The Man Medicine Couldn’t Save

By Babydicklover.

I always knew I would attend medical school because I was born into wealth and privilege. When I got into Harvard Medical School, I wasn’t surprised. Most people would describe attending medical school as challenging and demanding, but not for me. My peers tirelessly struggle to get by, but I can’t empathize with their experiences since I am an overachiever. Not everyone has it in them to trailblaze as an example toward success. The sooner my peers acknowledge their shortcomings, the happier they will be in their proper societal place.

When you come from a place of upper-class socioeconomic status, you shouldn’t have to waste your time with people who don’t come from that. They don’t understand your rightful ease in life; you don’t need to worry about frivolous matters like money. Many students at this school are given despicable welfare checks and need government support to survive. It is honestly ridiculous they are even here. Besides my parent’s capital, tutoring, and individual assistance, I worked hard to get where I am.

I wouldn’t say I am the most attractive person in the world, but I am a decent-looking, pale caucasian guy. I also keep my body toned to look the best I can. Another honorable attribute that contributes to my success is my ability never to shy away from voicing my opinions. I have made it very clear I don’t want to associate with anyone below me. Some people think this is impolite, but I don’t care what others think. Since I will be a doctor soon, I have to work with nurses, but I would rather not. As I usually say, nurses are far less intelligent students who couldn’t get into medical school. They should be treated as grunt workers; their sole duty is to do the dirty work for doctors.

Last semester, Dorine Hathway asked me out on a date. I was taken aback, not flattered, because I didn’t know why a nursing student was talking to me. She was an attractive girl with green eyes and shards of brown shimmering like a prism. She wore a light-colored magenta cocktail dress with a violet bow in her hair. Dorine approached me slowly because she was nervous about standing in my presence.

Shakily she said, “Hi, Peter Markle. I’ve seen you around campus and would like to ask you for a date officially. Sorry, I am really nervous.”

With a heavy laugh, I said, “You can’t be serious?”

“I am very serious.”

“Oh! I appreciate your persistence; I will give you that. But I need someone with more of a similar pedigree.”

She looked at me confusingly with stark ignorance. Why wasn’t this bimbo understanding? I’ve always been problematized as to why certain people are in university. I needed to be brutally honest, so she would simply leave me alone.

“Hello, someone with more intellectual characteristics and prestige. I would say ask a janitor out. That’s more up to your speed.”

She was red in the face like she was angry and told me, “How could you be so cruel? You are an awful person!”

I just laughed in her face and walked away from this desperate girl. I had no time to deal with an emotional girl. Her sniffles reproduced throughout the hallway as I abandoned her. After that, I would see her occasionally but scornfully snigger if we made distasteful eye contact.

Since that semester, I hadn’t heard from her until recently. She came up to me, and I almost didn’t recognize her because she looked so much more sure of herself. Her aura was altered in a good way. There was mature confidence about her I had never noticed before.

“Peter, how are you doing?”

“I am fine AND still uninterested. What do you want?

“Put it on ice, pal. I already know how you feel about me. I am not here for that. This semester, I am serving as a teaching assistant for a Nursing 101 class. The professor is trying something new this year. She says you can only learn so much from a textbook, so having a live demonstration of the human body would be ideal for students to learn by doing.”

“Why would I post for a bunch of foolish freshmen who can probably barely count?”

“You know you have a lot of nerve–you know what, never mind, Peter. I just have to tell Dr. Blanchland I couldn’t find anyone.”

My eyes lit up, and the little hairs above my neck stood up. I had a massive infatuation with Dr. Susan Blanchland. She was a captivating goddess and medical doctor for years until she made her way to academia. I only met her a few times, but I became a bumbling bundle of imbecility when I tried talking to her.

“Oh, it’s for Dr. Blanchland. I will do it then.”

“Wow, that was easier than I thought. I was convinced you would be a huge jerk about this.”

“I am full of surprises, idiot. What will I have to do? Will I have to be in the nude?”

She looked at me with suspicion, “Why, is there a reason you don’t want to be naked?”

“No, not at all. Obviously, I just want to know what I am getting myself into.”

“You will be stripped down to your underwear, but that is it. It will be a brief 30-minute demonstration. It is a small, intimate class, so you don’t need to worry about having an audience.”

“I don’t need to worry about finding an audience either. Girls truly adore me. You were one of them, remember?

“Yes, I remember that bleak period in my life where I lacked self-confidence.”

“And you learned your place in society.”

“That’s right, Peter. Anyways, be there tomorrow at 1:00 in room 107 at the Nursing school.”

“Okay. I will see you there.”

I felt something boiling in my stomach. I was genuinely nervous about what this encounter was going to be like. I am usually never apprehensive about anything, but Dr. Blachland was a remarkable woman. She earned her medical degree at 25 because she graduated high school very early. I was a fan of her work even before enrolling at Harvard.

The next day…

I had second thoughts but wanted to make a good impression on Dr. Blanchland, and I felt the butterflies fly around in my stomach. I could use her expertise to propel my career forward. Also, even though she was 30 years older than me, I wouldn’t mind a romantic, sexual relationship with her. I would do anything for her.

I entered the classroom and was already perplexed by the loud chattering by many. Hundreds of vigorous and high-spirited eyes greeted me. This was a large class of about 400 girls and a couple of boys. I was about to leave out of fear until I saw Dr. Blanchland’s endearing smile, and It turned my brain into loose mush. She was wearing a beautiful dress with a pixie haircut. She was so much taller than me.

“You must be Peter. I believe we’ve met a couple of times.”

I could barely look her in the face because her beauty was riveting.

A soft murmur came from my lips, “Y-y-yes, that is who I am. I believe we have, ma’am.”

“Ma’am? I am not that old. By the way, you can call me Dr. Blanchland. Thank you for volunteering your time and body. I know this is a little different, but this was a great idea from our teaching assistant, Dorine. She suggested that the class would learn better if they had a chance to interact with a human specimen earlier rather than later.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. Dorine assured me it was Dr. Blachland’s idea.

“Oh, okay, well, should we get started soon?”

“I love your hustle, boy. Don’t worry your little head off because we will have plenty of time because the class lasts two hours.”

“Everyone, please be seated. Thank you for attending today’s class. I was glad we had the chance to invite all the nursing students here today for a special presentation on the human body. We will be examining the physical body from head to toe today. Luckily, we have Peter here today, a current medical student. Does anyone have any questions before we begin?

A cute blonde raised her hand, “Yeah, can we have your number after the show.”

Some of the other girls giggled at this question.

“Monica, take this seriously. As a new student, this is a crucial class session for you. The first thing I will have Peter do is strip down.”

I was incredibly nervous but first removed my socks and shoes. Then came my shirt. I handed Dr. Blanchland my clothes as I stripped. I then unbuckled my belt, which made my jeans automatically fall to the ground. I stood there awkwardly while waiting for her to proceed with the lesson.

“Peter, please remove your underwear too.”

“Wait, I was told I wouldn’t be naked in front of the class.”

She shot Dorine a look, “Dorine, didn’t you tell him exactly what he was going to do?”

“Of course, I told him he needed to be fully naked for the entire two hours of the presentation so that students could learn about the human body from a practical point of view. I think he is just nervous because he has a crush on you or something.”

Some of the students gasped at the news, including me. I didn’t know what to say.

“Peter, is this true? Do you have a crush on me?”

“No, I don’t. Dorine is just teasing me–”

“What? You don’t think I am attractive?”

“No, you are absolutely stunning.”

The class started laughing again since I had just revealed my most embarrassing secret.

“Wait, no, that is not what I meant. Dorine is pissed I didn’t agree to go out with her. I told her I needed someone who was more like me with money and an acceptably quality reputation.”

“Oh, is that so? Well, I am not here for this college-related drama. I need to get on with the lesson, so slide those tight, little chonies down now. Everyone is waiting for this moment, Peter.”

“No, I won’t be doing that.”

“Oh, for Pete’s sake, you are a medical student. You have seen many different bodies. You know it is no big deal. You aren’t leaving until the lesson is over.”

I wouldn’t budge, so Dr. Blanchland walked up to me.

“I will have to do this for myself because stubborn Peter here doesn’t want his privates shown to his obvious crush.”

She grabbed my underwear and yanked them down to my ankles.

She calmly whispered to herself, “Oh gosh. Wow. I’ve never seen a penis so tiny or little before, even in all my years as a doctor. And remember, I was a pediatrician. That is indeed remarkable, Peter.”

I knew I wasn’t big, but to say I had the smallest penis she ever saw, even though she regularly inspected children’s bodies, made me incredibly embarrassed.

I covered the little nub with my hands so she couldn’t see it. In my natural, exposed form, I didn’t want her to see me as this unhung man-child without the capacity to bring her any pleasure. This divine sculpture of a woman extremely intimated me. This mature woman has had many partners; I was a little childish, immature virgin younger than her. I always had a high confidence level, but this woman stripped me not only of my manliness but my cocky, fragile ego.

Now, she saw me for what I was, a boy with nothing between his thighs. That is what I will always be. It was a colossal, rude awakening. What made me even do this today? I couldn’t believe I had put myself in this exceedingly uncomfortable position. No woman has ever seen me naked before. I always thought no girl could ever compete with my expectations.

“Oh, poor Petey, don’t be embarrassed by having a tiny cock. It is completely normal.”

I can’t believe she called me Petey; my mommy called me that. My cock wasn’t just tiny and infantile. She described it charitably because it was magnificently minuscule. She grabbed my hands and stopped me from covering myself so my baby cock was revealed again. I couldn’t help but lose myself in the dark thoughts of what others might think about what I was packing. She made me step out of my tighty-whities and took them.

She moved out of the way so everyone could see my naked body. This revealed my small penis to the entire room. The whole space of hundreds of strangers, all much younger girls than me, erupted in bedazzling laughter. I blushed like crazy and tried to force a smile sheepishly upon my face, so they couldn’t see how I was feeling. I wanted to run to my bed and cover my little teeny tiny baby dicklette under the covers. My totality burned shamefacedly, and I felt so exposed and powerless in a bouncy room of many faces laughing at my shortcomings. I can’t believe I was completely naked with my juvenile quarter-inch tee-tee in front of silly girls.

“Class, please control yourselves. You need to be professional and handle your temperamental biases. Even if it is something amusing like Petey’s little penis, it is important to make the patient comfortable. I understand the juxtaposition of a child’s penis onto a man’s body, but as a nurse, you will come across many diverse bodies of different shapes and colors. As we know, penises come in various sizes. Some are big and, in Petey’s case, incredibly small. It doesn’t change who they are.”

Someone shouted, “It changes their performance in the bedroom.”

This got the class laughing again. Everything felt still, and I didn’t even comprehend what she was saying. She explained my body to the entire audience without considering how I felt, and I couldn’t get over everyone’s reaction. They were giggling non-stop and pointed out my small penis. Dr. Blanchland was utterly oblivious to my peers’ snooty laughter and teasing. She just continued like nothing was happening on the outside.

“As we get to his lower regions, professionally speaking, this is an extraordinarily small penis. This is a great learning opportunity for you all because I am unsure if you will come across someone with a penis as minute as Petey’s,” she said with an authentic disposition. She looked at the class, “Now, I have a question for you all. Have you seen one that small before?”

Several students answered, “My baby brother is probably a little bigger than that. I’ve never seen one that small. The smallest I had was a little four-inch sausage. I don’t remember ever being that small.”

“Fascinating answers, class. It is pretty easy to miss something here because it is so tiny. Looking more closely at Petey’s little wang, you need to look at it precisely so you don’t miss anything. Does anyone have a magnifying glass or even a microscope?

My face burned with a red pigment like a grown strawberry. The entire class kept laughing but was subtle and quiet out of respect for the professor. I knew they were exploding on the inside.

“Just kidding, class. Petey here is probably an anatomic anomaly based on biological standards. The girth is thinner than my index finger, and the length is approximately more diminutive than the tip of my pinky finger, she said. She placed her little pinky finger next to my micro-chode. It was much larger than my equipment. “Let’s explore it more for your benefit as future nurse practitioners.”

Dr. Blanchland proceeded to put white latex gloves on. What was she going to do to me? She began by massaging and playing with my pathetic excuse for a penis. She flicked it around and illustrated how mine merely bounced or bobbed around, compared to a longer penis that would swing. She told the class the smaller it got, the bouncier and cuter it was. She squeezed my prepubescent-like balls with her petite hand. She slowly caressed my little penis, which almost engulfed my entire manhood. She admired what little I had in her view and exploited my slim weakness.

“Peter exemplifies how we cannot stereotype the male body. Because Petey here is taller and a little muscular, based on harmful stereotypes, his penis should be thicker and longer to look proportional. It is not only in the relationship between the size of the little guy and Peter, but it would be small for anyone, even a toddler or a chihuahua. This little pee-pee deviates from the norm and is probably the most extreme size. Petey, I need you to walk a couple of steps forward.”

I did what she asked and watched as the class couldn’t take their eyes off my little cock.

“As you can see, Petey’s little dick barely moves when he walks because of the freakishly irregular small size.”

She then stretched my flaccid penis as far as she could, which wasn’t very far.

“As you can see, class, the head of Petey’s little penis is longer than the shaft or stem, which is almost non-existent here. Most penises will have a shaft to expand and support the size, but we see a mini head practically glued to his balls. As I feel his undersized balls, I can see how the balls are more significant than the penis. He has a nicely-sized bush of pubic hair, but the problem is it almost covers his entire pee-pee. If I pull it as far as possible, it is still buried beneath his pubes. I think we need to see how far the little penis can go. But before that, let me measure it before we see it fully grown. It may almost be too small to measure.”

She brought a small micrometer and compared it to my nearly flaccid innie. She had a hard time comparing it to my baby cocklette because it was so implausibly nanoscopic. After multiple attempts, she finally got an unembellished measurement.

“Oh my goodness. Class, the human body doesn’t fail to surprise me. This will be a valuable and unique learning experience for you. I can guarantee there are no classes in this country where you will get a live demonstration of a biological man’s penis that was stunted during puberty. Peter’s flaccid size is around 0.2 to 0.4 inches, which you don’t see every day. It was almost in the negative margin because it kept going inside him. It must be shy and ashamed. I’ve never encountered something so tiny in my decades of practicing medicine. I mean, touching it makes it look even smaller when you compare it to my little fingers. I am guessing the length of his hard penis would be slightly different from his flaccid state.”

She tried to grab my wildly tiny baby boy ding-a-ling, but it kept slipping from her fingers and going inside me.

“I am having a hard time holding it. Does anyone have a set of tweezers?”

This got a huge laugh from the class. She could finally grip it for a longer period than before. I held it together like a man should, even though I could call myself that. I was downright mortified and felt like sobbing.

She whispered to me, “C’mon, little Petey, don’t worry about the size of your baby shrimpy wimpy. Everyone already knows how small it is. Get that baby dicklette hard for the class. Imagine my naked body in front of you if you have a crush on me.”

I looked at her beautiful body and felt my little inchy grow in her hand. After some time, she became a little frustrated.

“Petey, what is taking so long for your little shrunken winkie to get hard?”

I felt my head sink into my body and wanted to disappear. I am so damn tiny that she didn’t realize I was completely erect. That was the ultimate sting to my ego.

“Dr. Blanchland, it is hard.”

“What? How is that even possible?”

She looked down at it with honest curiosity.

“Oh my. Wow. Heh heh. Poor little Petey. Again, you are just breaking the stereotypes of what a man should have down there. It is wonderful to show the world that men can still be men with almost a clitoris.”

She measured my hard penis. She gasped at the results.

“Class, I didn’t even realize this may be a moment recorded in medical history as the smallest penis known to man. I measured it to be 1.1 inches hard.”

There was a sensational silence that punched me in the gut. I could have sworn I heard a cricket; it was so quiet. After what felt like immortality, they exploded in laughter at the shocking measurement. I don’t blame the young class. If I were in their shoes, I would also relentlessly mock the dickless dude.

She tried her best to suppress her hurtful and unprofessional giggling and said, “Class, it isn’t about the size. They say something is small and mighty.”

A student screamed, “Yeah, mighty tiny!”

“Okay, enough, class. I know it is entertaining, but remember, we must consider the patient. I have another question for you all. We can classify Petey’s shrinking condition. What would this be called?”

Again, several students shouted every name in the book, “baby dick, little boy penis, dinky dick, smallest peen, teeny weeny, toddler pee-pee, a clitoris, micropenis–”

“That’s right. We would categorize this as a micropenis. Great job to whoever said that. A micropenis is considered an abnormally small pee-pee and usually transpires when the boy is in the womb.

Someone asked, “What causes someone to develop a micropenis or what impedes natural growth, so it is very small like a micropenis?”

“Great questions. Micropenises can be caused if the mommy feeds the infant too much milk or there may be a lack of testosterone. Poor little Petey’s family should have made him undergo testosterone therapy to compensate for his lack of penile development. Class, if your baby boy has a micropenis, you must act diligently, so they don’t become what Petey is here. Petey, what hindered your family from getting you the needed treatment?”

I was about to cry but had no choice but to answer honestly, “Because my family thought it would be best to raise me as a girl. They decided to raise me as a boy when I was six years old because my daddy wanted me to. At that point, it was too late, and I had to accept the size of my penis. My daddy was very embarrassed about my condition and regularly checked my progress as I grew up. Even in high school, he studied my glands and tried to do everything he could to stop this curse. It was too late for him when he was a boy too.”

“Oh, poor Petey, I can see why your parents decided to raise you as a girl. At least you have your daddy to help you navigate life as a small-dicked baby. I honestly wish we could compare this anomaly to a penis with average length and birth. Do I have a volunteer to stack up against little Petey here for the boys in class?”

A short, stumpy Chinese student raised his hand, “I can help.”

“Thank you, Derrick, for participating.”

He walked up to the front of the class next to me.

“Now, you just need to strip like Petey here.”

He immediately tore off his clothes, unlike me, who hesitated. In a matter of seconds, he was completely naked.

“Okay, stand next to Petey, so you are side by side.”


My hard cocklette was insanely tiny compared to Derrick’s. This made me feel even worse.

“As you can see, the size difference is astronomical. Petey’s little hard cock is dwarfed by Derrick’s manly size. I mean, just the head alone of Derrick’s penis is longer and thicker than Petey’s teeny stiffy. It is amazing.”

A student asked, “I thought Chinese boys had small wangers.”

“Again, that’s just based on stereotypes. Derrick here is Chinese, short, and a little chubby. He should have a tiny penis, but stereotypes are usually incorrect. Thank you, Derrick, that is all.”

Derrick put his clothes back on but lifted himself with a cocky smirk over me. He made sure to let me know how aware he was of the difference between us where it mattered.

He whispered to me, “You may have all the money and privilege of the world, but you will always be trapped with that wittle baby dick. No amount of money will change that.”

He smacked my ass and walked back to his seat with a chip on his shoulder.

Another student asked, “Dr. Blanchland, but having a micropenis isn’t necessarily bad, right?”

“Sometimes, men with micropenises are sterile, but most work fine. Men with micropenises can have a healthy sex life, like every other man. The only issue is they probably won’t be able to stimulate a woman’s clitoris because of the very infant-sized length. These men just need to be innovative and makeup in other areas. But there may be ladies small enough to feel little Petey’s nub here. If not, Petey here could date men. Some men adore watching small, fully flaccid ladyboys bouncing and flopping all over the place as they get nailed. There is a market for tiny penises, but their demand is horribly small, like how little they are. The biggest concern isn’t the size but if it works appropriately. We know little Petey here is ultimately hard right now, but does it function like a normal-sized penis?”

This was the first time a woman wrapped her two fingers around my nugget nublet. She rubbed my little hard tee-tee, gently massaging the teeny tiny head. I couldn’t believe she was doing this to me. The entire class was going to see me blow my load.

She talked directly in my ear, “This is the closest you will ever get to being intimate with a woman. No woman in her right mind would have your little nub, a little ounce of boyhood, near her pussy.”

I felt chills run through my body as her breath grazed me. Her fingers were bigger than my little dick. Her stroking was magical, and I felt lost in a new galaxy far away from this unbearable moment that would scar me for life. With her beautiful strength and endurance, I just thought of Dr. Blanchland vanquishing my puny innie bitty pee-pee.

In my imagination, I wrapped my strong arms around her and listened to her every word. I would disappoint her with my little stubby in my deepest, darkest dreams. I inserted my half-inch cockle into her warm pussy, and she laughed as my hard small cock tickled her. I kissed her passionately like I had a scrap of virility left. This fictional plane gave me the power to be the manly man I always desired. A place I wouldn’t be stuck with a little dipper incompetent to fulfill the sexual satisfaction of any woman or man.

I was so lost in my intense fantasy that white-hot baby juice was released from my pathetic, timid urethra before I knew it. I was horrified to see my undergrown penis splurting excessively; probably the most cum I’ve ever produced. I let out the most embarrassing, sensual moans. I looked down in shame and could see my less-than-impressive stiffy regress and diminish into a less developed, pinky-like willy.

If I thought the class was entertained before, their laughter was even more deafening. I couldn’t believe the entire class witnessed Dr. Blanchland handle my baby boy-like parts to the point where I ejaculated.

“Well, class, we see another irregularity with the human body here. Petey’s little penis should be unable to produce this amount of semen, but we just saw him release buckets of it.”

She flicked my little wiener and spoke to my flat groin like a baby, “Good for you, little guy.”

She grabbed a baby wipe and cleaned up the remaining cum from my innie. Upon her touching my stimulated twinkie winky, I let out a high-pitched squeal exciting the class.

“Turn around, Petey. I need to show the class your little behind.”

I turned around and showed the entire class my tiny butt.

“Check out Petey’s little butt area. It is very small and flat, much like his front. My entire hand can cover each butt cheek. Stretch your legs, boy.”

She patted my buns, and I stretched my legs. She grabbed my ass and pulled it apart. The entire class saw my scared, tight hole.

“This is what we call an anus. It has never had any sexual activity because of its unusual tightness. Petey will probably need to get used to this area being preoccupied as a bottom boy.”

I stood up and turned around.

“Does anyone have any questions?”

A student stood up and asked, “But little Petey here isn’t doomed, right? It might still grow?”

“Good question. The penis, on rare occasions, will continue growing until the age of 22-24. Petey, how old are you?”

“I am 26 years old.”

“Oh well. Yeah, Petey here is doomed because it won’t grow anymore. Even if it did grow now, it would only increase by an inch, which won’t make much of a difference for Petey. He will have that little stub for the rest of his life. Tough break, kid.”

“Anyone else?”

“Yeah, how does he have sex with it?”

“Petey, how do you have sex with all of that?”

My face turned white. I didn’t want to admit I was a virgin.

“Yeah, I just stick it in, and usually, she will scream her head off.”

“Really, Petey? Are you going to lie to the class?”

I shook my head, “Alright, I’ve never had sex before, so I’m not sure how I would use it. I am not even sure if the person would feel anything.”

Dr. Blanchland let out a small giggle, “Yeah, we should have assumed you were a virgin with your pea-sized cockle here. Haha, Petey, we already know the person on the receiving end would not feel anything. But it is always good to speculate. Let’s take a poll.

“Class, who thinks the person would feel anything from Petey’s weenie?”

No one raised their hands.

“Okay, who thinks the person wouldn’t feel anything?”

Everyone shot up their hands faster than I could react.

“That settles it, little Petey, but you can find other ways to pleasure your partner. There are plenty of things you can do without a dick. Sorry, that is all we have time for today, class.”

Everyone booed the professor.

“I know, but we must say goodbye to Petey’s little treat. Thank you for attending the special lecture and demonstration.”

The entire class left but did not shy away from giving me grief for being born with such a little particle dangling between my legs. Some wiggled their pinky fingers at me.

Dorine came up to me and told me she was sorry I had nothing to show for my role as a man.

“You told me I needed to know my place in society as someone with no money. You need to know your place as a little virgin dicklette loser. Also, all these special lectures are recorded and posted in the university archives for public viewing. Most students don’t care for it, but I will share the video with the entire university once it is live on the website. Students will never forget this event. I think the American Urological Society would also be very interested in your little condition. I will submit the video to them and see what they will do with it. You might be a scientific miracle, and scientists will want to study your little dinky. It is just so tiny. Maybe you can get surgery one day to increase your penis size, but I wouldn’t count on it being much bigger since you are so small.”

“You are right. I am so sorry for the way I treated you.”

“Don’t give me that crap now. Now you’ve been beaten down, and everyone’s seen your baby wee-wee; you want to be nice?”

She came up to me, kissed me on the cheek, and then gave me a little peck on my mini pee-pee.

“I should thank you for not being interested. You really gave me the confidence I needed. I really don’t mind a guy with a baby dick. I care about the heart.”

“Does that mean you would want to ask me out again?”

“Yes, and we can have tons of sex because I love a guy with a pinto bean dicklette.”

“Wow. Really?”

A smile crept up on her face, “Haha, no way, buddy. I can handle a guy with a baby penis like you, but not with one that has a heart blacker than the devil.

“Oh, I see.”

“Sorry, little boy. The only way it would work is if you would be my girlish sissy boy behind closed doors. Your penis would be my clit, and we would make love.”

“I can do that.”

“Haha. You are pathetic, aren’t you? And you are hard again! I was just playing with your little chain. I’ll never want you. You made your choice last semester.”

She pulled out one of her breasts and squeezed it.

“That’s what you get for being a little pickled jerk. I set this whole thing up, by the way. It was all my idea.”

“How did you know I was packing a tiny gherkin?”

“Seriously? You can tell, boy. You never had a bulge in your pants at all. Here’s a kiss to remind you what you will never have.”

She kissed me on the lips, and it felt amazing.

She flicked my stiff little penis and spanked me on the butt, “You are hung like my mom. Bye, bye baby boy.”

After she left, Dr. Blanchland came up to me.

“Thank you for being a fantastic guest today for my class. You have such a small little winky stump. You should start the first teeny weenie peenie club to bring together other guys with tiny peckers. Granted, yours would probably be the smallest out of the bunch, but I think it would be great. Tell me more about your childhood. I am curious.”

Thinking about it almost had me on the verge of tears, “I struggled with my gender identity. It was horrible. I learned I couldn’t physically direct my stream while standing to pee. I had to urinate while sitting down, so I always felt like a girl. I also masturbate like a woman, not like regular men. I have to push it in and out of me.”

“Aww, you poor thing. That little pee-wee has changed your life.”

Can I get a closer look?”

“S-s-sure, if you want, Dr. Blanchland.”

She lowered to her knees and inspected my exhausted little grain of salt.

“I can’t believe something so small exists on a fully grown man.”

My little pee-pee leaked little droplets of pre-cum onto the floor. She put the entire puny dicklette in her mouth, and I gasped with pure pleasure.

“Mmmm, Ahh!”

She sucked my little guy until I was screaming with ecstasy.

“I wanted to see what a microscopic penis would feel like in my mouth.”

“I felt bad for you because of your childhood, but you must learn to last a little longer. I feel sorry for your plight as a boy and now as an inadequate man.”

“Yeah. How did it feel in your mouth, though?”

“Ridiculous, haha. I’ve sucked many large cocks in my life, and yours barely felt like the tip.”


“More like a little mushroom.”

“Alright I–”

“Or perhaps a little peanut, a tickle stick, a nanometer peter, a baby carrot–”

Okay, I get it! Can I leave now!?”

“Oh, poor Petey with his little Peter. Don’t be upset that you were born with this lady’s kryptonite. Fine, you can leave, big baby boy.”

She threw me my clothes, and I quickly put them on.

“Thanks again. Good luck finding a companion with something so damn tiny,” she said. She grazed her hand around my crotch area, trying to find it. “Wow, I can barely feel anything. Where is it? Oh, there it is.”

She pinched it in my pants.

“I know you have a big crush on me, but don’t even think about it. I may have blown your little pee-pee, but that was more of a pity fuck. I date men, not toddlers. Sorry, it’s just the way things are.”

She winked and escorted me out.

Three weeks later…

Once word got out about what happened, my life changed, especially after the video was released. Almost everyone saw the video, so they always made fun of me. I was constantly teased in class. Even the professors made an effort to make me uncomfortable. People in class would compare the penises in our books to mine and how different they were. I was never called Peter again.

Now it was Petey or other damaging small-dicked inspired nicknames. It surprised me how creative people were with their degrading and demeaning name-calling. No girl would even come near me; if they did, they would laugh and give me the universal small penis gesture. I became the laughingstock of the entire university. I was depressed and didn’t do well like I used to. I did graduate, but no one took me seriously.

Seven years later…

I am now a medical doctor working for a hospital near my hometown. After the incident happened during my time in medical school, the story became an interest to many. Vice News worked with the American Urological Society. They collaborated on a documentary featuring my little condition and how I was first raised as a girl at the beginning of my life. It is called “The Man Medicine Couldn’t Save.” My story is a little similar to David Reimer’s. I became the micropenis savior for sharing my story, but the world’s laughingstock.

If I thought university was terrible, this was even worse. I am looking to find a cure for this micropenis disease in my spare time. Most tell me it is a lost cause, just like my sex life, but I won’t give up. After everything, I am more humble and appreciative of everything I have. I vowed long ago never to be a massive jerk like I was before. The little guy between my legs taught me a vital life lesson.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story was submitted directly to this website.

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  • Juffrey

    very hot. next he should be strapped naked onto an examination table with his freakishly tiny penis being inspected and prodded by young medical students – and with the help of experienced Miss Blanchland of course. would love to read that!


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