, nearly getting kicked out of college! Anyway.

I had many classes with one or both of them in 6th form college, and they were nice enough to me but knew I wasn’t confident and would play to that, often getting me to dutifully do the lions’ share of work in paired activities. Such as the business plan ‘we’ did to create a sandwich shop. It was a big project with 20% of our marks. I think Donna contributed the shop’s name and lollipops to hand out in class during the presentation. All the rest was me. Donna had also dated one of my best friends, so I’d see them through him. He used to marvel at her 32D’s and how firm they were but how he never had full sex with her as she was making him wait. They broke up before they went all the way.

Back to the beach where they were now, both stood slathering on sun cream, particularly Donna, whose fair skin probably needed a factor of 30 or more. I could see guys watching as Donna and Nikki did each other’s backs with sun cream then sat cross-legged on their little bit of beach. I would dart little looks in their direction and could see them just watching the naked people (mostly men) and talking in hushed tones, occasionally munching on grapes and drinking wine from clear plastic cups as they did so. Donna was closest to me, and so Nikki was mostly out of my eye-line.

I was desperately trying to avoid them seeing me, hoping that they wouldn’t stay long and I could avoid them, or perhaps they would go for a swim and I could move to the other end of the beach away from them. I was praying for them to strip off their bikinis. Of course, every straight man was, but it didn’t look like they had any intentions of doing that. I then recalled Nikki’s rep for perving on naked swimmers in the showers and figured she was here for more of the same.

I’d now been on the beach an hour and knew I had to roll over to give my back a break from the relentless sun beating down on it. I was caught in a catch 22. Do I burn or flip over and be visible to Donna, who would no doubt recognize me and come to say hi, at which point she’d see me naked. Twice I’d had to quickly turn my head away from Donna as her head swung slowly this way, her eyes hidden behind a pair of designer sunglasses. Donnas’ curves looked amazing in that bikini. She was a little bit chubby but always had been, and it was a good look for her. It suited her, and you would certainly not say she was fat.

I had my face buried in my magazine, but I wasn’t reading it. My head was buzzing with what-ifs and fears. On the one hand, I really liked them both, and I’d asked Nikki out on a date but been declined as she was trying to focus on her swimming and college work and didn’t want distractions, thankfully something she said to 4 or 5 others. I knew they were cool but also knew I most certainly was not cool. I was the nerdy one they used for tech support and would leave parties early if there was a test the next day. I felt like I knew everything and nothing about them. The only thing I was pretty sure about was the rumors of them being a ‘couple’ were total bullshit.


I was woken from my brain daze by a decent-sized pebble cracking the beach less than a foot away on my right, which caused me to turn my head instinctively, and that’s when it happened.

“It is Tony. I knew it was! TONY, TONY… it’s me, Donna, oh and Nikki too! TONY!”

BUSTED! I looked at her like a deer in headlights, then eventually as she called my name again, now with Nikki kneeling up to see over Donna and also look at me. I smiled and lifted my torso to engage with them. I said hi and asked how they were etc. Donna eventually got up and tentatively walked overdoing that awkward walk a pebble beach demands, the high sun casting a short shadow.

“HOLY FUCK, TONY! What the fuck are you doing here?”

“Still have a potty mouth, I see!” It was my only response, but I was buzzing about the next step in our little reunion. Donna stood right over me, and I was contorted over to look up at her. She was so close.

“You not going to hug me? What’s it been, four fucking years?”

Now what? I was now in a loss situation, and I had to relent to her. Perhaps it was the best thing, like ripping off the plaster, becoming a confident nudist, and being comfortable in my body… Yeah, that simple! Fuck no, I was bricking it. I had one of those internal shudders, but inside, I thought I needed to play it cool. One thing on my mind was that the nervous energy might have harmed my dick. I just couldn’t tell.

“Well, don’t be rude, get up and give me a hug, you dopey fool!” Donna was commanding in her tone like it was an instruction, not a request, and she wasn’t going to want to repeat herself. So I looked up again, and she squatted down right in front of me, her knees spreading wide, her pussy right there, just a few feet away but covered by a wide layer of red swimsuit. She had come down so she could whisper to me.

“Holy shit, those two just look wrong together. How does that even work in the bedroom?” As she said it, she pointed casually over my other shoulder, where I could hear the sound of people walking up the beach. I turned, rolled over, and sat up in one swift motion, pulling my knees up and together as I did so, making it near impossible for Donna to have ‘seen’ anything. It took a second for me to let my eyes adjust to the additional brightness, but I soon saw what she was talking about. Coming up the beach was the petite Asian girl and the big black man. And he was big! The woman was carrying his board shorts in her hand, her body almost fully on display as her wet suit was near transparent. She had a clearly visible strip of dark bush, and the nipples were now so clear it was like a wet T-shirt contest. He was swinging as he walked up, naked now but for his flip-flops, an incredibly girthy penis of about 9 inches. “Great! Thanks, mate, for showing me up!” I thought to myself.

Donna and I watched as they both came back up to their spot again. He came right over to me and said thank you for looking after his stuff, giving Donna a sly smile as he spoke to me, which suggested she had been caught looking at his dick? The Asian girl also smiled as she passed, and I got a real good look at her naked yet covered body, the board shorts held tight in her hands. Donna moved, so she was more in front of me. She asked if I had seen anything like it. I said I’d never seen such a see-through swimsuit, no. She kicked me in the shin gently and scolded me stating it wasn’t what SHE was talking about, and I knew as much! This was followed by a few seconds of awkward silence. Finally, Donna put her arm out and forwards, indicating a hug was needed, and so I relented and stood up to hug her.

As soon as I was upright, her eyes went straight to my penis. I, in turn, looked down to see my own nudity, my less than average there for the world, including Donna, to see. She gave me a sly grin as our eyes met briefly before my head went over her left shoulder for the hug. I had stood in, so our bodies didn’t touch, thinking this to be the respectful thing to do, but she countered and came in tight, pulling us together, skin on skin. Because of my height compared to her, I could feel the root of my penis pressed into her abdomen, her magnificent breasts were squished into my chest, and it felt amazing. We stayed like this a few too many seconds, and I felt a stir, my penis coming back out and likely sitting at its natural length, but I did not want it going further than that. The embarrassment would kill me! So I pulled away, and as I did so, Donna grabbed my hand and started to lead me over to Nikki, who was sat up watching. As we neared, she too stood up, and arms came out for a hug. She was giggling as I approached, and I gave her a stern look. It was a kind of autopilot thing to do.

“You look like you are in pain walking on those stones. It looks so undignified. That’s what is funny!” She said. I had to lurch across the stones as I’d not had a chance to put my beach shoes on, so I was bobbing left and right, which made Nikki giggle. Well, at least I hope it was why! Then, I came in for the hug. As we are similar heights and she has much smaller breasts, had less of the problem I’d had with Donna, but it was nice to feel so much skin on skin with another hot woman.

As I pulled away, the three of us stood in limbo for a few seconds, then, in sync, we all laughed. I was grateful as it broke the tension I was feeling and made me feel at ease with them again after all this time. The girls demanded I come and sit with them, so I went over to collect up all my gear from 5 meters away. Once I had my beach shoes on, I was able to do it in a clumsy 2 trips, the girls having parted their towels and moved away from each other to create a 3ft gap between them intended for me. I laid out all my gear as I had previously had it, but now I was bumping towels with my two friends, and I was totally naked, and they were not! I am generally a fairly confident person, say in the workplace, but I realized I had been on the edge of my comfort zone earlier. Still, things had now evolved to where I was more comfortable and accepting of my situation.

Once settled in, we chatted for a bit, reminiscing about old times, things we’d done, people we’d not seen in years, and places we’d been. Nikki was now an artist, mostly doing graphic design but also doing contract pieces and some photography. Donna was flying high for some boring call center where she got to be the boss of several hundred (mostly) young call center ‘drones’ all chasing a bonus they could never attain. Soon Donna asked why I was here, and I told her about being down to see family and friends, but she interrupted me to say, why HERE, the naturist beach. I told her I had wanted to try it again for years but had only just plucked up the courage to do it. So I told them about my secluded beach in Kos then asked in turn why they were HERE.

Nikki said that Donna brings them both down whenever possible to ogle the naked guys and work on their tans. Nikki told me Donna was a bit of a pervert when it came to naked men but that she would always bottle it if one actually came to speak to her; though Donna claimed it was because the ones who had the confidence to come and speak to them were usually too old and or creepy. Nikki went on to say Donna was very picky with men. They had to have a certain look, not too tall, not too short, not too thin, not too fat, not too smooth, not too hairy, not too ‘small,’ not too ‘big’… etc. Donna then back-tracked the conversation to state that it was actually Nikki that had decided this was the place to come and ‘people watch.’ I think this was more than likely true!

The next hour seemed to breeze past, and I had almost forgotten I was naked in a full-on CFNM situation. Donna asked about my married status, and I explained my girlfriend was off in Kazakhstan for 2 years and that whilst it was never officially stated, we were no longer a couple. I was scolded for not knowing if I was still in a relationship after 2 years with somebody! “Are you on the market or off, Tony? Simple fucking question!” Donna blurted out. I said I guessed I was on the market, but umm, err… “Make a fucking decision, you pussy! She clearly doesn’t give a shit to run off like that! Call her now and tell her it’s over!” I was taken aback at her rage on the matter. Nikki calmly said that Donna was right but that her methods were more ‘Gestapo’ and less ‘caring friend.’

So 5 minutes later and we’d worked out the time difference, and I called my ex to confirm it was over and that I would put her personal items in a box in the garage for her to collect when she got back. I seemed to be anxious as I spoke, but the responses I got were grunts and ‘Okays’ and not much else. So finally, I hung up, and rather than feel shitty, I actually felt like a weight was taken off, and I broke into an involuntary smile.

Both girls gave me some time to my thoughts and a plastic cup of Pinot Grigio. We had settled down and were lying on our fronts, looking away from the ocean when a group of five set up right behind us, which meant that we were currently looking right at them. As it was busier on the beach, space was more at a premium, so they were only about 4 meters away from us, which in nude beach terms is almost on top of you! The group was 2 black girls and 3 white guys, all in their late twenties or early thirties but all in good shape.

I remember thinking that you wouldn’t be surprised to see them at a swingers party, and it was an unusual ethnic dynamic. The women were both very sexy and had killer figures, one thin with soft brown skin covered in lots of decorative tattoos, long legs, bleached copper color hair, and bulbous fake tits; the other woman was curvy with darker skin, large natural breasts, wide hips, and strong frame. The 3 guys were all quite buff, and one was a man mountain with a shaved head who was also covered in tattoos; you’d not want to meet him in a dark alley! The other two had six-packs and short haircuts with the same military tattoos on their chests, with one of them showing a big scar on his left shoulder.

Donna caught my eye and whispered that we had squaddies beside us, a big grin on her face as she eyed them up. The two smaller guys stripped naked almost instantly, and one then helped the curvy woman out of her summer dress to reveal she was naked underneath. This, in turn, started to give him a boner on an average-looking cock, but he sat down and hid his cock after. The other guy had a really fat dick, and he stood hands on hips posing for a good two or three minutes before sitting back down. The big guy got to his shorts and then lay down whilst the tattooed girl, who was clearly his partner, stripped down to skimpy sheer black underwear but went no further either. I watched her take a long look at her naked friends before laying out her tiny frame onto her towel.

I was mesmerized by this enormous dragon tattoo on her back which covered about 60% of her back and was very detailed. The dragons’ tail went down her left leg and its wings sprawled across both shoulders. I watched the naked one set her bits up and layout her towel. She was bending over right in front of me with her legs apart, giving me a clear unobscured look at her shaved pussy. At one point, as she spread the towel, she stretched further forward, and her pussy lips parted to show some pink, her large tits hanging in such a way that they moved like a pendulum.

By the time she was sat down, I had a full-on boner and had to adjust myself to get comfy. Nikki saw this but didn’t say anything to Donna, thankfully. This woman sat right directly above me, giving me a direct sightline to her crotch, which was a massive bonus! This, of course, meant that my erection was in for the long haul.

The sun beat down on the 5 bodies in front of me but my eyes were glued to the larger woman. Her dark skin glistened as she covered herself in tanning oil from head to toe, paying particular attention to those pendulous breasts. As she oiled her legs and thighs, her position laid down meant that she would spread a leg wide, pull her knee to her chest or point it straight up so as not to miss any of her skin. This ‘show’ was amazing, and I was staring at her as she did it, my eyes glued to her nakedness so near I could smell the coconut oil she was using. Several times as her legs moved, the slit of her pussy would gape slightly, and the contrasting pinkness would peek out then hide away again. I hadn’t noticed that the guy next to her had seen I was leering, and he prodded the lady to inform her of my voyeurism. She looked me in the eye, WINKED, and continued to swing her thighs.

“Did she just wink at you?” Donna asked. I confirmed it to Donna and said that it was about as embarrassing as it gets. Donna told me to ‘go fuck myself and that it was cool. That I shouldn’t be such an old ‘fuddy-duddy’ and lighten up. “Watch!” She said, and she looked at the squaddie who’d caught me and winked at him. He smiled back at Donna and lifted part of his hand in acknowledgment.

“See!” Donna exclaimed. “Just a bit of harmless fun!”

As she said it, she had reached behind and slapped my buttocks hard, making a loud ‘thwack’ sound. It made me flinch and expel all the air in my body, which made an ‘oomph sound. The squaddie and the oiled-up black woman chuckled as they looked our way. I allowed myself to continue looking at her open legs. She was happy to spread her legs as wide as possible to show off her pussy. I wondered if she was teasing me or was just an exhibitionist. She might have just been 100% confident and an experienced naturist, but it felt more like the exhibitionist in her was glowing.

Donna’s earlier thwack made me realize I needed to put more tanning lotion on my back again. As I fumbled around for it, I realized my penis was now throbbing, and it was getting a bit uncomfortable. Plus, my back had now had 2+ hours of sunshine, and my front near to nothing. I quickly turned over and sat up. It was a bit early for lunch, but I grabbed my bag and tossed it into my lap to cover my erection. I took out my food and drink and slowly began to eat my meal as I watched the naked world in front of me. I noticed several men had set up quite near to us as we’d been facing away, one obnoxiously so. Soon Nikki turned around as well and immediately and overly loudly said. “What the Fuck! If that guy set up any closer, he would be sharing my towel!” He was laid out on his stomach facing us and was likely less than a meter and a half between him and the bottom of Nikki’s towel. His eye-line meant he was likely looking right up at her bikini where it covered her pussy.

He clearly heard Nikki but pretended to read the ingredients and dietary detail from his packet of crisps so as not to look up. I responded along the line that it was not so busy that he needed to be so damned close to us. Nikki responded by saying that she will likely give him a piece of her mind if Donna sees him. She then went on to tell me of a time the summer before where a guy had done something similar when they had come with another female friend who had gone topless. She said he kept inching closer and closer and that he seemed to think they weren’t noticing him. Donna then had enough, stood up, and started shouting at him in front of everybody, calling him a ‘Fucking Pervert’ and that she’d call the police and the like. Two muscular gay guys even came over and ushered him away for us. No sooner had he moved away than he dressed and left. I noted that Donna was never one to take prisoners, and Nikki agreed with me.

Hearing her name Donna turned around and asked if we were plotting against her. Nikki explained the situation briefly, and Donna was already standing. She went over and stood over the guy. He was a skinny little Asian man lying on his clothes, not prepared for the beach. “Do you really need to sit there this close? Look at the place. There is tons of space. Why don’t you just FUCK RIGHT OFF!” She turned and sat back down. The two women behind us giving a little clap as Donna poured herself another glass of wine. He turned around and sat motionless for 3 or 4 minutes, then upped and left.

My erection had been fading, but Donna’s power move had me back at full mast again. Nikki, I think, knew but was playing it cool, but Donna was not so forgiving. She asked me if I still had a hard-on for the busty black girl; had she had noticed or guessed? I grunted in a way that didn’t register as a yes or a no, so Donna took things into her own hands, literally. She reached under my bag and fumbled away until the tips of her fingers brushed at my hard-on; she then put her full hand around it, lightly moving down then up once, to gauge size, I guessed, then let go. “Yup. Still horny and hard!” she all but yelled out. I saw a couple of people look our way, and one of the others who’d recently set up near us grin widely.

This didn’t help my predicament by any shape of the imagination. “DONNA!” Nikki blurted out as she berated her for the action that I was still processing as a ‘did that really just happen?’ moment. Donna looked over and said that she didn’t hear me complaining. Then before I could do anything to stop her, she grabbed my arm and pressed my palm into her right breast, which I naturally cupped like an animal response. No sooner was I weighing it up than she shoved my hand away, stating that we were now even. The people watching us were all laughing and smiling at our antics, and I was stuck with an almost painful penis throbbing away on a nude beach with just my backpack concealing my predicament. Donna then leaned past me to see Nikki and said, “He’s a grower, Nikki!” Like before, like I wasn’t there!

Donna asked me to take her down for a swim to cool off, but I told her I was not moving until my erection went down. She tried to suggest the cold water would be an ideal remedy, but I had all of a sudden ‘grown a pair’ and was not going to parade a hard-on about on this beach for her enjoyment. I just didn’t have that in me! Part of me kind of wanted to, but I just couldn’t do it. So I finished my lunch off, and thankfully, within 15 minutes, I was deflating down but definitely ‘fluffed.’

It had been very silent over this period, and I was now relaxing into my 4th cup of wine, which was no doubt helping me meet my goal of being comfortably naked on the beach. I decided it was time and stood up without warning. My recently deflated erection meant I was still puffed up a bit and, in my mind looking very respectable for me. Donna was looking up at me, or rather at my dick, as I faced her direction. She gazed at my groin for a good 3 or 4 seconds before looking me in the eye as I put on my beach shoes. She put out her hand, and I helped her up, the momentum swinging her into me and her ample tits absorbing the contact between us. I felt a stirring again as we strode down the beach, and she grabbed my hand to slow me down. She said I was to look after her, not charge off into the distance.


It felt like all eyes were on us as we walked the 15 meters or so to the waters’ edge. The pebbles loose under my beach shoes meant neither of us was overly dignified in this, and Donna would squeeze my hand each time she slipped. As I neared the water, I stopped and kicked off my shoes, angry at myself as I hadn’t thought to bring a towel with me. I suddenly panicked that, as a cold wave crashed over my lower legs, this cold water might have a drastic effect on my manhood. I stopped and said it was too cold for me and that I’d paddle, but Donna yanked my arm and pulled me in. The beach shelved, and we both toppled into the icy water. In fact, it was probably not that cold, but the contrast to the near 30 degrees in the sunshine just made me go goose-bumps all over, and I felt my balls run for the safety of my lower abdomen!

I swam with Donna for about 15 minutes. It was a lovely feeling to swim in the nude, and I made the most of it. Unfortunately, I am a much stronger swimmer than Donna, and in the end, I had to give up swimming to assist the inefficient technique that had her getting battered by the light waves. His body was warm to the touch and, although I was not doing it deliberately, my hands were touching her way beyond what is allowed for ‘friends,’ in my mind at least. We moved in close to sure, and I was able to squat against the pebbles with Donna sat on my knees, keeping her upper body out of the water. I was definitely getting hard for her as I held her soft waist firmly, not to allow her to get pulled into the water by the tide. I knew I had to move as my dick would soon be digging into her buttocks.

I pulled us both up and out of the water onto the beach. I then made the awkward scramble to our footwear, and once my feet were covered, I took Donna over her flip-flops. I realized I was distracted by this gentlemanly task and so hadn’t thought to look down at my penis to see how bad the cold water had affected my dignity. All in all, it was not too bad. My balls were up inside me, and my semi was poking out about 3 inches in just enough of a downward angle not to look like I was erect. Donna held onto my shoulder as she put her flip-flops on, and I had a great view down into her cleavage as she leaned into me. The waves had moved her bikini top slightly, and the top of one nipple was clearly visible. My ogling didn’t go unnoticed, though, and I got a light slap on the arm and a telling off from her for perving over her ‘wardrobe malfunction’; her broad smile leading me to believe the telling off was more for show than for real, and as she ‘fixed’ herself I got a brief glimpse of one full pointy nipple.

Once set, I went to head back towards Nikki, but Donna grabbed my arm, and once we were holding hands, she pulled me along the water’s edge. I felt very exposed as we walked slowly along the waterfront with literally hundreds of people looking our way. I was pleased to see I was warming up, and my balls were coming back out, but I did feel like I was on show for them all, and they all were having a look. My only saving grace was that I was hand-in-hand with Donna, meaning for the lonesome straight men at least, I was possibly being looked upon with envy. Her nipples were poking through her top like pen lids, and she was swaying her hips more than necessary as we walked.

As we neared the edge of the nudist zone, I could see many clothed people just outside the imaginary line. Many, if not most, were women, and I had to take another quick look at my package to know if I was going to be embarrassed some more. I now had a full set of balls out on the show, but my dick was down to just a couple of inches, albeit a fair bit fatter than normal. I had to live with what I, had so I stood tall as we left the nude section fully. I pulled at Donna’s arm and said we were now out of the nude area, but she pointed out a naked couple who were a good 20m further along. Donna said on busy days, people spread out more, and it was the norm. So she dragged me along past all these people who were definitely looking at me (us). I felt almost overawed by this unplanned exposure and felt I might shrink back further, so I didn’t even look.

Finally, we reached the naked couple we’d seen. It turned out she was topless in a thong, and he was wearing tan color shorts that were similar to skin color. Donna laughed as we got to where he sat, and she lay, but instead of hightailing it out of there, she stopped to tell them the story of what she had done. The topless girl in the thong sat up and laughed with Donna, then peered over the top of her sunglasses at me. She said to Donna that I looked a bit scared or worried about something, then looked at my groin and smiled again before saying goodbye. Finally, after what seemed like 5 minutes, we did turn and head back.

As we reached the nudist beach line again Donna moved us to a higher level and we strode along again. I felt like she was showing me off to all and sundry as we moved along past all the people. I did get the chance to look at some nice naked ladies, though, and having Donna with me made it feel more acceptable for some reason. Donna made us continue past Nikki a few meters further up, and we walked all the way to the other ‘line’ where the nude section ended. This time there was just a single young woman of about 25 alone in a modest bikini just beyond the ‘line.’ She had a lovely figure, and I was definitely eyeing her up as we approached, but she wasn’t looking our way. She has tilted slightly away, reading a book held high above her to cancel out the sun. Donna marched us right up to her and stopped as our shadows hit her torso, making her look our way.

“Is this where the nude bit finishes?” she asked the woman who was now sitting slightly up and looking me all over. Donna was doing this to embarrass me for sure. She knew the boundaries for sure and didn’t need this sexy thing to explain it to her. She smiled at us and spoke to Donna like I wasn’t there as she pointed out the sign and the curve of the pebble bank. She then ogled me repeatedly as explained where the imaginary line would be and that we were right on the boundary, but not to worry too much as people spread beyond it all the time. Donna thanked her and said that she was not ready to strip naked with so many nude men about as the woman. The woman agreed, and they chatted for a couple of minutes or more, and the woman said if her boyfriend arrived, she’d likely scoot into the nude beach to go naked for an all-over tan. I piped up and said to Donna that getting an all-over tan would be good, but the woman told me not to be pushy and let her make her own choices. As the woman was looking me over, I’d been looking her over and had a stirring. Not sure if the situation, her body or both, but I was on the rise, and it was becoming obvious. I tried to suggest to Donna we leave this woman to her book, and thankfully, the woman suggested it was a good idea before I ’embarrassed myself.’ Donna looked at me puzzled, then saw my dick starting to point up and slapped it before apologizing for my lack of control and pulling me back towards Nikki.

As we neared Nikki, we were stopped again by Donna at the couple whom I’d briefly talked to earlier, the little Asian woman and huge black guy. Her suit, now dry, was more concealing than last time I’d seen it, but he was still naked, his enormous penis resting on his thigh as he lay back. The Asian woman was sat cross-legged, watching the world go by as she stroked her partner’s thigh, her small fingers just about brushing the tip of his dick with each up-stroke. Donna commented on our similar situations of clothed females with naked males and how it seems very common on this particular beach. Odd to say that, I thought as we’d seen just one other CFNM couple in our travels?

She laughed and said she didn’t want to get photographed by some pervert with a zoom lens. Again an odd statement, albeit this time from the other woman in this little gathering. Donna said she had seen a couple of guys holding phones ‘suspiciously’ already today, so it was likely for the best. The woman said she was quite happy to do photos, but she wanted to be in control. The girl eyed me over as the conversation progressed, and I looked down to see where I was at. I was now semi-hard and fading a little but not upright like I had been a few moments before. “I’d be happy to take some pics of you together with if you wanted?” She then said. Donna said she might just take her up on that.

The big guy then sat up onto his elbows to engage in the chit-chat. His take was that most guys looked to be old men or gay couples from what he’d seen so far and that it was unlikely somebody would try and sneak a photo. This, of course, instilled a debate between the three of them as I stood there quietly, taking it all in. The guy also said he also didn’t care if people took his naked photo as he was happy with his body and spent hours in the gym to get it just so. I noticed at this point that, where he’d sat up a little, she hadn’t changed her strokes. This meant that, whereas before she just glanced at the tip, she was now stroking over his whole dick-head with each stroke. He wasn’t complaining, and Donna was actively watching her hand too. The woman did a good job of making it look so natural and simple, yet it clearly affected the guy. He wasn’t getting much bigger, but it was now casting a slight shadow on his thigh rather than resting on it.

Donna brought it back to his earlier comment and said he had a lovely physique and asked him about his gym routines, how much weight he could lift, and the like; the whole time, his dick was reacting to his woman’s touch as well as Donnas eyes staring at it. He must have clenched a couple of times as it twitched, something that was clearly done for Donna’s benefit, but that eroticized the whole thing, which got me getting hard too. I looked around to see if people were noticing us, and they were. They definitely were. In fact, I think we were creating a little crowd of onlookers. People who were passing by were now slowed right down or hovering about near us.

Donna and the Asian woman were still in discussion about why Pilates was better than yoga. I’d not registered the direction of chat as I had been distracted by what was going on all around me, but it wasn’t going to end soon for sure. The guy and I looked at each other, and he gave me a shrug of the shoulders. It was done in a ‘guy’ way to clearly express that we were both along for the ride and the ladies were in charge. He was now sitting up more to allow her a better angle without stopping the movement along his thigh, and it was now less subtle than before as she would grasp his whole shaft briefly and then let it go now and then. His large appendage in her petite hand was quite mesmerizing, and I could see Donna was practically squirming in her flip-flops as it began to point right up.

At this point, I had to turn in and move closer to Donna so that my now full-on erection was only visible by the couple and a few people off in the distance. In doing so, my penis pressed into her thigh, and I thought I’d get in trouble, but surprisingly, she just moved her arm so that she was lightly stroking my shaft with the tips of her fingers. I was fully engorged, and my 6″ was positively throbbing. The Asian woman then leaned over and touched my foot to get my attention, so I looked over at her, and she smiled at me then said I was a cute little man. Donna countering by saying her man was cute too but more in the enormous range, which made him chuckle out loud.

Donna looked up and around us. I think she’d forgotten we were on a public beach. She gasped and let go of me. “We’d better be away before half the beach come over for a viewing!” Donna said loudly to the couple and pulled me behind her as we moved. “And perhaps I might come back over for that picture later!”

We moved quickly over to Nikki, and I fell into my towel, pulling up my knees to hide my pulsing erection. I wasn’t sure if Nikki had seen as she hadn’t been looking right at us as we came over the few meters towards her, but just in case she had missed it, Donna blurted out to her. “Hey Nikki, have you seen Tony got a stiffie?” Nikki grinned a wide smile but claimed ignorance and that she had missed it. Donna decided that this required her to bash at my knees in an attempt to push them down to expose my erection, but I resisted and batted her hands away. Both girls laughed at this, and I didn’t know where to look, so I spun over to lay on my front again.

I looked up and was greeted by the same group as before, but like me, they were all laying on their fronts, so I had 8 feet and 8 round buttocks in view, but nothing more at this point. I twice had to reach under to rearrange myself as my erection was pressed awkwardly underneath me. Donna, of course, noticed and asked loudly if I was having problems and could she help as she giggled to herself. I said things were slowly going back to normal, and she sighed a sad sigh, then giggled again as a mischievous cackle came out of her.

I was just feeling my erection start to go down when I felt warm slick hands on my back, followed shortly after extra weight on my upper thighs. I looked back to see that Donna had straddled me just below my buttocks and that she was putting tanning oil on my back, the clear smell of coconut filling my nostrils. Donna’s dainty fingers were feeling lovely on my back, and she was deliberately doing it in a sensual way which, of course, meant my dick was soon fully engorged again. I thanked her for not allowing me to burn, and she asked if that was all she was doing, so I lied said yes. She clearly saw this as a challenge, and I began to feel her body lean right over and rub against my back. This included her large tits squishing into me as she reached over to get my shoulders. She eventually lay right onto me and whispered into my ear. “How about now?”

I told Donna she knew what she was doing, and she seemed pleased with herself. She then began to massage the oil into my buttocks which meant she’d need more oil. I flinched as a squirt hit me, and I felt it running between my cheeks before she had time to replace the lid and collect the oil into her fingers and palms. Two fingers from one hand squeezed themselves between my buttocks to collect the excess oil, and both fingers brushed by anus, again making me flinch and Donna laugh. She massaged both cheeks for a bit, then jumped off and then lay next to me and said it was my turn to do her back. I explained that I would need a few minutes to maintain my dignity, but Donna gave me a stern look and all but ordered me to do it now so that she didn’t burn. She told me nobody would notice and that I needed to start now as she shoved the coconut tanning oil into my hand. I was horny as hell and decided this would be enjoyable, so get on with it and make the most of it.

As I was contemplating my move, I saw the busty black woman in front of me flip onto her front and sit up with wide-open legs. She grabbed a bottle of water and smiled right at me as she took a long drink. I had now paused, waiting for her to divert her gaze elsewhere, but Donna nudged me and called for me to hurry up, so I cautiously sat up doubled over, trying not to look like I was showing myself to the woman in front of me.

Despite not being of porn star proportions, my situation definitely didn’t go unnoticed by the woman in front of me as I shuffled over atop Donna’s legs. As my bare buttocks came to rest on her soft calves, I felt a jolt of electricity that strengthened my already iron erection. I was pointing my 4.5″ up to the sky, and on having a quick look around, I saw that a fair few people were looking our way, but Donna was again demanding that I hurry it up. I poured oil into my hand and leaned forward to hide my erection as I massaged the slick fluid into her perfectly soft skin. Donna let out a light purr as I used a second application of oil on her back, my fingertips snagging on her bikini top as I reached the limits of the garment. Having completed above the bikini strap, I shuffled down a little to do below the strap, which resulted in my erection pressing into the space between her buttocks as I again leaned forward.

“You must be pleased to see me!” She said. My movements and position make my hard-on rub up then down the space between these two perfect buttocks separated by a thin piece of fabric. I could feel the pressure was getting to me, and I would have to be careful not to embarrass myself with a huge cum-shot over her back. Nevertheless, I managed to finish her lower back, pleased I didn’t get told off. As when I reached around the sides, I had brushed the exposed undersides of her tits from where her top had ridden up slightly; I felt I was taking advantage, but nothing was said.

I was moving to get up when she just shouted out, “LEGS!” I now had a throbbing erection but no longer cared and semi-stood to reposition to the side of her. She then opened her legs as wide as was comfortable and fully exposed her gusset to me. The shape of her pussy was clearly visible, and stray red pubes were visible around the edges. One side had ridden up a bit and was doubled over across her buttock, exposing a lot of extra cheek. Donna reached around feeling this and slid a finger under the fabric, sliding it along the stitches to straighten it; in doing so, pulling away from the fabric and giving me a short but perfect glimpse of her pussy lips. The view lasted but a second, but it was like a glimpse of heaven in my eyes. Unfortunately, I was now going to struggle for the rest of the day with my erection.

I oiled up each leg in turn down to her ankles and then back up as high as I dared to. With hindsight, I think I might have got away with going ALL the way up and the occasion brush on the gusset, but I didn’t dare. I finished up then lay back down onto my towel. Nikki started up a conversation with me about my home and work and other such nonsense that I cannot fully recall, but it was a perfect way to relax and help my erection calm down. I think Nikki had done this deliberately, but I couldn’t be sure as my senses were frenzied and frazzled at the same time.

In front of me, I watched as the group behind us started to pack up. They all dressed except the busty one who stayed naked as she packed up, bending over in front of me as she stuffed things into a bag. It felt like I had lucked out with this as the positioning was perfect, and I could see her lovely pussy as I had earlier, but she was now angled right at me, her legs wider apart this time, and her bend was like she was showing off. I then realized she was teasing me as her head came around, and she winked at me again with a huge smile. I smiled back at her, and she gave a little wave before pulling her dress over her head and slipping on her shoes. They left, and I saw many a man watching her curvy buttocks sway as she walked off the beach hand in hand with her soldier.

I asked Nikki about her work. She told me about her regular contracts and even some work I was familiar with from a major mobile phone network. She didn’t seem all that happy with her job, and I commented that I’d expect that to be a great job. She said it was, but then her tone went up a couple of octaves as she started to tell me of her pet projects. She told me how much she really enjoyed doing photo shoots in her home studio of nudes and couples. I asked her to explain, and she said she had a side project that she advertised on a specialist website, where ladies would book her to shoot their boyfriends and husbands naked, as a couple in sexy positions, or even have sex. The conversation went from normal to HOT in about 15 words!


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    I absolutely love the beach setting! I personally do visit a nude beach with my tiny cock and have seen people I know. This story was great can’t wait for part 2!

  • When is part 2 going to be published


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