Hot Pants in Hot Yoga

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by Chartownr

I just moved to a small town Washington. I joined the only gym in town before I even started unpacking! The gym had a 7 o’clock hot yoga class and I was so inclined to begin a new work out in my new town.

In my move I lost my workout clothes. So I went to the gym’s little sports shop. I was looking for some shorts and a good pair of work out underwear. The only shorts they had were some basketball shorts (more like pants). But I was determined to get something to work out in. The sales clerk noticed me as I was inspecting these comically baggy shorts, “Is there anything you are looking for in particular?”

“I don’t know I need some work out shorts and underwear.”

“O, well what plan are you on?”

“Well I just signed up for hot yoga and I need something to wear quick it starts in 45 minutes.”

“O, yeah, well these basketball shorts aren’t going to be conducive for yoga movements, actually I don’t really think they are good for any activity.”

“What would you suggest I know I can’t do it in these tight jeans?”

“Let’s see here, that jean is small, uh I mean those jeans are tight aren’t they. ‘I’m sure we can find something better fitting.” She turned around to a rack behind her and grabbed a pair of black mesh soffees. Women’s Soffees!!! “I know these are women’s shorts but they are black and mesh nobody will be able to tell.. Or care.”

I didn’t know how to react. But they did just seemed to be mesh shorts, they said SOFFEE’s on the back in pretty big font but I figured the guys Soffee’s did too, who would notice.

“Now these are cut a little shorter than usual and may be a little tighter in the crotch for most men, but they will give you so much more mobility and who needs all that extra space. I really think these would be perfect for yoga.”

Well the clock was ticking, and she was right these would be perfect yoga work out pants. “Ok,” I said a little begrudgingly, “but I’m going to need something to keep me in side if you know what I mean.”

“O I don’t think you need to worry about that.” She said glancing towards my crotch, noticing my bulge or should I say lack of bulge, in some jeans I had from high school that were so tight any package would certainly be on display. “But I’m sure we can find something to make you more comfortable. You won’t want anything protruding out from under your shorts, that would be embarrassing.” Her eyes glimpsed at the men’s underwear, “no, don’t want too much fabric from the pouch bunching up.” She said under her breath. I saw her eyes moving over to the other wall, the women’s.

“No, no, I suppose I don’t have to worry about falling out. I’ll just take the shorts class will begin soon.”

“It’s fine, I think I have you sized pretty well and yoga doesn’t start for another 30 minutes. Plenty of time to make sure everything fits well… Here we go these should do.” Grabbing a grey work out thong made of Lycra. “Now this fabric is thin and will mold to you very well. In fact it should create a perfect little pouch for you, even though it is cut for a woman.”

“I don’t know I think I’ll be fine without them.”

“I know, but you should try these out they will really wick moisture away and minimize chaffing.” She handed me a white shirt, the shorts and the thong and motioned towards the changing room door. I grabbed the garments and went in the changing room.

I was quite hesitant. I couldn’t believe I was about to put on a bunch women’s work out clothes and actually go work out in front of people! I was debating if I would even try the thong on at all when the intercom announced the hot yoga session will begin in 5 minutes. I panicked and just threw everything on. I came out of the changing room. The whole outfit was quite formfitting but my body did look good in them. Honestly it even was a bit masculine; well it certainly displayed my tone masculine physique. The thong really did form a perfect pouch for my equipment, it held it high and allowed it to protrude keeping it separated and well in place. It felt good it felt right. The outfit did overtly display my under endowed 1 and 3/8ths inch penis and tight scrotum. But I must say I instantly felt ready for anything as I walked out of the room.

“I had your clothes sent to the locker room, your locker is 138. You better hurry on to yoga! I’m sure you’ll be great, with optimal mobility.”

Well, that just about sewed it up I was going to work out in front of every buddy on full display and in women’s clothing!! I walked briskly towards the yoga studio; I caught glimpses of myself in the mirrored walls. I looked good I was letting it all hang out. The soffees were short, they fit more like boxer briefs than shorts, and the hem hugged the crease of my bottom and maintained a snug outline of the contours of my little nub. I began strutting a little more in my confidence. I strutted in to the studio, “Well looks like we have a new member, and he’s ready to work out, soffees good choice lots of mobility I got the same ones from our little sports store.”

I noticed the few men in there were wearing running shorts and not wearing their shirts so I decided to lose my shirt. We began with 20 sun salutations. As we went through our salutations I started noticing all the women were actually wearing my same outfit I just bought from the gym store, I bet down to our thongs.

The instructor came up to me and helped me into a deep stretch. “Abigail certainly knows what is conducive for a yoga work out. Looks like she sized you up perfect, and there is no room for being self-conscious of any short-comings. Say looks like we even wear the same size panties!”

I heard a good portion of my class mates try to hide their snickering and one of the men lost his footing.

Oh my god she just called me out for my tiny penis and for my choice of under garments, I thought. My face began to flush red, and my tiny member began to grow in my embarrassment. The Lycra and the SOFFEE’s allowed me to reach full mast, all the while forming to my 3 and 1/8th erection

“I see your little member has decided to join our little stretching session, fortunately he has more than enough room to stretch out.”

Several pupils looked back at me at this point and were completely enthralled by my modest display. Many lost total concentration and just stared at me slack jawed.

“OK CLASS! A TINY bit of concentration goes a long way. Let’s all regain focus. We are almost finished here.”

I continued with our positions. But in the midst of all the attention my tiny dick maintained a full erection. The gong sounded meaning the session was over. I stood up in all my glory and knew my little predicament wasn’t going anywhere. I headed for the locker room. I knew I couldn’t hide it and just started a very brisk walk to the locker room. I walked by a row of elliptical machines and noticed all the women slow their pace and felt their gaze on my member causing it to throb. I told myself locker 138 would have my clothes in it. I had to take a shower I was drenched in sweat. Only the 4 other men from the yoga session were in the locker room with me and I figured they already experienced my tiny member. I dropped trough and turned and looked for a towel they were on a rack next to the showers. So I walked over to the showers completely nude and rock hard.

There was one central shower mast in the center with 8 shower heads. There was no way to hide but I decided to take the shower head so my back faced the entry way to the showers. I turned on my shower and began to lather up. Three of the men from the yoga class came in right behind me.

“Hey there’s the little guy that arose so much excitement. My name’s Doug.”

I turned around to greet him. As I did this he passed by me (extremely) closely and my still rock hard 3 inch penis grazed his schlong. His cock was easily twice as long as mine in his flaccid state. My face flushed beet red and my dick twitched at contact. “Whoa little guy, I see we are still very focused,” he said.

My eyes were locked on his dominating cock. It was then I noticed his hand was sticking out reaching for a hand shake. “Hey buddy eyes up here.” I broke my lingering gaze and stared him in his eyes and clasped his hand with a firm handshake.

“Err sorry… I’m Chris. I have to apologize I’ve never ogled a cock before but yours is impressive.”

“I know, and yours is quite impressive too. Impressively small that is,” Doug said then smiled at me.

It was then I noticed the other men encircling the shower column. Each graciously endowed not like Doug but all bigger than mine while they swung. I said hey to the other guys and finished rinsing off. I headed to my locker and opened it. I looked for my underwear and only saw a 3 pack of those thongs. Really that’s it but I could no longer feign reluctance of the new underwear I genuinely preferred them now. I slipped the black thong on and adjusted my throbbing penis into a comfortable form fitting pouch. It was a sleek look.

Doug opened the locker next to mine and said, “Oh that has a nice sheen makes it look more like a bic, than a dick.” Then he flicked it and I oozed some pre-cum into my panties. Doug’s eyes widened and a huge smirking grin went over his face. “Hey guys…” he said looking around at the other men, “…I’ve just thought of a cool nickname for the new guy. Let me introduce to you all: ‘Bic’.” All the guys looked as he pointed at my wet twitching bic. The guys laughed chanting, “Liddle Bic! Liddle Bic! Liddle Bic! Liddle Bic!”

I wrestled my jeans up with a little more resistance than usual. As I went to position my dick into my pants and zip I realized these were not the jeans I wore to the Gym. These were very low cut women’s jeans, I shrugged and pulled them up anyway. The outline of my ‘liddle bic’ jutting to the right, was even more obvious than before. I was thrilled so I rushed home reveling in my skin tight low riders.

Julianne the yoga instructor caught me at the exit. “Hey nice jeans, your ass looks great in those low riders but if you want to rock them you’re gonna need to do something about that body hair. Since you’re new I arranged a session for you at our gym spa. A little massage and maintenance package. You should come back about 6 tonight for a little pampering.”

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