The Man Medicine Couldn’t Save

By Babydicklover. I always knew I would attend medical school because I was born into wealth and privilege. When I got into Harvard Medical School, I wasn’t surprised. Most people would describe attending medical school as challenging and demanding, but not for me. My peers tirelessly struggle to get by, but I can’t empathize with their experiences since I am an overachiever. Not everyone has it in them to trailblaze as an example toward success. The sooner my peers acknowledge

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My Son Edward 2

By hotpastdawn. Read Part 1 Here. ***** Part 2… Having practiced medicine for almost 15 years, I could lose my medical license for what transpired today. I honestly don’t care. No one of any consequence will ever find out anyway. My patient today has given me the perfect opportunity to fulfill one of my deepest, darkest sexual fantasies. The complete sexual domination and humiliation of a young male with a small penis. His name is Edward. Before I recount today’s

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You’re getting a vasectomy?

By Jake. I hate kids. My wife wants kids, but not even right now. We’re a reasonably sexually active couple, but she is insatiable when ovulating. And I hate wearing condoms. And I’m less than faithful at times. Hopefully, all this helps explain how I found myself at the urologist requesting a vasectomy. The urologist agreed to proceed if my wife stopped by or let him know she was okay. So I went home that evening prepared to tell her

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The Seven Stages of Corporate Hell

By Ken. A few years ago, I applied for a job at a big food-producing corporation, and the application process showed me how dehumanized, degrading, and humiliating it was. This company couldn’t care less about the feelings of the people they were vetting in their search for human robots to do as they say. I was looking for a new job and came across an ad for a vacancy at a food manufacturer, and I applied for it. The pay

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Doctor Feldman

_MadameMarie_ You arrive, as they instructed, a few minutes before the appointment time to make sure that you can fill in any paperwork they need. The receptionist looks at your insurance card, confirms that your address hasn’t changed, and checks you in. You’re about to turn away from the desk when she says “I’m sorry, Sir, but Dr. Mason has retired. You have been allocated a new doctor, Dr. Feldman. They’ll come through to take you in.” You’re somewhat irritated,

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