College Visit Goes Wrong (Gay SPH)

By somebody123.

Collin sometimes felt like he was king of the world. As the captain of his college soccer team and vice president of his fraternity, Collin loved his senior year of college. At 22 years old, he was tall, athletic, and handsome. The ladies loved him, and he had no problem finding dates or hookups as one of the hottest guys in school.

Collin had model-good looks at 6’3″, with blond hair and blue eyes. He’d slept with plenty of sorority babes during his four years of school and had recently started dating a steady girlfriend. Even though he was no longer single, he remained cocky and confident.

It was mid-January when Collin received a call from the admissions office.

“Would you be willing to host a prospective student? We’ve run out of rooms and would pay you $100 to host someone for a weekend.”

Collin considered the offer and thought it was a good deal. Ever since starting to date Lizzie–his sexy, fun, soccer-playing girlfriend–the college senior had been strapped for cash. Even if hosting a pre-freshman meant he’d have to forego sex for a weekend and deal with some annoying teenager, Collin thought it would be well worth a hundred bucks.

“Sure thing,” he told the admissions office. “I’ll do it.”

Collin had no clue that this decision would forever change his life.


Two Fridays later, Collin had a full day of classes and soccer practice in the afternoon. As the team captain, Collin played as an attacking midfielder and ran and hustled more than anyone else. He always worked up a sweat, scored the most goals, and had the most assists of anyone on the team. Collin was universally admired and liked by his teammates, except for Antonio. As an attacking midfielder, Antonio was jealous of Collin and was gunning for his team spot. But as a sophomore, Antonio was typically forced to sit on the bench and watch as his pretty boy teammate scored countless goals and repeatedly hogged the spotlight.

Collin was so engrossed in practice that he almost forgot his commitment to host a prospective student. Heading back to the locker room, he rushed to shower and ran to the admissions office to pick up his pre-freshman and–more importantly–the $100 check.

Collin had assumed that the admissions office would assign him to host a jock or athlete like himself. Instead, the boy they paired with looked like he had never worked out a day.

“Hey there, I’m Trent,” he said.

Collin shook his hand and couldn’t help but notice how skinny he was. At 5’7″ with short, curly brown hair, and greenish eyes, Trent was far shorter than Collin, with no muscles to speak of. His clothes were baggy, and he looked like Collin’s little brother, who was just a sophomore in high school.

“How old are you?” Collin asked, shocked by this kid’s appearance.

“I’m 19! I look young but took a gap year and graduated high school a year ago.”

Despite his scrawny appearance, Trent had a handsome face and a boyish but confident smile. Collin grabbed his bag, and the two started walking across campus. The tall, muscular jock led the way while what looked like his little brother followed behind him.

“So, what do you do for fun around here?” Trent asked.

“I play soccer, I’m in a fraternity, and I attend many parties.”

“Damn, that sounds fun!” the pre-freshman said excitedly. “I’m not convinced that this is the college for me, but I also couldn’t turn down a free trip. Plus, I’m sure there will be plenty of good pussy this weekend.”

‘What?’ Collin thought. ‘It was presumptuous of this scrawny kid to think he’d be getting any action from college girls, even if he was 19.’

“Hahaha, bro, I’m not sure about that. But I’ll at least take you to some parties so you can try.”

“Let’s do it!” Trent said cockily.

Collin laughed and admired this little guy’s courage. He imagined that Trent would strike out with all the girls, but at least he could try, and Collin would get his hundred bucks.


After dropping off Trent’s bags, the college senior and the pre-freshman went to eat at the college cafeteria with Collin’s girlfriend.

Lizzie was drop-dead gorgeous. At 5’7″ with silky brown hair and olive-toned skin, she was voluptuous and sexy in all the right places. She was out of Collin’s league until he became captain of the soccer team and finally dared to ask her out. Their sex life was incredible, and Collin never ceased to be amazed by Lizzie’s full and sexy breasts, her tantalizingly beautiful face, or her skills in bed. She was fun, kinky in the sack, and had a bright and sparkling personality on campus. She was Collin’s dream girlfriend, and he felt proud showing her off to the short and skinny prospective freshman.

Even though Lizzie was a 12 out of 10, Trent didn’t seem nervous around her. He confidently and assertively asked about her hobbies and what she liked to do on campus. Trent asked her how she liked her college experience, what she was passionate about, and what she hoped to do after graduating.

Trent then started talking and bragging about himself. He spoke about his year living abroad in Berlin and some trips he made across Europe. He spoke of the museums in Vienna, the mountains of Northern Italy, and the seedy clubs he went to in Copenhagen. Since Lizzie had also studied abroad in Europe, she seemed interested in Trent’s stories, and the two leaned closer in conversation. Having never been to the continent, Collin felt left out and like he wasn’t part of the conversation.

“I love Cassis!” Lizzie cooed. “They simply have the best beaches there.”

“Cannes was wonderful too!” Trent replied. “And I loved all the nude beaches.”

“Hahahaha, I loved the nude beaches too!”

“I can’t imagine you being left alone for a minute on those beaches. You must’ve gotten so much attention!” Trent said.

“No way,” Lizzie said, chuckling.

“I’m serious. All the Europeans must have swooned over you!”

Collin shifted uncomfortably, surprised and peeved that this scrawny 19-year-old was so openly flirting with his drop-dead-gorgeous girlfriend.

“Hahaha, you are TOO much!” Lizzie teased playfully.

“Well, that’s what everyone at the nude beach told me too!” Trent said. “They wouldn’t keep their hands off me!”

Lizzie laughed loudly at what she assumed was a joke, and Collin nervously joined his girlfriend in laughter.

“And I’ll tell you what, the French sure know how to fuck,” Trent continued.

“Okay, little guy, I think that’s enough,” Collin said. He’d already let this scrawny pre-freshman flirt with his girlfriend for too long and wanted to change the conversation. “Should we go pre-game before the party?”

“Let’s do it! And I can tell you more stories of some fun and sexy ménage à trois later,” Trent said, winking at Lizzie.

The senior sorority babe blushed and laughed at the skinny pre-freshman. He looked so young and skinny and the opposite of her studly boyfriend in every way, but there was something cute and endearing about his handsome face.

“Looking forward to hearing those stories!” she said flirtatiously. “But first, I need some tequila!”


The three of them returned to Collin’s room, where he poured each of them a tequila shot. After their shots, he poured them tequila sodas to get ready for the frat party. But while Collin was making drinks, Trent and Lizzie kept chatting about Europe.

While Lizzie had studied abroad there, it sounded like all Trent did was drink, party, and fuck. He constantly talked about all the different countries he went to and made it sound like he’d somehow managed to have sex in every one.

“The underground clubs in Berlin were so kinky,” Trent explained. “I went to some swingers’ clubs where men were begging me to fuck their wives.”

Collin and Lizzie nearly spit out their drinks in laughter, assuming Trent was still a virgin and making up stories to impress them.

“Oh yeah, I bet all the German wives were obsessed with your ginormous cock,” Lizzie said jokingly.

“They were!” Trent replied with all the hubris and confidence of a teenage boy. “It was hard to keep people off me in all the nude saunas too.”

Collin was annoyed that Trent wouldn’t take a hint and kept talking about himself like he was some kind of sexual king.

“Trent, it’s okay if you felt embarrassed–you don’t need to make up stories,” he said.

“Trust me, bro, I am NOT making up stories,” Trent replied. “The sex in Europe was fucking incredible.”

Feeling exasperated, Collin stood up quickly to make another drink. But he must’ve moved too fast since he spilled Lizzie’s drink all over himself.

“FUCK!” Collin yelled.

“Calm down, honey,” Lizzie urged. “It’s no big deal. Just change your shorts.”

Since they were already in his room, Collin went to his dresser and pulled out another pair of shorts. Unbuttoning his pair, he dropped them to the floor and stood in front of his girlfriend and Trent wearing a pair of black Calvin Klein boxer briefs. Collin was about to pull on his shorts when he realized that his underwear was soaking wet too. ‘Fuck!’ he thought. Reopening the dresser, Collin pulled out another pair of underwear. But since he hadn’t done laundry in a while, the only pair he had left was a white jockstrap that he sometimes wore while playing soccer. Facing away from Trent and Lizzie, Collin started pulling down his black boxer briefs.

“Woo, woo!” Trent yelled while looking at Collin’s butt.

Collin must have been tipsier than he realized because Trent’s comment made him lose his balance. Instead of kicking away his boxer briefs, he tripped over them and stumbled backward, falling ass-first onto the floor between Lizzie and Trent.

Suddenly and embarrassingly, Collin found himself butt-ass naked on his dorm room floor, with his penis and balls prominently displayed for his girlfriend and prospective student to see.

There was a long, awkward silence as everyone realized what had happened and looked down at Collin’s dick.

“Damn, dude,” Trent said, speaking first. “You would NOT want to go to the European nude beaches or saunas with that little thing.”

“That’s mean!” Lizzie snapped, defending her boyfriend. “It’s just shriveled right now and gets a lot bigger!”

“Well, I sure hope so!” Trent laughed. “It looks like a little kid dick.”

Sprawled out awkwardly on the floor, Collin’s cock certainly wasn’t at a flattering angle. Fully flaccid and shrunken, it looked practically tiny on his tall and muscular body. Even his balls looked puny and almost as small as grapes.

“Trust me–Colin is more of a man than you’ll ever be,” Lizzie said.

Trent just smiled and ignored her comment, and he reached out a hand to help Collin up. Even though he was short and skinny, Trent helped lift the college senior off the floor and return him to his feet. Still exposed, with his little penis and balls hanging out, Collin hurriedly slipped on his jock strap.

Falling on his ass right in front of Lizzie and Trent had been an embarrassing ordeal, but he put it out of his mind as he downed a tequila shot and looked forward to the party and the rest of the night ahead.


Collin’s fraternity threw some of the best parties on campus and had the hottest guys. Nearly half the soccer team were members, including Collin, and the frat had a bunch of football players, hockey bros, and lax bros. These guys liked to dominate their rivals in sports while also partying HARD every weekend. Lizzie and Collin were pretty tipsy from the tequila when they arrived at the party, and Trent seemed to be holding his liquor well for a pre-freshman. All the drinking in Europe had seemed to help. As vice president of the fraternity, Collin quickly saw all his friends and started chatting with them, while Trent and Lizzie kept talking about living abroad. Lizzie eventually snuck away from the cocky 19-year-old and found her friends from her sorority. But Trent followed her and confidently introduced himself to all the sorority girls he could find.

“I’m Trent,” he said proudly. “I’m here visiting, and y’all look sexy.”

The girls laughed as Trent tried to flirt with them awkwardly. He looked so young and skinny that they were shocked by his confidence, but some of them flirted and played along.

“Are you even old enough to drink?” one teased.

“I’ve been drinking since I was fourteen and can hold my own,” Trent said.

“You think you’ll go to college here?” another said.

“With sexy babes like you, how could I say no?”

The girls all laughed and walked away. Trent seemed like an annoying little nerd, and the girls were surprised that Collin would even bring him to the party.

As the night raged on, people at the party got increasingly drunk and started playing beer pong. As a three-year veteran of the fraternity, Collin was the best beer pong player in the frat, and Lizzie suggested that they all play together.

“I love beer pong!” Trent screamed, barging in.

Collin didn’t want this scrawny 19-year-old to join their beer pong game, but he also couldn’t think of an excuse to say no.

“I’m in, too!” said another sorority girl who was best friends with Lizzie.

Like Collin’s girlfriend, Rachel was stunningly gorgeous and a senior in college. She was also a cheerleader and supported Collin from the sidelines at numerous soccer games. But despite their connection, Collin and Rachel had never had sex. He had always fantasized about it and thought about her green eyes, light brown hair, and voluptuous figure with DD breasts, but they’d never had a chance to hook up.

Trent had been trying to hit on both Lizzie and Rachel all night and was excited about the game. “Let’s play strip pong!” he screamed.

The girls both laughed at Trent’s absurd suggestion. He wanted to see them naked, but it was obvious that both girls were far outside his league. Collin, too found Trent’s proposal ridiculous, but he also felt confident that he would win as one of the best pong players on campus.

“Come on. It’ll be fun!” Trent urged.

Both Rachel and Lizzie looked at each other and laughed. They were so drunk that they didn’t immediately reject Trent’s proposal, but they weren’t persuaded by it either.

“What’s in it for us?” Rachel teased.

“If you win, we’ll both be naked and be your servants for the rest of the night,” Trent said.

“And if you win, you can put your clothes back on after we’re done.”

Everyone laughed at Trent’s absurd proposal. The pre-freshman was desperate to see the girls naked, willing to sacrifice his humiliation for the rest of the night. At 5’7″ with no muscle definition, Trent was short and skinny, and everyone at the party assumed that he didn’t have much going on in his shorts. Despite all of Trent’s bragging, Lizzie and Collin were also sure of this and thought it’d be weird but humorous for this kid to have to be naked for the rest of the party.

Collin was also confident that he would win since he was the best pong player. Despite his three-year-long crush on Rachel, he’d never seen her naked. And while he didn’t want everyone in the frat house to see his sexy girlfriend Lizzie in the buff, at least she’d be able to put back on her clothes after she lost.

“Okay, you’re on,” Lizzie said. “Rachel and I will be on a team!”

“You’re going down, honey,” Collin joked.

“I hope you boys are ready to be naked for the rest of the night,” Rachel teased.

“Oh, I am. Just you wait,” Trent said, smiling. His first college frat party was going exactly as he’d hoped.


Several other frat bros and sorority girls watched as the three seniors and the pre-freshman started playing pong. Collin sunk three balls immediately, forcing Lizzie and Rachel to drink two beers and take off their shirts. Trent openly gawked as he saw Lizzie and Rachel’s bras coming into focus, with their large boobs nearly spilling out.

“Stop drooling,” Collin joked, even though he too was turned on by the sight.

Lizzie then went and missed twice but hit a single shot, forcing Trent to chug a beer.

Trent happily gulped it down and missed three times. “Oh fuck,” Collin thought. “This kid is seriously bad at beer pong.”

“Just a little rusty, but I’ll get better the more I drink!” Trent joked. In truth, he had missed all three shots on purpose.

Rachel hit two balls and missed a third, forcing Colin to chug a beer and both boys to take off their shirts.

The contrast between Collin and Trent couldn’t have been more stark. At 6’3″, the senior soccer stud towered over the teenage kid by eight inches and was much taller and more muscular than him. While Trent’s body was skinny and lean, Collin’s was toned and ripped, complete with an eight-pack and baseball-sized biceps.

Collin went next and once again sunk all three shots. He was genuinely carrying his team and caused the girls to chug another beer and take off their skirts. Lizzie and Rachel were now in their sexy bras and lingerie and seemed on track to lose. All the guys in the frat house seemed delighted that these two sexy babes might soon be naked.

But Lizzie went next and somehow sunk two of her shots, causing both boys to chug another beer. They were all feeling the effects of alcohol at this point, and Collin seemed exceptionally buzzed.

Trent tried again and once again came up empty. His shots weren’t close as he deliberately tried to miss the beer cups.

“FUCK!” Collin yelled, annoyed at his partner. “You suck at beer pong.”

Trent and the girls laughed as it was Rachel’s next turn.

This time, Rachel hit two of her shots, leading the boys to strip off their shorts and drink another beer. Trent happily pulled off his cargo shorts to reveal a pair of blue plaid boxers. Collin took off his basketball shorts more reluctantly to show his white soccer jockstrap.

“Woo woo!” one of Collin’s frat boys yelled.

“Looking good, bro–look at that ass!” another joked.

Both girls smiled as they saw this sexy soccer senior stud in only his jockstrap. His bulge wasn’t much in truth, it barely showed, but Collin had a great body and ass that the girls couldn’t help but admire.

It was Collin’s turn next, and all he had to do was make all three of his shots to win the game and get the girls completely naked. He’d sunk all three shots during each of his previous turns and felt confident he would complete the hat trick again.

But as he aimed, Trent slapped Collin’s ass, and the senior soccer stud missed the shot. “What the fuck, man?”

Collin looked over at the scrawny pre-freshman and couldn’t believe that he’d caused him to miss. He was so angry, but his frat bros were loving it and cackling that the pre-freshman had just smacked his teammate’s bare ass.

Collin tried to compose himself and made the next two shots, leading the girls to drink another beer and take off their bras. It was a moment that every guy in the frat house had been waiting for, and the senior babes’ bare chests were worth waiting for. Lizzie’s breasts were stunning and firm, and Rachel’s were even rounder and more voluptuous. Several guys had hard-ons just by looking at them, and Trent and Collin were enraptured by the sight.

Fully naked above the waist, Lizzie was the next to go. If she made a single shot, the game would be over, and both the boys would be naked for the rest of the night.

She missed the first shot. Then the second one.

Lizzie looked long and hard at both boys before her third shot. Collin was her tall, handsome, and ripped boyfriend. She didn’t necessarily want him to be naked for the rest of the night, but she wasn’t opposed to it either. Some of his frat bros had already seen him naked, and she didn’t mind showing off her boyfriend to her sorority friends either.

The little pre-freshman Trent had also been so cocky and arrogant all night. Lizzie assumed he’d lied about his dick size and sexual adventures in Europe, and she wouldn’t mind taking him down a notch.

So with everyone looking on, Lizzie aimed and sank her final shot. The game was over, and the girls had won.


Collin was stunned. He’d never before lost a beer pong match in his frat house and now had to pay up on an absurd bet made by this stupid pre-freshman. Even worse, Trent had been god-awful at beer pong and seemed to sabotage his team deliberately.

“Oldest goes first,” Trent said, again slapping Collin’s ass exposed by his jockstrap.

Collin looked around, feeling fuzzy from the alcohol, and noticed that everyone was staring at him for the first time. About ten of his frat bros and seven sorority girls looked on while Lizzie, Rachel, and Trent also stared in his direction.

Begrudgingly and reluctantly, Collin reached for the waistband of his jockstrap and started slowly pulling it down.

“WOOO WOOO!” one of his fraternity bros yelled.

“Strip it off!” screamed a girl.

Since Collin was tall, muscular, and ripped, most people at the party expected him to have a good-sized dick. But what he revealed was anything but.

Wearing a jockstrap and drinking lots of alcohol had shrunken Collin’s penis to its smallest state. As he lowered his white jock to the floor, his penis hung like a little acorn between his legs, not even covering his small-sized balls.

Silence filled the room as people soaked in the sight. Every guy in the room felt better about himself after seeing what Collin was packing. But every girl looked disappointed that this tall, muscular jock had such a small dick. It was barely two inches soft, and his balls were small too.

Collin’s only saving grace was the little 19-year-old pre-freshman, who now had to shuck off his baggy boxers. There was no bulge in Trent’s shorts, and everyone assumed that he had a tiny dick too, and maybe a micropenis that was even tinier than Collin.

Unlike the senior soccer stud, Trent danced to the music while stripping off, putting on a show for the crowd. He tugged at the waistband of his boxers, starting to show skin, then pulled them back up to tease the crowd.

Everyone assumed that he was embarrassed and scared to get naked in front of them, but this was the moment that Trent had been waiting for. He’d been trying to hit on sorority girls and get their attention all night, but no one would even give him the time of day. They’d each ignored him and blown him off, and treated him like some annoying kid brother.

Now that everyone was staring at him, Trent wanted to captivate them and change the course of the night. And as he slowly tugged down his boxer shorts one centimeter at a time, he made sure that it would be a night that none of them would ever forget.


Everyone was shocked by the time Trent’s boxers finally hit the floor. Even while fully flaccid, his cock was bigger than anything they had seen outside of porn and far bigger than anyone thought possible on Trent’s short and skinny body. It was thick too, with a significant amount of girth and heft, and swung low towards the floor. Trent had somehow hidden an anaconda in his shorts, while Collin had packed a little acorn, and the contrast between them could not have been more apparent. The pre-freshman completely dwarfed the college senior, stunning the room into silence.

Collin looked down and felt overwhelmed by the comparison before him. He knew he didn’t have the biggest dick on the soccer team, but he also didn’t think he had the smallest. Buzzed from the alcohol and cold air conditioning in the room, Collin’s cock looked much smaller than usual but had never looked quite so tiny and pathetic until it was side-by-side Trent’s massive flaccid cock.

Even soft, the kid was packing a monster, a porn-star-sized cock on a teenager’s body.

Collin felt dizzy and bewildered and once again noticed everyone staring at him. Trent seemed to smile, beam in the spotlight, and enjoy that everyone was staring at his colossal man meat. Ever since seeing the senior soccer stud naked hours before, Trent had known that the comparison between their cocks would be striking. But never in his wildest dreams did he imagine that his giant fuckstick could capture the attention of everyone in the room. All Trent wanted was to get some pussy on his first visit to the college, and now he commanded the respect of everyone in the room.

“What do you want us to do for you?” Trent said, breaking the silence and walking over to Rachel and Lizzie. “We’re your humble naked servants for the rest of the night,” he joked.

Collin shuttered as he remembered the terms of the bet. Not only was he currently more exposed and humiliated now than he had ever been, but he had a lot more to endure before the night was ever.

“Why don’t you sexy boys make us some drinks while we devise a plan?” Rachel winked.

Collin felt jealous and embarrassed that Rachel and his girlfriend were so openly staring at Trent’s cock, as was everyone else in the room. He tried to sneak off to the kitchen to make drinks, but to his utter dismay, Trent followed right after him and threw his arm around the older and taller soccer stud.

“Sorry about the pong game, man. We were so close!”

Collin said nothing as they walked to the kitchen, but behind them were two of Collin’s frat bros and best friends. Ben was the president of the fraternity, and Stephen was the treasurer. Both guys were seniors and total jock studs, just like Collin. Ben was captain of the hockey team, and Stephen played tennis. They’d been best friends with Collin for years but had never seen him naked.

“BRO — you did not tell us that your pre-freshman was hung like a horse!”

“DUDE — you should NOT be naked around him. He makes your cock look tiny.”

With his arm still around his shoulder, Trent stood even closer to Collin, so all the guys could take a closer look.

“This is absurd,” Ben added. “Let me take a picture.”

Collin watched with horror as his fraternity president, and best friend took a picture of him and Trent, forever capturing the disparate sizes of their dicks. Just minutes before, Collin had been one of the most respected jocks in the fraternity, the best beer pong player, and the frat’s vice president. He was an equal among his peers and quite popular with all the ladies.

But now the tables had turned, and Collin felt like a humiliated little boy in his own fraternity house. This had always been a safe space for him, a place where he was an alpha jock bro who vanquished foes at beer pong. But now, he was butt-ass naked for the rest of the night, and his penis still betrayed him as embarrassingly shrunken and small like a tube of chapstick.

While Collin and Trent were making drinks, several other guys and girls came up to them and snapped more pictures. Some shared it on Snapchat, and the absurd comparison between their cocks started to go viral.

Collin did not know what was being posted on the internet, nor did he want to know. Utterly humiliated by this situation, Collin’s dick seemed to shrink even smaller while Trent’s seemed to grow bigger and more full.

After finishing the drinks, the boys walked through a crowd of frat bros and sorority girls back to Rachel and Lizzie. The girls were once again shocked by the striking comparison and couldn’t believe that Trent’s massive mancock had somehow grown even bigger while Collin’s looked even more like a little boy’s.

“What do you want us to do for you?” Trent asked again.

“We want you both to dance for us on stage,” Lizzie replied.

Collin nearly spat out his drink. How could his girlfriend add to his humiliation and suggest that he dance naked with this not-so-little pipsqueak on stage?

“Noooo!” Collin moaned.

“Come on, man, that’s the bet. We have to do anything they ask!”

Collin couldn’t believe that the pre-freshman he was hosting put him in this terrible situation, but both Rachel and Lizzie insisted that he do it.

“Come on. Everyone has already seen you naked!” Rachel said. “What’s the worst that could happen?”


Collin chugged the rest of his drink before he got up on stage with Trent. He was beyond embarrassed to be butt-ass naked with this not-so-scrawny teenager, and his dick shriveled even more from the alcohol and cold AC. Somehow Trent’s dick didn’t seem phased by it, and he still flaunted his monster soft cock for the entire frat house to see. As Trent started dancing on stage, his big softie started swinging on stage, round and round in a circle. Collin began to dance, but his flaccid dick didn’t swing at all. It was so small that it barely moved side to side. Sorority girls hooted and hollered at the two dancing men as all of Collin’s frat bros also laughed and looked on. People took more pictures and videos, adding to the permanence of Collin’s humiliation.

As Collin looked over at Trent, he almost felt hypnotized by the teenager’s cock. It was so thick and massive and swinging side-to-side, just like a pendulum. As the music blared and Trent kept swinging his enormous man meat, no one could look away, including Collin. The college senior watched as the teenager’s huge schlong moved to the music, and Trent swayed side-to-side, happy, confident, and content. Collin looked out in the crowd and saw his friends, teammates, rivals, and sorority girls all staring at him on stage. He then looked at his girlfriend, Lizzie, and her best friend, Rachel, who had just put back on their bras over their incredible breasts.

Collin felt everyone staring at him and the alcohol wash over him, and then a feeling he dreaded. After being tiny and shriveled for so long, his penis finally woke up. Collin encouraged this feeling and tried to coax his penis to grow bigger without touching it. He thought of Rachel and Lizzie shirtless and how he wanted to fuck both of them that night. He thought of the other sorority girls he’d fucked in this frat house. But most of all, the thoughts he couldn’t get out of his mind revolved around Trent’s man cock.

As Collin’s eyes scanned the room, they kept returning to Trent’s massive man meat, swirling and circling side-to-side from the music. It was hypnotic, and Collin found his eyes feasting on the teenager’s huge, horse-hung cock. But to his dismay, Collin’s little penis kept growing and getting hard. It lifted off his grape-sized balls and started expanding towards the ceiling.

“WOO WOO!” one of his frat bros yelled. “Collin is getting hard!”

Collin wanted his penis to get bigger and fuller, but he didn’t mean getting fully erect. But in less than a minute, his cock went from being shriveled like an acorn to standing straight at attention for the entire room and frat house to see.

Trent saw what was happening to the senior soccer stud and kept dancing for the crowd. He noticed how many people in the room were gawking at his cock and kept swinging it side-to-side for all to see. Trent also moved closer to Collin until the pre-freshman and the college senior stood just inches apart. As Collin’s penis strained to the sky, Trent’s cock hung downwards, low to the floor.

Even while fully hard, Collin’s dick was barely bigger than his thumb and still looked like a little boy dicklette compared to Trent’s massive softie. Because Collin was so much taller, it was hard to compare precisely. But Collin’s best effort seemed dwarfed by the weapon swinging between Trent’s legs and looked half as long and half as thick. Trent’s lemon-sized balls also looked large and imposing as his man meat swung around them and were much bigger than Collin’s little boy balls. The comparison was painful, even for Collin’s frat bros. Collin had always seemed like a stud to them and one of their closest friends. But he was now being wholly outgunned, outmatched, and humiliated on stage, right in front of the school’s hottest girls (and guys).

Trent kept his arm around Collin’s shoulder and danced with his cock next to the senior soccer stud. He then stepped on his tippy toes and whispered in Collin’s ear. “I’m going to fuck your girlfriend tonight, and I will fuck her good. I bet half your frat bros are hard for my cock, and all the girls want it too.”

Collin felt overwhelmed with humiliation and alcohol and unable to respond to the confident, scrawny stud whispering in his ear. With his small dick fully erect, he bent over to hear more closely what the shorter teen had to say.

“I’m sure you’ve always been known as the big man on campus, but not anymore. Now you’ll forever be known as the small dick man on campus.”

Collin’s dick throbbed more at Trent’s words, and he found himself leaning closer to the cocky, horse-hung stud.

“My cock was so much bigger than yours back in middle school. And I was never as small as you–even before I hit puberty.”

As Trent whispered in his ear, Collin looked down and again felt hypnotized by Trent’s big, swinging dick. He had no reason to doubt every word Trent was saying. “You and your frat bros looked down on me, but not anymore. I now can fuck any girl in this room.”

Collin felt humiliated by every word but also increasingly turned on.

“All these girls want me to fuck them now, and some of your frat bros too,” Trent said.

Pointing to the ceiling, Collin’s cock started leaking more and more pre-cum, as all of his friends, frat bros, and sorority babes looked on.

“You’ll never be the same after this. Your girlfriend will always want and beg for my cock. I bet you’re dying to suck my dick right now. That’s why you’re leaking cum like a little boy.”

Trent reached backward and glided his finger against Collin’s ass. It was the first time he’d touched it since forcing Collin to miss that shot in beer pong, but his hand felt confident and assertive on Collin’s ass.

“You like me feeling your butt, dude? I bet you want me to fuck it?” Trent said.

Collin moaned as Trent said this, his penis throbbing uncontrollably.

“You’re a little slut aren’t you, just like your girlfriend,” Trent said. “I bet you’ll both be addicted to my cock by the end of this weekend. You’re gonna love riding my big fucking cock, man. I don’t discriminate. I fuck both girls and guys, and you’ll love it as much as your girlfriend.”

As Trent said this, he slipped the tip of his finger into Collin’s ass. No one else could see this–all they could see was the two guys dancing together, with Collin’s cock leaking and dripping an insane amount of precum and Trent’s still fully flaccid but looking twice as long and twice as thick.

“You’re gonna be a bitch for me and beg for my big fucking dick. Aren’t you?”

Collin couldn’t help but moan at Trent’s words and his finger going deeper in his ass. No one had ever touched him there, and his ass was super-sensitive. Collin knew he was close to cumming and could have quickly slapped Trent’s hand away, but for some reason, he felt powerless to resist this younger and shorter guy.

“You want me to fuck you, huh? I bet you’ll be so fucking tight for me,” Trent said.

“UGHHHHHHHH,” Collin moaned, more loudly than he realized.

Lizzie, Rachel, and other frat bros and sorority girls looked on and wondered what the fuck was happening. They couldn’t see what Trent was doing with his hand, but the senior college soccer stud seemed on the verge of orgasm.

“You want my cock so fucking bad, don’t you? You’re gonna be a bitch for me.”

“UGHHHHHHH,” Collin moaned again, his penis still untouched but throbbing wildly.

Trent’s finger found Collin’s prostrate and started stroking it. He started slowly but increased the pace, driving Collin out of his fucking mind.

“You’re just a bottom bitch, aren’t you? A bottom bitch with a tiny dick.”

“UGHHHHHHH,” Colin moaned.

“You’re gonna cum for me, aren’t you?” Trent asked.

“UGHHHHHH,” Colin moaned.

“Gonna cum in front of your sexy girlfriend and all your friends.”

“UGHHHHHHHH,” Colin moaned.

“You’re gonna show everyone you’re the biggest bitch in this frat house, aren’t you?”

“UGHHHHHHHH,” Colin moaned.

“You’re gonna beg for me to fuck you, and all of your frat bros will know that you’re my little bitch.”


Trent increased the pace on Collin’s prostrate, driving him closer and closer to the brink. “You’re gonna cum like a pathetic little cockslut, aren’t you?”


“Fucking cum for me, bitch.”

“UGHHHHHHHHHHH,” Colin moaned.

“Fucking cum for me. NOW.”


Completely untouched, Collin’s penis exploded on stage, shooting volley after volley of cum towards the ceiling and thoroughly soaking the stage.

“FUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKK!” Colin yelled as his cock kept shooting.

Trent pulled his finger out of Collin’s ass and stepped away. No one knew he’d been fingering the senior soccer stud or what was happening. All they knew was that Collin’s much-smaller dick was now cumming uncontrollably while the pre-freshman looked on, his massive mancock looking thick and imposing but still swinging low to the floor.

It was quite a sight as Collin lost control and shot his seed all over the stage. Several people in the crowd filmed it and were already posting it on Snapchat.

Coming down from his post-orgasmic haze, Collin finally took stock of his surroundings and realized that he’d just shot one of the biggest loads of his life in front of his girlfriend, frat bros, and sexy sorority girls. His penis was still hard but rapidly shrinking, and he wanted more than anything to flee the stage.

Lizzie and Rachel clapped and cheered and came closer to the stage.

“That was quite the show, boys!” Rachel said enthusiastically.

“Are you okay, honey? I can’t believe you were so turned on!” Lizzie had no idea what had happened and was shocked at her boyfriend’s utter humiliation and uncontrolled orgasm on stage. She knew that Collin had the smallest dicks of any guy she’d slept with, but she didn’t think he was *that small* and certainly was shocked that such a horse-hung scrawny kid had dwarfed him.

Like her boyfriend, Lizzie hadn’t been able to take her eyes off Trent’s massive weapon while he was dancing on stage, and she was dying to see how hard it got when he was aroused.

“Let’s go back to our room, honey,” Lizzie said. “You need to shower, and Trent needs to…cool off.”

“Can I come too?” Rachel asked, glancing once again at Trent’s massive dick.

“I guess so,” Lizzie said reluctantly. Part of her wanted to see Trent’s cock erect all by herself, but she couldn’t say no to her best friend.

Happy just to get off the stage, Collin followed his girlfriend and Rachel back to his dorm. The girls made him and Trent walk naked the whole way, which Trent was happy to do. But as his penis shriveled back to its acorn size, Collin couldn’t forget Trent’s whispered words on stage, and he feared what was in store for the rest of the night.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story was submitted directly to this website.

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