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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader is having some time with his wife…

It all started when I was in my marriage. We started using larger and larger dildos. We would roleplay that these larger dildos were strangers—men with big dicks. At first, she did not like it, but soon it got to fisting. It was the first time she would make noise as my little dick did not seem to do anything for her anymore. I had sent for what was supposed to be one of the biggest dildos you could buy, and it was huge. It took a lot of lube and a very long time, but we got it in. It makes me jealous she wants these large cocks, and she told me how much she wanted a real one at the same time.

It makes me so hot I would do anything for her. The best sensation I’ve ever had was when I put my little babydick in her after she was stretched. She gets so much pleasure saying that she can’t feel me, and I have to say I almost can’t feel her. It’s like the feeling of swimming in an ocean, and it gets me so hot I cum immediately. She makes fun of me, and I love it. She told me that my dick was useless and she needed a real man, and I wanted it so badly. I want to see an alpha man with a huge cock pleasure her, and then I want to swim in after, and she won’t even feel my little dick even a little bit.


Another reader gets cuckolded by a sex toy…

I am a Gold Member of the Small Dick Club. I met my future wife online: she is 5’8”, 185 lbs, and 42DDD-24-49. This is the story of how she got her first sex toy. We had been together for about six months. I hadn’t, and still haven’t, ever been able to give her an orgasm with my mouth, fingers, or of course my Micropenis. The second time we were together, she used a cucumber to orgasm. She always masturbated with food: bananas, brats, and even tried a zucchini once, but it was too big.

A coworker told me about a porn shop near where I lived, about six blocks away. I had hoped they had a newsstand so I could get my favorite big tit mag, but no luck. They only sold toys and lingerie. My future wife masturbated furiously for an hour after we had sex with a cucumber, orgasming multiple times. When we lay in bed, I asked her if she wanted a dildo because it would be safer and cleaner. She surprisingly asked me, “Is that OK with you?”

Of course, I said yes, and we agreed to go together to the shop the next morning. She was nervous to go in, but once inside, she was like a kid in a candy store, looking at every single toy they had available. She finally spotted what she wanted: a 10×2 dildo. I told her I wasn’t sure. It was so big, she just smiled at me. She asked the clerk what was the smallest dildo they had, and the clerk pointed out one that was 3.75×1.5.

“Perfect,” my girlfriend said.

We bought both and hurried home. She quickly opened the packages and stripped off her clothes on the way to the bedroom, I followed. She told me to get undressed. I was already hard! She held the small dildo up to my cock and said, “See, they don’t even make a dildo as small as your babydick!”

She crawled on the bed and used the small one to loosen herself up. After about five minutes, she threw it across the room and said, “That thing is worthless. It’s just like you. I don’t even feel it!”

She proceeded to ease the massive dildo into her pussy. After about 15 minutes of slow stroking, she impaled herself with all 10 inches and about 5 minutes after that, she orgasmed for the first time. She continued to fuck herself for another half hour until she was exhausted and just lay on the bed with half the dildo hanging out of her pussy. I asked if she was happy now.

She responded, “You know what would really make me happy? If you shaved your dick and balls!”

I didn’t know what to say. I had no idea she was interested in that type of thing. She told me to use her disposable razors and shaving cream. I went to the bathroom and started to work. She watched intently until I had finished the job. She just kept staring at my dick and balls, and then she finally said, “Now your babydick really looks the way it should, like a little boy’s!”

She then told me to fuck her with my baby dick, and I could feel what a real cock does to her pussy, and how it stretches it out. She lay on the bed, grabbing the 10-inch dildo and fucking her tits with it while I feverishly pumped her gaping pussy with my Micropenis. It lasted about two minutes. She told me to get off of her, and then she commanded me to suck her clit while she pounded her pussy for another hour of orgasms. That is the story of how she got her first real toy.


Meanwhile, this reader takes on the sex toy himself…

First girl I got off with. We kissed, it got hot, and I stroked her tits, then I put my hand up her skirt and caressed her pussy through her panties. She came quickly, then she stroked me through my jeans, unzipping me and reaching in, then she just said, “Oh, it’s…well, cute, but small.” She then said, “That’s pathetic. Such a small dick. You should wear panties.”

She then got up and left. I was so turned on that I went to my room and stripped. I put on my sister’s panties and rode her dildo. It felt great, and I felt a tingle, and I came semi-soft. It was then that I knew that I was a sissy.


While this reader was demoted in bed, he liked it…

I always hated my small penis and was embarrassed and ashamed of it until a fuck buddy introduced me to SPH. I was giving her oral when she came and grunted out, “My God, I’d never fuck you if you didn’t eat pussy so well.” When I asked why she was very nice but honest and said, “Oh, sweetie, you know you have a little dick, right?”

I protested, but she told me it was the smallest she’d seen on an adult male, and the only one she’d seen smaller was her son’s. Hearing her tell me how small it was turned me on, and I got hard and started leaking pre-cum. She said, “Oh, someone is into SPH.”

I didn’t even know what it was, but she explained it to me, and she stroked my tiny dick as she humiliated it and told me about the ‘real men’ she’d fucked and how big they were. From that point forward, she would tell me to eat her pussy. Then she’d make fun of my clit dick until I blew my load. We never fucked again.


This reader also gives up his manhood for a sex toy…

So my wife (28f) and I (27m) have been married now for almost ten years since we were 18, and although it has had its ups and downs, I have been really lucky, and it’s been a great ride. We were both our firsts, other than some handjobs and blowjobs she gave back in high school to old boyfriends. My wife is Latina, 5’6” tall, and has always been on the thicker side with a fat ass, wide full hips, and big tits all be it with a belly. I have always loved this, but this has been a point of self-consciousness for her entire relationship.

She exercises and is in pretty good shape. It’s really just how she is built. Because of her body and who she is, our sex life started well but was very reserved and fairly vanilla. She has always been loving and very sweet to me and would never want to hurt my feelings. As for me, I’m 5’7”, fairly average build, keep in good shape, and I’m a Bronze Member of the Small Dick Club, and I would say under average thickness.

Our particular story is about four years into our marriage. My dick size in the beginning seemed totally fine for her. But I started to notice a trend. Whenever things would get particularly hot and heavy, and she would get really wet (after I would go down on her and things like that), I just felt like a hotdog in a hallway. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it. Still wet and warm—no complaints here. I would always still cum. But I could just tell I felt small. As I said before she is a sweetheart, but I could tell during these times her moans were detectably fake and for my benefit only. In addition to that, I would occasionally hear the classic, “Go deeper, babe,” when I was completely bottomed out. (Side note: this is where I think my SPH kink really began.)

So this prompted me, wanting to satisfy her, to do the obvious thing. I ordered an 8-inch thick realistic dildo with realistic balls. When I showed it to her, she was apprehensive at first, I think not wanting to hurt my feelings saying things like it was way too big and I was perfect for her. We had a long talk that it’s what I wanted and that I valued her pleasure and was totally OK with it. I knew if it was going to be a good experience, I needed to make her feel comfortable. I decided I would bring it into play when I felt like she was not getting enough from me.

Fast forward a few nights and things are getting down. I have made her cum a few times with oral, and she asks for doggy. (She usually only asks for doggy when she is really horny) I mount up and start to pound away, and just like before—a hotdog in a hallway. She is throwing it back, and I am going as hard as I can, balls deep. I can tell just tell she wants more like he is throwing it back hard in frustration, trying to get more of my dick inside her that just doesn’t exist.

The moans are there, but, having made her actually cum minutes before with oral, I can tell, these moans are not the real deal. Now, at this point, I am giving it my all, the view is amazing, and I begin to hang on for dear life feeling my cum building in my balls. I slow down to not cum, and I can tell she just wants to be fucked.

So now is the time. I pull out, and she asks what I am doing. I grab the dildo, and at the moment, she is apprehensive again, but I assure her and just tell her to relax, that I want this, and to enjoy it. I shove my face in her pussy again from behind, shoving my tongue in pussy while rubbing her clit to relax her and go at that for another few minutes. Now, she is still bent over at this point, mind you. She has never taken anything bigger than my 5 inches in her pussy at this point. I am also new to this and young and dumb, so I don’t have any lube, and this thing is pretty big.

So, in hindsight, you would kind of expect this thing to need to be worked in slowly with some lube to give her time to adjust. That was not the case at all. I positioned the dildo at her entrance and worked it in, and it went in like it had always been there. Just a few slow strokes, and it is all eight thick inches, buried all the way to the fake balls. My wife lets out a satisfying “Oh my God” before I begin to really work it, building up the thrusts. She begins to moan, like actually moan load, and I can tell her apprehension is going out the window.

I ask her how it feels, and she just says between moans that it feels so good. Pretty soon, I am pounding her with this thing, and the moans are like I have never heard before with me or anything else. Deep guttural, almost primal moans as she cums on this huge thing multiple times. (Side note: we lived in a small quadplex with pretty thin walls, so I got to feel like a king knowing my neighbors probably thought it was my dick doing that.) Of course, my dick is rock hard throughout this just watching her. Finally, after multiple orgasms, she collapsed on the bed, and I pulled it out.

Her pussy looks red and used, which turns me on even more. She flips over on her back and looks exhausted but motions me over, spreading her legs, and tells me it’s my turn. I position my rock-hard cock at her entrance and, in one motion, thrust in and bottom out. If I thought it was a hotdog in a hallway before now, it really feels like that, but honestly, it turns me on even more, and as I said, it is maximum wetness and warmth. Now, what happened just after I entered her was really the tipping point for my SPH fetish and really turned something on in me.

This next part was completely unprompted and totally from her and has since been used as mental fap fuel for me for years now. I have just completely bottomed out my rock-hard dick and am balls deep in my sweet, usually reserved wife when she lets out a genuine giggle and says, “Oh my God,” while looking at me.

I asked, “What is it?”

She says, “You just feel so…small…after that big thing,” and I lose it.

I begin thrusting away inside her, and I know she is not feeling a damn thing making it so much hotter. After about 45 seconds of thrusting, I am blowing the fattest load of my entire life, balls deep into her stretched pussy as she wraps her legs around me. After we cleaned up, she told me how amazing it was and how she didn’t know she could cum that hard. After some more reassurances, she does admit that she honestly could just barely feel my dick all the way inside her after the dildo.

Since then, our sex life has really picked up, and we enjoy a lot of different things, including SPH. She has really taken it and made it her own, knowing it gets me off. His vocabulary has really evolved over the years. I think back to how, in the beginning, she needed me just to realize she needed more than I was giving her, and I laugh. These days, believe me, she will tell me when my dick is not doing it for her at the moment. She knows I am always happy to break out the dildo.


Another reader is exposed by his girl…

The first time I learned I was small, I was camping with two other couples. I was cold and was still in my sleeping bag. My girlfriend was already up, and she pulled back my sleeping bag, exposing my dick. She said, “Oh my. Close your eyes and wait here. I have a surprise.”

I waited and heard her rustling around the tent. Thinking she was taking her clothes off, I made myself hard. Then she said, “I’m ready; open your eyes.”

I did that. I saw her and the two other girls smiling and pointing at my Silver Member hard-on. There was lots of laughing and saying it was cute and giving my girlfriend sympathy for having such a tiny dick. They each squeezed it and commented that it was nice and hard but totally useless.


Meanwhile, this reader gets some smack talk from his sister…

Recently, my mom and sister saw me naked while I was passed out in bed, and they were grabbing the dirty laundry basket out of my room. The days after this were awkward.

I went out to a bar with a few friends last night and came home pretty drunk. My mom was in the living room watching some Netflix shows, and my sister was in the kitchen. It’s a tiny kitchen, and I wanted something out of the fridge, so I admittedly kind of rudely told her to move so I could get in there. She snapped back at me, and this turned into one of our regular blow-up arguments. I don’t remember everything that was said, but I do remember I called her a bitch at one point, and she responded by telling me, “Shut the fuck up, your dicks too small to raise your voice like that.”

It knocked the wind out of me a bit…knowing she’d seen it was one thing. Her actually calling me out on it so directly is another. That wasn’t it either. I think she smelled blood in the water, so she kept going saying shit like, “Your shit’s tiny, bro, it’s a shrimp.”

All I could muster up was, “Fuck you, bitch,” just trying to defend myself.

By this point, my mom was breaking it up, yelling at my sister, “Don’t talk about that,” telling her it was gross, etc.

I did notice, though she was trying not to laugh as she was doing it. She told me I was acting like a drunk asshole and I should go sleep it off. I did, but on the way to my room I heard them whispering something and laughing. It’s not hard to guess what that might have been about.


While this reader had a bad date…

I met this girl in my Comp 1 class in college. She was funny; her ass giggled every time she walked, and we started talking about anime, Marvel, and stuff. Then we wanted to watch the Echo series together, and we did the first episode. Then, one thing happened: she started taking off her shirt and bra. I stood there, dazed out of my mind. She goes for my pants and unzips, and pulls down my underwear. She sees it and starts laughing a little.

She asked, “Is that hard?” and started asking, “Where’s the rest of it?” Then she pulls my pants back up and tells me to leave. “I can’t do anything with that babydick,” and she says, “It’s sad you being black with a dick that small.”

The next day I woke up to a text message saying, ‘I got a shmeat,’ and laughing emojis.

When I went to class, she made comments like she kept calling me ‘shmeaty.’ When we were walking out or the last ones to leave class, she would do the pinky sign for that whole semester and block me afterward.


This reader gets off snooping in his girl’s phone…

I’m not proud that I have a small dick, but it is a turn-on to be humiliated. I realized it was a turn-on when I was dating this girl when one night she fell asleep while texting someone, so her phone was open. I happened to look over and noticed a picture of a really big white cock was opened. I grabbed it to see what or who she was talking to. When I started scrolling through the message, she was telling this other guy how much she missed big cock and how small mine was (by comparison). The only reason she stayed with me was because I could eat pussy like a lesbian. So he sent her his dick pic, which is what I saw at first, and her comment was, ‘Fuck, I need that big cock to stretch me!!’ I ended up masturbating after reading that.

*These SPH experiences have been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the stories have remained the same. Erect dick sizes have been edited to be either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Average. The opinions/views expressed in these SPH experiences (and in any comments) are those of the authors and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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    So my gf went out with her best friends at the weekend for a girls night. She is always frisky when she gets home after a night of alcohol so I was horny thinking about it and thought I’d wait naked for her. It kept getting later and I eventually fell asleep on the sofa. I’m a bronze member hard but fairly thin girth and much smaller flaccid. I woke up to her giggling and saying “where has your dick gone?” I looked down and from the angle I’d been sleeping at, there was basically just my head say on my balls. I started laughing and we started playing around. About 5 minutes went by and her phone started pinging like crazy. We ignored it and carried on. Afterwards she went to check her phone, looked panicked and started apologising. Asked what for and it turned out she had taken a pic of me whilst naked and asleep and posted it in her friends whatsapp group with the caption “told you all he’d be naked waiting for me” and a laughing emoji. She was really drunk and getting very upset so I’m embarrassed but reassuring her it’s ok. Her friends were putting comments like where is his dick and other such comments. My gf is still feeling guilty and told her friends I’m good in bed and totally satisfy her but I have been outed now. Interesting to see where this goes


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