Our Readers SPH Experiences: The Bachelorette Party

By WaJohns.

Well, after the humiliation of the bridal shower, all my wife’s friends and relatives knowing about my gold member package, I needed a beer. My soon-to-be wife and some of her friends and relatives were going out that night. I had a few beers and watched a baseball game but went home by 8 pm. I fell asleep in the chair until almost 11 pm when my future wife called me, waking me up, and said she needed me to come to the hotel. I reluctantly went.

When I got there, she answered the door. I came into the room, a suite, and it was my wife, her grandmother, three aunts, and my soon-to-be sister-in-law. I wondered where her friends were at the bar, yet I guessed.

My wife announced to everyone: “The first round of entertainment is here, the opening act!” I was confused. She told me they needed my help. My wife looked at me and told me to take my clothes off. I sheepishly shook my head no. Then she commanded: “Just do it!”

I begrudgingly complied, getting down to just my boxers being on. My wife then started to critique my body, how I was short, overweight, lacked muscle tone, etc. She then opened the fly of my boxers, revealing my flaccid innie. The other women started to laugh, and she said, “But this thing takes the cake! Take off your underwear.”

I did, and then the laughter really started. My wife then went on to talk about my premature ejaculation and how I couldn’t satisfy her. My sister-in-law blurted out, “He’s getting hard!”

And sure enough, I was. My wife stroked my dick as she continued to complain. I was fully hard in a minute or two, and my wife commanded me to go around the room and present my ‘babydick’ to her guests. In turn, they all looked, and some even touched my dick. Then, there was a knock at the door. I was told to answer it. I looked through the peephole, and there was a young, fair-skinned black woman and a tall, muscular black man waiting. My wife told me to let them into the room.

Tiesha and Devon introduced themselves to everyone, and my wife’s aunt Christie exclaimed, “The real entertainment is here!”

Devon took his shirt off. He was built like a linebacker, 6’3” or so, maybe 250lbs. The women cheered him on. Tiesha undid his pants, and everything was off. He stood there, and the women almost gasped in unison. At first, I thought his cock might be somewhat hard, but it wasn’t. It was uncircumcised and at least 8 inches long and two inches thick. Tiesha got on her knees and started to suck him hard. After a minute or two, it was thicker and longer, between 10 and twelve inches. My wife asked who wanted it first. I wondered what she meant, but I soon found out. Her aunt Tracy excitedly volunteered, exclaiming that she had never seen a cock that big, much less felt one.

She undressed, got on the bed, and presented herself doggy style. Now Tracy was about 5’3” and must weigh at least 350lbs, and she had a huge pussy. I guess it runs in the family. Devon entered her, almost fully, with one quick stroke. She moaned and groaned. He came after about 10 minutes, and the other women all cheered him on. He pulled out, and Tracy started to move to get off the bed, but my wife stopped her saying: “Just wait there, I want my husband to know how a REAL cock makes a woman feel like, and I want all of you to know what his babydick feels like!”

She motioned me over and guided my cock into Tracy’s gaping, cum drenched pussy. Tracy laughed, “It kind of tickles.”

I started to move in and out, rubbing my 2.75-inch long 1.25-inch wide dick against her gaping pussy walls. After two or three minutes, I came and pulled out. Christie, my wife’s aunt, who is a year younger than me, said she was next. Tiesha fluffed Devon, and the whole process started again. When it was my turn, I gave her a few strokes. Her pussy was more resilient than Tracy’s. It was tightening up a little, but Christie still yelled, “Amanda, I don’t know how you can commit to having this little thing inside you for the rest of your life.”

After I finished, Christie said, “Come on, Mom, you’re next.”

Anita said she had to lie down on her back. She couldn’t do doggy style. Devon obliged her, and he came inside her pussy after about 10 minutes again. Then I climbed on Anita. Her pussy was even more relaxed than Tracy’s was, it was like the Grand Canyon! Because she was in missionary, I started to suck her nipples like I always did with Amanda, Anita laughed, but Amanda told me to stop. There would be none of that.

My sister-in-law Traci was next. She wanted to ride Devon cowgirl. I couldn’t believe she could take his whole big cock. He lasted a little longer this time. When it was my turn, she straddled me and put my dick inside her, and started laughing hysterically, saying, “I can’t do this. His dick is so pathetic. I can’t even feel it inside me!”

So, I never got to orgasm with my sister-in-law. Well, Aunty Cindy and my wife were the only two left. Cindy is quiet and shy. She confessed she had never been with a black man or seen a cock as big as Devon’s. Tiesha encouraged her that he would be as slow and gentle as she wanted. She took him doggy style but could only get his cock a little over halfway in her and had to go very slow. When he was done, she came over and held my dick in her hand, just smiling at me. She never let me go inside her. At this point, all of the guests left, and it was just me, my wife, Tiesha, and Devon.

There was another knock at the door. Again, I looked through the peephole. It was my wife’s high school friends Sarah, Samantha, and Casey. They came in and saw Devon. Sarah said, “Now this is entertainment!”

They all stripped their clothes off. Samantha took Devon first, doggystyle, then Casey and Sarah each took him missionary. Samantha and Casey wanted nothing to do with me, but Sarah invited me over. She said she had to know what a babydick feels like. Her SPH and the fact that I often fantasized about her made me come hard and fast. The girls all got dressed and went back to their rooms. It was 4 am, after all.

Then it was just me, my wife, Tiesha, and Devon again. Tiesha took a video camera out of her bag. Amanda instructed Devon and I to stand against the wall. Amanda filmed Tiesha fluffing Devon and me, then gave the camera back. Amanda came over and began to critique and compare the differences between Devon and myself, expressing her feelings for Devon’s superiority. She took Devon first in missionary, then doggy style, and finally cowgirl.

I couldn’t believe how much of a stud Devon was. He lasted over a half hour with my wife, even after all of the other women. This ending was a little different, though. My wife commanded that I clean Devon’s cock now that they were all finished with him. I refused, but my wife told me if I ever wanted to have sex again, so I complied. My wife laid back in missionary and told me to clean her pussy, too, then she told me to fuck her with my babydick. At least she let me suck on her nipples. I came. Tiesha turned off the camera and confirmed my wife’s email to send her the video, and she and Devon left.

And that was my wife’s bachelorette party.


The End.

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