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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader tells of mom’s sage advice…

I was staying overnight at a friend’s house and when we went to bed we were discussing girls we liked. This progressed to how far we’d gone sexually and I had never progressed beyond petting whereas my friend had been given a blowjob. He then asked what I did to relieve my sexual frustration and was amazed to discover I didn’t masturbate.

He asked if I knew how to and before long had me rubbing my cock under the sheets while he did likewise. “Are you hard yet?” He asked and then asked to see it, that was my mistake because I pulled back the sheets proudly showing him my slim, rock-hard boner which must have easily been just over 4 inches.

“Oh my God!” He laughed, “look at mine!”

And pulled back the sheets to reveal a fat 7-inch dick and a massive pair of balls. I was too shocked to cover up and just stared at the only other erect dick I had ever seen. We were both laughing at the difference and did not notice the door open and his mother at the door. She told us to be quiet and tucked us in bed but was definitely smiling to herself when she told me to be a good little boy.

The next day we were playing in the garden in our swimming trunks with his sister and her friend and they were both giggling when the sister asked, “Why are your trunks flat in the front?”

I turned bright red when her mother told her not to ask personal questions and apologize. My own mum came round later on and I caught her looking at my groin a couple of times while talking to his mother. When I got home she made me tell her the full story. When I finished she told me not to worry as a big penis is considered to be ugly by many women but it did nothing to stop my envy of my friend


Another reader finds life within the margins…

Aged 18, Wendy Mike, and I had finished our exams and went back to Wendy’s house where we had held most of our homework group meetings. We took a few drinks with us rather than join the others in the bars and pubs. The relief of not having to study for a while and the effects of the alcohol obviously relaxed us as the conversation turned to sex for the first time ever. It turned out that all three of us were virgins and only Mike had progressed beyond kissing. We all agreed it was a disgrace none of us had seen a member of the opposite sex naked and so should all undress.

We each went to a different room, undressed, and returned holding our clothes strategically hiding our genitals. On the count of three, we all dropped our clothes and I stared straight at Wendy who looked at me but then gasped when she looked at Mike. I followed her eye direction and also gasped as I saw Mike’s massive 8.5-inch cock and massive low-hanging balls! They both then turned to me and started to laugh at my 2-inch skinny softie. Wendy insisted I get it hard but the sight of Mike was frankly intimidating.

We continued drinking naked but Wendy kept going on about the difference in our sizes and went off to get a tape measure. She came back and took an age measuring Mike who was 8.5 by 6.5 girth and called me pathetic for still being soft. Out of desperation, I began masturbating which had them in hysterics but I was eventually measured at 4.75 inches long by 4.5-inch girth. We eventually got dressed without anything sexual occurring but long story short – Wendy and Mike became an item and I was marginalized as their “little friend”


This business executive shares his secret life as a sissy…

I’m a good-looking married white male in my early fifties. I run a company with a few hundred employees. At work, I’m in charge. I often wonder what all my employees would think if they knew that I have to sit to pee in the executive bathroom because my wife has me locked in chastity. Unlike many in chastity, my wife unlocks me at least once a month for penetration. She wants me to have a frequent reminder of how good it feels for him when I watch her and her bull a couple of times a week. Typically, when she feels me getting close, she stops short of letting me cum and locks me back up with an evil smile. This usually happens quickly, as she likes to be on top dragging her perfect breasts (she has nipples that pop up like a pencil eraser) across my chest as she rides me.

A few weeks ago I attended a small reunion of college friends about six hours away from home. I went in a night early. I told her it was to walk around campus and reminisce, but the truth is I wanted to go to a sex club near the school. Although this club is co-ed, 90% of the time it is only guys. The club has a swing, a few private rooms, booths with glory holes, and an upstairs-downstairs platform for cock sucking.

At the first rest stop, I stopped and changed from my business attire to my favorite sissy outfit. I have often been told that I look like a hot slut in the outfit. Until you have done it, you can’t understand the heightened excitement you feel, dressed as a slutty woman driving a high-end BMW (that everyone looks at) on a long trip. Most cars can’t see, but some SUVs and all semi-tractor trailers can. My little manhood was pressed hard against the CB6000s. My skirt was so short that the CB6000s were often visible when the skirt rode up my thighs and ass on the ride. Having a very fast BMW, it is next to impossible not to speed. Your heart skips many beats as you slow down in a panic for the radar cops. Now that would take some explaining!

I was pleased as I arrived at the club, the parking lot was packed. I put on my wig and my favorite fuck-me pumps and headed in. Of course, it was a female clerk and she smirked as she took my money and stamped my hand. Walking in FMPs is not easy, but I made my way into the back. It’s interesting being dressed in a place like this as the gay men typically want nothing to do with you. Some couples are turned off by it, but others really take to it. It’s wonderful eating pussy and fingering a ‘G’ spot fully dressed with her man watching, especially when you make her knees buckle. I find I’m most popular with the married men. Clearly, there is no question as to what I am looking for being dressed as a hot slut locked in chastity. Sometimes the married guys chase me down. I went to a booth with a glory hole and waited.

It didn’t take long for someone to peek through the hole, he didn’t like what he saw and left. Next was a stocky guy that looked in at me and then pulled out an extremely nice thick seven-inch cock. I put a Magnum XL on him (I only play 100% safe) and went to town. I’m extremely oral and always give 100% when eating pussy or sucking cock. More than once, others that initially wanted nothing to do with me have seen the passion that I suck cock with and line up for service. I’m not bragging, but I am an exceptional cocksucker. Damn, it felt good to have a big thick cock pistoning in and out of my mouth. After ten minutes of pure nirvana, I felt him start to expand and get real hard. We all know what cums next. To my extreme displeasure, he pulled out, took the condom off, and left. Talk about ruining a cocksucker’s day. The one thing I hate about sex clubs is that many of the guys in them don’t want to cum till the end of the night. I prefer the adult book store where the married guy pops in looking to get off quickly so he can go home to the wife and family relieved, but undetected.

I walked around looking for another ‘clean’ cock to suck. As much of a cock whore as I am, I’m picky about who I service. If you look like you haven’t bathed in a month or I see you practicing unsafe sex, I will have nothing to do with you. I miss out on sucking a lot of cock, but I don’t bring home anything that doesn’t belong. Another rule I have is that I never have anal sex in a bookstore or sex club.

An extremely muscular, in shape black man was getting hit on by many of the cocksuckers at the club. He had on a T-shirt and sweat pants that showed off his incredible physique. Typically I could care less about what the guy looks like (as long as he is clean), I’m just interested in his cock. I have to say this guy looked good. He walked past and checked me out more than once, but with how many guys he was turning down, I didn’t give him another thought. A little while later I watched as the muscular black guy went to town doggy style on a bigger white girl. I noticed that he put a condom on before took this gal to heaven and back. I could see he was big, but they drew a crowd to watch, and not wanting to be a troll I didn’t get too close. She made noises that I didn’t know people could make.

I sucked a few more cocks that were great, but nothing to write home about. I went out to the movie room that was near the private rooms. I was fortunate enough to suck off a guy with a nice eight or so-inch cock that was laying on the couch. I love it when I can be on my knees and comfortably lean over and do my thing. I have no problem deep-throating even the biggest artillery, and often I gather a crowd to watch. The muscular black guy watched as I brought this guy off to a thundering orgasm with my face nestled up against his pubic hair. I just loved how his body would involuntarily buck against my face. Once he was finished I got up and looked around for my next partner. No quick takers, so I just hung out for a while. The muscular black guy came up and whispered in my ear to go into the private room across from us, so I could suck his cock. He explained it was his room and unlocked it and he would join me in a few minutes.

When I entered I saw a couple of chairs, a table, and what looked to be doctors examining table. A few minutes later he joined me, locked the door, and hopped up on the table. I grabbed his sweat pants and he lifted up a little to let me slowly pull them down. I knew he was a good size as I saw him fuck the slut and make her squeak. Every time you pull down a guy’s pants is a lottery. You can increase your odds by picking a black man (not all black guys are huge, some are small, and there are some large white guys, but on average black men are much larger than white – ask any cocksucker).

Well folks, this night I won the lottery. It was nine or ten inches and thick. At this moment it was flaccid, but it grew to be one of the most rock-hard cocks I have ever serviced. I put another magnum on him and started what was to be one hell of a fun time. He quickly plumped right up and became hard. I pulled my mouth off and lightly licked the bottom of his massive cock from his big black balls to the tip of his head.

Then on it again with a sucking, twisting, turning motion. I like to slowly suck in long strokes, slowly building momentum until my pace is so fast that it is hard to keep steady. Once I reach the feverish pace I go deep, in one fast downward stroke pushing his cock head right down my throat. I bury my face deep in his pubes. It is easy to tell if a guy is over about eight inches because you will reach a point where you have to straighten your throat to get past the notch in your throat. You better have taken a big breath, because no more air will be entering until you pull back. I then bounce up and down but never letting the head pop out of my throat. The bigger the cock, the easier this is. Some really big cocks feel like they are half the way to your stomach. I don’t gag, but his rock-hard manhood made my eyes start to water. That is when I know he is huge!

I spent ten minutes, teasing and really, really pleasing him. I was enjoying his cock like a man that has not eaten in a week would enjoy a banquet. I have never felt a cock that was so rock-hard. Don’t get me wrong, it was soft and rock hard at the same time. While I was pleasuring him, he kept running his hands up my skirt, pulling it up to play with my ass. I so badly wanted him to put a finger in my ass, but I was not going there. I would pull the skirt down and he would proceed to pull it back up. He leaned down and said ‘let me see your pussy’. I knew where this was going and asked him if he was Bi or Gay. He claimed Bi and added he had a steady girlfriend. I confirmed with him that he was clean and had no creepy crawlies.

As much as I wanted to resist, I couldn’t. I checked that the condom was still on him and turned around, bent over, and lifted my skirt. He pushed forward, grabbed my little locked cock and balls with one hand, and with the other started to rub his steel hard cock around my man pussy. Guys, do you know that feeling when you haven’t cum in weeks and you start to rub your hard cock around a wet pussy? You are so horny that nothing could possibly stop you from plunging in. For most guys, it is the most heightened sexually you will ever feel. Let me tell you, this is how every fag feels as a hard cock teases his man pussy. Every time it brushes over you, your brain jumps for joy until you realize he’s not inserting it yet.

All you can think of is getting it in you. As it enters, you get a feeling that is ten times better than the best orgasm you have ever experienced. Especially with a big cock, it pops the tight little hole and that makes your body convulse. I read an article on it once and the author said ‘When a penis enters your ass, a moan involuntarily escapes your lips. Just try not to be loud. I dare you. You have little control over it, which makes the experience even hotter.’ This is so true.

As he bottoms out against your prostrate (the mail ‘G’ spot) your body writhes with pleasure. I found myself making the same noises that the big white girl made when he fucked her. The best part of all is you know this is so against all the rules. As he picks up speed, his primal rut takes over. Nothing matters to him but the impending orgasm. His big meat pushes harder and faster with no regard for you ‘the bitch’. You are just a fuck hole. The distinct noise of belly slapping ass during a hard fuck fills the room. You are in ecstasy. This may seem strange, but getting a real man to the ‘rut’ stage makes the bitch feel an incredible sense of power. It’s probably that little dick fags know that they will never please any woman much less their wife, so pleasing a big dick man becomes a surrogate.

After about five minutes a most terrible thing happened. You guessed it, he came! I savored the afterglow as he left his huge meat up my as for about a minute. They say the first time a man gets fucked in the ass that it will feel like it doesn’t belong, but by the end when he pulls out, it feels like something is missing. You spend the rest of your life chasing the ‘full’ feeling of a big hard cock! Feeling huge disappointment as he pulled out, I looked up at him square in the eyes and thanked him. He let out a sort of grunt/laugh and proceeded to pull the condom and left to room, leaving me as an abandoned, well fucked sissy desperate for more cock!


While this reader is told to educate himself while getting dumped…

Short and simple just like me. I have always been a little worried about my size. As I got older it did improve but I had that one recurring nightmare. You’ve seen the scene in a movie…bank robber tells everyone to strip. There I would be feeling ashamed. Well, it all finally happened to me. No, not a bank robbery, but my GF of 2 1/2 years dumped me in a text message that included all of her girlfriends. She simply stated, “We are through. Look up ‘SPH’ and you will know why. BYE!”


Another reader asks for honest feedback from his sister…

I was late to undergo the full effects of puberty, my currently small penis was tiny back then even into high school when this event took place. Penis size fascinated me and eventually evolved into an SPH fetish, I find it really hot and fun when girls talk about size. Anyway, this episode happened one day when only me and my aunt were at home. She is short, tan-skinned with some freckles, I thought she looked nice when I developed a libido, probably because we weren’t related by blood.

I was taking a shower and she knocked on the door asking if she could come in to piss because she really couldn’t hold it – she is fairly introverted but also blunt and not a prude at all, she wasn’t very socially, plus and my family, in general, didn’t have much issue with nudity, we lived in a tight apartment and didn’t mind occasional partial nudity when changing clothes due to lack of space. I mention this because the shower stall was broken, so I wouldn’t be hidden behind anything. She asked me if it would cause embarrassment, and although I had already begun to be apprehensive/curious about penis size at the time, I thought nothing of it and let her in.

She thanked me as she came in, looked at me, and couldn’t hide a double-take glance. As she sat down peed we started chatting, we had some common ground being two nerdier introverts while my other relatives were generally more outgoing. She mentioned she remembered seeing me naked when I was a kid and then I thought I might as well ask since she had seen me just now if she thought my penis “looked small”. Surprisingly, she wasn’t hesitant to talk about it, first mentioning that I was still growing up so it should also grow soon (although I never lagged behind in height and was always among the tallest in class and was already taller than my uncle who was married to her).

“I said OK, but how does it look now?”

She was done peeing and came in front of me for a look. Today, as an adult, it’s about 5.5cm flaccid, but back then it was basically a thin head poking out. She smiled while gazing at my crotch. She said, “It looks small because you’re tall”.

I poked it and showed that I could tuck it inside which caused her to start laughing.

She said, “I’m sorry, it looks so small against your frame, but look, not only are you still in high school but it’s also soft. If you really want to know, tell me how big it is when hard and I’ll be honest with you.”

I told her that what caused me to worry was that I had read in a magazine that the average size was 13-16 cm, I felt the need to measure and that while I didn’t have a ruler handy I compared it with a chess king piece I owned which was stated to be 8.5 cm on the box, and I noticed that it was a bit bigger.

She stifled laughter behind her hand, and told me, “I’m sorry, but that’s really small. Your body has practically grown into an adult man’s by now, and you know I’m bad at lying and dealing with people’s emotions, so if you’re asking me, I know you want me to be upfront. You’ve still got a bit of growing up to do, and you should know that each girl has her own opinion, but to me, this is what I consider small.”

She made a gap between her thumb and forefinger, and said, “About 13 cm and below, like your magazine said,” then shortened the gap, “I think yours must be like this, 7 or 8 cm, which is a lot less than that.”

She left the bathroom with a wink, then giggled a little bit again.


This reader gets outed by the girl next door…

The girl next door was a real prick teaser but one time she actually got my penis out and was masturbating me. I was elated as she was the first girl to touch me there but my mood quickly changed when she said, “You’re nothing like your brother, he’s massive!”

I was shocked as I was older, taller, and more muscular and told her I did not believe her. She just smiled and said it was true and she wasn’t just talking about an inch longer or anything. She then got up, went into her front room, and telephoned my brother. When he arrived he was obviously shocked to see me and was genuinely nervous when she told him she wanted us to both strips off for her so she could decide which of us could take her to the pictures that weekend. He obviously was fully expecting to lose and couldn’t stop laughing when she lined us both up and told us to open our eyes. She was right. My brother was about 3 inches longer, much thicker, and had real manly balls, unlike my tight little marble sack.

From that day on they both used to boss me around and blackmailed me with the threat of revealing my dick size to all of our friends!


Another reader gets naked with his friend at a sleepover…

I had a sleepover at a friend’s house. Alone in his basement that night, he suggested we get naked. I wasn’t interested but relented when we decided to make a game out of it. We threw sandbags at a tic-tac-toe board, the loser of each game removing a piece of clothing.

It made things interesting, if uncomfortable. I had been nude in front of people before but never had a sexual experience up to that point. The atmosphere in that basement was vaguely sexual, despite my being 100% heterosexual. Later, I learned my friend pulled quasi-homosexual antics on others. He was also rumored to have gone all the way with a female classmate, so go figure.

I got nude first. Upon checking me out, he said, “Oh, you have a small one…That’s okay.”

That has stayed with me ever since. I hadn’t ever thought about my size before, despite the fact that my older brother might have made comments when we showered together. But he was older; this was a classmate. He stripped down and indeed had a bigger one. Things got awkward, at least for me, standing there in our all-together.

I remember him saying something like, “Let’s have sex with toys,” as he faked intercourse with a soccer ball and got hard.

Again, I wasn’t interested and suggested we get dressed. We put our pants back on and remained shirtless. Not long after, his dad came down to check on us. I was glad we weren’t still naked. I wonder if his dad ever caught him doing anything with other boys or girls. This scenario might have been the origin of my interest in SPH. I’m not sure, because I only discovered the fetish years later. I derive no pleasure whatsoever from the homoerotic aspect. That was all him. However, thinking back to his comment about having a “small one” always gets me going. Every girl I’ve ever explored SPH with has said that line, at my suggestion.

*Conditions Apply.

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