Moving in With Papa

By Babydicklover.

I got into my dream Ph.D. program studying Astrophysics. The university was pretty far, so my grandpa invited me to come to live with him to make things easier. I usually call him papa. His name is Terence, but he goes by Terry. The commute would be far less living with him. I was hesitant because papa loved being naked because he used to live in a nudist colony. I was worried he would pressure me to be in the nude. My dad convinced me to do it because this was my dream.

I arrived, and papa was excited to see me. He was wearing clothes to help me bring in my stuff. The moment everything was in the house, he stripped down from everything he was wearing. He was so quick to get naked, and I couldn’t believe it. I looked at papa’s abs and his huge hog. As he walked away, I saw his enormous dick just flap around. I was so envious because mine just bounced like a small spring. He had a nice tanned body for being in his 50s. He encouraged me to be naked. He said it shouldn’t be a problem since I was always naked growing up with him. I usually was but didn’t want him to see me like that.

After graduation, I didn’t want anyone to see my nub, especially my family, so I told him I would think about it. I knew I wasn’t, though. I think he got the hint. It was fun spending time with him again. Being so busy with school, I never got the chance to see him as much. He was a massive part of my life growing up. I would see him more than my dad. I think my dad needed additional support because he was a single father.

We went outside for a picnic in the backyard on the grass next to his pool. He had a super nice house with a big backyard. We talked about old times and the wonderful moments we used to have. We reminisced about the good ol’ days. He told me stories of when I ripped my diaper off and ventured naked into the magical forest. I was his little knight. As a kid, this was an enchanted forest. I remember playing in this backyard, creating spells, and playing on the swing without any worries. I loved his garden. He handled his garden and trees very well.

Luckily, he didn’t bug me about being naked, even though I honestly wish I could. I would love to skinny dip in his pool. Maybe I can when he runs his errands. It’s been around a week. Everything was going well until Friday night. That night, papa was acting a little weird, like he was waiting for something. He kept looking at his watch. It was late in the evening, and I finally decided to take a shower. Unfortunately, papa only had cold water running because of a city ordinance. I tried to shower fast because it was so cold. While I was showering, I heard him yelling for me. I wrapped the towel around my chubby body and came out frantically.

He was on the floor. He must have fallen. He was grunting in pain. I told him I would call an ambulance. He told me not to. He wanted me to pick him up. Oh gosh, how was I going to pick him up? I came by his side and tried to pull him up. He was heavy and muscular. While I grabbed his hands to pull him up, they slipped off mine, probably because I was wet. He accidentally grabbed my towel and yanked it off as his hands slipped. I felt the cool air kiss my pee-pee and bubble butt. I was soaking wet and completely naked with my little dicklette exposed merely inches away from papa’s face. He looked right at it with big, wide eyes. He examined it with much curiosity. I’m sure he was questioning how a grown man could be so underdeveloped. He saw every detail of the shrunken nublette. He saw how tiny and pathetic it looked. He saw how there wasn’t a shaft, just a mini meatball head.

He looked up and said apologetically, “Oh my, I am so sorry.”

I looked down and quickly covered it with my hands. I had a chance to see it briefly before I covered the little guy. It was probably 0.2” inches. I was frozen.

Out of embarrassment, I blurted out, “I just came out of the cold shower.”

It was the only thing I could think of to explain this mortifying situation. I know I shouldn’t have said that because he immediately gave me a loud, hearty laugh. Even though 15 seconds had passed, his giggling ceased in what felt like forever.

He got up easily by himself. I was confused and shocked at the same time. I figured it out and couldn’t believe it. There was no damn city ordinance. He turned off the hot water because he wanted to make sure my bits were shrunken to the size of a baby boy. He pretended to be on the ground from a fall because he knew I would come out and help him. That’s why he didn’t want me to call an ambulance. He slipped on purpose and snatched my towel off me.

I couldn’t believe he came up with this conniving plan to expose me. It worked, though. I was super embarrassed. I know he got a real kick out of my non-existent weenie on graduation. He said he was sorry for me but got over that. What a bastard to set this whole thing up to humiliate me.

He told me he knows I love to be naked and just wanted me to be comfortable. I was being such a little prude about being naked, and he wanted to take me out of my frightened, little turtle shell. I was still covering my pinky-sized peter. He reassured me this was my house now, and I shouldn’t be embarrassed. I told him it was awful for him to do this to me for his sheer entertainment. He told me to lighten up and take a joke. Stop acting like such a little snowflake. He loved using the term snowflake to describe my generation.

He saw I was annoyed with the situation. He was sympathetic towards me.

He said, “Boy, I only did it to build your confidence so that you wouldn’t have a problem being naked around me.”

He didn’t want to tell me, but he felt uncomfortable being naked when I wasn’t. I asked him why he didn’t just tell me that. He said this would be more fun and winked at me. He promised he didn’t mean to laugh. He just forgot how little wee-wees shrink from the cold water. I was so red in the face.

He walked up to me and pulled my hands away from my crotch. He was way taller than me, so he physically looked down at my little penis and hugged me hard. I felt like a little boy next to him because he was tall, fit, tan, and had a large dick. On the other hand, I am short, chubby, pale, and have a meager dinkle with tiny balls. He handed me my towel. I didn’t bother putting it back on. I turned around to finish my shower. He slapped my cold ass as I walked back to the bathroom. I heard him laughing as I left. I asked him if he could turn on the water heater. Later, I stepped into the shower and turned on the hot water this time.

Despite the awful exchange with my papa, I had a nice shower. I thought about his offer. After showering, I dried off and hung the towel up. I was super nervous. I wasn’t sure if I should do this. After much deliberation, I thought, why not. The worst part was over since he saw my baby cock already. I walked into the living room naked from head to toe. I moved towards the couch and placed my bare behind on it. He just stared at me with a gentle smile.

“See, doesn’t that feel better, son?” he asked me.

It did. I told him I’d been nervous about being naked since graduation. He told me not to worry about it because the human body is beautiful. He asked me why I was worried. I didn’t want to say to him why I was apprehensive. I said I haven’t been naked around him in many years, so I didn’t know how he would react.

He told me I should already know how he would react because I grew up with him. He demanded I tell him the real reason. He wanted us to be honest with each other if we lived together. I agreed with him and sighed. I told him I was worried about my butt being too big and my penis being too tiny. He looked down at my crotch area, looked up at my defeated face, and gave me a smile out of pity. He apologized for saying my first girlfriend would need a magnifying glass to see it at the graduation dinner.

He was only joking on graduation night because everyone else was. He said it was an enjoyable evening. He didn’t know it hurt me so much. I couldn’t tell if he was lying or not because how could it not make me feel bad. Especially after the entire university openly laughed at my little boy dick. He looked right at my little pee-pee and told me I warmed up nicely. I saw it wasn’t shriveled up like it was before. It was back to a teensy-weensy inch. I thought it looked ridiculous. I wish he would stop pointing out how tiny it was.

He told me not to worry about having a tiny penis because most girls won’t care. I know he was just trying to make me feel better, but it was clear he was outright lying. He knew that was ridiculous. Looking at my baby nub, what girl would be interested in me. I virtually didn’t have anything between my legs.

“John, even though it is tiny, it is very cute. You are still young, though, so I am sure it will grow a couple of inches. Even if it doesn’t, I am sure there is someone out there who will love your little micropenis.”
I was annoyed and told him he was being a hypocrite because he just said we should be honest with each other.

“Sorry, little John, I’m being a little prick, aren’t I,” he said with a wink. I hated when he would call me little John. He’s been calling me since I was a toddler. Since graduation, he has constantly called me that, and I know why. He agreed I was right and told me to come to him. I got up and walked up to him. He was staring at my little incher bouncing side by side wildly. It is sad to say, but sometimes it doesn’t even move because it is so tiny.

I stood in front of him.

“Let’s take a closer look at this little thing,” he said.

He was incredibly close to my little weenie. He looked at it from every angle. He was fascinated by it. I told him it wasn’t that big of a deal.

“It isn’t a big deal. This is an extraordinary penis. John, are you sure you want me to be honest with you about it?”

I doubtfully told him yes. I was nervous about what he was going to say. He told me it was the smallest penis he had ever seen on anyone, and he has seen his fair share of cocks. I asked if he thought it might still grow.

“You serious? Boy, you are 25 years old. It ain’t growing no more. I only told you it might because I didn’t want to hurt your wittle feelings.”

I felt so humiliated. I didn’t think he was going to be so brutally honest.

“Papa, you don’t need to be so mean about it. It’s not my fault,” I yelled.

I shouldn’t have yelled.

“I should put your bare butt over my knee right now for yelling at me like that. I think you deserve it, but I’ll be lenient because I feel bad about how tiny your little schmekel is. Please don’t get angry with me over your shortcomings. You just weren’t blessed with our family’s genetics. Maybe God is punishing you. I think you should shave your pubic hair. It will make it look bigger, so you will be able to see it a little more. I want to see your backside now.”

He turned me around to now examine my fat, white butt. He grabbed both ass cheeks with his hands. He was massaging and feeling them. He smacked them a couple of times. I whined in pain.

“Son, stop being a little princess. I barely touched you. Sorry, but this is a huge ass. It’s so white as well. We’ll get you a nice tan soon.”
He patted my butt cheeks. He told me there was a razor in the bathroom I could use. I walked into the bathroom, sat on the toilet, and began shaving my pubic hair. After I finished, I looked in the mirror and was horrified. Did my papa lie to me? It looked way smaller now. Afterward, I came out into the living room. I walked straight to my room, covering my crotch. I didn’t want him to see it. He asked me what was wrong. I told him I just wanted to get some sleep. He called out my lie again. He pointed at my crotch and told me to show him my little gherkin. I removed my hands, revealing the tiny dicklette. He began laughing and snorting.

“Yeah, sorry, son, it’s a known myth that shaving it makes it look bigger. No one believes that. I can’t believe you fell for that. You are so gullible. It was easy to get you naked. I can’t believe it looks even smaller. Wow, look at that little, hairless penis. I wonder if we should contact Ripley’s Believe It or Not or The Guinness Book of World Records. I think they would be very interested. I will give them a call tomorrow,” he said with a degrading laugh.

I couldn’t believe he made me shave, knowing it would look tinier.

“The size only matters when it is erect, though, so maybe you don’t need to worry.”

He grabbed it with his index finger and thumb without warning or anticipation. He began to lightly stroke it. It became hard immediately because no man had ever stroked me before. He giggled at how fast it hardened.

“Dayum boy, that was quick. I want to know the actual measurement.”

He grabbed his ruler. He held it against my tiny cocktail weeny.

He laughed and said, “Two-point-one inches. That must be a world record. Boy, that is so embarrassing. You really should be worried now.”

I looked so sad, and he realized what he had said. He told me it was okay. He mentioned how I am the same cute little boy he helped raise. I objected that I was a grown man, not a little boy. He said he was confused because of the little beauty mark between my legs. He did admit I am a grown man, and I have grown up. Just one area of mine remained the same.

He said many men have little pee-pees as I do. They have learned to embrace it. I asked him how. He told me to show it off as much as possible in the appropriate setting because he didn’t want the police to arrest me. He didn’t want the police to drag me to the police station nude and manhandle my child-like parts. If people want a good laugh, show them. It will spark significant laughter from anyone. I told him I would try.

“Honestly, despite your embryonic, minute scrotum and big bottom, you have a lot going for you. You are pursuing a Ph.D. in Astrophysics. You are brilliant! Don’t worry about having a baby dick. It’s not worth stressing over.”

He hugged me and said everything would be okay. He kissed me on the forehead and told me sweet dreams.

“Don’t let the bed bugs bite if they bite your tiny wee-wee. There won’t be anything left.”

I went to bed completely humiliated. How was I going to live with papa for a couple of years? Tonight was horrible. I was incredibly embarrassed, and papa just thought it was hilarious.

I woke up to him making breakfast. He gave me breakfast in bed with all my favorites. This was a pleasant surprise.

“How is my favorite little pee-pee grandson?”

I told him I slept well.

He lifted the sheets with a confirming tone, “yep, still very tiny.”

I grabbed the sheets and covered my embarrassing nub. He giggled at me for being so cute. After I finished eating, I helped him in the garden. He kept making jokes about my little penis. It felt like a nonstop roast only about my bum and little tinkle. I told him to please quit making fun of me because it was very embarrassing. He said he was because it was only mocking me. After all, it is something I need to get used to. He says he will tone it down but will make little dick jokes because how could he not. It is impossible not to when it comes to the tiny length of my dinky dick.

After tirelessly working in the garden, we swam in the pool. It felt lovely and freeing. I was happy I had some sort of cover. He motivated me to use the slide. I was unsure but decided to anyway. I climbed out with my soft, little penis bouncing around. He laughed when he saw me. He didn’t mean to laugh, but I looked the same when I was a toddler. I looked down and experienced significant shrinkage again. I didn’t care. I was embracing it as he said. I just ignored him and slid down the slide. I was having fun with him. I didn’t care when he would make jokes because they were coming from a place of love.

Later in the day, he got out of the pool and walked to the front door. I loved seeing his wet, sexy ass jiggle. I was starting to get a little boner. I felt ashamed because that was my papa. I saw he was letting people into the house. I didn’t know who they were. As I got a closer look, I saw it was his five loud, obnoxious drinking buddies. I haven’t seen them for years. I hope this wasn’t another plan for papa to humiliate me. I prayed they wouldn’t come into the backyard. I thought I could quickly escape before anyone saw me, if they would even notice anything.

I looked around and didn’t see any towels. I was screwed. I lowered more into the pool because I didn’t want to be noticed. I just waited for my papa to come out. Finally, he came out.
He said to me, “John, I hope you are okay. You’ve been in there for a while. I don’t want your little penis to disappear completely.”

I claimed I didn’t know his buddies were coming over. He asked me if that was a problem. I said it was because I was naked.

“They don’t care about some naked kid skinny dipping. They will be out in a second to join us.”

I asked him for a towel. He said I didn’t need one. I just waited there like a scared little boy. They came out and greeted me. I didn’t dare get out of that pool. They said they were happy to see me because they hadn’t seen me in a long time. This was true. I don’t remember them all being so tall. Two of them were muscular, and three of them had beer bellies. They all stripped down to their chonies. They were about to get in when, but my papa said they could swim naked if they wanted. Why did he say that?! They quickly yanked their chonies to their ankles and got out of them. Oh boy, all of them were hung. I had so many butterflies in my stomach. These macho bears could not see my tiny pee-pee.

They all jumped in cannonball style. They were roughhousing in the pool. Thank heavens these big old guys didn’t see my teeny weeny while in the pool. After about an hour, they all got out to eat at the table. I saw their big dicks waddling around. I was so envious. They told me to join them. I told them I would stay longer. Papa told me to get out now because I’ve been in the pool all day. I got out of the pool, so they only saw my butt. I was going to make my escape. I walked to the back door. It was locked! I told papa I needed to get something inside. He said I could get inside from the front door. I didn’t know what to do. Allow these big guys to see my little sausage or the neighbors. I decided to go to the front. I ran to the front yard covering my little privates.

I checked the front door. Of course, it was locked too. I just stood there with my head down. I was startled by snickering from behind me, along with catcall whistles. I turned around and forgot to cover myself like an idiot. Some of the neighborhood teenagers were outside playing. They started giggling at me. They had their cameras pointed at me. They asked if they could have a little fry with that big shake. I turned beet red and ran as fast as I could around the side gate again. I’m sure they will tell their parents about it, and my little pee-pee will be the hot topic among the entire neighborhood. I came back out, clenching my crotch. I told papa the front door was locked. He scolded me to forget about it and join us.

One of the guys said, “C’mon, kid, what’s wrong with you. We are all men. We ain’t seeing nothing we haven’t before.

“You’ll see nothing,” papa whispered.

They all looked confused by this. I knew I would regret this, but my papa didn’t give me a choice. I uncovered my penis and walked toward them. I saw my papa give me a huge grin. I knew my cock had to be insanely tiny. I saw their eyes stare at my mid-section. They were all shocked. I sat down, which made it even smaller.

I felt it entirely inside me. I knew there was nothing there. They began to laugh horrendously loud, like many old, drunk men. I was worried the neighbors would hear. All of them made their little comments. They could barely talk. They were laughing so much.

“Terry, you didn’t tell us your grandson had a baby dick.

He replied, “I didn’t want to ruin the surprise. How boring would it be if I just told you.”

“Even if you had, it wouldn’t have prepared us for this. I never knew they came that small. This is too funny. Oh my goodness.”

One of them was mesmerized. He pinched it with his index finger and thumb. My penis came out, and the little head greeted them. I slapped his hand and told him to stop. From his touch, my baby carrot began to harden. They couldn’t stop staring at my microdick. I got so embarrassed. I felt it grow minimally.

“Haha, it’s a live one. What’s the matter with you? You turned on us laughing at it?”

I replied, “no.”

My papa explained, “see, my grandson is a virgin and has never had anyone touch his little pickle before. I mean, I did last night to measure it. It’s hard under two inches.”

“Let’s change that,” one of them said.

One of them stood up. They made me stand up. He grabbed my little dick with his index finger and thumb. He began to stroke it. I was about to cry. How could my papa let this happen? I was being stroked by one of my papa’s oldest friends while the others hooted and laughed. In a matter of less than a minute, my little dinkle exploded. I screamed like a little girl. They could see it shrivel back into its natural, tiny size.

“That was an impressive load for a popcorn kernel. How’s it feel to lose your virginity, son?”

“Embarrassing,” I said.

I heard another loud ring of laughter in my eardrums.

“That was an embarrassing thing to watch. Oh no, that’s awful, boy. It would help if you learned to last a little longer. Unless you’re into men, no girl will feel that in her pussy. You should probably date men but dream of being a top. This little thing wouldn’t even make it past anyone’s butt cheeks. Even a twink’s little butt would have trouble feeling something. People want to feel something, not be tickled. It’s also hairless. He must shave his little pee-pee.

“Give my grandson a break. He’s already worried enough his little acorn won’t please anyone. I made him shave last night. I told him it would look bigger, which I knew it wouldn’t. I just wanted to mess with him because I love him.”

“I don’t think acorns want to be compared to whatever that little thimble is, Terry. And we already know it won’t. Sorry, kid, I feel bad, but it’s too funny. Don’t fret, little man. You can still have fun without a dick.”

They decided to take a group photo to commemorate the evening. I was in the center of everyone. Papa had the camera on a timer. I hid my little pee-pee, but the guys pulled my arms away from it. I tried to smile but was so embarrassed my little dingle was being captured on film. They took many photos. Some with them were pointing down at my baby wee-wee laughing, and even somewhere, each one gave the universal small penis sign. I got pictures with every guy. They took so many.

They wanted to take closeups of my winkle, but papa didn’t let them. He said the police might accidentally think it was child pornography. After what felt like a million tiny dick jokes, they finally left. They gave me their condolences because I lost my manhood being so small. They each hugged me, flicked my cock, and left.

Papa said it was a fun day. I just wanted to go to bed. Before that, papa called me over. He told me not to worry about what they had to say. I told him I was getting used to it. He said he was glad because living with a micropenis is a hard life. He was just looking out for me. I still wondered if he invited them over on purpose. If he had, I would have been in utter disbelief.

I was beyond embarrassed but was thankful my papa was looking out for me and my little dick. I fell asleep that night, happy and proud I had someone supporting me. He did mention my baby dick frequently. Randomly while I would talk to him, he would stare at it. His pals were over all the time. They weren’t as brutal as before, but I was always embarrassed. I am proud to have a little dick and make people giggle at it now.


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*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Remember, even with limited editing. It doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.


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