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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader failed to make the right impression for his wife…

We have now been married five years and during that time my wife only made one comment about my penis size. I was after we were seen in the nude, unplanned, by a couple where she worked with the woman, who had brought her boyfriend along to a hot springs in Jacumba, California, where we go every year. There we were in the springs at Jacumba Springs Resort (very rustic; don’t let the word resort make you believe it’s the Ritz Carlton. It’s just a nice motel in the desert.) Into the walled-off spring come her co-worker and boyfriend, also in the nude and we all make eye contact at the same time. If we knew this other couple would also show up, we would never have gone there at that time. But we laughed about it and shared the pool together and then we left. My wife was really pissed when we got back to our room. I thought she was going to say to me, “Now my co-worker’s boyfriend knows what I look like in the nude!” Instead, she said, “Now Cynthia knows I married a guy who isn’t hung!” I was totally humiliated.


One reader gets his SPH on being a nudist…

When it comes to my girl I sort of have the best of both or all worlds, with perhaps one exception: what if I were to tell her the truth and ask her to humiliate me? In a funny sense, she would probably do it and enjoy doing it. She is a haughty bitch and other women believe she is. I only see her as haughty because she is not a bitch to me. But to other women I believe she is seen as a bitch. I once made a joke to a female colleague of hers that I would love to see Gina get stripped in a cat fight and this woman said to me a lot of the women who know her would enjoy seeing her be totally humiliated in front of everyone. Pretty harsh but we were at an event and all getting a bit drunk and she said it to me privately. I think other women don’t like Gina on a bitch-to-bitch level.

Because of a previous girlfriend relationship, I really, really missed integrating humiliation into my sex life. The only way I could solve this was to keep it a secret and make it a part of my candaulism. Gina does know I’m turned on by my own humiliation – at least in my thoughts – and though she knows I am turned on by candaulism and will help me with this she does not know I am turned on by her or by my humiliation, at least in my mind.

We go to Laguna del Sol a few times a year. We were just there for their annual rock concert, Nude-Stock. This is where I enjoy my girl being “humiliated”, and my own humiliation. Understand, of course, that I am approaching this from a completely inappropriate perspective, and that generally, none of the nudists would ever think the way I think when it comes to this set up. I simply found the Holy Grail of a place to enjoy my fantasy fetish. I cannot read the minds of the others who are there, but it doesn’t matter, I’m in my own world and running with the ball to my imaginative point of view.

On the other side of the indoor pool, you can see a large, 8 – 10 person hot tub, and to the left a shower on the wall. The hot tub has a unique aspect to it, almost made for my fetish. The nature of the hot tub and the steps and the rail, make it impossible to enter without walking down the steps into the hot tub, between the rail and holding onto the rails. The rules of Laguna del Sol allow anyone to be clothed anywhere except for the pool areas, where everyone MUST be nude at all times in the water. Man or woman, entering this hot tub means you have to be on full display as you walk through the rails and down the steps, and no matter what you do, the nature of the set up means you are performing for everyone as you enter.

Of course, in my mind are racing a bunch of wrongful thoughts when every good looking woman enters: that she is being forced to strip naked by some villain, that she is being made to be on display, whatever. Gina has twice told me in our rented room there that she is humiliated entering the hot tub. Probably no one else feels this way because they are nudists and it’s no big deal; it’s par for the course. But Gina is not a nudist and has a basic desire not to undress for other men and have them see her as a Playboy centerfold – one of the phrases she used. Both times she said what she said I completely spanked it to her memory of saying it. I loved her commenting on her own humiliation.

Also, a candaulist like myself, is usually simply turned on by their wife or girlfriend being seen in the nude by others. I am unique in that I incorporate this humiliation fetish to add to my candaulism. It’s simply the way I’m wired, that’s all.

And for this hot tub at Laguna del Sol, the reverse of this brings up my own humiliation, having to enter and having women see me from head to toe naked, totally unhung. I do get to wonder about Gina’s thoughts because of the one time she said what she said about another woman knowing I wasn’t hung, and how as a girlfriend this was a humiliation to her. i.e., “OMG, look at your man. You’re not getting a real man to pound you! LOL.” Twice I sensed she was subtly reacting with her turned down eyelids, to my being checked out by another woman and being smirked at as I entered the hot tub. But overall that’s not usual. Nudists do not smirk or play games with one another at such places. It’s 99% of the time copacetic and 1% of the time you find you are being sexually judged. One time, walking from the showers, I passed a girl who looked down at my cock and made some kind of face. I saw Gina’s reaction to this, though I did this peripherally so Gina didn’t know I was looking at her. Gina’s reaction was, “Ha! You bring me to this place and I get to see a girl laugh at your not being a man! Deal with it, fucker!”

There have only been three times I believed there was a genuine “He’s not hung!” reaction from another woman there, but those have been enough to turn me on for about four years now, not to mention Gina having to perform for probably now over fifty men.

This is the strange way I indulge my SPH fetish in the real world.


Another reader gets it from a professional…

True story My first hooker. This hooker comes up to me and says I’m going to suck your dick. I say OK, she pulls my 3.5 inch dick out puts the whole thing I’m her mouth and she laughed for the whole blow job. Three times I asked her what she was laughing at she would say, “Oh, I’m just laughing.”


This reader discovers that loose lips sink ships…

This is the first time this has happened to me in public in front of my friends. At first, I was embarrassed but now I’m hard.

My friends and I went to bar last evening and got slightly drunk. I went to use the restroom and noticed a guy peeing in the next urinal looking at my dick. I found this strange and funny so I recited this incident to my friends when I got back in the bar, and made it sounded as if a guy in the restroom was checking me out. A girl, who everyone knew had slept with me, suddenly spoke “He must have been thinking, ‘Oh, poor guy.'”

She started laughing. All my other friends also started joined her, laughing hysterically. Now, all my friends know I have a small dick. I was embarrassed by this last night but this is turning me on so much right now.


While this reader gets it from the tuck shop ladies...

I was tied to the goal posts totally naked and dozens of boys and girls had been laughing and shouting insults at me when one of the dinner ladies came running over, chased everyone away and untied me.

I was really upset as she comforted me and walked me to the warm kitchen she worked in. Once there, she explained to the other dinner ladies what had happened and they all fussed over me. It was such a relief to be in the midst of all this kindness that I’d relaxed and almost forgotten about my nudity. That was until I saw one lady hold up the tip of a carrot and say to her friend “who does this look like?” And they both burst out laughing.

I suddenly realized I was surrounded by a group of mature women sporting a half inch shriveled cock and retracted, invisible balls! I covered myself up and burst into tears which got me more sympathy although there were definitely a few knowing grins too.

Eventually a teacher arrived with a blanket and my mother was called to take me home. That night, the woman who untied me called round to see how I was. My mother thanked her profusely and she stayed awhile. Imagine my embarrassment about 30 minutes later when I heard the two of them discussing their concerns about how a 16 year old boy could be so small! Even worse, whenever I was served school lunch from then on the dinner ladies would always smile and ask how I was, constantly reminding me that they knew I had a baby sized cock.


This reader was humiliated at the beach…

A few years ago me and a group of friends went to a beach near us during the trip me my best friend (female) we’ll call her Jen and another friend (male) we’ll call Jake went for walk. After a walking for a while we got to a point at the beach that was clothing optional we started off by making joke about us all getting naked and hanging out in that part of the beach for the rest of the day. Then Jen said, “I’ll walk topless if you guys walk naked.”

Jake looked at me and said he’s game if I was. So now I was the one who decided if we were all gonna get naked and walk on this beach. The problem is most would consider Jen a very attractive girl with nice tits and Jake is in really good shape and hung like a god dam horse and me I’m over weight with a little cock. In our group of friends, at least, with the males being naked around each other isn’t really that big of a deal and for the most part everyone knew about Jake’s giant cock because its always out and my much below average cock because i find it funny to joke about. So I say fuck it and Jake and I take off our shorts while Jen takes off her top immediately she looks at both our cocks and starts hysterically laughing. I look over and just for comparison Jake’s about 6 inches soft and pretty thick and I’m about 1 inch on a good day.

First thing she says is, “Your cock is the same size as Jake’s tip,” followed by, “I knew you were small, but oh my God.”

She just kept on laughing we continue to walk and I just feel everyone’s eyes on me and Jake his cock bouncing allover the place while mine basically has no shaft and sits on top of my sack. After walking for about 30 min, we decided wed head back to our friends but right before Jen wanted to go for a dip I knew that this was gonna make me look even worse then I already do. So I said I was good. I think Jen could tell what was going through my mind, because she responded with, “Just come on, it’s not like I could think any less of your dick,” and laughs so again.

I said fuck it and went in the water it wasn’t that cold but water and dicks don’t mix very well and when I came out basically I was just 1/3 of tip left. She laughed and again and made some comment about how wrong she was about how she couldn’t think less of my cock. Now I’ve always had a fantasy of having one of my female friends giving me SPH and for the most part all day I was pretty turned on, but was able to hold back the boner. But the combination her topless, all wet, my cock being smaller than normal, and my friend with the elephant cock there for comparison, I just couldn’t hold back. I started to get erect.

I was trying to make it stop when I see Jen noticing it growing so I tried jumped back in the water but not in enough time for her to see the 3-inch dismantled erection of a dick that was just shrunk because of the water. It was probably one of the worst looks my dick has ever sported. Needless to say, the comments about of my erect dick being smaller then Jake soft slightly shrunken penis would not stop till we got back to the clothing side of the beach where our friends were.

Jen being one of my best friends, I didn’t think much of it because we all bust each others balls every chance we get. But, God, I’ve been able to jerk it to events of that day for over 3 years now and every once in a while she’ll bring it up and its like its almost a new fresh memory


This reader finds Christmas is hell…

My wife started a new job this year, we’ve been married five years now and I thought we were pretty happy. Anyway her work (she’s an administrator at a construction company) has it’s annual Christmas party and I go along as my wife’s date, somewhat reluctantly. Her work friends seem OK, and it’s not the borefest I thought it would be when her supervisor ( a woman in her forties) comes and greets us. After hugging my wife, she turns to me and said, “This must be Brad, I’ve heard all about you. The whole office knows you have a tiny dick.”

My wife burst out laughing, and I gasped and stared at the MILF in shock. “Don’t worry, she’s only joking,” my wife said. “Jan’s always busting guys balls about something, it’s her thing.”

“Going by his response, I think I hit a raw nerve,” Jan said. “Men, right?”

My wife nods and smiles. Jan walks off and I was left feeling exposed and wondering if the whole office thinks I have a tiny dick, and more importantly, why has my wife been talking about me like this to her work colleagues?

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