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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader got the squeeze…

Several years back, I was in a bowling league. It was a mixed league, and there were men and women of all different ages. I was a pretty good bowler, and my team was always in the first place. This young, cute chubby redhead would always flirt with me. She was at least ten years younger than me. I would always go to the bar and wait for my next turn in-between frames. She and her friend spent most of the time in the bar. One night I was wearing warmup pants with an elastic waistband. That night the two girls were loud and drank quite a bit. I walked up to the bar and ordered a drink. The two girls whispered to each other, and then the redhead came walking up to me. She put her hand down my pants and squeezed my cock without saying anything. I was in a state of shock. She did this for about a minute, and I began to get pretty hard. She gave me a good squeeze and whispered, “Too bad, I thought you’d be bigger.”

She removed her hand and went over to her friend and whispered in her ear, and then they both started laughing pretty hard. She would not say anything to me the rest of the year but would constantly look at me and giggle. I’d start to get hard every time she did that.


Another reader has some fun with his cousins…

So this was when I was 17. I went on a trip with my two female cousins (let’s call them Ann and Josie). One was 18 (Josie) and the other my age (Ann). Summer was coming to an end, and we decided to go to California and see what all the fuss was about in LA. Girls always have to wear the bare minimum on a road trip like this. They’re both wearing booty shorts and tank tops, and can see their nipples and side pussy. Now I’m close to them, so I’m assuming they don’t care that I see them like this. They are beautiful girls. Anyway, we’re driving along. It will take us 17 hours to get there, so we’re making stops as we go, pee, snacks, etc. All guys at these stops have to look and stare at my cousins, who are barely dressed. Even I find myself staring at their asses as they walk in front. We start driving, and this is where my mistake starts. I decided I didn’t have to pee and could hold it until the next stop. Well, was I wrong? We had a couple more miles till the next stop, and we had left in the morning, so there was still daylight out, I had to pee so bad, but my cousin wouldn’t stop. She just kept saying we were making good time.

Ann had an empty bottle in the back, and Josie told me to go there. Of course, I did what every guy did and said, “No, just to pull over.”

That wasn’t happening; either pee in the bottle or pee out the window and let whatever cars pass by see my dick. Well, the bottle won and they both said to just pee and not act like they hadn’t seen a dick, let alone sucked or fucked one. Now what they didn’t know was how small mine was. I’m a grower, so my dick goes inside me when soft, so I’m trying to make it get a little hard so they wouldn’t judge, and it’s not happening. So I pull it out with whatever foreskin I can, put it in the bottle, and start to pee. Now I’m in the passenger side, and Josie tells me that it wasn’t so bad, was it, but as she finishes saying that, she looks down and sees my small dick and yells, “HOLY SHIT, THAT’S SMALL!”

Of course, Ann has to jump from the back to see. They start laughing and saying that it was the tiniest thing they have ever seen, and they proceed to ask questions like how can I have sex, how can I masturbate, etc.

I tell them I’m a grower, and it gets bigger, not by much but bigger. Ann wants to see it hard, she starts to jerk me off, and I get hard immediately. When I say hard, I’m not talking eight inches of surprise. I’m talking Bronze Member hard. Now they are surprised and say what every small dick guy hates. “It’s not that bad, and size isn’t everything. It still works.”

I said, “It didn’t because girls would laugh every time I tried to get laid.”

Now I’m just pissed. I don’t want to talk about it, and it’s dead silent the rest of the way. We make it to LA and get to our hotel, where we got different rooms for obvious reasons. But too late for that as they had seen it. They pretended nothing happened, and we had fun going to the beach and exploring. They hook up with random guys. I sit in the room watching TV alone. Finally, it’s time to come home, and they tell me they won’t say anything and not to beat myself up, to learn to do oral and finger, and I should be better than any guys with eight-inch cocks.


Meanwhile, this reader’s wife indulged his cuckold fantasies…

My wife, K, told me a guy was hitting on her at work, and she flirted back for fun. Frank was older than her but a fit and good-looking man who had quite the reputation. He fucked many of the younger girls at work. Frank was Frank by name and by nature! He had told my wife she had beautiful tits and a beautiful small tightbutt. And said he wanted to bend her over and fuck her silly. She told me what she said and did to tease him. K felt my cock as she told me and laughed as I hardened up. I said, “I trust you, so flirt away.”

The next time they worked together, my wife came home horny and excited to tell me about her fun at work. She told me she asked him about his reputation, and him, “Girls talk. I hear you have a huge cock.”

He answered, “Yes, I’m proud of my big cock,” in true Frank style. “I am nine inches and have a heavy fat knob. How does that compare to your husband?”

K told him that I wasn’t even half that size! And told him the nicknames she has for me!

We had the best SPH session ever. She went to town, “Oh my God, you have a ‘Little Stiffy’ already! Yes, it turns you on to know a man with a huge cock wants to fuck me, doesn’t it, Little man? It’s not a man-size, is it? Small and thin, opposite to Frank, big and thick!”

Later that night, K got the tape measure out to see what nine inches looked like, and comparisons were made, and I was hard again. “Ohh, soft little two-inch is now four inches! Look at the size difference! After Frank fucks me, can you imagine I won’t feel your little stiffy inside me! Ohh, you came as soon as I mentioned Frank fucking me with his huge cock! It feeds your cuckold fantasy. Ohh, another ‘Little Stiffy!’ I can only imagine. The girls say his knob bulges out. He describes it as heavy! I told him you got called pencil dick at school because you have a thin dick with a tiny knob! Tell me you want me to fuck him. Please tell me if he invites me out after work, I should go. Answer this. If he asks me back to his house, I should go? I’ll take that as a yes!”

Every time she worked a late shift with Frank, I would be waiting in bed with a little stiffy, wondering, wishing, and fantasizing.


While this reader navigated college living the small dick life…

In college, I had two funny SPH experiences I thought I would share because my new girlfriend is about to see my dick for the first time tomorrow and the build-up to her reaction has me feeling nostalgic for the last two women who saw my dick.

The first was my only long-time girlfriend from college. We were shooting the shift and completely naked, and I was rock hard, and she went on a tangent about her ex-boyfriend’s cock. She tried to explain how big it was and visualized it to me. She decided to grab my dick with one hand and hold her other hand about four inches away and said, “He was about up to here.”

It had me so flustered that she was using my dick as a prop to visualize just how much bigger her ex’s cock was. She had never explicitly said I wasn’t big enough for her, but I think it might be a factor since she said she rode her previous boyfriend’s cock a lot, which she hardly ever tried on mine. Last I talked with her, she was possibly drunk at 2 AM and had mentioned her new boyfriend had been stretching her out, something I could never dream of doing to a woman.

The other was when I was single and at a Halloween party and lacking in inspiration (and pussy). I wore a belt around my neck and scribbled on my shirt the words ‘well hung’ at the suggestion of a friend. A girl at the party came up to me and said, “Hey is that true?” pointing at my shirt.

Trying to play it suave, I say, “Only one way to find out.”

She says, “How’s that?”

I reply, “Go upstairs with me.”

We go upstairs, and she goes down to unzip my jeans. She reaches passed my boxers and pulls out all Bronze Member dick at its full glory. She just exhaled and said, “Oh my god,” as if this was the third time today this had happened to her.

She just walked away, leaving my cock still out, and I’ll never forget how I felt there, just wholly disregarded.


The reader had some celebrity SPH…

So I’m not going to mention the name for obvious reasons. However, on Instagram, I sent a picture of my cock to a very famous female, thinking that she would never see it, and I got a thrill from sending it. About eight weeks later, she opens my photos, screenshots them, and replies, “That’s the smallest dick I’ve ever seen.🤣🤣”

She didn’t block me or anything. I get off thinking of what she’s doing or going to do with that screenshot.


Another reader is outed by his big mouth wife…

My wife and I recently attended a wedding. We discussed the bachelor and Bachelorette party activities at the post-wedding party. I boasted about the strip club we went to. The girls said they went to a male stripper place because they knew we’d go to a female strip club. The girls all agreed it was fun but a bit gross. The newlywed bride said, “I expected more from them, if you know what I mean.”

My wife then remarks, “It was weird that they were all hard.”

Her friends looked puzzled, and all asked which one was hard. My wife said, “They all had to be.”

Her friends assured her they weren’t, to which she replied, “That’s not possible. They were all bigger than Jake (me) when he’s hard by quite a bit.”

Everyone died laughing. The guys then twisted the knife and asked how big they looked. To which the bride said, “Four to five inches tops.”

Great, my wife just outed my Gold Member hard dick to the group without even knowing it.


Meanwhile, this reader gets some spicy Latino action…

OK, I’m 6’5, have an athletic build, and at least a 7/10 (looks). The only problem is I’m a bronze member of the small dick club (hard). Most women would expect 7-8, but I’m nowhere near that. I work for a gym, and I was chatting with this one member who has children but is divorced. She’s Latina, 5’5, and has a HUGE ass. It jiggles just by her walking like a slim waist, wide hips, and junk in the trunk. After some time back and forth, we hit it off. She agrees to go out with me for a night. Long story short, we get pretty drunk. Dancing and flirting all through the night, I take her back to my place. Immediately making out and grabbing each other. I’m complex, she’s wet, and it’s already sweaty.

I took her dress off, which was hard because of her phat ass, and she was stunning to look at. She then dropped down on her knees and unbuckled my belt to expose my semi-erect penis. She started sucking, and I got hard, and she was for it. But, due to intoxication, she said what was on her mind.

“I thought it would be bigger?” she said confusedly. “Reminds me of my littlest boy,” while holding it with her fingers.

I was embarrassed and scared, so I just took her up and bent her over. I stuck my dick inside of her and began fucking her. I had to open her cheeks because I couldn’t get a good penetration in and out. But man, were they bouncing all over. She laughed while I was fucking her and said, “Reminds me of my husband.”

Time passes shortly, and I dribble my load onto her ass.

“Over so soon? How much of a mess did you make?” Two minutes of fucking lead to a tiny bit of dribble onto her huge ass.

I started becoming flaccid, and once she saw that, hell broke loose.


Literally. Every. Single. Line. Possible.

I was into it, so I started jerking it with my two fingers and flapping it around for her.

The night ended, and we woke up. Said that we could do it another time. I was so turned on and expected her to never talk to me again. Maybe I’m just lucky somehow?


While this reader loses the battle of the bulge…

So this happened with my last job about eight months ago. I was traveling for work and working at a branch in a different state. They had a dumb system where two offices occasionally shared supplies and workers, but they were 1.5 hours away. A co-worker would sometimes join me on these trips. Now, I have to say. The girls in this branch were hot and pretty. But they were all taken, so I wasn’t that nervous around them.

I was driving two of the pretty girl co-workers to the other location that day, and they did not care that I barely knew them. They were spilling all their personal lives out to me. Relationships, work problems, friend drama. The whole bag. After work at the second location, we drive back to home base, and they want to grab drinks for our lunch break (we have an hour off for lunch. This location seemed not to care where and when you took your hour), so we got food and drinks, and they start having fun. Laughing and goofing around.

We get back in the car, and they see this guy walking past, and one in the back seat says, “Oh my god! Do you see him!” Gushing over this attractive dude.

I jokingly scoff and say, “Whatever, he’s alright. Nothing to brag about.”

And she goes, “Are you serious? You didn’t see his bulge?”

That answer caught me off guard because I didn’t realize girls looked down there. But I egged them on and said, “Whatever. Most girls don’t care about that.”

They both looked at each other and held back laughter through their hands.

The girl sitting next to me said, “Sure. Size doesn’t matter. I bet all your girlfriends tell you that, huh?”

I look at her, and she’s staring at my lap. There’s no bulge there. Then makes incredible eye contact with me while grinning. Then they both started laughing, and my face turned red, but I changed subjects.

Super fun and hot experience. If we weren’t technically on the clock, I would have kept it going.


This reader is pantsed by his wife…

For a bit of background, my wife had already told her friends I was small and that I liked SPH. They had gone out that night and came home after, and I met them at the door. I open the door and hug my wife when I hear, “I’m surprised you never get worried about his cheating. Annie.”

I could tell looking at her that my wife was just a little drunk. “Let me show you why.” Then my wife pantsed me before I knew what happened. “Who is going to cheat with that?”

I about died. I couldn’t take it. I went beet red and started getting hard, and they just started laughing. Outside the door are motion-sensitive lights, so it’s possible the neighbors got a glimpse if they were looking.

I scrambled to get my pants back on as I heard, “Oh my God, it’s so cute. You weren’t kidding. That’s a tiny dick.”

“It’s so adorable. Awe! Such a teeny weeny little dicklette. Maybe you should be the one cheating, Annie. Get some real cock in your life.”

They left after hugging Annie goodbye, and now her friends joke about it when I’m around.


Another reader goes from hero to zero with his friends…

In university, I constantly had tonsillitis. At this time, I was living with two other guys in a flat. These two lifelong friends were from the same village and would usually live together, and I would find myself at home alone with the place to myself. This particular weekend, I always stayed home with a fever because my throat was acting up again. My roommates left for their village, so I knew I would be home alone during the weekend. I decided to take a shower to try to lower my temperature. When I get out, I dry off and cover myself with icepacks (to keep the fever down) and a light bedsheet ( I can’t sleep if I’m uncovered). Anyway, since I was home alone, I didn’t bother getting dressed and decided to watch a movie. I fell asleep and awoke to the sound of my roommates talking.

I wake up to find them staring at me, talking and laughing. I was confused to see them and immediately looked down to see that the sheet luckily covered me. They continue to act weird and say they didn’t know it was that cold in here and they weren’t expecting me to be such a baby, etc. It was difficult for me to understand them since I had just woken up, and I thought they commented that I was constantly sick.

So I’m half asleep, not thinking straight because of the fever and not sure what’s going on. They leave after a small chat, all while staring at me, then they leave. Once they leave and I get up, It hits me. The sheet I was using to cover up with wasn’t covering my lower half. I must have kicked it off, so it did a c shape, covering my feet and torso while leaving my dick on full display. The worst part was that since I always put an icepack between my thighs, I realized that I had some MAJOR shrinkage, and my dick looked like an acorn.


Meanwhile, this reader is the shrinkage king…

Last week I had an excellent SPH experience at the pool. I went on a date to an outside pool with a girl, and I thought it was a good idea because I’m a tall guy with a pretty lovely physique. When I came out of the changing area, she glanced at my speedo and smirked. I’m not very well hung and wear a size smaller because I can’t fill the front properly.

The water was freezing, and when I got out after we swam some laps, I suffered from major shrinkage. Balls were gone, and my dick pointed straight out and gave me a tiny tent. She started to giggle when she saw me staying at the edge of the pool and when I asked what was up, she said, “You looked cute before getting in the water. You look ridiculous now, but you’ve got a nice butt.”

I didn’t know what to say to that. Later in the changing area, I checked myself, and it was the smallest I‘ve ever been. It must have been an inch tops. For some reason, the girl ghosted me after that. I can’t wait to take another girl there. I might even get a smaller Speedo again.

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