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Andrew knew that something was up with his wife. Chrissie had been staying out late, first it was she needed to stay late for work, then it was her sister was having emotional problems, now it’s ‘I just need some alone time’. Andrew wasn’t buying it anymore. It wasn’t just the many hours every week that his wife disappeared, but she was also cold and seemed like she didn’t want to have sex with him anymore.

Andrew feared this day may come. He knew he had a small cock. Only four inches long erect, he did everything he could do to make up for that fact. Chrissie had a high sex drive and it has been harder and harder to keep her satisfied. He replayed in his mind the epic battle about their sex life they had last week.

He asked her, “Chrissie, what is going with you? You’re always leaving or staying out late and never want to make love anymore, I don’t understand.”

“Well, that doesn’t surprise me at all, Andrew, it’s a miracle it’s taken you this long to figure out something was wrong. I love you, but you are weak,” she said with a nasty scowl on her face.

“I’m not weak,” Andrew whined in a high-pitch voice.

She rolled her eyes. “You have a tiny dick and it doesn’t get me off. Do you know I have to masturbate when you’re not home to get off?”

“But… But…”

She continued, cutting him off. “And even when we do have sex, half the time you can’t even get it up.”

“I’ve been under a lot of pressure lately, I told you that,” he explained with a putty huff.

Chrissie shook her head with a prominent sneer. “I don’t believe you, she said. “You know what I think? I think you’re nothing but a little dick sissy faggot, that’s what I think.”

Andrew’s eyes filled with tears at his wife’s harsh words. “You knew I had a small cock when we got married. I’ve done everything I can to try to satisfy you.”

“Oh really,” she said, throwing her head back. “I don’t think you have, in fact, I think that you’re really a fag.”

“What?” He crossed his arms and pouted at her.

“I saw your browsing history on the computer, Andrew. I saw the gay porn and threesome cuckold porn you’ve been watching.”

“I was just curious, doesn’t mean nothin’.”

Her face went red and she clenched her fists by her sides. “I bet it’s the only way you get off, isn’t it? Imagining a big fat cock being stuffed down your throat. You’re a tiny cock sissy faggot and I’ve had just about enough of this so-called marriage.”
On that note she turned on her heel and stormed out of the house.


Andrew cringed as he remembered the scene. He began to get flushed as he relived his secret being uncovered by his wife. The fact is, he had been watching a lot of guy-on-guy, and cuckold porn. He loved the idea of being made to suck on a cock. He was embarrassed knowing how much he would love to see his wife getting fucked, and be made to watch a bigger cock satisfy his wife. To be made to suck and clean a fresh load of another man’s cum out of his wife’s pussy made his small cock go hard instantly.

Does that really make me a sissy faggot, he wondered? He didn’t know. He just couldn’t get hard anymore without thinking about eating another man’s cum out of his wife’s pussy. Which is why tonight, Andrew decided to follow his wife.

He had been waiting in his car for her to leave work. Was she cheating on him? Andrew was all but sure she was and today he was going to find out.

Right on time he saw her cross the parking lot to her car; he started the ignition and waited for her to pull out. He kept a safe distance behind so she wouldn’t see his car. He was fairly sure that since it was dusk she would have a hard time noticing him. He followed her for a good twenty-five minutes. They were in the next town over, and he didn’t recognise where she was leading him. Finally, after another ten-minutes, she pulled down a residential neighbourhood to a house toward the end of the road. He pulled over to the side a few houses down and parked. He couldn’t see her all that well in the coming darkness, but could tell that a tall man greeted her at the doorway.

They walked inside after a long kiss. This was his chance. He worked his way across the street and to the side of the house. He went to where he saw a light on and curtain halfway open. Andrew held his breath and he stepped between the two tall bushes and peeked into the window. There was his beautiful wife, five-feet-six-inches, slender with large breasts, athletic with pale white skin, long wavy red, hair and shining green eyes. Eyes that were looking deep into those of another man. He watched as this tall, tan-skinned, muscular man ran his hand over his wife’s blouse. Tenderly caressing her breasts.

She reached up and ran her fingers through his chestnut brown hair, reaching the back of his head she pulled him to her lips. Andrew’s heart stopped as he saw her kiss him deeply. Her lover reached his hands around her round firm ass and squeezed, pulling her skirt up, he saw her black French cut panties, and his massive hands covering her ass cheeks.

Chrissie wrapped both arms around his neck, pulling herself up and wrapping her legs around his waist. He squeezed her ass tighter; Andrew could see the red marks on her ass from the window. She started to gently rock her hips up and down.

Her Lover turned around and fell on top of her on the bed. He moved his way slowly down her body, kissing her breasts and stomach as he unbuttoned her blouse. He got to her skirt and moved it all the way up, exposing her panties. He began to kiss and run his tongue on her pussy through the panties. Andrew sat and imagined what his wife smelled like, how wet she must be. With one swift move, he pulled her panties off and began to vigorously lick and suck on his wife’s glistening pussy. The sight triggered a taste memory in him, and he shivered as the aroma of his wife’s beautiful pussy filled him.

Suddenly, anger flushed through Andrew’s body, but it was quickly replaced by desire. Despite being outraged at seeing his wife cheating on him, he mindlessly began massaging his hard cock over his pants. Without thinking he dropped his pants and boxers, and began to stroke his small cock. His dick hadn’t felt this hard in a long time.

Chrissie moaned and ground her trimmed pussy in his face, moaning and pulling his hair. She sat up and pulled him onto the bed. With a fervour she pulled his pants and briefs off, throwing them to the floor. As if she was dying of thirst in the middle of the desert she began sucking on his cock, and what a cock it was. Smooth, cut, veins pulsing towards a fat mushroom head. Andrew stopped breathing seeing all nine-inches of that fat ‘man’ cock. The man’s balls were also huge, and hung down like big meaty sacks lightly covered in hair.

Andrew looked down at his own small genitalia and sighed at the comparison. A new emotion flooded his body, envy.

He was jealous of seeing his wife being able to suck on such a beautiful cock. He understood why his wife was with this man, he could never give her the kind of pleasure that a cock this size could give her. Andrew was ashamed, knowing he couldn’t please his wife, and even more ashamed that he wanted that cock more than his wife probably did. Seeing her take that cock all the way down her throat made his cock jump and precum ooze out the top. He rubbed it over the head of his tiny dick and brought his fingers to his lips. He closed his eyes for a moment and imagined that he was tasting his wife’s lover.

Andrew knew in that moment that he probably was a faggot. A sissy who likes to see his wife get fucked by big dick men. Chrissie climbed on top of the man, and took his cock in her hand. She rubbed it up and down on her slit and then positioned it at her hole. He watched, stroking his cock faster, as she lowered herself down on the massive cock.

She let out a loud moan and she took all nine-inches in her tight wet pussy. Andrew could just imagine how much his cock must be stretching her, not like his pathetic tiny dick. She pistoned her hips up on down on his cock. Her lover reached his hands up and massaged her breast while she rode his cock with increasing intensity and speed.

Outside, Andrew kept stroking his cock, matching the speed she rode her lover. He got closer to the window, and without realising it, he let out a loud moan. Both heads in the room snapped over to the window, and Andrew froze. He had been caught.

Chrissies eyes were wide then narrowed into a familiar look of scorn. She screamed, “Oh my god, Andrew, is that you?”

Andrew scrambled to pull his pants up, and struggled through the bushes out the front of the house. Chrissie burst through the front door in her lover’s shirt. “Andrew, I can’t believe you are here. Did you follow me?”

He knew he was caught so there was no use lying about it. “Yes, I followed you. I knew you were lying to me all this time. I can’t believe you would cheat on me, Chrissie. We’ve been married six years. How could you do this to me?”

He didn’t know what else to do other than to shift the focus to her indiscretion. Chrissies eyes darted up and down the street. “This isn’t a conversation we should be having in the front yard, come inside now.”

Andrew hung his head and walked past her into her lover’s house. He didn’t see him anywhere, half relieved and half disappointed, he turned to face his wife. He asked, “So this is where you are sneaking off to all this time?”

“Yes, it is. I told you last week, Andrew, you just can’t satisfy me anymore, and so I found someone who can. Tony is an amazing lover, and I’m not going to apologise for something you forced me to do. Have you been standing outside this whole time?”

He hung his head, and whispered, “Yes.”

She laughed. “I knew it, you’re a fag aren’t you? You loved seeing Tony’s big fat cock.”

Andrew said nothing, he kept his head down, and he couldn’t look at her. He knew his face would betray him to the truth. She laughed again, knowing full well he had gotten-off watching her and Tony fuck. “Well, if you liked watching so much, follow me,” she said.

Andrew’s heart jumped, he slowly lifted his head as his wife walked past him and down a little hallway into the bedroom. He slowly followed her and could hear her talking to the other man. “Well, the fucking queer has been outside this whole time watching us, probably jerking-off too. So I invited him in to see how a real man is supposed to fuck a woman.”

Andrew stood in the doorway and saw the attractive man lying spread-out on the bed, cock lying on his stomach, his wife taking off the shirt she had thrown on. His heart thumped in his chest and his stomach churned with anticipation. He stood there trembling like a virgin just before his first time. Gripped by fear and excitement at the same time. He began to sweat.

Chrissie watched him staring at the Tony’s cock, and she giggled. “My… It sure looks like he’s in love with your cock, Tony. I can see him salivating from across the room.” Tony smiled and shrugged, he really didn’t care that much. Chrissie said, “OK, faggot, take off your clothes right now. You wanna be a fag so much you might as well be one for me.”

Andrew dropped his eyes again, ashamed of himself. His mind screamed at him to get out, to run, but with trembling hands, he did what his wife told him. All the fight seemed gone from his body and mind. He surrendered to the fact that he wanted Tony’s cock, he’s a fag just like she said. When he got down to his boxers, he stopped, embarrassed for Tony to see his little cock.

Tony suddenly spoke in a deep manly voice. “I know all about your little dick, dude, so no need to hide it,” he said.

Andrew’s shame deepened as he pulled his boxers down. Chrissie and Tony laughed at his little erected penis that dripped precum. “See what I told you, Tony, he has no problem getting it up when there’s another cock around,” she said in a disparaging tone that stung Andrew deeply.

Tony laughed. “Dude, she said it was small, but I didn’t know it was that small. Any wonder she’s been sniffing around here for some proper cock.”

Andrew blushed over his whole body and it made the lovers giggle again. “Andrew, I want to come over here and suck Tony’s dick while I ride his face.”

Andrew hesitated by the door, not daring to look up. Tony suddenly shouted, “Hey, faggot, don’t make her have to tell you again.”

Andrew couldn’t believe this is happening. He caught his wife cheating, but somehow his dream is coming true. He climbed on the bed as his wife climbed on Tony’s face and lowered her pussy down on his waiting tongue.

Andrew took Tony’s cock in his hand and stroked it a few times and there it was – his precum – leaking out the top of his semi-hard cock. Andrew lost all self-restraint and greedily took the fat cock into his mouth, sucking the precum down his throat. His own small cock throbbed as he did, and he took as much of Tony’s cock down his throat as he could. He took it in his hand and began to stroke as he looked up and his wife, seeing her moan and ride Tony’s face.

Tony’s cock was fully erect within a few minutes of Andrew’s attention and he felt Tony’s hand on the back of his head, pushing his mouth further down on the cock. This felt like bliss, feeling the smoothness of a cock against his lips. Andrew knew he was hooked.

Chrissie decided she had her fill of oral, and said to Andrew, “Stop sucking his cock and go stand on the other side of the room and watch while Tony fucks me”

Andrew reluctantly pulled the giant cock out of his mouth and did as his wife said. Walking over to the closet stroking his cock while he watched Tony move his wife on her back. She pulled her legs wide and held them back. Tony didn’t wait, he plunges his massive cock deep into her wet hole.

Chrissie screamed as Tony mercilessly slammed his cock deep inside her. Chrissie yelled to Andrew, “See how good he fucks me, faggot? See…” she moaned loudly. “This is how a real man fucks, nothing like you and your tiny clitty-dick.”

Andrew kept stroking his cock, he hated to admit it, but he was so turned on seeing this man please his wife in a way he never could.

Chrissies screams got louder as she began to cum, and with a loud grunt Tony’s ass cheeks tightened and he pumped his cum deep inside her abused pussy. Andrew couldn’t believe how hard and long he came, nothing like his pathetic dribbles. When he was done, he pulled his cock out and walked across the room to Andrew. “Get on your knees, sissy, and clean my cock,” he commanded.

Andrew didn’t need to be told twice. He got on his knees and took that fat cock in his mouth and he never tasted anything better than this man’s cum mixed with his wife’s juices. He licked and sucked his cock and balls clean. Tony then grabbed him by the hair and threw him on the bed between his wife’s legs. “Sissy-fags clean ALL the cum,” Tony said, pointing to Chrissies pussy.

Andrew felt as if he was in heaven, and he licked and sucked all of Tony’s creamy load out of her pussy, bringing Chrissie to another powerful orgasm as he did. He knew that from now on, he would forever be a sissy cum whore.

The End.


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