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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader got groped first…

I had just turned legal age and went out with a buddy to a nightclub. I met a cute blonde with an alternative look, a great body, and a cute face. We hit it off pretty well. We had drinks and did lots of dancing. Dancing turned to some heavy grinding and touching. I was feeling up her tits and pussy, I was rock hard, but my tight pants were constraining my erection from getting to full size, not that it’s big or even average. She slid one of her hands down my pants and wrapped her index finger and thumb around my penis, not rubbing, but it felt like she was gauging it. Next, she took her thumb and index finger and measured the length of my penis in my pants. Her finger and thumb would have made a C-shape. She immediately pulled her hand out, covered her mouth, started laughing hysterically, and backed away. I tried to talk to her again, but she just asked me to go away. Why do they always cover their mouths when they laugh?


Another reader has to get a scan of his nuts…

The genesis of my SPH fetish. I had a dull pain in my testicles. I needed an ultrasound to rule out anything serious, I guess. Im sitting at a table at the nearest facility, waiting for the tech to come in. In comes a 24yo, gorgeous, long-haired brunette that I knew from my high school crowd. She remembered me as she greeted me warmly. She remembered my name when she read the chart. We briefly exchanged pleasantries before she assured me that I could reschedule if I weren’t comfortable with her doing the test. I said no sweat without even thinking. I thought to myself. This is crazy. A super hot girl from high school is about to examine my nuts. She briefly left me to put my gown on and explained how I should use this bath towel to ‘tuck my privates into.’ My immediate concern was my little guy getting hard in front of her. My penis chubbed up only gets a couple of inches long. As the sheer dread sets in, I realize the towel is not doing an excellent job of staying in place. I don’t have enough penis to sufficiently wrap the towel around.

She returns, puts the jelly on the wand, and gives me the obligatory “it’s gonna be a little” cold warning. She then begins sliding it slowly up and side to side by balls. “Tell me if it’s too much pressure,” she says as the towel starts to bunch up, exposing my shame.

The view she got was a tiny mushroom head poking about one inch out of my chubby ginger torso. My total concentration is darting back and forth from (please don’t get hard, please don’t get hard) to (Is my dick exposed right now). Her line of sight went from the wand area she was adjusting to on my nuts to the computer screen. I could see the moment she noticed my tiny little penis. Her eyes lifted slightly, and a bit of a surprised look came over her as she quickly readjusted her stare directly at the computer monitor. Im sure that right then, the reality hit her that I have a tiny penis, and she just saw it because she immediately asked, “You doing OK, bud?” in her softest, most sympathetic voice.

“Fine,” I answered.

“Almost done,” she said as she finished up the screening.

The whole thing lasted about fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes of a girl out of my league staring at my small penis. I told myself, (meh, she probably sees small dicks all the time).

As she’s leaving the room so I can get dressed, she tells me, “Hey, don’t worry, I’m a pro. Nothing leaves this room. It was good seeing you again. We’ll send the results to your PCP. Bye.”

Nothing leaves this room. What does that mean? As I was sitting in my car trying to figure out what she meant, I succumbed to the reality that many people would probably know now that I had a small penis. Now I was stiff and immediately aware that I was into small penis humiliation.


Meanwhile, this reader was pantsed in front of a girl…

It was a Friday night at my friend’s birthday party, we were all teenagers going through puberty, but I was a bit of a late bloomer (and still am!). We all returned from seeing a movie and were chilling in his living room. His Mom told us to grab the mattress’s from the upstairs room, and we went up to get them. As we walked up, my friend Finn pulled down Andrews’s pants, only seeing his underwear. So this started a war. We were all on the lookout trying to pants each other. This carried on for a good 20 mins until Finn got me. Andrew’s sister was helping with the mattresses, and then he struck. He pants me so hard that my underwear comes down with it. Andrew’s sister Meg saw my tiny hairy little penis. She instantly started laughing and pointing… I was in shock. I quickly pulled them up and ran to the bathroom to call my Mom to pick me up. As I was leaving, Meg was still laughing and texting on her phone. It was obviously about me and my lil cock😬.


While this reader finds out what a friend really thinks…

Me(23) and a friend(21), I’ll call her N, were talking in the car. We have spoken about sexual stuff before but not too deep (pun not intended)(sort of). We are not dating, but it’s a flirting stage, but it doesn’t feel like it’s going to go anywhere. We’re just having fun. Well, one night, we started talking about sexual stuff again. She’s a virgin, but she’s previously spoken about dick size with her friends. She asked me what the average was, and I told her around 5.5 inches. She replied, “That’s all?”

That completely caught me off guard. I didn’t think she would think it was that small. I then asked what she considered a standard size was, and she said, “At least six and a half inches, maybe seven.”

I replied, saying again that most guys are around 5.5 inches. And then, I asked her what she thought big was and what she thought small was. She told me small was like four to six inches is small (in her opinion), average six to seven inches (in her opinion), and big is seven to nine inches (in her opinion). Anything above was huge (in her opinion).

I laughed and asked what about anything under four inches?

She said, “That’s pretty small.”

I told her some guys are even only a couple of inches, and she said, “I didn’t know they could be that tiny. That’s a baby dick,” while chuckling.

All this while she doesn’t know I’m an inch soft and a Gold member hard. Luckily, she never asked me my size. But I’m tempted to tell her. I will update you if anything further happens with her.


This reader is in a case of mistaken identity…

So two years ago, my little brother, who was 25 then, decided to sell me his laptop for extra money. Two weeks ago, my wife and I decided to use the laptop for the 1st time after purchasing it two years ago. Twenty minutes into using the computer, we noticed it needed a cleaning, so we took it to the computer shop near my wife’s job, which was recommended by the doctor my wife works for. After dropping the laptop off to get serviced, I received a call two days later stating the computer was clean and to come in and pick it up. I replied, “OK, we are on our way. Be there in ten minutes.”

The moment we walked in, I was greeted with raucous laughter. The manager handed me my computer, said, “It’s all clean, but there was a lot of porn on it,” and showed me a file with seven dick selfies. With a straight face, he whispered, “Next time, delete your dick pics before my wife and the whole computer store see them,” and he started laughing.

I was so embarrassed for my little brother. He has the smallest dick I’ve ever seen. His erection in the photos was what you call a silver member here, but really thin too. The worst thing was all these people thought it was me. I tried to say it wasn’t me, but they wouldn’t believe me.


Another reader gets pantsed in front of a girl he likes…

This was probably 8th or 9th grade when this happened. Just hitting puberty, hormones, crushes, etc. I went to a sleepover with some friends, which was a blast. We went over to our friend Zach’s house. Zach had an older sister who I had a crush on. She was a few years older than us. She had black hair and was tall, skinny, and pretty. I was excited to see her at the house.

We had so much fun the entire day, inside and outside. One of my friends was also pulling pranks and jokes and decided to pants one of my friends. We all laughed at the harmless joke. We were outside, but no one else was around, and only his shorts came down. From that point, everyone wanted to do a ‘pantsing war.’ I was self-conscious about my size and wanted to avoid this, so I didn’t participate while everyone else was running around trying to pants each other.

Someone noticed how I had not been pantsed or pantsed anyone yet, and they tried to get me, but I resisted, and the joke died down a bit for the rest of the day. It was around 8 or 9 pm when we were all inside setting up our sleeping bags. Zach’s sister, the one I had a crush on, came downstairs to talk to us. I was trying to be casual and laugh at stuff she said, and I was just focused on her. The rest of the guys thought it would be a great opportunity to pants me. And since I hadn’t gotten pantsed all day and stopped them numerous times when they did pants me, they pulled hard to ensure they were successful.

Suddenly, I felt a slight but quick tuck and movement on my legs, and before I knew it, my shorts and underwear were pulled down to my ankles as everyone burst into laughter, including Zach’s sister. All the laughing made Zach’s mom come into the room to see what was happening. She walked in on everyone pointing and laughing at me as I was naked with my underwear on the ground.

Zach’s mom was embarrassed and ran out while everyone laughed, including Zach’s sister, who looked right at me and then down at my tiny penis. She looked at me like it was pathetic and couldn’t believe how small it was. Everyone else was saying it was tiny and the smallest. I pulled my pants up and ran to the bathroom as if I had just heard all the laughter. After a while, Zach’s mom came in to talk to me.

She told me not to be embarrassed, that everyone’s penis is a different size, and that mine would grow when I hit puberty. But I had already hit puberty. She just thought I was younger because of how small it was. I was utterly embarrassed but decided to stay the night. I didn’t say a word, and when I woke up the following day, everyone was still making fun of me in front of Zach’s sister, who flashed me this sign with her fingers 🤏. They tried pantsing me a couple more times but were unsuccessful.


Meanwhile, this reader got with a close female friend at last…

So this happened with a close friend of mine. We’ve been friends for years, and I find her pretty attractive, but there’s never been any flirting between us. One night we were out with friends and got pretty drunk. We’re at a pretty packed bar with loud music, so not much conversation is going on, just a lot of dancing. I’m not a dancer, so this environment is uncomfortable for me.

I find myself not dancing with her but just hanging out around her with everyone else. She’s dancing and having a good time, and since it’s pretty packed, I can feel her up against me a bit. At some point, I end up behind her, so whenever I feel her, it’s her ass pressing against me. I can’t help but feel turned on by this and start getting hard.

Immediately I can tell she’s noticed that I’m hard as she looks back at me and goes back to dancing without saying a word. I feel her start pressing up against me more often. She knows I’m hard. I feel her pressing against me and actively looking for my hard cock with her ass. Grinding harder and harder.

I vividly remember when she noticed she was grinding on my whole cock, and I was small. Up to this point, she was grinding enthusiastically until I felt her up against me. Up and down with enthusiasm, then a bit of a look back at me with disappointment, and she begins to distance herself a bit. She noticed how small I was and wanted nothing to do with me sexually.


While this reader also stays in the friend zone with a female friend…

So for some context, I’ve been friends with this girl since junior year of high school. Let’s call her M and myself D. She was close friends with my girlfriend, and we always hung out. After graduation, we went to the same school and inevitably ended up hanging out more.

A few months in, we both end up getting dumped and deciding to go out for drinks with friends. Somewhere along the night, I lost my dorm key, and she offered to let me crash at her place… in her bed. I agreed, being drunk and somewhat horny, and when we got there, I lay down, and she started to change. When I turned away, she said, “It’s fine. You can look.”

“R-really?” I asked.

“Yeah, it’s okay. You should undress a little too.”

“O-okay, yeah!”

For the record, I was a virgin and didn’t know what was good or bad in terms of anything, and hadn’t even seen my ex’s pussy (I had complained about never seeing one early in the night). I strip down my boxers and am incredibly horny, so I’m fully erect. She crawls into bed and starts grinding on me for a little bit, fully naked, before I hear her snicker.

“Is something wrong?” I asked her.

She said, “N-no! It’s just that,” and she laughed. “I knew it!”

“Knew what exactly?”

“That, uh, well, um, you have a tiny penis.”

“W-what? What do you mean?”

She laughs even harder and turns around in bed. “I can’t put it any other way, dude. You have a lil weenie baby dick.”

My dick started leaking and twitching when she called it a baby dick, and she got even happier.

“Oh my God, I KNEW IT,” she said. “Ever since we met, you always gave off, well, there’s no nice way to say this, little dick beta energy, if that makes sense? And I was like, 80% sure you’d be into some serious beta male shit. It always made me feel safe around you.”

I, of course, denied this to high heaven but was too hammered to come up with defensive arguments. She thought it was rather funny.

“Oh, come on, bestie. You know that I know you, and you can’t honestly tell me that if I, say,” she pinched my dick through my boxers with two fingers and started jerking it off, “told you how pathetic your dick was, or that my ex was three times bigger than you, or that,” she giggles, “your ex already lost her virginity to her friend, and that they took pictures, it wouldn’t turn you on?”

This made me go crazy, and I came all over my boxers. She looked me in the eyes and wiped the cum on my face.

“See, bestie. I told you I was right. You are a huge BETA CUCK!”

She laughed while I tried to come up with a reason I came, but she just got up, put on clothes, and told me good night.


This reader moves into a place with a guy he knows…

After graduating college, I was immediately hired by a company that caused me to relocate to a new city. The only person I knew who lived there was a guy named Jay, who had graduated a year before me. I didn’t know him well then, but we had been friendly at school, parties, and a couple of classes, so I reached out to see if he needed a roommate. He had just left and was ecstatic for someone he knew (even if just a bit) to move in.

On my first night in the apartment, Jay and I ordered a pizza and hung out in the living area, chatting about my senior year and what he had been up to since graduation. At some point in the night, Jay casually asked if it was cool if he was naked around the apartment. “I’m kind of a nudist, but if it bothers you, I can always throw on a pair of boxers when I’m in the common spaces while you’re home.”

I later learned that he was a nudist and more an exhibitionist; he likely didn’t use this word to avoid creeping me out. I had always been intrigued by being a nudist (maybe more an exhibitionist), though I was far too shy to ever parade around in anything less than a pair of swim trunks. I replied that I was OK with him being naked.

The night continued without a hitch, and Jay and I got on well. Surely enough, while I was in the kitchen frying an egg the following day, Jay entered naked. I tried not to make a big deal out of his penis being present for our casual conversation, but something inside me stirred. First of all, Jay’s cock was much bigger than mine. I estimate he’s probably between seven and eight inches hard and four inches soft with big hairy balls. By comparison, I’m a Bronze Member hard and two inches soft (in optimal conditions). This surprised me because I’m a bit taller than him, and this fact turned me on for whatever reason. Secondly, I was one more person who had seen Jay’s cock. I always thought, ‘Once someone sees your junk, there’s no going back,’ I could probably count the number of people who had seen mine on one hand.

Over the next month, I got used to Jay’s frequent nudity around the apartment. He wasn’t ALWAYS nude, but he was often. I saw him with morning wood a handful of times. I thought it was funny how he’d always apologize for his erection occasionally but make no effort to conceal it in any capacity. More than anything, I was jealous of his confidence.

One night, while we talked in the living room over Netflix and drinks. Jay, who was fully naked then, mentioned having gone to a couple of nudist resorts in his life but did not enjoy the experiences a ton as he had wanted to be around people in a similar age range. I casually asked what guys did when they got boners at these places. He told me it depended. At the ones where kids were running around, and so forth, he would cover his shame or find a place to wait it out (though his erections there were further and fewer between). At adult-only, more exhibition-y ones, he would just let it be. I asked him if the clothing policy in his home growing up was similarly lax, and he laughed, acknowledging that it was when his mom wasn’t around.

“Boys being boys, we didn’t have a lot of shame.”

The idea of him walking around with a boner (something I had now seen many times) but in front of many people immediately caused a tent to form in my shorts. More so, the idea of me doing it made my dick hard as can be. I confided in him, then, that I wished I could do that. Immediately, he encouraged me, telling me that I could always be naked if I wanted to be and that our place would be a safe space to try it out.

So, the following day, after my shower, I looked down at my shrunken junk and just thought, ‘What the hell?’ before strutting out of the bathroom naked as the day I was born.

I walked out onto our balcony area (it’s completely covered so no onlookers can see), where Jay was sitting on his laptop in a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. He looked up, and his face immediately cracked into a large smile. “Nice, man!” No going back now. I sat next to him, and he asked me how it felt. I told him it felt great, though, in my head, my brain kept circling the fact that Jay was probably clocking that he was larger than me and getting an ego dosage.

The two of us went inside, where Jay started making his breakfast in our cramped kitchen, me standing not two feet away from him with my penis entirely on display. As our conversation about my nudity continued, I eventually said, “Well, we know who wins in the dick department now.”

Jay, ever polite but still a man looked down at my junk and chuckled, “Yep, I win by a lot, dude.”

This, alone, made my dick twitch a little.

As we continued to talk about my penis size, my exposure, how not many people had seen me naked, and so on, I noticed my dick continued to grow and grow. At one point, Jay said, “I’m smaller than my older brother, though, and he always gave me shit for it.” He continued looking down at my swelling package. “Obviously not that small,” he said with his grin and wink.

I was at full mast. I’m a bronze member of the small dick club. Just barely.

Eventually, Jay noticed one of my embarrassed glances and told me, “Don’t worry. It’s normal to get erect when talking about this stuff.”

I explained how foreign it was to have my hard dick out in front of a guy and that the only people who had seen it erect were the three women I had slept with at the time. He glanced at it once more and said, “Well, I’m honored I get to see the little guy now,” and let out another chuckle. I chuckled until he said, “Woah,” while staring at my little dick.

I looked down and noticed that not only was my ‘little guy’ fully erect, but a glob of pre-cum dropped down from the tip of my dick onto the floor. Before I could even apologize, Jay, not wanting to dissuade me from my newfound confidence in exhibiting my body, told me it was cool and, “To be honest, I always wanted a roommate with an open jerk-off policy.”

I said that sounded nice. As he put his plate in the dishwasher and began to leave to head out for work, he said with his kind but sly grin, “Then you better take care of your clit. I know it’s not much, but it’s clearly worked up.”

I appreciated Jay immediately, understanding that his low-key jabs turned me on even more. Despite our new open jerk-off policy, I decided to wait until I heard the front door close and immediately bust one out in the kitchen.

*These SPH experiences have been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the stories have remained the same. Erect dick sizes have been edited to be either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Average. The opinions/views expressed in these SPH experiences (and in any comments) are those of the authors and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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