The Cuckold Groom

By Anonymous

Chrissie made a beautiful bride. She and I were childhood sweethearts, and we loved each other dearly. Her old man had pitched in to give his daughter a good sendoff, and it was quite a wedding and quite a party. I knew I was the luckiest man in town that day.

Chrissie is the daughter of one of the most prominent men in town, and the man responsible for my new job. He didn’t want to see his daughter marry a bum. Although he and I weren’t exactly fond of each other, (he hated me) he was determined to make sure his beautiful daughter was happy. Also, Chrissie looked radiant that day.

She is a petite little blonde, about five feet tall, with a tiny little waist you could almost get your hands around (my hands aren’t too big though). She has nice flaring hips, and breasts that were not huge, but were feminine and pointed and they stood out proudly from her chest in her white chiffon wedding gown. She liked wearing her golden hair short, and with her baby face, this made her look very young, almost childlike. She has the most beautiful smile. Her whole family has that “beautiful people” look.

Chrissie’s dad didn’t think much of me. Why do the old men dislike their daughter’s choice in men? He wanted her to marry the local football hero, Ted.

Ted was a real jock, big, overly confident, pushy-as-hell. He had dated Chrissie back in high school and still called her. She had told him “no” one night at the junior prom and Ted didn’t like being told no. Chrissie had started dating me during our senior year, which earned me some pushing around by Ted and his fellow jocks.

Once, in the locker room, I had been walking from the showers when I felt the sting of a leather belt hit my wet behind! I jumped and fell. I got up; feeling the red welt forming on my ass cheek and Ted (and his entourage) was leering at me. Ted was gesturing with his belt at me saying, “I heard you got to first base with Chrissie over the weekend. Well, don’t worry ‘pencil dick’ because I’ll be the one ‘sliding into home!’ Ha, ha, ha…”

They all had a good laugh. Chrissie married me though. I thought I had the last laugh, my virgin bride. I should have known back then that guys like me don’t get nice breaks like Ted. I should have known it would be the hand holding the belt would slide my wife’s panties down, and Ted’s large cock would claim her virginity.

As I said, it was quite a party. The reception included the town’s best and richest. Chrissie was bubbly and blushing. She was nothing but smiles and love for me. “Can’t wait, honey,” she said. “I love all of this, but I want to touch my husband.”

This kind of racy talk from her got me loosening the collar of my tuxedo. We continued to dance and smile and make conversation.

“Joel, I see that my daughter is quite happy today,” said Bill, her father. “I want to make sure she stays that way.”

He stood over me near the banquet table while Chrissie was cutting the cake. “Well, Bill,” I said, “I’ll do my best to keep her happy, I love her very much.”

“Oh, I have no doubt that you love her, Joel. I just hope you won’t mind if a father decides to take some ‘extra measures’ to ensure his families, err, contentment.”

“I do appreciate the job, sir. I’ll work very hard,” I thought he was referring to the job he had arranged at his computer company.

“Oh, ah, yes, yes, Joel. You work very hard now,” Bill said and laughs.

He clapped me on the back and walked away toward the bar, laughing. Fucking jerk.

The afternoon wore on, Chrissie and I had a great time. She tossed the bouquet. The limo took us to a nice resort hotel up the coast. Her father had made all the arrangements, so I knew we’re in for a nice week. I carried my blushing bride over the threshold in a wriggling bundle of white. She smelled terrific. She felt warm and wonderful.

My little four-inch prick has been stiff since we got in the limo. We laughed and chased each other around the room, finally ending with me on top of Chrissie on the bed. I could feel the firm cones of her breasts pressing against my shirt. We were smiling, kissing, and making baby talk. Her hips were moving around in little circles. There’s a sexual heat coming from between her legs I can feel.

“God, honey, I’m so hot,” she moaned. “I have a little surprise for you.”

“What?” I gasped. “Here, get this off…”

“Well, first of all, I have a special outfit I’d like to put on for my husband.”

I loved it when she talked like this.

“Can you guess what else is special about today?” she asks.

I helped her get her skirts off, and she scampered across the room toward the bathroom. “I’ll give you a hint, husband dear, I had my period exactly two weeks ago,” she ran into the bathroom to change.

“You mean… today you’re…” I ran toward the bathroom door to grasp my lovely bride. Just then, there was a key in the lock of the hotel room door, and it swung open. Ted and two of his friends walked in.

I didn’t even have time to react, I was heady from the champagne, and in anticipation of being with Chrissie, Ted quickly took two steps and punched me in the stomach. I doubled over in a gasp and slunk to the floor. Ted and his friends were being quiet. “Did you hear me, honey?” I heard her call. “Honey?”

Ted’s two friends were one of his football friends from high school I recognized. The other was a girl I’d seen with their group before. She had the look of some of those sneering party girls that like to hang out with them. Ted had a shit-eating grin on his face as he leaned over me and said, “Keep your mouth shut Joey boy. Nobody’ll get hurt. I’m just here to get what’s mine. Paybacks are a bitch.”

He told his friends to take care of me.

His friend, Brad grabbed me by my hair and threw me onto the sofa. “Shut up, you little dick freak,” muttered the girl.

She quickly stuffed my mouth with one of Chrissie’s stockings that were on the floor. Brad produced a roll of duct tape and taped my mouth shut. They both rolled me over and pinned my wrists as I struggled. The tape wound around my wrists and ankles. The girl (I heard Brad call her Carol) sat at the end of the sofa and positioned my head, face down, in her lap.

Chrissie came out of the bathroom. “Honey, what do you think of—OH?”

Ted was next to the door as Chrissie came out and saw us. He grabbed her by the side. She had dressed in a white, lacy teddy and panty outfit that accentuated by her pointed breasts. I could see her pantied crotch, delicate and vulnerable, for the first time as Ted grabbed her.


He tossed her wriggling body onto the bed (our wedding bed) and held her down. Ted is a large framed guy. Brad and Carol are laughing as I struggle and tried to protest through my gag. “Take it, easy sweetheart,” he was laughing as he pawed my wife’s breasts and thighs. “Damn, Chrissie, it’s been a long time, girl!” He tried to kiss her as he held her arms pinned above her head. “OW! GODDAMNIT, BITCH!”

Chrissie had bitten his lip. She had gotten one hand free and slapped him soundly across his face, SLAP.


I saw Ted snarl and slap her back across her face. Her attitude changed quickly. He picked her up and threw her off the bed. He stood over her, undid his pants, and pushed them down. She lay on the carpet in an abused heap. She looked like she was sobbing.

“Now is that any way for a girl to act on her wedding night ‘honey’?” Ted said. “Now put your mouth where it belongs, bride!”

With that, he grabbed her hair and sat down on the bed, pressing her face into his crotch as she knelt in front of him. She was crying, sobbing, and struggled a little. He twisted her head around with her hair. “You mind your husband, now, girl! I want those lips put to work!”

Her face pressed against the bulge in his underwear. She began to make little mewling sounds and struggle a little bit as he twisted and pulled down his underwear. It was getting a little dark in the hotel room, but I could see the broad, purple head of his cock spring into view. “I can see my new wife is going to need some discipline.” He turned and began to remove his belt from his pants.

“Ted, don’t do this. I beg you! I’m sorry I wouldn’t take your calls! Don’t make me.”

She was sobbing. Tears were running down her child-like face as he looped his belt in his fist and grabbed her hair again.

“Open your mouth!” He said almost patiently. “Open your mouth!”

CRACK! The belt came down on her lovely pantied ass, and she yelped and sobbed.


He cut her off as he stretched her lips with the head of his cock. She cried and tossed her head. Ted leered and brought the belt down again. CRACK! Chrissie shook and yelped through her mouthful of cock Ted pulled it out and pressed it against her lips, ordering her to lick the shaft. Even in this light, I could see his member was much bigger than mine was. He didn’t appear to be circumcised either, the skin giving his penis an almost, club-like appearance. I yelled and twisted against my bond.

“Goddamn, Ted,” said Brad, laughing.

Carol was laughing too as Ted mastered my wife.

“LICK, WIFE,” Ted said. “You can yell and thrash all you want. I paid the bellboys handsomely to leave us alone. Your daddy was good enough to give me some expense money for this little operation.”

He grabbed her wrists and over her protests, sat on them. Her hands were pinned under her rapist with his erect cock in her face. She could not pull away from his crotch. Ted’s voice became softer to her as she struggled and sobbed and adjusted to her predicament. “Lick the family jewels, honey, get them all warmed up…” His balls were hairy and red and looked as large as eggs. Chrissie continued to twist her head against his grasp as she bent to her task. Ted moaned at the sensation. “Keep licking, honey.”

Brad and Carol pushed me onto the floor with a THUMP. Carol sat on top of me. My face was only a couple of feet from Chrissie’s squirming ass.

CRACK! Ted brought the belt down again on her ass. CRACK!

Chrissie howled, but her mouth was full. Ted leered down at me. “Can you smell her, Joey? Hmm? She’s getting wet.”

Brad had gone into the bathroom and returned. I couldn’t see what he was holding. He and Carol grabbed me and pulled down my pants and underwear. “Look at that white ass!” exclaimed Carol. She and Brad pushed and pulled me until I was lying on her lap. Brad handed her a jar of what turned out to be Vaseline.

“We don’t want you to miss out on the deflowering tonight, Joey,” Carols said, “so I brought along a little friend. I want you too can feel what a real man’s dick feels like, just like your wife is about to. Let’s face it; she never would’ve with your baby dick.”

Carol reaches into her purse and pulls out a large object, but I couldn’t twist my head far around enough to see. It looked black. That’s all I could see.

“Enough training, wife, get into bed,” Ted shouts.

Ted cracked his belt across her ass once more as he stood up. His large member literally came out of her mouth with a POP. Her little girl face looked red from crying. Her lips were swollen red and pouting.


He pushed my bride onto the bed, her legs and arms splayed. She put up a little bit of a fight as he put his weight on top of her. She seemed more inclined to kiss him now than before. I could see his large hands, pulling and kneading her breasts and nipples making them stand up erect. His large cock pressed against her belly. I saw his hands slide under her panties and push them down her thighs. She struck at his shoulder with her hands, and her legs pedaled furiously as he stripped her.


I felt Carol’s long-nailed fingers put a cold glob of Vaseline against my anus. She began spreading it around. She stuck a finger in me, then two. She worked her greasy fingers in and out. I tossed my head from side to side. Sweat ran from my forehead. The room was much darker now. A little light came in through the large window facing the bay. I heard a dull buzz from the vibrator Brad handed to Carol.

Ted squatted, and took off his shirt, and kicked off his pants and shoes. He appeared large and tanned, like an athlete. His body was much hairier than mine was. I could see his cock silhouetted against the window as he did this. Some precum dropped from the tip. He put my wife’s ankles over his shoulders, giving her a little swat on the ass to remind her who was in charge, and placed the tip of his cock against her moist opening. As her legs splayed, I could see a glint of moisture in her crotch, in the fading light. Her face was beautiful against the pillow.

“Now you can cooperate, Chrissie, and take it on your back like a woman, or I mount you from behind like a beast,” Ted said.

Chrissie didn’t protest, but her lips were pouting, and she began mewling and sobbing as Ted began a steady thrust. He didn’t break her cherry with one enormous thrust, but let her moistening pussy slowly impale itself on him. When her cherry broke, Chrissie gasped and kicked her little feet in the air. Ted confidently grasped her waist and pulled her the rest of the way onto his shaft. I could hear Chrissie moaning into his chest as he settled his weight on top of her. Her legs bent back against her chest. My wife’s breasts pressed against Ted. Her feet kicked a little as he settled his ball-sack against her ass.

Carol worked the buzzing dildo into my asshole. It stretched and violated me as I watched my wife inseminated by my childhood bully. Carol must have worked nine or ten inches of the thing into my gut. I could feel it vibrating deep inside me. More duct tape s used to hold the thing in place. I cried into my gag as the tape wound around my hips. The two then got up, and laughing quietly, left the hotel room.

Ted pumped his cock in and out of my wife. The veined shaft glistened with the moisture he pulled from her. He wrapped her legs around his waist. Chrissie was moaning and squirming but had surrendered to the fuck.

I heard Ted muttering, “Can you feel that, Chrissie?”

“Yes,” she said.

“Here, lift your legs so I can put it against your cervix.”

I saw her bend her knees again and point her toes, her eyes went wide and her mouth opened in an ‘O’ as he impregnated her. “Oh, TED,” my wife cried.

“Can you feel that, Joey?” Carol said mockingly. “That’s what it feels like to have a real dick; not a toddler’s.”

They didn’t separate. Ted pulled the covers over them later, and I saw the shape of his ass humping the covers up and down. I heard my wife cry out from somewhere in there. I remember the time when I was little and peeked into my parent’s bedroom to find out what the squeaking noise was. My asshole stretched and pained. The vibrator continued to throb in my belly.

I think I may have passed out. I could see the moon outside. When I opened my eyes. Ted and Chrissie were doing it slowly. He had her bent over, her young ass in the air, and against him. I could see his balls swinging between her legs. She didn’t appear to be fighting him anymore, or she had completely surrendered. I remember seeing her arch her back as he thrust forward and grunted again. She kicked her legs again as he did this.

The door slammed.

My wrists were free.

I hurriedly worked the damned duct tape off my wrists and ankles and extricated the dildo from my butt. I had worn the batteries out. Sunlight was streaming in. Chrissie and I were alone. I ran to the bed and woke her to see if she were alright.

“Chrissie! CHRISSIE!” I shouted. “Wake up for God’s sake! Are you okay?”

She moaned and rolled over, putting her arms around me slowly. I pulled her to me and gently kissed her. “I’m alright dear,” she said, her voice sounded strange to me.

I kissed her, kissed her, and ran my hands around her. She felt wonderful. She smelled musky. I could still smell Ted’s aftershave or something on her. Strangely, I found myself aroused by the thought of what happened. I was kissing my lovely new wife and feeling her bare, secret places for the first time. She was kissing me back. I rolled myself on top of her as we embraced. I confidently spread my wife’s thighs.

“Stop, Joey,” she said. Then she smiled at me sweetly as I stared agape at her. “Go get a condom from the bathroom, please.”

She brushed some hair out of her face. “B-but…” I stammered.

“GO, get a Condom,” she said, and then kissed my cheek.

I returned quickly with the condom, fumbled it on, and then tried to resume our former passion. My new wife lay back, calmly, as I slipped my small gloved pecker into Chrissie’s loose pussy. Even with the condom, I could feel the heat and incredible moisture of my bride’s love tunnel.

“Is it in yet?” she asked.


Two years later, we had a little one-year-old running around the house. Chrissie is happy. Her family is ecstatic. I’m the breadwinner, and little else, it seems. The kid is a brat already. Chrissie insists he looks like me. Ha! We always use condoms as she always insists on it. To make matters worse, at the last big family gathering, her folks suggested they would like to see another grandchild.

The End.


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