My Son Edward 2

By hotpastdawn.

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Part 2…

Having practiced medicine for almost 15 years, I could lose my medical license for what transpired today. I honestly don’t care. No one of any consequence will ever find out anyway. My patient today has given me the perfect opportunity to fulfill one of my deepest, darkest sexual fantasies.

The complete sexual domination and humiliation of a young male with a small penis. His name is Edward.

Before I recount today’s events, I must first tell you some details about his mother. I met Linda in college when we were roommates in the dorm. She was a timid and somewhat comely young woman. Oh, and she had a fantastic body. She was sexually inexperienced upon arriving at college, but that quickly changed.

I detected a strong but latent sexual submissiveness in her. She was attracted to boys and was spellbound by the stories I told her about my sexual experiences with them. Despite her heterosexuality, I began furtively seducing her. I am bisexual, and it was not long until I introduced her to the joys of Sapphic sexual pleasure with me.

Our lovemaking and sexual explorations with each other in the privacy of our dorm room gave her a great deal of sexual confidence with men as well. By the time we graduated, I had turned her into a slut that craved cock, huge ones. We had become best friends, too.

I had created her in my image.

I went on to medical school. Linda fell in love and got married. Her husband had what Linda had always needed – a strong and dominant masculine personality with an extremely large cock. I reveled with her for marrying such a man, but I began to seduce her once again toward a new potential sexual pleasure.

As the years went by, I had turned her on to the idea of a threesome with her husband, a threesome that included me. Soon we began having them regularly. He loves the attention of two women. He enjoys watching Linda, and I make love while he watches.

I love being fucked by that enormous cock of his. I love the taste of his cum. Linda loves watching the things he does to her and me.

“I need your help. It’s Edward. Something’s wrong. I think he should see you. Can we have lunch so that I can give you the details?”


We met for lunch last Saturday. Linda and I have very few secrets between us, given the close sexual history that we shared and continue to share. Nevertheless, she was initially hesitant to tell me what transpired between her and her son in their bathroom that night.

She felt guilty about it. I was aroused upon hearing it. Very aroused.

“Is there any way to make him, you know, bigger?” she asked, her maternal instincts being her primary motivation.

“No, my dear,” I replied. “But you know you came to the right person to help him. What I will offer him is not medical but that I first awakened in you when we shared a room in college. He must be awakened to his true nature. You know this is true.”

She started to weep. I caressed her cheek and briefly kissed her lips softly.

“You know you want this, don’t you? You know that this must be done for him to live a happy life.” She slowly nodded her head yes but wept nevertheless. I told her, “You must trust me in this and do everything I instruct you to do for his journey to be successful.”

As we began to leave, I told her to bring him to my medical practice office after hours on Friday of the following week. I would perform my examinations of him with no one else in the office to interrupt us. I would have plenty of time to perform the session I had fantasized about doing to a young male with a small penis like him for many years.


“Hello, Edward. Please disrobe completely and stand next to that table in preparation for your examination,” I commanded him when he walked into the exam room.

He was extremely nervous, trembling even. He inquired if he would be wearing a gown to obscure his nudity. I told him they only encumbered and delayed the examination of my patients since they would be removed anyway. As I sat down in a chair facing his direction, he shyly asked if I would watch him undress. I told him that I had no other tasks to perform in the meantime. I had already made all of the preparations for his exam. I would eventually see his nude body anyway. He disrobed slowly, turning his back toward me in a feeble attempt to delay the revelation of his shame. His hands covered his genitals when he turned back to face me again. He was still trembling and avoided all eye contact with me.

I stood up and approached him. I wore my white medical coat to emphasize my authority over him in the room. I wore a black pencil skirt and white silk, a low-cut blouse. My heels added two inches to my height, making me easily six inches taller than him.

“Edward, why are you here to see me today? What is the emergency that your mother has asked me to see you after my business hours?”

He remained silent, hesitant to answer.

“Edward, I am a medical doctor. You are also an adult, and I expect you to answer my questions promptly and truthfully. Perhaps if I brought your mother in to observe this examination, you might be more inclined to act your age -”

“Please, ma’am, don’t bring her in here,” he interrupted.

“Then tell me why you are here.”

“It’s… my penis.”

“Is it missing? Have you misplaced it? Or is it broken? What could be the issue with your penis that requires urgency?”

“It’s… small. Really small.”

“Has your mother observed this small penis of yours?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Then remove your hands from obscuring my view of it. Allow me to examine it myself,” I whispered, my tone slightly less commanding. He slowly complied. “Please place your hands behind your next and interlock your fingers. Stand with your best posture so I can fully observe your anatomy.”

As he stood there, hands behind his neck as directed, I saw it for the first time. It was just as Linda had described. Edward’s body physique was trim for a male of 19 years. He was lean; he was not muscular, but he was toned. His belly and pelvis were flush with one another. The daintiest little pink mushrooms appeared attached to his pelvis where a cock should ordinarily be.

He barely had a scrotum at all, at least what I could tell from my viewing angle. Not a single pubic hair was present anywhere down there.

I reached down and gently took his tiny glans between my ungloved thumb and index finger. A small bead of pre-cum emerged from his urethra in response. “Yes, I see the problem, Edward. This is going to require a much more extensive examination. I need you to hop up on the edge of this examination table. Lean back while keeping your butt as close to the edge as possible. These two devices at the corners of the table are called stirrups. I want you to pull your knees toward your chest and rest your legs in them so I can more easily complete my examination.”

His terror was palpable. His eyes were wide, his face a bright blush of crimson. “Quickly,” I urge, “I should be home eating dinner. Please do not waste my time. Return your hands to the position behind your neck and do not move them for any reason, no matter what sensations you experience in the next few minutes.”

After he had assumed the position of greatest vulnerability for a young male in the presence of an older and more mature woman, nude and in examination stirrups, I began moving my fingers around his pelvis and scrotum. I was ‘feeling’ to give him the sense that I was indeed giving him a medical examination. I most definitely was not.

“Edward, I see you have grown hair under your arms and legs. You should have pubic hair around your little penis. Do you remove it for some reason?” Linda had already informed me why he shaved it, but I wanted to hear him say it.

“It gets in the way when I pee because I’m so small, and it’s longer than… it.”

“Your pubic hair is longer than your penis? So it gets in the way?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“That’s a plausible reason to remove it, of course,” I replied.

The soft touch of my still, ungloved fingers migrated down to his scrotum. His scrotum was indeed very small. It was not a sack-like most men carried their large testicles in. It was like a flesh-colored hemisphere or small cup pressed against his body. His testicles first eluded my fingers when I tried to find them. I rolled each of them between my fingers in examination and palpated them. They were the size of small seedless grapes.

“Yes, these are unacceptably small as well. You have a severe case of hypogonadism.”

He was turning an even brighter shade of crimson. His tiny little pink mushroom was weeping pre-cum despite still being in a flaccid state.

“Edward, I understand your reason for removing the pubic hair from around your glans. Why do you also remove it here?” I asked as I caressed his scrotum. “Why do you remove it here?” I asked as my fingers moved to caress his bare perineum. “Why do you remove it from around here?” I asked as a single finger encircled his anus.

He pursed his eyes even tighter upon hearing my questions.

“Do you choose to be hairless because you like how your little penis and testicles look in the mirror? Could that be it? Perhaps you secretly want a woman to see how tiny your little penis and testicles are…”

Suddenly his glans and pelvic floor muscle twitched. The little mushroom began to rise away from his body. In less than ten seconds, he was fully erect. I had thought it ludicrous of Linda when she said she had been enamored by a small penis, given her love of such large cocks. At that moment, I understood. It was the most precious of tiny male organs I had ever beheld with my own eyes. Now extended away from his body, his little mushroom had grown slightly. Its stalk, the lithe shaft of his penis, was no thicker than my skinny feminine thumb, just as Linda had described. The entirety of his little organ, including its glans, was less than three inches in length.

“Most unfortunate,” I said. “unfortunate that your erection is so small compared to other men. It has to be the smallest penis I’ve ever seen in my career.”

His humiliation was almost complete, but not quite. I had one final fantasy to act out with him. I moved over to a counter in the room where medical supplies sat. I donned a single latex glove on my hand, allowing it to snap against my wrist while putting it on audibly. This got his attention; he opened his eyes and looked directly at me.

“To rule out any additional abnormalities, I need to examine the health and structure of your little prostate,” I said as I began liberally lubricating my gloved index finger.

I placed an additional and very generous dollop of the lube onto the pad of that finger. As I returned to the examination table, I saw the utter horror on his face. I pressed the glob of lube on my finger against his anus and began a circular motion.

“Edward, your instinct will be to clinch and prevent my penetration of you. I want you to make a conscious effort to be receptive to receiving me inside of you. When you feel my finger begin to press, I want you to bear down as if you are attempting to move your bowels, exhale, and allow yourself to submit to my authority. I remind you – do not remove your hands from behind your neck for any reason.”

My lubricated finger easily penetrated his anus. He had wholly surrendered the last of his young masculinity to me in the process. Then slowly, I began to finger fuck his little back door. His little erection was rigid, and his pre-cum flowed freely from it.

“Do you find this sensation pleasurable, Edward? It is an important metric of my examination, and I need you to be completely honest with me.”

“Yes, ma’am,” he whispered in response.

“Excellent. I thought as much.”

I spent the next five minutes finger fucking him, the tip of my finger occasionally brushing against his prostate. Then I examined it thoroughly, pressing and massaging the lobes of either side of it. I took his little pink mushroom between the thumb and finger of my ungloved hand and pulled it back slightly toward me to observe it. A tiny white bead of prostatic fluid had emerged. I was most surprised to discover that his engorged prostate was larger than most men. I suspected it held a treasure within it, a prize I was determined to reveal.

“As I suspected, abnormally small,” I lied.

He grunted. “Ugh, I feel like I need to pee.”

“Remain perfectly still, no matter what happens. Please keep your hands as they are. There’s one final observation I need to make.”

That’s when I began massaging his prostate in earnest. I started making tiny circles with my thumb against the dainty frenulum of this glans.

“Please… no… no…” he murmured.

Then it happened. His prostate suddenly contracted violently and was accompanied by a long, brilliant white arc of his young seed that flew upward across his body and landed on his chin. His prostate contracted a dozen more times rapidly, each accompanied by another white string that landed on his chest or stomach. Each time he ejaculated, his anus clamped down on my finger like an iron vice as I returned to finger fucking him through his orgasm. Finally, it subsided. He was quiet, wordless, humiliated. Yet his humiliation by me was still not complete. I removed my glove, moved to the side of the table, and took the semen on his chin onto my finger. I put my finger in my open mouth, wrapped my lips around it, and slowly withdrew it.

“As I suspected, your semen is both tasteless and impotent.” I took the same finger, drew it through some of the semen on his chest, and collected it. “Open your mouth, Edward. Suck this off my finger and tell me if you think a woman would find this the least masculine and delicious.”

He complied with my command, and I repeated this action until he had consumed every drop.

“I’m going to recommend an experimental procedure to your mother, Edward,’ I said. “She will be the one that ensures your compliance. It’s been shown to increase a male’s penis size in extreme circumstances like yours. You are to masturbate to ejaculation twice daily, each morning and each night, before you go to bed. You are to ejaculate into this small vial I am sending you home. Your mother will record the quantity in milliliters and make notes about the force of your ejaculations and description of the semen expelled regarding its color, texture, and viscosity. Then you will consume it while she watches. Evidence shows that when a male consumes semen, it stimulates additional growth in penile and testicular tissue. We will have to see if it works in your case. You will do this for a month, and then I will repeat this examination to determine if there are any changes to your size. I suspect a minimum of one year will be necessary before any noticeable results are noticed.”

“You mean… my mother has to watch? Watch me masturbate? Watch me… eat my sperm?”

“Indeed, Edward. This ensures the validity of the data and your compliance. It is important that you not expel any of your semen between these prescribed emissions, but I will speak with your mother regarding something that will help prevent you from cheating.”

As I told him all this, he was still on his back and in the stirrups. His shame was almost complete. Almost.

“Edward, there is a remote possibility that, given how small your penis and testicles are and how weak your seed tastes, we might have to rely on an outside donor, perhaps even occasionally. We may have to augment the consumption of your own with that of a very virile and masculine male, and it rapidly loses its potency once his penis expels it. That necessitates its consumption to be quick, even immediate. The best results have been documented when consumed as it is ejaculated with no exposure to atmospheric air.”

His face with ashen. His eyes closed. He knew which sexual act I was implying he might have to perform. You would think that, at that moment, I would have considered his humiliation complete. It wasn’t. It occurred in the moments that followed when I looked down the length of his body and saw his tiny little penis again erect.


To Be Continued…?


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