Charles In Charge

By Dan Kildall

When I overheard my wife Irene insulting the size of my penis to her friends at a dinner party as I was in the kitchen refilling her wine glass, I got an intense and unexpected thrill. The thrill ran through my body and caused my admittedly small cock to surge to its full length of 4 inches.

I thought that I should feel insulted that she was talking about me this way behind my back, but instead, arousal coursed through my body.

As I reentered the living room, I’m met with a tittering of giggles as each woman looked quickly at me and then back to Irene, who turned to me and smiled sweetly. “Ah, there’s my little man. Just set it down.”

I set the glass before her and leaned over to kiss her cheek, but she recoiled and looked at me with an expression that was mixed with slight disgust and disappointment.

Rebuffed, I stood and sat down in a chair several feet away. I saw Irene look at her friends, make a face, and shake her head, causing them all to giggle even more.

Later that night as we were getting into bed, Irene commented, “Why were you acting like such a little bitch tonight? You know how much I hate public displays. Don’t embarrass me like that again. Do you understand me, Brian?”

“Sorry. I just thought…”

Irene quickly interrupted, “Well, there’s your problem right there. Leave the thinking to the grownups.”

Irene and I had been married going on three years now, but for the past six months or so, she had begun treating me like a child and constantly insulting me. At first, the insults amused me, but lately, I had started to feel strangely turned on and didn’t know why.

Irene flatly said, “I need to be fucked. Get naked and get yourself hard.” She said it with no passion, no love. To her, sex had become a mechanical exercise, nothing more than providing her with a release before going to sleep. Lately, I had started to feel used as if I was nothing more than a warm body that Irene used to orgasm.

She stripped off her nightgown, and instead of sucking my cock to get it hard as she used to do, she leaned over and spit on it twice and said, “This won’t take long.”

With a few strokes of my hand, my cock reached full hardness. I moved into the middle of the bed and tried to lean over and kiss Irene, but once again, she pulled back.

She sighed in indifference. “Ready?”


Irene climbed on top of me and easily sank down until the full length of my little cock was inside her. She moaned slightly and closed her eyes. She turned on the small vibrator in her palm, turned it up to the highest speed, and began applying it to her clit, and within just a minute, she let out a huge groan and came.

Soon her movements stopped, and she unceremoniously lifted herself off me, walked to the bathroom, and peed.

I lay on the bed, not even coming close to an orgasm, waiting for her to get back to finish me. When she got back and started pulling on her panties, I started to say, “But, I didn’t…”

“Too bad for you. I’m tired and going to sleep. You can go finish somewhere else. I don’t need to see that.”

I sighed loudly and got up to go out to the living room where I jerked off to porn again for the third time this week. I couldn’t exactly remember the last time I had actually cum inside Irene, and now it seemed like she was no longer even concerned with my pleasure in any way.

When I came back, I could see that Irene was on her phone texting. She would type something, and in a moment would softly giggle and type another message. I lay down in bed and Irene flipped over so that she was facing so that there was no possibility of me seeing her phone screen.

Her nighttime texting had been a recent thing, and she did it until I had drifted off to sleep for the past month. I had asked her a few times who she was texting, and she responded only with a terse, “A friend.”

Tonight was no different, and as I fell asleep with her giggling next to me, I felt confused and alone once more. I hoped things would change soon and she would start treating me like an equal again.

The next morning I awoke to the sound of the shower running in the bathroom and heard Irene’s phone vibrate on her nightstand.

I looked over at it and saw that a new message was on the screen, so I rolled over and looked at it. It was from someone named Charles, and it read simply, “Bring the glass and wear pink today.”

Glass? Pink? The questions swirled in my mind as I got up to pee. Just as I was about to flush I heard her phone buzz several more times.

I walked back to the bed and saw the last text. It read simply, “Show me the goods, baby girl.”

Baby girl? I picked up the phone and tried to unlock it, but she had changed it to an alphanumeric code, and I had no idea what it was. When the shower suddenly turned off I quickly put the phone back on the nightstand and walked back toward the bathroom.

Irene saw me and sighed. “You forgot to hang the towels again. Do we need to have another talk, Brian?”

“No, sorry.” She sighed, and I walked back to the laundry basket I had left in the bedroom and grabbed a towel, and handed it to her.

Finally, I worked up my courage and asked, “Who is Charles?”

An expression of anger flashed through her face. “A friend.”

She wrapped the towel around herself and quickly went to her nightstand to collect her phone. She unlocked it with her finger and immediately started giggling. I watched as she opened her towel and quickly snapped several pictures of her.

At this point, my anger surged, and I walked up behind her. “Are you sending some guy naked pics?”

She locked her phone and put it back on the nightstand, wrapping the towel tightly around herself again. She turned and looked at me with a dismissive expression and said, “You should sit down.”


Her voice rose slightly. “Sit. Down. Now.” I complied immediately.

“Are you cheating on me?” I asked pleadingly.

Instead of answering my question, she said, “Things between us have changed, Brian. I’ve tried over the past year to get you to change; to act like a man, to be more assertive, but all that’s happened is you’ve become even more of a child. You let me walk all over you and to be honest, I like it. I like bossing you around, and I can tell that you like it too, don’t you? Yes or no?”

I looked down, unable to meet her stern gaze, and nodded.

She repeated, “Yes, or no? Say it.”


“That’s what I thought. Well, that’s not enough for me. It’s fun, and it amuses me, but it does nothing for me as a woman. I can barely stand to look at you without seeing a little boy who needs his mommy to take care of him. Therefore, when I met Charles at work, I realized that I needed a real man, and yes, he and I have been fucking for the past month. His 8-inch cock makes me cum hard, and squirts like you wouldn’t even be able to imagine.”

Once again, the anger surged. “Well if Charle is so great and amazing, why do you even stay with me?”

She laughed loudly and derisively. “Oh, sweet little Brian.” She looked down at me, leaned forward, and put her hand under my chin. “I stay because I love my house, and I love your money, and I love my lifestyle. But, this just doesn’t cut it.” With that, she reached down, took the tip of my penis between her fingers, and squeezed it a few times.

Against my will, it started swelling again, soon becoming completely erect. Irene laughed and said, “God, look how tiny it is. Let me show you something.”

She let go of my cock, reached over, and picked up her phone. She unlocked it, in a few moments turned it around, and showed me what obviously was Charles’s cock. It was massive, like something straight out of porn. In the picture, Charles had his hand on it, and it was leaking precum.

“That’s a real man’s cock. Oh god, Daddy fucks me so good.”

Daddy? Just then, her phone buzzed again, and I saw the message on the screen, “Your pussy looks so fucking good. Can’t wait to taste you, baby girl.”

She turned the phone around, with a smile typed a message, and hit send. This time, she turned it around so I could see. “My pussy is yours anytime you want it, Daddy.” I was devastated and yet somehow strangely turned on like never before.

She looked down at me again and laughed. “Looks like somebody likes the idea of his wife fucking a real man.”

I looked down and saw that my cock was now so hard the head was purple, and precum was freely leaking out of me. Irene reached down and gathered up as much as she could on her finger and said, “Open.”

She reconsidered. “Actually, get on your knees, right now. And open your fucking mouth.”

The commands hit me in a way I couldn’t have ever imagined. I did as told and she said, “Now look up at me.”

I waited expectantly and looked at her face as she stuck her fingers in my mouth. She laughed again and said, “You should know that you are never going to shoot another one of your pathetic little loads in my pussy ever again.”

I shuddered with humiliation and gasped. Irene laughed again. “You like that, don’t you?”

She leaned down and wrapped her fingers around my cock and got them wet with more precum and brought it up and wiped it on my lips. She said mockingly, “Doesn’t that taste good? Do you like your own cock juice, you pathetic little boy? Mommy’s gonna feed you all your nasty cock juice.”

Again, I gasped, the arousal increasing almost exponentially. I was visibly shaking now as Irene continued giggling watching my response. “Jesus, you’re about to cum, aren’t you?!”

I couldn’t answer but nodded. Irene wasn’t satisfied. She gathered more precum, this time just barely stroking my cock with her fingers. She deposited the wetness on my tongue again, and I finally realized that it tasted good.

I looked up and saw that she was texting again and smiling. She saw me and said, “Stop staring at me. Here, this’ll make you cum.”

She dropped her towel on the floor in front of me, paused for another moment, and flipped her phone around again, and it was a video of her kneeling in front of Charles and sucking his big cock. He was obviously the one holding the phone and moaning loudly as she sucked him in a way that she had never done for me. She would take it out of her mouth periodically, lick it from the tip down to his balls, and then plunge it back into her mouth, moaning loudly. It was fucking hot.

My own cock strained repeatedly, and precum was now dripping to the towel below. Irene said authoritatively, “Get your filthy cock juice yourself and eat it.” Moreover, I did, and I loved it, but I still had no idea why.

In the video, I could see her hand furiously rubbing her clit, and suddenly a loud growl from Charles came from the tiny phone speaker as he unloaded into her waiting mouth. I could hear her moaning loudly too as she came at the same time.

She smiled up at the camera and opened her mouth, showing that it was literally overflowing with what had to be the biggest load of cum I’d ever seen. It was dripping down her chin and onto her beautiful naked tits, the tits I hadn’t even been allowed to touch for more than a year.

She started swallowing the cum and then gathered up the rest that was on her face and tits and ate that, too. Finally, she took Charle’s cock back into her mouth and sucked the hung man for another minute. Not too long went by before his cock was starting to get hard again.

From the small screen she said, “Oh my god, you’re incredible. Fuck me again, Daddy. Please.”

She flipped herself around on her hands and knees, and Charles easily sank his cock into her fully, causing Irene to groan, “Oh yes, Daddy! Fuck me!”

Charles pointed the phone down, and I could see his enormous wet cock sliding into my wife’s pussy repeatedly. He spits on his thumb and rubbed it against her asshole and then stuck it inside her, making her grunt and push against him even harder. She had never so much as allowed me anywhere near her asshole; when I tried, she got upset and said she wasn’t “that kind of girl.”

Above me, she saw what I was looking at and snickered. “Oh Brian, you were never worthy to get anywhere near my asshole. Charles is a real man, and he deserves any of my holes anytime he pleases. The orgasms I have when he fucks my ass are indescribable.”

I continued gathering my precum onto my fingers and greedily licking them clean. I was shaking even more now and started moaning, softly at first and then louder.

Irene looked down at me as I stared at the screen and said, “Do you see the way his cock stretches my pussy open, Brian? Don’t you wish your puny little boy pee-pee could please me the way his cock does?”

I shamefully nodded again, and a couple of tears started flowing down my cheeks. Irene simply said, “Hurry up and cum. I need to get to work to see Daddy. Here, this should help. Back up against the bed.”

I did as told, dragging the towel that was catching my precum back with me. Irene put her leg up on the frame of the bed and put her pussy within a few inches of my face, close enough that I could see that she was soaking wet. Then her scent hit me. I loved the way her pussy smelled so much, and then she said, “Look all you want, and I might even let you lick me if I’m in a good mood, but only real men get this pussy from now on.”

She stuck her fingers in her pussy and then stuck them in my mouth. It had been a long time since she had let me go down on her, and the sudden taste of pussy was intoxicating. She shouted, “Cum, you little bitch! Cum in your hand and swallow it all down.”

That was what sent me over the edge. I nearly convulsed and squirted all the cum I had in my waiting hand with a loud grunt. Irene withdrew her hand and backed up, waiting and watching expectantly.

I didn’t hesitate and simply brought my hand to my mouth and began licking my cum up. It really didn’t taste too bad, so I cleaned my fingers off and gathered up the remaining dribble that was now oozing out of my cock, and sucked that into my mouth too.

“Open your mouth. I wanna see that you swallowed it all.” Obediently, I tilted my head back, opened my mouth, and stuck out my tongue.

She bent at the waist and looked closely. “Good boy. Here’s a treat.” She smiled wickedly, positioned her mouth directly above mine, and said, “Open wide.” I opened my mouth as wide as I could with a confused look and suddenly yet slowly, she let a huge ball of spit drip from her lips into my mouth. When she was finally done, she said, “Enjoy that, because you won’t be kissing me anymore. That’s the closest you’ll be getting to my mouth from now on. Do you like my spit, Brian?”

“I fucking love it.”

Her eyes widened, and she laughed. “You’re full of surprises. Want some more of my hot spit?”

I nodded vigorously, and she leaned over again, worked up a lot more saliva, and spit it into my mouth several times. “There, that’s all you get. Now clean your mess up, filthy boy. It looks like you missed some of your cum on the towel.”

As she walked away, I looked down and noticed the few tiny pools of my semen on the towel and quickly brought it to my face and licked up all I could find.

Irene was back in the bathroom now and had pulled on a very sexy pink thong that she would never have worn for me. I came up behind her and wrapped my arms around her. Instead of being mean this time, she actually let me. In the softest voice yet, she said, “Was that fun?”

“You know it was.”

She laughed and switched back to her authoritative voice and said, “Oh, I’ll be having Charles over now that you know about him. Maybe I’ll let you watch him fuck me if you’re a good boy. Would you like that?”

I didn’t answer but from below my cock jumped, and I pressed it against her ass. “I’ll take that as a yes. Oh, I need you to transfer a thousand into my account. I’m going to need some new lingerie and panties, and I saw some really nice toys online that I want.”

By now, my cock was completely hard, and she finally said, “Okay, well, enough touching. I shouldn’t even let you hug me, you undeserving child.” With that, she pushed herself away from me.

“Have dinner ready when I get home tonight. Also, go pick up some of the good red wine I like from BevMo, and you should be showered and shaved. Not this scruffy mess you are right now.”

She started to dress and said, “Oh, and there is to be no jerking off today. I know that’s pretty much all you do since you get to work at home, but from now on, my rules. You cum only when I allow you to, understand?”

She twisted the lacy pink bra that matched her panties around and stuck her DD tits into the cups as I said, “I guess.”

She looked hard at me and said, “No, you don’t guess. Keep your hands off your teeny wiener, and if you’re good, you might get to cum tonight. Besides, Charles is so powerful that you’ll probably lose your load right when you see his gorgeous cock in the flesh tonight. Who knows, maybe he’ll let you suck my pussy juice off it after he cums in me. You do want to taste my pussy again, don’t you?”

“I…” Before I could say the word ‘guess,’ I reconsidered and lowered my head and in a defeated voice said, “Yeah.”

“Yeah, I bet you’d love sucking a big, powerful man’s cock, wouldn’t you, sissy boy?” Irene looked at me with fiery eyes and could see that my cock was starting to leak precum again. She walked past me into the closet and brought out a sexy dress that I didn’t even know she had and put it on.

“Zip me up.”

I dutifully pulled her zipper up, and she walked away without thanking me. Last, to go on were a pair of boots I had also never seen.

She came back into the bathroom and looked at herself and asked me, “Don’t I look good?”

“You look fucking amazing. You never dressed like this for me.”

She laughed and said, “If you knew even half of the naughty things I’ve done for Charles that I’ll never do for you, it would probably kill you.”

Almost expected now was the sudden thrill of humiliation that rushed through my body. My hand went to my cock, and I pumped it a few times. Irene looked at me angrily and slapped my hand hard.

“Stop that! If I find out you disobey me while I’m gone, I’ll make you leave your own fucking house while another man fucks your wife in your own bed better than you could even imagine. And then I’ll make you wash our dirty sheets. I might even make you sleep on the couch. From now on, I own you completely. You cum when Charles or I give you permission.”

I took a deep breath and took my hand off my cock, noticing that where she had slapped my hand was now pink. As she continued her verbal barrage, my erection intensified even further until it felt like my entire body was going to explode.

“I love you,” I said.

Irene’s expression relaxed, and she smiled sweetly. “I see you understand now. Make something nice for Charles.”

She picked up her phone and typed, and in a few seconds, it buzzed again, and she let me see the screen. Her text read, “Brian knows. He’s a total pussy, so he agreed to everything. Can you come for dinner tonight? He’s a wuss but an amazing cook.”

His reply was, “Wow, you move fast. Is his dick really only 4 inches?”

Without warning, she pointed the phone at my cock and said, “Put your hand next to it.”

She took the picture and sent it to him. The reply was just a series of laughing faces with tears coming down. Then, a moment later, the text “Is that from right now?” appeared, and she answered, “Yes Daddy.”

“C’mon Rena, stop messing around and get to work. Your pussy belongs to me now, remember?”

Irene walked away and sent a reply that I couldn’t see.

“He calls you Rena?”

“Yes, I love it, and you’re not allowed to call me that. Not ever.” She walked over to her nightstand and pulled out her large glass dildo and a bottle of lube and slipped them into her backpack and zipped it closed.

She walked away without even saying goodbye. I stood there next to the counter in the bathroom and wrapped my hand around my cock again and pumped it furiously for several seconds before remembering Irene’s threat. I gasped and forced myself to let it go, instead, getting into the shower and running freezing cold water over my body to shock the painful erection that moments before had me trembling away.

When Irene got to work, she started sending me pictures of her and Charles fucking in his office. They were in every position imaginable, and there was even a 10-second video of him easing the head of his huge cock into her asshole. It was all I could do to keep myself from cumming immediately when I saw that.

Irene’s text came in, and it said, “Don’t forget. No touching yourself. Charles has been edging himself all day too to save all his cum for tonight.”

I simply sent back, “Ok.”

She replied with a smiley face and, “That’s my Good Boy.” Once again, a shiver went through my body.

Finally, it was time for them to get home, and I had prepared a fantastic steak dinner and gotten the red wine that Irene had asked for. When I heard the low rumbling of the garage door, I stood and waited by the stove.

The door opened, and a giggling Irene and laughing Charles bustled inside. As the door thumped closed, they embraced and kissed passionately for several minutes. Charles ran his hands all over my wife’s toned 5’7” frame, squeezing her ass, rubbing her back, and fondling her tits. She returned the favor by rubbing his cock through his pants, and holy shit, it looked enormous.

Just watching them make out was getting me hard, which wasn’t saying much since I had been hard most of the day. I had changed underwear three times and finally just gave up and shoved a bunch of toilet paper in them to soak up all the precum that was leaking out of me.

Finally, Irene broke the kiss and turned and looked in my direction and said, “That’s him. Pathetic, right?”

Charles looked my way for a moment and subtly nodded at me and said, “Hey dude. That shit smells good whatever it is. Let’s eat.”

Irene smiled at me and said, “Serve us.” Another shiver.

I had already set the table, and with them seated, I brought them their food and poured their wine like a waiter. They talked together and held hands for much of the meal while I sat at the far end of the table and just watched, not speaking.

Not even saying anything to me, they would each suggestively hold up their empty wine glass, and I got up and filled it for them again, returning wordlessly to my seat.

When they had finished eating, Irene announced that they would now be going into the bedroom. “Once you’ve cleaned up this mess a bit, you may come and watch Charles fuck me. Dinner was exceptional.”

With that, they stood, and Charles scooped up Irene in his arms, and she directed him where to go as he carried her to our bed to fuck her. As quickly as I could, I loaded the dirty dishes into the dishwasher and started it. I pulled the wad of toilet paper out of my underwear and washed my hands and headed back to the bedroom.

When I got to the door, they were both already naked, and Irene was lying on her back on the bed sideways with her head hanging off, and Charles was fucking her mouth. When he saw me, he pulled out and announced, “He’s here.”

Irene said, “Oh, so what? Fuck my throat, Daddy!”

He laughed and stuck his dick back in her mouth and started slowly thrusting again. I wasn’t sure what to do so I just sat down in the chair next to the table where Irene did her makeup and watched as Charles fucked my wife’s mouth while she rubbed her clit.

She made an “MMMmmmmffff” sound, and that somehow signaled to him to push even harder, and soon enough his entire massive cock disappeared into her throat. Charles groaned loudly and said, “Fuck, that’s right. Swallow my cock, slut.”

Just as he said “slut,” Irene tensed up and came harder than I’ve ever seen her cum, and she never stopped rubbing her clit. Charles pulled out, and as he did so, Irene screamed loudly and came again. Irene had never once had multiple orgasms with me.

Charles leaned forward and sucked one of her nipples into his mouth and then crawled on top of her and buried his face in her pussy and began tonguing her dripping wet hole while she continued rubbing herself. He put his fingers inside her and started rhythmically stroking her g-spot, and that was when the squirting started. She yelped and orgasms a third, fourth, and fifth time before she finally collapsed and became quiet. The wet spot on the bed was huge, and Charles’s face was covered with her squirt.

He turned around, and they started kissing again. He eased his cock into Irene’s pussy and started very slowly stroking in and out in missionary. The way she looked into his eyes… It was a look she had never given me, a look of true love and connectedness. I was simultaneously jealous and aroused.

Finally, she looked over at me and quietly said, “Why are you still dressed? You can get naked. Let Charles see that little dick.” She giggled, and Charles said sarcastically, “Oh yeah, that’s what I want.” They laughed together.

She said, “I wanna see it next to yours, Daddy.”

She sat up, and Charles pulled out as I quickly disrobed. Once I was naked, she motioned with her hand to get on the bed. “Kneel right here next to Charles.”

Saying nothing, I did what she told me. My cock was as hard as I could remember it ever being, but even though Charle’s cock was now starting to go down, it was clearly almost twice as long as mine and far thicker.

Irene noticed that he was deflating slightly and used her hand to jerk him off a little and it quickly swelled back to full size. She said, “Put it right next to his.” Charles laughed and turned toward me at an angle so that the tips were almost touching.

Irene grabbed my cock and rubbed the head onto his. He looked at me and merely smirked.

Finally, when she had enough she said, “Back to your chair.”

Irene lies back down on the bed and spread her legs wide for Charles, who immediately got back into position and slid his cock inside her.

After a few minutes of thrusting, Charles said breathlessly, “Gonna cum, baby girl.”

Immediately Irene yelped, “Oh god, cum in me, Daddy!”

Only a few seconds went by before he unloaded a torrent of cum deep into her pussy, probably shooting it directly onto her cervix, a place I could’ve never have gotten close to.

For the next few minutes, he lay atop her, and they kissed passionately. Finally, when the kiss broke Irene softly said, “I love you, Daddy.”

He answered, “I love you too, baby girl” as I watched on. When he said the words, I felt my cock twitch and wanted to wrap my fingers around it so I could cum, but I knew that would be met with opposition, so I simply sat there and looked at the floor, defeated.

Irene looked over at me and said, “I’ll need to be cleaned. Get over here.”

I must have looked confused as I looked back between Irene’s legs and saw cum everywhere. It was leaking down into her ass crack and pooling on the bed. I took a deep breath and resigned myself to get ready to do it, and Charles finally pulled his shrinking cock out of her pussy.

Finally, I was going to be able to lick her pussy, even though it was thoroughly coated with another man’s cum. I climbed on the bed and immediately tried sucking her clit, but she slapped the top of my head and said loudly, “Hey! No! Get your tongue off my clit! That’s not for you ever again. Clean Daddy’s cum and nothing else.”

I did as told. Charles’s cum didn’t taste too bad, I thought, but Irene’s pussy and squirt were incredibly delicious. Once all of his cum was gone, I didn’t want to stop. I went lower and almost got my tongue into her asshole, but she pushed hard at me again and said curtly, “No! That’s still off limits to you. Try that shit again, and it’ll be your last time between my legs. This was supposed to be a treat for the amazing dinner.”

She sat up slightly and said, “Oh, there’s cum all over the bed. Lick it all up.” I obeyed.

Charles and Irene got up and walked back down the hall naked together, holding hands. I stripped the bed and had to use a towel to dab up all of Irene’s fluids from the mattress pad. The bed had never been so destroyed after Irene, and I’d had sex, more proof that Charles was much more of a man than I ever would be.

I put on the new clean sheets and went out to the living room to find them naked sitting on the couch and making out. As I got closer, Irene heard me coming up behind them and said without even looking at me, “Get his clothes.” I did as told.

When I came back, she actually looked at me this time and said, “Why are you still naked? Fun time’s over.” I nodded and headed back to the bedroom and pulled back on the clothes I’d had on before.

She said to him softly, “Do you want to shower before you go, Daddy?” He nodded, and they headed back and showered together. I bought his clothes back and folded them and put them on the counter. I looked through the frosted glass of the shower door, and it was clear that he was fingering her pussy again because the unmistakable sounds of her orgasms filled the room. I rubbed my cock over my pants but decided I should give them privacy and left to go clean up the remaining dishes in the sink.

Soon, Charles had left, and Irene came back into the kitchen. She said excitedly, “Isn’t he the most powerful man you’ve ever met? He totally puts you to shame.” She giggled, and I smiled and nodded, not wanting to say anything to anger her.

She said, “Once Charles leaves his wife, he’ll be coming to live here full-time. You’ll like that, won’t you?”

“Wait… He’s married?”

“Not for long. Charle is going to leave his wife for me. You’ll be moving to the guest room.”

She paused and then added, “Oh, I nearly forgot. Follow me, I have something for you.”

We went back to the bedroom, and Irene walked to her dresser and looked through her panty drawer, shuffling through her panties until she finally pulled some out and said, “These should be perfect. Here, put these on.”

Almost immediately, my dick started to get hard, and my hands began to shake as I took the panties from her hand. I quickly got my pants and underwear off and pulled the panties up over my ass, and the smooth cotton caressed my ass cheeks and balls in a way that men’s underwear never could.

“Turn around and let me see your ass,” she commanded.

I complied, and she giggled. “You have a pretty hot ass, sissy.” She took a step forward and slapped my ass cheek hard, causing me to jump and yelp. “Ouch! Fuck, you could’ve warned me you were gonna hit me.”

“Shush, slut! You’re gonna be my little sissy slut from now on. Fuck if this isn’t making my pussy wet. Hmm, let’s see how you look all sissied up.”

Irene bent over and dug through another drawer and pulled out a red lacy bra and helped me put it on. She laughed again and said, “Hmmm, you’ll need some padding. Let’s see if we can fill out your tits a little.”

I wasn’t too sure I liked where this was headed. “I don’t mind the panties; they feel really nice, but do I have to wear a bra?”

Without looking at me, she said blithely, “Who’s the boss, Brian? You or me?”

I didn’t answer immediately, but when she did look back at me, she had that stern, ‘not taking your bullshit’ look on her face that I had always admired and I simply said, “You are.”

She smiled and said, “Good, so let’s see if we can give you some nice tits.” She had grabbed a roll of toilet paper and started stuffing the cups of the bra until they had filled out nicely. I had to admit that my tits looked sexy in the mirror. I was so confused.

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We stood in front of the big mirror over the sinks in the bathroom, and she said, “Wow, look what this is doing to me.” She ran her fingers through her pussy and smeared it under my nose, and it smelled amazing. I closed my eyes and breathed in deeply and sighed. Slowly but surely, my panties were getting wet with precum. Instinctively I reached down and rubbed it.

Irene slapped my hand away. “Hey, stop that. From now on, you will cum when I give you permission. No more porn, no more secret jerking off of your clitty. Understand?”

As she said the words, it did nothing but turn me on even more. When she said ‘clitty,’ I tensed up so hard I thought I might squirt my load on the spot. What was happening to me? Why was I reacting like this to all of this humiliation?

She saw the effect her words had on me and said, “You like being Mommy’s little sissy slut, don’t you? I never believed your mother that time she told me about what you used to with her underwear, but now I do. Holy shit.”

She got her fingers wet again and smeared them just below my nose a second time. When I gasped, she laughed and said, “You’re soaking your panties, Bri… Brianna.” She laughed again and went on. “Yes… From now on, your name is Brianna. You will address me as Mommy.”

I went weak in the knees and gasped loudly and had to lean against the counter. In my panties, my ‘clitty’ spasms and tensed and almost shot its load. I wanted to touch it so badly, but I didn’t have permission, so all I could do was breathe and tremble.

Irene giggled at my discomfort. “You’re such a sissy slut, Brianna. You know what; we’re taking off work tomorrow and going clothes shopping for you. Mommy will get you your very own panties and padded bras and some cute dresses and stockings and heels. I can’t wait for Daddy to see you all dressed up! Oh, and I’ll make you a spa appointment to get waxed. I want my little sissy to be smooth.”

She leaned over and whispered into my ear, “You’ve always secretly loved dressing in women’s clothes, haven’t you Brianna?”

My entire face was red, and I was dripping sweat. I used all the strength I had to nod.

“I know. Mommy knows. I see you’re in distress so… here… you may cum.” I only had to rub my clitty over the top of my soaked panties with a few light strokes before I nearly screamed and filled them with hot cum.

I saw stars, and my knees had finally given out and I sunk onto them, collapsing to the floor. “That’s Mommy’s good boy,” she cooed from above. I turned and wrapped my arms around her naked body, burying my face in her pussy, tears streaming from my eyes and down my cheeks. I could feel the wetness that was dripping down her thighs and could smell her familiar musky odor, but I was too spent to react at this point.

She ran her fingers through my hair. “I’ll expect you to wear nothing but panties from now on, Brianna. That includes work. When you get home, you will change into the clothes we’ll get for you, including your bra, and you will put on makeup. Mommy will teach you how to put it on. Mommy’s even going to get you a wig until we grow out your hair. Also, anytime Daddy comes over you will get on your knees and be prepared to suck his big cock if that is what he pleases. He is in charge now. Wipe your face off and stand up.”

She looked down at my fully erect cock and sighed. “We’re going to have to do something about your clitty, Brianna. It needs to be locked up. There’s no way I can trust you alone with it.”

I had no idea how she would be able to lock it up, but right now I just told myself to accept everything my new mommy had in store for me. Obviously, she knew me much better than I knew myself and had even talked to my mother about me.

That night I was able to sleep in my bed with her, but I knew that soon I’d be kicked out to the guest room and would be lying awake at night listening to the love of my life being repeatedly fucked by Charles’s monster 8-inch cock. The humiliation was overwhelming, and soon my erection returned. I drifted off to sleep with the soft, smooth fabric of the panties I had to wear from now on rubbing against my painful erection.

The End.


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