You’re getting a vasectomy?

By Jake.

I hate kids. My wife wants kids, but not even right now. We’re a reasonably sexually active couple, but she is insatiable when ovulating. And I hate wearing condoms. And I’m less than faithful at times. Hopefully, all this helps explain how I found myself at the urologist requesting a vasectomy. The urologist agreed to proceed if my wife stopped by or let him know she was okay.

So I went home that evening prepared to tell her the plan. I go through the speech of rubbers and ovulation while she visibly seethes. Sarah says, “We want to have kids later. How would that work?”

“I can reverse it, and I’m having some stored (that’s a lie).”

This is so that we don’t have to worry between now and when we’re ready. She says, “I need some space to think. I’m gonna stay with my best friend tonight.”


Her best friend Lindsey says, “You know he’s cheated, and now this. This is simple. Go tell the urologist no, which will blow this up for him, then go cheat on him with steve (her well-endowed ex).”

“I’m not gonna cheat to get back at him.”

“You said yourself Asher isn’t half as big as steve. I think you’re due.”


So Sarah heads to the Doctor’s office, ready to blow this up. Then the Doctor walks in. Sarah’s beyond attracted. She’s immediately wet. He’s everything Asher isn’t. Tall, fit, and from the look of his pants, hung. She tells him he’s not comfortable with the vasectomy. He replies, “I can’t imagine not wanting kids with someone like you.”

She says, “No, he does. Just not now. That’s why he’s freezing some.”

The doctor (John Clem, to be exact) says, “This isn’t my place, but he isn’t having anything frozen.”

Sarah’s face turned red with anger before she had a wicked idea. “OK, fine if he wants a vasectomy. You said you’d sleep with me. Would you do it now? Also, would you do me a favor if we kept sleeping together?”

“Technically, you’re not a patient so that we can sleep together, but what about this favor? What is it?”

She replied, “Is there a way to keep his balls but make this more emasculating?”

Dr. John seemed to ponder the idea before saying, “Oh yeah, and it won’t even change the procedure plan. Now let me get those panties off,” as he threw her onto his desk and spread her legs.


My wife came home practically giddy and said my procedure would be in a few days. I was thrilled. She even offered to help me shave. While shaving, she said, “I need your little guy out of the way. They’ll be working right below him.”

I’m not tiny, but I’m smaller than average. I tried to pull my dick up, but it was still cold from the rag. Sarah insisted on soaking me in before starting. Sarah said to push it in if it’s too short to hold. Ouch.


On the day of the procedure, I took my Valium and was shocked my wife had agreed so easily. When we arrived, they took my vitals and said my bp was too high, especially on Valium. The doctor said, “Let’s get this done. I’ll put you under, and you’ll wake up in a couple of hours.”

Once I was out, the doctor pulled back my patient gown. The gallery was packed as my actual procedure was known to everyone but me. The doctor announced the patient wishes to have a vasectomy to prevent unwanted pregnancy. He also wants his testicle receded into the canal, and his scrotum sack tightened to ensure they stay there.

A few hours later, I woke up. Sarah was there with her arm around my urologist’s waist. No, that’s gotta be the drugs. Sarah saw me waking up and came over. The surgery went well. Then the doctor said, “There was some trouble with bleeding. All under control, but that’s why you’re tightly bandaged. We had to pull some things tighter than usual to get it under control. You’ll need to stay overnight as a result and can go home tomorrow. I covered all the post-op requirements with your wife.”


The next day my wife showed up with me some clothes. The nurse removed the bandage and explained I’d need to wear tight underwear for a while to ensure there were no bleeding problems. Yep, all standard for a vasectomy. Hopefully, Sarah remembered my tight underwear. I hopped up to pee, and everything felt a little high and tight, but I figured it’d been bandaged. When I went to pee, I discovered the extent of high and tight. My balls had to be gone. There was no hanging sack, just a tiny patch of softer skin below my deck. I panicked.

Sarah came in and said, “Did they not come by and explain? You bled, and he had to tuck your balls back up and sew your skin in tight. It was that or losing them and possibly bleeding out. This is fine, babe. With them tucked in, there’s also zero chance of the paths regrowing like with a normal vasectomy. Plus, I think it makes your little guy look better.”

After I calmed down, Sarah brought my clothes over. T-shirt, gym shorts, and a pair of green panties. “Sarah, where’s my underwear, and why are your panties here? How’d you get those confused?”

“I didn’t. The doctor said you’d need small undies to secure your surgery site. All your boxers are meant to have a package that is no longer there.”

“It’s all still there, and my dick still needs room.”

“Fine, we will leave it to the professionals. I’ll buy you a pair of your usual from the store downstairs, and we can ask of they’re tight enough.”

This would be a no-brainer. I threw on the boxer briefs. She brought the nurse in and asked if these were tight enough. The nurse immediately grabbed the loose fabric at the bottom. I pulled them up some more, only for the nurse to grab the loose material at the front and say, “Way too much room.”

I dejectedly changed into the panties. Jesus, they fit. Hell, my dick even fit in them. I walked out, and my wife started catcalling. The nurse cracked up and said, “Wow. I figured they’d be the right fit for the surgery site, but they look the right fit for his clitty too.”


A few weeks later, it was time to submit my first sample for the sterilization check. There was only one problem. I couldn’t get hard. Sarah came to check on me and said, “Do you need a hand?”

“Ugh, actually, would you mind? I can’t seem to get a response.”

“Sure you can’t.”

She begins to circle my nubbin, as she calls it now. Nothing. Sarah says, “I bet this works. I’ll flick it like a clit with my tongue.”

I moaned, but nothing from downstairs.

Then Sarah says, “Oh, I know,” and runs to our room.

She calls me in and has me sit in front of her. She then reaches around and uses her clit vibrator on it. I immediately begin to squirm, so Sarah plays with my nipple with her other hand while whispering, “Does my girly husband’s clit like that?”

I came harder than I ever have. Well, I orgasmed harder than ever. There was barely any cum on my wife’s hand, which was pretty clear.

Sarah says, “I’m pretty sure I know how this is gonna come back.”


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  • ryan

    fantastic story! I love the emasculating idea of tucking his little balls!


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