Encountering the Police (Gay SPH)

By Babydicklover.

This story is a continuation of “Moving in with Papa.”


Encountering the Police…

It’s been a couple of months since I moved in with papa. I am taking a few classes for my doctorate program, which is a little more demanding than I thought, but I am getting by. At the outset, living in papa’s place was exceptionally humiliating. It all started after a cold, freezing shower, where he ‘accidentally’ exposed me at my nubbiest. He claimed it was also nippy because he could distinctly see the third nipple I had since I was born.

The next day, he paraded me around his annoying buddies. They coincidentally came over right after the day papa convinced me to stay naked with him. At the same time, these masculine men transfixed on my catastrophic shortcomings, mainly my little pee-wee and tiny balls.

Papa also led me to believe the front door was open before I attempted to escape sheer torture and humiliation. I tried to avoid the discomfiting possibility of his friends discovering my lack of what ordinary men have between their legs. Unfortunately, the neighborhood teenagers saw me in all my shriveled-up glory. They captured me and my unnoticeable thumbtack on video before I even noticed, which leaked around the local community.

He told me many parents, some of whom I grew up with on this street, were immensely concerned about living near a pervert who ‘performs acts of indecent exposure for his leisure.’ What made matters even worse was they brought their concerns to the police. The police showed up at my papa’s door, expressing their growing issues with me and my problematic behavior. None of the parents confronted me or seemed concerned about the video. If anything, they only gave me obvious smirks and sometimes would peek at my crotch area to see if they could detect any hint of my bulge, which I am sure they didn’t.

Papa came into my room and looked at my little penis lounging almost underneath my balls—the little guy usually hid inside me unless I physically pulled him out. He told me with a severe demeanor I needed to put some clothes on. His seriousness surprised me because papa never prodded me to put on clothes. He continually said, “We ought to be nude as our manifesting soul calls for.”

My papa was a free spirit who believed in welcoming energy and experiencing nature for our vibrancy and consciousness. I didn’t understand and asked him why.

“Little John, please don’t argue with me, and put some clothes on to cover your embarrassingly small penis and big ol’ behind.”

Two police officers came over, and they were hulky guys who harshly intimidated me. I felt unnerved by their presence. I didn’t know what was happening, so I experienced pseudo-heart failure when they entered the living room. Ever since the incident where papa’s friend stole my virginity, I have been questioning my sexuality. I didn’t know what to think about myself.

Even though I was confused, I could confidently say these beefy men were beautiful. The more experienced police officer was a slightly chubby but muscular, older white dude with a bald head. His name was Henry. The other was a burly, taller black man with a strengthening balance. His name was Burton, but he went by Gus. They first informed me I wasn’t in trouble or anything. They just wanted to hear my side of the story and showed me the infamous video I hadn’t seen before.

I watched in decimated horror as I could see my big, wet, naked body frantically trying to open the front door and get in. As I tried to open the door with all my might, you could see my overgrown fannie jiggle with each small struggle. My head was down when I heard quiet snickers from the teenagers operating the phone camera behind me.

I looked like I had just witnessed an apparition because I had dark fear in my eyes. I turned around, failing to cover any decency I had left. They took advantage of my obliviousness and zoomed in on my uncovered centimeter peter. They made humiliating comments about my body, so I finally covered the little guy and ran off like a madman.

They repeatedly showed papa and me the moment my little shame was revealed to indicate why this might need to be reprimanded. To say it was disconcerting to closely see my little winky bounce up and down in front of two police officers who scrutinized it would be an understatement.

The police officer looked at me sternly with demanding eyes and asked, “Son, what were you thinking? Please explain why you thought it would be a good idea to expose your tiny, I mean your naked body, in public like that. I mean, I wouldn’t want to reveal my body like that, especially if it were, well, you are already well aware of what I mean by that.”

Gus tried to conduct himself professionally but let out a laugh and tried to disguise it as a cough as he looked down at my crotch area.

Henry gave him a judicial look and said, “Ignore the newbie. Gus, he can’t help the way he was born.”

I could see he was trying to help my case, but it was blatantly obvious these two were having a good time humiliating me and my chubby body.

Papa moved close to me and whispered, “Don’t worry, little John, your papa will handle this.”

I felt this was another ruse brewed by my papa to humiliate me, but he was obviously over that. He told them it was his fault because he had played a harmless prank on me. He didn’t mean anything by it and thought it would be funny. They all looked at each other, then my beaten face, and laughed loudly in unison. It was like I was clueless about some magical cue.

Henry said, “Yeah, you got that right. Even though most parents were offended and concerned for their children’s safety, they got a kick from seeing something so minimal between John’s big-boned legs. They said looking at John’s penis is no different from seeing a toddler. There wasn’t much difference. They said he was probably smaller.”

Gus looked at me and giggled, saying, “Tough break, kid,” and slapped my back.

I was so humiliated these officers were legitimately discussing and laughing at my small penis with my papa.

“Officer, would you mind sending me the video? I have some people who would be delighted with it.”

“Papa,” I shrieked like a high-pitched bird!

“Lighten up, boy. I am just teasing, but please send it over. It’ll be a good reminder for little John to cover up his quarter-inch pee-pee when he gets carried away.”

“Of course. We will send it to you soon. So, do we need to be worried about you? I am sure you won’t be showing your impossibly tiny guy anymore with all the teasing you’ve received. Can we count on that?”

I was about to answer until papa cut me off, “Of course, he is a good little boy when he is not acting up. I solemnly swear I won’t play any more pranks on him, and he won’t show his toddler-like penis to anyone.”

“That is good to hear, micro man. But, we need to be extra cautious so that this doesn’t happen again. You could simply wear a cheap mask, flash some innocent folks, and run off without us ever knowing it was you. Unfortunately, this video doesn’t show much, so we need additional, more telling information for our internal records. Please strip your clothes so we can get clearer evidence of your body.”

I looked at papa with fear, and he gave me a look at how I better comply with the police. I said, “Sir, that is a little inappropriate. I don’t feel comfortable doing that.”

“It doesn’t matter what you are comfortable with, little Johnny. We can’t have little boys running naked, flashing their little love bits to pedestrians. The law warrants this.”

“Do I need to take off everything or just my pants and underwear?”

“Everything will be better, boy.”

Silence quieted the room, and I felt like a pariah worrying about what these officers would think of my body. I slowly removed my t-shirt so these officers could see my smooth, chubby tummy. I undid my belt, and my pants naturally came down to my ankles. I stepped out of them, charred with fear.

“Boy, what is the matter with you? We have already witnessed your tiny schlong. I don’t know why you are ashamed. You didn’t seem to have a problem streaking in the front yard, harming children with your recklessness.”

The more experienced officer was not in the mood to wait anymore. I grabbed my loose underwear and pulled them down. I came out of them and stood with my naked body presented to these police officers. Everyone slowly looked down at my humiliating junk. The silence felt even quieter because the exposure was deafening.

Henry rubbernecked intensely at my body and said, “I know there is a lot to say, but turn around slowly, so we can all have a better scope of what we are dealing with here.”

I turned around slowly, so they could see every inch of my overweight body. I felt like my soul had left my body, so I didn’t have to experience this horrible moment. I felt deprived when they also saw my large, raw buns. Henry nodded with such power.

He was trying hard to hold back laughter, “Wow! Your whang is—I don’t even have the words to describe what I see now. What an indescribable, little, tiny penis you have. The video did you some justice because I didn’t think it was this small. My boy, I do not envy you whatsoever. Terry, I thought you said John here was a big boy.”

My papa looked startled and swore, “Oh, he is, just not where it truly matters. When some of my buddies first saw John’s predicament, they couldn’t maintain their sanity and composure. It is truly a shock to see whatever you want to call what my grandson is packing. They went crazy with the laughter and jokes at my little-dicked boy’s expense. I’ve been telling him resilience is key to the endless rejections he will face because no woman will want that little nub near her. He won’t be able to rock her world, maybe give her a little tickle, though. He could learn to use his tongue well, but that only does so much.”

“I mean, who is going to satisfy the tops? These baby dicked boys can be bottoms, right?”

Gus looked so mesmerized and added hostile fire to the little flame, “Yeah, I have only been an officer for a short time, and I have done so many strip searches, and I’ve never come across something this tiny before. Some men tried to act all macho to compensate for their lack of equipment, and it was funny for them to be incredibly embarrassed as we checked their little, vaginal-like foreskins.”

Henry walked up to me and touched my little penis with thoughtful grace. He had meaty hands, and his pinky finger practically covered the entire thing. It started to harden and “grew” to a measly two inches, probably less than that.

“So gentle, tiny, and pathetic. It is like a car crash, it is awful how tiny your little dingleberry is, but I can’t stop looking at it. Look at these undescended testicles. I remember being in a human body class during my time at university. We learned about different conditions, one of which was the term “micropenis.” An adult penis is abnormally small only if it measures less than three inches, about eight centimeters when erect. What an anomaly. Your little stiffy is a little under the size of half my pinky. I don’t think you can classify this as a micropenis. Indeed, it is too stunted for that diagnosis. Let’s label it as a nanopenis, which is something even smaller than microdicklettes.”

Gus had a eureka moment, “I remember reading something about men like you. This is an old study, but I think it carries scientific weight. A micropenis is a mild form of ambiguous genitalia with medical, psychological, and social impacts. It is now part of the intersex community. A decision to rear a child with micropenis as a boy is beset with worries that the genitalia will prove inadequate for sexual intercourse and that he will not be able to assume a good masculine self-image. We should have enforced this idea since men with little willies can’t adequately pleasure people. This is why some boys with micropenises were raised as girls in the 50s. Too bad this wasn’t the case for you. You would have made a cute girl with your untapped clit.”

Papa winked at me and declared, “He’s more like a girl than not, anatomically speaking. We tried medication while he reached puberty, but we told him it would help him grow a mustache. I didn’t want him worrying about not ever being a real man. Things could change. We could make the transition anytime and raise him like he—she was supposed to be.

Henry extended his index finger and flicked my undergrown ding-a-ling, “I like that idea. It would explain this so much better to people. What do you think, Jolitta?”

All this talk about me being a girl made the irreparable and unpleasurable organ between my legs hide in secret inside me. That tipped me over the edge of humiliation. I was so embarrassed and positive I was blushing like a ripe strawberry in front of these hunks.

I covered my incredibly shy penis and yelled, “No way! I am a fully grown man and intend on staying that way.

“If you say so, big boy. Don’t look like that from where we are standing. We can’t have that. I think little John is nude-shy. Let’s make him feel more comfortable so he isn’t the only one.

My jaw dropped with a stunned thunderstruck as everyone began stripping. In a matter of seconds, we were all ass naked as the days we were born. This didn’t make me feel any better because of the size differences. Gravity had a toll on their cocks, which is why they pointed downward while mine just stuck out like a little sore thumb.

“What’s wrong with you?” Henry laughed and sarcastically said, “You look like you’ve seen a ghost. Haven’t you ever seen a grown man naked before?”

My papa intervened and said, “He has. I think he is just intimidated by your large cocks compared to his little tee-tee.

Gus looked at me and asked, “That makes sense. But, do you feel more comfortable, son?”

“I do not at all.”

“Why is that?”

I was resistant to say but decided to, “Because you all have enormous cocks, and I physically have nothing between my legs. I know my role as a man with a little stub. All I have to do is look at what I have between my legs and know where I stand.”

Gus looked at my little dicklette, then my papa’s cock, and gave me a sympathetic and pitiful smile.

“That’s a good boy. It sucks that your grandpa’s genetics didn’t bless you. He is huge compared to you.”

Henry gave me a naughty smile filled with horny and dark thoughts.

“You say you understand your role, but I don’t think you do. Let’s teach John his place as a servicing, enslaved boy; the identity one has with a half-grown wiener.”

Papa left to the backyard and announced, “You all have fun. I have some yard work to do in the back.”

Was this happening to me? Where was papa going? He couldn’t leave me alone with these men.

“Your old man tells us you are pent up and need some release. We can help with that. You are a doctorate student, and all you do is study. We can’t have you looking for sexual gratification in inappropriate ways like streaking your little thang. No one should have to see that. Let’s do things more naturally.”

I was frightened, “Truly, I won’t do it again. I promise.”

“That just isn’t going to work for us.” He gave me an evil grin and said, “you need to prove it to us. Before we do anything, you need to be punished for your insolent behavior.”

Henry puts me over his knee to give me corporal punishment. I was shaking and anticipating the pain. He began by rubbing my huge bottom with his bare hand. He gave me a few soft licks and swats. After that, he was spanking me harder and harder. I felt like crying because the pain was very intense. I felt so childlike being spanked by this older daddy while the others just watched and laughed.

“That’s a good boy. I can feel your pathetic excuse for a dick on my leg. It is so damn tiny. Aww. Your big behind is all pink now. How cute. It’s time to begin.”

Henry stood me up with my burning rear-end, grabbed my neck, and passionately kissed me on the lips. He touched me all over. Gus came before me and gently massaged my buttocks, and began spanking me hard and rubbing me sensually. I saw Henry’s cock hardening and coming close to my face. To see that thing evolve into a menacing firehose quadrupled my fears of trying to please these men.

In retrospect, a part of me wanted this. I have always pictured myself being with a woman, which might not be possible after coming to terms with my broken tool. I had tempestuous feelings and was scared, but I decided to be their submissive boy toy. I closed my eyes and drifted away from their touching, squeezing, and slapping.

Henry grabbed my balls and slowly massaged them, searching for my disappearing testicles.

“I can check both your balls with two fingers. There isn’t much down here with your stilted situation of inadequacy. These are little pea-sized balls in your boy sack. Hell, I could probably fit your whole sack in one hand. See how different my balls are from yours. Rub them!”

He really had huge balls, so I did what he said and rubbed them slowly.

“Damn boy, that feels nice having your hands on my big balls. Your thick, fat body is so hot.”

He rested his cock next to my little member to compare. The size difference was unbearably harsh.

“Gawd, you have the tiniest penis of all time, I am guessing. I don’t know anyone this small. Did the kids in your gym class laugh at you in grammar school?”

“No, I made sure to cover it because I didn’t stack up to the other boys.”

“Smart cookie here. Poor guy, you already knew you were undersized that long ago. We should take you to meet our friend one day. He would make fun of your second belly button all day. Get used to people calling you tiny and useless.”

He began stroking me unhurriedly with barely any movement. The length wasn’t long enough to move, maybe an inch. His thumb covered my wet tip, which was a pool of pre-cum. He used his other hand to rub my chubby belly. His two fingers are soaked in my juices, which he used to lubricate my little boy-like chopper.

“Wrap your hand around my cock, boy. Feel what a real man’s cock is like. Be envious because you will never have what real men have. You are stuck with that nobble for the rest of your life. Look at what we have, and we what you don’t.”

I proceeded to look down to see how tiny it was. I firmly held his dick and stroked him.

“That’s it, boy. Rub it, and succumb to my huge cock. Appreciate how much bigger it is compared to yours.”

It was huge, and I felt emasculated seeing it next to mine.

While that was happening, Gus was kissing and rubbing my backside. He asked, “Are you enjoying this, girl?”

“Yes, I am.”

“You better because this is something you should get used to. Let’s take it up a notch.”

They laid me down on the couch on my stomach.

“Let’s lube her up.”

They opened a bottle of lube and put some in my unexplored anus. I was incredibly tight, so I felt slight pain as Gus lunged his fingers into my crack. He started slowly and gradually became faster.

“You are so damn tight with your virgin hole. A good pussy boy better not stay tight if he ain’t got a dick to work with. I think she’s stretched enough.”

Little by little, Gus slowly entered the tip of his nicely-sized dick in my thick butt. I screeched with pain but needed to relax and let it flow naturally.

Gus whispered to my ear, “Don’t fight it. You know you want it. Since it’s your first time, I will take it easy on you and your tight little hole.”

He pulled my hair back and kissed me on the cheek. I felt safe at that moment. He plunged deeper inside me as I held my head down in a pillow consuming the pain.

“Also, I find your micropenis incredibly hot. It made me laugh, but it was a turn-on to see how big I am compared to you. You like that, John? How long have you wanted a daddy inside you?

He grabbed my hips and gently pressed forward so I could feel his supersized balls make contact with my plumpy round ass.

“After this, boy, you will no longer be a virgin. We daddies are lucky to dominate such a good teeny, weeny cock boy.”

As that was happening, Henry smacked my face with his giant cock. I knew what he wanted me to do. I took his massive cock in my mouth. I was so inexperienced that I didn’t know what to do. I just did what I imagined it to be. I sucked on his hard dick and could feel his pre-cum oozing down my mouth. It had a savory and flavorful taste. It wasn’t easy because I gagged on it several times, which didn’t slow Henry down. My gagging seemed like it inspired him to travel harder and deeper. It was an exhilarating experience to serve these powerful men.

I felt my baby dinky shrivel up even more, so I covered the little half-incher. I didn’t want these men to see me in my most dinky-like state. It was probably the smallest it had ever been, even when I was a newborn. Henry slapped my hands, so my little nub would be in his line of sight. I tried covering it up again, but he swatted my hands again.

“Quit it! I want to see your baby dick as I mouth fuck you. Seeing your little clitoris makes me so horny. The tip of my cock is longer than your entire erect dicklette. That must be embarrassing for you. The more degraded you feel, the harder I become.”

I did what I was told and didn’t cover up my little tip again. I knew it wouldn’t be a good idea to disobey these beefcake daddies. It became more intense, and I was screaming even louder. I felt the climax approaching. I knew what was coming soon. I sweated heavily. As Henry heaved and grunted loudly, I felt hot streams of cum flood my mouth. I was on the verge of choking.

“Swallow every drop of my seed, baby boy! Your cocklette is so damn tiny. Know your place.”

He pinched my soft tinkle and pushed it in like a vagina. I submitted to his request and swallowed every droplet of his thick discharge. He smacked his giant cock against my underdeveloped plonker. Henry started touching my innie, which he was outright laughing at. Gus was ferociously plummeting in my big booty and came in my ass. We both screamed. I could feel his cum drip down my anus hole. I couldn’t believe he had bred me.

Henry came behind me, kissed my back, and lightly spanked my bodacious bubble butt.

Gus kissed me on the mouth and said, “Your turn. Are you ready to feel something nice on your tiny pee-pee, son?”

He stepped back and leaned down to take my microscopic ding-ding in his warm mouth. I felt euphoric and ecstatic. He couldn’t move his head cause there was nothing for him to bob on. He used his tongue to stimulate my small shaft and pee-pee head. He continuously took his mouth off to giggle at my underdeveloped member.

“You like daddy sucking on your little nugget? I can taste your pre-cum from your little glans.”

He stood up, spread my legs a little, and scooted closer as he rubbed my belly and sucked on the tiny nipple between my legs.”

“Teeny weeny boys get to be played with by bigger men that know how to use their cocks.”

Henry said, “Spread your legs, boy. Daddy wants to finger you while Gus manhandles your boy clitty. You love being lubed up with my probing fingers as I penetrate deeper into your rectum.”

Gus quickens his sucking on my stunted piss pole. I felt it coming, and clumps of cum blasted into his mouth. He didn’t swallow. He kissed me and made me drink my fluids from his mouth.

“Eat your cum, boy. No one wants your baby boy fluids.”

I swallowed with much grotesque fowl. I felt disgusting swallowing my cum, but I knew I needed to maintain my submissive role. I will get used to it one day.

“That’s a good boy. I was surprised you had so much cum in your ripe ballsack. I mean, it does make sense. It would be a huge load. You rightfully never get any tempestuous action.” he said. He grabbed and flicked the little acorn from side to side with his pinky, “How do you feel, boy?”

“I feel exhausted, tired, and delighted. It was amazing.”

They smiled and told me I did well for the first time. I hugged and kissed them both.

We all walked outside to see papa hanging by the pool.

“I see you all are finished. Let’s hang out by the pool.”

For the next hour, we had fun in the pool. My penis was the nubbiest it had ever been from the intense orgasm and cold water. They relentlessly laughed at my shrinkage as it bounced around when I got out of the pool. It was humiliating, but I enjoyed the attention.

Before they were about to leave, they forgot about the pictures.

“We still need pictures for our internal department if you decide to streak again and show the world how tiny you are.”

They took photos of my wrinkled little raisin and flabby, white butt. It was embarrassing that those photos would circulate in the police department. They needed to have every detail of my chunky body. Being tiny was terrible enough, but this shrinkage condition left me with virtually nothing. I had no balls, and my baby compact cock was missing.

Henry looked right at me and stated, “Thank you for your time, and we will be here if anything comes up again about this. Do you hear us?”

“Yes, sir,” I said with sheer confidence.

“Good boy. No more showing off your declining manhood,” while he looked towards my crotchless center.

With that, papa escorted them out the door. He was laughing as he closed the door. They were out there for a while. I wonder what they were talking about—reflecting on everything I enjoyed today. Even though I was dominated and criticized, I felt good about myself. I now see myself being with older men and pleasuring them in the future. I decided to put clothes on because my little penis was the smallest it had ever been. I didn’t want papa to make fun of it.

Once they were officially gone, papa stripped of his raggedy, wrinkled clothes. He apologized for the silly prank he played on me, which caused the video to be made in the first place. I told him it was okay, as long as they never returned. I don’t want to deal with the police again.

“Oh, you didn’t like what they taught you?”

“No, I enjoyed them a lot, but I don’t want to be in jail for indecent exposure.”

“Oh, right. How did you feel?”

I told him what had happened and that I was experiencing confusing thoughts about my sexuality.

“I think I may be gay or bisexual.”

He gave me a huge, sincere grin and hugged me hard.

“Phew, I always had a feeling. I wanted you to be yourself. I am glad you are discovering your sexuality. I am also a little relieved because I was worried you would never find a woman, but a man may be easier because of your micropenis.”

“Yeah, we will see what happens. I am open to everything now. Just promise me you won’t play any more pranks on me that will potentially get me in trouble with the police.”

He agreed and would do everything he could to stop that from happening. I just sat there, and he looked at me confusingly. He asked me why I was wearing clothes. I exclaimed how I didn’t want to be naked after what happened. He guaranteed I would be safe because we had strict privacy.

He gave me a little wink, “John, no one will be able to see anything. Well, that wouldn’t even happen without the walls, so…”

I gave him a look at how aggravated and annoyed I was.

“I didn’t mean that. It is just—it is the smallest it has ever been. I don’t want you to keep seeing me like that.”

“John, how many times do I have to tell you? I don’t care that you have the smallest penis in the universe. Now, you go and remove those clothes.”

I stomped to my room and stripped everything I was wearing. I walked back to the living room with my white, naked body completely exposed to my papa.

“Aww, look at your little microchip. It has caused so many good laughs and now trouble. It would help if you were careful with this little thing. Something so tiny can still lead you into a whirlpool of danger.”

“Yes, I understand that now. I don’t want the neighbors seeing me like that again.”

“Well, I told you to join us that day instead of trying to leave. You must be so embarrassed that everyone in the neighborhood saw your inexperienced, short wee-wee.”

I looked down, “Yeah, it sucks knowing everyone around me knows how I have nothing between my legs.”

“I know, my boy, but it’s okay. No one honestly cares about your underwhelming boy nub. It’s kind of funny. Whenever we pass a neighbor, they will think of your unfortunate size.

He saw I looked sad and said he had a surprise for me. He knew I was insecure about my body. He had different photos of me during graduation he submitted to a fashion magazine dedicated to plus-size consumers trailblazing the body positivity movement. I saw myself wearing that ridiculous black gown.

“I am happy to announce they are interested in featuring you in one of their annual Fall features. They like what you have to offer.”

This was a joke, but papa showed me the authorized email from the magazine. It was called “All Bods Magazine.” I subscribed to them because seeing other plus-sized people made me feel better about myself. The photoshoot was scheduled for the next week at a big-time studio in Liverpool, England!

He was waiting to tell me towards the end of the week but saw I needed a pick-me-up at that moment. It had been a while since I traveled outside the country, and I couldn’t believe this was happening. I could feel tears rolling down my cheeks. Papa noticed and hugged me.

He smiled at me, “this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you, my boy. Get you and your little cinnamon stick packed and ready to go soon!”

I hopped up with my little penis and ran to my room, ready to get packed for this unimaginable trip. Even though I couldn’t believe the neighborhood contacted the police, I had the most amazing sex of my life, and I was off to England for a photo shoot for a popular magazine. I couldn’t wait for the future!

The Conversation Outside (Papa’s Perspective):

I led Henry and Gus outside and ensured the front door was closed.

I asked them, “How was my grandson?”

Henry said, “He was adorable. Thank you for hiring us to fool around with him.

Gus giggled and said, “he has just the tiniest little cock I have ever seen. I was even embarrassed for him, like when you get second-hand embarrassment. I can’t believe he bought the story of us being police officers.”

“Academically, he is brilliant but so naïve half the time. It makes having him here super fun. I love embarrassing him for his exceptionally tiny penis, plump derriere, and tubby stature. I get such a kick out of it. It’s all in good fun.”

“What’s this trip you mentioned before?”

“Oh, I have something planned for him. He will never see it coming.”

“Well, I hope it goes well. You let us know if he ever wants to do this again. He was the perfect little boy to dominate.

I gave them a big grin and said, “I definitely will.”


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story was submitted directly to this website.

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