My Wife the Cougar

By anonymous

I reached beneath the hem of my wife’s skirt and touched her smooth hairless pussy. She had a fresh Brazilian wax, and my fingers quickly found her swollen labia. I broke the seal of her pussy, and a flood of liquid goodness promptly covered my hand.

“Can you feel it, baby?” Laurie moaned as I sank two fingers deep inside her soaking wet cunt. “Can you feel his cum inside me?”

“Yes,” I hissed as I pumped my fingers into her cum filled pussy.

I was naked, and my achingly hard boner bounced violently as I thrust my fingers into her.

“You like it don’t you, baby?” Laurie asked playfully as I finger fucked her recently soiled cunt.

She was wearing a short skirt without panties and a sheer blouse with no bra. Laurie had just come home from her first date with Ryan, a man we had met a week earlier in a bar.

“You like feeling another man’s cum in your wife’s pussy, don’t you, baby?”

“Mmm, God, yes,” I moaned loudly.

She was right, I not only liked it, and I loved it. I had first learned about cuckolds and cuckolding from a national radio show where a regular on the show made frequent jokes about cuckolds. I was intrigued, and I began to scour the internet for cuckold stories and movies. I became obsessed with the idea of becoming a cuckold, but I had no idea how to bring up the subject with my wife or how she would react to the knowledge her husband wanted to watch another man fuck her. I was content to keep my cuckold fantasies as just that, fantasies, but my wife came across my secret file on our computer. To my shock, my wife was as intrigued as I was. We began with a lot of role-playing fantasy but the more we played, the more evident it became that we would one day live out our fantasy.

“Here,” she said as she pulled my fingers from her pussy and guided them to my mouth. “Taste Ryan’s cream, baby. You know you want to.”

I opened my mouth and let her slide my semen covered fingers past my lips. The taste pleasant, similar to mine, which I have tasted numerous times, but slightly saltier. I moaned with hedonistic pleasure as his semen tickled my taste buds.

“Its official, baby,” my hot wife moaned as she watched me suck another man’s cum from my fingers for the first time. “You’re now my cuckold bitch.”

She smiled an evil grin as she spoke.

“Oh, God, yes,” I moaned around my fingers.

“Lay back, my little bitch, and let me give you the treat you’ve been waiting for all night.”

I lay on my back as my sexy wife straddled my face and lowered her cum-filled pussy to my hungry mouth.

“Clean my pussy, baby. Drink the two hot loads of thick cum Ryan left for you,” she moaned loudly. “That boy has a lot of stamina, even for a twenty-year-old, and his cock is so big. Not like your itty-bitty little boy dickie.”

Her words cut through me. They humiliated and excited me as I devoured hot cream from my wife’s pussy.

Laurie came quickly, and she came hard as I licked her tangy, wet pussy. She cried out and violently ground herself against my semen-glazed face. Her hands held my head tightly until the waves of her climax subsided.

“Kiss me, baby,” Laurie panted as our lips met. “Can you taste him on my lips, baby? His first load was in my mouth on the way home from the restaurant. He tasted good too,” she teased. Laurie had long refused to let me cum in her mouth, but her new young lover faced no such restrictions. “I need a dick inside me now,” my sexy wife panted as she got on all fours. She’s already been fucked twice and needs more. I moved behind her and rubbed the drooling head of my cock across Laurie’s pussy lips. “Lick my ass first, baby,” she panted. “Ryan wanted to fuck my ass, but he is too huge for that. It’s really thick too, and it stretches me like you never could with your tiny dicklette. Pity you don’t have a real man’s cock, then I wouldn’t need to fuck other guys. Oh, well, I still love you, baby, even if your dickie is no bigger than a toddler’s boner.”

I bent behind my wife and plunged my tongue into her tight asshole. “Mmmm,” Laurie cooed as I licked her puckered asshole. I eased two fingers into her soaking wet pussy and quickly found her g-spot. “Right there, baby,” Laurie moaned. Her body responded to my touch as she approached another powerful climax. I plunged my tongue into her ass as I furiously pumped her g-spot. “Oh yes, oh god yes,” my wife cried out. “Oh no, ooooh nooooo.” Her body quivered and quaked as her pussy started to spasm.

Warm liquid splashed against my bare chest as my wife’s pussy squirted a torrent of bright viscous fluid from its depths. She had never squirted before, and I loved it. “Fuck me now, baby,” Laurie said urgently once her climax had ebbed.

I knelt behind her and sank my four and a half inch dick into her cunt. The mental stimulus overload ensured I came very quickly. I fucked my wife hard and fast for less than a minute before I pulled out and blew my load on her delicious ass.

“Clean up your mess, baby,” Laurie said playfully.

I bent down and obediently licked the copious amount of thick white cum from my wife’s ass. I swallowed it all and then lay down beside my exhausted wife.

“I really couldn’t feel you inside me, well, maybe a little. It’s a shame you always cum so quickly. A baby dick and a premature ejaculator, I don’t know what I was thinking marrying you,” she said.

“We were in love,” I said.

“Yeah, I still do love you,” she said softly.

“I know, and I love you too.”

We lay in bed and talked about the night just as we had done the night we met Ryan.


That night we had been sitting together at Jackson’s Bar and Grill. It was a well-known spot for cougars and young men to hook up but we had no hedonistic plans.

Ryan approached us sometime after 11 pm. It was clear to anyone that Laurie and I were together, but he was unfazed by my presence. The guy was young, attractive, white, and confident and liked what he saw. He hit on my wife right in front of me, and she responded as though I was not even there.

Thirty minutes after he sat down beside her he asked my wife to dance. She accepted without hesitation, and I watched as they ground their bodies together in a raw sexual manner to the pounding bass.

They’re both covered in sweat when they return. Laurie grabbed her purse and informed me that they were going out to the parking lot. She said I was welcome to come and watch.

My semi-erect cock twitched in my pants (not that anyone can tell) and I followed them outside.

Ryan and my wife held hands as they made their way to a dark corner of the parking lot. He pressed Laurie against the door of his SUV and thrust his tongue into her mouth. They kissed passionately as I watched alone with a stiff dick in my pants.

Laurie sank to her knees and fished Ryan’s cock from his pants. She wrapped her small hand around his shaft as her lips engulfed his bulbous purple head.

I watched wide-eyed as my wife of fifteen years gave a young, handsome twenty-year-old white guy a blowjob in a nightclub parking lot. It was everything I had imagined it would be. She turned to me and said, “He’s much bigger than you, baby. Why don’t you show Ryan what I have to put up with?”

I dropped my pants, and little boner pokes up erect and wet with precum. Ryan glances at my dicklette and frowns.

“Fuck, brah, is that it?” he asks with a sneer.

“I didn’t get a chance to answer. My wife said, “Yes, our ten-year-old son has a bigger dick than his dad, like way bigger.” She laughs.

Ryan gets a wicked look on his face. “You’re not fucking your son, eh?” he asks derisively.

“God, no,” my wife said. “I’m not like that. I’ve just seen it.” Then glancing at me, she said, “Fucking one boy dick in my life is enough, thank you very much.”

Then Laurie noisily slurped and sucked Ryan’s big white cock until he came in her mouth. She let his cum drip from her mouth onto the ground as he pulled my wife to her feet and kissed her deeply with traces of cum still on her lips. They exchanged numbers and made plans to go out the following week as I waited with my pants still around my ankles and my boner throbbing with need.

“Pull your pants up, baby dick,” Ryan said as if suddenly realizing we’re in a public place. “If the cops come round they’ll think we’re molesting a child.”

They laugh as I blush.

Laurie kisses me as we go to our car. I could taste the salty goodness of cum in her mouth, and it made my cock twitch. Laurie wouldn’t fuck me that night, so I jerked off in her soiled panties as she slept, imagining what might happen on their date.


Laurie and I continued to talk as we lay in bed after her date. She told me in exquisite detail about their evening together. Ryan had picked my wife up at 6pm. He was in a suit without a tie, and Laurie wore a short black skirt, a sheer white blouse and a matching white bra and thong underneath. She was looking forward to fucking the young stud and had even gone for a fresh Brazilian wax the day before.

They kissed at the door and drove to an upscale restaurant in the city. They talked as they drove and while they have little in common (because of the difference in their ages), they have great sexual chemistry. Laurie is naturally submissive, and Ryan had a very dominant personality that made them a perfect fit.

Ryan sat across from my wife at the restaurant. He was smooth and confident but also respectful and debonair. After they finished the main course and a bottle of wine, Ryan told my wife to go to the bathroom and take off her bra and panties. Laurie did as he asked and handed her undergarments to the young stud across the dinner table as her cheeks flushed crimson red. She was excited, and her stiff nipples gave her away.

“Touch your pussy,” Ryan whispered just loud enough for others to hear as the server left to get their check.

My wife discretely rubbed her wet pussy as the young stud watched intently. Ryan paid, and they left hand in hand to his car.

“Do you want to go out dancing,” he asked my wife as they stood beside his SUV.

“No, I want to go to your place and fuck you over and over all night long, baby,” Laurie said as she pressed her hot body against his taught muscular form.

Laurie sucked Ryan’s big dick as they drove to his Arlington apartment. He came in my wife’s mouth as they sat parked in the parking garage. She was ready to swallow his load, but instead, Ryan made her hold his thick cream in her mouth. He pulled her face to his, and they kissed deeply, sharing his cum between them in a sloppy snowball.

“That was a hot surprise,” she said excitedly after the kiss.

“I’m full of surprises,” he teased. He would later admit to my wife that he was bisexual and that he and his college roommate had been messing around since their sophomore year. His admission excited Laurie more than she imagined possible. Laurie undressed Ryan inside his apartment and kissed his firm muscular body. His young cock rose to the occasion despite the short recovery time, and they fuck doggy style hard and fast before switching positions several times. Ryan came deep inside my wife’s pussy, and Laurie orgasmed several times as well, which was something she had never done with me (unless I did oral).

They lay in bed after they came and touched each other’s body. Laurie kissed her way down his body until she settled between his thighs. She couldn’t get enough of his muscular young body. She licked and gently sucked his balls as he moaned softly.

“Lower,” he said insistently.

She knew what he wanted, and she acquiesced despite the fact that she had always refused similar requests by me. My wife nuzzled between her young lover’s ass cheeks and lightly licked his anus. Ryan moaned, and Laurie responded to him. She became bolder and pushed her tongue past his sphincter. The young stud’s cock grew stiff once again as my wife tongued his asshole. She stroked his dick as she licked his ass until he needed more. Ryan pushed my wife onto her back and plunged his dick inside her very wet pussy. He fucked her hard and fast until she came again.

Ryan flipped Laurie onto her belly and slathered his cock with lubricant from his nightstand. He lubed my wife’s asshole and tried to slide his fat cock inside her. Despite her excitement and the generous use of lube, Ryan couldn’t get his long, thick cock inside Laurie’s ass. He wiped his cock off and fucked my wife’s cunt hard and fast from behind until he blasted a second load of cum inside her well-fucked pussy. He kept Laurie’s bra and panties and drove my disheveled wife home to me at 1am.

“I want to see you again,” Laurie said to him as they kissed good night in our driveway.

“I’m having a party next Saturday, bring your husband along,” Ryan said with a devilish grin, “The more pussy, the better.”

The End.


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