The Cuckolding

By fredolux

I am a very fortunate man. My wife is a beautiful Mexican of 25 years. I am 17 years Her senior of Greek origin. A little over a year ago, we lived in a completely vanilla relationship with unconditional love, a lot of fun and an almost daily dosage of good sex. My stubbornness and inability to share my feelings were however a constant destabilizing factor. I was just sitting there puffing and feeling miserable for days without asking for Her help or forgiveness.

That is until one fateful evening when I was leaving for a week’s business trip to Canada. Just as I was leaving, she said, “You are not allowed to masturbate!”

I smiled at her but was very unsure of how serious she was. And boy was She serious. She knew of my submissive tendencies of course. But She never seemed intrinsically interested. On the contrary, she always enjoyed when I was playing the dominant part. This moment was a turning point for both of us. This was Her very first command to me, and I had better obey.

“Yes, Ma’am!” I stammered, feeling my stomach contract and a shiver of aroused anxiety running down my spine.

This was the beginning. From that day on, she took us gradually deeper into a female led relationship. I provided the base fantasies; she owned them and realized them in ways that astound me every day. She controls my orgasms, she disciplines, corrects and punishes me, She has me naked at home most of the time, and I serve Her every need and desire. She has me call Her Ma’am or Major, which is for us, what the word Mistress is for others. I worship and adore Her. Her dominance has long ago escaped the confines of our bedroom. She is the boss. I love Her! Her way is my way.

One of the aforementioned fantasies was cuckolding. I was very aroused by the idea. She liked it too but was reserved and almost rejecting. Over time, she let go of Her worries and embraced the idea with more passion than I anticipated.

About 6 weeks ago, we visited a swingers flirting event in Chicago. It was our first and only exposure to this lifestyle. We wanted to approach it slowly. We met a couple of interesting, funny, and sexy couples. It was a little overwhelming how overtly sexual most of them were. There was no pretense, everybody was there to find new partners for sex. Also obvious was that it was a very couple-oriented gathering.

We went there with a very different mindset. We wanted to find a single man or woman who would like to please my wife, with me being limited to a minor supportive role.—the cuckold.

When we almost concluded that it’s really the wrong place to start this off, we met a nice man. He was very warm and smiley and single.

“You are gorgeous!” he exclaimed with his sparkling eyes devouring my wife. We small talked for a while and shared a glass of wine. He constantly expressed his adoration for my wife. We both liked him. He was neither a super handsome guy, nor exceptionally built. But we had a good vibe, and he showered my wife with attention and compliments. She likes that very much. Nothing happened that evening as he had no time, but we did exchange phone numbers.

A time away for pleasure and business followed. It included a very exciting experience at a male strip club in Montreal, where my wife had a tete-a-tete with a gorgeous cock just an inch away from her lips. That fuelled our cravings and made her realize that there are beautiful and big cocks out there for her to enjoy. Upon our return, I asked my wife if she wants us to reconnect with our friend from the flirting party when we get back to Chicago. She eagerly agreed. I texted him, and we set up a date for the evening after our return.

On a chilly Saturday, April 29, 2017, we meet at a small, but classy Irish pub. We talk and laugh a lot. After a while, it is mostly him and my wife talking as I was retreating into subspace. The world around me slows down as I am observing their conversation. I don’t see her falling for him big time, but she is aroused and attracted to the idea of having sex with him. Soon enough we conclude that we should move our meeting to his place.

Once there, we sit on his sofa with my wife in the middle. She is facing him, her back to me. It is so obvious that she wants him, that she doesn’t care so much about me right now. They share stories of their past sexual escapades. He did have some experience with cuckold couples. She had a lot going on the side while steady with her previous partners…

Due to the chilly room temperature, he throws a blanket over her and himself. They continue talking as I watch his hand move to her knee and very slow crawl. I feel falling deeper and deeper into subspace. My body is cold, my heart racing.

And finally, my wife playfully complains, “You know, you are the first person who touches me down there, without kissing me first.”

“Then kiss me!” he replies

“You kiss me!” she replies and smiles at him. He knows now that he scored big time. Sex is going to happen!

He grabs her neck and glues his lips to hers. That kicks off a very hot make-out session. His hands move greedily all over her soft, sweet body. I caress her back and kiss her neck to let her know that everything is okay on my side and that I am very certain that I am going to be her very happy cuckold.

Things heat up! She straddles his lap, and they continue to kiss. He pulls the top of her dress and bra down to expose her boobs. As he sucks on her nipples, she pushes her warm, soft flesh into his face. Instinctively I move down behind her and remove her tights, realizing at the same time, that right now I am giving my wife to him. I help him take her and make me a cuckold.

“What are you doing?” She turns to look at me with an expression mixed with surprise and arousal. She helps me take the tights off nonetheless.

“I am helping you, Ma’am,” is what I manage to answer.

My stomach is now reduced to a tiny black hole. I am dizzy, hot, and cold at the same time. Once her thighs are bare, her lover doesn’t waste any time. His hand moves between her legs push her panties aside and starts rubbing her pussy. His face lights up in delight when he realizes how wet She is for him. I don’t remember if he fingers her right there, but very quickly, he suggests that we should move this to the bedroom.

There it’s a lot warmer. My wife follows him, and I follow her. As she starts getting onto the bed, I reach and pull down her panties. She gives me the “What are you doing again”-look, but he pulls her to him, and they go on making out passionately. Piece by piece their clothes are coming off. I help her get off her dress. He takes off her bra and feasts on her body. She enjoys his loving attention immensely! Having a new set of hands touch her, a new set of lips kiss her, and a very obviously hard cock lust for her, make Her very happy and aroused. And even better, her loving husband is right there, watching and helping!

After all the conversations, stories, and fantasies we shared during the last year about Her experiencing a real man’s cock and the experience in the male strip club, where She came face to face with a very big and very hard shaft, my wife was very curious and eager to see her lover’s cock. Especially since he hinted that he is well equipped.

Finally, she pushes down his trunks, and there it is, her first extramarital cock! It is not incredibly long, but pretty thick, circumcised, and with a drift to the left. She holds it in her hand, and I can see that she is exploding with curiosity and lust. She wants his cock so much!

They lay down, and he spoons her, kissing her shoulders and massaging her boobs, while she holds tightly to his cock. I lean in, and we kiss. I kiss my wife, as she is jerking off a cock that will soon be inside her! It is such a beautiful moment. It gives me the feeling that no matter what happens here tonight, I will still be her devoted husband and she will be my dominant wife.

I realize how awkward it is that I am still dressed while they both are naked. “I don’t want to be the weirdo with his clothes still on,” I say as I step off the bed and start undressing.

My wife turns around, kisses her lover, and then moves quickly down between his legs. He repeatedly gasps for the next 10 minutes as she takes his cock between her soft and puffy lips. She is doing a great job and manages to look so adorable at the same time!

As she keeps sucking his hardening cock, she gets into a doggy-style position that gives me full access to her from behind. After kissing her butt for a while, I get up and push pollito (my little penis that is not allowed to be called cock) inside her. And there was a new one! Sucking on a big cock, while being fucked by her husband.

“Do you like having two cocks inside you at the same time?” Her lover asks.

“YES!” She exclaims and goes on sucking his thick cock.

After my initial, enthusiastic thrusts I have to slow down to an almost halt as I underestimated my arousal. Within less than a minute, I am ready to shoot. But cumming is out of the question for me this night. So, I keep mostly inside her moving very, very slowly and watching her give her lover a delicious blowjob.

“Let’s switch now,” he says and gets on his knees. In a very swift and dominant move, he turns her around. His big cock stands out now and is very impressive. He takes hold of her butt and is getting close to entering her!

At that moment and with great effort I object and ask him to put on a condom. Although she is on the pill, we don’t know where his cock spends the other nights… That is a bit of a turn-off for him, but he takes the condom I hand him and puts it on. In the meantime, she comes close, and we kiss. I can taste his precum on her lips. It is unexpected, hot, and salty!

He lets himself fall backward and grabs my wife on the way down. He really has a way to move her into position really fast. She is on top of him now. Without further ado, he places his big cock at the entrance of her pussy and pushes himself inside of her. It IS concluded! With a deep moan and many gasps, my wife receives her first real man’s cock and makes me her cuckold.

He fucks her slowly. They kiss. They lock eyes and smile at each other. She leans up and gyrates her hips, enjoying the feeling of a new cock inside her. This goes on for a while, as I sit beside them watching.

She looks over at me and asks, “Is this what you wanted, honey?”

“Yes,” I reply and move close. We kiss as he moves inside her and plays with her boobs.

“I love you,” I whisper. And she whispers it back.

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Her lover moves her onto her back and mounts her. She holds her legs open very wide and receives him with lust. As he pounds her harder and deeper, She starts moaning louder and louder. She reaches out and takes hold of my hand. I am in cuckold heaven! I fantasized so long about this moment, but I never thought that it would be this awesomely amazing; she is fucked really well by her lover, while lovingly holding hands with her cuckold husband. She is my perfect wife!

When he picks up the pace, he brings her close to cumming. When that happens, her pussy starts contracting, and it’s close to impossible for the guy not to cum. So, he does. She hugs and holds him as he shoots his load into the rubber.

When he catches his breath, he climbs off her and rests. My wife turns her body immediately toward me.

“Get inside me. I want to see how you feel.” She directs me. I am humming my agreement and push pollito inside her. It makes her giggle.

“How does it feel?”

“Very loose,” I reply as I start moving slowly in and out, realizing how close I already am within seconds! She is teasing me about my little penis, that she can hardly feel me inside her. I felt embarrassed and aroused to no end. My freshly fucked wife is telling me how small I am right in front of her lover. And I love it!

When she leans over and starts sucking on his cock again, I almost shoot my load. I have to pull out urgently! And then to my surprise, completely instinctively I stop my orgasm by clenching my PC muscles. Amazed and proud of my achievement, I decided to go down on her instead. What a nice oral trio we are! She sucks him hard again, and I give her a mini orgasm with my tongue.

Soon enough he enters her again. She is on her back and rests her head on my lap. It is such a lovely sight, seeing him penetrate her. Unfortunately, he is too exhausted and stops soon after. Instead, he goes down on her as well. He licks and fingers her with gusto. He is doing it right as she squeezes her fingernails into my arms and tries to keep her screams low.

That was it. We hang out for another half hour, talking and watching SNL, before taking our leave. On the 40 minute-ride home, we declare our love for each other repeatedly. We share how good we felt. What a proud cuckold I am. How happy she is that I am into this. How much bigger his cock was, how he filled her pussy so much better, how she felt the void every time he pulled out, how she would like to feel his cum inside her…

At home, as usual, I help her undress, get into her pajamas, and we fell asleep right away, with the smell of sex on our bodies.

The End.


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